Adrian and Paul

by Jobe

Chapter 7

"Paul, wake up we have to go to work."

"Hmm, good morning lover, I love you very much."

"I love you too, get up before Dave comes and looks for us."

Showers always took longer than normal but this morning, I don't know what got into him. He had this goofy grin all morning and couldn't keep his hands off me in the shower, not that I'm complaining. "Paul, hurry up. What's with you this morning?"

"I'm in love."

I just started to laugh as I put my arm around his neck and pulled him to me. I whispered in his ear, "I'll give you a kiss if you can catch me."

He reached for me but I was gone. He started to chase me, I let him catch me just as I was

about to enter the diner. He still got his kiss as we got to work. Every time I looked at Paul, he had this goofy grin.

That evening as we were walking home from work, "We need too make a stop at the drugstore."


"I sorted empty that tube of lubricant last night."

Paul started to laugh, "Maybe we should buy a carton."

We did stop and bought just one tube. Tonight Paul will ride the horse.

"While I fix dinner, maybe you can place one of the bath towels on the bed."

"What's for dinner?"

"Left overs"

"Maybe I'll get leftovers of another kind."

I looked at Paul. I wasn't sure I was still a little sore back there.

Dinner doesn't take long when its left overs. "Let's take a shower."

Showers are something that we can't do in a few minutes. Tonight I need to make sure Paul is clean.

"Paul, if you bend over I'll help you get clean. Then I think you should help me get clean as well." I like to shower with Paul. Getting clean is only part of the fun.

Lying in bed, "Paul you know I love you and if you don't want to do this, it'll be ok."

"No, Adrian, I want to feel what you felt and I want you to feel what I felt. What I felt was a love so deep for you that my whole day was influenced by this love."

"Is that why you were in such a good mood today?"

"Yep and tomorrow you'll understand."

When I look at Paul, I can't believe how much I love him. He's my total life, every thing I do is to make him happy. With him in my life I forget my family and gain the love they didn't give me. I was complete with Paul and my family could not hurt me any longer.

"Paul, I love you very much. If you want to wait, that's ok."

"This doesn't look like it wants to wait."

"That little man is ready for you all the time."

"I want to experience what you experience last night. I want the feeling of being one with you."

I gave Paul a kiss that told him how much I love him. I watched Paul as he prepared himself. He had a silly smile on his face but there was love in his eyes. "Paul, go slow."

Paul didn't go slow. As soon as I breached his gate, he sat all the way down. "Paul, take it easy. I know that had to hurt."

"It was a good hurt. I wanted this so bad, I couldn't wait. Let me wait a few minutes."

"You're in control."

Paul waited several minutes and then began to ride my pony and ride he did. He started to breathe faster, "Adrian, I'm close."

I started to help and soon I could feel my balls starting to draw up, "I'm close Paul."

Paul yelled, "I'm coming."

And he was spraying all over my stomach. The contraction in his ass as he came set me off. I looked at his face, he had a silly smile as he mouthed the words, I love you.

He fell over and was laying beside me. I got up and got a wet cloth and a towel, I cleaned him up, then cleaned myself. Removing the towel from the bed, I pulled him into a cuddle. "I love you Paul, now I'm a part of you as you're a part of me."

Looking into his eyes, he was very relaxed, "Adrian that was awesome. I felt as if we were truly one."

"Paul, we are one, one in love and one in spirit."

Sleep that night was special for me. Paul and I have now declare our love for each other in the way lovers have for centuries. I was so glad that I was a virgin and Paul was my first and will be my last. For some reason I felt that he shared these feelings.

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