Video Learning

by Ivor Slipper

I was amazed when I came down the mall this morning and found this thing outside the Department Store. Dunno if you'd call it a settee or a futon. Maybe it's a couch, which would sorta be appropriate for where we're going. Whatever, it's somewhere to sit and wait until Jerry turns up. It was just surprising to see it sitting there. Maybe some pissed off customer dumped it there, although it seems comfortable enough to me and doesn't look like its been damaged. Guess I was lucky not to find it had already been taken by some drunk who'd probably thrown up on it. It's just not the sort of thing you expect to find outside the one and only Department Store in this crappy town of Central Falls.

Jerry was due about ten minutes ago. I hope he's just running late like he usually does. Jerry's had more detentions at school for being late in the morning than any other student in the history of Central Falls High. At least that was what the principal told him last month and I can believe it. Jeeze, even with me texting him every morning to make sure he was up and outa bed he still managed to be late at least once a week. I just don't know how he did it. Okay, we all like our bed and we don't wanna get up in the morning to go to school, but you just gotta do it.

I suppose he could've changed his mind – nah surely not. We'd talked about this, planned it for some time and we both wanna do it. I know that fer sure. It was the last thing we talked about last night and he was really up for it then. Mind you, Jerry's always up for it, but best not think about that now. I did send him a text just before I left home, but he hasn't replied which is a bit of a worry.

Oh shite – there's one other possibility. His pa's found out and stopped him from coming! Old man Podolski can be a real dick and if he happened to see Jerry packing his stuff... Nah, that can't be. Even if he locked him in his bedroom Jerry would just climb out the window. He doesn't wanna stay in this shithole of a town any more than I do. But he'd better not be too long as the bus is due in about half an hour and that is the only one today that is heading in the direction we wanna go. Next one isn't even tomorrow but the day after which goes to show what a dump this is. S'pose it would've made more sense if we'd arranged to meet at the bus depot – such as it is – but we decided it was best to meet somewhere else. Anyway, the depot's only a coupla minutes from here.

I've left my mom a note telling her I've gone, but not where I'm heading. That'd be asking fer trouble. Said I'd call when I got there. Just told her I'd decided to move out, go somewhere else and see if I can make my fortune while I'm still young. Told her not to worry as I can take care of myself, but I expect she will. Even though we're not exactly close I do love her and I know she's done the best she could to raise me. She'll be alright I know. She's got lots of boyfriends - ha – she used to call them my uncles when I was a little kid and she brought them home. Took me a while before I figured out I must be the only kid at school who had uncles and no aunts! Still I can't really blame her for that. I've no idea who my father is. Whoever he was he was long gone by the time I was born. She's never told me and I'm not even sure if she knows herself. There's definitely no father's name shown on my birth certificate. Discovered that a coupla years ago when I found it in a box of papers she had in a drawer. Took it then as I thought I might need it sometime. Probably a good thing I did and I made sure I've got it with me today. See, I'm gonna be eighteen in a coupla weeks and I need that certificate to prove it as lots of people say I don't look that old. That could be a good thing if our plans work out.

Mom's always worked as a waitress at one diner or another in town. She works any shift she can get. She always does the breakfast shift, which is why I didn't have to worry this morning about her seeing me leaving the house with my backpack and other stuff. She'll usually go back for a coupla hours at lunch and then she'll do the evenings as well. That way she's often there when I get home from school and she'll often get me a meal before she goes back to work. Means I'm at home on my own in the evenings, or at least I've been on my own for the last few years. Before that she'd get an old lady who lived down the street to come and sit me.

So yeah, I've got my backpack with my clothes in. That's down behind this sofa thing where nobody can see it. And I've got my skateboard – doncha love it in that girly shade of pink? I gotta lot of ribbing when I first appeared with it, but fuck it, a board's a board I say and when you ain't got no money you take what you can find. This one was in a dumpster. Guess some little rich girl got fed up with it and tossed it. I don't care about the color, all I was bothered about was if it worked – and it did, so I had wheels. The skateboard's sitting in this shopping cart that I ran across on the way here and used it to take my backpack for a while. Also in there is my camera. I need that where I can see it as what is on there is also part of the grand plan.

