Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 11

A Gripping Sense Of Guilt

As we approached the Chasson's car, Colton unexpectedly double over with his body lurching catching me by surprise before heaving a second time and throwing up. I immediately leaned in stepping behind him hunching my body over his as I wrapped my left arm around the front of his bent torso while supporting his head with my right hand along his forehead. The smaller boy heaved several more times emptying out the contents of his stomach hiccupping and crying while his body shook. The poor kid heaved some more, but there was nothing left to expel. After several dry heaves he became limp in my arms completely spent and exhausted while I held on to him. Mrs. Chasson had also stepped up alongside of us soothing her youngest boy with concern etched all over her features.

"Let's get him inside the car." She motioned as I half dragged and half carried the younger boy while his mom quickly opened up the door.

We managed to get Colton inside as I sat down next to him setting my bag off to the side and allowing the boy to slump into my lap with his head settling on my lap. He shifted bumping his arm into my nards making me wince and if this wouldn't have been so serious I might have laughed because he always seemed to ream my nuts. Sighing, I ran my hands through his hair tenderly while Mrs. Chasson climbed inside and looked back studying the smaller boy closely reaching over to rub his arm and shoulder affectionately.

"You alright kiddo?" I asked softly as his eyes closed and he nodded his head.

Tears were spilling from the corners of his soft brown orbs and he sniffled crying softly with everything abruptly coming to a head for the little guy. Today had been a traumatic experience to say the least. He had been stripped naked, taunted, and even smacked around and none too lightly by a bunch of fifteen and sixteen year old boys. It wasn't just the physical beating, but also the emotional one that came with it making my mind wander over to Carter and what he must have gone through as well. It must have been even worse for him because there was no one he could turn to as I focused my attention back to Colton.

"Please hold me." He sighed as I helped him sit up while I scooted to the corner of the seat dragging him along.

The smaller boy shifted sitting in my lap making me wince yet again when he somehow managed to crush my nuts. I eased him into a more comfortable position kind of angling him sideways with his legs draped across mine and hanging loosely over the top of my right thigh. Draping my left arm around the back his neck and body he settled down in the crook of my left shoulder supported by the door on the left side and my body on the right. Reaching over across the front of his body I placed my right hand along his left hip holding Colton like a little three year old toddler feeling him shivering despite the heat. It felt cozy with him this close to me and I sighed kissing his temple the two of us cuddling up together making it almost like we were brothers for real.

"I don't feel so good." He sniffled while I nodded and Mrs. Chasson started the car.

"I know buddy. We'll be home soon so you can get cleaned up, maybe go to bed, and relax a bit. How's that sound?" I suggested, the little guy shrugging and still sniffling.

"What those guys did totally sucks. It's embarrassing. I mean, it's bad enough they did it, but letting mom know about it and the other people…now the police. I-I feel sick to my stomach. P-please don't leave me Pim. C-can I stay with you. I-I don't want to be alone. I mean, I know mom will be with me, b-but…I don't know. It's embarrassing is all. I-I just need to be with a friend right now." He tried to explain as I looked up noticing his mom looking back in the rearview mirror with a neutral kind of expression while I bit my lower lip trying to think of what to do.

Glancing back down at the smaller boy cuddled up safely in my arms I felt my heart melting and eyes welling up. My body ached, I needed to get cleaned up, and I felt all wrung out like a damp rag being twisted around and then snapped open before hung up to dry. All I wanted to do was get home, cleaned up, and relax, but Colton needed me.

This had been a traumatic event for the younger boy and with his older brother out of town it fell on me to look out for his welfare. Being a surrogate older brother didn't mean just when things were going good, but also for when it became hard. It was easy to forget at times that he was a little fragile boy with feelings that could easily get bruised. Colton was simply one of those kids who always had such an easy going nature moving through life without much effort because it fit him like a glove.

What those older boys did to him today had shaken him to the core and they had taken pleasure in trying to snuff out his innocence. They had attempted to steal away the most precious treasure of all, his spirit. The younger boy was bruised and hurt not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. He had an inner strength though, and in this way he was exactly like his older brother. Colton not only looked like his older brother on the outside, but had the same kind of inner force that could never truly be taken away from him. Those bullies had indeed bruised him on the inside, but I knew what he needed was something to take his mind off what happened like maybe some time away from here. It was then a thought struck me like a bolt of lightning as a plan began to form.

"Mrs. Chasson, if it's alright with you Colton can stay with me at the house…spend the night. I mean since Carter is gone I wouldn't mind keeping him company." I glanced up feeling the little guy stirring slightly in my arms while his mom glanced in the rear view mirror for a second. "Actually, my dad's been saying he wants to get back over to Greensboro to check up on his buddy; the one Carter and I helped with the ramp. Well, I was thinking maybe I'd go with him." I paused brushing my fingers through Colton's hair looking down into his soft brown eyes as he gazed back up into mine with such tender brotherly love expressed all over his boyish features.

"Um…ever since Carter and I biked on the tracks over there I've been keeping tabs on some of their events along the watershed trails. Anyway, tomorrow they have another one going on for younger kids this time around. It isn't a race or anything like with what Carter and I participated in, but rather sort of a group of kids being led by one of those biking clubs. There will still be some competitions going on for fun and all. I was thinking if he spent the night and we took off early in the morning we could make it in time since it doesn't start until one in the afternoon. We'd have to spend the night though, but I figured he could bring his skateboard along as well. Mr. Hammerstein told us to visit him and I thought it would be cool if Colton brought his board along since it was a gift." I pointed out seeing Mrs. Chasson pursing her lips so pressed her some more.

"I know it would mean being away for the entire weekend if he spends the night at our house so we could leave early in the morning, but with Mr. Chasson and Carter gone when was the last time you had some down time for yourself." I pointed out knowing how my mom liked to get away with just her friends taking some time for herself.

"Please mom. I-I'd like that a lot." Colton spoke up softly, his mom glancing in the mirror at him looking concerned because he had just thrown up and everything.

"It'll be good for him." I assured her. "I think if he got away for just a bit…," I paused hoping she'd understand as we pulled up into her driveway and she turned off the car, but remained seated.

After a few seconds she turned around and placed her hand along Colton's brow. He still looked a little green around the gills, but I suppose she must have figured he wasn't really sick as in coming down with something.

"Alright, I'll let you take Colton with you so long as it is alright with your father Pim, but there is one condition." She paused leaving it hanging and looking at her younger boy who was very familiar with that look so nodded indicating he would do what she says as she shifted her focus to me and I nodded letting her know I would as well.

"Yeah, sure, whatever you want…," I promised while she smiled nodding her head.

"Good, then you boys get Colton's bag packed up with what he will need to stay overnight at your house and then for your overnight stay in Greensboro. I'll drive you two home then and Colton you have to go straight to bed for a nap." She told her son who moaned in protest.

"But mom, it's like early." He sighed, but didn't object too loudly.

"I know, but just for a little nap and I'm sure Pim will have plenty for you two to do afterwards. Besides, you want to be well rested for the trip tomorrow and you look as if you could use some sleep. If nothing else just lay down for a while and watch some television. I'm sure Pim will keep you company. I'll talk to Pim's father and if he sees you aren't up for the trip tomorrow he will cancel it." She explained which instantly got Colton's attention making him agree immediately without any more complaints while I smiled and shook my head at how mom's were so good at manipulating their kids into getting their way on at least some level.

