by Jobe

Chapter 4

"Robby what do you think about the Doctor adopting us?"

"We have it pretty nice here, I think he's a good guy. I'd do it and only if you agree as well."

"I really don't have a home anymore with the way my family tossed me out. I think it'd be nice to be a part of a family again. But then we couldn't be together, we'd be brothers. I can't be separated from you."

"We may be brothers under the law but we could still be lovers. I don't think Doc would stop us."

"Let's think about it some more, think about this." Marcus started to kiss Robby while his hands were busy below. Marcus stopped and looked into Robby's eyes as his hand took hold of Robby's love stick. Robby's sucked in his breath and began to kiss Marcus, searching for his mouth.

"Oh god Marcus don't stop. Kiss me again."

Marcus kissed Robby while slowly jerking him, lips opened and tongues waged a battle of love.

"Marcus turn around," and no sooner had the words left Robbie's mouth then they were in the position of 69.

Marcus took Robby's cock and began to lick the head paying particular attention to the underside of the smooth head. Robby was following suit. As the boys love stick enter their lovers mouth, two fingers began to play with that secret entrance to nirvana.

The way the boys teased each other they knew it wasn't going to last long. Robby slipped his finger into the secret orifice and began to rub a smooth nub within Marcus's ass. Marcus followed suit and soon both boys were sucking like crazy to get off while they were messaging each others prostate, then the cry signaling the completion of their orgasm. The boys fell apart, Marcus turned and kissed Robby. Mouth's opened and tongues carried remains of each others orgasm into the other's mouth. The kissed lasted a long time and soon the boys headed to the bathroom for showers.

Teenage boys being teenage boys, it didn't take long for the mast on their ship to rise again. Marcus took some soap, soaping his fingers applied it to Robby's sweet spot. First one finger, then two fingers, he started to twitch his fingers feeling Robby relaxing, in went the third finger. Robby bent over a little, and Marcus took that as a clue as he inserted his 6 inches of manhood into Robby's love orifice. "Go easy Marcus, I'm still a little sore from last night." Marcus just kissed Robby behind his ear as he gently rode his ass.

Last night was the first time, Robby gave his virginity to Marcus. Both boys being inexperienced, Marcus was a little too anxious and Robby experienced some pain. He was uncomfortable during the whole experience but Marcus kept apologizing and tried to take it slow and easy. But sometimes passion takes over and it took Marcus over. He became like a raging bull, plunging into Robby faster and faster, banging his balls against Robby until he finally came in Robby's ass. Robby went and sat in a hot bath to relieve the pain and the soreness of his ass. Marcus was contrite and was apologizing as he rubbed Robby's back.

With tears in his eyes, "Robby I'm very sorry I hurt you. I don't know what happened, I was going slow but then something snapped and I wanted to fuck you hard. I should have stopped instead of going on. I'm so sorry."

"It's ok Marcus. I know you love me but from now on, take it slow or let me control it."

Marcus remembered last night so he slowly made love to Robby in the showers. Standing up, he reached around and took hold of Robby's stiff cock. He slowly started to stroke it in time to his thrusts. Robby moaned softly as Marcus kissed his back. "Robby, I'm going to come, come with me." Marcus sped up stroking Robby's cock trying to bring him off at the same time. And just as Robby sprayed the wall in front, Marcus sprayed in Robby's ass. Marcus relaxed on Robby's back before turning him around and giving him a lover's kiss.

They finished drying off, then went and snuggled in bed.

Morning came rather quickly for the boys. although they had plenty of sleep and slept the sleep of lovers. Stretching, they got up to take showers and start their day. This time Marcus was in front of Robby and Marcus knew what was going to happen. He just hoped that Robby wouldn't do to him what he did to Robby. After draining their bladders, Marcus started the shower. Robby got in back of him, taking the shampoo began to shampoo Marcus's hair. Marcus had long black hair, he wore it shoulder length but since he has been on the street he hadn't gotten it cut. It was now pass his shoulders, Robby loved to run his fingers through Marcus's hair. Shampooing also included a scalp massage which Marcus enjoyed with or without shampoo. Sitting in a chair, Robby would run his fingers through Marcus's hair while watching TV or a movie.

