I'm Not Your Baby Ruth

by Ivor Slipper

I wasn't happy when Dad told me what was going to happen in a couple of months. Well, would you be happy if you were suddenly told you were going to be moving home to live in another part of the country? I was happy living here in Georgia but now we were going to be moving to Texas. I had a real close group of friends that lived in the neighborhood, most of them I'd known for years like Donny, Rich, Taylor, Josh and especially Devin. We'd all been together since kindergarten, or in Devin's case even before that. Now I was 13 year old in 8th Grade and in a flash they'd all be gone. Okay, I know we could still Skype each other and email and so on – it wasn't going to be like the dark ages when you could only communicate by letter or telephone as they used to call it – but that wasn't the point. They'd not be in my life anymore; I'd not be able to see them; we'd not be able to goof off together and do things; we'd not have any more sleepovers…… I could go on, but what's the point. It was going to happen and I'd suddenly be dumped into this new town and new school where I was sure I'd be looked on as if I came from another country or maybe even outer space. It really didn't bear thinking about.

Of course it happened because it gave Dad a much better job at a higher salary and I could see that it made sense, but that didn't mean I had to be happy about it. I'm sure I got on both Dad and Mum's nerves with the way I was behaving prior to the move, but they both cut me a lot of slack during that time. I know some of my antics should have led to a session with my paddle, but my butt escaped during that time. A couple of days before the move though Dad did have a long chat with me during which he made it clear that my grace period would be over once we'd settled into the new house.

So that was it. We had a really great party a couple of nights before the move and Devin stayed over for the last time although we did promise to make plans to visit each other in the summer vacation. For me though it would be a new start at a new Middle School in Plano immediately after the Spring Holiday. Now I must admit I did get a bit blown away when I saw our new house as it had a pool. That was something our old house lacked and I had to rely on invites from those of my group who did have one. I thought it would probably be a good thing to be able to invite new friends back for a swim – always assuming I could make any!

Mum dropped me off at school that first morning and I was wandering round a bit like a lost sheep not knowing where to go or what to do. Finally I plucked up the nerve to ask one of the people I presumed to be a teacher and he told me where I had to go to register. When I got there I found another kid also waiting so it looked like I wasn't going to be the only newbie. Once we'd done the necessary paperwork this lady took us and showed us where our lockers were and then led the pair of us to our Homeroom. There she handed us over to our teacher, Mr Kranz, who once the class had quietened down announced,

"We have two new students joining us today. I hope you'll welcome Jayden Thomas who hails from Georgia and Kieran Brown who comes all the way from England."

There were a few noises made in response to that and I couldn't tell if the lions were friendly or not. Anyhow Mr Kranz put me and Kieran to sit together and it also turned out that we were going to be sharing a few classes. As a result me and Kieran found ourselves sitting next to each other in those classes and also in the cafeteria at lunch. By the end of the first day we'd also established that we were living quite close to each other and shared some interests. We both liked swimming and decided we might try and make the swim team; also we were both keen on track and field, or as Kieran called it – athletics. I was considered to be a reasonable 400 meter runner back home while Kieran was into long distance stuff. He told me that when he was in England, they'd lived in a place called Yorkshire and that for the last couple of years he'd been doing cross country and fell running – not that I knew what that was. He did explain it when I asked, after commenting that if I ran cross country I'd definitely fall over from exhaustion.

We were therefore both quite fit. I was just under 5 foot tall and weighed around 100 pounds. I had black hair, which was quite long and straight, coming down the sides of my face and the back to neck level; blue/gray eyes and a fairly pudgy nose. For some reason, my mom said I had an elfin face and thought I looked cute when I smiled. Kieran was a couple of inches taller than me and also about ten pounds heavier. He was a redhead with green eyes and a ready smile.

It turned out his father was actually an American who had been living and working in England for many years, where he had met and married Kieran's mom (or mum as he called her) and Kieran had been born in England. However, since his father was American, he'd been able to take up a job over here and was actually working for the same company as my dad, although at a slightly lower level.

