I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside

by Ivor Slipper

Flowering Delayed

A few months ago Billy would never have considered telling an adult of his problems. Until then adults had only existed in his mind as oppressors and jailers. Admittedly at the orphanage there had been a couple of the staff who had been reasonably good natured and kind – especially to the younger boys – but in general the place had been run on very authoritarian grounds. Not speaking unless spoken to and instant obedience to any instruction were what was required. Step out of line and if it was seen some form of retribution would follow. That wasn't always corporal punishment; boys could be denied meals or given only bread to eat, or they could be made to do some form of physical exercise or run round the playing field for a set time.

Vaguely he could remember a time before the orphanage when if he'd fallen over while playing he went to his Mum and she had cuddled him and kissed the hurt better or when one of his parents had read stories to him when he went to bed at night. But after they had gone there had been nobody to turn to apart from his protector at the orphanage and that wasn't the same as there had been a price to pay for that protection.

In the last few months though he had found first Chris and then George who had taken him into his home and to Billy's amazement had sought nothing in return for providing him with food and shelter. He'd also gone to a school where the majority of masters were actually interested in teaching. Sure, as he'd discovered, you could still get slippered but with most masters you had to try pretty hard to achieve that. And yes, he'd even been caned! Once! In a whole term! Back there it would probably have been at least once a week. He'd even found a sport he could enjoy and was quite good at. He'd long ago learnt how to take knocks so being tackled on the rugby field didn't bother him, especially as he could tackle others.

So George had become his substitute father and Chris had become…… Chris had become more than he imagined a brother would have been for they did things together that he felt would not be right for brothers to do. And he wanted Chris to do more or rather he wanted them to do more. But now none of that might happen.

When Billy had raised his head a few seconds ago to look at George he was surprised to see a smile on his face – one that was slightly larger than the little one that had appeared on his own.

"Wot's bleedin' funny?" he asked.

"Billy, without wanting to see this as a comedy situation, you have to admit there are a couple of funny things in what you've told me."

"Yeah, like wot?"

"Well, for a start there's the fact that you hit Andrew for only starting to hint at me doing what you accused me of when we first met."

"Yeah, well," said Billy starting to grin, "I didn't know you then."

"Very true – and neither does Andrew so perhaps to an outsider the situation in this house does look strange. But there is also the fact that things started to go wrong when he asked you if you wanted a wank. I'm sure a short time ago you'd have jumped at the offer – wouldn't you?"

Billy reflected for a few seconds, before saying,

"Yeah, I would've, but I've changed. Don't wanna do that now."

"Except with Chris?"

Billy's eyes shot wide open as did his mouth as his jaw dropped.


"Billy, I'd have to be blind and deaf not to know what you two get up to in your bedroom sometimes – and don't forget I do the washing."

Billy blushed – something he very rarely did.

"Oh, Gawd!" he exclaimed.

"But let's leave that aside for now and look at your problem. First of all it's quite likely Andrew won't say anything to his parents or if he does he won't name names. Doesn't the schoolboy code still operate?"

Billy nodded.

"Even if he does it would still need his father to go to the police and the police to follow up on his complaint. It's not as if you beat Andrew to a pulp – you just landed one punch from what you say."

Billy nodded again.

"If your punch has done any real damage like breaking his nose then perhaps his father will want to take it further, but I doubt you've done that."

"But they're rich an' the cops'll do what they want."

"They may be rich, but I don't think the police will dance to their tune. I think the most that might happen is that his father will come round here to complain. If that happens we'll deal with it. Anyway, even if Andrew does tell his father he doesn't come out of it very well, asking you for a wank and what he implied about me."

"Yeah, but if 'e says 'e didn't say them things, who's the cops gonna believe?"

"Billy, I think you are worrying too much. Let's wait and see if anything happens. If it does we'll deal with it then – together."

On hearing that Billy got up from chair, walked round the table and wrapped his arms round George's neck and down his chest.

"You're the best, George."

"Well I won't be if I don't get on with getting your and Chris' dinners. Come to that, how do you fancy fish and chips?"

"Didn't fink I were hungry, but….."

George got up and found his wallet, gave Billy some money and told him to nip down the shop on his bike. As Billy was about to leave he turned to George and said,

"Don't tell Chris what's 'appened. I'll tell 'im meself later….per'aps."

