The Boy in the Striped Socks

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 3

I left it for a couple of hours and then texted him saying 'How you feeling?' I got a fairly quick reply that read 'Fine! Wriggled about so much on bus people were looking at me ;-) Looking forward to taking you to bed with me.'

I was surprised to get a phone call from him late on Monday evening bearing in mind he'd said he only made calls on his phone in emergencies.

"What's the problem? You said you wouldn't call me."

"It's about meeting on Saturday."

My heart sank when I heard those words. Were my worst fears going to come true? I think he must have realised I'd not taken those words as he'd intended as he quickly added,

"No, don't worry Lance. I'm coming, but I want to change the plans a bit. Can we meet at the veggie restaurant at twelve instead?"

I was relieved to hear that, but a bit puzzled all the same.

"Is my cooking that bad?"

"Nah, it's not that bad even if mine's better. But…….my sister wants to meet you."

That came as a bit of a shock. He'd told me Becky was about three years older than him and still lived at home but I didn't really know anything else about her – other than she owned a pair of very short shorts that he'd borrowed for the parade!

"Why does she want to meet me?"

"Mmmmm…..look, Becky and I are close, she sort of looks out for me I guess. On Sunday evening I think she must have noticed me wriggling around on the settee and smiling when I did so, cos after I'd gone up to bed she came and knocked on my door and asked to come in. She wanted to know if I'd got something wrong like a boil on my arse and also why I'd seemed so much happier the last coupla weeks. So we talked and I told her all about you, even dropped my briefs to show her my arse!"

"You did what!?"

"Yeah, just so she could see it was sorta like love bites. Anyway she said she wanted to meet this boy who was making me painfully happy."

I could only laugh at that and agreed I'd meet them both. I spent the rest of the week worrying a bit. Becky seemed okay from what Julian had said and I guess it was only natural in some way he'd want her and me to meet as he wasn't very likely to introduce me to his Mum or Len from what he'd said.

During the week I'd been down to the market and managed to buy a t-shirt just like the one Julian had worn the previous Saturday. I hoped he wasn't going to wear it again as if he did we'd look a bit daft together. So I was wearing that with my silver torc together with a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of black hi top Converse and thinking it would have made sense had I sent him a text beforehand to say what I was wearing. As it turned out I needn't have worried as although he had on the same Converse he was again wearing the deliciously tight fitting skinny grey jeans but teamed with a striped black and purple t-shirt. He and Becky were already at a table when I arrived and Julian performed the introductions. She proved to be a few inches shorter than him but the same build and had a cropped blond hair style. She was wearing a blue denim jacket with a white t-shirt, a black mini-skirt that was showing a lot of leg above the knee and black tights. We ordered our food and some soft drinks; I had the same main course as last time as I'd enjoyed it so much then but as a starter I chose nachos. The conversation flowed fairly easily without being too serious and I found out that Becky had had several jobs and was currently working as a cashier at a supermarket, had also had several boyfriends but none too serious and was hoping to save enough money to be able to move out soon.

When we'd finished the main course Julian excused himself indicating he needed to go to the toilet.

I turned to Becky and said, "Is that what they call in films a 'strategic exit'?"

She had the good grace to laugh before replying.

"Guess so. We agreed beforehand that Julian would give me a few minutes to talk to you alone. Look, he's my little brother and his life's been pretty shitty so far. I just don't wanna see him hurt by anyone. He has seemed happy since he met you, but when he showed me his arse after you'd whipped it….."

"Hey! Hang on! He virtually begged me to use that martinet on him. I finally agreed, but I wasn't using it hard."

"I know all that, but it could have been part of a plan. Go gentle, get him to come back and then beat the shit outa him next time."

I was thinking of what to say in response when she continued,

"That's why I wanted to meet you. I've seen the way you look at him and I wished my boyfriend looked at me like that. I was going to tell you that if ever you hurt Julian I'd hunt you down and when I found you, cut your friggin' balls off, but I don't need to. I'm not worried anymore; I'm just glad you two came together."