Robby held Marcus's head under the shower spray rinsing the soap from his hair. Taking the soap and loofa he began to wash Marcus's back. He stooped to wash his legs and as he moved up he stopped at a very nice bubble butt. Taking his finger he tried the grove that led to the golden gate. With a soapy finger, Robby tapped on the gate seeking entrance. Marcus relaxed and when Robby felt that, he slipped a soapy finger into Marcus. Just as Marcus had done the night before, Robby repeated it. Soon Marcus was totally relaxed, Robby soaped up his hard dick and placed it at Marcus's gate. Marcus expected a strong push, tightened and then relaxed, when Robby felt him relaxing, he slipped inside and waited. As Marcus further relaxed, he slipped a little further inside until he was all the way inside, balls agains balls.

Robby kissed Marcus on his neck and whispered in his ear, "I love you." Then Robby slowly withdrew a little, and then back in again. Marcus relaxed realizing that Robby wasn't going to do to him what he did to Robby. Robby felt him relax and began to take longer strokes but still going slow, trying to make it last as long as he could, Reaching around and taking Marcus's hard cock in his hand, he began to stoke it to his beat. Now being fucked slow is one thing but being fucked slow and getting a slow hand job is totally insane. In truth, it is pure agony. Every time Marcus tried to move Robby's hand faster, Robby would stop. Marcus got the idea and just took the pain. As Robby began to get close to the end, he began to speed up, not a thunder blasting speed but speed up never-the-less. Then as his climax approach, Robby sped up and soon he hit his peak. Marcos shudder as he painted the shower wall, and he really painted that wall. He shot 6 times before he dribbled. Collapsing against the wall, he slid down to the floor. Robby was breathing hard as cum dripped from his cock and ran out of Marcus's ass. Both boys sat on the floor, exhausted and fully spent.

After sitting there for 5 minus, "Robby where did you learn that. I'm totally exhausted. I have never experienced a climax like that."

"Marcus, I just wanted to show you how much I love you. You were my first and will be my last. I don't now what came over me, but something said for me to love you like I wanted it to last forever."

"Let's get washed and get ready for the day. I'll never forget this morning."

It didn't take long for them to finish showering, get dressed and head to the kitchen.

"Good morning boys"

"Good morning Doctor, we have made a decision about being adopted. I'm sure you know that Robby and I are life mates. When we become brothers, we'll still be life mates. Will that bother you?"

"No, Marcus, I already figured out your and Robby's relationship. What you tell the outside world is your business, here you'll always be Marcus and Robby. Does this mean you agree for the adoption?"

"Yes, we no longer have parents that love us. You have shown you care so I think it'd be an honor to have your surname."

"I never told you my surname, you may not like it."

"Your surname isn't important, you must feel deeply for us to want to adopt us and that's good enough for Marcus and I."

"May I asked what is your surname?"

"My name is George Frankenstein."

"Are you related to the famous vampire, Frankenstein?"

"I don't know but be assured I have no interest creating life unless it's artificial life."

"Like Pesi?"

"Yes, exactly like Pesi and Electra."

"Ok Dad, what's for breakfast."

Doc could just make out Pesi's electronic chuckle when Marcos called him Dad. Actually Doc liked that a lot.

"I have to go into the office this morning, I'll be home for lunch. There's cereal, bread for toast and juice. If you can cook, there are eggs and bacon in the refrigerator. If you make a mess, clean it up."

With that Doc left and headed to the office. He brought the proposals he worked on at home for John to check them over. "John, do you have that expand module for the Governor?"

"I have a little more work to do on it, it should be finished by tomorrow."

"Do you have the schematics? I can check it out to see where the virus will do the most damage if it's hacked."

"Yes, just a minute, they are in my office. Here's the schematic, you know we need to somehow protect these schematics. If someone got their hands on these they could put us out of business."

"You're right John. Let me think about this maybe we can copy these to a computer disc that can be written so that if anyone tries to play it or down load it all they will get is music. You'll need a code to get at out schematics."

"Maybe a game and if you follow the clues you can get the schematics."

"That might work as well. Let me give it some thought. We can discuss this again tomorrow when you have the unit ready for the Governor."

I called my lawyer, "Abe, any progress on the adoptions?"