The last word was said quieter than the others but George still heard it and shook his head in concern. It was indeed up to Billy what he told Chris, but it didn't seem fair to leave him in the dark – even though George thought it wouldn't amount to anything.

When Chris came home from work he spent a few minutes talking to 'Lucky' and the kittens after taking of his painters overalls before going upstairs to quickly change. When he returned and they sat down to eat their dinner he felt that something wasn't right. Billy wasn't his usual happy, talkative self and when Chris asked him what he'd done during the day there was a delay before Billy responded saying that he'd spent most of it finishing off his school holiday work and then reading. Chris seemed to recall Billy saying yesterday that he had finished the schoolwork then, but didn't make an issue of it.

After eating and washing up they moved into the lounge to watch TV. About an hour later there was a knock at the front door. That was most unusual as George rarely had visitors, especially in the evening and carol singers had gone until next Christmas. Chris noticed a look of alarm appear on Billy's face and as George got up to go an answer the door, Billy got up too and headed rapidly upstairs.

A minute or so later George poked his head round the door.

"It's only Mrs Brown. She's come to see if she can sex the kittens for us. Do you want to come and see? Where's Billy gone?"

"Dunno. He dashed upstairs like he needed to get to the loo quick."

George smiled knowingly before turning and walking out of the room to the foot of the stairs where he called out,

"Billy, you can come down. It's only Mrs Brown."

Chris couldn't help but hear what George said and was puzzled by those words. Was Billy hiding, was he afraid of something? That wasn't Billy. As he went out into the kitchen though he heard Billy coming back downstairs, but he also noticed a look exchanged between Billy and George – something was definitely going on and he wanted to know what. For now though he watched as Mrs Brown picked up each of the kittens in turn and closely examined their rear ends. Having done so she turned to George with the second one still in her hands and said,

"Them's both female – definite."

"How do you know?" asked George.

"Easy once you know how. If you look close at the rear end there are two little openings, almost touching each other. That means they're female. With a male there is a gap between them which is where their balls grow."

Now it was George's turn to blush while Chris and even Billy started laughing. When Chris stopped he turned to George,

"So this means we can call them 'Holly' and 'Ivy'!

"Guess those are as good names as any and they are appropriate."

"Thanks ever so much, George." Chris replied before walking over and hugging him.

Even though Billy had come back downstairs he hadn't seemed to Chris to be excited, or even very interested, in the kittens and their naming. Chris had fully expected Billy to raise objections claiming that the names Chris had chosen were silly, but nothing had been said. For the rest of the evening Billy continued in a subdued mood and even the suggestion of a game of cards was turned down. Chris was sure there was something wrong; initially he wondered if there had been some sort of argument between Billy and George before he had got home from work, but if there had been George showed no signs.

It wasn't long after nine when Billy announced that he was going to bed. This was unusually early for him even though he was getting up at 6am to go and do his paper round before school. Normally it was around ten before he went upstairs. Chris let him go and sat there for a while longer wondering whether to say anything to George, but in the end decided that it would be better to ask Billy direct. So, after giving Billy fifteen minutes or so to use the bathroom and get into bed, but hopefully not long enough to go to sleep, Chris said goodnight to George and went upstairs himself. He found Billy in bed as expected, but couldn't tell if he was asleep. However, he went quickly to the bathroom, cleaned his teeth, had a quick wash and then returned to undress and slide into bed. As normal Billy had his back towards Chris who slid across the bed and went to put his right arm over Billy to draw him tight in the way they usually cuddled together. However, he was almost stunned when Billy moved further over to his side of the bed.

Chris was by now irritated. Billy seemed to be upset with him, but he couldn't for the life of him think of anything he had done to cause this. He slid further across the bed to get behind Billy again, but this time when he put his arm over him he pulled him so that he was on his back.

"What the fuck's up with you tonight, Billy? You've been weird all evening and I want to know why?"

There was a silence and then a little sob escaped from Billy's lips. Billy hadn't realised Chris had noticed the sob, but hearing him swear which he rarely did, he knew he'd eventually have to tell him.

"I done summat bad this afternoon, but I don't wanna tell ya what."

"Why not? I thought we didn't have secrets now. I thought we were a pair."

"Yeah, but we won't be much longer I reckon."

Now Chris was both puzzled and worried.

"Billy, please tell me what this is all about. I need to know; you're worrying me."

"Not 'alf as much as I'm worried meself." Billy said with what seemed to Chris like half a chuckle.

