by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 5

I awoke suddenly, the alarm clock said 3.45. The hall light was still on, I could hear Barry snoring lightly and feel Logan's uneven breathing on my neck. I could also feel his very hard cock being pushed up and down my crack. I pushed back and it stopped.

"You awake?" he whispered.

"Yes." I whispered back, it didn't seem right to talk loudly, even if we were alone.

"Sorry J, woke up with a raging fat, mate."

"It feels good babe. Really good. I, umm, I want you Logan, please. I want you, you know, in me."

"We've talked about this J."

"Please Logan, I need you, it has to be you. Please."

"You sure this is what you want Jeremy?"

"Please Logan."

Logan sighed "OK J, I'll try not to hurt you man."

He climbed off the bed and found the KY on my dressing table. He grabbed that and a fresh towel and lay down behind me again. "OK J, stay how you are, just lift your right leg a little, that's it. Now tell me if I hurt you or if you want to stop. If you want to stop then that's fine, don't feel that we have to continue, OK?"

"OK Logan, I trust you."

Logan started by putting a small amount of gel on his finger and working around my hole, pressing lightly and setting off a series of moans.

"Shit J, you sure are sensitive there." He rubbed and pushed a little more then said "OK J, I'm going to slide my finger in slowly now. Push a little like you're trying to shit, it will make it easier."

"OK Loges, that feels so good and …. holy shit!" I had done what he asked, he applied pressure and his long, elegant, middle finger went in to the second knuckle, just like that, and then it was gone.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck J, I'm sorry it just went in so quick, I'm sorry, you OK?"

"I'm fine man, it was just a surprise, it went in so easy. It felt fine though. Try again?" He didn't apply as much pressure this time and his finger slowly slid home, it was wonderful, stimulating parts of me I had previously not known existed. As he slid in and out, I moaned, loudly.

"Shit Jeremy, you really like that, yeah? I've never heard you so, ahh, vocal."

"Sorry Logan, I'm trying to keep it down but, oh God that's the spot; fuck, oh dear, fuck!"

Logan chuckled and continued his ministrations. "Geez Jeremy, you're turning me on even more with this, you know. You ready for a second finger?"

"Oh gosh, yes." I hissed.

Logan worked my hole for a little longer then slowly he inserted two fingers. I was in ecstasy, this was glorious and my vocalisation confirmed it.

"Holy moly Jeremy, you're gonna wake the whole neighbourhood man."

"I'm sorry Loges." I managed to get out. "It's just so, so stimulating and, oh shit, oh dear, oh…." I was totally useless. Logan continued working me, separating his fingers occasionally to stretch me further; as he did so he slid up the bed a little and kissed me on my back, shoulders, neck and face.

Finally, he said "I think you're ready my man, lay on your back, babe." I rolled over as he wiped his fingers on a towel and grabbed the KY. I bent my knees, drew my legs up, spreading as far as I comfortably could, fully exposing myself to Logan. He applied a good dollop of KY to his dick, working it all over and, on his knees, approached me. He guided his weapon towards the entry of my hole and looked at me. 'You're sure, Jeremy?" I just nodded my assent and he lifted my bum up, my spread thighs came up and rested on his. I felt the pressure of Logan's hardness against my ring. Slowly at first and then, pop, my cherry was gone, his head was in my hole and he held it there for a second then began to press further. I could feel his shaft sliding into me and it was wonderful.

"Shit, oh dear Jeremy, its, you're, so tight, so warm, so …. God damn J, holy shit you're tight, oh great stones, fucking awesome."

He was fully in me and waited while I got used to his fullness within me. It was wonderful, this was more than I had ever hoped for. There was virtually no pain, Logan had prepared me well and his entry had been slow, tender and caring and obviously he was enjoying it immensely too. I flexed my butt muscles and Logan moaned, loudly.

"It's OK Loges."