"We have a few hiccups, the judge wants a home study and has asked CS for their recommendation."

"Ok, who's the judge?"

"Circuit Judge Henry Ascott, he's consider a fair judge."

"Ok, we can arrange something. I need to know when the home study will take place."

Saying good-bye, I called the Governor's office. "Good morning Ben, this is George… Yes everything is going fine. Ben the reason I called is I'm trying to adopt two boys from the street…. Yes, I have the parents sign off. The problem is that Judge Ascott wants Child Services involved and a home study. That's where I have the problem, I'm sure you know that my home has the latest technology and I really don't like exposing that technology to the world. They aren't ready for it. If you can do anything I'll appreciate it but if you can't I'll manage, these boys mean a lot to me... Great I appreciate it just let me know one way or the other… Yes, we'll have that module ready in a few days. I'll send John up with it. He can bring you up to date on the technology. Good speaking to you Governor, give Mary my love."

When I arrive home, Pesi we have a small problem, I'll need two single beds for the boys room. I'll get them to carry the large bed to the basement. The judge who is handling the boy's adoption wants CS involved as well as a home study. With only two bedrooms I need to reorganize the boys room as if each boy has a separate space and bed.

That evening at dinner I told the boys about the adoption. "I'll change out the king bed for two singles, and put the king bed in the basement. Then once the adoption is finished, we'll put the king bed back in the room unless you like the single beds better. With your help we can arrange the room so it looks like two rooms without wall. Do you have any concerns?"

"Do we get to change our names?"

"If you want, which name would you want?"

"I don't know, I'll think about it and when the time comes I'll have one I want."

Dinner that night was a little quiet, but not overly so. We discussed their homework or school as the case may be since their teacher could hear everything that was said.

"Dad can we see the basement?"

"Sure as soon as dinner dishes are taken care of we can go to the basement."

I think that helped to getting everything done quickly.

"The basement is where Pesi lives. You'll find it rather cold because that's the way Pesi likes it."

I led them through the garage to the back door, which led to a small room with an exit to the outside and a door to the basement. Walking down into the basement, one could feel the temperature change. "I'll show you were Pesi lives and then I'm going to show you a very special room."

I led the boys to the door on the right as we entered the basement, "This is Pesi's home." I opened the door, I wasn't sure what the boy's expected, Pesi is an intelligent computer and his systems must be kept within a certain temperature. This room has its own cooler and cannot be affected by anyone or anything on the outside. No one can enter this room unless Pesi opens the door. If someone breaks in, Pesi will self destruct. His technology is beyond anything yet created in this world. Now I want to show you another room, and this one is for your safety."

I close the door to Pesi, "thanks Pesi."

"Your welcome, Doctor."

Walking to the opposite side of the basement, I opened the door. "We are in a small ante-room that can be accessed through your bedroom. I'll show you that later. I want each of you to touch this pad with your thumb."

I watched as they pressed their thumb on the pad, when I did it the wall pivoted and there was a door that looked like the vault in a bank. "Place you thumb there." They did that and when I did it the vault door opened. "This is a safety shelter for us. There is enough food and water in here to last a year. Once you get your new name, we'll do this again and we'll complete the procedure. I don't ever want to have to use this room, but we're prepared for the worst."

I let the boys look around for a few minutes, "Ok let's go back."

"Dad, there isn't enough room here for our king size bed."

"You're right Robby, we'll have to put it somewhere else or get rid of it all together. Pesi, what do you think?"

"You could put it in that crawl space above the garage. Doctor."

"We'll take a look at that space when we go upstairs. I'll also show you where the exit is from your room."

The boys went to the family room and I went to my office. Pesi be sure to include some technology in their studies. They'll need them when I'm gone."

"Yes, Doctor, we'll start with basics including programming."

The boys were in the family room but weren't watching television. "Robby what name will you take when we get adopted?"

"Do you think we'll get adopted? With my luck something will come up to screw it up."

"I have faith in Dad, he's a smart man and he'll find a way. I think I'll take the name of Victor Robert Frankenstein. What about you?"

"I'm not sure but my middle name will be Marcus"

With that said the boys kissed and headed toward their bed. "Let's try and sleep in one side of the bed and see how it would feel in a twin bed."