Before heading inside I gave my dad a quick call on the phone catching him just in time before his awards ceremony was to begin. I told him of the plans and he didn't even hesitate thinking it a good idea; especially, since he's been meaning to get back over to Greensboro to check up on his buddy. Handing the phone over to Mrs. Chasson so the folks could get things worked out, Colton and I headed to the house and went inside.

We packed up Colton's stuff he'd need for the weekend, or rather I did because he still seemed a little woozy and green around the gills. He seemed alright for the most part, but I could tell he wasn't his usual self. I suppose it wasn't just being physically banged up, but the struggle he was still having internally as he sat there quietly watching me put some things into one of those sports equipment bags. It wasn't one of those huge ones, but plenty big for what he'd need as I even shoved his skateboard inside.

Tossing the bag into the car next to mine and loading up his bike we climbed back inside for the short trip over to my house. Mrs. Chasson placed her hand over her son's forehead giving him a final once over before smiling and giving him a quick hug and kiss telling him to be on his best behavior while I tried to stifle a laugh because it was so typical of a mom. I mean her kid could be bleeding to death on the ground and the first thing out of her mouth before the ambulance workers arrived would be 'I hope you put clean underwear on before you left the house today.' Mom's, so predictable. With a few last minute instructions to me she paused and then wrapped me up in her arms.

"Thanks Pim for looking out after my boys. You're the best thing that's happened for them and I love you." She whispered softly giving me a quick motherly peck on the cheek before releasing me and quickly walking away while wiping away a stray tear.

Heading back towards my room Colton veered off into the bathroom closing the door behind him while I entered my room tossing his bag on to my bed and mine on the chair. Opening up Colton's bag I pulled out his kit and made my way back over to the bathroom. I was about to knock when I heard the familiar sounds of retching and burst through the door finding the boy stooped over the toilet and heaving yet again.

"Oh god Colton…," I chirped settling down next to him and holding the boy allowing him to get it all out of his system.

Nothing was coming out of his mouth and they were just dry heaves, but sometimes those were even worse and I could tell he was hurting. He was banged up pretty good so I knew those dry heaves weren't helping matters any as he sobbed quietly in-between heaves until they slowly gave way. We sat there on the floor for several long moments while I held him in my arms until I finally exhaled softly and gently eased away from him. I ran my fingers through his soft brown hair taking a closer look at him while he nodded his head indicating he was fine now.

"Come-on kiddo, let's get you back on your feet. I brought in your bath kit and you can brush your teeth getting that funky taste out of your mouth." I suggested thinking it might make him feel a little better to get rid of that nasty puke taste. "I think your mom may be right and it might be a good idea if we get you to bed for a bit." I suggested getting no protest out of him as I helped him up to his feet.

With my arm draped lightly around his back I stood next to him as he brushed his teeth watching over him closely. Releasing him for a moment I placed my hand on his forehead gauging his temperature. Smiling at him fondly I pulled his head into my chest the boy pausing for a second from brushing his teeth as I leaned over kissing him along the side of his temple before allowing him to finish up.

Setting down his toothbrush on the counter I guided him back into my room and without any protest he allowed me to slip his shirt off before I rummaged through his bag pulling out those flimsy shorts he always wore to bed. Pushing the bag over to the side I took a seat on the edge of my bed pulling him towards me as I reached out and hooked my thumbs in the boy's waistband. He didn't protest as I tugged downwards in one fluid motion pulling them all the way past his knees.

It was then when the two of us seemed to remember at the same time how he had slipped into his shorts earlier after the fight without any underwear leaving him completely naked and exposed now. His one and a half inch dinger was poking outwards from his creamy white pubic mound hovering over his small, yet slack dangling avocado shaped skin bag.

The boy's reaction was immediate as he chirped in surprise, his hands instinctively covering up his modesty. It wasn't as if he was shy about his body or anything, it's just this caught him by surprise and he reacted in a normal kind of way most of us would under the circumstances. Besides, even if he wasn't all that modest, it was still an embarrassing situation for the smaller boy as I began to apologize for it.

"I-I, oh crap Colton, I wasn't thinking. I mean, I forgot you didn't have any underwear on. I'm really sorry." I managed to get out with the boy having turned his head away biting his lower lip before turning towards me, shrugging, and exhaling softly.

"It-it's alright. I mean, you've already seen it. Besides, it's not like I have anything to brag about." He sniffled, the tears welling up in his eyes breaking my heart because this is the exact same thing that happened to Carter.

Reaching out, I pulled the smaller boy towards me feeling the little guy automatically settling into my lap draping his legs over my thigh as he snuggled up into my embrace. Running my hand lightly up and down his naked back I tried to soothe him as I sighed shaking my head.

"You've got plenty to brag about down there Colton and don't you ever believe what those pricks told you about it either. It's plenty big for an eleven year old boy and probably no smaller than what any of your other friends your age have down there. There's plenty of time for it to get much bigger so don't worry about what those older jerks told you. Those idiots said the same thing about your older brother when he was younger too, and look at him now. He's got nothing to be ashamed about now either, does he?" I asked rhetorically with Colton's sniffling dying down as he pulled back slightly giving me a quirky look.

"Yeah…I suppose, but how would you actually know how big Carter is down there? I mean, he's always been really shy about it, even around me." He asked seriously making the heat rise in my cheeks because I hadn't considered the implications of what I was admitting to the younger boy.

"Oh…um…I…I…uh…," I paused for a second as I reached over to wipe away some of the wetness from his eyes using the distraction to give me a moment to think on an appropriate response noticing him waiting for my answer.

Exhaling softly I smiled at him tenderly. "Well, to be honest Colton we sort of…well…when we went to Greensboro we found a nice spot that was private. It was hot out so we sort of went skinny dipping in the water where the creek widened out into the lake." I admitted thinking that was probably a safe thing to confess seeing the other boy's eyes widening in surprise for a second.

"NO WAY!" He squeaked. "You mean Carter actually stripped naked and went swimming with you?" He asked in wide eyed astonishment while I chuckled, rolled my shoulder in teen fashion, and nodded my head.

"Yeah…I mean, at first it was actually just me, but I guess after a bit he figured what the heck and joined in." I explained in a neutral tone.

"Really, he wasn't embarrassed to…to…you know strip naked so you could see him?" He wondered.

"Well of course he was a little embarrassed about it. You know how shy he is and he admitted he was embarrassed, but after a bit he didn't even think on it anymore and was cool with it. I'm sure he isn't going to be doing that sort of thing with just anyone in the future, but we've become close friends so he felt alright with it. Besides, it was hot out so the water felt great." I giggled hearing him snort as I eased the smaller boy off my lap standing him up in front of me before slipping his old soft flimsy shorts over his cute little naked body getting his modesty covered up while he looked on not so much self-conscious by the incident anymore.

