A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 10

I woke up and realized I had thrown my blankets off during the night. The day's heat was already growing, but hadn't yet become stifling. I knew it would be before long. I brushed my hand up my bare chest, feeling my smooth skin and one hard nipple; it teased me with a little tickle as my fingers passed over it. Sweat had not yet made my skin sticky, but that too, would come. I was already thirsty. Without even opening my eyes, I could feel I was standing straight up in full flagpole mode, waiting for some attention: it wanted to piss. It also wanted something else, but I had promised that to someone else; I remembered Dagwynn and his desire to trade sperm for dinner.

I opened my eyes and the high, dusty, cobwebbed rafters of the old barn came into focus. Thin shafts of bright sunlight knifed in between the gaps in the roofing and gave brilliance to a hundred slowly swirling dust motes in the quiet air.

I looked over at Jeffy; he had also kicked off his blanket and lay, fully naked, still asleep, breathing softly, with several knives of sunlight crossing his smooth, tanned body. His spiky, blond hair was a tangled fright, but framed his angelic face like spun gold. His full, pink lips were just parted, moving slightly with the soft rush of his slow, rhythmic breathing; his eyes, those soft pools of liquid blue that so easily looked right into my soul, moved back and forth behind closed lids and long, dark lashes. Farther down his smooth, trim body, his creamy, pink youth was also standing at attention, all four inches of it. I knew he must have to pee, too, just as I did.

To my right, Josh and Kevin were gone; I looked around, but there was no sign of them, other than the tangle of blankets they'd slept in.

I lay there for a long time, just thinking and letting my eyes roam freely over Jeffy's smooth, bare body. I loved the tan line that circled his hips, just above his penis, where golden skin gave way to creamy; the tiny, golden hairs that spanned his young chest and marched down the center of his belly, to fan out around his small belly button, glittered in the sharp streaks of sunlight; the gently undulating curves of rippling muscles recently stripped of baby fat, yet awaiting the hardness of adulthood, were dusted with tiny silver hairs.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. I pulled myself away from Jeffy's side, feeling the slight sticky release of the skin of his elbow from my arm, his thigh from mine. As I stood up, alternately blinded by shafts of sunlight and shadow, I looked down at him and fell in love all over again with his sweet, angelic face, his slim, boyish form, his tender vulnerability, his need. With my head swimming in that vision of him, I stumbled to the end of the loft, passed another tangle of boys, to where the wide opening framed the sprawling city beyond. I moved into full, hot sunlight, naked to the world, and held the frame as I let fly a glittering, golden stream into the quiet morning air.

I scanned the skyline; to my right, tall buildings clustered together, rising forty to sixty stories and more, gleaming white in the morning sunlight; to my left, the lower buildings crawled up into the hills and finally gave way to bare rocks and wavering desert heat. Below me, the alley was vacant and I watched my golden stream disappear into a patch of brown grass.

After the last squirt, I shook off, and turned and went back into the warm shadows of the loft. I lay down beside Jeffy; he was still sleeping, still dreaming. I hated to wake him, but we had to get moving; I was hungry and I wanted to explore more of the surrounding streets before going to Dagwynn's.

"Jeffy," I said softly. "Time to wake up." He didn't respond. "Jeffy," I repeated, this time, shaking his shoulder. "Wake up, sleepyhead." I slid my hand from his bony shoulder and rubbed up and down his smooth belly.

"Mmmmm," he moaned softly.

"Com' on, wakey, wakey," I encouraged.

Jeffy's arms came up to his head and, with a strong inhale, he stretched and flexed every muscle in his body, from his eye brows to his toes, arching his back and making his morning stiffy even harder. He relaxed and opened his eyes, rubbing them to get the schmutz out. The twelve-year-old rolled over to face me, smiling and looking me right in the eye.

"Better go pee," I said, smiling back at him.

"Why did you wake me up so soon?" he asked.

"We gotta get going soon," I replied.

"I'm hungry!" he said.

"Me too," I said, "Go pee and then get dressed."

