A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 23

The pillars that held up the sky stood to our left as the five of us walked along the desert path. Houses stood behind block walls to our right, quiet neighborhoods, where decent, respectable people lived, people who worked at real jobs, kids who went to real schools, people who's lives had not been destroyed by drugs or violence.

The school was about half a mile south of Dagwynn's house; we could look back and see Dagwynn's Rock behind us. Far over to our left, below the pillars that held up the sky, we could see Ocean Avenue running diagonally toward the tall, hovering buildings of the Capital Mall. This patch of desert had not been developed because of all the big, rocky outcroppings that studded the land.

At the foot of the hill, where the Monte Sorri Academy stood, was a middle school for younger students, where beautiful, sleek twelve and thirteen-year-old boys ran and played. They were the good boys, the boys who lived in nice houses and did their homework for their teachers, they were the boys who never went to the Strip, who never rented their bodies for others to suck or fuck, never stripped and masturbated for holocams or websites.

We crossed a landscaped area, planted with small trees and grass, that bordered the soccer field behind the school. We moved along the back fence; I knew this was wrong, that getting caught probably meant jail time, but Jeffy was in it, and so were Danya, Josh and Bobby. This was all Bobby's idea and I had to admit, it did sound exciting, crazy as it was, but there was no stopping Bobby. A gate in the fence stood before us; thick bushes and scrubby trees concealed us until the moment was right.

On the school yard field, a soccer game was in progress and nearing its completion. Two teams, one in royal blue and white, the other in red and white, ran the bright yellow, geodesic ball up the field; the blue team was advancing the ball our way. We huddled in a shallow drainage ditch and watched the gangs of thirteen-year-old boys; every one of them strong, healthy and athletic, every one of them beautiful, cute and focused intensely on the game.

The ball was coming to our end of the field, followed by over a dozen quick, agile boys. Any boy would have done, they were all gorgeous. One very attractive thirteen-year-old boy with a smooth, muscular body blocked the ball from going out of bounds and kicked it toward the goal. The boy stopped on our corner of the field as the ball raced away; the others broke right and chased it.

With him and all the others focused on the ball, Danya and Bobby ran onto the field, grabbed the blue-uniformed boy and dragged him into our midst. He struggled and tried to cry out, but Danya covered his mouth; we carried him back a little ways into the trees.

"Shhh," Danya said. "Relax! We're not going to hurt you."

"You'll have more fun with us," Bobby said, "if you don't fight!"

"OK, boys," Jeffy said, grinning widely, as we settled behind a small thicket. "Time to get naked!"

The boy quieted. He watched, wide-eyed, as Jeffy, Kevin and I pulled off shirts and shorts, leaving us stark naked before him. I noticed his eyes widen even farther when my eight-inch boner popped out and brushed his arm; I watched as more hardness began to appear in his crotch. This boy was amazingly cute, with curly, sun-streaked hair, a creamy complexion and soft green eyes that were already melting my heart.

"Just hold still," Danya said, "and you'll have a lot more fun!"

Bobby yanked his shorts and underwear down and Danya pulled his shirt up over his head. His body was lean and tight, tanned a light golden brown except for the creamy inverse-shadow his shorts created about his bare hips and upper thighs; his cock was a good six inches long and more than an inch thick, and neatly circumcised; his light brown pubes formed a small ark above his cock, his balls were compact and hairless.

"Who are you guys?" the boy asked. "What are you doing?"

Bobby, Josh and Danya laid him on the grassy slope, just below the level of the soccer field. Before I knew it, I was bent over him and licking him to within an inch of his life; I felt him firming up as my tongue circled and flicked.

"Don't worry," Danya said. "We're not going to hurt you."

"What's your name?" Jeffy asked.

"Scott," the boy replied. "What are you doing? Are you crazy? That's my dick!"

I felt him swelling, I could tell, he was liking this, but I let him slip from my mouth just long enough to say, "I love dicks!" Then I resumed lavishing my lust up and down his growing shaft.

"That's so naughty!" Scott gasped.

Jeffy moved in close and licked the boy's balls; Danya held his arms and Bobby and Josh held his legs, although he struggled less as he became more aroused.

