My First Time As Soni

by Jared Dreamer

Chapter 2

I had to really quickly take the makeup off before my mom saw me, so Mike went downstairs and talked to my mom while I washed my face in my bathroom. Then I quickly picked up my skirt and panties and hid them under my bed, then I got dressed in my jeans and my t-shirt and went downstairs.

"Hi, Honey," my mom said, kissing my head. "Eww, you feel all sweaty. What were you boys doing, running around the block?"

Mike grinned at me. My butt still felt stretched-out and sore from where he rammed his thing in me so hard, and it also felt loose and squishy, like if I accidentally farted, a bunch of his stuff might run out of my hole and down my leg.

"Well, showers tonight," she said, putting groceries away. "Is Mikey staying over? It looks like he could use a shower too."

She always calls him Mikey. Ever since he was 7. We keep telling her it's Mike now, but there's no stopping her. He's Mikey, I'm Scotty to her. That'll never change. But I looked at him and his hair was just as sweaty as mine was from what we did upstairs.

"Well, take showers tonight," she said. "And change your sweaty t-shirts." She sniffed the air. "Good heavens, Mikey, I can smell you from here."

Mike lifted his pit up and smelled it and shrugged. Maybe a little pitty. But not bad. Plus I kind of liked his smells. He smelled like a boy is supposed to smell. I wondered if I could make myself smell like a girl. Maybe some of my mom's perfume tonight? It made me feel tingly. Excited.

I wondered what she'd think if she saw me dressed up like Soni. Or with her sweet little Mikey she'd known since he was on training wheels ramming his dick up my butt. I bet she'd smell some smells then! I giggled.

"What's so funny?" she asked me with a smile in her eye. "Are you boys up to something?"

Mike said, "Who? Us?" with his great innocent look he gives her when she gets too nosy.

"Yeah, right," my mom rolled her eyes. "Who? Us? Right. You two are always so innocent. Such paragons of virtue."

I felt some of Mike's virtue starting to run out of my butt and I giggled again.

"All right," she said. "Dinner at six. Now get out of my hair."

We went out in the living room and turned the TV on. We could hear her in the kitchen, puttering around and getting stuff out and getting dinner ready. My mom's a good cook.

We were on the couch, which is pretty far and around the corner from the doorway to the kitchen. Mike looked up to check if the coast was clear, and when he couldn't see her, he unzipped his pants super fast, and pulled them down a little and stuck is dick out at me. It was soft.

"Suck it," he whispered. "Suck it for me, Soni."

My eyes bugged out. "Mike! Put it away!" I hiss whispered. "She'll come in!"

"Come on," he begged. "Just a little. Just for five seconds."

I looked at the kitchen doorway, really scared but really excited. This was so crazy. She could walk through that door at any second and see Mike with his cock hanging out.

Really fast before I could stop myself, I got up, looked again, quickly dropped down to my knees and took Mike's soft cock in my mouth. There was dried cum on it. Like glaze. And it tasted kind of salty. Bitter. Like my butt.

But I gave it five strong sucks and he moaned a little.

I popped my head up again and looked over the couch. I could hear my mom putting pans on the stove, so I knew she was in the far end of the kitchen from the door.

I put my head back down in his laps and gave him ten more really strong, good sucks. God, it tasted so good. I loved the taste of his cock, and loved the feel of it getting fatter in my mouth.

"That's it, Soni. Suck it for me good, baby."

Mike was really getting turned on by my new name. I was excited about it too. I couldn't wait to do stuff tonight and hear him call me by my girl name while we were doing it.

But this was crazy. I couldn't suck him here like this. I came to my senses and pulled my head off his lap.

"Noooo," he whispered. "Please! Do it more." He was really whining for it. It feels really good and sexy to be whined-for.

"Go in the bathroom," I whispered to him. "Hurry up, before she comes in."

He ran over to the downstairs bathroom on the other side of the room. Looking to make sure my mom wasn't paying attention – and she wasn't – I quickly followed him, shut the door and locked it.

He was already in there with his pants and undies around his ankles. His cock was three-quarters hard. He looked down at it with a begging look in his face.

I got down on my knees and I sucked it back to full length. I sucked it really deep into my throat. He put his hands on my head and guided my head up and down on it.

"Ohhhh, that's so good," he whispered. "Pull your pants down, Soni. I want to see your butthole again."

"Okay," I said. "But we should call it something else. "My pussy, or my vagina or something."

"Yeah," he moaned. "Show me your vagina, Soni." He was stroking his dick and really looked excited to see it again.

I pulled my pants and undies down and turned around and spread my cheeks apart so he could see it. He made a moaning sound when I showed it to him.

