by Paul Jamison

Chapter 2

From inside our front room overlooking the driveways we both watched as Frank said his goodbyes to William. After a hug from Frank, who put his hand on Williams shoulder as he said a final few words to his son, turned away, got into the driving seat of their Ford Focus ST 3. He pulled out of the drive and away down the street. William watched until it turned the corner some 100 metres away, then he turned away from the roadway, took a deep breath and walked towards our front door.

While we had been witnessing this little scene many things had been running wild in my mind. Here we were two committed gay males in our twenties, now fully responsible for William, a fourteen year old, probably gay, neighbour's son.

I turned to Rick and said "What next?"

He turned and said, "Well, a trip to Ikea to begin with. He hasn't got enough in that room to actually live in it. It's only set up for overnight guests. He'll need a bookshelf, proper clothes storage, a desk for homework, something to put his new computer on you'll be building in the next week or so. We'd better get another set of bed linen and shower towels for him; we've only guest sized spares. There's more to this parenting lark then either of us realised you know!"

I was about to reply when the front door, that we had conveniently left on the latch, opened and William came down the hall and joined us in the sitting room.

"We're just thinking we need to go and do some shopping today. There're a few extra things we need if you're going to be with us for a few weeks. Have you eaten today?" I said.

"Yeah, I've had breakfast. We never got round to lunch. Dad was busy phoning and then packing to do anything. We didn't really feel like eating after the news about Gran and Grandpa," William said.

Rick took charge. "Right we'll get off to Ikea now. Get what we need there, grab a snack to tide us over and tonight we'll nip down to the Italian restaurant and have a proper meal, saves cooking here, especially as we've guests coming to dinner tomorrow."

"Let's get William's stuff upstairs, he can choose a room then we'll go. How's that sound?" I said, turning to William.

As we were going up the stairs to the top floor I turned round to William who had been following me Rick brought up the rear carrying the largest of William's bags.

"What do you prefer name wise William, Will or something else?" I asked.

"Nah! Not William he shot back. "I use Will at school and with mates. It's only Dad who uses William usually when I'm in trouble!" He replied, with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Will it is then." I said.

We turned the corner at the top of the second flight of stairs; there were two doors on either side of the landing and a third door, leading to a bathroom at the end of the landing. When we bought the house we'd had that created from a bit of the two bedrooms that were on the top floor, taking a portion from each we had managed to have a full shower and toilet feature on that floor for the use of the guest rooms there. It could be accessed from each guest room directly or from the landing.

Rick opened the door of one of the guest rooms and I opened the other. William went into the first one, a pale blue painted room with a white ceiling and centre light fitting. There was a standard double bed along the wall just inside the door, a small bedside nightstand with bedside lamp and a plain deep blue carpet, blue and white striped curtains with Venetian blinds also to shade the direct sun that seemed to spend most of the day on that side of the house. He looked quickly round then went over the corridor into the other room. It was almost identical but with a deep maroon carpet pale maroon walls, white ceiling similar bed with nightstand and chest of drawers, the same pattern curtains but in the maroon colour scheme.

"So which is it to be?" I asked Will.

"I like the maroon one best, the blue feels cold!" He said. "May I see the bathroom?"

"Yes, sure." I said.

I walked down the room and opened the bathroom door for him.

"Here you are. It's got a power shower and loo, so you won't have to go running downstairs in the night, or bursting first thing in morning. There's a heated towel rail too, on the central heating system so you've warm towels after your shower," I said.

"Oh wow! This is great; I had to share the bathroom with Dad in our house. We have two loos but only the one shower in the family bathroom Dad's planning an en-suite in his room but we've not done it yet."

I was surprised at that, as both our front middle floor bedrooms had en-suite bathrooms and Will's house was much the same size as ours. Only the third bedroom facing the back of the house a much smaller box sized room that currently housed Ricks belongings from home and college that he didn't need out in our room or elsewhere in the house. With the choice made we all exited the bathroom into the maroon bedroom and then downstairs into the living room extension which led off the extended kitchen.

"We don't have this bit in our house. It stops at that wall there." Will indicated the original back wall now integrated as the kitchen living room wall." You've heaps more room here?" He said.

"Yes I think we have, this house had been extended not long before we bought it. We weren't sure we needed all these rooms, but we've manage to spread ourselves out comfortably though. Okay, let's head off shopping." Rick said.