Now I s'pose you're wondering how a poor kid like me can have an expensive camera like that. Well I didn't steal it, not really. It belonged to one of mom's boyfriends who moved into our apartment and lived with us for several months. Now mom's had some strange boyfriends but this one weirded me out. After he'd been with us a while he started asking if I'd let him take pics of me. I didn't mind at first, but then he wanted me to take off more and more clothes. I wasn't born yesterday – in fact I was thirteen at the time - and I knew where this was going so I told him to stick his camera where his ass is when he got to asking me to take off my boxers, so I'd just be stood there in my little white ankle socks.

I'd seen him bringing in packs of paper for printing pics and he had a laptop and printer, neither of which I was allowed to use, so I guessed he was printing out some of the pics from his camera and probably that included some of me. A coupla weeks later it was mom's night off and the two of them had gone out for the evening to a bar so I knew they'd be gone for hours. I got the idea to look around in their room and see what I could find. He had this briefcase that had a combination lock so he must've thought what was inside was safe, but if you want the contents to be safe you have to do a lot better than use 1234 as the combination! Anyway, inside there were the pics of me plus pics of several other kids, quite a few of whom were without their underwear. It was not nice, but I figured they were all older than the ones of me so there wasn't anything that could be done for them, but I did take all the ones of me partly undressed.

So a coupla days later when mom had gone off to work and there was just me and him there I showed him one of the pics of me in my boxers. I thought at first he was gonna try and beat me to get it back, but I told him I'd given all the other pics of me and some of the nude ones to my pal Jerry so if anything happened to me he'd know who'd done it. That quietened him down quick! Then I told him that if he cleared out and left the camera behind I'd not say anything to mom, but if he was still here when she got back from work, I'd call Jerry to come round and let her see them. Boy, did he pack quick! Mom called him all sorts of names when she got home and found he'd gone with no explanation. When she asked me if I knew why he'd left so quick I told her I had no idea.

Anyway, I got his nice digital camera and that has proved useful since. Made sure I deleted all his pics that were on the card – didn't wanna be caught with that crap.

So I guess it's time I told you something about me. My name is Jason Warner. I'm just under six foot tall and I weight around 165 pounds, naked. I've got more or less dark blond thick hair which I like to keep cut short, but not too short. My eyes are a sort of blue/grey color and everyone tells me I've a good looking face – no zits that's fer sure. I like my sport which is how Jerry and I came together on the soccer field and as you can see I'm fit what with my soccer and skateboarding. Oh, and one other thing – I'm gay. Yep, a gay jock. You may be surprised at that, but I didn't think it merited an exclamation mark. I expect you've worked out though that Jerry is also gay. Mind you, nobody knows either of us are and that we are, shall I just say for now, 'friends'. If Jerry's pa found out he'd beat the crap outa him. If our secret had got out at school life would have been a misery even though we are jocks.

I think I knew I was gay by the time I was eleven or twelve. I had no interest in girls, but I found I did like looking at boys. I'd look at their butts especially, but also at their fronts to see if there was a bulge. When I discovered the joys of tossing off it was always to mental images of boys. During the day my dick would respond when I saw a boy I liked the look of. That's the main reason I've stuck to wearing baggy jeans when everyone else is wearing skinnies. Not only is it very hard to disguise an erection in skinny jeans it can also be very uncomfortable as I found on the one occasion I did get a pair. I'd just try and store up all the images during the day and then lie in bed in the evening and toss myself off thinking about them.

Best class of the week was PE. There I'd get a chance to scope out the other kids butts and dicks. Had to be very careful when doing so as you couldn't afford to get caught staring. That would have been trouble with a capital T! It got even better in middle school when I started to be picked for the soccer team. Not only was it another chance in the week for scoping, we also had to have a shower after a game. Showers were optional after PE as it was always the last class of the day, so a lot of kids skipped showering and left it until they got home. But after soccer everyone had to take one. So I didn't just get a glimpse of what was normally hidden, but it was on full display. Jeeze, it was hard sometimes not to get an erection with all those naked bodies almost in touching distance. Actually, it did happen on occasions and not just to me, but nobody took any real notice unless it happened too often.

