Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 8

The lazy summer days seemed to fly by quickly, and before we all knew it we were immersed in our studies and school activities. During the summer months I had gone to all of Selden's and Garrett's soccer games, and the three of us even went to some of Cameron's games. Halfway through the soccer season Cameron got his chance, and finally made it on Garrett's and Selden's team when one of the players had to quit. This made all three boys happy as their friendship continued to blossom and grow. Even though Cameron was a year younger his two older counter parts welcomed him into their tight knit friendship, and before long they were almost inseparable, just like the three musketeers.

Dylan and I hung out a lot going to several different parties and events, but when possible we did include the three younger boys. It kind of surprised me that Dylan didn't mind his brother and friends hanging out with us so much, but then again Garrett sort of became a buffer between the two brothers possibly getting into any clashes. With Garrett keeping Selden occupied during these times it was almost like Selden wasn't even hanging around his older brother.

In the end though I got the distinct feeling that the two brothers really enjoyed being around one another. Selden had a quick mind and a great sense of humor, which Dylan seemed to enjoy, and the brothers just seemed to become even closer as the summer wore on.

When possible, Garrett and I managed to have some time alone together. During these periods we just basked in each others company enjoying the tender moments. Of course there were times of pleasurable sex between one another, but for the most part it was just being close to each other, and enjoying cuddling together undisturbed that seemed to deepen our love and bond.

The two of us did manage to have a couple of more sleepover together, and during these times our zealous sex play became pretty intense. Perhaps it was due to the fact we didn't get the chance to engage with one another so often in this fashion so when we were alone together overnight we tended to get a bit frisky. Our sex play would start off passionately, and get hot and heavy until we both came crashing back to reality in a heap of sweaty heaving bodies to lie next to one another in sheer blissful contentment.

Man was he so sexy hot during these times, and I just couldn't seem to get enough of him as my hands roamed all over his body hungrily. I swear his dick was the sexiest and most delicious tasting thing in the world, and the way he played my boy flute I had to assume the same thing on his part. Afterwards we would just lie in each other's arms, and it was during these times that my heart would be filled with such joy. Having him all to myself as I softly stroked his silky soft skin in a non sexual way or twirled my fingers in his curls was the most satisfying and peaceful time in my life. I never wanted to let him go as I breathed him in and held him in my arms.

When he looked at me with those adorable hazel colored eyes it was with such warmth and intensity as if he was gazing into my very essence. I loved his eyes, his hair, his nose, his mouth, I just loved him period. It was a feeling that just couldn't really be put to words. I know it sounds corny and all, but he really did complete me. Usually when we finally did fall asleep he would be wrapped up safely in my arms; his warm radiating body heat and rhythmic steady breathing would lull me to the most refreshing and satisfying slumber I've ever experienced.

Selden and Cameron also seemed to grow closer together. At first their relationship seemed to revolve around sex, sex, and more sex, but after almost getting caught a few times I finally had to sit them down and have a talk. I explained to them that if they wanted their relationship and friendship to really work, it had to be based on more than just sex. After that they seemed to cool their jets a bit, and when they did have sex together it seemed to be even more satisfying for them.

Even my sister had a great summer enjoying and growing closer to Brad. As far as the whole sex thing goes, I honestly couldn't tell you one way or the other. Of course I suspected there were some things going on between the two of them, but anything more I couldn't even venture to guess. All I know is that the two of them were happy together, and for the first time Brad started to settle down some and stopped flirting around with other girls.

So this means that Garrett and I had one another, Selden had Cameron, and my sister and Brad ended up an item as well, which seemed to leave poor Dylan sort of out in the cold. Of course he didn't know anything about us boys, but still I at times felt bad for him. I tried to talk to him about getting him to date some girls, but it never seemed to work out. I guess he still hasn't found the right one yet.

By the end of summer Garrett's relationship with Jenna also seemed to have improved. She even came to some of his soccer games and cheered him on. Shyly at first, but then feeling more comfortable with the situation, she started to sit with our small group that had formed at these games. By the end of the soccer season our cheering section was a force to be reckoned with. In a way it was really nice having Jenna around, and she seemed so different these day…you know…sort of polite and pleasant.