"Well, what's that old saying – yeah that's it – a trouble shared is a trouble halved, so if you tell me you'll only be a quarter worried."

As Chris said that he tickled Billy and received a little laugh in return. He wasn't sure if that came from the tickle or his comment.

"Where'd you learn that bit of old rubbish? Alright, I'll tell ya, but it'll take a while if you want the full story."

"Sooner you start, sooner you'll finish. "

"Oh gawd – there you go again. Now shut up wiv them sayings and let Billy talk."

And Billy did talk, but Chris did interrupt from time to time. Even so Chris now knew what was worrying his friend and could appreciate the possible problems. When Billy had finished his account there was a silence for a couple of minutes before Chris spoke.

"I can sort of see why you'd be worried if the cops got involved, but as George said that probably won't happen."

"Knowing my luck it will and then if I'm still 'ere they'll send me back to the 'ome – but I ain't going there – not ever. So I've decided I ain't gonna chance it. Sorry Chris, but I'm gonna run off tomorrow."

Chris was totally shocked when he heard those words.

"You can't do that Billy – you've nowhere to go."

"Didn't have when I left the 'ome, but it turned out okay."

"Yes, but this is different. Now you've got me and George and we both love you in different ways."

"Yeah, an' that's why I ain't happy about going, but I ain't got no choice."

"Well if you're going I'm coming with you."

"Don't be fuckin' daft Chris. You've no reason to run. You're over fifteen so you're here legal like. Nobody can take you away."

"But I don't want to be here without you."

By now the pair were hugging each other and tears were rolling down their cheeks.

"An' I don't wanna leave you. Maybe some day I can come back."

"You're thinking daft Billy. Let's wait and see what happens. Even if the police do turn up here I don't reckon they'd decide to take you away right then. They'd have to do some checks I reckon, so if things started looking dodgy you'd still have time to run."

"Mebbe, but mebbe they'd just come and arrest me; take me down the station and that'd be it."

"Billy, please wait and see. Here's an idea for you though. If nothing happens in the morning then why not go round to Andrew's place and apologise to him?"

"S'pose I could. Could always let 'im punch me in the face – sorta even things up."

"That's not a bad idea, Billy" Chris said with a laugh. "Look, we both need some sleep and tomorrow is another day."

"Oh gawd, there you go again wiv another of them sayings!"

With that Billy turned over and snuggled his back into Chris's chest.

"I do luv yer Chris."

"And I love you too Billy – and we ain't gonna be separated."

Billy felt Chris' prick growing hard. He raised one leg and Chris slipped in between while at the same time placing his hand on Billy's prick which also grew hard. Billy really hoped his world wasn't about to fall apart; something deep inside him made him believe that his relationship with Chris could be about to enter another stage, albeit not tonight.

When Billy's alarm clock went off the following morning he really didn't feel like getting up. What was the point of going and doing his paper round if he was not going to be able to do it the following day he wondered? Usually he went and used the bathroom first and Chris then followed as he didn't need to leave the house until around 7.30. But this morning he just lay there, until Chris started tickling him and blowing in his ear. Despite how he had felt when the clock went off, Billy now couldn't resist laughing and quickly jumped out of bed and dashed off to the bathroom. When he returned ten minutes later Chris was already partly dressed. Chris watched him as he scampered still naked to his side of the bed and began to get dressed. Chris felt a stirring as Billy turned his arse towards him and bent over while pulling up his briefs. He caught a glimpse of his hole as his bum cheeks parted which made him even harder. By now he'd almost got to the point of being willing to do what Billy wanted, but perhaps fate would prevent that.

When Billy had finished getting dressed Chris said to him,

"Billy, promise me you won't do anything stupid today."

Billy turned and looked at him before responding, "Like what?"

"Like running away today; I told you last night if you go I'm coming too."

Billy smiled his special smile,

"Gawd Chris. I was bleedin' lucky when you came by that day. Never had a friend like you before an' I don't wanna lose yer. Promise I won't go wivout yer – unless I 'ave to. Good enough?"

Chris smiled in return.

"That was a lucky day for both of us. I'll settle for that, but if you do 'ave to' then promise you'll let me know where you've gone. Deal?"