I was almost certain I was the only gay kid in the school and absolutely sure I was the only one on the team until one day when things changed. This particular day coach had called for an extra practice after school a couple of days before we had a match against our big rivals. I sorta knew Jerry as he was in my homeroom and also in a couple of my classes, but mainly because we were both keen on our soccer and played in the defence. However, neither of us thought much of coach calling for this extra practice and weren't taking it that seriously. We succeeded in pissing off coach to the extent that when it finished he told us to give him ten laps. By the time we'd completed those, and we didn't dare cheat and cut them short, the rest of the squad had showered and gone. Coach, having watched us do most of those laps went off into his office. It crossed my mind to skip showering and simply change and go home. I suspect Jerry had the same idea, but I guess we both decided not to risk pissing him off a second time, so we took off our soccer gear and headed to the showers.

I'm stood there nicely soaped up and with my hands rubbing shampoo into my hair when I suddenly feel two hands come round my waist. One gets hold of my balls and the other my dick, which immediately chubs up. At the same time I can feel a dick rubbing up against my butt. I'm sure it isn't coach as the hands are too small which means it can only be Jerry.

"Fuck me!" I exclaim, but not too loudly.

There's a chuckle in my ear. "I'd like to, but it's too risky here."

So I just stand there and enjoy it as Jerry brings me off. This was unlike any orgasm I'd given myself. My knees shook, my legs trembled and I let out a series of groans as I came. Jerry almost had to hold me up to save me collapsing such was the effect.

When I'd recovered enough to turn round I did so to see a big grin on his face and looking down, a five inch cut dick demanding my attention. I gave it just that and it wasn't long before Jerry was experiencing similar reactions to those I'd just had.

As he came back to earth we looked at each other.

"How the fuck did you know?" I asked.

"Biggest fucking chance I've ever taken," he replied. "I've been watching you for a couple of months and I was convinced you'd be up for it. In the end I decided to risk it."

"So what convinced you?"

"Hard to explain. It wasn't obvious unless you were looking – and I was."

"Jeeze, I thought I was on my own. Never had you figured." I said with a laugh.

"Hey, we'd best get dried and dressed before coach comes looking. Wanna come back to my place? Just be you and me."

That was said with a big grin and a twinkle in his eyes. I knew he wanted to play and so did I 'cos I started chubbing again. I'd just never considered Jerry as a potential friend in this way. He was good enough to look at, about the same height and build as me. Black hair which he had cut quite short, about a number two, dark eyes and with a lot more body hair than me. Oh, and a good looking dick. So, yeah I really wanted to go with him, but I'd told mom I'd be home for dinner before she went to work and she'd be upset if she'd cooked and I didn't turn up.

"Look Jerry, I'd really like that, but my mom's expecting me. How about tomorrow?"

He grinned. "What's a day between friends? Just save it for me, will ya?"

"Hell Jerry, that's asking a lot. Not sure if I can go that long without."

"You telling me!" he exclaimed. "Ma balls'll be blue by then."

We high-fived, laughed, dressed and went our separate ways.

It dawned on me as I walked home that I didn't know where he lived or how we were going to get there, but that was for tomorrow. For today I was on a high. I'd found someone who I could have fun with and that could lead to... No doubt I'd start to find the answer to that tomorrow.

It was real difficult that evening and night not to give way to temptation and do what I'd done every other night for the last few years, especially when I was so very hard thinking about what had happened earlier and what might happen tomorrow. I managed it though. Just had to prove something to myself I reckon.

Next morning Jerry was waiting for me outside the school gates. Gave us the chance for a quick talk and he told me where he lived. Turned out it wasn't too far from my apartment, but in a better area. That was one day I was really glad I wore baggy jeans as I was walking round with a permanent hard on. Every time we saw each other we'd give a sly smile, or a nod or wink.

Our lockers weren't that close so we'd agreed to meet at the gates when school ended. We walked to his place talking about things like the upcoming game and telling each other a bit of our history. Turned out his father was a builder while his mom worked in an office, so they were both out all day. There was only him at home now. He did have an older brother and sister, but he'd enlisted in the army while she was away at college.