I put my hand over my groin. As far as I was concerned there was no possibility of her having to hunt me down, but she'd spoken those words as if she really meant them. Just then Julian came back from the toilet and sat down at the table again. Becky looked at him and said,

"Okay, he's passed. Go off and play whatever games you two boys want to play, but don't come home with a whipped backside asking me to kiss it better!"

She said it loud enough that the people on the next table stared at us. Julian, almost grinning from ear to ear, said,

"Thanks, sis."

He stood up again, leant over and kissed her. I stood up and went to settle the bill and when I turned round having done so Becky was behind me. We sort of air kissed as neither of us were quite sure what to do and a handshake simply didn't seem right.

"Let's go Julian! Big sister says it's playtime!"

"Yay!" was his response and he came over to kiss me full on the lips. We joined hands, walked from the restaurant to the bus stop where we left Becky to go and do some shopping.

Back at the flat Julian headed for the bathroom while I went into the bedroom. Today I'd got some scented candles ready beforehand, lit them and drew the curtains. The bedroom faced north so was never that bright and it had started to cloud up outside, so it created a nice atmosphere. I stripped down to just a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, settled on the bed and waited. Julian was a few minutes which pleased me as it meant I hadn't misread his visit to the bathroom and when he returned he had on just the long striped socks.

"I'm ready to play" he announced, although he didn't need to as his prick was already standing tall.

"Me too, but there's just one problem."

He looked puzzled. "What's that?"

"If you've got those socks on I can't play with your toes, so they're going to have to come off afterwards."

"That's quite a price to pay for letting you in."

By this time he'd got on the bed in the same place as last week, so I climbed off and walked behind him to deliver a sharp slap to his bum."

"You're a cheeky little bugger – aren't you?"

I didn't get a response but he wiggled his bum at me inviting another slap which I duly delivered. As I'd expected his arse showed no sign of the session with the martinet from last Sunday. We then more or less had a replay of the previous Saturday afternoon. This time though I put some KY Jelly on my fingers while I was rimming him and gave his prick a good stroking – his pleasure was audible. He was keen to change position and let me in; which I again tried to do slowly and gently. He was much easier to penetrate though and once I was fully inside he started to move with me. Before long we had a good rhythm established which I found necessary to break to save me from coming too soon. The sudden silence when I withdrew came as a surprise change to the noises of pleasure we had both been giving. I looked down at him; he pouted before opening his mouth into a small circle into which he inserted one of his fingers that I could see had a fair covering of his pre-cum and then proceeded to move it in and out. I got the message and pushed my prick back into him. Now we went hard and my thrusts caused my balls to slap against his arse. I felt myself tightening and then my prick was jerking inside him as it delivered what he'd asked for. I was making odd noises as I came and then I felt Julian contract round my prick as he came himself. I managed to slide out of him, still stiff and flopped on top of him. Once more we joined in a hug and we kissed before moving into the position that we both seemed to like the most where I held him to me spoon fashion.

We just lay there for some time, my right hand over him so I could play with his prick and balls. After a while I could feel his right hand searching for my prick which responded to his touch.

"Can you come in again from here?" he asked.

"I've got a better idea if you're prepared to do the work."

"What's that?"

In answer I rolled onto my back and explained to Julian that I wanted him to face me and straddle me and then lower his arse onto my prick, but before doing so I told him to put some more KY on my prick and around his hole as we'd both dried out quite a lot. Inevitably my prick grew as he was putting on the KY and equally inevitably it took him a few attempts to guide it into his hole. I had warned him to lower himself slowly which he did and I was glad to see the look of pleasure he showed on doing so. He proceeded to rise and lower himself misjudging the height of my prick a few times so that it slipped out and needed re-inserting but he was soon in a rhythm which I intentionally spoiled for him by pushing up my hips at a time he was simply resting on me. I was enjoying the attention as well as the evident pleasure on his face at being in control of things, plus it was amusing to see his own prick and balls bouncing up and down in time to the rhythm. We'd been going for a good few minutes when I went even more rigid and delivered a second load into him. He'd sensed what was happening and just sat there as I pumped away. When I'd stopped he lifted up and I contrived to insert my finger into his hole and find some of my cum which I quickly applied to his already damp prick resulting very quickly in a stream of his cum arcing onto my stomach and chest.