"That won't work because as soon as we fall asleep, we'll move toward the center. Let's just wait and tomorrow Pesi can show us that storage area above the garage."

"Ok but right now I want some loving."

It didn't take long for the boys to be in position to start the game of 69. "Hmmm this is the best appetizer for the main meal."

"You mean main event."

"Shut-up and get your mouth busy." I got a slap on the ass for that.

Robby wasn't small but thankfully he wasn't extremely large, average circumference and a steely, cut 6 inches. He fit my mouth perfectly and when he entered my special port, he sailed beautifully to nirvana.

In comparison, I was a little larger in circumference and almost 6 inches, but Robby loved it and that is what counts.

As I took Robby into my mouth, I lathered it with saliva. I had to get it ready to slip down my throat. I licked around Robby's balls and then teased his taint. When he started to squirm, I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and slowly wrapped my tongue around that smooth head, staying a little longer on the sweet spot. I wiggled my tongue there, lapping at that extra-sensitive area. It didn't take long when Robby shoved his cock down my throat. I knew he was ready for a ride in my mouth.

While I was doing that to Robby, he was following me on my own joy stick. Only he had a finger in my back door, wriggling it while he was deep throating me. It didn't take long before he grunted and fed me his nectar which caused me to go over the edge.

"Robby, I don't know how we got together but we're definitely a match. I'm never going to let you go, I love you too much."

Robby then gave me a kiss that told me he loved me just as much. "Marcus we're more lucky then you can imagine, we have each other, we have a fantastic place to live, and we have someone who cares about us. What more can we ask for?"

"You're right and it'll be even better if he adopts us."

"Do you think that'll happen?"

"Yes, I do. I thought I would miss my family but I don't. I don't hate them but my love for them died when they threw me out like a piece of garbage. I think hate is wrong, but I believe there will be a day of reckoning when they'll get paid back."

"Let's go to sleep. We have some work to do tomorrow."

The next day the boys were busy rearranging their bedroom. With the help of Dad, they were able to put the large king size mattress in the loft of the garage. Now it was a matter of waiting for the delivery of the single beds and the extra dresser. A home visit would show the room divided into two by using the furniture. Of course you can bet the boys would be sleeping in only one bed.

Two days later, the twin beds were delivered. Doc had Pesi direct the boys so that the room looked like two when in actuality it was one. The twin beds were large enough to sleep both boys. I think the store called it an expanded single bed. They were slightly larger than a single bed but not as large as a standard bed.

Doc checked the room, "Pesi I think this'll pass a home inspection."

"Yes, Doctor, according to the regulations concerning home requirements by CS, this room will pass."

Now all we had to do was wait. The boys were anxious and as time passed they became a little nervous. "Dad, when are they going to come to the house?"

"I don't know but it'll be soon. We just need to be ready." Later that evening, "Pesi can you check as to when CS has schedule our home verification visit?"

"Yes, Doctor, I can tap into their computer system through their phone line."

A few minutes later, "Doctor they are schedule to arrive tomorrow at 7 pm."

"Thanks Pesi."

The next morning at breakfast, "Boys I expect our visitors here tonight. So please make sure your room is ready for inspection. We'll plan on having dinner at 5. I'll be at the office this morning and be home about 3 this afternoon." I got a hug and left for the office.

"John, did you have any problems with the installation at the governor's office?"

"None, I showed their IT guy how to add additional people to the list. He seemed fine with it."

"I don't understand why he wants so many people to have access to that unit. It was originally only for emergencies."

"I think he has something else he wants to monitor. Don't be surprised if he isn't monitoring his staff."

"We need to do a scan of our systems here and in the field. The last scan was 6 months ago."

When we install a system, we leave a sub routine that allows us to check our system to determine if any of the programs need an update, that's the company line. In reality we check to see if anyone is attempting to hack into our systems. Sometimes an IT person in the client's company tries to change or amend our software which is not permitted by contract, we can detect these attempts on our scans. Hackers are a delight because as soon as we detect a hack attempt, we can reverse the attempt and place a virus in their unit that basically destroys their operating system. All of our contracts call for periodic scans, at our discretion and the installation of updates.