I was real impressed when I saw his house for the first time. His father hadn't built it but Jerry pointed out things he'd done to improve it. We went into the kitchen and Jerry got a couple of sodas and some chips before we headed upstairs to his bedroom. My little room would've fitted in there about three times I decided. He had a double bed, desk, computer, chair and this huge television on the wall fitted so you could lie in bed and watch it. Plus his computer had a really large screen of its own. And to cap it all he had his own shower room!

By this time we were both busting to do something, but we'd also got nervous I suppose. Well, I knew I was never having done anything like this before and from what he'd said yesterday I guess it was the same for him. He suggested we get on the bed, so we did and laid with our backs against the headboard.

He finally broke the silence. "Did ya manage to save it?"

"Yeah...just. Leaking don't count do it?" I replied with a little laugh.

"Nah. My boxers have been damp all day."

"Mine too! So, you gonna show me your blue balls?"

"Why don't ya find 'em and check?"

I turned my head and looked at him. There was a big smile on his face, so I scooted down the bed a bit until I could get to undo his belt and push down his zip. He raised his butt so I could pull his jeans down a bit and reveal a pair of black boxer briefs with a large wet spot at the front. I rubbed my hand over the spot and what had caused it. He moaned softly. I pulled the briefs down and his dick sprang free. I grabbed his balls and looked closely at them.

"Don't look blue to me." I said. "In fact they feel real hard and full. Guess I'd better check mine while I'm here."

I turned to face him and knelt on the bed before undoing my belt and zip, and pushing down my jeans and blue check boxer briefs together. Now, as I raised my t-shirt, my dick was in full view and standing proud in front of me. I was also cut and had a little bush of sandy colored hair which was quite a contract to his large dark one.

"Come back up here Jase so I can check 'em."

I laughed and moved back alongside him. In a matter of a few seconds we both had our hands round the other's dick. As it was about twenty four hours since we last came it wasn't long before we both spurted. We'd both had the sense to pull up our t-shirts so we could direct the outpourings onto each others stomachs. We both laid there for a minute or so recovering before Jerry lent over scooped some of my cum onto his fingers and put them in his mouth.

"Mmm, tasty," he declared. I copied him and found his different to mine, but not unpleasant. "Yeah, almost as good as mine," I said. He slapped me round the back of the head and laughed telling me that I'd pay for that comment.

"Wanna watch a vid?" he asked. "You've not got to get home or anything tonight?"

"Nope. No rush. What sort of vid?"

He gave me what I could only describe as a wicked grin, before proceeding to remove his jeans and boxers and his t-shirt. Then he went over to the shower room and returned with a couple of wash cloths and towels. He tossed one of each to me.

"Make yourself comfortable. You may need these," he said before walking over to his computer and switching it on. While he was setting up the computer I took off my clothes – he'd told me to make myself comfortable, hadn't he? His computer was obviously linked to the TV as the pic came up on there. He stood in front of the computer for a short while and I could tell he was looking for a particular site. While I had a laptop the internet connexion we had at home was poor, but it was all mom could afford, so I usually just used mine for doing schoolwork. Surfing around was a pain, so I preferred to be out on my skateboard.

Having found what he wanted Jerry came back and got on the bed beside me. I knew it was gonna be porn, gay porn too which I'd never seen. Maybe as I'd never seen any whatever I saw would blow my mind, but what I watched over the next five minutes or so was just... WOW!!!

I guess I'd expected it to be muscle bound hunks in their twenties, but this was just one kid – and I do mean kid. He looked to be not much older than us, but when I mentioned that to Jerry he told me you had to be eighteen to appear in these, and be able to prove it to keep the company producing the film safe from the law. As Jerry appeared to know a lot about such things I asked if he knew the name of the performer.

"Yeah, that's Skyler Peat an' he's fan fuckin' tastic. You just lie there and enjoy."

"But, he looks so young?"

"Yeah, it pays to be good looking and young if you wanna be a twink, an' Skyler's one of the best. Now shut your face and let's watch."

