by Paul Jamison

Chapter 2

Liam's viewpoint

We entered my room together. We heard loud giggling from the bathroom. I turned to Craig and grinned.

"I rather think those two are having a lark around in there." I pointed with my arm towards the closed bathroom door.

Craig laughed and said "Yes, well, to be expected really. It's the last chance before school, on Monday, after all."

"Yeah, don't I know it? Shall we shower together as soon as they're done in there?" I suggestively said with a grin.

"Yeah, okay... they can't slip in with a camera or anything, can they? I mean, I don't think they would but... well, you never know with those two after last week."

"Oh, stop panicking, they're not that bad. Anyway, we can slide the engaged locks over, so they can't get in at all unless we let them, okay?" I explained grinning back.

We waited a few more minutes and things went quiet in the bathroom, so I assumed they'd both gone through to Will's room and opened the door from my room to the bathroom when I caught sight of Will still at the sink cleaning his teeth.

"Oh, sorry, I thought you two were done in here?"

"Ummmm... nearly" came back through a mouthful of toothpaste as Will attempted to reply.

He finished, rinsed and hurried back into his room as Craig came through to shower.

Just before the door closed behind Will both Craig and I heard him clearly say

"Naylor, if you've gone to sleep on me you are so dead." The faint sound of snoring could be heard through the rapidly closing gap in the door.

I turned to Craig and grabbing him round the waist tried hard not to burst out laughing. Craig was giggling into my shoulder. We parted and I set the shower going.

"Poor Will," I snorted, "Jus's fallen asleep on him!"

"It's too funny for words... anything out of those two at breakfast and we'll have them with that one."

"Oh, it's so nice to be able to stand up straight in the shower. I mean the boat was great, but the head height was um... so low... room for two easily in here," Craig grinned and held the door open invitingly.

We took a leisurely shower generously soaping each other and exploring our bodies as we did so. After a feeling of total relaxation came over me I rinsed us both off and padded out for a couple of towels. We towelled each other dry and after taking care of teeth cleaning returned to my room.

I closed the door behind us and switched off the main light leaving just the low glow from my bedside lamp and drew Craig towards me and took him into my arms kissing him deeply. He responded to my tongue and we spent many seconds exploring that sensation. Then as we broke away I dropped to my knees and took his now very erect cock into my mouth slowly and gently.I ran my hands up and down his bottom as I slowly used my tongue round the head of his gorgeous cock and let it slide easily in and out of my mouth. His groans of what I hoped were pleasure increased as did the grip he had on my shoulders and then suddenly he exploded with a long low groan and with knees buckling he shot three spurts over my face. By now we were level with each other and I kissed him again before rising up to reach for a tissue to clean up. Before I could do that I felt his hands grasp my own bottom and then with a lighter touch he ran his hands in a similar manner up and down my legs and buttocks while he played with his tongue round my still erect to busting cock.

I couldn't hold on any more and after a very short time he produced the same result from me of three spurts of cum over his face. After kissing again, we used tissues to clean up, then quickly returned to the bathroom for a quick rinse and then into bed.

We got into bed and after a few moments of getting comfortable Craig spooned into me and I cuddled him to me. I'd begun to get worried about the almost total silence from Craig since we'd got back in my room and had begun to play around, but I needn't have worried as he turned his face towards me and gently ran his fingers down my nose. I had to take his fingers away as I was in great danger of sneezing right at him it was tickling so much. I blew on his face and he burst into giggles, so I said

"Was that okay? You've been awfully quiet."

Craig raised himself up on his elbows and looked right into my eyes

"Okay! That was simply amazing. I can't believe it's happening to me. You're just everything I've ever wanted. I can't find the words yet, that's all." Then grinned widely and kissed me again.

"Oh, I just wasn't sure cos you were so quiet, that's till just now anyway," I anxiously replied.

We'd moved to face each other in bed and were both up on elbows looking at each other. I began to run my fingers slowly over the bare skin of his shoulders and nape of neck. Craig giggled and let his face nuzzle into my neck as I stroked him gently.

"Time to sleep?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess, stuff to do tomorrow and school on Monday," he replied.

"Don't I know it," I said as we snuggled down again and got comfortable before drifting off to sleep. I had a lovely warm glow running all through me as I gently held onto the boy I was fast falling for completely.