He sat up for a moment, then got to his feet, a little unsteadily. I watched the naked boy as he padded his way to the far end of the loft, where I had just been. He walked on his toes, springing with youthful energy, his calf muscles flexing and giving his legs angular definition, alternating with smooth roundness. He crashed through the knives of sunlight and sharp beams sliced across his sharp shoulder blades and creamy, rounded globes. The twin muscles that flanked his lower spine rippled alternately beneath a fan of tiny, silver hairs and golden-brown skin. He stood in the window frame with his back to me, a far more fabulous work of art than anything Michelangelo could have created.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned, with a slight shudder in his voice; he'd had to go bad!

I reached over and pulled my rucksack closer to me; I fished out a clean pair of briefs and a tank top, and pulled them on, then grabbed the older pair of jeans I'd worn last night - they were still clean enough.

I lifted my eyes and was struck by another vision of exquisite beauty. Jeffy walked back along the loft, slowly and more relaxed this time, and the blades of sunlight sliding over his bare chest, belly and legs, for brief instants, caught his sleek, rippling form in perfect tawny, glittering-haired relief. He came and sat, cross-legged, in front of me, with his four-inch boner pointing straight at my face; if it were a gun, it would shoot me right between my eyes! I could hardly wait for that sweet thing to go off!

"Got any clean clothes?" I asked him.

"Ummm," he looked around. "Yeah, I think so..." He reached for a wad of rags on the floor beside the blankets, pulled out a shirt and sniffed it. He shrugged his shoulders and pulled the wrinkled garment on. Next came a pair of raggedly cut off jeans which he pulled up his tanned legs. Then he sat there looking at me; I could still see his eager young boner peeking out at me, as if begging me, even daring me to take hold of it.

I had to force myself to look back to my own feet and pull my jeans on. "Does anybody around here have a commlink?" I asked. "We should call Dagwynn and ask when he wants us over there."

Jeffy fished around in his pocket and pulled out a tiny device. "Dagwynn," he spoke into it.

"Hi, Jeffy," Dagwynn's sleepy voice answered a moment later. "What's up?"

"Did you still want us to come over today?" Jeffy asked.

"Yeah!" Dagwynn replied. "Absolutely!"

"What time?" Jeffy asked.

"Uh... Are you going to the Golden River for breakfast?" he asked.

"I think so."

"Spiff!" Dagwynn said. "I'll meet you there!"

"Spiff," Jeffy replied.

Twenty minutes later, Jeffy and I, and the twins walked into the Golden River casino; the twins wore only tiny, red bikinis, ripped-off t-shirts that barely covered their chests, and flip-flops; they couldn't find anything else clean. I would have dragged them along naked if I'd had to, just to get to Dagwynn, and they probably wouldn't have minded! I wouldn't have minded either, except I'm sure somewhere, the Golden River probably has some sort of dress code. Why do places like this have to take the sex out of a good breakfast? What's wrong with a gang of beautiful boys walking into a place, stark naked, and eating a meal? Heck, I'd even lay one across the table and have him for desert! Maybe several! I fantasized about these things as we talked and joked all through breakfast.

Dagwynn joined us a little late; he was still shirtless, but this time he had a snug, black choker, with a sparkling green stone, around his neck. Seeing his smiling face and sexy body made my pants rise a little more, not that they needed help, being surrounded by beautiful boys, and filled with my own fantasies! Jeffy was seated beside me and had also taken to sliding his hand into my lap for a little tease, now and then, so I was well on the way to soaking my undies with precum!

Today's breakfast was better behaved than yesterday's, but as we were finishing up, Danya and Josh lead another gang of boys, including Kevin, to a neighboring table; they had pandemonium written all over their faces. Other people moved away as they sat down; biscuits and pancakes were already flying and we quickly found ourselves in the strike zone. The server-bots immediately began picking up after them.

"Hey, did any of you guys see Michael last night, or today?" Danya asked. "All his stuff is gone, even his swords!"

"No," Jeffy said. "But Rick went looking for him last night."

"Why was he looking for him?" Danya asked.

Jeffy shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know," I said. "But he seemed worried."

"I hope he's alright," Danya said, and went back to his breakfast as a muffin whizzed passed his head. "Missed me!"

After breakfast, the bunch of us went down to the main floor of the casino; I had to hold one hand in my pocket to keep my throbbing boner from raising a big lump in my jeans. Jeffy still teased it when he saw that no one else was looking, that is, no one except the boys in our immediate gang.

Dagwynn walked close beside me, also cupping me in his hand for a moment, before laying an arm across my shoulders. "Careful," he said. "Don't blow your load yet; I want it!"