There was a word I learned – 'twink'. Yeah, it fitted Skyler fer sure. He was standing in a shower with the water running as the film opened. He wasn't naked. But had a pair of hipster briefs on. They were low slung and clung to him as they got wet. The head of his dick was just peeping over the top. He had a nice tan, was slim but not skinny and looked to be about five foot eight or so tall. He had a mop of black hair that came well down the back of his neck and sort of framed his face with a good fringe. At first he was simply lathering himself from a bottle of shower stuff and using a sponge to rub it all over his body. Then the briefs came down and the shower gel was applied to his dick before he turned round to show off his cute bubble butt which then got soaped up. By now I was really hard and I don't know how I didn't let a load go when he started fingering his hole.

Then he picked up this black thing that was about eight inches long and the thickness of a couple of fingers and started rubbing it over his chest and stomach. I couldn't work out what it was for, but I found out when he turned his ass toward the camera and started to push it into his hole! I babbled something and clamped my ass cheeks together at the idea of what he was about to do. I was so dumb back then. I'd never thought about guys doing anything other than tossing each other. Skyler started moaning and groaning as he worked this thing in, but then he turned so you could see how his dick was reacting. The film ended as he came.

"You like that?" asked Jerry, fondling my dick and balls.

I was so amazed at what I'd seen I could hardly produce an answer. "Yeah, it was ..."

Jerry laughed. "Thought it was a good one to start. Do you fancy a shower?"

He looked at me as he asked the question, squeezing my balls at the same time. How could I refuse? So Jerry and I had our first proper and private shower together. We lathered and washed each other all over and then stroked each other out, but that was as far as we went. When we dried off and were back in his bedroom getting dressed, he asked me if I wanted to come over again and watch some more films of Skyler. Did I? Of course I did! But the weekend was coming and that meant we had our soccer game, plus Jerry's parents would be at home, so the next opportunity would be Monday. I had a weekend in which to replay that vid over and over in my mind.

After school Monday I went back to Jerry's. This time he put up a vid of Skyler with another young guy, Devon I think his name was. The other guy was blond, on the skinny side and I guess cute, but didn't do as much for me as Skyler. The vid opened with the pair of them dressed and lying on a bed. There was a lot of kissing – I hadn't thought about kissing and wondered if we were going to get into that. I'd never kissed anyone before, apart from my mom which didn't count, so I was lying there wetting my lips and watching how it was done. After a while hands started roaming over and then under t-shirts and before long they were taken off. Now came body licking and nipple sucking. Jeeze was I learning and it was all such a turn on. We were both gently playing with each others' hard dicks but trying not to push ourselves over the edge. The action then moved lower as belts were undone and jeans and boxers removed to show two very erect dicks, Devon's being uncut. Of course I'd never seen an uncut one up close so I was taken with how the foreskin slid up and down around the head and seemingly provided extra lubrication. And then I blew my load as Skyler went down on Devon and started licking it all over and eventually taking it into his mouth and sucking him off. Once that had happened, Devon took care of Skyler.

Boy, I was learning fast what being gay meant. When the film ended I was just lying thinking about what I'd seen when Jerry moved over on the bed and kissed me. It was just a brief touch and he pulled his head away immediately. I reached up, pulled him back down and then we started practising our kissing technique. As we were already naked we didn't need to undress each other, but we could try out everything else we'd watched and see if we'd learned properly. Well,our skill level was low to start, but we quickly discovered the need to avoid biting your partner's dick! That was not good! However, we both seemed satisfied with the end result.

We had a shower afterwards and following that while we were getting dressed we agreed that the next time (oh yes, there was definitely going to be a next time!) we'd start fully clothed and undress each other. We also agreed that it wouldn't be wise for me to come over every day much as I wanted to, but it only needed a nosy neighbour to make a comment to one of his parents and awkward questions could result. I also asked Jerry if he wasn't worried about his parents finding out what sites he'd visited, but he told me they were pretty dumb as far as computers were concerned and he always erased his browsing history after watching any porn.