"Oh yeah," he whispered. "So hot. So tight. Up against the sink. I want to see it spread as far as you can. Spread farther.

I did. It felt good to spread it. I felt cool air when I spread it.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, that's hot," he whispered, touching the tip of my hole. Licking his finger with spit and touching the entrance. "Such a pretty vagina, Soni."

He pushed forward and started to finger fuck me.

"Mike," I whispered. "Not in here! My mom's out there!"

"She's busy," he said quietly. "She won't hear. Please, just let me stick my cock in it again. Just really fast."

"Okay," I said. "But hurry."

He lined his cock up and I heard him spit on his hand and get it really wet, and then he stood up behind me and stuck it toward my ass. No, my pussy. Vagina.

It slipped out of position and wouldn't go in.

He lined it up again. Still no luck. The angle was all wrong.

"Ack." he was starting to get frustrated. He was on his tiptoes, scrunching up trying to get it in my butt, but he couldn't find the way in.

"Here," I said, reaching behind me and trying to help him. Trying to put it in for him the right way, but we still couldn't do it.

"It keeps falling out," he said. "I can't get it in there!"

He was almost making whimpering sounds he wanted it in me so bad.

"Here," I said. "Hurry up. Get on me."

I laid down on the bathroom floor. It was cold. We have tile. But immediately he got on top of me. I spread my butt cheeks open as wide as I could, and I heard him spit again on his cock, and then...

"AHHHHHHH," he groaned as he stuck it in me.

"Ow!" I whispered. "Too fast again!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" he apologized and pulled out quickly. Then slowly reentered me. And that time it was better.

"Now go up and down," I told him. "But hurry up, before my mom catches us."

He started to pump it in and out of me. He was breathing really fast. Making short fast breaths and pumping his penis up and down, inside my hole with his hips. It felt good. It felt full and complete again.

My own cock wasn't even hard. I closed my eyes and felt the weight of him, all his weight on top of me with just his hips moving up and down and just his thick penis going in and out of me like that.

It felt so good. Not just like he was fucking my ass, but he was fucking something else, too. Some place in my head I needed to be fucked in, but I didn't quite understand it.

"Soni," he whispered. "I'm fucking your pretty pussy, Soni. I'm going to cum in your pretty, hot pussy. Do you want my cum, Soni? Do you want my cum in you?"

"Yes!" I whispered, partly to hurry him, but mostly because I really, really did.

"NNNGGGGHHHHH!" he yelled, and suddenly his hips were jerking and oh God! He was cumming in me again! Crap, it sure didn't take him long. We were going to have to work on that. I mean, it hurts to have a dick in your butt. You don't want it to be in there forever. But this was two times in a row in less than 30 pumps? We'd have to practice on that.

"Sorry, sorry," he whispered. "I got too excited again. I'll slow down next time, I promise."

"Hurry," I said, more worried about my mom than his premature whatever-it's-called. "Pull your pants up."

We quickly got dressed and I wiped my wet butt with some toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet. It felt really tingly on my butthole when I touched it with the toilet paper. I felt sore. Puffy.

We came out of the bathroom just as my mom was coming out of the kitchen.

"Were you boys in the bathroom together?"

"Yeah," I shrugged, flushed. "So?"

"Yeah," Mike shrugged. "Boys pee together all the time, Mrs. D. It's not like we've never seen boy parts before. It's a time-saver."

My mom rolled her eyes. "Boys," she muttered.

She looked at Mike again. His head was even sweatier now.

"I swear, Mikey, I think you're running a fever. Do you want me to take your temperature? Maybe I should call your mom."

"Nah," he said, thinking quick. "I had gym class last period."

She looked skeptical.

"Then I ran all the way here," he added. "I just haven't cooled off yet. It's sort of warm in here. I keep getting hot."

I almost let out a giggle.

She shrugged.

"Okay. But showers tonight. Both of you. Pee-yoo. I can smell your armpits from half a mile away, Mikey.

He smelled his pits again in front of her and did an "ahhhhhhhhh" noise like they smelled really good. Which they did.

She shook her head and walked away.

"Boys," she muttered again. But you could tell by the way she said it, she loved us very, very much. We'd been together forever. We were gross 13-year-old boys, but we were HER gross 13-year-old boys.

So, dinner was great. Like I said, my mom's an excellent cook, and she made this chicken breast stuff with white stuff over the top of it, and I don't know what it was exactly, but there were some mushrooms in it, and some kind of rice on the side, and Mike ate about fifty helpings, and I was hoping he'd slow down or he'd be too fat to fuck me again. And the sauce looked so creamy, I wanted to scoop it off my plate and rub some on my puffy butt hole lips like soothing cream, because by now, after two fucks from Mike with nothing but spit, I was really sore down there. I was glad I had lotion upstairs for later.