Billy walked round the bed to where Chris was. They hugged and kissed – deeply and sensually, both worried that this could be the last such kiss for some time but both hoping that wasn't going to be the case. They separated after a full minute and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

Billy then departed to do his paper round while Chris spent some time with 'Lucky' and her kittens. They were another reason why he hoped Billy would stay because if Billy went and he either went with him or followed, he wouldn't get to see the kittens grow up. Thus far they were still blind and inactive, but from the literature George had obtained from the vet he knew that after about ten days they'd start to develop rapidly and should prove to be real bundles of fun. He just had to see that.

By the time Billy returned from his paper round Chris had departed but George was having his toast and marmalade before setting off to work himself. Having removed his bag in which he carried the papers Billy pulled out a chair and sat down opposite George.

"I did tell Chris everythin' last night. You was right – 'e had to know too."

"Good" said George. "It's best not to keep secrets, especially from special friends."

Billy gave a little chuckle as George had emphasised the last two words.

"Yeah. An' he suggested I go round to Andrew today an' apologise for hitting 'im. Whatcha fink of that?"

"Seems like a good idea to me Billy. It'll show him you really are sorry and it will also give you a chance to find out if anything is likely to happen. But as I told you last night, I think you are worrying unnecessarily. If the police got involved every time one kid hit another they'd have no time to do anything else!"

"Guess you're right George. I'm just not used yet to living outside the 'ome. Do anythin' there and there was consequences, which usually involved yer arse."

George finished his breakfast and went to start washing the dishes but Billy told him he'd do them, so George went back upstairs to get dressed for work. When he came back down Billy was still at the sink so he walked up behind him and wrapped his arms round Billy's chest saying,

"I'm sure it's going to be alright Billy – and don't forget there are two people here who love you."

Billy gasped when he heard the words; turned round and wrapped his wet hands and arms round George.

"Thanks, George. You're the best!"

Billy decided that he'd go round to Andrew's about mid-morning which left him a couple of hours to fill. He switched on the radio and listened to some pop music but wasn't really in the mood for that. Then he found by the side of the settee a book that Chris had got out of the library just before Christmas. Until starting at school in Margate this autumn Billy's reading had virtually been confined to comics, but he wasn't an idiot as had been confirmed by his school report at the end of term. Some of the teachers at his school had opened his eyes to subjects that previously had held no interest for him. He had always been good at Maths while struggling somewhat in English where his spelling was pretty atrocious – albeit showing some signs of improvement. An interest in Geography and History had though been sparked thanks to teachers with an enthusiasm for their subject and the book he had now found was one dealing with the Anzio landings in which George had taken part. He started to read it and quickly became engrossed to the extent that when he was disturbed by 'Lucky' who had come into the lounge looking for some attention, he was amazed to see it was already eleven o'clock. He gave the cat some fuss before laying the book back where he had found it and then putting on his coat and going outside to get on his bike and ride round to Andrew's house.

With some reluctance he laid his bike down on the front drive and then rang the doorbell. Now there was no going back. After a short delay, during which he thought of turning round, getting back on his bike and pedalling off, the door was finally opened. There stood a tall woman, with brown hair and well dressed. She looked down at Billy,

"Is Andrew in – and if so can I see 'im please?"

Billy had decided he would do his utmost to sound less common today, but dropping 'aitches' was always going to be a problem for him.

"And who might you be? I don't think I've seen you before."

Billy had had little experience of females in his life - his mother, a nurse at the orphanage and one teacher at school was all he had ever known apart from some of the ladies he had briefly spoken to on his paper round. To him Andrew's mother seemed almost frightening with her well permed hair, make up and wearing a black skirt and white blouse with a string of pearls around her neck plus several rings on her fingers. His nerve almost failed him for a second, but Billy wasn't easily scared.

"I'm Billy. I go to the same school as Andrew an' 'e said I could come round an' see 'im during the holiday if I wanted."

Billy was trying hard with his pronunciation but under mental pressure it was inevitably slipping.

"Well in that case I suppose you'd better come in although I'm not sure he'll be up to seeing you today. He got in a fight yesterday and……….." she tailed off as she ushered Billy into the hall before shouting upstairs,

"Andrew you've got a Billy come to see you."

After a short delay Andrew appeared at the top of the stairs. Billy was surprised to see that he was wearing a rugby shirt and shorts and was barefoot. He had already noticed the house was warm – far warmer than his own, but he didn't think it was that hot.