Lifting the bag off my bed and setting it on the floor, I pulled down the covers letting Colton slide into bed. Reaching down I removed first one sock from his little footsies before doing the same with the other one noticing how the leg openings of his shorts flapped open each time I lifted his leg exposing his cute little sexiness to me. I had to admit, it was kind of erotic watching how his soft boy bag would bulge and shift around as they got squished between his thighs when I removed his socks from his cute little tootsies. I wasn't attracted to Colton in a sexual way, not in the sense of wanting to have sex with him, but it didn't mean seeing him naked didn't stir things up for me. I was a teenager with raging hormones and any kind of sexual fleshiness was stimulating and sort of made a guy naturally react with things stirring about in the basement department. The eleven year old boy, like his older brother, definitely had a sexy looking body. I mean, after all Colton was a true mini-me version of his older brother in a very real sense.

"C-can we cuddle together for a bit. I-I…please." The boy asked hesitantly. "I-I just don't want to be left alone. I know it's kind of a babyish thing to ask…b-but…I-I don't know. I just don't want to be alone." He admitted while I smiled softly at him and leaned over giving him a gentle peck on his cheek.

"No worries because I had planned on cuddling up with you before you even asked." I acknowledged smiling at him tenderly. "I guess I don't want to be alone right now either and it isn't a babyish thing to ask. Sometimes we all need to feel close to someone. Besides, you're like my little brother for real and I like cuddling with you." I admitted as I stood up and peeled out of my school uniform leaving me standing there in my boy's briefs while I noticed Colton looking over my near naked state his eyes settling unabashedly on the bulge created by my boy budgie.

It's not like he hasn't seen me in my underwear before and not as if we hadn't sort of talked about our game consoles in a very casual kind of way. When we first met and some of the stuff came out about his brother he had admitted he had a small one but wasn't worried because he figured it would get bigger like Carter's. Now though with what happened earlier today he was a bit shook up and things he never really thought about other than in a casual way was now more firmly planted in the back of his thoughts.

"Whoa, yours is kinda big." He implied as if sort of seeing my bulge for real the very first time.

"Nah, it is pretty average for a guy my age." I insisted crawling under the covers next to him and cuddling up.

"Really…it's gotta be way bigger than Carter's. His doesn't bulge out like that in his underwear." He pointed out casually while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Maybe, but I'm older than him too. Give him a couple of years and it will be about the same." I tried to be casual about it. "Listen Colton, I'm pretty average down there for a boy my age. Some guys have longer ones, some shorter ones while some guys have thick ones and other thin ones. It's different for everyone. Carter's is bigger than yours because he's older and mine's bigger since I'm older. Sure, there might be younger guys with bigger ones or whatever, but it really doesn't matter much. A guy with a huge pecker might have tiny balls, so what, everyone is different. You're taller than some kids your age and shorter than others and it's basically the same principle down there below the belt for you." I chuckled, exhaling softly because this was a conversation I hadn't planned on with the younger boy as I rolled on to my back feeling him shifting as well placing his head in the crook of my shoulder and running his hand lightly over my chest.

The closeness felt nice as I kissed the top of his head. "Geeze dude, you are like only eleven years old so I wouldn't worry about it so much. What those guys did was fucked up and wrong, but nothing's really changed since this morning. When you got up out of bed your life was perfectly fine with the way your balls and pecker looked and nothing's really changed since then. In a year or two things will mature down there for you and your friends. Some of you guys will start earlier and others later; some will be bigger and some smaller…so what." I explained sighing softly feeling the smaller boy's hand running along my chest and stomach hearing him sniffling as I glanced down noticing the tears along his cheeks.

"Please don't be upset Colton. You really are fine down there…you can trust me on that." I insisted as he looked up and nodded his head.

"I know, it's not that, it's just you're all banged up where those jerks beat you up. I feel awful that you had to go through that because of me. It makes me sick to my stomach." He added looking a bit green around the gills again as his hands lightly traced over the scrapes and bruising across my chest and stomach.

Shaking my head I sighed hugging him closer to me because he was such a wonderful kid. With everything that's happened to him he was still worried over me. He made me so proud because even though he was only eleven years old he had fought back bravely against those older boys despite not standing a chance. They probably wouldn't have beat on him as much had he simply let them have their way with him and taking the humiliation, but he had fought back despite never standing a chance.

"No, not your fault at all. That's all on them. It was their doing and not yours. If I was the one they were pounding on and trying to humiliate, you would have jumped right in to protect me as well. It's what families and buddies do. We stick up for each other and are there without any questions. I love you Colton…you're my bud, my adopted brother, my family. You, me, Carter, we're like family and will always stick together." I told him letting the boy settle down a bit as he ran his hand along my stomach.

The younger boy was staring at my crotch and it was obvious he noticed how my bulge sort of twitched around when he ran his small boyish fingers across my stomach. I couldn't help it because the way his hands were caressing my skin felt nice. I didn't bone up, but my flaccid tube did plump up a bit; enough to be conspicuously obvious. I mean we were both almost completely naked and feeling his soft body cozy'd up against mine did feel sensuous. I wasn't attracted to Colton in the sexual sense, but it didn't mean having that sort of close skin on skin kind of contact wasn't stimulating. Perhaps it was only a slight distinction, but there was no way I'd ever be comfortable having sex with the other boy. I had come to view him more as a little brother than a sexual possibility. He was a sexy looking eleven year old boy, but even though seeing him naked could make me bone up, having sex just would never be something that would happen between the two of us since I knew it wouldn't feel right.

It was almost as if the boy was reading my mind because out of the blue he asked the question…the one parents and older siblings have been dealing with since time immemorial. "What's it like to have sex?" He asked in the most naive kind of way that it came across as even more shocking because of the innocence.

"What makes you think I've had sex before?" I asked while he furled his eyebrows looking at me.

"Well, you're fifteen. I mean…I thought most boys your age have sort of messed around doing sex stuff…you know…like messing with themselves and doing things…you know…jacking off and stuff." He pointed out curiously making me blush because he just sort of talked about it as if it were the most casual of things.

"Oh, that kind of stuff…I mean, when you said sex I thought you meant as in sex-sex. I mean, just messing around isn't sex…uh…well that's not exactly right either. I mean I suppose it is sex, but when I think of sex I'm thinking more like in the biblical sense."

"Biblical sense?" He asked puzzled making me chuckle because how on earth we got to this point in a discussion was beyond me.

"Yeah, you know together, with someone else. But what do you even know about jacking off and stuff?" I asked curiously wondering exactly what he did know about it because in a way he still sort of sounded a bit naïve about things.

The Boy glanced at me and blushed slightly reminding me a lot of his older brother at the moment. "A little. I mean, sort of…well…actually not a lot. I hear some of my friends a year or two older talking about it sometimes, but usually they sort of get quiet about it when us younger kids get closer. It's sort of hush-hush type of stuff…you know…private things just between them. Do you think you could teach me how it works?" He asked, making me suddenly swallow wrong and cough with my voice crackling.

"N-no!" I chirped and then coughed trying to clear out my throat. "I mean…uh…like you are only eleven so no." I emphasized while he squirreled his eyes at me.

"Why…don't eleven year old boys jack off?" He asked curiously once more sending me into a coughing fit, but also making me realize I was about the same age as Colton when I began to learn about those sorts of things too.