On the very last game of the season she took me off to the side wanting to talk privately with me. It sort of caught me by surprise, and I was a bit leery at first. We continued to watch the game as we walked around, and then we just kind of stopped with neither one of us saying anything as we sort of kicked around the rocks in the parking lot.

"So," I stated trying to get things started off.

"Yeah…" she responded shyly as she looked up at me.

We both fell silent for a few moments again shuffling our feet around.

"Hunter…" Jenna began again and then sighed. "Thanks…you know…" She finished.

"Yeah sure…I guess…um…for what?" I asked her not really sure what she was getting at.

"For Garrett…for me…for everything, you know what I mean. I know I've been a real jerk; especially, to my little brother, and I just wanted to thank you. I've never realized what a great brother he really was to me. You've really helped bring him out of his shell. I still don't understand the connection between the two of you, but he likes you a lot, and both you and Dylan have been really cool to Garrett, Selden, and their new friend Cameron." She finished as she looked for a reaction.

"Yeah, they really are great. When I was little I used to always beg my parents for a little brother. I bet you didn't know that about me. Then, all of a sudden there was Garrett, and he looked like he needed a friend. He opened up his heart to me, and became the long lost brother that I've always wanted. Through him I ended up with three little brothers." I laughed at how I was sounding and shrugged my shoulders at Jenna apologetically.

She just smiled at me warmly. "Don't get me wrong Jenna, I love my sister with all of my heart, but there is just something about having another boy who just sort of gets you. My sister…" I sighed as I looked away. "Susan is my best friend in the whole world Jenna. Because of me…" I smiled shaking my head, but Jenna remained quiet wanting to hear what I had to say. "Because of me my sister's had to sacrifice a lot…you know…well I guess you don't. I…I can't exactly explain it…but she sacrificed a lot, and never once has she ever complained. It's what siblings do for one another, and I just hope I can be there for her the same way if she ever needs it. Try to remember that Jenna if Garrett ever really truly needs someone in his corner when the world comes crashing in on him from all sides. Can you promise me this?" I asked her.

Jenna reached out to me and took my hand in hers as she looked into my eyes. Funny how I never noticed this before, but she looks a lot like her brother. She had the same mirthful bright eyes, the same warm smile now that it is sincere, and the same soft facial features.

"I get it Hunter, really I do. It took me a while, but I've come to learn that my mom and Garrett are the most important people in my life. I hope you believe me when I tell you I love my little brother with all of my heart. I hate the person I had become, and the hurtful things I had done to my brother. I promise if there ever comes a time when he needs me the way you describe, I'll be there without any judgments. He's my brother, and that is all there is to it." She stated sincerely with hope in her eyes that I believed her.

Smiling warmly at her I reached out and gave her a hug. She stiffened up a moment, but realized it was just a friend type of embrace as she grabbed on to me holding me fiercely. I felt her slight body shudder against mine as she shed some tears of relief and happiness. She had been so afraid of rejection, but felt so much better now and relieved that I had accepted her apology welcoming her as a friend.

"Are you alright?" I asked her as we took a step back, and she wiped away the tears.

"Yeah Hunter, my brother really was right about you being a great guy." She smiled shyly at me.

Her compliment made me blush. "Um…thanks…I guess," I responded not knowing what else to say about that.

"Hunter…I know that you heard my mom…um…you know…my stepfather…what he did to me and …" She started, but I held up my hand and shook my head.

"Jenna, that wasn't your fault, and there was nothing you could have done. You didn't even know it was happening, and it could have been the first time or even several times, no one knows except your scumbag step father. That incident doesn't make me feel any differently about the person who you are now." I stated watching her intently for a reaction.

She just looked away with a few tears coming down her cheeks as she nodded her head. "It's just that I don't know how to feel about it Hunter. If I wasn't asleep and was awake would I have let him do that to me and maybe even enjoyed it?" She asked a bit sadly as she wrapped her arms around herself for comfort.

Shaking my head not knowing the answer to her question I sighed sadly. "I can't answer that for you Jenna." I shrugged my shoulders. "Does it really matter at this point? I mean that was in the past, and we can't live in the 'what if' Jenna, trust me. I've asked the 'what if' question so many times, and there just isn't an answer." I assured her truthfully. "Maybe what we should be wondering is 'what can be' for the future."