Anyway, it was a great dinner, and like we always did when Mike slept over, he was really good about clearing the table when we were done, and my mom was always like, "Oh, Mike, you don't have to do that," and he was always all ass-kissy with her like "Oh no, no, you did this good dinner, we'll clean it up," and so we did.

We put the dishes in the dishwasher, and my mom grabbed her book she's reading and said, "well, goodnight boys" and "don't stay up too late," and retired to her bedroom which is downstairs, which is great, because mine is upstairs. And upstairs is where me and Mike were intending to do stuff tonight. With Mike as Mike and me as Soni.

We watched TV for about an hour. We were really only faking it. We both knew we wanted to go up to my bedroom, but we had to make it sound good for my mom. Finally we couldn't stand it anymore, and at 8 o'clock we went upstairs and locked my bedroom door and turned on my TV, so we'd have a little background noise in case my mom came up, which she never did, but it's good to be safe.

"Dress up like her again, okay?" Mike said. And I could tell he was excited from the look in his eyes and the bump in his pants. "Dress up like Soni."

I quickly took my pants and shirt off and threw them in the corner. I smiled at him and took my underwear off. I wasn't hard, but he looked at my penis anyway.

"Do you want me to suck it for you?" he asked me. "You haven't gotten any sucks yet today from me."

Now, Mike had sucked my penis lots of times. And really, I liked it when he did. But somehow, something about being Soni made me NOT want him to suck it anymore. Like he wasn't supposed to do that part to me tonight. Like yeah, my penis still sort of tingled and got hard sometimes when he was doing stuff to me, but really, it wasn't supposed to be part of the sex. Like, you know. Girls didn't have a penis to suck, so I shouldn't get mine sucked either. Not if I wanted to be Soni for him.

I shook my head no.

"No," I said. "No penis sucks on me. Just on you."

"Okay," he gulped. And I knew he liked that idea.

I got Soni's clothes out from under my bed and I put them on. First my panties. Then my skirt. Then my too-tight t-shirt. I wondered where I could get more clothes. I wanted other outfits to make myself pretty for him.

"God, Scott, you are so sexy in that," he said after I put them back on. "I mean, Soni. Oh, man Soni, I totally want to fuck you when I see you in that."

The clothes felt good on me. Tight and small and sexy.

"Wait," I told him, and I quickly went into my bathroom which is connected to my bedroom, and I put on my mom's lipstick and eye shadow which I stole earlier, and I put on just a really fast spray of perfume I stole from her dresser before she went to bed.

Now I looked like a girl and I was dressed like a girl and I had makeup like a girl and I even smelled like a girl.

I came back in my bedroom and he went nuts.

"Oh my God, you smell so good. You are so hot and sexy. You are so pretty, Scott. Why didn't we do this before?"

"Soni," I smiled.

"Yeah," he said. "I'm sorry. Soni."

Somehow having me dressed like a girl made it easier for him to talk sexy to me. Because really, we'd sucked cocks a million times. A hundred million. But he never wanted to talk about it, you know? It was just something we did. Fast. Quick. Over. Fun.

But he never talked to me like this in boy clothes, ever. When I dressed like Soni, he talked to me like I excited him. And he wasn't afraid to tell me. It made me have butterflies in my stomach to know he wanted me like that. Like I wasn't just the guy he sucked with. Like I was something more. Like a girlfriend almost.

"So pretty, so sexy," he said with a hungry sound in his voice. "Let me undress you. I know you just put it on, but let me undress you."

He did. So slowly, so lovingly. He tugged my skirt down. "Such a pretty girl," he said, on his knees. Stopping to kiss my belly button.

He took my top off. Unlatched my training bra. Sucked on my nipples. I shivered and got goosebumps.

"Oh, I love your titties, Soni. Let me suck your pretty tittes."

I shivered while he sucked them and nibbled them with his teeth. It felt so shivery all over my body, up and down my spine. I closed my eyes and my head tilted back. And then his hands went lower. Down my naked sides to my hips.

My panties. Oh God, my panties. He took them down so slowly, nuzzling into me. Rubbing the top of his hair against my bare cock and in the V patch where my pubes would be some day. I didn't have any pubes now. I was hairless. He w squeezing my butt cheeks. Trying to put his finger into me again.

"No," I said. "Don't' finger me yet. Let's get into bed first."

He nodded, horny, and his cock was super hard. I could see it through his pants.

"Take your clothes off," I told him. "Let's get in my bed."

He took his clothes off super, super fast and he was so long and hard again. I couldn't believe how fast he could get another boner again. He'd fucked me twice already today and he already had another HUGE boner. I turned off the big light on the ceiling. By just the light of the night light plugged into my outlet (a soccer ball shape) and the TV (which I turned down lower), we both crawled into my bed quickly, shaking, excited for each other.