"You're so naughty!" he repeated, this time, his voice was much softer. In another few moments, I had him moaning and sighing with pleasure; I could tell he'd never had anybody treat him like this before. I'm sure he was going to become a lover of being kidnapped and raped from now on! I only hoped he would enjoy the treatment I knew Bobby had planned for him.

In another couple minutes, Scott's sleek body tensed up hard and he throbbed between my lips. My mouth was flooded with rich, salty kidcum as he let out a long, squeaky moan. I swallowed all of him and was rewarded with more gushing from his sweet fountain; this kid must not have cummed in days, maybe a week! I swallowed again and again, and again as more gushed from him.

Finally, his flow ebbed and his body relaxed. I held the last drops from him and swirled them around my mouth; he was delicious! I turned to Kevin and gave him a sloppy kiss, sharing Scott with him. He hungrily licked at my tongue.

Almost before I let go of this wonderful boy, Bobby flipped him over onto his belly and pulled his creamy bare butt up into the air. I held his legs with Josh as Bobby moved in and buried his face between Scott's perfect, smooth globes. He licked and slurped, spitting into his tight, pink pucker hole, then licking it back. Scott moaned and wiggled.

"Oh my God!" he exclaimed. "That's so naughty!" He began bucking slowly and Jeffy scooted beneath him, taking Scott into his mouth for a second round.

Bobby slowly inserted a finger into Scott's wet hole and massaged him round and round, and in and out. Josh pulled a tube of gel from his pocket and opened it for Bobby, squirting a glassy gob into his hand. Jeffy and Kevin pulled Bobby's shorts down as Bobby's fingers massaged the boy's cleft, making him slippery inside and out. Then he moved up for the final assault. Bobby was hard and ready, and with more gel, he rubbed it up and down the cleft of Scott's butt, then began pressing firmly into him.

Scott moaned and lurched forward, almost head-butting Danya, but Bobby pulled him back.

"Relax," Bobby said. "Push out, like you're trying to shit." He pressed more firmly and, in a moment, slipped right in. Scott groaned loudly, but didn't pull away. Bobby pushed all the way inside the boy, then drew back and pushed in again. Scott groaned loudly again and I could see his cock throbbing in Jeffy's mouth; that was it - Bobby was hitting his secret button, which I'm sure Scott didn't even know he had, and would make him cum again soon.

Bobby began picking up his rhythm until he was thrusting his bare shaft and rolling his creamy, white butt at a snappy pace. Sure enough, Scott's body tensed up hard again and he let out another long, squeaky moan; Jeffy begin swallowing.

Bobby kept pounding him fast and hard; I saw sweat beginning to trickle down Bobby's chest and the middle of his back. Soon, Scott moaned again, and again, Jeffy was swallowing a goodly load from the boy's quivering body. Then, Bobby thrust hard and held deep inside Scott's body; he quivered and sighed softly; I knew he was unloading deep inside the boy.

As soon as Bobby was finished, he and Danya switched places. With Scott's hole already relaxed and well lubed, Danya's six-inch boner slid right in. He began fucking the boy quickly and hard, making Scott cum once again, this time in Kevin's eager mouth. Scott wailed this time; I knew his poor, overworked balls must be aching. Danya kept going until he, too, spurted a good load into Scott's body.

As Danya moved back, Josh moved in, not to fuck him, but instead, began licking the boy's tortured hole. I could see thick, white sperm leaking out of him; I didn't know if it was Bobby's or Danya's - probably both mingled together. Josh lapped it all up and swallowed, massaging Scott's tired, relaxed hole with his tongue.

Bobby and I didn't even have to hold Scott any more - all the fight was fucked out of him. As Josh licked around his aching ass, Scott slowly sank to the grass and lay on his belly, panting and moaning softly.

Jeffy knelt by my side, a big smile on his sweet face. "Wow!" he said. "He's yummie!"

I slipped an arm around his shoulders and kissed his lips, again tasting Scott's essence. Kevin came to my other side and also kissed me with more saltiness.

"Now, wasn't that fun?" Danya whispered into Scott's ear.

Scott nodded slowly. "That was incredible!" he said. "But who are you guys?"