We both fell silent as we looked over towards the game. Garrett had looked over towards our group noticing both Jenna and I missing, so was now looking around for us while he was on the field. He spotted us and waved, so we just waved back to him and noticed him smiling fiercely as he focused back on the game.

She just shook her head and smiled. "He really loves you Hunter. Sure he loves his friends Selden and Cameron as well, but he just lights up when he's around you." She stated of her brother as she laughed light heartedly. It was the same type of laugh as Garrett.

"You and you're brother are a lot alike you know. I love that laugh of his, and just now you sounded exactly like him. When he laughs it is with his whole heart, and it is so nice to hear it finally coming from you too." I told her honestly.

"Really…thanks, that's got to be one of the nicest things someone's ever told me, at least if nothing else, in a very long time." She replied cheerfully. "I guess it really has been a while since I've laughed for real, and you're right when Garrett talks about you and laughs it is such a wonderful sound. It's as if the truth just comes out, and it is almost musical to the ears." She reflected recalling how her brother sounds and looks when he laughs.

We chatted for a while longer before heading back to our group arm in arm. Dylan looked a bit shocked when he saw us, but smiled warmly at the sight. He too had noticed a change in Jenna, and had been warming up to her. Seeing the two of us together like that, made him a bit bolder as he started to truly have a conversation with her. I was glad to see Dylan accept her more openly.

After school started things became more difficult for all of us as we couldn't seem to get together as often. The three younger boys were immersed in their own studies, and activities in their school. Garrett seemed to blossom even more among his peer group since he was now friends with Selden, and also since he's climbed out of his shell. The other kids discovered what a great guy he really was, and of course having Selden as his friend did help. Even Cameron being one grade below them enjoyed a boost in popularity since he had become friends with two older boys.

The three musketeers hung out together a lot, and became the closest of friends. The time spent with me and Dylan became sporadic to say the least. Even the weekends weren't an assurance of us getting together as we all had our own obligations. However, Garrett did manage to come to each and every one of my wrestling matches thanks to his sister who took him with her, and who promised her mom that she would watch him. Even Dylan, Selden, and Cameron managed to make it to a few of my matches.

At my away games the two Davis children managed to hitch a ride either with my sister or Brad, and every so often the other guys also hitched a ride. Most of the times, my sister and Brad went together in the same vehicle anyway, so it didn't really matter one way or the other. Of course sometimes it was a bit of a hassle for my sister and her boyfriend because they would have to drop Jenna and Garrett off back home and on those rare occasions the other three boys as well, before heading out to meet up with their friends afterwards. However, Susan understood how important it was to Garrett and me that he was there at the games so graciously tolerated the minor inconvenience. A close bond had formed between the two of us, and with our time so limited these days the matches had become extremely important to the both of us.

It's been ages since Garrett and I have been together…alone…sexually, and I can honestly say that I don't know what was worse, not having alone time with him to cuddle and hold him in my arms lovingly, or all out hard and fast sex with him. I know the whole sex thing may sound shallow, but being away from him for so long was just driving me crazy. I think if we just had time to spend alone on a regular basis, even without the sex aspect, it would be enough for us, but as it is all I know is that I've been feeling frustrated both mentally and physically without him being a constant in my life.

We've managed a few moments together here and there over the last month or month and a half, but it just wasn't enough. The last time, a couple of days ago, we had enough time for a quick hug and passionate kiss before we had to break it off. Garrett had voiced his frustrations to me as well, and I could tell he was missing us being together. Not only was I feeling a sense of irritation, but I was also starting to exhibit signs of my body being overextended due to the grueling wrestling schedule.

My test results just over three weeks ago had come in within the parameters my doctor had established, but even then I could sense my body was starting to feel the affects of sluggishness from the physical exertion. Maybe I was feeling a bit tired and worn out because I was also missing having Garrett in my life on a regular basis. At the time of my doctor's visit I was afraid to say anything because I was so committed to my team and team mates. We all had trained hard, and it was starting to show as we slowly began to win our tournaments one after the other.

