For Everything You Are

by James Matthews

Chapter 16

House Of Passion

Ethen appeared in his bedroom to find a very asleep Jake, his coffee cup still almost full. So much for a night of passion , he thought scratching his neck. Whilst he thought seeing Jake smashed had a cute aspect to it, he couldn't help a touch of resentment enter his mind, that Jake's actions had been a little selfish.

Ethen was horny and had been looking forward to spending some intimate time with Jake. It was due to be the first sex he had got since changing his ways, and he'd hoped it would last in the small hours. But, it was not to be, and instead he wondered whether he should just jerk off to rid the horniness and frustration in his mind.

He undressed and lay there, naked, staring at the ceiling, sexual thoughts sweeping through his mind.

Hmm, not a care in the world

He could hear the odd muffled moan coming from another room making him jealous. He was not a selfish person, he mused, but why was his night fucked up, when everyone else was having a good time.

He jumped up out of bed ripping the sheets off, a determined look on his face. Walking to his top draw he pulled out a bottle of lube and marched back to the bed, and pulled the entire bedspread off, revealing a naked Jake lying on his side.

Suddenly not caring about Jake's intoxicated condition, or whether he would wake up, he grabbed his boyfriend's limp sleeping body and pushed him on his front. Jake murmured, but then carried on snoring, as a grunting Ethen lubed up his hard cock. He slapped Jake's legs apart, almost drooling excitedly, as Jake's loose, hairless ball sack hung down on the sheet. He began massaging Jake's smooth butt with his hand, as his other slid effortlessly up and down his shaft. The moment of relief came quickly as Ethen dumped the contents of his balls onto Jake's back and ass, drenching him. While waiting for his cock to deflate his kneeled down and used his tongue to lap up his own semen, paying particular attention to the spillage that had found its way into his lover's crack. He pulled Jake's ass cheeks apart and took long, deliberate licks, collecting every last drop of seed from his adorable boyfriend.

After the excitement of his act faded from his mind, he suddenly felt annoyed and unsatisfied. It was a cheap way to get off, and unrewarding. Tonight was supposed to be about romance and intimacy; instead he felt nothing but emptiness as the sound of Jake's breathing reminded him, it had been a shit night.

He went into the bathroom quietly and washed his dick in the sink, and squeezed out the last of the juice that remained in his now, flaccid organ. Drying himself, he returned to the bedroom and pulled the sheets back over them both. Now feeling tired, he draped his arm over Jake, before sleep took hold, and he was out.

Luke gently steadied himself, trembling with excitement as he was about to enter inside the cutest guy he had ever laid eyes on. Cody feeling similar excitement was struggling to control his breathing, part excitement, part anticipation, flooding his brain.

"Take it off," Cody whispered. "Please take it off."

"What?" Asked Luke, leaning down to Cody's face and kissing him.

"The condom, if this is gonna be my first time, I wanna feel the true you inside me."

"Are you sure, I mean, isn't that dangerous?" Luke remarked, starting to peel off the rubber.

"I'm hardly a good candidate for any diseases, I haven't been with anyone," Cody sniggered.

"Yeah, but I have, well not like this but…"

"Let's not ruin the zone we're in Luke, I trust you OK, just take it off and let me feel this, I'm so horny." Luke had already removed the condom, not waiting around to be asked twice by Cody.

Making sure to relax him once more he began kissing a line from Cody's neck down to the crack in his ass, before ending with another round of sensuous rimming. Cody's mouth flew open, taking in a sharp breath, before releasing a long moaning sigh.

"I think Mr Cody is ready for some loving," Luke whispered jokingly.

"Jesus, this is not what they teach you in school," he groaned, pressing his aching cock into the bed to relieve some of the tension that was still building.

"God you smell good," Luke muttered, as he went down for another long kiss.

"Please give it to me, I can't stand this anymore, I ache."

"Patience, patience tiger, I'm gonna make you work for this, so that the memory of this night is burned into your mind. You're gonna always remember your first time Cody, I'll make sure of that." He promised.

Luke started to rub the tip of his cock against Cody's hole, sliding it from the perineum, over the crack and ending just below his spine, before coming back the other way, excessive pre cum from Luke making the act, effortless. Cody began pushing his ass upwards trying to collect Luke's cock with his hole, but Luke wasn't having any of it, pulling away just at the right moments. He was enjoying this immensely, Cody like putty, frustrating him, teasing him.

Luke stopped after a few minutes, and placed the tip of his organ at Cody's entrance. Carefully and thoughtfully he began to apply pressure, causing Cody to tense up. He rubbed his back, soothingly until he felt Cody relax once again. Feeling his dick slip through Cody's tight sphincter, he held sill for a moment, allowing Cody time to get used to the invasion.

Cody gritted his teeth and clamped his eyes closed before unexpectedly pushing up and impaling himself on Luke's cock, feeling Luke's pubic hair on his ass. They both yelped simultaneously, Cody in pain, while Luke's was pure pleasure.