Pausing a moment to gather my thoughts I exhaled softly and sitting up turned my body around shoving my pillow up against the headboard which was supported against the wall. I scooched into a more comfortable propped up position reclining back slightly allowing my back to settle comfortably on the pillows as I reached over grabbing the other pillow motioning for Colton to climb up on my lap while rotating my finger around indicating he should face away from me.

"What are you doing?" He asked. "Is this about jacking off?" He wondered curiously making me wince and shake my head.

"No," I shook my head pulling him over so he was facing away from me with his legs straddled alongside of my body and his butt seated across my lower stomach. Pulling up my legs with the blanket draped over them, I placed the pillow over my bent knees and the front of my thighs allowing him to lean forward. He wrapped his arms around the front of my knees settling his head on top allowing my legs to support his weight as I reached out and ran my hands all up and down his exposed back. I could see the curvature and bumps along his spinal column running a thumb along either side of it upwards and then downwards. The boy sighed enjoying the sensation as I now began to lightly massage his back feeling the boy's warm skin beneath my hands.

"What does this have to do with jacking off?" He exhaled softly enjoying the tingling sensations my hands were providing him.

Chuckling at his persistence I shook my head back and forth. "Nothing Colton and I'm not going to teach you about jacking off. Yes I suppose there are plenty of boys your age doing that sort of thing, but I'm not going to be the one to teach you." I told him seriously sensing he wanted to know why I wasn't willing to show him so I continued.

"Listen dude, I'm like fifteen and it just wouldn't be right to be doing that sort of stuff with you. I managed to figure it out and you will too…most boys do, but it's just too weird for me to do it. Like I said in a way I suppose it is sex so I just don't feel right about doing something like that with you. I mean, I'm sure you'd be weirded out about it and wouldn't want to try something like that with Carter, Now would you?" I asked seeing him shrug his shoulders.

"Um…I guess…maybe. I mean, I'm not really sure what it is…so I'm not sure if I'd be weirded out about it?" He admitted making me chuckle.

"Yeah, well believe me it would freak you out a bit, not to mention your brother, since it would involve at least one of you being naked, boning up, and touching your pecker." I chuckled as he glanced back at me and puckered up his face.

"Ewe, that's sick. I mean, with my brother, eww." He made a face making me laugh.

"See." I sniggered shaking my head while I continued to gently massage his back feeling the boy twitch when he began to relax.

There were plenty of times when I was little where I would lie on my stomach or sit in my mom's lap and she'd give me a similar kind of massage. I knew how wonderful it could feel with tingling sensation all along the surface of my skin providing that wonderful feeling of contentment even on the inside with my tummy always getting those tingling sensations. It was always something that helped with some of my aches and pains from a tumble or spill as Colton now totally gave in and relaxed.

"Mmmm…that feels really good." He admitted moaning softly and making me smile because I had reacted the same way any number of times.

Taking my time I put some energy and effort into massaging his back alternating my moves keeping them firm yet also gentle. This wasn't about going down deep into the tissue; especially, considering he was probably a bit sore from getting banged up, but rather providing a lighter touch to loosen up the tightness of his body from the emotional state he had been forced into by those older bullies. It seemed to be working because he was literally melting like ice cream in a bowl on a hot summery day as his whole body went limp. Throughout it all he kept moaning and sighing, letting me know through his soft chirps of pleasure just how much he was enjoying it.

A few minutes later he let out another sigh of contentment as his soft voice penetrated the tranquil quietness which had settled around us. "Mmmmm, this feels really good, almost to the point of hurting." He mumbled as I ran my hand upwards to his shoulders, and tugging on him urged the younger boy to lean back into me so I could do the same for his stomach and chest.

There was no resistance as he slowly eased back into my chest while I lowered my legs allowing his body slid into a comfortable position as I gazed down over the front of his cute sexy eleven year old body. He was fit with actual muscles for abs from all those hours spent on the skateboard. His abs weren't showing really prominently since they were created during normal kid like daily activities. He didn't work out focusing on creating a six pack, but rather they formed naturally during the course of his daily routine at the skate park, along with his very outdoor like pursuits.

It's not the only thing I noticed as my eyes immediately devoured the small pup tent he was pitching the fabric twitching about as if rattled around in a raging storm. It was hilarious and I had to stifle busting a gut only to hear the little twerp giggling at me as his butt slid over my own erection.

"You've got a boner." He chirped giddily as he glanced up into my face his features split wide open mockingly.

"Oh yeah, I'm not the only one with a 'bone' to pick." I teased back as my hand snatched downwards and clamped around his two incher which went absolutely wild and began twitching and squirming around as if in a spastic fit.

Colton howled in shock and a fit of laughter washed over both of us while he squirmed around his higher voice squealing and twittering as he tried to get away. His attempted escape was more for show than anything else in my opinion because he almost immediately settled down allowing me to get a good feel of his squirming garden snake which I thought was actually fucking sexy hot. It was only a little boy boner, but the way it twitched, pulsed, and threw a spastic fit in my grip made me wonder what kind of wild ride someone could have playing around with his sexy joy stick.

We fell silent, both of us now staring wide eyed watching as my thumb and finger ran along the obvious curvature of his short thin two inch vine all the way down to his root. I slowly reversed direction towards the tip end running my thumb around the outline of his small yet plump nozzle that looked pretty typical in shape and size for an eleven year old boy's penis. The damn thing twitched and squirmed around some more making both of us giggle like a bunch of tittering girls.

"Damn dude, your little sand piper is really frisky." I teased releasing his little boy boner and lifting up the waistband of his shorts to get a little peek at the wild and rigid small curved tendril run amuck.

My eyes widened in amazement as it took in his bowed stiffness with his small soft nut sack dangling just below the root of his shaft. It looked exactly like a mini-me version of his older brother and in some ways it turned me on. It was only a quick brief glance because Colton abruptly chirped in surprise clamping his hand over his shorts hiding his little princely treasure from view.

"Hey…," he protested while I screwed up my eyes.

"What?" I asked a little confused.

"No fair peeking…," he retorted seriously his cheeks flushing a little embarrassed by my unexpected invasion.

"You're kidding, it's not as if I hadn't just gotten an eyeful here a little earlier with you not seemingly too concerned about it, not to mention me just giving your hard pecker a firm groping." I teased leaning down and kissing his cheek playfully hearing him giggling letting me know he wasn't like mad-mad at me, just maybe a tad embarrassed.

The smaller boy was a lot different than his brother in regards to his body, but still it was obvious that in some situations he was still a little shy about things. I suppose a lot of it had to do with his age. It's strange how most boys when they are like really young aren't too concerned about their nudity and then suddenly at a certain age they start to become aware of body parts. It's then when they become a little shy until puberty hits shifting things around where in some ways they get a bit more emboldened again. Personally, my opinion was when boys hit puberty it isn't that they aren't suddenly shy anymore, just that in certain situation their big brain up above the neck line is taken over by the little one below the waistline wanting a bit of fun.