"Have you the list?" I asked.

"Definitely, in case I forget anything," He said with a big grin.

We decamped into my car a largish Citroen MPV eight seater with convenient roof bars for carrying awkward loads. I loved the smooth ride and spacious 'sat above the rest' feeling it gave and its 2 Lt. diesel-turbo engine was more than good at eating up the miles. Once inside and belted up we set off for Ikea. Will was quiet for the ride and we hoped that all this activity and the dinner party we were hosting the following evening wouldn't be too much for him. I was slightly concerned, until we got into Ikea. Then armed with Rick's list we started for the furniture showroom. Will became excited and animated as we checked out the available ranges.

We looked at all the wardrobe combinations but in the end settled on a Hopen corner wardrobe, that we could adjust the interior fittings for to suit Will's needs. It came with a big centre mirror door. Some sliding baskets were a must for T's, shirts, Sweaters, socks, underwear, his shoes and trainers. We got six of those that would fit into one of the sections from the floor to midway height. Then a rail for hanging his school shirts, blazer and uniform trousers and finally a couple of shelves for books seemed to complete everything. Rick spotted a computer desk that would fit exactly up to the wardrobe and another table to continue it on for a more spread out work area. We ordered the lot.

Then before going down to the 'Market Place' section of the store for some lighting suitable for a bedside table, desk and workstation we headed for the cafeteria and enjoyed a pastry and coffee's, while Will devoured two large hot dogs a coke and ex- large fries.

In the marketplace section we picked out a couple of lamps, one for the homework desk and one for the bedside unit. Will picked up an extension lead with five socket outlets for the computer and desk lamp. Then a bunch of hangers for the wardrobe, Two sets of towels in a deep maroon colour, an extra set of bed linen, duvet cover, some stationery supplies and a computer chair. Going through the department to the main warehouse we trailed down to the tills to pay. Then to wait at the collection point for the stuff we had ordered in the showroom. Finally out to the parking area to try and fit it all in or on the car. We managed very successfully. So feeling pretty pleased we pushed the flat pack trolley to the parking stand, headed off for home to unload and set everything up in the maroon bedroom that Will had chosen.

During the drive back to the house, Rick looked over at me and said "Perhaps now's the time to mention tomorrow night to Will?"

I looked back to him, nodded and turning round to Will, who was in the middle row of seats nursing a box containing an anglepoise style lamp for his desk.

"We need to tell you about tomorrow evening. We've four friends coming over to dinner around seven-thirty, its two gay couples who we've known since university days. I'm cooking roast pork with all the trimmings. Rick's going to make one of his mouth-watering fruit terrine's for dessert. There'll be chat, food, joking about, and all that sort of thing and yes, they're all gay. How do you feel about that? Would you like to ask a friend over so you've someone you know to talk to apart from us? It's okay if you would? It's no problem for me to cook for eight instead of six."

"Um... wow...may I invite my best-friend Justin over?" Will said. "He's in my year, we hang out a lot. He's only three streets away so he can bike it round."

"Yes sure, tell him to get over to ours about seven-fifteen... seven-thirty max, okay? I don't want my food getting spoiled." I said.

"Sure thing Paul." Will said.

He reached into his jeans for his mobile and was quickly texting away for a minute or so, pressing send he slid it back into his jeans and looked out of the window. In less than a minute there was the text received sound. Will slid his from his pocket and checked the message.

"He can come, but his Mum wants to talk to you guys first," he said.

"Okay. Tell him we'll call this evening okay? Have you got his parents number?" I asked.

"No, don't think so. I only text or call his mobile," Will said.

"Okay. Ask him to text their number so we can call his Mum later, please?"

"Sure! I'm doing it now."

A few moments later the reply arrived. We told Will we'd make a note of the number as soon as we had unloaded the new stuff to his room. Just at that moment, I pulled onto our driveway turning off the engine. We were home and had a load of flat packs to shift and assemble by that evening.

While I had been driving back, Rick had sent a text to the local Italian restaurant to book a table for three for eight that evening, hoping that we would be done and dusted, showered and ready for food by then. He disappeared into the garage as soon as the car stopped, emerging a few moments later with his toolbox.

"We won't get too far without this with all that self assembly stuff." He grinned to us both.