He hugged me and wrapped his arms around me instantly. He was so strong and he smelled good. Armpits. Eagerness. 13-year-old boy. He was so almost-a-man it sort of made me dizzy inside.

Fill me up, I thought in my mind. My vagina wants you in me.

"What do you want to do, Soni?" he said to me softly.

"Can we kiss?" I asked him. "I know it's gay. I'm sorry. I just always wanted to do it and we never have before. I just always wanted you to kiss me."

I didn't even get the words "kiss me" out, because instantly, he was pulling me to him, kissing me, mouth wide open, tongue darting forward, hungry for me. It took me by surprise it happened so fast. By shock. By surprise. By hard, delicious, exploding unexpectedness.

He pulled me to him and his arms felt so strong. Why did I never realize how hard and how strong he was? We'd done stuff forever together as a boy with another boy and it was never any big deal, but as Soni, he needed me in a new hard hungry way I didn't understand yet. It made my head spin. I was lost in him.

He pulled me to him. Kissed me. Caressed my shoulders, my back. He grasped me. Moaned in my mouth.

"Soni," he whispered. "I love you so much. I want to make love to you."

I couldn't stop the tears from spilling out of my eyes. He'd never, ever said that before. That he loved me. And it felt so good hearing it. My best friend. My best friend since second grade.

And he was holding me like this. Kissing me like this. Loving me and telling me how much he wanted me. Being a girl for him, being Soni, made it safe for him finally to open up and tell me he loved me.

"I love you," I whispered back. Whimpered it. Moaned it. He felt so good. "I love you, Mike."

We kissed and we kissed and his fingers reached back and he probed my naked bottom. His fingers were dry and it hurt.

"Here," I told him, and I gave him the lotion I put on the side of my bed. We were still kissing and he was fumbling with the lotion, trying to put it on his fingers, trying to put it on my butt, trying to put it on his boner.

His lotioned finger went up my rump. Up my hole. I moaned in his mouth while he kissed me and fingered me. He added a second finger. Oh God. Two fingers up my hole. It made me clench up. I was sore.

"Stop," I whispered. "It hurts. Too much."

"I'm sorry," he whispered, immediately pulling them out. "I'm sorry, Soni. I just love you so much. You get me so excited. I just want to be in you all the time now."

"I'm too sore back there," I said. "I'm sorry. You did it to me two times already. It just hurts now. Can we go slower?"

"I love you so much," he nodded, so sweetly, so sincerely. "I never want to hurt you. Just let me hold you and kiss you some more."

And he did, and he was so gentle with me. And his cock was so hard, and I wanted to help him make his cock not hard anymore. To release what he needed to get out.

So I took the lotion and I slathered more on his cock, and I put some between my legs, and I clenched them together like a Y. Like a V. And I told him to get on me. And fuck me between my legs.

"Like a pussy," I told him. "Like you're fucking my vagina."

And he climbed on top of me, and he stuck his cock in the slippery-tight lotion slit, and he kept kissing me and he was sliding in and out of my slit, and God, it felt so good. His whole weight was on top of me, and his kisses were everywhere, on my lips, on my nose on my face on my neck.

My arms grabbed around his back, hugging him tight while he fucked me.

Scratching on his back. Squeezing on his butt cheeks.

"I love you, Soni," he was whispering in my ear. His breath was hot. Whispering, grunting.

"I want to give you a baby," he whispered. "I want to put my babies in you."

"Oh yes," I whispered, wishing that could be true. It was so excited to talk to him this way. To completely be a girl for him. To have him fuck into me, and believe that.

I felt him shivering so I grabbed his butt and pulled him tightly into my leg slit, and ---

"AHHHHHNNNGGH" he grunted as he jerked forward and came in me. I could feel it dribble down my balls, down into my ass pocket. Between my legs and gooey on my balls. How could he have so much sperm? He'd already spermed in me twice, and here it was again, hot and gooey.

"I love you, Soni," he whispered as he came in me. "I love you so much."

I kissed him back and bit his lower lip. His tongue was so long and it tasted so good. I held him to me. I didn't ever want him to let me go. I felt his heart beating in his chest. His heart on my heart. Matching, pounding, private beats.

We fell asleep like that, with him still inside me, softening between the gooey pussy of my squeezed-together legs, slippery dickie, breathing heavy, kisses slowing, until finally, we both fell fast asleep.

I slept with my best friend in my arms, laying on top of me. I felt so safe and loved under his weight. I never wanted this to end.

I wanted this night to go on and on forever.

And it did.

Oh, God, it did...

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