"Jeeze, I thought what we did earlier was great, but that was something else. I wanna do that again….soon!"

"Have I earned my reward now?"

He looked perplexed momentarily, then cottoned on and smiled.

"More than."

He slid off me so he was sitting between my legs and then extended his legs on either side of my chest with his knees raised. I sat up and started rolling down his socks. I knew he still didn't understand this fetish of mine, but he had much smaller feet than mine with delicate toes and while I liked all feet his were something else. Plus the fact that he was ticklish! I rolled the right sock down to his ankle slowly before doing the same with the left. They then followed each other off with me tickling the soles of his feet as I did so. The squeals and laughs he emitted were like you'd expect from a seven year old and quite a contrast to the seventeen year old noises he'd made earlier. In the end I relented and we snuggled spooning once again.

This time we did both drop off and the afternoon was gone by the time we woke. I don't know who stirred first but one woke the other and we moved into a proper cuddling and kissing session. I felt I could stay there for the rest of the day and night, which brought a thought to mind.

"Are you staying tonight?"

"I hope so. I've even brought another pair of briefs and a t-shirt today."

"That's settled then. May need to change the bed later though."

"Is it worth it? We're only going to make another lot dirty."

He was of course right – and we duly did, although I didn't enter him again. I knew he wanted me to, but I was bothered about making him sore and told him so which he reluctantly accepted and we settled for a sixty nine instead.

Sunday morning was wet which gave us no incentive to get up and we stayed in bed until almost midday when I persuaded him to get up and we went out to a nearby pub where we both had a lager and a pizza. Julian had told me earlier that he was going home shortly after lunch as, in his words, 'he had some things to do'. I didn't question him, so expected he would get ready to go as soon as we got back. Instead he headed for the bedroom with me following. I was surprised to see him in the process of lowering his skinny grey jeans followed by the striped boxer briefs he had on underneath.

"I didn't think we had time for…."

"We haven't and I don't know where you've hidden it this week, but I ain't going until I've had something to remember you by."

So saying he knelt on the bed and pulled up his t-shirt.

I was perplexed. I thought last Sunday was going to be a once and for only experience for him and that his curiosity would then have been satisfied. Evidently not it appeared.

"Alright, just as long as you aren't going to go home and ask your sister to kiss it better. She may have said that out loud, but you didn't hear what she threatened to do to me if I hurt you."

"Let me guess. Something to do with balls and scissors I reckon? Yeah – she said that to me when I showed her my arse, but I told her it was only fun. Make it good though I want to be able to feel it for a couple of days."

I retrieved the martinet from the shelf of my wardrobe where I'd replaced it, came and stood behind and started flicking it at his arse. I didn't really want this to become part of our relationship, but he did seem to enjoy the effects and started stroking himself. Remembering that last week he'd asked me to do it again I gave him forty strokes which left a highly visible pattern of red stripes and blotches. I finished with two somewhat harder strokes that made him yelp and he looked a bit rueful when he stood up. He looked even more rueful when he pulled up his briefs and jeans and they closed tightly round his rear. I hoped that I'd done enough to change his mind about this being 'fun'.

It didn't seem like it though from the final kissing session we had even when I put my hands round his arse and squeezed. His response was to groan a little while at the same time rub his crotch into mine. Our main farewell said we walked together to the bus stop and settled for a brief snog when the bus came into view.