"Is it alright if Billy comes up Mum? I told him that if he wanted he could come round during the holiday and see the train set. We're both in the rugger team – Billy's scrum half and me fly half."

"Well, I suppose so. Your father didn't say that you couldn't have anyone visit after yesterday, just that you weren't to go out."

The words registered with Billy. It seemed something had happened after Andrew's parents had returned yesterday, but it looked as if his name hadn't been mentioned.

"Thanks Mum. Come on up, Billy."

Billy did so and Andrew led him to the room that held the train layout.

When he'd closed the door behind them Andrew said,

"Wasn't expecting to see you again after yesterday."

"Come to apologise for 'itting you. Shouldn't 'ave done that. I'm sorry. Looks like I gave you a bit of a shiner. Don't know me own strength!"

Andrew's hand went to his face gently touching the bruise under his eye and around his nose.

"Guess I deserved it for saying what I did about your uncle."

Billy had no idea where Andrew had got the idea that George was his uncle, but his brain quickly registered such a relationship could be used to explain why he was living there, so said nothing to contradict.

"Can we be friends still" asked Billy. "I ain't got many an' none with a train set like this!"

Andrew grinned and held out his hand which Billy took.

"Okay, let's play trains. You can be the Fat Controller."

Billy vaguely remembered 'Thomas the Tank Engine' from the days when his parents were alive and the memory produced a little shiver that Andrew noticed.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"Nuffink really. Just took me back to when me parents was alive an' me Mum or Dad read them books to me when I were a little kid."

"Gee, I'm sorry Billy. Didn't mean to upset you. How long ago did they die? Sorry shouldn't ask that – I'm being nosey and I expect it'll only upset you more."

"They died about eight years ago now, so it shouldn't upset me."

"But you've only just come to live with George?"

Billy realised he'd have to do some quick thinking, having told one lie about George being his uncle now it looked as if he would have to add to the story. He couldn't admit to having been in an orphanage, let alone running away from one.

"Yeah, when me parents were killed I went to live with me grands, but they was getting too old so I was moved to live with Uncle George."

"Ah, that explains your sudden appearance last term. Okay, sit down and we'll start to set things in motion."

"No, you sit down and get them running. I want to watch and see how you control them before I have a go." said Billy remembering what had happened yesterday.

Andrew grinned at him. "Don't worry Billy I learnt my lesson yesterday. Still, that does make sense."

Andrew went to sit down on the chair and as he did so Billy spotted an expression cross his face the instant his arse came into contact with the seat of the chair. It was one he knew well, but should he say anything he wondered. Well, he did want to find out if there was any chance of Andrew's parents taking further action over that punch - but he didn't plunge right in.

"What did your parents say when they came home yesterday and saw your face?"

Andrew turned and looked at Billy.

"They weren't happy and my Dad wanted to know how it happened and who did it."

"But you didn't tell him it were me?"

"No. Wouldn't do that. Told him I'd gone into town and then got picked on by a couple of the local roughs from the comprehensive school."

"Thanks. So then what 'appened? From what your Mum said you ain't being allowed out today."

"Not today or probably for the rest of the week, but then I wasn't supposed to go out yesterday because they weren't here. I told you, remember?"

"Gawd yes – so you did. So…..?"

Andrew was silent as if thinking of how to respond.

"Something else 'appened didn't it Andrew? Fuck! I'm sorry."

"Wasn't really your fault Billy, but I got a dose of my medicine" Andrew said.

"Watcha mean - medicine?" asked Billy sounding very puzzled while trying to work out what Andrew could be talking about.

"Guess I'm going to have to tell you and then I suppose you'll tell half the school about it."

"I knows how to keep secrets. No worries there."

Andrew took a deep breath and half looked away from Billy.

"I got a dose of the strap – that's what."

"Fuck me!" exclaimed Billy who had never imagined that boys in good homes would get punished like that by their fathers. "I sorta thought you 'ad by the way you sat down, but couldn't believe it."

"Doesn't happen often, but my Dad didn't really believe my story and wanted to know more about the boys I had a fight with. Plus I shouldn't have been out anyway. So, I got a dozen with the strap."

Without thinking Billy put his arm round Andrew's shoulder and said,

"That's why you ain't wearing jeans today. A dozen wiv a strap really hurts."

Andrew turned and in a surprised voice asked,

"You know what it feels like? Does George beat you then?"