Rick went to the front door opened up and entered with his tool box, emerging again in a few moments to help with the unloading and shifting of the new furniture and fittings for our young house guest's bedroom. I went to the back of the Citroen and unstrapped the flat packs from the roof bars. One by one they were gently slid off and carried into the hallway. Once that was done, I opened up the back of the car and we emptied out the fittings, lamps, linen and towels, taking everything into the house.

In the house we began shifting it all up the flights of stairs to Will's new room. Once there we laid it all out on the floor. Rick and Will began the assembly of the corner wardrobe. I continued with bringing the rest of the items up to the room. I took all the new linen and towels into the laundry area and set them all off on a basic wash, to get the newness out. The sheets would need ironing, I expected, but the towels would be ready for use as soon as they were dry.

That done, I returned to the third floor to see how progress was going with the self assembly wardrobes. I was amazed; it was all up and in position. Will was fastening in the rail for the hanging clothes and Rick was busy unpacking the baskets to fit to the slider rails he'd already screwed into position. I began to unpack the computer desk and set it up for assembly. Will by then had finished the rail and came to help me. A solid two hours passed with little said except for requests of pass the... or hold that steady for me... from either myself or Rick to Will. By half-past-five we were done. The wardrobes, computer station, desk lights, power extension lead, were all assembled, fitted or working for use.

Rick turned to Will and said "We really hope you'll feel safe and be happy here during your time with us. If there's any way we can help. Anything at all, homework, computing, friends, school, whatever, just ask okay. There's nothing off bounds okay."

"No, there's nothing right now." Will replied, "There'll be stuff sometimes though'. I don't wanna be a nuisance. It's great I could come here. I'll manage okay, things aren't too different."

"Okay. How about we leave you to get unpacked and settled in. If there's stuff from home you need perhaps we'll get it tomorrow morning?" I said.

"Thanks Paul and Rick, for having me here while Dad's away. Yeah, I'll get sorted. I've got all I need for now but there's books and stuff I'll need as school's back in a week. Oh, here's Justin's mum's number so you can call her." He said, passing a bit of file paper he had scribbled it on.

"Thanks," Rick took the paper from him, "I'll do that right now," He said.

We left the room and Will to get on with his unpacking and made our way down to the living room. Once there and comfortably together on the sofa, Rick picked up the house phone and dialled the number Will had given to him.

"Oh Hello, It's Richard Masters here, Rick and Paul, Yes.... we're looking after Will Barnes while his dad deals with his parents awful accident in Scotland...Yes you heard, really bad...Frank didn't know what to do. Fortunately we could help we've spare rooms...No, it's no trouble at all...a pleasure to have Will stay. I believe he asked Justin over tomorrow. We're having friends over for dinner and we suggested to Will he might like a friend here so he's not too out of it with all adults...yes it's fine by us...no, no trouble at all...seven fifteen we said...Yes by eleven is that okay as its not school on Monday yet?...okay I'll tell Will, he'll be pleased. Many thanks...Yes... Good-bye," Rick finished and put the receiver down.

"Oh wow, she went on a bit?" I said.

"Yes, she was worried that it would all be too much for us having two teens here when we had not got used to one yet!" He said.

"Oh goodness... really..... is Justin a tearaway then?" I asked.

"Nah! Hardly think so, no sign of that with Will and I can't see Frank allowing very unsuitable friends for him, can you? If it's who I think it is, there's a lad who's often playing ball with Will in their back garden, he's quite a picture too. Dark blonde, bit sturdier than Will, always smiling, muscular and sporty looking, always comes round on a neat bike. They ride to school together. I pass them sometimes." Rick said.

"Let's tell Will it's okay then," I said.

Just at that moment Will appeared at the door.

"Is it okay for me to shower and stuff," he asked.

"Oh! Yes, sure thing, don't ask again. The towels are dry now so take them up with you put one in the bathroom on the towel rails the other in the cupboard for spare linen in there too. We've just came off the phone to Justin's mum. Its fine, Justin can come over tomorrow. Oh and here's two dirty clothes baskets for your room, one for whites and one for colours." I said, as I handed him two open out laundry baskets. He took them from me, with the two towels and headed back to his room.

"Oh, that's cool." he said, as he disappeared from view into the hallway.

"Cool about the laundry baskets, or cool that Justin's coming over?" I joked with Rick.