The following morning I woke at just after eight and turning over looked at Craig asleep beside me and wondered what I'd done to deserve a beauty like him when the pressing need for the bathroom overcame the desire to continue snuggling and I padded off to take care of the need. I washed quickly and returning to my room saw Craig still fast asleep. I was going to just slip back into bed, but then I thought it'd be good to bring up some tea. So I went down to the kitchen.

I was surprised on entering the kitchen to see Will already there with a mug of tea sat in the window staring out. He turned and said

"Hi, you couldn't sleep either?"

"No, I slept just fine. Me and Craig were knackered, so we just had a cuddle and fell asleep."

"Oh, Jus fell asleep the second he got into bed and is still totally out, or was ten minutes ago when I came down."

"Well, when you think about it it's not that surprising is it? I mean we've had a week of early starts and longish days and all that exercise too."

"Yeah, I guess. It's that I don't get all that much time with Jus and well last night wasn't...." Will trailed off into thought.

"Um... I don't think last night worked out quite how anyone of us thought actually. Um... it's all very well having great plans for a... I dunno... a mad night of fun, but sometimes your body just needs to recover. I mean, I know I just crash after an important dive meet. I'm no good for anything... or anyone, come to think of it. I'd have put all into the dive you see," I tried to explain.

Will looked back towards me and then after a few moments' thought smiled widely and nodded as he got up and re-filled the kettle to make more tea.

I got up and helped sort out mugs for us all as he turned and said

"I think you're right... I was hoping for too much, wasn't I? I was actually knackered too. Perhaps... I just wasn't going to admit it, but I was asleep too as soon as I snuggled up to Jus. Oh, well, I'll just take him a cup of tea in bed... Perhaps that'll bring him round?" Will said, with a rather wicked grin I thought.

"I'd say a distinct case of your cock trying to outdo your body!" I said, grinning widely back.

Will exploded with a snort as he tried to control himself at that remark. I smiled to myself thinking how much I'd hoped for too... and how best laid plans and all that...

"Shall we take drinks in to Paul and Rick?" Will asked as he put two mugs of tea onto a small tray ready to take up to his room.

"We could. Their tray's set ready over there. It just needs the boiling water on the tea and coffee."

"I don't normally ever disturb them on Sundays though. What do you think?" Will replied.

"Mmmm... I think we move their tray next to the kettle, re-fill the kettle and set it to boil, so when one of them comes down it's almost ready, okay?" I replied.

Will nodded and moved the tray with the caffetiere and small teapot placing it next to the kettle that I'd re-filled before setting off back to my room behind Will with his mugs of tea for him and Justin. He reached his door and turned and grinned as he slipped back into his room. I grinned back and did the same slipping back into my room to see Craig beginning to coming to and yawning before smiling at me and saying

"Hey, can I move in? Tea in bed... unheard of in our house." He gave me a deliciously wicked smile as he took a mug of tea from me and propped himself up on his pillows to take a drink.

I laughed, took my own mug of tea setting it down on the bedside unit and slipped gently back into bed alongside Craig. He turned grinned and gave me a kiss on the lips

"Morning, boyfriend," he said grinning back at me.

"Mmm..." I responded grinning back "I could get used to this too," I said as I reached for my own tea and took a drink.

"Thanks for everything, you know, asking me to come away with you. It's changed everything. I'm going to have to think hard about what uni course I'm going for cos I don't think I want to be away from you for three whole years while you do your sports science stuff," Craig said between sips.

"Umm... I hadn't begun to think of those implications yet. I've been a bit spaced out with all that's gone on. You know, with moving here suddenly, my mother and her bloody carry on. It's been a bit much really." I took a deep breath, exhaled slowly and then drank some more while thinking and turning to Craig said

"I agree though. If we're still certain when it comes to doing those forms, then we must both see if we can find courses at the same uni at least, okay?"

Craig grinned back at me, gave me another kiss and said

"I think we start researching anyway, don't you? Then at least we can see what's possible?"

"Yeah, you're right there. I'll start looking this week at all the options for what I need to get."

We'd finished our tea and as it was now well after nine we slipped out of bed and padded to the bathroom.

"Hey we've made it in first," Craig commented as he started up the shower while I slid the lock over on the other door.