It was hard to wait for a couple of days, really hard if you get me, but I managed it. Next time I went back to Jerry's place after school we did indeed start off by undressing each other. That was fun! Having hands other than your own undoing buttons and zips, pulling off t-shirt, socks, jeans and boxers. Jeeze, were we aroused when we'd finished. So aroused I wanted to take care of Jerry as soon as we were naked, but he insisted he wanted us to watch a different vid first. He put that on to play and then we snuggled together on the bed.

It was Skyler again, which was great as far as I was concerned, I just loved watching him in action 'cos he seemed to be enjoying it so much. He had another twink with him and this time the action started with them on the bed just in their boxer briefs. Of course those were soon off and the other twink started blowing Skyler. That went on for a while and then Skyler moved around on the bed and started blowing the other twink at the same time! I almost shot my load as soon as he started and almost shouted 'what the fuck!' Jerry grinned, gave me a kiss and told me this was known as a sixty nine. As soon as they'd finished we had to try it. Oh boy, was it fun being pleasured and giving it at the same time. This was really something else.

I got to thinking about things before my next visit and a couple of things sort of clicked into place. Once we'd got into his bedroom, undressed each other and got comfortable on the bed, I asked Jerry one of my questions.

"You've watched all these vids before haven't you?"

"Yeah, course I have. Lots of 'em several times, but you know that so why the question?"

I laughed. "I think I've figured out your evil plan," as I lent across to be able to nip a nipple.

"Hey, I ain't got no evil plan. We're just having fun – yeah?"

"Yeah, it's great. But the first vid you showed was just Skyler, then Skyler and Devon tossing each other and the next Skyler and another twink doing sixty nines. It's a sorta progression isn't it? So what's today's lesson gonna be, teach?"

This time he really chuckled. "Hey, you're not as dumb as you make out are you. There's a brain in that head of yours."

"So answer my question!" I said before nipping a nipple again.

"Look Jase, I've wanted to find someone to do things with for some time. I thought you'd be up for it but I didn't want to rush things and scare you off. So, I started with just Skyler to see how you'd react. That went well, so I decided to take it further, but slow. If you see something you don't like or don't wanna try, that's okay with me. I know it's all new to you, but I just thought this made sense – sorta like going to the store and see what's on offer before you buy."

He gave me a worried look, followed by a kiss. "Comprende?" he asked with an attempt at a foreign accent that had me giggling.

"Special offers for good customers?" I asked, drawing another laugh from him. "Alright, so what's teach got for me today?"

He reached for the remote and pressed play. It was Skyler again and once more with a different partner. This time there was a lot of dick licking and sucking to start before Skyler lay on his front. The other twink spread Skyler's butt cheeks and stuck his tongue in his asshole and started licking. That Jerry informed was called 'rimming'. After that had gone on for a while the other twink got a bottle of lotion, spread some on his dick and then worked it into Skyler's hole. Guess I shouldn't have been too surprised as I'd seen Skyler shove what I now knew was a dildo up there. I just hadn't expected to see it happening right in front of a camera in real close up.

We lay there in silence when the vid had finished. Eventually I decided I had to say something.

"Don't think I'm ready for that yet Jerry. Are you?"

He thought for a moment before answering. "It's a big step ain't it? Taking a dick in yer mouth is one thing, but taking it up yer ass... Yeah, you need to be sure you wanna do it."

We settled for some kissing and a sixty nine before we had a shower and I departed.

I thought about things over the weekend. We didn't have a dildo and I could see no way of getting one. I did though summon up the nerve to buy some KY jelly in a store in town. Started putting that on my fingers and round my hole. Found with the lube it wasn't too hard to get a couple of fingers in and also discovered the need to ensure you had a dump before doing such things! Then I started thinking about what we could use instead of a dildo.

Next time I go round Jerry's and we'd undressed each other I take out of my backpack the KY jelly which impresses him no end. Then I pull out a couple of zucchini. Jerry stands there with his mouth open thinking I've gone mad. When I take the lid off the KY and smear some on one of the zucchini, Jerry gets the idea. I explain we both need to dump and shower, which we do, before getting comfortable on the bed. I tell him that as it's my idea he can try it on me first. It was a small zucchini because I'd checked them against my fingers when I bought them. Even so it hurt as it was going through my ring but then when Jerry's wiggling it around inside he found the magic spot. I saw stars and was suddenly pumping my load. Once he'd seen that Jerry couldn't wait to try and experience the same pleasure.