I looked over several requests for information on our systems. These are routine requests and we have a package that answers most of their questions. John just pulls a package, addresses it and drops it off at the post office. Sometimes we are surprised who requests information. "Doc, we received a request for information from an agency in Russia."

"What's the name of the agency?"

"It appears to be a central bank. The request is in English but the name is in Russian."

"Have we ever received request from a central bank before?"

"No, most of our requests are commercial companies. Do you think this may be a bogus name?"

"Let me have the request, I'll check it out tonight from home. With the time difference, I can do it later tonight."

I wanted to get home by four, so I left the office at 3:30. I told John to take the rest of the day off and I'll see him in the morning.

Driving home, I thought about the Russian requests. I knew that many of the hack attempts we discovered where from the Eastern countries. I'll let Pesi work on this.

"Good evening, Doctor"

"Good evening Pesi, is everything ready for our visitors?"

"Yes, Doctor, the boys have prepped dinner."

Walking into the kitchen, "Hey Dad, we started dinner."

I looked at what they had done, the salad was ready, vegetables were ready to be cooked and they had a pan of chicken thighs ready for the oven. "Wow you guys were busy. How did you know to do all of this?"

"Pesi, told us how to do it."

"Well, you did an excellent job. I'll let you finish while I go and change." I went to the office and dropped off my briefcase and then went and took a shower and change into more comfortable clothes.

"Pesi, thanks for helping the boys with dinner. We may do this more often."

Walking into the kitchen, "Thanks boys for getting dinner underway, I could get use to this. If you think you can handle the rest, I'll be in my office. Call me when dinner is ready." Smiling I headed to my office.

"Pesi, I need to have you check out a request from a Russian firm. John seems to think it's a central bank. We haven't had any requests from a bank and this may be a bogus request."

I typed in the address of the request. Pesi could pick this up from my computer since all electronics in the hose run-through Pesi's computers.

I just started to work when the boys called for dinner. I looked at my watch and noted it was 5:30 and our guests were due to arrive at 7.

Walking into the kitchen I could smell roasted chicken. "It smells good boys." They both smiled. Dinner not only smelled good, it was good. I looked at the boys as they watched me. I knew they wanted me to comment on dinner. "Boys, you have done an excellent job. This dinner is very good, I really enjoyed it. You both are going to have to do more cooking." They had smiles as they looked at each other, patting each on the back.

"You boys take a break, I'll clean up since you cooked." Nope wasn't going to happen, as I started to carry dishes to the sink, one of the boys started to rinse them and the other started to put the left overs in the refrigerator. Between the three of us, we were done in no time.

"Maybe you should check your room to be sure its ready for inspection. I expect visitors about 7."

"Its ready for inspection. Pesi checked it and said if they had a problem with it, he'd talk to them."

I knew what Pesi meant, if their report didn't describe exactly what they saw, he would amend the report. I also knew that any recommendation would need to pass Pesi's approval or the report would be changed.

"Have you boys finished with your homework?" Two heads nodded yes, "Good, why don't you watch a movie or play some of your video games."

I watched as they headed for the family room, I headed for my office. "Doctor, the address you gave me doesn't exist. I checked all of the Russian central banks and none of them have that address."

"Is it possible for you to scan the address and determine who or what is at that address?"

"Yes, Doctor, but it might take a while."

"There's no hurry, Pesi. Nothing will be sent till you provide an answer."

I continue to work on some of the requests as well as reading John's reports on the scan we had just completed. "Doctor, a car is approaching."

I walked into the family room, "Boys, I think our guests will be here soon."

"Doctor, they are at the front door."

I went downstairs and opened the door. "Doctor Frankenstein?"

"Yes, how may I help you."

"We are from the CS and have come to do a home review pending your application for adoption. My name is Mrs. Wilson."

"Yes, do come in. I didn't expect you tonight. My attorney didn't inform me when I could expect you."

"We don't announced our visits in advance. We prefer to make surprise visits so we can see what the home is truly like."

"Is there anything special you'd like to see or just a general tour?"

"I think a general tour would be appropriate and then if we need too see anything in more depth, we'll let you know."

"Isn't this generally done with just one person, may I ask why two tonight?"

"This is Officer O'hara and normally we do inspect homes without a police escort. Since you live in such a rural area and this late at night, I thought I should bring along someone."