"I'm trying not to," I chuckled. "But you guys aren't making it easy!"

Outside, the Strip was relatively quiet, traffic was light, and the sun was high and hot. I had to squint for a few moments as we came out of the shadowed entrance of the casino.

Dagwynn turned us southward, toward the Panda Moon. "So, how are you doing?" he asked softly, his voice nearly a whisper in my ear.

"I'm doing OK, I guess," I said. "Why?"

"I mean, losing your parents just a couple days ago - that's gotta be rough!" he said.

"Yeah," I said. "But I'm..." My voice choked up as I thought of them; I felt my body tremble and my face begin to crumple; I had to force it down, bury it deep. "I try not to think about it."

Dagwynn turned to me and hugged me tight. "It's alright to cry," he said. "You need to let it out."

"That's just what Grandpa would have said!" I whispered into his ear, and again, my body started to revolt. "No," I said sternly. "Not here."

"OK," Dagwynn said. "In private, then." His arms slacked from my shoulders and he pulled away a bit.

"But I'll take all the hugs you want to give me," I smiled and met his blue, soul-searching eyes. He hugged me again and kissed my neck, then pulled away and we continued walking.

A little farther on, as we stopped at an intersection to wait for the lights, I laid my hand on his shoulder and found his skin to be rather hot from the sun. "Don't you get sunburned?" I asked. My arms were similarly hot and I could feel the beginnings of a burn.

Dagwynn shook his head and pulled a small tube of cream from his pocket. "I use this," he said. He took my arm and squirted cream on it, then rubbed it in. "Hold still," he said as he dabbed more onto my face and ears, and spread some on my other arm. "Could you put some in the middle of my back? I can never quite reach it..." He handed me the tube and turned around.

I rubbed cream between his shoulder blades, up to his neck and down to the small of his smooth, bare back.

"Thanks," he said. I started to hand the tube back to him and he said, "Keep it; I've got more."

"Thanks," I said, slipping it into my pocket. "I can see I'll have to get more of this, too!"

The light changed and we started across the street. As we passed the center hedge, I reached out and picked off one of the strange, yellow pods.

"Don't touch that!" Jeffy shouted.

"Why?" I asked. "What is it?" I turned it over in my hand and saw it left patches of yellow powder on my skin; the residual cream made it stick.

Jeffy knocked it out of my hand, getting a little of the powder on his own fingers, as well. "It's koffra!" he said. "That's what they make the drug out of!" He peeled off his shirt and wiped the yellow powder from my hand, and his own, then tossed it into a waste basket on the corner, where it immediately burst into flames.

"Why would they use a dangerous plant like that in a public place, where anybody could touch it?" I asked.

"We'd better hurry," Dagwynn said. "Com' on!" He took my arm and pulled me along at a good pace; the twins had to run to keep up.

We followed the cross street, which I saw was named Rainy Way, for two long blocks, to another broad avenue, this one was called Seascape Reef. Somehow, it was all starting to make sense to me: what else would you name places and streets on a desert planet, but things to do with water?

When the light changed, we crossed Seascape Reef, where there lurked another yellow-podded hedge row, and continued along Rainy Way. From what I could see, Seascape Reef was another major shopping area, with many stores that appeared worth a look. Along Rainy Way, the buildings began to look more clap trap the farther we moved away from the major thoroughfare.

Four blocks beyond Seascape Reef, clap trap apartment buildings gave way to regular houses, most of which were older and in some disrepair. Dagwynn lead us down a smaller, quieter side street and, as we turned the corner, I began to feel a numbness in my feet and my legs seemed to be turning to rubber; the street before me was getting fuzzy and the colors were running together. Even Jeffy and the twins seemed to be changing colors, and Dagwynn glowed like an angel!

From that time on, I'm really not sure what was real and what was not. I recall entering a house with walls and windows that slid around me like fluid; blues, greens and purples flowed and sloshed together. My ears roared and I couldn't hear anything else. Jeffy's face filled my vision, his skin purple and yellow, his sweet eyes swirling around his nose and cheeks in crystal reds. Dagwynn came to me, his hair in flames of blue and pink, his kind eyes dripping pearly orange, his lips kissing me with shades of green and blue tenderness.