Not only was I having these problems, but the weather just didn't want to cooperate either which further dampened my spirits as it had turned rainy and cold almost as soon as summer vacation ended. Don't get me wrong, for the Northwest we've had one hell of a summer with a record breaking consecutive no rain days, but now it is nothing but rain, rain, and rain, not to mention the cold dampness just seemed to seep into my bones. The last several months for me have just been dreary, bleary, wet, cold, and downright depressing. Of course this doesn't mean I was suicidal or anything; overall I was still a happy go lucky teenager, it's just that all of these factors were starting to wear on me.

It was Saturday today, and yesterday was the last day of school for Christmas break. After doing some quick chores around the house, and helping out with some of the decorations my sister dropped me off at the school so I could meet up with the rest of my team mates. It was the last wrestling match until we went back to school after New Year's so we were all looking forward to a bit of a break.

The only bad part about it is that today's meet was an away match over an hour's drive in the town of Snoqualmie. Thank goodness at least the roads weren't icy or anything, but as usual it was damp and dreary with it getting dark already around four in the afternoon. Some people always complained about it hardly ever snowing during Christmas, but to tell you the truth I would rather have the rain than snow because with all the hilly neighborhoods; especially, in the city of Seattle, it became downright dangerous when it snowed.

When people complained about no snow all I did was point towards Mt. Rainier and tell them forty minutes and they can have all the snow they could ever want. Take a truck with them and they can bring back as much as they want I would jokingly tell them. Of course they never seemed to enjoy my type of humor regarding the whole snow issue, but then again I never liked their attitude about not having snow for Christmas.

Anyway, by the time we had reached Snoqualmie we had reached a little snow, but at least the roads were pretty clear of any ice. I don't know why, but icy conditions on the roads always made me nervous. It was also colder over here, but in the building where the wrestling match was held it was nice and toasty warm. Thank goodness for that because lately I've been feeling cold all the time.

There was a pretty good home team crowd in the bleachers today, but our side had managed a fairly good crowd as well, and today I had everyone in my own cheering section up in the bleachers. Brad had borrowed his Dad's SUV so that he could cart the entire gang up in one vehicle. The only ones who weren't here were my folks. They had each taken a two week vacation starting on Sunday, tomorrow, but had some things to take care of today before they were able to enjoy the vacation time. At least after today we would have a whole two weeks together.

As I sat there in one of the chairs watching my teammates go through the paces with their respective opponents I started to get a little nervous and lightheaded. I made sure I drank down a lot of fluids, and reached into my bag for some of my meds. The coach looked over at me and had asked if I was alright. I assured him everything was just fine, and by the time my match started I was feeling much better.

My opponent and I stepped up to the referee, and I put on the red ankle band since I was on the visiting team while my opponent put on a green ankle band. I've wrestled this kid a few times over the years, and our matches had always been close ones. We both were more nervous because of this knowledge as we faced off for the first period. There are three periods, each lasting two minutes. Doesn't sound like a lot of time, but in wrestling it is almost an eternity.

As expected by the end of the first two periods we were evenly matched up points wise. Sweat was dripping off both of our small wiry frames as I found myself under the control of my opponent. If my calculations were correct we were both tied at the moment with only about another twenty or so seconds left. I was starting to feel light headed as my body began to run out of steam. I didn't have much left, but with the match being this close I exerted more effort trying to get free.

Just when I thought I was all locked up I felt his muscles easing up, and that's when I made my move by kicking out my legs from underneath me, and rolled out of his hold for a reversal. Continuing the smooth motion and momentum of my weight I effectively rolled him up, and before I knew it had him pinned up against the mat. He tried to keep his shoulders up so I rocked up on my toes applying more pressure, and then there it was as the referee signaled a pin.

Releasing my opponent I immediately stood up, and pumped my fist in the air as my teammates leaped for joy clapping their hands. I looked up in the stands, and my sister along with all my friends were up on their feet clapping wildly with my sweet Garrett cheering the loudest. It was a proud moment for me, but when I stood up so fast it made my head spin and I felt a bit nauseous. In spite of my dizziness I still reached down, and helped my opponent to his feet as he congratulated me graciously.