I nodded to him to continue as I relaxed; slowly he began sliding in and out of me. The sensations were wonderful, he kept hitting something, I didn't know what, but it was awesome, and he was loving it too. We both moaned and ooohed and aahed. The love making was exactly as it always was, but for some reason, in this configuration, with Logan deep within me, it became loud, very loud. It was as if we were in some contest, even my darling, sedate Logan could be a tiger.

He moved around in me and then leaned forward, kissing me deeply, my dick pressed against him. His arms held me tight, mine were behind his head, then rubbing his back, then pressing his face into mine. He sat back a little freeing my well lubed dick, his eyes shut and mouth open, cooing and whimpering. We gave ourselves totally and utterly to one another, I felt as if we were one, one organism, striving towards a mind blowing climax. Logan maintained a steady pace, thrusting and withdrawing, groaning and moaning as I groaned and moaned. We were as one.

He opened his eyes and we looked at each other as he continued to pound into my very pleasured butt. My cock bounced around as Logan began picking up the pace a little. I thought he may be close; all the signs pointed towards it; I knew I was, Logan had squeezed me a few times but now, with my dick bouncing around untended, the sensations told me I was nearing orgasm. He kept hitting that spot inside of me and it was doing things to me I had never experienced before. Holy cow, no wonder Logan enjoyed me doing this to him so much. Between the noises of our lovemaking I was finally able to say "Logan, I need to cum, I'm gonna cum, babe."

He looked at me, watched as I blew a load over myself and then I sensed that my butt was being filled with Logan's climax, I swear his dick got bigger and then pow, he unloaded deep within me, grunting and moaning loudly. Slowly, we both came down from one of the most mind blowing climaxes either of us had ever experienced in our short lives. Logan fell forward on top of me, remaining in me and spreading my orgasm all over us. We kissed and Logan rested his head on my shoulder, regaining his breath.

"Thank you J, thank you so much, my beautiful man." He whispered into my left ear.

"Only for you, Logan, only ever for you." I whispered back. "Always and forever."

He lifted his head and looked deep into my eyes. Then we kissed long and hard as I felt him slide out of me. Finally, we separated and Logan began cleaning us both up, first my stomach, thighs and dick, then his. Then he began on my bum, wiping away the results of his orgasm as it slowly leaked from me.

"Just push a little J, it'll help get it all out."

"Fuck Logan, I might shit myself."

"You won't shit yourself babe, you'll be fine."

So I pushed a little and farted, a bubbling wet fart. "Shit, shit, shit Logan, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I shit myself."

"It's fine J, It's OK man, no shit I promise."

"But it was wet and lumpy."

"It was just a fart and some of me coming out Jeremy, it's all OK, it's all gone babe, all good. OK?"

"You sure?"

"Yes man, all good. Look J, if you play with fire, well, you're gonna get burnt. Where we play, things are gonna happen sometimes, it's the nature of the beast mate. OK?"

"OK Logan, thank you, babe."

"Alright J, you wanna shower?"

"Nah, I'm knackered, I need you next to me and sleep."

"OK, I'll just get rid of these towels then, the room smells like a spunk factory, then I'll be back."

I rolled back over onto my left side, assuming my position from earlier. That had been an intense session, I was exhausted. But damn, it had been a bloody glorious experience, I had so wanted Logan to be the one; he would, I thought, be my one and only. No-one else would, or could, ever pleasure me that way. No-one but Logan.

I was on the cusp of sleep when I felt Logan get back into bed and lay next to me as we had earlier. He leant over me and kissed my cheek again, whispering "You and me, Jeremy, always and forever."

He settled down, placing his right arm over me and pulled himself closer. I adjusted my right arm and found his hand, squeezing it. He squeezed back and I knew no more.