"No, we haven't," I said showing him the two wet towels already on the drying rack. "They must have slipped in here while we were chatting and drinking our tea. Though I've not heard a thing from their room since I saw Will making tea when I went down to get ours," I explained. "He was a bit down over Jus dropping off to sleep on him last night. I said to him I thought it was simply Jus was totally knackered and not anything he'd done. He admitted he was tired too, after the week we've just had anyway."

"One thing you can totally guarantee though," Craig said grinning.

"Wassat?" I asked.

"Soon as Paul starts cooking anything they'll be there in nanoseconds!"

I grabbed Craig round the waist and pulled him to me we were both laughing and showering away and very happy indeed. We got ourselves out and towelled down before going back to my room to dress. A few minutes later after another long kiss we slipped out of my room and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Paul was in the kitchen when we got there sat at the table on his second cup of tea. He smiled at us both and said

"Who set the tea tray up by the kettle?"

"Oh, Will and I did earlier; we both came down to make tea. I wasn't sure whether to make it and bring it up to you and Will said you were never to be disturbed on Sundays?"

"Oh, did he. Come to think of it, we did tell him that when he first came to us. Yes, I guess as a general rule; unless it's a real emergency, don't disturb us in our room, okay?"

"No problem, we won't"

"But thanks anyway for filling the kettle and setting it up. Rick was very quick bringing it up this morning. Did you two sleep well? We definitely did. I think being back in one's own bed makes a hell of a difference, despite the great week we've just had,"

"Oh yes," I grinned widely. "I think everyone was out for the count last night, especially Justin! Will was a bit pissed off this morning over it, but I think he's cheered up now. Where are they? They'd already showered before us."

"I haven't heard a whisper from them so far, but I expect when I begin sorting out Sunday brunch, they'll magically appear looking like they've not eaten for days?" Paul grinned.

"Oh no danger... they will," I agreed.

Paul got up and began to take out stuff from the fridge for brunch. We filled a tray for the oven with bacon and another with half a dozen sausages, much smaller than the ones we'd had the night before and then prepared some mushrooms and tomatoes. I turned on the oven for Paul and then we put the bacon and sausages in to cook.

Rick came in just then and sat down at the table.

"Hi guys, everyone sleep well?" he asked.

We explained that we'd definitely done that and that Justin had crashed out as soon as his head touched the pillow.

"I can't say I'm that surprised. That lad's only got one speed... flat out... then he crashes when he's exhausted! Oh, and wasn't it great this morning... no ducks!"

"They were driving me quackers" Craig grinned.

"Ohhhh... awful," we all said laughing at him.

We chatted for about another quarter of an hour and by then the smell of the cooking bacon and sausages was filling the kitchen. Paul got out some eggs and cracked open half a dozen added some milk and beat them up ready to scramble them in the microwave, glanced at the clock and said

"What's the betting those two will appear in less then ten minutes... just about as long as it'll take for the aroma to reach them?"

"Oh, they'll be here the second they smell the cooking," I grinned back.

I'd hardly got the words out when Justin followed by Will came clattering down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Craig and I just laughed as they both grinned and said

"Is food ready yet?... Whaaat you laughing at?" they both asked us.

"It's nothing really, just that we all thought that as soon as you could smell the brunch you'd be down in seconds, and you were. So what've you two been doing this morning?" Paul asked them.

"Oh, homework for school. I'll be at it all day I think," Will said with Justin nodding in agreement with him.

"Right, so that's you two sorted. Do you know when your parents are due, Justin?" Rick asked him.

"Um... no not really. Mum said she'd phone when they'd landed and got through baggage and stuff. I think they were due to land at about noon though."

"Okay, well, just hang on here and do schoolwork with Will till they get here, I guess, but no disturbing Will's work please," Paul said.

"We've been busy for hours already and still got loads more reading to do for Mr Stonebridge tomorrow. So we'll be at it all afternoon, I expect," Will explained.

"That's fine then. Craig, are you going home this afternoon, or staying for dinner?" Paul asked.

"No, I've to go home. I've heaps more school work to do as well. I must go after brunch, if that's okay."

"Right, so it's the four of us plus Adrian and James for dinner then," Paul concluded. "Okay, what's it to be, roast lamb or beef? I'm going up to the farm as soon as we've had brunch to get a joint. So which is favourite?"

I said, "Beef, please, if it means we get Yorkshire pud."

Will nodded and with a big grin said "Yeah! Beef, please."