I ran into something and blue haze filled my sight, then I was staring up at an old fashioned crystal chandelier, its colors fire and ice. Dagwynn's face came close, blue and purple; Jeffy stood over me, I think he was naked, his skin red and bubbling. I wondered how long this would go on...

Then I was sitting up and an older woman was looking into my eyes, her face silver and blue - changing to purple. I thought she must be Dagwynn's grandma, her eyes were kind, like his; behind her head, green fire erupted from a window and spread like honey across walls and ceiling. Dagwynn stood by with Jeffy, both of them ablaze with blue, yellow and pink. I saw the twins running around in the background; they were nearly naked, their skin shimmering silver and red.

Then I began to itch. I looked down at my hands, they were red and gray, with spider webs of fluorescent green, and seething like worms beneath my skin. I rubbed them together and the itch spread; worms wriggled and twitched up my arms and legs, across my belly and up my back. I tried to scratch, but Dagwynn and Jeffy held my hands. Everything went fuzzy and warm, then dark.

I opened my eyes and the room looked normal; I could hear Dagwynn and Jeffy talking, and the twins playing. All the strange colors were gone; I was staring at a white ceiling.

"I think he's awake," I heard Nathan say.

Dagwynn and Jeffy bent over me. "Feeling better?" Dagwynn asked.

"We were so worried!" Jeffy said.

I nodded and started to get up, but my head began to spin and I fell back.

"Woah, easy there, big boy!" Dagwynn said, laying a hand on my chest. "You've had a rough time of it!"

Jeffy lay beside me, kissed my cheek and slid an arm across my chest. I could have lain there forever!

"Grandma gave you something to bring you out of it," Dagwynn went on. "It works, but it will leave you a little dizzy and weak for a while." He kissed my other cheek.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"My house," Dagwynn said. "My bed."

I lifted my head a little and saw that I was in bed, half covered and naked beneath the blankets. Jeffy was also naked, his body pressed against me. Dagwynn pushed his pants down and stepped out of them, then slipped into bed on the other side, also pressing his smooth, bare flesh to mine. Both of them slipped their legs over my thighs, meeting between them.

"What was it like?" both twins asked. "What was it like?" They piled on top of me, also naked, and pulled the blankets over them; Nathan slipped down between Dagwynn and I, Nick lay on top of me.

"Weird," I said. "Lots of crazy colors." I could feel myself rising between Nick's legs as his wiggling body teased me. "You guys looked like you were on fire, but the fire was green and purple!"

"Spiff!" the twins exclaimed together.

"And Jeffy was all red and bubbling," I said. "And Dagwynn was glowing like an angel!"

"Bubbling?" Jeffy repeated.

"Yeah, sort of," I said. "It's kinda hard to describe, but your skin was - I don't know - moving and twitching, and - I don't know - bubbling!"

"Weird," he said.

"I think something else is bubbling!" Nick said, wiggling his little crotch around my swelling hardness. Jeffy reached down and I felt his fingers wrap around it, stroking it teasingly.

"Careful!" I said. "It'll bubble all over you!"

"Good!" Nick said.

"So, I guess you're ready to make a payment on last night's dinner?" Dagwynn smiled.

"I could!" I said. "Wait - where's your grandma?"

"Sleeping," Dagwynn said. "She sleeps a lot."

I relaxed and let them tease me. Nick closed his smooth, bare legs around my shaft and Jeffy's fingers polished my knob. Dagwynn bent down beneath the blankets and I felt his warm, wet lips take over for Jeffy's fingers. I brought my arms up around Nick's slim body and held him, rubbing his smooth back and bare butt, as if it was him that was pleasuring me. Dagwynn's tongue flicked and circled, his lips embraced and rubbed, and drew the orgasm up in me. It didn't take me long to erupt and fill his mouth; he swallowed a few times, licking and sucking for more.

Jeffy, who had begun stroking himself, was breathless and getting close. "Do you want my load?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah!" I said; I was always eager to taste his hot, young essence. He quickly scooted up and pointed himself at my face as he pumped it with his hand. I leaned in and took his four-inch boner into my mouth. With two or three laps of my tongue, Jeffy tensed up and groaned, and flooded my mouth with spurts of salty lust. I licked and slurped, and swallowed every drop as this throbbing boy squirted. When his flow ebbed, I sucked every last drop from him, hungry for every bit of him that I could have inside me.