I woke up slowly, the room was light, the air warm. I looked at the clock, a little after 9.00. I was alone, neither Logan nor Barry were in the room. I climbed out of bed, I felt a little crusty and my arse felt like it was glued together. I threw some shorts on and went out to the toilet. The door was shut so I presumed Logan was doing his morning regular. I was busting for a piss so went outside to the lemon tree, the traditional pissing place for the entire male population of the Myers family. I looked around as I pissed, Barry was sniffing around in the garden and there were a bundle of towels drying on the line. Logan; he must have loaded and turned the machine on after our early morning love making and then hung them out when he got up. What a guy!

I went back inside and heard the toilet flush. Logan stepped out wearing just a pair of shorts like me.

"Morning babe, all good?"

"All good Loges, although I feel a little crusty, know what I mean?"

"Yep, sure do. Shower?"

"Fuck yeah, then I'll cook up some eggs man."

"Excellent, I'm starving."

Once in the bathroom Logan washed his hands, despite us being about to shower, then dropped his shorts, I had already dropped mine and was waiting for the water to warm up a little. We both went under the streaming water and Logan grabbed the soap, cleaning every bit of me. As always it felt tremendous. He eventually got to my arse and confirmed it looked a little crusty. Not to worry, it was fine other than that and he cleaned it very thoroughly, encouraging a few involuntary moans from me. As he finished up behind me, he moved closer and gently held my arms while his head rested on my right shoulder.

"I think I owe you an apology J."

"Sorry, what? Why? What for?"

"I got a bit carried away this morning J, you know, lost a bit of control."

"Bullshit! It was wonderful, you were considerate, gentle, loving. Anyway, it was our first time like that, it was the first time anyone has been in me Loges; it was, you were, fucking marvellous."

"It was my first time too."

"Really, I thought maybe you and Rod…?"

"No, never J." He hesitated a little. "It was different to our usual sex though, louder."

'Yes it was that, strange really. We need to be careful where and when we do that again that's for sure. And we will do it again won't we?" I began washing Logan rubbing the soap over his chest and nipples.

"Charlie loved being in you Jeremy, it was so warm and tight."

"Charlie? What or who is Char…. Oh, he's your dick? You have a name for your dick?" I had started washing 'Charlie' at this point.

"Well, yeah. Don't you have a name for yours?"

"Ummm, no."



"Then that will be my mission today, Jeremy Stuart Myers. To find a name most suitable for your magnificent piece of manhood, and my most favourite toy."

We both laughed and I continued to wash Logan down. Once done, we stepped out of the shower, dried each other and threw on our shorts, both tenting substantially, before heading out to the kitchen.

"Scrambled eggs on toast Loges?"

"Sounds like the go Jeremy my man. Can I help?"

We busied ourselves around the kitchen and I got Logan to feed Barry his brekky while I put the toast on and did the eggs. I was famished so I thought Logan would be too and cooked up a really large pan of eggs and a heap of toast. We chowed down on them, easily demolishing the lot, all washed down with a coffee.

I had made something of a mess so refused to allow Logan to clean up by himself. I put on an LP record, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, and together we knocked off the cleaning process quickly. Both of us then went in and cleaned our teeth, hovering over the bathroom sink together. By the time we finished, the record had done its thing and Logan started going through the family's collection of EPs, LPs and cassettes.

"Whoa, J, you guys have got a pretty cool collection of music here. Only, who or what is Non-stop Honky Tonk?"

"That was my Nanna's I think. She's in a home now so, you know, not needed. And we don't want to listen to it either."

"No, I think I'll pass. How about some Bowie?" He had pulled a heap of records and cassettes out and it looked like we may have been going to listen to the lot. What an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning. Logan pulled the cassette from its case and opened the tape deck, slotted the cassette in and closed the deck then pressed play. Bowie sang out loud and clear on Dad's Pioneer sound system and we cranked up the volume.

And then, we danced. Boy, did we dance. We discovered that we both loved to dance. I'm not sure how good I was but Logan looked right cool. And then came 'Let's Spend the Night Together'; that was written just for us, we kept rewinding it and dancing to it time and time again. It was our anthem. Finally, we got to hear the last two tracks, The Jean Genie (another classic) and Lady Grinning Soul.