Things have moved on a lot since that afternoon. I don't think either of us can look at a zucchini without laughing, but now we use the real thing. We did take a lot more lessons from Skyler and his friends though to be able to test out various positions and find the ones we like best. I like being flat on my back and having Jerry ride me while we each watch the expression on our partner's face. He likes me being on my back but with my legs pulled up to my shoulders, which also means we can see each others' face while making love.

Yeah, I called it love 'cos that's what I think it is. We ain't just screwing and fucking for the sake of it, we're doing it because we like the pleasure we give each other and neither of us has ever considered doing it with anyone else.

We do watch Skyler's vids from time to time, but we don't need lessons now. Indeed Jerry often comes round to my apartment in the evening while my mom's at work where we can do exactly what we want, that is when we're not working. Once we turned sixteen we both got jobs. Mine is at a store either stacking shelves, or bagging up for customers. Jerry got a job as a busboy at a diner. Have to say he looks good in his white shirt, black bow tie and tight black trousers. He seems to do well for tips which I'm sure is down to those trousers and what they just about hide.

Jerry also came up with the idea of videoing some of our activities on his cell phone. Didn't dare leave the results on there, so he always downloads any film to a dvd. Those we can watch in his bedroom and laugh at our performance. Once he'd started taking those vids I decided I'd use the camera to take some still pics of us. They run from just head shots, through totally dressed portraits, to partially dressed ones and onto nude shots – whole body and partial. I only keep the best ones, but it's a good collection.

A few months ago we discovered something new. Jerry had got me on the bed on all fours and was really going hard at me. Now I'm well used to it, I love feeling his balls slapping against my butt as he thrusts in and out, when suddenly he slaps my butt. I automatically go "Ow" and then out of nowhere I say "Do it again." And he does. And I like it.

When we've finished and are lying there cuddling and recovering he asks me if I've been watching Skyler vids somewhere. I tell him I haven't and wanna know why. He says it's because Skyler likes being spanked. This is a part of Skyler I know nothing about, but I wanna know more so next time I'm round at Jerry's he goes to this site where there's loads of Skyler vids. Now some of them are gross with him tied up or being hit with a leather paddle type thing by an old guy, but some of them where he's just being spanked by another twink look like fun. You can see he's enjoying it and so am I watching.

Jerry can see me getting hard and I'm stroking my dick as I watch, leaking like mad.

"You ever been spanked?" he asks.

"Nah. Well, my mom might have slapped my butt or legs when I was a little kid, but properly spanked, no. You?"

"Yeah, my dad's leathered my butt a good few times. That wasn't fun, but he meant it to hurt. These twinks are just playing. Hey, there's one company that just makes spanky vids with twinks. You can only see little clips on their site though. Wanna see some?"

Of course I did, so he went to their site and we watched these little extracts that were usually only about a minute long. Some were of twinks being spanked by an older guy either by hand or with some sort of paddle, but a lot were of twinks spanking twinks, usually by hand. Those got me going to the extent that I couldn't help myself and shot a load while watching them.

Jerry just laughed when I came. "Good thing I don't do that when dad's leathering me, or he'd do it even more."

When I got home that evening I found myself watching those spankings again in my mind. I tossed off twice and still had trouble sleeping. I really struggled to think about anything else. Even got myself a detention at school the next day for not paying attention in class. Fortunately it wasn't a day when Jerry and I got together, that was the day after.

I still wasn't sure until the point at which we'd undressed each other and were stood there kissing and running our hands over each other's body. Suddenly I broke off the kiss,

"Jerry, will you spank me?"

He looked at me as if I'd gone mad. "" he said slowly, his voice full of disbelief.

"Yeah, that's what I said."

"But, why?"

"You saw the other day I got turned on watching. I need to know what it feels like. You're the only person I can ask."

He sat down on the bed and appeared to be thinking about it.