Early evening I was sitting down watching a pretty dire DVD when my phone buzzed to indicate a text message. I opened it and as expected it was from Julian reading 'Just shown Becky my arse and she's coming to get you ;-)'. Two can play this game I decided, so I texted back 'Hope you enjoyed today as after she's done I shan't be able to cum inside you again.' A couple of minutes later and his reply arrived 'You're safe! Just tripped her up and broke her leg. Ambulance due in 5 minutes.' I was amazed at how well our two senses of humour matched, something I found hadn't always happened with me and my partners in the past.

During the week a thought I'd had a couple of times before since our relationship started came back into my mind once more. To date Julian had made no indication that he wanted or wished to try things the other way round. I knew it was still early days for him and that nearly all things we did were new, but did he think I was strictly a top, or was he simply a bottom? I definitely swung both ways and had hoped last weekend that he might show some signs of wanting to come inside me. I didn't want to push the issue and yet neither did I want to ignore it. A possible solution came to me on Wednesday so after finishing at Uni I went into town and finally found what I was looking for in one of the department stores.

We'd agreed that this Saturday he'd come straight to the flat and be there about noon. The bell rang a few minutes before that and looking through the frosted glass top half it looked like him standing outside. I was prepared and pulled open the door. Julian went say 'Hi' or something and step inside and then he noticed. A look that I'd find hard to describe crossed his face before he said,

"Fuck me! I'd better come in quick before you get arrested for indecency."

I turned round to give him the rear view, leaving him to close the door, and sashayed down the hall wearing nothing but a pair of knee high striped socks although in a different colour pattern to his. I led him to the bedroom and by the time we got there his shock had more or less passed.

"I know you don't want me to whip your arse, so does this mean…….?"

"Julian, I just wanted you to know that I'd love it if you came inside me. I didn't know though if you would want to and I couldn't think of how to ask you without possibly upsetting and embarrassing you. You haven't given me anything to go on, so I'm making the offer, but I won't be hurt if you don't accept."

Having made that little speech I sat down on the edge of the bed. Julian came and sat beside me.

"You've made me so happy already these last few weeks, Lance. Life has suddenly become worth living. I didn't want to do anything that would risk that. I had thought about it, even laid in bed at night tossing myself off at the idea, but you hadn't said anything either so I was sorta waiting."

By now we had our arms round each other and once he'd finished talking we engaged in a long kissing session. When we broke for breath he said,

"I really, really want to, but you know I've never done it."

"I know that and it doesn't bother me at all. In fact I'll enjoy being your first."

"Undress me first, please. I like it when you do that."

I moved to lift up his t-shirt – he'd gone back to the one with the striped heart - and that was when I noticed he had something round his neck. Unusually for an emo I'd never seen him wearing anything there. Round his neck he had a thin leather strip almost like a bootlace, suspended from which was some sort of pendant. I lifted it up to observe it closely and found to my surprise that it was a small silver dagger in the handle of which was set a red stone.

"It's a dagger," he said. "Becky bought it for me. Do you like it?"

"I've never seen anything like it. It's great, but you don't normally wear anything round your neck."

"No – I bought a silver chain thing a couple of years back and I guess it was cheap crap because it brought me out in a rash, so I've not worn anything since. You really like this? It's really an earring and I thought I'd try it on this rather than a silver chain."

"Yeah. It's different; subtle and nice."

"Good," he said fishing with difficulty in the pocket of his skinny grey jeans, "because she bought one for you too. She said she couldn't find a lance so a dagger would have to do."

He handed me this little package wrapped in tissue paper which was indeed the duplicate of the one he was wearing. I'd never expected a gift from Becky – there was certainly no reason for her to give me one. I was touched.

"Put it on for me, please, and let me have her 'phone number. I must give her a call to thank her."