Next on was some classic Beatles, Abbey Road, with songs like I Want You (another anthem), Carry That Weight, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Here Comes the Sun, gosh, the list goes on. Then on went Elton John and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. We were sweating, even though all we had on were shorts, but man we were getting into it and we loved dancing together.

We skipped 'Funeral for a Friend' and went straight to 'Candle in the Wind' and Logan and I got to dance, slow and close. And we loved it, it was magic, a moment in my life I will never, ever forget. Neither of us led, we just instinctively knew where to go, where to be. We rested our foreheads against one another and our arms around each other's necks. Despite all the sex, I had never felt closer to my Logan.

Then on came Bennie and the Jets and we were back into it. We went through a host of tapes and LPs, skipping the crap songs and getting into the good ones. The Beach Boys, Chicago, Bee Gees, The Easy Beats, the Stones, they and more got a gig that day. After a couple of hours, we were both soaked in sweat so we put on Paul McCartney's Wings 'Band on the Run' and went out the back and straight under the hose. Once again we ran around, Barry joining in, and just enjoyed ourselves. By 12.30, we were exhausted so we pulled a couple of towels off the line and lay on them drying off in the sun.

"That was huge J, what a great morning man."

"Damn right young Logan. You sure do dance good."

"You too my man. Now, come here and kiss me."

I did, I kissed him, and we started to get right into it until I had a thought.

"Aunt Dot, Logan, she hasn't been up here yet. Let's go inside, just to be sure?"

"Sounds fair mate."

We hung our towels up, dried Barry and went in, locking the door behind us. Then I went in and turned off the stereo. No good pretending we weren't home if Paul and Linda were knocking out some tunes. I went back into the kitchen where I had left Logan and he was standing there totally naked with his ubiquitous tube of KY.

"I think J, that it may be time to have some kitchen fun." I walked up to him, dropped my shorts and we embraced, our bodies once more locked together and our hard-ons sandwiched between us. I led Logan over to the table, pulled a chair out and sat on it. I started kissing his nipples, his stomach, licking and probing his navel with my tongue. I licked his wonderful balls and sack and took each nut into my mouth caressing it with my tongue. Then I took his glorious cock into my mouth, kissing it, rubbing my lips over it and tracing the veins with my tongue. I flicked around his glans sending waves of pleasure through him and then swallowed him, taking his length into me and letting my tongue stimulate the stem. I pulled off and then back down, all the time my left hand rubbed and squeezed his bum cheeks, my right keeping his dick under my command.

As I continued to stimulate him, my left hand came around and cupped his balls, tickling them, massaging the sack before it moved onto his hole. He shifted slightly, allowing me full access as I caressed it and pushed it. I came off Logan and lubed my fingers before going back to his hole and pressing on it and entering it. Slowly I inserted my middle finger and when it was in deep I left it there while I continued my work on his weeping, glorious dick. Slowly, then, I pulled my finger out then back in, wiggling it around a little, searching for Logan's spots, his pleasure centres.

Logan moved his hips in time to my mouth actions and quietly moaned and whimpered, telling me I was giving his pleasure centres a workout. I pulled my finger out, without stopping working on his dick, and then slowly inserted two fingers, stretching his tight little ring, preparing it for my dick to come. I could feel him loosen up a little but continued my efforts for a little longer, wanting to be sure he was ready. His balls began to tighten so I came off his dick and pulled my fingers out, ceasing all stimulation. I stood, kissed him and then he pushed me back down and placed both his feet either side of my chair, lining his butt up with my dick. He grabbed the KY and squirted some on his hand before rubbing it up and down my previously untended cock. I hissed in pleasure. Then he lowered himself slowly, reaching around and holding my cock, his aim perfect as my knob made contact with and penetrated his wonderful hole.