After the referee made my win official I walked over to the other team's coach, shook hands while my opponent did the same with my coach, and then made my way over to my chair. I sat down, and my coach came over to congratulate me.

"Are you alright?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I think I just need to go get some fresh air for a minute." I said to him as I grabbed my bag getting up and heading into the locker room after he said it was alright.

Setting my bag down on the bench inside the locker room I fished out my warm jacket, and put it on walking out a pair of doors into the crisp cool air. There was a little snow on the ground, but at least it wasn't raining even though it was a bit on the cold side. The building was located along a park area, and I walked down the path towards the sound of a swift moving river up ahead. I crossed the road and stepped up on the walkway that overlooked the flowing river. The two lamp posts on either side of me along the railing cast a dim ring of light as shadows seemed to dance around.

The cold air was starting to clear up my head, and I began to feel better. Even my nausea was starting to go away as I focused on the dark swift water flowing below me. Then I started to get that iron like taste in my mouth.

"Fuck," I whispered to myself as I dug into my coat pocket, and found some old paper napkins.

Unraveling the paper I quickly placed it up against my nose and wiped before holding up the napkins and sighing. My nose was bleeding which probably meant I should go see the doctor soon just to make sure I was alright. I dabbed the napkin against my nose a couple of more times noticing it had stopped bleeding. I was about to turn around and head back when I heard a couple of familiar voices.

"Hey Hunter, that was totally awesome." Garrett practically gushed as he leaped into my arms and hugged me to him tightly.

"Oh man…you have no idea how much I've missed this," I replied as my arms wrapped around his tiny frame and I breathed him in.

Hearing crunching noises of people walking on the snow I swiveled my head and looked up at the small figures of Selden and Cameron approaching as well. Sighing I let go of Garrett as the other two boys came over, and we bumped knuckles in the typical kid style of greeting these days.

"Wow, that was totally wicked," Selden commented as Cameron agreed. "Why'd you leave so fast?" He asked me.

"Oh, no particular reason, I guess just to get some fresh air. It was so stuffy in there, and after my match I was too heated up and had to cool off." I told them, but got a funny look from Garrett as he scrutinized me intensely after he spotted me shoving the bloody napkin back into my coat pocket.

Trying to avoid Garrett's hard gaze I turned back around facing the river. "Man, this is so cool out here and it smells…so refreshing with the river so close." I commented as the boys turned and looked down at the river as well.

"Whoa, did you see that?" Cameron shouted excitedly as something appeared to jump or move around in the river.

It was dark, but the light from the lamp post seemed to illuminate a small stretch of the swift flowing wide river. We all glanced over to where the boy pointed as we looked on seeing some more movement, but not able to make anything out specifically.

"Do you think it is some fish jumping around?" Garrett asked curiously standing on my right side.

"I don't know do they even jump around at night?" Selden asked standing next to me on my left side while Cameron who was standing next to him also looked over at me questioningly.

Shrugging my shoulders I continued to gaze down at the river, and so did the boys as we all tried to find the original source of the commotion. The boys were chattering away excitedly, and I don't know why, but my attention was drawn to something else as a distinctive noise kept forcing its way into the back of my mind.

While the boys continued to chatter away I turned around and could see a pair of headlights from a car heading down the roadway in our direction. It didn't seem anything unusual since a regular road ran along the side of the river next to us and there had already been a couple of other cars along here as well.

Shrugging my shoulders I started to turn back towards the river, but something just didn't appear to be right. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as I watched the headlights approaching us even closer, then I could hear the revving up of the engine, and then the distinctive sound of tires as they slid around as if on something slick. For an instant I just froze, and then all of a sudden it dawned on me that the car was completely out of control and heading in our direction.

Turning towards Selden and Cameron I shoved them over towards the side of the walkway out of harms way before quickly turning back towards Garrett who was right in the car's path. Without thinking I picked him up into my arms, turned my body towards the vehicle in order to protect him more, and having no choice launched us both over the railing.

As soon as I leaped into the air I felt something brushing up against my side, and then before I knew it I was hurtling over Garrett in a spinning motion. I didn't know what had happened, and didn't even have time to think about it, as all of a sudden my body was jolted awake when I landed in the icy waters of the river.