Bobby tapped Josh on the shoulder and nodded away. Without another word, we all got up and ran away, leaving Scott bare-assed, panting and well fucked on the grass.

An old line came to mind, something Grandpa used to say sometimes, "Leave them wanting more." I would have to remember Scott; he would be wanting more!

Jeffy, Kevin and I were sitting with Dagwynn and his boys in front of Mack's; I'd bought hotdogs and rootbeer for everyone, Dagwynn bought pizza from Big Boy's. We both overpaid by at least a thousand credits, so all the other kids on the Strip could eat for free. This was becoming a pattern for us.

Sometimes, as we sat eating, I would even turn a trick with someone passing by, just for the fun of it. I didn't want any of the others doing tricks, just me; I didn't want to risk Jeffy or Kevin to the trade. Dagwynn had had his time on the Strip and wasn't interested in random encounters anymore; he wouldn't let his boys do it, either, for the same reason I wouldn't. He didn't like me doing it either, but it was like I couldn't help myself; something inside me just had to.

This evening was a little crazier: traffic was heavy, men and boys called to each other up and down the Strip, taunting, teasing, flashing tender butts and eager boners. My eyes were flashing, too, from one sweet body to another; long legs, bare bellies, cute smiles and bright eyes, they all tugged at my attention. Josh was right when he'd called me a slut! I loved Jeffy and Kevin dearly, but I was a slut!

"Hey, you guys," someone called.

I looked around and saw Kyle coming toward us. His blond hair was cropped short and gleamed with the neon colors he passed; his strong, stalky legs glittered with blond hairs; his trim, bare belly boasted a V-cut that drew my eyes downward.

"Have you guys seen Jimmy Legs?" he asked. "Or Jake?" His blue eyes were filled with concern.

"No, not tonight," Dagwynn said. The rest of us shook our heads.

"No one has," Kyle said. "They're not home, they're not on the Strip; no one knows where they are! No one's seen them yesterday or today!"

Now we were concerned, too; Rick's warning came back to me, that the Nirkads were planning something big, maybe even the sacrifice of a couple boys! It was primitive, it was barbaric, it was cruel and vicious, but after seeing how quickly and coldly Lord Zedd had been murdered, I wouldn't put it passed some of the elements of this place.

I looked at Dagwynn and saw his expression turning serious; fear was creeping into the other boys' eyes, too.

"Come on," Dagwynn said. "Let's go over to the barn."

"The survey satellites?" I asked.

"I'll bet I know where they are," Dagwynn said. We quickly cleaned up our table, tossing the trash into an incinerator as we made our way to the corner. Dagwynn caught Kyle's arm and dragged him along. When the light changed, we raced across the Strip and down the block to the alley beside the Golden River. We rushed into the barn and to the mysterious door beneath the stairs. I fished the key from my pocket and opened it.

Down in the 'Hole,' as we'd come to call it, Dagwynn brought up the displays. Sure enough, the Nirkad canyon was alight with torches; with the high-powered zoom of the satellites, it was clearly visible. We hadn't changed the system's target, we didn't know how; the cross-hairs centered on the terrace at the head of the canyon.

At least a hundred people were gathered around in a big circle; they appeared to be dressed in dark robes with pointed hoods. In the center of the circle, two naked boys lay stretched over a slab of stone; from that angle, I couldn't see their faces very well, but from their coloring, they certainly could have been Jimmy Legs and Jake.

Suddenly, there was a quick flash that almost looked like a staticky glitch in the system. I wasn't sure if it was our connection or something else, but all the people in the canyon suddenly dropped to the ground and lay still.

"It fired!" Dagwynn said. "The weapons platform - it fired!"

"What?" I asked. "Did you trigger it?"

"No, I didn't touch anything," he said.

"There you are!" Rick's voice came down to us from the trap door. "Dagwynn, you and Logan have to come with me right now! Kyle, you should come, too. Hurry! The rest of you, stay there!"

"What's going on?" I asked as we started up the stairs. Rick didn't answer, but lead us out the back door, to the alley. He went to Dagwynn's car, which Dagwynn had parked there earlier. "Get in!" he said. He slid into the front passenger seat. Kyle and I got in the back.

"Climb high," Rick instructed Dagwynn, "and head south."