As I let Jeffy slip from my mouth, Dagwynn's hand turned my face toward him. He kissed my lips and slipped his tongue between them, seeking a taste of Jeffy's essence. I loved the feel of his tongue rubbing against mine. "Mmmm, Jeffy tastes so good," he said.

"Uh-huh," I agreed. "But I think I need more - for strength." That was what my Grandpa always said when asking for more coffee or another biscuit.

Dagwynn chuckled, then scooted up and brought his beautiful, hard toy to my face. I began licking and slurping around his tip, pushing his foreskin back with my lips, and taking more and more of him into my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nick, still laying on top of me and watching me closely as I gave myself to pleasuring Dagwynn. I could also feel Nick's three-inch boyhood pressing into my belly as he squeezed his butt and thrust his hips against me, which he'd been doing since he got on top of me; I was still rubbing his back and butt with one hand. Nathan moved over between Jeffy and I, and was encouraging Jeffy to rub his eager little stiffy.

Nick laid his head on my shoulder, his breath hot on my neck; I had to concentrate on Dagwynn's filling my mouth and pushing into my throat. Nick quivered and shook on top of me, then relaxed and breathed softly, but Dagwynn was just getting started. Over and over, he gently slid himself deep into my throat; I loved the feel of his round helmet, his hard shaft, his thick foreskin. I licked and slathered, and flicked and circled him; I felt his warm body moving before me, his breath thicken, his voice moaning softly. His hand rested on my head, his cock throbbed between my lips. Suddenly, his belly flexed and rolled, and my mouth was flooded with the salty essence of him. Dagwynn groaned and I swallowed. I drank deeply of the nectar of his body, fresh from his spurting fountain, hungry for him, every inch of him, every drop.

As Dagwynn finished, and I sucked for more of him, I felt Nathan quiver on the other side of me.

"Feeling better?" Jeffy asked. I wasn't sure who he was asking.

"Mmmmm, yes, much!" Dagwynn replied.

"Me too!" I said.

"Me three!" Nick said.

"Yeah!" Nathan added.

"Spiff!" Jeffy said. "Let's go up to Dagwynn's Rock!"

"Where's that?" I asked.

"Just out back," Dagwynn said. He and Jeffy got up and began pulling on their clothes. Nathan also got up, but Nick stayed on top of me, resting his face against my shoulder.

"I don't want to get up," he said, clinging to me.

I rolled onto my side and he stayed plastered to me, sliding his arms around me to hang on. I sat up and he formed himself to my lap, wrapping his legs around me and spreading his sweet little butt like a bun for my big wiener. I stood and he still clung to me like a smooth, naked monkey. I laughed, noticing that his bare butt was poised over my boner; if I were going to fuck him, I'd only have to bring my rod up closer and lower him onto it! I peeled him off me; with a groan of disappointment, Nick put his feet on the floor and stood up.

I looked around the room, not having seen it when I was brought in; I saw all of Dagwynn's things there, his clothing, his bed, his desk and compsys. One wall flashed through different landscapes and pastoral scenes that made the room seem to reach out for miles; another wall flashed between dozens of cute holographic boys and young men; in the third wall were mirrored closet doors and a door to the hallway, which stood half open; above his bed, on the fourth wall, was an actual window, which looked out into a wide yard, where a quiet, blue swimming pool stretched to a high block wall.

I found my clothes in a pile on the floor and began dressing; that's when I discovered that all my pubic hair was gone! "Hey, what happened here?" I asked.

"Hehehe!" Nick giggled. "We shaved you!"

"What?" I feigned outrage.

"We were bored," Nathan said.

"Jeffy thought you were too hairy," Dagwynn said, pulling down the front of his pants to reveal his own hairless groin. "Don't worry, it'll grow back in a month or so - unless you want to use some more of my hair inhibitor."

I rubbed my hand over it and felt only smooth skin. "Does it keep you smooth?" I asked.

"Yeah," Dagwynn said. "Feel!" He moved closer so I could feel his pubic area; it was as smooth as Nick's bare butt.

"Oooh, nice!" I said.

"And you only have to put it on once a month," Dagwynn went on. "I've been using it since I was twelve!"

"OK," I said. I continued dressing, while at the same time, bumping butts with Nick. I was still trying to pull on my tank top, when Jeffy grabbed my hand and began pulling me out the door after the others.