The younger boy shifted slightly in my arms pursing his lips. "Well, that's different. I mean seeing a guy naked is kind of personal and a little embarrassing, but it's alright I suppose. Seeing a guy's boner is completely different though. I guess more personal and embarrassing...don't you think?" He asked as I smiled down at him shrugging my shoulders once again leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Yeah sure…I guess. It really wasn't right for me to simply snatch at your pecker like that giving it a good feel the way I did not to mention then taking a peep at it without permission. It's no better than what those guys did to you." I admitted becoming a tad guilty about it feeling the boy grabbing and hanging on to my right arm as he hugged it to his chest shaking his head.

"N-no, don't feel bad. That wasn't anything like what those other boys did to me. I didn't mind you touching me at all. If I did I would have said 'no.' Actually, I guess I really don't even mind you seeing my boner. It's just that it feels a little more personal, well…you know. I mean, not even Carter has seen me with one, well, not really I think. I've sort of seen him a time or two but he's careful about it and I try not to stare or anything when it happens. I suppose he's probably seen me a time or two also, but we just don't talk about that sort of thing. Really, it's alright that you took a peep at it, I was just surprised is all." He smiled warmly at me making my heart melt as I sighed running my hand up and down his stomach and chest seeing his little wiggle worm making that little pitched pup tent look a bit precarious.

We both stared for a second and then began to giggle and laugh because it was too hilarious. "Damn, for real dude, it's almost like that little sand piper down there is trying to escape." I teased, both of us busting in a fit of snorts and giggles now as we tried to calm down.

"Pim?" I heard the boy's soft voice in-between one of his snorting chortles.

"Yeah buddy."

"Um…what exactly is a sand piper?" He asked innocently sending the two of us once more in a fit of giggles.

"Oh shit dude, that thing down there between your legs." I pointed at the spastic peg between his legs knowing it wasn't a real answer so feeling him elbowing me good naturedly because he recognized I was only joshing around with him.

Exhaling softly I once again leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "God, how I really do love you. I mean it." I told him seriously the boy glancing up and smiling happily.

"I know, and I love you too." He added just as seriously running his hand along my arm. "Mom's right you know…you really are the best thing's that happened to our family. You've made Carter so happy and we haven't seen him like that in a very long time. You've made all of us happy." He smiled, joyful tears welling up in his eyes as he picked up my hand giving it a brotherly kind of kiss on the palm before holding it to his chest while I tried to stifle my own tears because my heart melted for this wonderful little guy.

After a few moments of silent reflections he once more spoke up. "So…," he paused glancing up into my features a small impish smile forming on his lips. "What's a sand piper?" He wanted to know making both of us giggle again.

"It's just something that sort of popped into my mind earlier when I saw you naked for the very first time. I mean you really have nothing to worry about down there because for an eleven year old boy you've got a sexy body…every last square inch of it." I pointed out letting him know there was nothing wrong even down there below the belt.

"Yeah, sure you've got a small pecker, but so what; most eleven year old boys have small peckers still. It's just normal so nothing to worry about. So when I saw it along with your balls it sort of reminded me of one of those sand piper birds. The idea just sort of stuck in my mind; especially, in regards to a familiar phrase. You know the one with how when a guy sort of exposes himself in whatever kind of way, like if his boy bits flop out the side of his shorts or something. You know…," I emphasized seeing his confused look while he shook his head.

"Um…well like if a guy's zipper is open you sort of say…, 'dude zip up before that bird of yours escapes its nest.' You know pretending like his pecker is the bird, his hairs down there are the nest, and his two balls the bird's eggs. It's just a saying. Well when I saw yours it just sort of reminded me of a sand piper." I spoke softly my hands running through his hair watching his eyes get a bit droopy as he nodded indicating he was listening.

"Um…well anyway, since you are still just eleven years old…uh…well you don't have any hairs down there. It's obvious you've also got a bit of a twitchy pecker." I teased hearing him giggling thinking it was kind of funny with his eyes closing as he sighed feeling all cozy in my arms.

"Well, sand pipers are those little birds you see on the sandy shoreline of beaches. They have a thin beak they use to search for food in the sand. They are real skittish running back and forth as waves come in and out. It's kind of funny to watch them scurrying around keeping just out of the water's reach as it goes in and out. The other thing is that sand pipers lay their eggs on the bare sand or ground so like there's no real nest. I mean, you are smooth and hairless down there with a nice set of hairless sagging balls, and you've got a skittish pecker so…well there you go, a sand piper." I giggled seeing his eyes opening up as he snorted and chuckled thinking it was kind of funny.

"You're a real goofball." He retorted while I nodded in agreement.

"Yeah I know, but you asked." I teased back and from now on that's how I will remember the cutest eleven year old boy ever and his sexy hot naked body…sand piper, hairless nest, and two itty bitty eggs." I taunted leaning down and kissing his brow feeling the boy relax in my arms. "Feeling better?" I asked as Colton nodded yes.

"Yeah, much better. I don't feel sick to my stomach anymore. Thanks Pim for not making fun of me; instead, actually making me feel special." He exhaled softly his eyes drooping closed.

"That's because you are special." I replied, completely serious with the sentiment.

"Thanks, that's really cool." The boy yawned while I shifted allowing him to slide off to my side cuddling up with him and sort of spooning as I pulled the blanket over us and fell silent simply holding him in my arms.

Nestling my chin in the crook of his neck our cheeks nuzzled up softly. I inhaled deeply getting a deep nose full of his boyish scent. It was mixed with dirt and grime, but filled with the sweetness only an eleven year old boy could still have. It suited his nature, sweet and innocent. I wanted to hold on to that childlike purity knowing he was slowly growing up and soon enough would be wrapped up in the throes of puberty. It's odd how as we get older we don't want to see the childlike innocence disappear in the ones we care about, but as a kid ourselves can't wait to grow up. It's such a sad contradiction as I closed my eyes allowing my mind to wander feeling the smaller boy finally succumb to sleep leaving behind his tough ordeal.

My eyes snapped open and I frowned taking a quick glance at my watch realizing I had dozed off as I stretched feeling refreshed and looking over towards Colton. The younger boy was all stretched out on his back with his right leg bent at the knee and tucked under his left one. It was warm in the room and he must have shoved the blanket down as I gazed at his half nakedness holding back a chuckle. Not only was the blanket pulled down but the wide leg opening of his shorts was flopped over completely exposing his little boy pecker and balls.

His little softie was bunched up close to his blank slate with mostly his little bullet shaped nub showing as if it was jutting outwards from its root. It was just a little dinger of a thing, not even the one and a half inches I had seen on him earlier when it jiggled around softly while I slid his shorts on. I suppose it was because he was lying on his back with it sort of shriveled up like a stump against his creamy soft porcelain like pubic mound. His small but sagging fleshy ball sack hung between his thighs as I shook my head completely mesmerized by the sheer beauty of his nakedness. The boy was an exact replica of his older brother in a smaller version. I felt my penis twitch around excitedly because I was totally in love with Carter and realized this is what he looked like when he was eleven years old. There was something sexually stimulating about the idea as I reached out and slowly wrapped my fingers around his fleshy pouch.