"Jeez Cody your supposed to go slow, or its gonna hurt, not to mention the fact you nearly made me cum by doing that." Luke said softly.

"Sorry, I just wanted to get that bit over with, so I can hopefully get on and enjoy you inside me."

"Well I guess that's one way of breaking you in," He whispered, sniggering.

Concentration returned to them both as Luke gently pulled out before sliding back in again. Cody moaned and grunted with each movement, until after ten or so light frusts Luke heard him cry out in what sounded like pain.

"Oh fuck sorry, are you OK?" he asked as Cody laid still panting and swallowing hard. "Cody, answer me, are you OK?"

"Shit, I'm sorry, I just…"

"Did I hurt you?" Luke asked, worried.

"No… I came, I'm really sorry, I'm so embarrassed," He said huskily.

"Oh…oh right, well it doesn't matter. I guess I was working you up. Probably a little too much," he chuckled trying to lighten Cody's mood.

"Fuck it," Cody snapped thumping the mattress.

"Hey, it's no big deal Cody, Please don't be annoyed, it's just one of those things. At least I know I was pressing the right buttons," he grinned before leaning down and kissing him on the lips. "OK, so I'm gonna pull out now, this bit is usually the worst, so I heard."

Cody tried to remain relaxed as Luke slid his cock out. "Ouch," Cody said as Luke withdrew completely. They both got seated on the edge of the bed, Cody with his head facing he floor.

"Did you enjoy it?" Luke asked. Cody looked at him perplexed.

"Like, yeah." Cody answered as if it was a stupid question. Luke took his hand, interlocking his own with it.

"Then why the sad face?"

Cody shrugged, "Just wish I could have lasted a bit longer, I kinda ruined it for you, I bet?"

"Why would you say such a thing Mr, I really enjoyed it, not just the sex, but everything tonight. Getting to know you, kissing you, smelling you. Just because you cum, doesn't mean you ruined everything.

"Yeah well I'm gonna make it up to you starting right now."


"Stand up and face me," Cody demanded, Luke liking the slight forcefulness in his voice.

"What are you gonna do?" he asked, curious.

"I saw a few guys do this on porn movies, I'm gonna let you face fuck me, I think that's what they call it?"

Cody pulled Luke in line with his face and licked the end of his cock causing his eyes to roll back. He watched as Luke's wet cock glistened in the dim light provided by a small solitary lamp, The look of longing in Luke's eyes as their gaze met. Cody knew what he had to do and Luke was almost drooling in anticipation.

Wanting not to spoil the mood but at the same time needing reassurance, his young inexperienced mind, burning with lust, asked Luke a question.

"I want you to be mine, don't tell me you will right now, but promise this won't just be tonight." He said with feeling and longing.

"It won't," Luke sighed.

Cody gripped on Luke's hips, digging his fingernails in as he started to make long thrusts in and out of his mouth with Luke's dick. Gagging at first but quickly learning, he adjusted the angle of his neck and was able to take more of him with each passing stroke. Gripping the base of Luke cock with his hand, and using the other to massage his balls he began to pick up speed.

Luke threw his head back wanting more, grunting, and arching his hips in time to Cody's invitation for more cock. Saliva was dripping from Cody's mouth down his chin, a scene Luke failed not to miss. It made the act so much sexier , Cody looking like a slave at his knees.

"Faster you little shit," Luke grunted trying out some dirty talk. Cody began to get hard again as Luke pulled on his hair, willing him on. "Ahh you like that do you?" He spoke again, the dirtiness turning Cody on big time.

"You like that, you dirty boy," Cody growled, joining in.

"Just keep sucking, you fucking little bitch, yeah that's what you're good at,"

"Yeah give it to me, I want more of you," Cody demanded picking up speed even more.

"Yeah, you want it, you like my dick, yeah, yeah, you need it huh… yeah, Oh….holy fuck!" Luke cried out, burying his cock right up to the balls in Cody's mouth. Cody's cheeks blew outwards, chocking as Luke's load stung the back of his throat, making him gag. Luke pulled out just in time as Cody, swallowing as much as he could, but coughing some out, the juice running down his chin.

"Fuck me," Cody squeaked, wiping his mouth.

"Luke was panting furiously as his orgasm started to subside. Cody just sat there dazed, smiling softly.

"Fucking, hell, that…was…amazing," Luke puffed, totally out of breath. "No…you were amazing," he corrected himself.

"Meh, it was the least I could do for giving me my first hands free orgasm," Cody smirked.

"You know what I wanna do now?" Luke asked, stroking Cody's hair. "I wanna get into bed with you, cuddle up and hold you until we fall asleep."

"Really, I kinda thought you might want to leave."

"I know you did, its written all over your face, that's why I said what I did, so you can stop worrying." Cody smiled, the comment indeed putting him at ease.

"I just…don't wanna get…"

"I know….and I won't," Luke finished, knowing what coming. "Its early days, don't get hung up about stuff."