"Com' on!" he exclaimed. "Com' on!"

I followed him down the hall and out into the back yard. The sun was already well westward and the day's heat hit me like a blast furnace. To my right was the swimming pool area and wall I'd seen from Dagwynn's room, but to my surprise, that was not the end of his domain. To my left, the wall ended and, beyond it, the "yard" extended for at least a half mile, and widened to encompass a small hill that rose up steeply and burst forth into craggy rocks high above the surrounding city.

Again, I looked up at the westering sun. "How long was I out?" I asked.

"About six hours," Jeffy said.

"Six hours!," I was stunned. "Oh, shit!" I knew some time had passed, but I had no idea it was that long. "I'm sorry, I guess I kinda fucked up our spa-day, didn't I?"

"Nobody's blaming you," he said. "You didn't know about the koffra. It's just a good thing Dagwynn's grandma had some of the antidote, or you would have been crazy for days!"

"Wow!" I marveled. "That stuff is that strong?" I followed the slim, shirtless boy out into the sandy desert, beyond the pool. Low, sprawling bushes blotched the wide expanses of sand and a few had the same yellow, double-lobed pods.

"Yeah," Jeffy said. "My dad used to do koffra all the time, and sometimes, he'd be crazy for weeks!"

"Wow!" I said again. Our feet sank into the soft sand as we started up the gentle slope at the foot of the hill. Dagwynn and the twins were already well ahead of us and slogging up steeper grades. "I meant to ask you," I said some moments later, "and you don't have to talk about it, if you don't want to, but how did your parents die?"

Jeffy didn't answer, but kept his sweet, blue eyes on his plodding feet.

"I'm sorry," I said again. "I didn't mean to bring up bad memories."

He shook his head. "That's OK," he said softly. "It's just that..." His voice caught in his throat and he was silent for a long moment. "Actually, I'm not sure how they died." Another moment passed. The slope was getting steeper. "All I know is that I came home from school one day and the police had our house all taped off." More silence. "I could see inside..." He shuddered. "And most of the back of the house..." shuddering breath, "had been burned away." Pause. "Only the front wall was there, like nothing had happened."

The climb was quickly becoming more intense; I was already sweating, and now, I was starting to pant.

"The police said they were both dead," Jeffy went on. "But they wouldn't tell me what happened." More silence, and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"I'm so sorry," I said, knowing how hollow those words sounded to me when police responded to my parents' deaths. I laid a hand on his shoulder and he turned to hug me; his body trembled and I felt more tears on my shoulder. "I'm sorry," I said again as I rubbed his back.

"It's my fault," he croaked.

"What do you mean?"

"I was messing around with a microwave generator that morning," he said. "It was part of a science project and..." Another shuddering breath. "...I think I left it on..."

"So it was just an accident," I said. "Anybody could have done that."

"Well, anyway, I didn't know what to do," Jeffy said. "I thought they might put me in prison or something, so I ran away."

We started walking again; Dagwynn and the twins were quite a ways ahead of us now; there was no way we were going to catch up. Twenty minutes later, I was struggling to lift my feet for each step, panting hard and sweating like a pig; the heat sapped my strength and the loose soil drew me back half a step for each one forward.

I stopped to look back and realized I'd climbed quite a ways; Dagwynn's house seemed small and distant, the blue pool seemed smaller than my hand, and more than a little inviting. The city stretched out before me, hundreds of small houses suddenly giving way to the great buildings and high-rise hotels of the Strip. Somewhere over that way, below the great floating saucers of the Golden River Casino, was an old barn where beautiful, sexy boys lived!

"Com' on!" Dagwynn called from above me. "There's water at the top!"

That got me going again; my throat was dry and burning. With Jeffy just ahead of me, I fixed my eyes on his cute boybody, his sharp shoulder blades, the slim V-cut of his lower back, the little, swishing globes of his butt, and followed him as if he were magnetic.

At the base of the rocks, Jeffy lead me around to my right, where we found a narrow ledge that slanted upward. Stepping onto it, walking suddenly became much easier than walking on the loose rocks and dirt below. We followed it to a crag, climbed steeply in its uneven footholds to another ledge on my left, and followed it back around the rock face. Another wide cleft lead upward with uneven steps that brought us out onto a small plateau.

