Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 18

The rest of the week we worked at Gramps company, Rich pretty much followed what I had done. Mr. Robson did make the proposal to Mr. Cameron who asked for a few modifications to our back up proposal. The funny thing was when he was done adding the changes we were at the original proposal, just different words but the meat of the two were the same.

Monday we attended orientation which lasted two days for us, since we will not be staying in any dorms we did not participate in the visit and selection of dorms. Thursday and Friday we attended lectures concerning our classes and of course many of the clubs had booths or tables set up along the main entrance to the school passing out leaflets and if you stopped too long, one of the members would approach you asking you to sign up. It almost felt like a festival with all of the activity. We picked up several brochures to clubs we thought we might be interested in but didn't make any commitments.

The week-end before school started, we loaded up on books and school supplies, Rich picked up some new clothes, I had enough. Saturday we Skype with Mike, he was at FSU and getting settled into his dorm. He said his dorm partner was also on a sport scholarship so they had a lot in common.

We Skype with Nick and he was excited to begin school. He said he was keeping in touch with Alice and they had Skype a few times, I then talked with Brand, he asked if I used the package yet. I told him partially I think he knew what I was saying. I really wanted to share my love with Rich, but I'd wait till he was ready and hoped it would be soon.

Except for me topping Rich our sex life was ok. Rich topped me a few additional times and it gets easier and better each time. I just want to be the active one in our love also.

"Rich, I'm going to take a shower and then I'm going to bed. I plan on going to Church with Gram and Gramps in the morning."

"Ok, I want to just review my schedule again, make a few notes and I'll join you."

I took the shower and it felt strange to take a shower alone at the apartment. For a few months now, Rich and I always took showers together. Finishing, I put on a pair of boxers and went to bed. I didn't fall asleep right away, my hands found something to do.

I was day dreaming when I heard the shower start and I knew Rich would be with me shortly. I pretended I was asleep when he climbed into bed. He nudged me, "I know you aren't sleeping."

I just opened my eyes and kissed him, what started out as a light kissed turned into a deep kiss with tongue and all. Rich was all over me, as my hands roamed his body I realized that he was totally naked, no boxers which we always slept in.

I pulled back and looked into his eyes, he had a smile on his face, "Just be gentle"

I had a smile and a wicked look in my eyes, at last he was gong to be on the bottom. "Rich, I'll try and not hurt you but you need to know at first there may be some pain. I have a lube that will help to ease the pain. I just love you." I knew I had a smile on my face. What gay man wouldn't knowing that the love of his life just told him he wanted you to make love to him.

"Rich, I'm going to lay on my back so you'll have control." I took the lube I bought and while I was kissing him, I began to spread the lube on his love hole. I slowly slipped my finger into his hole, making circular motions. I withdrew my finger and increasing from one to three, I packed his entrance with the lube, I think I used half of the tube.

My cock was extremely hard, "Rich, straddle my cock and take it as slow as you want."

He looked a little scare but his desire to share this act with me urged him on. I felt him opening a little for me. He was going down and then withdrawing all the way. It felt like he was using my cock to poke himself but not taking any into himself. I wanted to ram it in and I had to fight myself to let him be in control. It was very difficult to just lay there and keep still.

Eventually, Rich took about two inches and then he stopped. I knew that the first stretch was a little painful. "Rich, relax, push out like you are going to take a shit."

I felt his muscles relax, then he took a little more. I had about 4 inches in Rich and 4 more inches before he would bottom out. It seemed like an eternity when he finally sat all the way down. I smiled, Rich smiled. "Just take it slow " And he did, agonizingly slow.

As Rich adjusted to my size, he began to move faster, I flipped us over and took the lead. I was in paradise, I never could have explained what I was feeling. Rich was squirming under me, his legs were wrapped around my waist, I kept pounding into him, I watched Rich as he grabbed his cock and started to shoot into the air. I felt his anal muscles tighten around my cock which resulted in me speeding up and rushing toward my own climax. When I came I though for sure I would either burst the condom or overfill it. I collapsed on Rich, holding myself from putting my full weight on him.

Laying my head next to his ear, "I love you" then nibbling on his ear and moving to his shoulder where I ended up giving him a hickey.

After we calmed down, looking at each other, "I think we need another shower."

We laughed as we got out of bed, showered with a few intimate feelings, changing the sheets, we cuddled and fell asleep.

The next morning Rich was a little sore but by lunch time, he was feeling a little frisky."Tonight I want to do that again."

I just smiled, "You can be the top and then we can switch. What do you think about that?"

"I top first."

That was ok by me, Rich was a good lover and I knew as we discovered each others body we would become great lovers. When you think about it great lovers begin outside of the body. It is how we approach our love making, our consideration for our partner and our desire to physically show our love for each other. It doesn't really matter if a partner prefers to top or bottom as long as your partner respects your wishes. I was lucky because we both liked to top and bottom each other. But best of all, I loved the cuddles after we have made love.

At Church, I thanked God for bringing Rich into my life. I have a good life, grandparents who love me, a brother who loves me and best of all Rich who I know loves me. With all of that love around me, there is no room in my heart for hate.

That evening I called my mom and dad. Of course dad just said hi and then I talked to my mom. I told her about school and that tomorrow we would start classes. Then I told her about Rich and I. I wasn't going to take the chance that Brand took. I wanted it right up front and if there's going to be a problem, it would be theirs not mine. I was surprised as she said she felt that I might be gay. I never dated much in high school.

"Your dad isn't going to take this well. If it's ok, I'll tell him when the time is right. Just be careful and good luck with school." With that we said good bye.

"What did your mom and dad say?"

"I think mom will be ok she said she thought I might be gay. She also said that dad won't take this well."

"I guess one out of two isn't too bad. You going to tell Brandon?"

"I think Brand knows I'm gay."

"No, not that, about you talking to your mom and what she said about your dad."

"No, I don't think I'll tell him. He knows how dad feels and he has his life partner like I do, so he is set."

Rich's face and eyes tell a lot about what he is thinking. Then he grabs me and gives me the biggest, sexist kiss I've ever had. "Come on let's take a shower."

Rich pulled me to the bathroom, he began to undressed me as I finally understood what his intentions were and begun to undress him. The shower was the most erotic shower I have ever taken. Rich was on his knees bringing me to a hardness that I could have pounded nails. Then he took the liquid soap, soaped up his hole and my cock, turned around, position my cock to his hole and pushed backed. As he impaled himself on my cock, I was lost in the sensation of barebacking. Then I realized we weren't using a condom.

"Rich we have to stop, I don't have a condom on."

Rich just kept going after a while I was caught up in making love to him that I forgot to stop, actually I didn't want to stop, it felt different without a condom, It seemed more real to be as one, flesh agains flesh. The sensation of being one with someone you love is beyond words. The feeling starts deep inside you, as you concentrate on the feeling that you're generating in your lover, is unbelievable. "Rich, I love you." I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer to me as he laid his head on my shoulders. I reached around and taking his hard cock in my hand, began to slowly move my hand with my rhythm, as I moved into Rich I moved my hand toward his gland, as I moved back so did my hand. I tried to concentrate on the rhythm until I was too far gone and then it became a rapid pace to completion, I wanted Rich to finish the same time I did. "Rich, I'm close come with me."

I yelled yes as I shot my load of cream into Rich and I felt his cock vibrate as he came. "Rich, I love you. That was fantastic."

We dried each other caressing each other while doing it. Climbing in bed, snuggled together with Rich's head on my shoulder, we fell asleep.

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