"That's fine, if you follow me I'll show you my home. If you have any questions, please just ask." I knew Pesi would monitor everything.

Walking through the downstairs, Mrs. Wilson asked who prepares the meals since the report only listed my name and the boys as residents. I told her that I prepare the meals with the boys help. She asked about schooling, I told her they are home schooled. She wanted to know the name of the tutor. I told her that they interact with the computer, as is normal for home schooling in todays technological world.

I then gave her a tour of the upstairs, I showed her my bedroom and then the boys bedroom. She noted that the boys shared a room, from her disposition I knew she didn't like that. But the large room was set up so each boy had their own space.

Then she went into the family room, "Boys this is Mrs. Wilson from CS." The boys politely acknowledged Mrs. Wilson.

"Could I speak to the boys alone?"

"Of course, I'll be in my office till you are finished or have any more questions. The boys can show you where my office is located."

Arriving at my office, "Pesi, what do you know about Mrs. Wilson and Officer O'Hara?

"Officer O'Hara has been assigned to CS and generally he accompanies a CS employee when they suspect a problem."

"Does that mean Mrs. Wilson lied about the reason he was accompanying her?"

"She was nervous and her heart beat increased when you asked. I think there is another agenda besides home approval."

"What's happening in the family room?"

"Officer O'Hara is questioning them. Mrs Wilson is checking your books and cd's."

"I'll want a full transcript of everything that is said in that room as well as a dvd of all movement."

"Doctor, you need to go to the family room. The boys are frightened."

I walked into the family room and what I heard shocked me. "You're lying. You stole money from your parents that is why you ran away. Tell me the truth or I'll arrest you."

"May I help you Officer? Mrs. Wilson is it normal procedure to question these boys as part of a home inspection?"

"Dr. Frankenstein, these boys are lying. I checked with their parents and they want them back. They stole money and ran away."

"I find that impossible to believe. I have a signed and notarized statement from the parents of these boys that state they don't want them back."

I saw O'Hara look at Mrs. Wilson. "Mrs. Wilson, perhaps you can explain what is happening here. From my knowledge a home inspection does not involved the questioning of the boys."

"Doctor Frankenstein, when I think that there is something going on that is improper then I have the right to question the boys."

"If I'm not mistaken Mrs.Wislon, the boys have the right to have an adult present or a lawyer when you question them and particularly when a police officer questions them."

"I can question them anytime I want, if not here then at my office."

My phone rang, excuse me. "Hello, yes this is Doctor Frankenstein. Yes, she is here with Officer O'Hara. Certainly, "Mrs. Wilson, this call is for you."

I watched as she took my phone, "Yes this is Mrs. Wilson. I'm in the middle of a home approval. No, I haven't told him that. Yes ,there are two boys here and Officer O'Hara is questioning them. No, its general questions, nothing of a harassment nature. I understand."

"Doctor Frankenstein, I need to leave. I'll submit my report to the appropriate agencies. Come on O'Hara let's go."

Once I closed the door, the boys ran to me crying. "Boys I know what they asked, you forgot Pesi looks out for all of us. You have nothing to fear. Let's get some ice cream and maybe you both should get ready for bed."

Once they were in bed, "Pesi, what happened?"

"I checked and found out that the person who was to come was given a different assignment. Mrs. Wilson forged the assignment forms so she would be the one who would come for the assessment. Officer O'Hara is a church member of her church and works closely with her. I took the liberty of notifying your attorney who called CS to ask why Mrs. Wilson was assigned to do the home inspection. They hadn't realized that she had changed the roster so she would do it. Evidently the person who was assigned is the person who normally does home assessments."

"Did you inform my attorney about the questioning?"

"No, I sent a transcript of the questioning with the boys answers to his computer. He will have a complete transcript."

"Pesi, keep an eye on CS, I would like to see the report."

I checked on the boys and then went to bed.

The next two daysI was on my toes. I told Pesi to keep an eye on the boys and if there is any hint of a problem, tell them to go to the secret place.

"Doctor, you need to have the boys print on the door or it won't open."

I forgot that I wasn't going to do that till the adoption went through. "Pesi do you have the names the boys have selected?"