Steadily his butt swallowed my dick and we sat there waiting for him to become used to his hole being filled. He began the upward journey then down again slowly and steadily working towards a sustainable and pleasurable pace. His arms were over my shoulders, around my neck and we kissed, long and deep as he moved up and down swaying his hips for maximum stimulation for us both. I could access his dick so I gripped it with my right hand, squeezing it and stimulating it, my hips moving in time with his. We broke our kiss and he looked up in pleasure. I began suckling on his nipples and then; I heard the side gate click open and shut.

"Logan, ssshhh, stop. Dot." Logan stopped at the bottom of a stroke and looked at me.

"You did lock the door didn't you?"

"Yes, yes, I'm sure I did."

Dot tried opening the door, no luck, OK then. She banged a few times, Barry barked, she told him to shut up and then she banged again.

"You home Jeremy? Fuck, shut up Barry."

I had never heard Aunt Dot swear, it surprised me she even knew the word. I started to giggle, and Logan joined me.


All was quiet, then we heard the gate open and close as she headed home. Thank goodness for that.

I looked at Logan and we just laughed again, close but all safe, thank goodness for locks and solid doors. It would not have exactly been a good thing if my Aunt had walked in on her favourite nephew buried deep within his best bud.

I kissed Logan's nipples and we started again, this time even more passionately as if the challenge of Dot's visit had increased our drive. Unlike Logan's entry into me earlier, this was substantially longer, more controlled sex, pacing ourselves, thoroughly enjoying the journey as much as the uncontrolled climax it would deliver. I continued manipulating Logan's dick, but eventually I could feel the urge, the primal need to cum, approaching me. I looked at Logan's face and saw the tell-tale signs of his approaching climax. He looked down at me and smiled, his face full of pleasure.

"Yes J, fuck yes." That was it as he came all over both of us, two, three wonderful lobs followed by a steady flow of his pure white swimmers. I loved watching him cum, it was always spectacular and it always tipped me over the edge. I grunted as my boys lined Logan's chute and I tried to catch my breath. As I came down from my high I started collecting the results of Logan's climax and fed it to both him and myself. We kissed and hugged, Logan remained sitting on me for some time while we embraced and made out. As my dick wilted it slowly but surely slid from Logan and finally he stood up.

"Shower babe?"

"Of course Loges."

We went in to the bathroom and climbed under the shower, enjoying the water flowing over our sweating bodies. I began our post sex ritual, washing Logan slowly and tenderly.

"Thank you Logan, that was wonderful mate. I hope Charlie enjoyed it too."

"Oh yes, he did indeed J. You know I've thought of a name for your Tonka toy too."


"Are you familiar with the story of the real Count Dracula?"

"Yeah, kind of I think. Wasn't he based on some prince or other in Romania?"

"Pretty close J, the guy was called Vlad, Vlad the Impaler. From this day forth your dick shall be called Vlad."

"What? No Logan, really?"

"Why, what's wrong with it?"

"I don't impale you."

"Well, you do in a way mate. You really don't like it?"

"Sorry babe, but no."

"Oh, OK then, well I shall have to keep looking for inspiration. Oh, that feels good J."

I continued washing the last of my orgasm from his bum and then turned him around and kissed him. "You know Logan; this weekend has been the best weekend I have ever had I think."

"I know and it's not over yet sunshine. C'mon the un-named one needs a wash."

Logan washed me down and we got out of the shower, dried ourselves and went back to the scene of our latest sexual endeavour.

"Lunch babe?"

"Too right J, what has Casa Myers got on offer today?"

"Homemade pies and sausage rolls OK, mate?"

"Sounds good."

"Right, I'll get started."

"Excellent my little cheffy friend. What can I do?"

"Light the oven and set to 180C please. 20 minutes should do the trick."