My entire body just seized on me for a moment, and my heart contracted as the ice numbing coldness engulfed my entire body when my head went under water. Just before I went under I heard Garrett yelp as well when his body also plunged into the icy depths. Immediately my instincts of survival took over as I struggled fiercely to reach the surface. Just as my lungs were about to explode from lack of air I breached the surface and gasped for air.

The coat I was wearing started to drag me under again as the swift waters started carrying me downriver. It took a moment, but I managed to get the jacket off of me and I kicked off my shoes as I struggled to look around for Garrett. I spotted him a few yards away struggling to stay above the water, and sputtering wildly as we both were carried downstream.

Garrett's head was swept under the swift current, and disappeared from my sight. In a panic I swam towards the general direction of where he had been trying to get to him. I was crying and my limbs were starting to cramp up as I struggled to find him. All I could think of was that if I didn't find him real quick I would lose him forever. I didn't know what to do, and started to despair when all of a sudden I saw a flittering figure just below the surface. Not knowing what it was I reached down, and wrapped my fingers around something before yanking upwards for all I was worth.

Garrett's head popped back out of the water as he sputtered and coughed. I knew we weren't out of trouble yet, more to the point I knew we were fucked, but I still started to kick with every ounce of energy in what I thought was the general direction of the river bank. If we didn't make it there real soon, hypothermia would set in and we would easily drown. I didn't fight against the current, instead I continued to let it carry us as I steered us at an angle towards the bank. Garrett was still coughing and trying to help as much as possible, but it was all he could do just to keep his head above the water. I had a firm grip on some sort of piece of clothing he was wearing, and concentrated on not letting him slip from my fingers. I was holding on so tightly to him that my fingers were starting to cramp.

We were loosing the battle, and it didn't seem like we were making any headway since there was no shoreline in sight. I started to sob and struggle even harder as I extended every ounce of energy continuing to force myself to swim onwards. My limbs were growing numb, and even though the water was cold, numbing most of my aches, I could still feel a sharp stabbing pain along the side where I think the car may have hit me. Ignoring the pain I struggled onward, but knew in the back of my mind that it was probably useless.

Just when I started to believe we had lost for sure, I thought I detected a hint of distinct dark shapes of the trees along the river. Using that as my lifeline I kicked, grunted, and lurched my way to the bank. We finally reached a point where we could feel the bottom, so I started to walk and crawl the rest of the way dragging a half drowned Garrett with me.

With one last heave we both collapsed on to solid ground. Garrett was still spiting up water, but we had no time to spare as I hauled him to his feet. My sweet little boy started to whimper and protest, but he did obey me and slowly climbed to his feet as tears tumbled down his cheeks.

"Come on Garrett, we've got to get back up to the road or they will never find us. If we stop know our bodies will go into shock and we could die of hypothermia." I told him as I shoved him towards the direction of what I thought was a road or at least some sort of civilization.

My body was shaking uncontrollably as I forced my legs to walk. I couldn't even feel my feet, and I knew that they would probably be all banged up because I wasn't wearing any shoes. Thank goodness where we landed was a sandier embankment. Somehow Garrett had managed to keep his shoes on, but that could have ended up being his downfall if I hadn't grabbed him. Shoes are a nuisance when you are in the water, and can impede you when you try to swim. I took a mental note to have a talk to him about how to survive in water, and maybe give him some lessons later. I knew he could swim, but in the common sense department of surviving some of these situations, he most definitely was lacking in judgment.

Garrett fell down, and I helped him up forcing him onwards. He was shivering just as badly as me, and was whimpering and crying as we continued to struggle. I was dragging, pulling, and half carrying him along at times even though I was barely able to stand up on my own. He fell down a couple of more times before finally giving up. I don't know where I found the strength, but I bent over and heaved him over my shoulders utilizing the fireman's carry.

The load was excruciatingly painful to me as my knees wobbled and threatened to give out, but I knew we had to move forward. All of a sudden I had to stop at a steep rise, and with my mind growing more and more detached from reality it took me a second to understand where I was as I slowly swiveled my head around in confusion and frustration.