Billy realised he had perhaps admitted something he should have kept secret himself, but now the cat was out of the bag. Thinking quickly, he replied,

"Fuck no – not George. He's slippered me a couple of times but me Grandad used a strap on me a good few times when I lived there."

"You're bloody lucky. That's the second dose I've got this holiday."

Billy was even more astonished now. It seemed being beaten was a regular occurrence for Andrew.

"What was that for?" he blurted out.

"That was when he read my school report and saw I'd been caned for the mooning we did. Suppose I should have told him when it happened but I knew he'd strap me for it anyway and I didn't fancy that after the cane. Ended up with me getting eight with the strap whereas he told me it would have been only four had I told him at the time. Reckon I did the right thing though even if it hurt like fuck at the time, but four on top of the cane stripes would have been worse I'm sure. What happened to you when George read your report?"

Billy thought back and realised how George had reacted –just made him feel guilty but no extra beating. However, he felt that this was a situation in which he had to lie.

"I got slippered." He saw the reaction on Andrew's face as he said that, so quickly continued, "But this ain't like a slippering at school; George uses a slipper with a leather sole and I get it on me bare arse so it stings like hell."

"Do you want to see my arse?"

Billy was amazed at the offer. Was Andrew hoping if he took his shorts down Billy would offer to wank him off or something? Before he could respond Andrew spoke again.

"It's alright; I'm not going to suggest a wanking session even though I fancy one with you. Like I said yesterday when I see you naked in the showers or changing room I get a hard on and then toss myself off in bed picturing you. So now you know all my secrets."

Billy could feel himself going hard. He'd never been propositioned in this way, never thought of himself as appealing to anyone else in that way. Fortunately he was saved from answering by a knock on the door following which Andrew's mother appeared in the doorway and asked if he wanted Billy to stay for lunch as she was about to make sandwiches and heat up some soup. Andrew looked at Billy who gave a slight nod of his head so Andrew replied in the affirmative and his Mum went back downstairs saying the food would be ready in about fifteen minutes.

After she had gone nothing more was said by Andrew about taking down his shorts and instead he explained more to Billy about how to operate the railway before his mother came back once more to tell them that lunch was ready. Billy enjoyed the homemade soup and the high quality ham and rare roast beef sandwiches in brown bread provided which were somewhat different to the canned soup and supermarket ham he normally ate. Once the meal was finished the pair went back upstairs and spent a couple of hours playing with the railway system, eventually managing to have several trains running safely at the same time. As it started to get dark Billy, who had much enjoyed the time spent with Andrew, said that he really ought to get home and was pleased when Andrew suggested that he come back the next day, but just a little puzzled when he added that his mum would be out for a couple of hours in the afternoon because she was going to a W.I. meeting. Billy though quickly agreed to come round at about the same time the next day.

When Billy got back home he spent a bit more time reading the book he had started earlier, before peeling the potatoes and carrots ready for their dinner. He'd just finished when George came in, so he made a pot of tea while George went upstairs to change and when he returned, sat down opposite him at the kitchen table. There he proceeded to give George a slightly censored version of what had happened when he'd gone round to apologise to Andrew. Chris came home from work a little later and went up to change after spending a few minutes with 'Lucky' and the kittens. They all sat down to eat dinner during which Billy repeated to Chris what he had earlier told George. After they'd finished the meal Billy told George that he'd do the washing up with Chris so George could go in the lounge, sit down and watch TV.

This gave Billy a chance to talk to Chris.

"I picked up that book this morning you'd got from the library. Didn't know you was into 'istory."

"Well, I'm not really. I went to the library and joined to see if they'd got any books on basic plumbing. Then I spotted the History part and just thought they might have something on the bit of the war George fought in. That's all. It's interesting though reading about it, cos I know George won't talk about it."

"Yeah. I'm gonna read it too 'fore you take it back. But, I really wanna talk more about what 'appened at Andrew's and fings I can't say in front of George. 'Ow about we go to bed early?"

Chris was stood at the sink with his hands in the water washing the dishes while Billy was drying, so having asked the question Billy moved behind him and rubbed his groin in Chris's bum.

"Thought you wanted to talk? But I guess we can do other things after. How about we go up about nineish, but get the hot water bottles in half an hour before so the beds nice and warm."