So it was sort of inevitable, I guess, that our friendship developed over the rest of the semester. What with classes and sports, we spent a fair amount of our Mondays to Fridays together, and as neither of us had made much in the way of other friends at school, we started to spend time together out of schoo. At first this was just after school, as we helped each other out with our homework. I'd noticed, though, as the weather warmed up that Kieran was casting envious glances at our pool so I asked him if he wanted to come for a sleepover one Friday. He looked at me totally bemused and I was amazed that he didn't know what a sleepover was! Apparently such things didn't happen in England, or at least not in Yorkshire, so I had to explain the idea to him. Once I had he of course jumped at the idea, especially as it would mean he could test out our pool.

Our moms had talked to each other to agree the arrangements and Kieran went home briefly after school to get his stuff together before coming round to my place. I had a pretty big room with two single beds in it dating back to when Devin had spent many a sleepover with me. Also, I now had my own bathroom, so we could be pretty much self-sufficient. Kieran had been mighty impressed when he'd first seen my room, complete with its own wide screen TV, computer and work station.

When he arrived, I'd already changed into my swim shorts so I left him to do the same and waited for him at the pool. We had a good couple of hours swimming and horsing around before Dad came home and started getting the grill going. Because Kieran was red-headed, I knew he had to be careful not to get sunburned, so I understood when he wanted to put on a shirt as soon as he got out of the pool. As always, Dad did a good grill, and with ice cream to follow, we were well set up for the night.

Back in my room we watched a movie and played on the x-box and it was soon well after midnight. Kieran had asked me about where I'd lived before coming here and I had a folder of photos on the computer that I decided to show him. What I'd forgotten about was that the last few pics in that folder were of Devin, and the last couple were of him naked. We'd taken a couple of each other as a sort of souvenir just before I'd moved. Anyway, this pic of Devin flashes up on the screen and Kevin goes,

"Wow, he's hung!"

I hadn't thought about it before, but I guess he was, as he had always been bigger than me, but I'd just thought I was small.

"Yeah, I guess he is about six inches."

And that was when Kieran dropped his little bombshell on me.

"Was he good to suck?"

Of course we had sucked each other a good few times, moving onto that from initially jerking ourselves off alongside each other and then jerking each other. Since the move, though, I'd had to make do with jerking myself off, which was nowhere near as good.

I turned and looked at Kieran, who was sitting by my side, and found him looking at me with a smile on his face. I looked down and he had his right hand inside his shorts and was obviously stroking himself. Perhaps my long fast was about to be broken?

"He was the best – both ways," I replied.

"But you've never been done by an English boy – have you?"

By this time we were both only wearing shorts. Kieran pushed his chair back, stood up and pushed down his shorts. I don't know if I gasped out loud, but it was the first time I'd seen him properly down there. He was circumcised and he had a dick that was standing up at about 5 inches and was quite thick, but what took my breath away was his bush of red hair and the two balls that hung down below his dick. I now definitely felt small in comparison as I was not circumcised, my dick wasn't much more than 4 inches long and it was quite thin. The head of mine seemed very small in comparison to the large round head that pointed towards me.

I knew I wanted him; my brain was telling me that and so was my dick. I reached out and touched him; it felt warm and inviting.

"Y'all just gonna sit there all night or y'all gonna do something?" he asked in his best (but very poor) impression of a Texas accent.

"I might could sit here all night I suppose," I responded with my own (slightly better) impression. "But that'd sure be a waste."