The younger boy's pistachio sized testicles contracted when they felt my soft touch and it looked kind of cool as they rolled upwards in the creamy smooth membrane of his lambskin. It felt soft and supple in my fingers, a lot like Carter's, yet somehow also a lot softer as I went searching for his little truffles rolling them around and getting a good feel sizing them up. They weren't heavy yet, but I suppose soon enough they too would start to mature filling up with that precious sweet honeyed nectar. If Colton's older brother was any indication, soon enough they'd be maturing. Its strange realizing how his little pistachios would plump up to about the size of a chestnut in a year or two. Even his soft pecker would begin to swell and mature, elongating into a respectable pubescent sized penis of just under three inches long, maybe slightly bigger or a tad smaller.

Shifting my grip, I now began to tease the younger boy's little softie urging it to plump up for me as my eyes widened with wonderment watching it begin to twitch and bob around. It didn't take much to wake the little viper as the tendril began to slowly elongate all the while twitching around excitedly by the stimulating foreign contact. It was absolutely beautiful to watch another boy go from a softened state to one of complete excited hardness. It was gradual at first, but once the blood began to fill the vesicles inside of his fleshy boyhood it rapidly inflated to its full hardened length of two inches with a thickness about the size of a roll of nickels maybe slightly thinner, but definitely thicker than a roll of dimes.

Now that he was all boned up, the bowed erection jutted outward from his body as it arched on the lower portion hovering above his creamy white blank slate before the bend redirected it with the tip pointing upwards into the air. It amazed me how even in this way he was exactly like his older brother as I ran my finger and thumb slowly up and down the curvature of his extremely hard boyness. It was hot and fleshy, but so damn stiff, more so than even Carter's making me wonder if some of it had to do with size.

Scooting down for a closer look the sweet fragrance between his leg, intermingled with the slight sweaty musk from this day's activities, made me shiver because it was so very similar to his older brother, but in a younger kind of way. It was difficult to explain as I shivered and swooned a bit my eyes blurring because it evoked fond exciting memories of my special sexual moments with Carter. As my eyes came back into focus I sighed at the exquisiteness of the younger boy's naked body.

The eleven year old boy's skin beneath his shorts was almost translucent, his veins creating a pattern of spidery blue like channels just beneath the surface of his pale skin. The smooth translucent skin was typical in babies and even young boys; especially, in areas that were covered up from the bright rays of sunshine. His tanned skin stood in stark contrast to this white patch of creamy smoothness of the area surrounding his privates. It was this contrast which made things stand out and even his soft purse of skin had a bit of contrast with the lower rounded part sporting a darker brown hue before becoming paler closer towards his body. There was a very distinct line of separation where it went from a darker shade to a lighter one making me wonder if my own ball sack did the same thing. It's strange how things are totally different when you view them from a different perspective.

My finger and thumb was stroking his stiff two inch strand, almost like I was jacking him off. His boy pecker was too short to even use two fingers and a thumb as I felt the damn thing squirming around and jolting as if an electrical current were being pumped through the small conduit. I've never seen or felt anything like it as the damn thing went wild like it had a mind of its own. It felt wicked in my fingers and I loved how hard it seemed with this becoming a bit exciting for me in a lot of ways. The smaller boy moaned in his sleep, obviously feeling the pre-orgasmic tingling sensations as I slowed down not wanting him to bust a nut for the very first time like this. He deserved to have his first sexual experience be something special or at the very least in a conscious state.

Just because I wasn't attracted to Colton in a sexual way like I was with his older brother, didn't mean I didn't find the younger boy sexually attractive. It was a subtle difference to say the least, but I didn't feel that same kind of urge to have a physical sexual relationship with the eleven year old boy like I did with Carter. It didn't mean I felt Colton wasn't erotically striking or notice how aroused I was by the sexiness of his body. After all he was an exact duplicate of his older brother at a younger age so of course there would be some sort of attraction in that kind of way.

Leaning in I buried my nose in his crotch knowing I'd probably never again get this kind of chance. I inhaled deeply, my entire body shivering as I committed his scent to memory. I could feel the warmth of his boyhood along the side of my face. It was an odd mixture of heated stiffness from his erection to the smooth softness of his fleshy knapsack. The boy was a contraction in many ways because even his sent had an odd mixture of sweet vanilla and lavender mixed in with a hint of musky earthiness. I intuitively knew this is what Carter smelled like when he was ten or eleven years old.

Pulling away I scooted back up and leaned in giving Colton a gentle kiss on his lips. "Thanks for that…," I whispered softly, thanking the boy even though he was sleeping, for providing me a glimpse into what his older brother was like at the same age.

Of course the eleven year old boy was his own person and different in many ways, including between his legs. All boys are, even twin brothers, but it was definitely the closest I would ever come to knowing Carter in that kind of intimate way when he was only eleven years old. Slipping out of bed I looked down noticing the Silver dollar sized wetness where the tip of my penis pressed up against my white boy's briefs. I may not be sexually attracted to Colton in the way of actually wanting to have sex with him, but I was gay and because he's a boy it definitely turned me on as I padded my way into the bathroom hopping inside the tub for my long needed shower.

Without wasting any time I got right down to it as I fisted my log and began sanding it smooth with practiced efficiency. My fantasies began to work their magic with Colton's naked body forming vividly in my mind. At first he looked all soft and alluring before he slowly began to bone up with his penis twitching awake. It's the way Carter looked at that age and it fed my fantasy making it even more intense as I now visualized the twelve year old boy as he transitioned into Carter a couple of years older and slowly maturing between his legs. The thirteen year old boy's sexy hardness insinuated itself into my vision as I recalled how he looked all boned, just the way I had seen him for real the other day when we had sex together in the hotel room.

Everything was still fresh in my memories with additional pieces falling into place now with Colton's small contribution as my body suddenly tightened up and the familiar explosion ripped through my body. I felt the hot seed inside my churning balls swiftly rip through my stout five inch erection before ejecting from the small opening at the tip end of my bullet shaped nozzle. A couple of opaque white globules splattered against the wall as it slowly oozed downwards in thick rivulets. My body contracted several more times with only a meager amount being ejected never making it far as it fell into the tub only to be washed away.

A euphoric relief washed over my body once my orgasm subsided and I regained my composure feeling completely rejuvenated. The nap, busting my nut, and now the soapy suds as I washed away the filth of the day from my body had done the trick. I quickly cleaned up my slimy mess focusing on my body as the clean sensation and warm water worked their magic. I had just finished rinsing out my hair when I heard a soft timid voice and ducked my head out from the side of the curtain.

"Um…w-would it be alright if hopped in with you…I mean…you know…get washed up. I kind of feel all yucky. You know…with getting all grimy from rolling around on the ground and also from puking all over the place." Colton asked nervously as he blushed looking down at my crotch area hidden behind the curtain.

It was only simple boyish curiosity I suppose. I mean it was only natural he would be curious what I looked like since I had seen him naked. He's never really seen another boy naked before and I could tell with what all has happened between the two of us he felt safe with that sort of private request. It would probably be his only chance at getting a glimpse of an older boy naked without having to feel so self conscious about it. I didn't see any harm in it so if he wasn't shy about getting naked in the shower with me I wasn't going to make a big issue over it. After all, with everything that's happened today it took guts for him to get naked and if I made a big deal over this it would only make him self conscious about his own body.