"Look," I said, "if I don't like it I can tell you to stop. It's not like being punished, like when your dad leathers you and you've no choice. I won't hold it against you for doing it, but I do wanna try it."

Jerry looked up with a little grin. I was standing in front of him, pretty much fully erect at the thought.

"Nope, but you'll be holding this against me, won't you?" he said grabbing my dick.

"Alright, we'll try it. But I'm not sure I can do it Jase. I don't wanna hurt you. You're my best friend. I think I even love you...."

He tailed off. Jeeze he'd never said anything about loving me before, but I sorta knew what he meant.

"Please, Jerry. Do it because you love me and it's what I want."

He got into position on the bed as we'd seen in some of the vids and I laid myself across him and the bed. When he started I hardly felt anything and had to tell him to hit harder. After a little time he got more into it and I could start feeling the slaps and the sting. My butt started to feel warm and tingly and my dick chubbed up. It was good. He stopped after a while and just rubbed his hand around my butt cheeks – and that felt good too. When he stopped doing that he helped me stand up and suggested I look in the mirror in his shower room. My butt was a rich rosy pink and my dick was throbbing. I walked back to where he was sat on the bed.

"Thanks. Now fuck me." I climbed onto the bed and got into his favorite position with my legs pulled up to my shoulders so my rosy ass was clearly visible. He put some lube on his dick, gave my butt a couple of good slaps and then went to work. It felt great.

That was how the spanking started. I don't ask him to do it too often; I sorta like to surprise him. But it does add a bit of variety and I love him doing it to me. We've even managed to video it on his cell and that has also been transferred to dvd.

One evening a couple months back Jerry was round my apartment. We'd just had great sex and were lying there recovering when he says with a catch in his voice,

"Don't think we're gonna be able to do this much longer, Jase."

I'm stunned as if someone let off a bomb nearby.

"What you mean, Jerry? You found someone else? You dumping me?"

He pulls me into a hug and kisses me intensely.

"Never, Jase. See I'm eighteen now, gonna leave school at the end of the semester and dad wants me to join the army same as Dom. That means I won't be here. Anyway, I guess you're going off to college somewhere so that'd also be the end of us."

Dom was his older brother Dominik who his father thought was wonderful and apparently was enjoying life in the army. As for me, I definitely wasn't going to college, I just wanted a job.

We talked about it for a long time, but it seemed our, or at least his, fate was decided. That night though I got to thinking. I've found I do all my best thinking in bed – much better than in a classroom! - and the start of a plan began to form. Next time we were together I told Jerry what I had in mind. He thought it was a crazy idea at first, but he slowly came round to it and decided it was worth a try.

And today we're putting the first part of the plan into action, or at least we will be if Jerry turns up. I've just seen him though running across the mall toward where I'm sat. As usual he's late and comes to a halt in front of me, out of breath.

"Jeeze, you had me worried Jerry. Thought you'd changed your mind or your dad had locked you in your room."

He gives a sort of wheezy chuckle. "Nah, he was late going to work today for some reason and I didn't wanna leave the house until he'd gone."

"Have you got everything?" I ask.

"Think so. Cell, dvds, money, birth certificate and some clothes," he says taking his backpack off. "You?" he adds.

"Yep, camera and skateboard as you can see. Birth certificate, Bank card and some cash. Clothes in my backpack, behind this thing. Mind you we won't need many where we're going."

He laughs. "Not if this stupid plan of your works!"

"Of course it'll work. Come on, let's go and get on the bus. Los Angeles awaits!"

Yep, that's the plan. We're going to LA which we found out is where most of the twink movies are made in the US. We've got clips and stills to show any potential producer and we think we're as good as a lot of the current crop of twinks, both in looks and technique. If we can't get into the mainstream stuff we've always got my liking for being spanked to fall back on. As I told him the other night when he was spanking me, there can't be that many twinks who like it. I'm just gonna be particular about who does the spanking. No old men fer sure, but if Skyler's available...

And if all else fails, I'm sure Jerry can get a job as a busboy and I can get one in a store, so I don't see us starving. Plus which Los Angeles has to be a damn site better than Cedar Falls. But, most important of all – we'll be together!


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