The other earring was also on a leather bootlace type cord so Julian slipped it over my head. That done I resumed pulling his t-shirt over his head, tossing it on the bed when it was off. He shook his head to get his hair back into place while I knelt down on the floor and undid his usual black Converse. I chuckled to myself when I saw he had on yet another pair of striped socks, these in green and red. I got him to stand up; today he hadn't bothered with a belt around his skinny grey jeans and it would have been unnecessary as they fitted him so closely. I could see he was hard underneath with his prick standing upright. I undid the top button and slowly slid down the zip; the jeans stayed in place. I put my hand inside the fly and gave his prick a good rub – not that it needed any encouragement – and then continued to inch the jeans downward. As they lowered they revealed a pair or black boxer briefs that had a pattern of stars. As I did so I wondered what had happened to his striped ones before it dawned on me that those were the ones he'd left with me last Sunday and which I'd been sleeping with all week. Eventually the jeans reached his ankles and I had him sit back down while I firstly removed his socks which enabled me to both kiss his toes and tickle the soles and then yanked off his jeans. He stood up again and now I slowly pulled down his briefs, which were already quite damp at the front, at last freeing his prick. I wanted to play with it, to kiss and suck it but I knew that would be unfair. He really should be allowed to enjoy what came next in his own way and time.

"How do you want me? Do you want me to ride you, or do you want me on my back?"

I wasn't sure he'd really had time to think about position as the situation had come unexpectedly. He thought for a moment before saying,

"On the edge of the bed Lance on all fours; and where's the KY?"

I'd forgotten to get that out so pointed to the drawer where I kept it while I climbed on the bed and got on all fours.

"Where'd you get those socks?" he suddenly asked out of nowhere.

I named one of the two major Department stores in the city. He laughed,

"Yeah, that's where I got mine in the Ladies Fashion section! I was dead embarrassed. Told them my sister had asked me to get them for her to wear to the Gay Pride march. It was sort of true…"

"Yeah, I told the girl they were for my sister too, but I don't think she believed me. Perhaps she was the same one who served you."

Julian placed his hands round my waist which I thought was a little strange as I was expecting him to apply some lube to my butt, but then he moved them to push my cheeks a little wider. Suddenly I felt a slight tickling sensation round my hole and a slight wetness – he was rimming me! I was very surprised and also very delighted as I hadn't expected this. I loved someone rimming me, but it had been a long time since it had happened as Pierre wasn't into that particular activity. I let out several long moans of pleasure as his tongue went back and forth and round and round. I felt my hole opening in response and seconds later felt his tongue tickling inside. My prick was straining in response and pre-cum was leaking while the audible evidence of my pleasure at what Julian was doing increased. He paused and then I felt his finger go in and in and in until it found my pleasure spot. I had worried how he would handle this, but I need not have feared. He was giving me as much pleasure as anyone else had ever done. Was this really his first time? I was sure it was and it held the promise of so much in the future. His finger was withdrawn and after a few seconds I felt him rub some lube around my hole. It was hardly necessary, but nice all the same and then I felt his prick on the edge before he slowly started to work it inside. He was gentle, moving slowly and yet I felt like telling him to shove it in hard as I so desperately wanted to feel him deep inside. Instead he stopped and then withdrew.

"I was thinking just of myself then, Lance. Move onto your back please so we can look at each other."

I was eager to do so and in a few seconds I was holding my sock covered legs in the air so he could enter me again. Once he got past the resistance he began to move steadily backwards and forwards. I was stroking my own prick gently, trying not to come too soon. Looking at Julian he had a look of pleasure on his face that I hoped was matched by my own. I was confident it would not be long before he came and I saw him start to tense and then he began to jerk and I felt him cum deep inside me. He jerked a couple more times and then went to withdraw which was the point at which I brought myself off. As I tensed and shot I automatically clamped round his prick and he cried out in surprise at the feeling. Once I had finished I allowed him to pull out and slid my legs down the bed so he could collapse on top of me.

We lay there for a while recovering. Julian was first to act licking some of my cum from my chest. I told him he was greedy; he smiled and then moved so our mouths came together and he could give me some of it back before rolling to lie alongside me.

"I thought having you come inside me was fuckin' fantastic and nothing could beat it, but now……."

"Julian, you were great and you made me feel great too."