Paul looked towards Rick who just grinned back and said "I'm happy with either, so get what looks the best when you're there?"

The microwave dinged just then and Paul took the hot food from the ovens and served up the plates of eggs, bacon, sausage and beans, which was equally as quickly demolished by us teens. After which we then loaded the dishwasher and Will and Justin headed back to his room to carry on studying. A few minutes later I heard Paul drive off, I guessed to go for the meat at the farm. I turned to Craig and said

"I guess you've to go now too?"

"Yeah, I better had. I must get my reading done before tomorrow."

"I know it's got to be done, I guess. See you at school then?" I said, as we went out through the kitchen door. I leaned against the wall to say goodbye. Craig leaned in to give me a kiss and then was off down the drive and up the road to their house. I turned back through the kitchen and smiled at Rick who was still sorting wash loads and went upstairs to my room to work.

*** ***

Paul's viewpoint

I parked up in the farm shop car park and wandered into the butchery department. There was no queue that day and one of the butchers, Vince, greeted me as I approached the service counter. I asked for his recommendation that week and said I'd like either a joint of beef or a leg of lamb whichever he suggested as being the best. He said that he'd a piece of beef hanging in his cold room that would be just right for eating that weekend as it had hung for 25 or so days. I took his advice and purchased a piece from it big enough for the six of us with a little to spare. I settled up the account at the pay desk and headed back to the car and thence back home.

I'd just pulled into our driveway when the Naylors' car pulled in behind me and Mary got out smiling away.

"So how was Paris?"

"Just wonderful. We had a super week. So how did Justin do? I do hope you had good weather?"

"They all did amazingly well, the twins came too for a couple of days in the middle and we all had a great time."

"The Claytons?" Mary asked.

"Yeah, they were good company for Will and Jus."

"They're a pair of good lads actually," Mary commented. "I'm glad Justin and Will are in with them rather than some of the others in that year group," she explained.

"We rather thought that too. They've been over here a couple of times at weekends and stayed for a meal once or twice. They were no trouble. I think I know them apart now too," I laughed.

"It's not easy with those two. They're like two peas in a pod," Mary continued while getting out her mobile and sending a brief text.

"I'm telling Justin to get his skates on," she explained. "By the time we're inside he should be ready. Is there a big bag of washing? I'll get that now."

"Oh, yes he's not unpacked at all. He said you'd do his when we started on it yesterday afternoon," I explained.

"He would," she laughed. "Right, let's go and find them?"

I led the way through the back door into the kitchen to find Rick sat alone reading the paper. He got up as soon as he saw Mary.

"Hi, how was Gay Paree?" he asked, smiling.

"Oh very relaxing indeed, we both so needed a break. I hear Justin was fine and still alive and kicking?"

"Yeah, we did our best, but he simply wouldn't sink," Rick grinned.

"Oh, well," Mary sighed. "I'd best take him off your hands then," she laughed.

At that moment Will closely followed by Justin clattered down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Hey, Mum, what d'yer bring back from Paris for me?" he asked.

"Justin!" Mary remonstrated. "If I hear anymore like that it will be nothing at all for a long time."

"Sorry, Mum, how was Paris?"

"That's better; it was very good indeed, thank you. How was your trip? I hear you managed to stay afloat at least?"

"Oh it was brill," and Justin was stopped from regaling his mother with vivid explanations by Mary saying

"Tell us over dinner later," she said. "Let's get your stuff and let Rick, Paul and Will get themselves sorted out. You'll see Will again for school tomorrow. Say your thank-yous and let's get along now."

Justin turned to us all and after thanking us for taking him, gave Will a nudge and a wink, shouldered his bags and followed his mum out to their car. Will followed and helped him stuff the bags into the back, and then with a wave he saw his boyfriend off and returned to the kitchen.

"Tea?" I asked as he came in.

"Um... may I have a Coke, please?"

"Sure, you know where they are. Come down by seven twenty so we can greet our guests, okay?" I replied.

"Yeah, okay, what are we having tonight?"

"Beef actually. It was the best deal."

"Oh, yeah, magic," he said as he left the kitchen to go back up to his room and continue his homework.

"One easily pleased," I commented to Rick as I put the kettle on for a brew.

"How's it going with the washing?"