Mum had made a batch of meat pies and sausage rolls and I grabbed what I thought we could eat from the fridge, placed them on a baking tray and popped them into the oven then we put on some Pink Floyd Dark 'Side of the Moon'. The 20 minutes flew by and we were soon scoffing down Mum's homemade pastries, washed down with a Coke or two. As we were cleaning up we again enjoyed a good burping contest which on this occasion I had to give to Logan, and he didn't nearly throw up. Once we cleaned up we went back to the stereo and played a heap of music all afternoon, dancing, sweating, making out and just having a total ball. Logan was a great dance partner and I really wished that we could do it in public together but it was a bit taboo, I think, at least the way we danced.

Logan and I, despite our thorough enjoyment of each other's bodies, were, to all intents and purposes, straight, at least to the outside world anyway. We had both had occasional girlfriends in Years 8 and 9 although neither of us had done anything more than hold their hands. When we talked about it, not long after we started having sex together, we both agreed that it was only because it was expected of us, not some deep seated need to play with boobs or touch a minge. It was peer group pressure, nothing more. I kind of felt sorry for some of the girls, they showed interest in both Logan and I but we just went along living our lives, not ignoring them, but certainly not encouraging them either. And this was when we were just mates. Now we were lovers the girls had no hope of anything whatsoever other than a hello.

We danced the afternoon away and by 4.00 thought perhaps another backyard water fight would be useful given our hot sweaty condition. Aunt Dot had not returned yet so we stayed pretty tame as far as the sexy stuff was concerned. About 5.30 we had just about had enough and dried ourselves and Barry before we folded all the towels Logan had washed that morning. As we were finishing that up Dot banged through the back door, asked us if everything was going well and once she was satisfied we had not destroyed the house, she was off again. Good. That was that. She would likely pop in sometime Monday but we would work around that somehow.

We grabbed a couple of brews, some munchies and went back outside, sitting again under the shade of the old tree and talked about school, which was coming up in just two weeks. Both of us had done well in our Year 10 exams. I had done well enough to earn a small scholarship from Dad's work which would pay for my books and various other items for the next two years. Logan did even better than me but it was still not good enough for his Dad. I had the feeling that Rodney was right and that Logan's Dad would always be raising the bar on Logan and that he would never be satisfied with any result Logan managed to produce. When I mentioned this to Logan he just said that it was nonsense, his Dad just wanted the best for him and pushed him accordingly. I thought it was crap but I said no more; besides I had promised Rodney, only days before, I would support Logan as much as possible in his academic endeavours so I needed to pull my head in and just do what I had promised.

Anyway, because Logan had supposedly not achieved the levels his father wanted, Logan would not be allowed out to run around as he wanted. Limited social time and hard work would be the order of the day in the new school year and that certainly did not bode well for our love life. We were teenagers though, and teenagers can be devious and clever when they want something bad enough. Logan and I knew we would find a way to get together because we wanted it bad enough.

About 6.30, after our second brew, I asked if he was getting hungry, if so I would order a couple of family pizzas for home delivery.

"Too right J, that sounds the go. Gotta keep the energy up man, for the nocturnal activities like."

I rang the local pizza bar, no corporations back then, just the local, using toppings you could actually identify. Delivery in 30 minutes and change for a ten. Easy. We went into the lounge and turned on the TV, some crappy documentary on moose or deer or something was on one channel and Sonny and Cher the other. We chose Cher. I sat on the sofa and Logan sat right next me with his left arm around my shoulders. His right hand moved over to my right and we held hands, his head resting against mine; everything we did together felt right, felt natural.

In no time the doorbell rang, Barry started his deep bark campaign and I asked Logan just to hold him while I opened the doors. Once secured behind me I opened the door and there our pizza guy stood with two large boxes and a couple of garlic breads on top. He was something of a cutie, red hair, fair skin and with a very pretty face complete with green eyes and the reddest lips I had ever seen. As I took the boxes from him and handed over a ten he looked behind me and saw Logan.