My mind struggle to remain in the real world, but it operated sluggishly as I tried to figure out what to do. There was no way I could get up the overgrown monstrosity of an embankment, and then all of a sudden I spotted what looked like a small trail through the overgrown hill. Adjusting my heavy load I heard Garrett moan as I made my way towards the trail.

Meanwhile back at the bridge a stunned Selden and Cameron immediately ran back to where we were standing only moments earlier finding a totally smashed up car against the railing. "There they are," Selden shouted as he pointed downriver showing Cameron. "Quick, go find Brad and Susan while I call 911," Selden commanded getting his friends attention and motioning him to move.

Cameron looked stunned for a second, and then leaped into action as he sped off in a dead run towards the building where the wrestling match was being staged. It took him only moments before he came crashing through the doors, and tried to round the corner where the bleachers were holding all of the spectators.

He was running so hard that he slipped, and ended up sliding into two of the wrestlers on one of the mats. There was a big uproar of protest from the crowd as the small boy quickly leaped to his feet and looked around not knowing what to do for a second. Then he heard the announcer making some sort of comment, and sprinted towards the long desk where the scorekeepers were tracking the event along with where the announcer was also positioned.

The boy made a straight line for the desk, and several of the people sitting behind it leaping backwards not knowing what to expect. Cameron not able to stop completely crashed into the table, but not before reaching out and grabbing the microphone. Turning around and looking in the direction where the rest of our clan was sitting he spotted them. The look on their faces would have been funny, and Cameron would have laughed if the situation wasn't so dire.

"Susan, a car hit Hunter and Garrett knocking them into the river. Hurry up we need your help," Cameron shouted as he dropped the microphone and ran back towards the door not waiting to see if there was any response.

Susan gasped and felt Brad leap up to his feet as he grabbed her hand dragging her behind him while he bolted down the bleacher steps knocking anyone out of the way who dared to hinder their progress. The guy was a football player, and it showed as he shoved several people out of the way clearing a path for both him and Susan.

They beat Cameron to the doorway, and shoved their way through looking around. Cameron stopped beside them, and pointed in the direction of where they had been. A moment or two later Brad was approaching the wrecked car at a fast clip. What he saw made him cringe and mad as hell because a large teenaged boy had Selden in his grip slapping the boy in the face. Several other large boys were also getting out of the car.

"You little ssss-shit; why the fuck did you call the copses on us-ssss? If you say anything I'll beat the ssss-shit out of you." The older boy spat out slurring his words as his hand lifted up ready to smack the younger boy again for good measure.

Brad reached the older kid, and grabbed his arm yanking backwards forcing him away from Selden. Released from the older boy's grip Selden fell backwards on his ass, and quickly got up while wiping his bloody nose with the back of his hand. Several of the boys from the car now started to crowd around Brad just as Susan shoved her way past them and took a look at the smaller boy to make sure he was just fine.

"What the fuck do you guys-ssss think your doing," The first boy, obviously a jock as he was wearing a letterman's jacket, wanted to know as he continued to slur his words. "This ain't none of your business-ssss," he continued buoyed now by his class mates who had gathered around all of whom seemed to be just as drunk.

The boys were all big, but Susan just stepped next to Brad who was bristling at the other boys. Although the school boys were all big, Brad by far had more height, body mass, and muscles compared to them. Although he was mad as hell he still didn't want this to escalate any more, not to mention they were wasting time with finding the boys.

"Just back off assholes…did you know you guys hit a couple of kids sending them into the river?" He asked them holding out his arms trying to keep them back.

"Thass a fucking lie," the older boy spat and lunged for Brad.

Big mistake as Brad balled up his fist, and pounded it into the boy's nose. You could here the crunching noise as he broke the other guy's nose, and with blood gushing out the boy just crumbled to the ground.

Of course as soon as their friend leaped towards the obnoxious new comer the other three brutes also leaped forward, but to their surprise found themselves all folded up onto the pavement. As soon as the first boy attacked, Susan leaped into action, and with just a few moves had the rest of the three boys writhing around on the ground hurt badly, and with some broken bones for sure. She didn't have time to fuck around so just made each move count, and did it in a way that created the most damage in a hurry without killing them. The only one left was a smaller boy, maybe a freshman, who had been with the older boys, and now just looked around like a deer caught in headlights.