"I reckon a couple more loads should see us through. I think we need Mrs Watson next week to get this lot ironed though," Rick suggested as he indicated the piles of washed and dried clothes on the utility room worktops.

"I'll give her a call. She usually manages to fit us in for things like that. We've given her quite a few more hours lately with one thing and another. Perhaps we need her in two days a week?"

"Only occasionally, I would have thought?" Rick replied. "I mean, it's not every week we've holiday luggage to wash and iron."

"True," I agreed and started on preparations for dinner.

About half an hour later I had all the vegetables prepared and ready in the pan or steamer and got out a roasting tray to begin the joint. Cutting a large onion into four decent slices I set them down in the base of the tray and drizzled a little oil over them. I already had a skillet on the hob heating up to sear the outside of the joint and set that into the pan fat side down to do that turning the meat to ensure an even browning. Once done I transferred the joint to the roasting dish and set aside until it was time to put it in the oven at 200ºC.

Rick and I then went into the dining room and between us set the table for six with the silver and glassware and then bringing the dinner service plates and vegetable servers back into the kitchen to be warmed.

"What desert are we having this evening?" Rick asked.

"Oh, I bought some Bramleys and I was going to do traditional baked apples with raisins and sultanas in brown sugar and butter syrup with vanilla ice cream," I said.

"Ahhh, I haven't had that for ages, just right for this time of year too," Rick grinned. "Really lovely."

I checked my watch and went back into the kitchen to put the joint into the oven, turned to Rick and said

"I got some local pâté for starters could you set that up with thin toast and a little salad decoration?" I asked.

"Sure," he replied and set about doing that for the six of us.

* * *

At just on seven twenty Liam and Will came downstairs, both had showered and changed into smarter casual clothes rather than the jeans and sweat tops they normally inhabited when not in school. Liam was holding a handful of printed off sheets that I guessed were the phone messages he'd saved to show Adrian.

Rick had the sherry glasses ready on a tray in the living room and turned to the boys and asked

"Will you two have a small sherry with us all or are you having soft drinks?

"I'd like a sherry, please," Liam replied.

"I'll stay with Cokes," Will grinned. "I'm not that keen on wine and stuff."

"That's fine. Get a tumbler from the cabinet for your Coke then would you?" Rick said. "Paul'll not have Coke cans on the dining table!"

"I know that from last time," Will grinned back and went to get a crystal tumbler from the glass cabinet.

A few minutes later we heard Adrian's car arrive and then the front door bell went. Liam jumped up to go and greet our guests while Rick prepared welcoming glasses of sherry.

Liam brought Adrian and James through to the sitting room after they'd stuck their heads through the kitchen door to shout a 'hi' to me where I was doing finishing touches to the roast and then followed Liam to the sitting room when I heard Rick greet them with

"Hi, guys, it's great to see you both. Thanks for coming. We can't thank you enough for arranging the boat. It was just great. We all had a fantastic time," Rick said, as he handed round glasses of sherry. I'd returned from the kitchen in time to take the last one and joined everyone on the sofas.

We talked for a few minutes about the boat trip. Will took great delight in telling about the tunnels and then I stood and called everyone into dinner. We trooped through into the dining room and seated ourselves. I had placed Liam next to Adrian and Will next to James with Rick and me at opposite ends, me nearest the door for easy access to the kitchen.

We all began to eat our starters. Rick went round the table pouring wine for all except Will who'd elected to stay on Cokes for the time being. James turned to Will and asked

"So, anymore hassle with equations?"

"Well, yes, but I now understand how to tackle them. They're still awfully hard but I'm getting 'B' grades now not 'C's', so that's okay. Thanks so much for your help though, I really hadn't a clue till you explained stuff."

Liam began to explain about the messages he'd been getting to Adrian, but Adrian simply said

"It's okay, Liam. We'll have a private talk after dinner okay and I'll tell you what I feel we should do."

"What do you plan?" I asked, as I felt we ought to be in on the discussion at least.

"Well, there're two quite clear statutes covering this sort of thing. What's been going on, is, in my opinion, a clear breaking of one, or possibly both of these laws, which are the Communications Act of 2003 and the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act.** But I'll discuss it all fully with Liam and you guys after dinner, okay?"

Liam smiled and said

"I've got all the messages printed out for you. They're in a folder in the kitchen, okay?"

"Excellent, I'll cast my eyes over the lot of them after we've eaten; these are on top of the ones you sent me before you went away on holiday?"