"Yes, Doctor"

"Boys. we need to do one more thing before I leave for work this morning. Follow me." The boys followed me to the basement and the door to the safe room. I unlocked the pad, "Now I want each of you to place you palm on the pad and repeat the name you have chosen after the adoption."

I watched each of the boys follow my instructions. "Now, when Pesi tells you to go the safe room, this is where you go. When you get here, push this button, say your name and then place your palm on the pad. The door will unlock, roll it to the side, enter and press the button on the inside so that the door closes. When I come home, I'll release you unless Pesi tells you it's ok to come out."

Closing the vault, the boys went to the kitchen to finish their breakfast and I left for work. John had finished all of the reviews of our installed systems. We went over the results and generally everything seemed to be in good shape, that meant do hacking or virus attempts. "John, we should start upgrading the old systems. Let's upgrade any system over 5 years old."

"We should also check and see if they want any of the new features."

"Maybe we should sit down with them and get an overall feel from them as to what they would like to see. It'll give us a heads up to where we can begin to devote some of our attention."

I liked that idea, we may have a few additional gadgets that would increase our income. I called home and spoke to Pesi. He said it was all quiet and the boys were studying.

"Doc, I'm leaving. Do you want me to lock up or are you staying a little longer?"

"No lock up, I didn't realize the time. Good night John."

Driving home, I wonder what the boys cooked for our dinner. They seemed to like to do the cooking and I appreciate it.

"Hey Dad, we are having beef goulash for dinner."

"Smells good. I'll go and shower before dinner. Just let me know when it is ready." I wanted to see what Pesi found out.

"Pesi, anything new from CS?"

"Yes, Doctor, Mrs. Wilson has filed a preliminary report. I will print out a copy for you."

I watched as the printer came alive and a 6 page report came out of the printer. I quickly scanned the report and noticed her filings where that the house was unsuitable, and since I wasn't married, CS is recommending the boys be placed in a more suitable home.

"Pesi, has this report been submitted."

"Not yet Doctor."

"Send a copy to my lawyer. I'll call him in the morning. Can you change this report before a final printed?"

"Yes, Doctor, I suggest that the judge should ask for an electronic copy of the report."

"That's a good idea, I'll call the judge in the morning and suggest that he asks that the report be emailed to him so that we can proceed with the adoption."

"Boys you really did a great job. This beef goulash tastes great. And the biscuits, I haven't had biscuits this good since my mother died, great job."

I started to clear off the table, the boys started to help. "You boys made dinner so I'll clean up. Go and enjoy a movie or a game. I am assuming you have your homework finished."

The nodded yes with a smile as they took off for the family room.

I slept better knowing that Pesi was on top of everything.

"Good morning Abe, have you had a chance to catch up on the material I sent you?"

"I have two sets of papers from DCS, the first set appears to be a draft and that doesn't look good for you and the boys. The second set looks excellent. What changed?"

"I haven't seen the second report. I do know that the person from DCS was not the usual person who did the home checks. Maybe she reviewed the report and made changes. I'm supposing that the judge has a copy of the report and is ready to rule on my petition for adoption."

"I have a call in to him now but I expect I won't hear from him till this afternoon."

"Let me know what he has to say and if we need anymore information."

Abe called me late in the afternoon, " I just talked to the judge, he has received the report from CS and wondered if we could meet at 9 in the morning. I think he is ready to rule on the adoption."

"Thanks Abe, we'll be there."

That evening as the boys were getting ready for bed, "Boys we need to be at the court house by 9 in the morning. Be sure to be ready to go by 8, traffic in the city will be congested as a lot of people will be driving to work."

"Pesi, be sure to wake the boys at 7. That will allow time for them to have breakfast before we need to leave."

That evening as I sat in my office I wondered if CS was going to show up for the hearing. If they were there I would guess they would object to the adoption. Of course they would have to explain why they differed from the report that was sent to the judge.

The next morning the boys were up early. "Good morning boys, we will have a quick breakfast and then if you are still hungry after the court case, we can stop and get a good brunch."

"What's a brunch?"

"A brunch is when you combine breakfast and lunch into one meal." The boys looked at each other and smiled. I knew that they would be hungry after court.

We left at 8:15 allow 45 minutes to get to the court house. We were going to meet with Abe a few minutes before we would be called before the judge.

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