"Yeah sure dude, hop in if you want. The shower actually feels good." I told him ducking back behind the curtain shoving my head under the water to finish rinsing it out.

I could sense the curtains moving as the boy stepped inside and I stood back up forcing the water out of my hair before turning back around knowing the other boy would be looking at me completely naked for the very first time. He stood there at the back end of the tub his hands cupping over his privates protectively while he looked down and stared at my three and a half inch flaccid foreskin covered penis. I could tell he was sporting a boner as my own vine like creeper twitched excitedly adding to the other boy's wide eyed wonderment. The only reason why I wasn't currently boned up too was because I had just tossed my cookies, effectively emptying out my milk containers leaving things perfectly content in the basement department.

"Whoa…," he squeaked in surprise. "T-that's big…really big, but why is it different?" He asked innocently as I chuckled shaking my head.

"It's not so different from yours. Mine just still has its skin where you and Carter were circumcised when you were babies. A lot of guys here in the states get their peckers circumcised when they are babies so most look like you. Over in Europe most boys still have their skin like me. It's not a bad thing one way or the other I suppose; although, some kind of argue what is the best thing to do. I like my skin and being intact and I know a lot of guys like the way theirs look circumcised. Like I said, I suppose it doesn't really matter one way or the other, but other than the extra skin mine is a lot like yours…see," I added pulling back my skin as far as it would go hearing the other boy gasp in surprise when the tip of my cap poked out.

"Um…my skin still doesn't pull all the way back yet, but when it does it will look a lot like the tip of yours." I added seeing him screw up his face.

"What do you mean pull back?" He asked curiously bending over and taking a closer look admiring my tumescence.

"Um…well just like with puberty things happen differently for boys who have foreskin too. Most, when we are born the foreskin is attached to the head of our penis. If you aren't circumcised then at some point the skin detaches naturally from the head. It happens at different ages for boys. I'm fifteen years old and about sixty percent of boys my age can already pull their skin back. Mine doesn't yet, but the way things are going it will here soon enough." I explained as he stood back up and smiled broadly at me.

"Whoa, that's way cool. Do you think I can see it when the skin does pull back…I-I mean…i-if it is alright with you and all." He asked nervously looking at my penis still enamored by it as he reached out with one hand while the other one remained in place hiding his modesty before he pulled his hand back.

"It's alright Colton. I know you are curious about it and you can touch me if you want and yeah, when my skin pulls back completely I'll let you see it." I assured him, the boy looking up hesitantly to see if I had been serious before smiling happily.

"Really, you don't mind if I…um…touch it. I mean, it looks totally cool and I-I've never touched anyone else's before. I like how you've got hair down there too. What's it look and feel like when it's dry?" He asked curiously as he reached out tentatively running his hand through my wet pubes while I shrugged.

"Kind of soft like regular hair I guess and sort of curly." I described feeling his hand move downwards as I looked down noticing him wrapping his small fingers around the circumference of my semi-hard tube. "Whoa, it feels heavy…and warm." He noted while I smiled feeling my tube begin to stiffen up from being handled.

He began to pull my foreskin back and stopped when I cautioned him. "Um…remember it is still attached so don't pull on it hard." I told him nodding my head encouragingly as he once more began sliding my skin back until it tugged slightly and he stopped.

"Whoa…," he breathed heavily forgetting all about his own boner as he reached out with his other hand cupping my heavy ball sack that was still tightly balled up against my body. "You've got huge nards, but it is kind of tight and doesn't sag like mine." He noted looking down at his own small purse of skin dangling loosely between his legs and blushing when he realized he was totally exposed to me not to mention all boned up.

I could tell he was tempted to immediately cover himself up as he glanced sideways at me to gauge my reaction. "Um…yeah…well like I told you before we all basically have the same thing but also different in whatever little ways. Of course some things are major like me having my foreskin and you being circumcised, but still the same overall." I noted as I let him continue to look me over closely as he fingered my hard erection.

Even though I had just finished milking myself dry didn't mean this wasn't sexually exciting. After all having someone else handling your cannon balls and stroking your torpedo tended to make things react down there all on their own. I wanted to give him plenty of time without any pressures to get his fill of the way I looked down there in order to dispel any discomfort he may have. After several moments of close scrutiny he looked up and blushed slightly realizing I had patiently let him have his way with my weaponry without complaints as he slowly released me and straightened up.

"Um…that was like way cool, thanks Pim. I-I…um…it was alright to…uh…just, you know…you were cool with it and aren't like freaked out about it?" He asked while I smiled and wrapped my arm around him pulling his body into mine.

We embraced tenderly with my erection sliding along his stomach since I was taller than him while his arched paring blade rubbed along my inner thigh. "Nah, it's all good dude. I got to see you earlier so it is only fair you get to see me." I told him. "Besides, I get to see you all boned up too." I chuckled as he looked up and blushed.

"Y-you don't think it's kind of small or weird the way it bends. I mean, yours stays straight and mine curves when it gets hard." He blushed a bit embarrassed by it while I shook my head.

"That's what makes it so cool and totally awesome." I assured him holding on for a moment or two longer before releasing him and easing the boy under the warm water.

Grabbing the bottle of soft soap I squirted some into my hand and smiled at him. "My turn to touch you, but we might as well get you cleaned up in the process." I told him as I lathered up his body focusing first on his erection just to get it out of the way.

The boy giggled and squirmed around because the slick soap was a bit ticklish and no one's really touched him down there, not since his mom bathed him when he was little, oh and of course me just not so long ago when I had fondled him while he slept. He didn't know about that though, so my hands running over his hard curled two inch fruit knife and soft bread basket with slippery soap was a bit too ticklish as we both squirmed around and began having fun together. Our naked bodies rubbed up against each other and before we knew it things had evolved into a bit of grab ass and groping. It wasn't anything really sexual about it other than being fun and feeling good in the process. However, this definitely was something the two of us truly enjoyed, being able to be carefree and unconcerned about our nudity in front of one another which included sporting a boner without being embarrassed about someone else seeing it.

Thirty minutes later feeling completely refreshed and dressed we were sitting at the counter in the kitchen area finishing up eating our sandwich and chips while sipping on some soda pop. We were both in a good mood and Colton was definitely feeling and looking a lot better. The shower together had not only loosened up our sore aching muscles, but also the awkwardness of our nakedness as we sat around joking about our respective sexy gaming consoles in typical boyish exuberant fashion.

We were in the middle of a typical ribbing session about our hanging brains when we heard a knocking at the door. "Who's that?" Colton wondered while I shrugged my shoulders not really expecting anyone.

Trudging to the door with the eleven year old boy in tow slightly behind me I opened it up and stared in a bit of stunned shock. It was that Ricky kid from across the way as he looked first at me and then Colton, his face flushing red. I was about to say something nasty when the other boy held up his hands and blurted out real quick like.