"Yes, another ten or so messages came while we were away," Liam explained.

"I can only assume she is oblivious to the laws on these matters," Adrian remarked before continuing with his food. "Gosh, Paul this pâté is excellent. Where did you say you got it from?" he continued with an obvious change of subject.

"I actually get it in Northampton, but it's available in lots of good delis. It's called Brixworth Pâté I find it very smooth and tasty,"

So, the talk turned to the holiday and our exploits on the Four Counties Ring

with both Will and Liam regaling James and Adrian with their tales of the canal trip. The meal continued in like mind until after we'd enjoyed the baked apple desert. Adrian turned to Liam and said

"Let's go into the sitting room for a few minutes and sort this little difficulty out?"

Liam nodded, smiled anxiously and got up with a look at us and led the way out of the dining room with Adrian. They were gone only about five minutes or so when they returned to the table and after sitting Liam turned to Rick and me in turn and then said

"Adrian's going to write a letter to my mother as my lawyer, so it's all official, that we're taking this seriously. He'll 'explain' to her that she's breaking the law and that there's quite heavy penalties of fines and even imprisonment on conviction. He's also going to point out there there's been a case of a mother heavily fined for harassing her teenage gay son by text messages and that she should stop at once, or the matter'll get reported to the fuzz and she may get prosecuted"

"Really?" I asked. "There's already been a prosecution for this sort of thing?"

"Oh, yes, a very successful one that I shall be referring Mrs Russell to in my letter and suggesting, rather firmly, that she should desist from her actions to avoid any similar action on our part in order to put a stop to these activities," Adrian explained, then continued. "I hardly think her employers would take a kind view of one of their senior admin persons being prosecuted for harassment," he added.

Liam smiled widely and said "No way would she want that and the publicity. Adrian said it made front page news in the local paper where the other woman was prosecuted and if her work colleagues or cronies at church found out she wouldn't look too great there either... but then you never know with that lot," he trailed off.

"Well, that does sound encouraging," I said smiling at Rick. Will also looked relieved for Liam and was happily grinning away at him.

James then turned to Liam and said

"Has it ever occurred to you to try to find your father? I mean you're nearly seventeen now and perhaps there might be a different version of events from what you've been led to believe are the facts up till now?"

There was total silence round the table.

Liam looked at James with a stunned expression on his face and after a few moments said

"No, never at all until you said that just now. I always took my mother's explanation to be the truth. Um... I was only eleven at the time..."

"Yes, in those circumstances you'd do just that. It'd be perfectly natural for you to do so as well. After all you had no reason whatsoever to doubt the veracity of your mother's explanations back then," James explained.

"No, now I'm not so sure. I must think more about this... but I wouldn't know where to start."

"That is something we can all think about later," I said. "Shall we retire to the sitting room for coffee and choccies?"

We all got up and went through to the sitting room and enjoyed some further chat for another half hour. Rick gave Adrian a cheque for the boat expenses as he's had an account from the yard for fuel and gas. I gave the amount a quick glance and saw we had done really well on fuel but had used quite a bit of gas what with using the central heating most days of the trip.

At ten thirty we saw our guests out and Adrian promised that next time we would come over to them for dinner. I closed the door behind our guests and we locked up. The boys helped load the dishwasher with the things we could do, then the pair of them headed for bed, it being 'back to school' for them both the following morning.

Rick and I cleared up and did the washing up of the china and silverware before heading for bed ourselves.

* * *

Liam's viewpoint

I headed for my room behind Will, my mind was in a turmoil of thought. I was relieved that there seemed to be a way of dealing with the messages and harassment from my mum. James, though, had given me real things to think about. Could I really find my father and find out the facts of why he left suddenly six years before?

**The Communications Act 2003 sets out the law for nuisance calling. It says the caller commits an offence if they send indecent, obscene or menacing messages or calls. It's also against the law to send false messages that are intended to annoy, inconvenience or worry the recipient.

Anyone suspected of these crimes could be arrested and on conviction receive a six month prison sentence or a fine.

The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 also relates to nuisance calling. It says that deliberately harassing a person is an offence that can be punished with a fine or a six month prison sentence.

The Act also says that threatening someone with violence on two or more occasions in order to frighten them can lead to arrest, a fine or a prison sentence of up to five years, or both.

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