So that was what they did, George raising an eyebrow and a smile when they told him they were going to bed early. Once they'd got into bed and were comfortable, for a change facing each other, Billy told Chris the part he'd left out earlier about Andrew being beaten by his Dad. Chris had let out a whistle of surprise while listening and when Billy had finished, said,

"Jeeze – you'd not believe that would you; thought that only happened to kids like us, not ones with rich parents."

"Yeah that's what I thought – an' 'e got it worse cos 'e didn't tell on me. I feel like I owe 'im."

Chris put his fingers under Billy's chin to lift his head before giving him a long kiss.

"Are you asking me something, Billy?"

"You knows me too well! I sorta thought that per'aps….but I told yer I wouldn't wiv anyone else."

"But this wouldn't be like that and if I agreed….."

A silence descended while both thought about the situation. It was Chris who broke it.

"Here's an idea – if you want. How about oiling him? Bet he's never had that done."

Billy shot up in bed. "Fucking brilliant, Chris! Reckon he'd love that, but are you sure?"

"Course, or I wouldn't have suggested it. And it's not like you and me doing it is it?"

"I'm going round to again tomorrow an' 'e said his mum would be out in the afternoon, so I could do it for 'im then."

"Better take some old towels with you, that oil can get messy. We've got some we used on the beach last summer you can use. Last thing you want to do is stain his bedclothes and get him another dose of his medicine!"

And so Billy arrived at Andrew's house the next morning carrying a duffle bag with him. He felt somewhat less intimidated when Mrs Standish opened the door to him and even greeted him by name when inviting him in. Andrew quickly appeared at the top of the stairs and Billy noticed that today he was wearing jeans. As Billy went to go upstairs Mrs Standish said that she'd prepare them some sandwiches and soup again and that it would be ready about half past twelve, adding that she'd be going out just after one.

Andrew led Billy to the room with the train set and as the previous day they soon had several trains running. In what seemed no time at all Mrs Standish appeared to tell them lunch was ready and once again Billy was impressed and remembered to express his thanks for the food. When they'd finished eating they went back upstairs and a little while later Andrew's mum appeared to say that she was going out and would be back about half past four.

Once he'd heard the front door close, Billy stopped what he was doing and walked over to where he'd dropped his duffle bag.

"Gotta present in 'ere for you Andrew. It's a sorta 'thank you'."

"Wondered why you'd brought the bag today. What is it – let's see."

He made a grab for the bag.

"Not so fast. We need to go in your bedroom first."

Andrew's eyebrows shot up and a smile appeared on his face.

"You haven't decided to let me wank you – have you?"

"You'll 'ave to wait a bit to find out. Come on."

Andrew quickly led Billy to his bedroom. Billy was immediately impressed with what he saw. The room was large and had a double bed and was very nicely furnished and carpeted. Bringing the towels had been a wise decision he now knew.

He went to the bed, pulled the covers to one side and then stacked the pillows against the headboard while Andrew watched looking rather puzzled. Once he'd finished he turned to Andrew and said,

"Now I'm in charge an' you do what I say. I ain't gonna hurt you so don't worry. You've gotta strip off and then lie down on the bed – best you do it sorta sitting up though so you can see what 'appens."

Andrew opened his mouth as if about to protest when he saw Billy start to take off his jumper and shirt and so followed suit. In a short time Billy was stood clad in just a pair of pale blue briefs and his socks while Andrew was naked.

"I like those briefs, Billy. My mum will only buy me white y-fronts."

"Yeah, they was from Chris……tmas." Billy had realised just in time that he was about to open a door he wanted to keep firmly closed. "You know, Father Christmas" he quickly added.

"Should have been red ones then, Billy."

"Oh, 'e brung a pair of them too." Billy responded with a little laugh.

The house had central heating so Andrew's bedroom was warm. Had this been happening at George's house both would have been shivering by now.

Billy now delved into his duffle bag and brought out a couple of towels which he laid on the bed on top of the under sheet.

"Now you get on the bed, an' sit like I said."

As Andrew turned to get onto the bed Billy couldn't help but see the bruising still evident on his arse. He sure had got a good strapping Billy thought to himself.

Andrew positioned himself to Billy's satisfaction before Billy took a small bottle from the bag and stood it on a couple of sheets of toilet paper torn from a small roll he'd also brought, on the bedside table. Then he climbed onto the bed and positioned himself astride Andrew's legs.