I felt like telling him that I loved him but something held me back. It just seemed too quick. However, him coming into me was the prelude to almost twenty fours of pretty much non-stop sex. We paused briefly to order and subsequently eat a couple of Domino's pizzas and on occasions to sleep and shower to remove the smells of sweat and sex. When it came time for Julian to go home I think we were both almost relieved in some strange way, yet at the same time we didn't want to stop and part. This Sunday there was no martinet session and he didn't even ask for one. I suspected that, like me, Julian had plenty to remind him of our weekend without a martinet marked arse.

We exchanged several messages during the week and I know I could scarcely wait for Saturday to arrive. Sleeping with the smell of Julian from his briefs was one thing, but it was a poor second to actually being in bed snuggled up next to him. That Saturday was quite a bit cooler than the weather we'd had of late – a sign that autumn was on the way. Julian had started back at college that week and I was due to start back at Uni the next.

He was a bit early and I rushed to open the front door when the bell rang. He looked different as he was wearing a pale grey hoodie under which was a purple coloured t-shirt that had some sort of geometric design in black and white and a pair of black skinny jeans which were not as tight as his grey pair. The other very striking difference was that on his head tilted to the side and back he was wearing a blue/grey knitted beanie. Sometimes those can look a bit silly, but on him with his hair it looked stunning and I wasted no time in telling him so. His smile when I did so was sufficient reward.

He came in and we went into the kitchen. I got us both a can of coke and we went into the lounge and sat down. I wanted to know how college had gone and he filled me in before asking if I was ready to go back to Uni. I was almost, but I did wonder if my concentration levels this term might suffer. After a while we looked at each, stood up and moved towards the bedroom. Julian had left his hoodie in the kitchen and made his way to the bathroom still carrying his little bag with him. I decided to strip down to just my boxer briefs and t-shirt while waiting for him and wondering what he might be wearing when he emerged. I liked the way this sort of game had developed between us; it wasn't as if our sex life needed any assistance to spice it up, but it appeared to be something we both enjoyed doing.

Today he emerged holding a can in one hand and a razor in another, but totally naked.

"You said a while back that if I decided to shave my pubes you wanted to do it for me. It dawned on me last week while I was sucking round your prick that it must be much nicer for me doing that than for you with all my hair."

I'd been around more and tougher hair than Julian's, but I wasn't going to tell him that.

"Okay! Lay yourself flat on the bed, although you can raise your head up on the pillows if you want to watch. I need to get a few other things before we start."

I came back later with a bowl containing some warm water, a couple of towels – one of which I spread under his rear as I didn't want the bed getting too wet – a flannel and a pair of scissors. I suspect he'd been playing with himself while I'd been gone as he was already semi hard, but it could just have been anticipation at work. I sat on the bed beside him.

"You can stop this at any time, but if you do you'll probably look a mess."

"If I do, which I won't, then there'd only be two people who'd see it."

"I'm glad to know that. I thought Becky might be inspecting you every Sunday when you got home."

He burst out laughing at the suggestion and I had to wait a minute or two until he had settled down. I picked up the scissors and suggesting he hold his prick out of harm's way, went to work on his bush. Once I'd trimmed that down I decided it would be fun to lick around what was left as it needed to be wet for the next part. I managed to accidentally on purpose have a few licks up his shaft while doing so which had him making little noises of pleasure. After that I sprayed on some shaving cream and set to work on the delicate part with the razor. We were both enjoying ourselves as I had now taken over moving his prick to where it wasn't in the way. He didn't have much hair going down his groin towards his hole, but I dealt with that and was then left with his ball sack. This area is never easy and I feared might leave him sore but I took as much care as I could.

When I'd finished I sat back to admire my work. I could see him running his fingers over the area and he looked pleased. I was concerned he would feel sore afterwards which was when I had an idea. I went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of baby oil. I put some of that on my fingers and gently rubbed it round the shaved area. Of course I couldn't help also rubbing some of it on his prick and in rather quick time Julian was groaning with pleasure before he spurted high into the air.

"Jeeze, what's that stuff?"

"You've never used baby oil to wank yourself?"