"Oh, hey Logan. How's things?"

"Hi Trevor, yep all good. You?"

Trevor shifted his gaze to me and looked me up and down taking his time around my man regions.

"Yep, I'm good; you certainly got yourself a nice one here Logan. No wonder you told me no more messing around. Still, if you guys ever want a, you know, threesome, let me know."

"Keep the change man." Was all I could say, smiling at him.

"Sure thanks, you're one lucky dude." And with that he was gone.

I held the boxes in one arm as I closed the doors and turned around smiling at Logan.

"I know, I know, you want me to spill the beans right?"

"He was cute Logan. Am I to presume that you two were, ah, buddies?"

"Yes J. We used to be wank buddies."

As I walked back through to the kitchen I said "You seem to have a thing for older guys Logan, you know, Rod and old Red there."

"That's not true, Jeremy."

"No, I know babe, I'm just joshing with you." I was opening the boxes up and pulling apart some of the bread. "Help yourself man, it smells good." I wasn't going to go too far with the age thing; Logan had become defensive straight away so it just was not worth it.

"Pizza looks great J, I'll tell you more later; about Trevor, OK?"

"Sure babe, only if you want." I knew better than to feel threatened by Trevor, or anyone else for that matter. Logan was too loyal and had made it quite clear over the past four weeks that I was his first choice.

We helped ourselves to the pizza and garlic bread and I grabbed some Coke out of the fridge to wash it down with. Pizza and Coke are really a perfect match. It did not take us long to demolish all the food with Barry helping out and gobbling up some of the crusts, ham and assorted meats. He looked happy. We cleaned up pretty quick, burping loudly again and went back into the lounge, resuming our previous positions.


"That's me babe."

"You had Mathew as a buddy there for while didn't you?"

"Well, yes mate, but not for very long. We jerked each other off a few times; I think he would have liked to do more actually."

"What happened?"

"I met a right horn dog who means the world to me and we have outrageous sex and he makes me very happy."

"Really J, or are you taking the piss?"

"Yes Logan, really, it's true. Look, I pulled Mathew on New Year's night, my heart wasn't in it; all I could think of was you so I decided I wouldn't do it with anyone but you. Mathew's been around a couple of times and in the end I had to tell him, sorry, but I have all I need."

Logan looked pretty happy with that.

"Thanks J that means a lot to me. It's odd too because I told Trevor the exact thing on the same night. We jerked each other and then I told him. I said no more, I had someone very special and I didn't want to ruin it." He took a couple of deep breaths.

"Jeremy, I want you to know, I only ever wanked Trevor, nothing else. Until Rodney showed me all that stuff in December, I was pretty naive. Even with Rod, it was just wanking until last month. I knew there was more I could do with boys, and I sure wanted to do it with you, but it was Rod that showed me exactly what and how. Trevor was only ever a release. And Rod was a means to an end. It was you I wanted, J, it's always been you."

"Thankyou, Logan. That is a really special thing to say. My only regret, mate, is that we took so long to get where we are."

"No regrets J, just enjoy what we have babe; anyway, I think we have so much more to come. And there'll be no one else Jeremy. No one ever. Just you. I promise"

"Thanks Loges. I don't want anyone else either. It can only ever be you babe, always and forever, Logan and Jeremy."

We kissed, sealing our commitment to one another before Logan rested his head on my shoulder again.

"Logan? We're getting pretty serious aren't we?" He sat up and looked at me.

"Yes J, yes we are. I was kind of hoping you would be my, my boyfriend Jeremy."

My arm was around Logan and I squeezed him a little tighter. "I would love to be your boyfriend Logan; it would mean the world to me."

"So we're boyfriends now then?"

"We sure are babe. Umm, Logan?"


"Can we get ready for bed now? You know, walk Barry, clean our teeth and stuff. I just want to lay with you, you know?"

He stood and took my hand. "Sure J, lets walk Barry and then the night is ours."

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