Andrew was already semi hard, but when Billy's hand reached out and touched his prick it immediately responded. Billy had been pleased to see that Andrew was also circumcised as he preferred the look of a cut prick. He felt himself going hard and deciding he might as well enjoy what was about to happen, pulled the front of his briefs down and lodged it under his balls. Andrew noticed and his own prick jerked in response to the view.

Billy now grabbed the bottle and opened it leaving the top on the table. Then holding Andrew's prick in his left hand he let a few drops of the baby oil drip onto its head. Andrew gasped at the sensation; Billy let some more drop, replaced the bottle on the table and began to very gently stroke up and down Andrew's prick. He immediately began to moan and groan, which Billy had expected so he paused before adding some more oil with which he worked steadily up and down. It wasn't much more than a couple of minutes before he felt Andrew tense and his load shot out which Billy carefully directed onto his stomach.

As he had come Andrew had let out a loud yell but now he slumped, eyes closed, for almost as long as Billy had taken oiling him until they opened and a look of sheer delight appeared on his face.

"Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it! That was fucking incredible. That isn't wanking, that's something else. Fucking amazing. Thanks Billy – that was easily worth getting my arse strapped. Didn't know anything could feel so great. How'd you learn about it?"

"Just one of them fings I guess."

"Do you want to swop places? It'd only be fair."

This was something Billy hadn't considered. It also wasn't something he'd discussed and agreed with Chris. In some ways he knew it wouldn't be right, but he told himself that if he went home now he'd almost certainly oil himself when he got there – so, why not?

The pair duly changed places and Andrew brought Billy to a climax in a rather longer time. Then Billy had an idea. Remembering how he had doubled up on Chris when he had come so quickly he suggested to Andrew that he should oil him for a second time. Andrew was keen to have a further experience but told Billy that he didn't believe he could come again so quickly. Billy assured him he would – eventually and that he'd enjoy the second time even more. In the fullness of time Billy was proved right and Andrew wrong as Billy toyed with his prick and teased his senses until after about twenty minutes relief was finally granted.

When they'd both recovered Andrew suggested a clean-up operation in the bathroom before both got dressed. On coming back into Andrew's bedroom Billy packed the towels back into his duffle bag before picking up the bottle of baby oil and handing it to Andrew saying,

"'Ere you can 'ave this. I've got anuvver one at 'ome. Better put it somewhere safe tho; - don't want yer Mum to find it!"

"Thanks a lot Billy. I've got a good place to keep it."

So saying he walked across the room to a wardrobe, reached up to a high shelf and took down from it a smallish box. Taking his key ring from his jeans he opened the box.

"That oil can get messy, you orta put in a bag or summat."

"I'll put a pair of socks round it – that should do." said Andrew fitting action to words. He hesitated before closing the box and then took something from it.

"Look, you're going to think I'm a real queer, but I want to show you this. I went into Canterbury on the train just before Christmas and I always try to get in one of those single compartments. If you're in it by yourself you can have a quick wank between stations and sometimes you can find things under the seat cushions. I found this."

Andrew handed Billy a photo. Billy glanced at it and immediately recognised Chris. This one was a front view of him wearing only his short brown shorts and with his tanned body glistening from a combination of sweat and sun oil. It had been taken at about waist height and Chris had his head turned away so only the side of his face could be seen. But his right hand was inside his shorts….

"I've wanked to that picture almost every night since. He sort of looks familiar, but he doesn't go to our school – probably one of them from the comprehensive I reckon."

"Yeah, he's a good looker fer sure" replied Billy handing back the photo and hoping that the hardness he could feel inside his briefs wasn't too obvious, although it probably didn't matter in view of what they'd just done together.

Once he'd put the picture back, locked the box and replaced it on the shelf, Andrew asked Billy if he fancied a coke and when Billy agreed the pair went downstairs initially into the kitchen. Once he'd poured a couple of glasses and found some crisps Andrew led the way into the lounge. They sat down in a couple of the armchairs and Bill stood his glass on the side table by his chair before looking round the room. As he did so he spotted a picture on the mantelpiece of a man holding a silver trophy.

"Is that your Dad?" he asked.

"Yes. It was taken last summer after he'd won the championship at the golf club."

Billy got up and walked over to the fireplace to get a closer look at the man who delivered doses of medicine to his son. As he got closer and the picture became fully clear he gasped for he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was a face he knew because Mr Standish had been one of his regular clients when he had been giving blow jobs in town on Saturday nights a few months back!

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