"Yeah, I know. I don't wanna scare you off,"

"C'mon, let's get some sleep, it's almost three."

They both got into a comfortable spooning position and Luke turned out the lamp. Happy thoughts seeped into Cody's mind, he felt wanted, safe and content. A million miles away from the way he had in recent times.

Will this last though? He thought, sleep taking hold.

The clock on Ethen's bed side table hit seven thirty and buzzed into life, loudly.

"Oh, Jesus, shit" Ethen barked, jumping up. Jake squinted, not impressed. "Sorry, I forgot to turn it off, don't worry it is Sunday, not that you'd remember."

"Urgh, What time is it?" Jake groaned.

"Seven thirty, go back to sleep," Ethen replied, cupping Jake's head in his hand.

"Oh my God, the party…"

"Yeah tell me about it, thanks for a good time." Ethen complained.

"Oh… my head, my fucking head." Jake moaned, holding his face.

"Absolutely no sympathy whatsoever."

"OK, time out, I'm naked, my ass is sticky and I'm gonna have to ask, did we have sex last night. I know that's awful ain't it, I mean I could pretend and just guess, but I think I've… yeah I've already insulted you… OK, I'm gonna shut up.

"If I said I had sex, but you didn't, would that worry you?" Ethen grinned.

"Maybe a tiny bit," Jake replied, head tilting. "OK, what did you do?" he whined.

"Well seeing is that I was lying next to the hottest thing in the state of Nevada, I…."

"Just Nevada, is that all I am, the hottest in Nevada?" Jake berated him.

"Ahh shut up, Listen, you were just lying there and I accidently shot my load over you."

"You what?"

"Honestly it was an accident, and I cleaned up after."

"Oh well that's OK then Mr, as long as you cleaned up."

"Jake, you are hopeless at trying the angry person act." Ethen giggled.

"Well I have to try, so was I any good," Jake asked seductively, stroking Ethen's arm.

"Oh you were excellent, you were so animated and lively it was mind-blowing to watch."

"Really, tell me more," requested Jake, as he rubbed Ethen's hard meat under the sheets.

"You kept begging me to blow you, so I did, and you screamed in ecstasy as I rubbed my hands all over….OK I'm really finding it hard to concentrate with you doing that.

"Doing What?" Jake said innocently

"That," Said Ethen pulling the sheets back to reveal Jake stroking his cock slowly. "And if you don't stop I'm gonna blow soon."

"That's the idea." Jake carried on, as Ethen's washboard stomach flexed and dipped, his pending orgasm approaching steadily.

"OK, time to stop Jake… yep really time to stop now."

"Sorry, I didn't hear you," Jake shouted. Ethen started humming to himself trying to think of something pure and normal, but it was too much effort to keep nature at bay, and he flooded his belly button and stomach with his seed. "Hmm, funny, I never had you down for producing that much," Jake smirked, flicking his cum soaked hand in Ethen's face.

"Argh, gross," Ethen flinched, cum dripping from his eyebrow. "Hey, straddle my chest."

"You're kidding right?" Jake asked.

"Naa, c'mon, I mean it."

"What are you gonna do to me?"

"Get you off, seeing as you missed out last night, might as well give you a conciliation prize"

"I'm beginning to see just how romantic you can be Ethen Jones."

"Just get up here before I make you do it yourself."

Jake got up and lowered himself on to Ethen's chest, Ethen grabbing his loose ball sack on the way down."

"Now use me!"

"Use you?" Jake quipped, "What do you mean use you?"

"Use me, do what you want to me, ask me to do something to you, just use me."

"Ethen this is silly, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here."

"Anything you want, that's the fun."

"OK, jerk me, and…and squeeze my ass." Ethen did as commanded and Jake closed his eyes enjoying the feeling.

"Want me to suck you?"

"Have I asked you to?"

"Sorry Master,"

"Oh no, we ain't dong that dominating shit," Jake laughed. "But yeah, you can give me some head if you want"

"You can give me some head if you want," Ethen mimicked teasing. "Well since you asked nicely."

Ethen took hold of Jake hips and slammed his hard cock inside his mouth, expertly sucking and slurping. He held Jake between his lips, swirling his tongue around his helmet, the motion making Jake whimper and moan.

"Fuck, keep doing that, whatever it is." Jake squealed.

"Ahh, you like that eh?"

"Yeah, yeah, just keep doing that." Ethen did as he was told and circled faster and faster with his tongue. Ethen winced and swallowed hard.

"Whoa, shit sorry, I should have warned you." Jake panted as he spent himself in Ethen's mouth."

"No worries, you looked like you were enjoying yourself." Ethen said licking his lips. "Your jizz tastes really sweet, you know? I just thought I'd mention that. Now I'm going back to sleep for an hour or two." Ethen said matter of fact.

"Want some company?"

"What do you think, handsome?"

"I love you."

Ethen's eyes snapped in Jake's direction, wearing a serious look.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say?

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