There before me, a taller spur of rock stood, with a pool at its base. The nearly naked twins shrieked with joy and splashed into it, falling faces first into the deeper center. Dagwynn was shucking his pants and shoes, his strong, rounded leg muscles and creamy, bare butt making my eyes lock onto him. Once naked, Dagwynn waded into the pool and the twins, laughing and squealing, began splashing him.

Dagwynn roared like a monster, holding his arms high, as he chased them around the pool. He caught the shrieking Nick, lifted him and pulled his bikini off his kicking legs, then pushed him back against the rocks and nuzzled the naked boy's tender groin. A moment later, he did the same to Nathan, leaving both boys naked and laughing in the water.

I stripped off my clothes, peeling my briefs away from my sweaty crotch, watching as Jeffy, who was already nearly naked, with only his short cut-offs, do the same. We waded into the cool water, some of which I scooped up with my hands and drank; it soothed the fire in my throat, as well as being a welcomed shock to my hot, sweaty skin. Suddenly, I thought about what I'd just done, thinking about the innocent, yellow pod I'd picked. "This is OK to drink, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's OK," Jeffy said. He scooped up a double handful and drank too.

I sat in the water for a while, neck deep in the refreshing bliss. I found the place where the water gushed up from a narrow crevice in the rocks and put my hand over it; it was actually cold, and rather forceful.

Jeffy came and sat on my lap, straddling my legs with his and laying his head back on my shoulder. My hands came to rest in his lap; he drew his knees up and spread them wide, giving all his tender boyhood to my exploring fingers. I rubbed his sweet fruits until I made him catch his breath and quiver again, his hands holding mine as he spurted warmth into my palm. He relaxed and laid his spiky, blond head back against my shoulder; he turned and kissed my cheek.

'Boy kisses are more valuable than diamonds!' I thought. Before that moment, I never really understood the meaning of the word "cherish," but I cherished his kisses, I craved them with every fiber of my soul, just as I craved his curling smiles, the sparkle in his liquid-blue eyes, the feel of his smooth skin, the sound of his voice and the touch of his fingers. They soothed my spirit and brought peace to my soul; suddenly, I realized why I felt so at peace in this place, with him, in spite of my parents' murders and the loss of everything from my former life. It was him, I needed him, he was my drug, the joy of my heart and the keeper of my being.

I kept my hands on his precious boyhood, which still didn't soften, and his tender jewels, which he seemed to give me to hold; I rubbed them slowly, soothingly. My own strength had risen again and stood there, rubbing back and forth in his smooth, bare crotch, the cool water swirling around it.

Dagwynn sat beside me and, after splashing about some more, Nick and Nathan settled onto his lap, one on each leg. He wrapped his arms around them and his hands settled on their adorable, spry boners. I could see, beneath the crystal-clear water, that he was rubbing them; I wondered, after all their running around and playing, how long it would take them to climax again.

About five minutes later, I got my answer; Nathan caught his breath first, and shuddered for a moment, then Nick did the same. I wasn't sure if they were just so in tune with each other that they always did things the same, or if they were really feeling and knowing each others' thoughts and sensations. Then I wondered what it would be like to feel my brother's feelings and know his thoughts. Of course, I didn't have any brothers, but I felt close enough to Jeffy, and even Dagwynn, that I wished I could feel and sense their minds.

As we sat there, soaking in the cool water, I looked around us. The city stretched out on all sides, hundreds and thousands of houses, shops and offices. To the south, they stretched as far as I could see; to the west, they were limited only by the rocky hills that rose up beneath the lowering sun, rooftops reflected its light brightly in that direction. North was behind me, behind the spire from which the water flowed and kept us cool. To the east, houses stretched to the foot of the two giant stone pillars that held up the sky. The spaceport lay over that way, beyond the pillars that challenged this alien sky; I could see a ship descending like a great, white leviathan, bringing passengers and cargo from exotic planets far away, and another rising, nosing upward toward angelic heights and heavenly realms. My own heavenly bodies were out there somewhere, waiting for me, although now, I'm not sure what I'd do with them, even if I could get there! But some day...

"It's getting late," Jeffy said. "We should dry off and head back." He pulled himself from my lap and waded up out of the pool, his golden shoulders and creamy butt glistening with sheets of water.

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