"To the Nirkad's place?" he asked flatly.

"That's right," Rick said.

"We saw the satellite fire on them," Kyle said.

"They're stunned," Rick said. "We have to get there before they wake up."

The car lifted; I watched the big saucers above the Golden River drop away. We rocketed southward over a sea of city lights; the grid of streets seemed to undulate in big swells; above us, the constellations slid and twisted together.

Rick called up the car's autonav system and entered coordinates into the holographic menu. The car adjusted its course slightly eastward and accellerated, leaving the outskirts of the city behind. A dark landscape slid below us; I couldn't see a thing down there, and hoped the system knew about any mountains or high rocks that might be in our path.

Minutes later, I saw a dim glow in the rocks ahead. As we slowed and glided over it, it looked like a crack in the world, a portal into hell, where ancient pagans worshiped their malevolent gods. Dagwynn took control again and the car descended into the canyon. We set down a few yards from the circle of people; I could see flocks of cars hovering on cushions of blue and green light, farther down the canyon.

Kyle and I went straight to the center, where Jimmy Legs and Jake lay, naked and unconscious, on a big slab of blood-stained rock. They were stretched out, with their arms above their heads, and bound at wrists and ankles. Their beautiful, young bodies were marred by bruises, welts and bloody gashes. Each had a silver pentagram laying on their bellies. Kyle and I began untying them.

"This one is my uncle," Rick said, lifting the hood on one unconscious man.

I looked over and was surprised to see the toothy man who's car window I had smashed. Across the circle, I also recognized the locksmith!

Dagwynn took Jimmy's shoulders and lifted while Kyle took his feet. They carried him to Dagwynn's car. Rick and I carried Jake. Kyle and I slid into the back seat beneath the unconscious boys and cradled them as Dagwynn piloted the car back into the black night.

As we flew northward, back toward the glow of the city, Rick tapped his wristcomm and spoke a single word into it: "Clear." For just a split second, a flash of light filled the canyon behind us.

Back at the barn, Dagwynn opened the trunk and pulled out one of the beds we'd used for our camp-out on his rock, along with a first-aid kit. He took them inside and started the bed inflating; it had a few little cum stains on it, but was otherwise clean.

Kyle and I waited in the back seat, cradling the injured boys, as we waited the two minutes or so for it to inflate.

Dagwynn came and lifted Jake's shoulders, allowing me to slip out from under him. He pulled the boy out and I caught his ankles; we carried him in and laid him on the bed. Rick and Kyle brought Jimmy Legs in right after us. From the first-aid kit, Dagwynn drew out a tube and began dabbing cream on the boys' wounds.

"We saw what happened!" Jeffy exclaimed as he rushed to my side from the hole. Kevin and the other boys were right behind him.

"We saw you rescue them!" Kevin said.

"Then there was another zap, right after you left!" Ryan said. "Now, they're all gone!"

"That was the plan," Rick said. "Knock them unconscious, rescue the boys and eliminate the rest."

"Spiff!" I said. "That means the Nirkad threat is gone! The Strip is safe now!"

"That's right," Rick said.

Just then, Danya, Josh and Bobby came in and saw us with the unconscious boys on the bed. "What happened here?" Danya asked.

"We rescued them from the Nirkads," I said.

"You should have seen it!" Jeffy exclaimed. "It was spiffalicious!"

"It wasn't just us," Rick said. "I found out the Red Catholics are the ones controlling the weapons platform; they're the ones that pulled the trigger!"

"Why are you guys back so early?" Dagwynn asked.

"Oh boy, the cops are having conniptions tonight!" Danya said. "Not only did they close down Joquimo's again, but they're going into all the casinos and night clubs, and pulling out all the bosses!"

"Yeah, I'll bet!" Rick said. "With the Nirkads gone, all their protection is gone, too!"

"What happened to the Nirkads?" Bobby asked.

"They made a fatal mistake," Rick said. "Their leaders all gathered in one place, which they thought was secret. But an informant told the Red Catholics, and the Reds took them out."

"So the Strip is safe now!" I said. "Go spread the news: the Nirkads are gone!" Danya's eyes grew big as the news sank in, and being the gossip, he turned and ran out the door with Bobby and Josh close behind.

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