"I'm sorry…I-I mean, I feel awful by what happened and just wanted to come over and say sorry. I don't want to create any problems and I know you may hate me and all, but things just went too far. I told those guys we should stop. Please Colton believe me, I tried…I told them, but they just kept badgering you and I didn't know what to do. I mean, it's bad enough what we've been doing with your brother, but shit, your like only eleven and that was way off base. I know it doesn't help any now, but I-I just wanted to tell you guys that you won't be having any more trouble out of me, not even Carter because that's sort of gotten out of hand too and is wrong." He sighed shaking his head.

"Pim, I'm sorry…really. I didn't know David was going to get you in trouble at school. When it happened it shocked me and I wanted to say something, but I was too chicken shit to do anything. I'm really sorry about it and if you got into trouble, I-I'll go in and talk to Mr. Moore and Ms. Covington and tell them everything. I know you probably hate me, but I'll do that and try to get you out of trouble. I know your dad showed up, but Ms. Covington is a real bitch. I'll probably get in some deep shit for coming forward and it probably won't do much good for you, but I'll do it." He spoke out looking at me and then over to Colton.

"Dude, for real I'm so sorry for what happened." He insisted, the smaller boy biting his lower lip and glancing up at me while I looked back.

This was kind of odd and coming out of nowhere. I wasn't sure if Ricky meant what he said or not because I really didn't know him that well. Raising my eyebrow at Colton I left it up to him since he's the one who took the brunt of things and knew the other boy better than me. After a moment he nodded his head and I smiled indicating I supported any decision he made.

"Um…yeah Ricky, sure. If Colton seems to think you are serious then I'll take your word for it. We're cool as far as I'm concerned." I held out my hand, the other boy looking at it and then me, before hesitantly reaching out a bit wary considering how I had taken him down the last time.

Wrapping his fingers around mine we both shook and released as he sighed in relief. "That's it…really…you aren't mad?" He asked while I shrugged my shoulder.

"Of course I'm mad about what happened Ricky, but if you mean what you say then I can't hold it against you anymore." I assured him the boy nodding as we stood there awkwardly for a couple of seconds before he started to turn away and then stopped.

"I meant what I said about talking to Mr. Moore and Ms. Covington. I'll go do that right now if you want?" He asked while I shook my head.

"Nah, that's all squared away so don't worry about it. David's in a bit of trouble though and I have a feeling the police are going to be coming by to ask you some questions." I told him, the other boy's eyebrows dipping down not sure what I was talking about.

The way he reacted confirmed to me he wasn't doing this out of any other motive than sincerity because he had no idea about the situation regarding the footage of Colton. "Yeah, about the video that was shot of Colton getting striped naked. It's a good thing it didn't get sent out or go on the internet." I pointed out seeing the other boy turn green.

"Shit…I told them not to strip him naked or take those videos. Oh god I had almost forgotten about that because I had been puking all day feeling guilty about what happened to Colton. Dude, I'm so sorry for real, but yeah, when the police come I'll tell them the truth even if it means getting in trouble." He sighed shrugging his shoulders and waving good bye leaving us alone.

The two of us went back inside and I sat Colton down to make sure he was alright. He was a little shook up having to encounter one of his bullies, but as he calmed down he began feeling good about the exchange. We talked about it some more and we both felt kind of bad for Ricky because in the end he seemed like an alright guy who just got mixed up with the wrong guys and was now going to have to pay for it. We decided if anything came of it we would stick up for Ricky hoping he wouldn't get into too much trouble with the cops.

The rest of the day zipped by as the two of us kept busy with things like doing a quick repair job on my bike for our trip until my dad showed up for dinner. He had stopped by at a takeout place and since he didn't know how Colton was doing brought home a tubby of soup and some sandwiches. It was actually really good as we sat around joking and having a good time. We told my dad what happened after he left and he had mixed feelings over how I had handled Ms. Covington, but did understand why I did it.

We also told him all about the way Carter's been bullied over the years leaving out some of the finer details and all, but from what was said he had a pretty good idea. Between what he's seen and heard on the video captured by David and his buddies along with other things that's come up since my friendship with the Chasson's he had been able to read between the lines getting a good sense of what's been going on. A lot of things started to make sense to him now and I was glad he really didn't press for the more embarrassing details. I could tell he was proud of me for who I had selected and stuck with for friends even telling me so right in front of Colton pointing out that in life a good indicator of a person's character is who he selected as friends.

We also told him about Ricky dropping by as he nodded and said it took a lot of courage for someone to actually stand in front of the person they had wronged and apologize on their own without anyone saying they have to do it. In his opinion it showed this Ricky kid had some back bone and honor because he didn't give out any excuses but simply accepted his role and apologized on his own free will. He agreed if it came down to it we needed to stick with the other teenager and help out if we could since it was the right thing to do.

Right after dinner we got a frantic phone call from Carter who was bawling on the other end wanting to know what happened. His mom had told his dad who broke the news to the thirteen year old boy as gently as possible. He was beside himself though wanting to come home, but I managed to get him calmed down before handing the phone over to his little brother. My dad and I left the smaller boy alone so he could talk with his brother in private and after about thirty minutes the little guy came back nodding his head indicating things were better, but Carter wanted to talk to me.

Taking the phone I went into my room closing the door behind me. Carter seemed better, but still a little upset. He thanked me for being there when he wasn't saying it should have been him and not Colton. Over and over again he thanked me and I had to constantly tell him that's what friends and family do for one another. The eleven year old boy was like my very own little brother after all. He was still worried about his little brother, but I assured him the kid had bounced back to one hundred percent opening up my bedroom door so he could hear the little guy squealing happily back over in the living room. I knew my dad was horsing around with the little guy probably tossing him about or tying the twerp up in knots. He used to do the same thing with me and I would laugh hysterically almost to the point of wetting myself. I could tell that's what was happening with Colton because he suddenly squealed out saying he was about to pee himself.

When I lifted my phone back to my ear Carter was laughing hysterically wondering what on earth my dad was doing to his little brother. We continued to chat for the longest time with my ears burning hotly from the phone stuck up against it.

"Pim?" I heard the other boy on the other end.

"Hmmm?" I replied with a pause settling around us and I could tell Carter was probably looking around making sure no one could hear him.

"I love you." He whispered softly my whole insides getting all tingly by those three little words as I felt my eyes welling up because I knew he only meant it in a brotherly kind of way, but it was kind of the first time he really said it to me.

"I-I love you too Carter and both me and Colton will be upset if you don't bring back a trophy." I told him as we both chatted for a moment or two longer before hanging up.

Even though both Colton and I had taken a nap earlier we decided to turn in early. It had been a rough day and we were going to have an early start in the morning. I closed the door to my room and without any embarrassment Colton stripped off his clothes getting completely naked in front of me before sliding into his usual shorts that he slept in. I smiled warmly as I shucked my own clothes and slipped out of my underwear opting to sleep naked. When he raised his eyebrows I explained to him how I was more comfortable going to bed without anything on and often slept naked. He shrugged his shoulders and we climbed into my bed together and cuddled up. Of course he gave me a teasing grope prompting me to do the same to him as I dipped my hand beneath his shorts. He yipped in surprise and protested but I pointed out how 'what was good for the goose was good for the gander,' he began busting up saying that's not how the phrase was supposed to be used. Within moments after settling down we were both fast asleep.

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