I kneeled down on the floor and guided his dick towards my lips. I ran my lips up and down it, fondling his balls as I did so. Like me, Devin was uncircumcised, which I know is a bit unusual for US kids, so I'd not seen a dick like Kieran's except in photos. I loved the way the head was just there straight away in my face, round and bulbous. I put out my tongue and licked his pee slit; he moaned in response. Next I licked round the entire head before moving down his shaft. Once I'd got him nicely wet, I took his balls in my mouth and could feel they were well loaded. By now Kieran had his hands on my head, and when I moved back to take his dick into my mouth, the little noises he'd been making up till then increased in volume. Initially I just drew him in and I was surprised to find I could manage to accommodate him, but once I knew I could, I started bobbing. It wasn't long before I felt him tense and suddenly he unloaded. I almost gagged, partly because it'd been a while since I'd done it and partly because I was sure he shot more than Devin used to.

Kieran withdrew his dick, put his hands under my armpits and helped me to my feet. His wet dick rubbed against my shorts, inside which my own dick was anxious to be set free. Some of his cum was on my chin and around my lips, which Kieran wiped off with his fingers and sucked those off in his mouth.

"Yours can join that in a few minutes," he said as he got down on his knees, whipping down my shorts as he did.

"My, that's a little head you've got there," he commented as he saw my little acorn sticking out of my foreskin, but then he proceeded to take me to heaven and to hell for what seemed like hours but was probably no more than five minutes. However, he would keep bringing me almost to the point of cumming and then let me drop back. I didn't know where or how he'd learned, but he sure must have had a great teacher. Eventually, when I thought I was going to scream, in frustration he let me explode into his throat.

That was the start of our relationship, which continued apace as often as Kieran came round and whether or not he slept over. During the summer vacation, Dad had to go away on a business trip for a week and he was able to take Mom with him. I didn't want to go, and they agreed I could stay, provided Gran came to look after me. She was pretty ancient and basically left me to my own devices so Kieran and I could carry on with no problems.

One thing we had discovered was that we were both chocolate fiends. Snickers, Mars, Baby Ruth, Oh Henry, Twix, Mr Goodbar – you name it and we ate it. The only problem was the hot weather which meant they had to be kept in the fridge. And we were also hot for ice cream, which Kieran agreed tasted much better here than it did back in England. It was amazing we didn't get fat, but I guess our swimming and other activities used up those calories.

We were sitting out by the pool one afternoon when Gran appeared bearing a couple of Eskimo Pies. She didn't like the heat so quickly returned indoors to the cool. Kieran ate his in a way that was almost pornographic. He started by licking the chocolate shell, swirling his tongue over it, until a bit melted and then sucking on the ice cream. He even managed to slide it in and out of his mouth as though it were my dick. I was rolling around laughing at his antics until he took a big bite off the end!

However, it did give me an idea, and the next day when he came over, I made him wait in my bathroom while I got ready. When I told him he could come out, he first just stood there wide eyed before walking towards my bed.

I was lying on the bed on a towel but totally naked. My dick was erect, and I had covered it in passion fruit flavor yoghurt! The pot was on the nightstand, so he knew what it was, but he wiped a little off my dick with his fingers and tasted it just be sure.

"I fancy a bit of passion," he said as he bent over and kissed me. Believe it or not, this was our first real kiss. Once done, he set to work in licking the yoghurt off my dick before making me cum.

As we lay on the bed alongside each other, he said,

"I wonder what I can find for you tomorrow."

There sounded like a trace of evil as he spoke and laughed at the end of the sentence, so we agreed that anything we used would have to be edible. Well, over the next few days we got through various varieties of yoghurt, cream and jelly. We'd more or less run out of ideas for what we could use when I had a real brainwave. I called him in the morning to ask what time he was coming over. When I knew that I put my plan into action and was stood outside waiting for him to arrive.

As soon as he saw me he virtually doubled up laughing.

"I'll be your Eskimo Pie today, but do you think you can manage a head this big?" I asked with a big grin on my face.

I'd emptied a bottle of chocolate sauce over my head. It had now almost set in my hair, but some had run down over my face onto my shoulder and t-shirt.

"Oh Henry, I'll give it a damn good try," was his response as he started licking it off my face.


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