It was a rhetorical question, but I was surprised to find he didn't know of it.

"Nah, just my hand and some spit. You can do that again though whenever you like!"

"It does feel good I know. Seriously though you should get some plain talcum powder to put on there for the next couple of days and I reckon after three or four days, if you decide to stay like this you'll have to shave again and then do it regularly. Of course I can do it for you at weekends but I think you'll need to do it in between. Go and have a look at yourself in the mirror; see what you think."

There was a mirror in the bedroom but he went off to the bathroom to look in the one there. Was I over surprised when he re-appeared a couple of minutes later wearing just his knee high socks and his dagger necklace? Not over much!

"Thanks, Lance. It looks great and it feels good too. Will this do as payment?"

He got on the bed on his back and raised his sock covered legs. His rosebud was winking at me so invitingly, how could I resist? He knew, I was sure, that I didn't want payment nor would I consider what came next to be some sort of payment. After last weekend I felt confident that our relationship had somehow entered a new stage and while the actual sexual act was an important part of our relationship, it wasn't the only thing that was important to us. That became clear when a couple of hours later we agreed that it would be good to go out that evening for a change. We went and had a meal in what was fast becoming 'our' vegetarian restaurant and then on to the cinema. We even went for a quick drink afterwards in Wetherspoons before coming back to the flat. After a shower, when I regretted yet again that my shower just wasn't big enough for the two of us to get in together it was time for bed, some more action and then sleep cuddled up snugly together with my prick resting at the gates.

I could hear the rain outside when I woke on Sunday morning. We seemed to have hardly moved during the night and I had a morning wood which was now pressing even more at Julian's rear. I managed to resist temptation, went and performed the 3S ritual, donned a t-shirt, boxer briefs and socks and then moved into the kitchen to see what was available for breakfast. It was going to be toast with mushrooms and scrambled eggs, so not a lot of preparation needed. I went back to the bedroom to see if Julian was awake and was surprised to see he had already made it to the bathroom. When he came out he was clad in striped briefs and short striped socks. We looked at each other, I asked him if he was hungry to which his response was 'only for you', having said which he dived onto the bed and we engaged in a wrestling match. I was bigger and heavier than Julian so I was always going to win, plus which I could always resort to tickling him. It wasn't long before we had stripped each other, spent a good few minutes kissing, stroking and cuddling and then ended up in a sixty nine. For some reason that took breakfast out of our minds and afterward we pulled the duvet over us for more cuddles and a snooze. As a result breakfast eventually turned into brunch or maybe even lunch would have been a more accurate description as it was nearly two before we finished.

Julian helped me change the bed during which I decided that I really had to get into town in the week and buy at least one more set. Just two sets at the rate we got through them at the weekend simply wasn't enough. When we'd finished, he said to me,

"Where have you hidden it? I looked for it this morning when you were in the kitchen, but I couldn't find it."

I had indeed moved the martinet from where it had been in the wardrobe and put it in one of the cupboards in my kitchen when I thought he was unlikely to look.

"Julian, I'm not going to whip your arse every weekend. If I do it then become routine. I know that you enjoy it, but it ought to be something special."

He looked a little disappointed, so I decided to try and soften the blow.

"I think it should be up to me to decide if I'm going to whip you and whether it should be for reward or punishment."

I looked down at his crotch as I spoke and sure enough his prick responded. He thought about what I'd said for a few moments before replying,

"Yeah, I like that idea. I won't know whether I should be good to you or naughty………mmmm……sounds good. Roll on next Saturday!"

We kissed, cuddled, I ran my fingers through his hair; he pretended to be angry with me for doing so and when I stopped he shook his head so it fell back in place prior to putting his beanie on top of it. To me Julian always looked cute, but with the hat worn like that he looked especially so. I was sorely tempted to pull him to me again and ask him to stay longer. Instead I opened the door; we went outside, joined hands and walked to the bus stop. One last kiss as the bus drew into view and that would be it until next Saturday.

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