"What do you think?" Rick shot back with a grin. "If I am not much mistaken young Justin may turn out to be more then just a friend?"

"Do you think so? I asked.

"Hell yes," Rick replied. "Sure as eggs is ..." He was silenced momentarily by a well directed cushion from me. "...we'll see in time I'm sure." He continued with a big grin on his face." Now the lads upstairs lets sneak up to our room and shower...perhaps a little fun, before we go out to eat? It's been quite a day all in," He said.

"Oh Yes!" I agreed and a distinct stirring in my groin indicated that it was indeed time for fun in the shower.

We slipped out of our clothes and ran the shower for a few moments to get the hot water through. Then both stepping in we soaped up generously all over each other and generally enjoyed the closeness of a shared shower. I was well and truly aroused and saw that Rick was also.

"Have we time for more than a shower?" I asked.

"Certainly have!" Rick replied,

Rick turned me to the wall and gently slipping into me from behind while stroking my cock with his free hand. I pressed my hands to the wall as he leisurely pumped into me for some minutes before a very satisfying groan came from him just as I spurted over the wall! We cleaned up, kissed passionately, reluctantly broke apart then grinning all over got dry and dressed for the meal out.

We came down to the living room, Rick picked up his keys from the sideboard.

"We'll go in mine tonight!" he said mischievously.

"Oh you're a just big kid show off!" I retorted.

"Yeah, but I am sure Will'll enjoy the ride!" he grinned at me.

"It's just because you can't resist showing off your new toy!" I said.

At that moment, Will walked into the room all fresh and clean, all five foot five of him, looking superb in a navy blue top, over a plain red 'T', Levi jeans that showed off his shapely curves and Nike trainers finishing off the attractive appearance. His dark-brown hair gelled into a casual style popular with most teens. He was indeed a stunner.

"Crikey, that's smart! I thought you lads liked jeans as low as you could get them without actually loosing them, so's we can see the brand of undies you've got?" I said

"Nah!, not me. That's skaters. What new toy?" He asked.

"Oh it's just Rick's latest wheels?" I replied.

Wow! What's he got?" He asked.

"Just wait and see young man." Rick tantalisingly grinned at him as he left the room.

I stayed seated and said. "He needs to change the cars over first then we'll go outside."

A few moments later we heard my car being moved into the garage and then a sporty sound as Rick drove his new toy out onto the driveway.

"Time to go," I said to Will, leading the way from the living room down the hall and out onto the drive, closing the front door behind Will. He was by then mouth open and wide eyed.

"Oh Wow!" He yelped as his eyes roved over the sporty blue beast in front of him. "Its a Mazda MR2 Terminator! I've never seen one before." He enthused to us both.

Rick was grinning out of the driver's window laughing all over his face at Will.

"Come on! Get in the pair of you or we'll be late!" He smirked at us.

"Late In that!..." I giggled back, pointing to his car ".... no chance!"

I squeezed myself into the 'seat' behind the driver giving Will the shotgun seat next to Rick. I was just about able to get a seat belt sort of fastened. Wow, these cars are just cosy for two that's for sure. Will belted himself up, taking in the smart dashboard as he did. Noting the look on his face Rick launched into a tecchie description of the cars specifications and gizmo's as we set off down the road.

"Well it's got a high performance Janzai body kit for starters." he began explaining.

I zoned out from this point on. I've never been that into the inner workings of the motor car, It just needs to get me where I want to go in some comfort, that's all I need. Sad, I know but I was just not made like Jeremy Clarkson orRichard Hammond.* Rick, on the other hand loved his cars and I enjoyed the rides we had out in his various speedy machines. He'd had an old Lotus Elan all through college. We were just turning into the restaurant car park when I tuned back into the conversation.

"Good we're here" I remarked.

I'd not had the most comfortable of rides in that blue beast of a car. Just as well I was as fit as I was. I had, with my regular cycling, stayed well in shape all through Uni and beyond. I was grateful for the flexibility then. Will and Rick got out and I unfolded myself from the rear seats.

"Lead the way Rick" I said.

We followed Rick into the restaurant and the head waiter Mario, one of our more colourful gay brothers, showed us to our table.

This is not a quick "jump into bed" story. I shall develop these characters and their relationships as we go. Always hoping for an editor? Do write to me...

Constructives appreciated - flamers deleted...

*BBC television 'Top Gear' Programme presenters.

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