"Please don't hurt me," The younger boy pleaded and shaking because of everything that was going on. "I…I told them to slow down and stop drinking. I wanted them to let me out of the car I was so scared, and then…then they lost control and hit those kids. Oh shit, what happened to those poor kids?" The younger boy gasped as he headed towards the railing genuinely concerned about what happened to the other boys.

Everyone could tell that he hadn't been drinking, and his earnest quick confession of the events were told with truthfulness so Brad and Susan just sidled up with the other boy, and looked out towards the river. The sounds of sirens could be heard in the distance as Selden pointed out where he had last seen his friends.

"Shit, they are somewhere downriver, but where?" Susan started to cry really upset and concerned.

By this time Dylan and Jenna had also arrived along with several spectators and adults trying to get a handle on things. The four boys were quickly looked after, and a lot of shouting was going on as the adults started swearing at the drunken kids.

Dylan and Jenna started to panic; especially, Jenna for her younger brother as she began to cry. Susan was panicked as well, but took a deep breath as she looked at Brad.

"We've got to find them fast Brad…I mean real fast." She stated looking down the rarely used roadway.

"We'll find them, but we have to be careful Susan so that we don't inadvertently skip over them. If…I mean…when they make it to the shore then we can find them, but it may take a little time." He assured Susan.

"No, you don't understand," Susan interjected as she started making her way down the roadway along the river at a brisk pace.

Dylan, Cameron, Selden, Jenna, and Brad followed along trying to slow her down. "Wait Susan this is crazy. Wait until we get more help." He tried to plead with her.

"No, you don't understand, Hunter doesn't have that kind of time. He needs help now or…or he could die." She shot back as she continued to walk looking along the river bank while she fished out her phone from her pocket looking for a number.

"What…wait Susan, what do you mean Hunter doesn't have time?" He asked Susan finally catching up to her and forcing her to stop.

She looked up from the phone with tears in her eyes. "Brad, he's got a very rare genetic disorder. I mean very rare…there's only one other known case that we are aware of. It…it leaves his body more susceptible to the elements. He doesn't recover as quickly from illnesses, and if the blood and chemical balance in his body isn't maintained rigorously his body and organs could just shut down on him. I don't know how to explain it other than think of it almost like Leukemia. He doesn't have Leukemia, thank goodness for that, but in a way his body sort of reacts almost similarly regarding his white blood cells and red blood cells. With his body though there is more involved than his blood, and although he doesn't have cancer it is still very bad, at times maybe even worse. With the exertion from his sports he's already at risk…but this….I just…I'm not sure and I don't know Brad. All I know is that this is bad…really bad, and I'm afraid. When he was younger we almost lost him a half a dozen times. Not until we moved here did we ever feel safe about him." She told her boyfriend as she looked away and started down the roadway again.

"W…what do you mean you almost lost him?" Dylan piped up almost trotting next to the rest of the group.

Everyone was almost running as puffs of warm air from their lungs intermingled with the much cooler air from the elements. Selden and Cameron looked like they were about to cry. Jenna was still in a shock, but had understood what Susan was saying as tears flowed freely down her cheeks. The girl was afraid for her brother, but the news about Hunter was completely frightening to her. She never knew…how could that even be possible she berated herself. How could she not know and see it. All the signs were there. How Hunter was so easy going, but at times completely exhausted even though he competed in sports regularly and looked healthy.

Susan looked at Dylan and sighed, but continued to walk briskly while searching the river bank. "I'm sorry Dylan, but he didn't want anyone to know. He just wanted to be treated like any normal kid, and didn't want his friends to worry about him. When he was little for years we would be in and out of the hospitals for one thing or another. No one knew what was wrong with him, and test after test didn't reveal anything. Several times at one point or another, his organs failed, and he even arrested a few times…you know his heart arrested. On two separate occasions they had to shock him in order to get his heart going again. Sometimes a simple cold sent us all into the emergency room for treatment. He almost died on a number of occasions, but each time he fought with every ounce and fiber of his being. It wasn't until we met Hunter's current doctor that we finally found out about his rare genetic disorder. We immediately moved here, and things have improved drastically…until now." Susan told everyone as she stopped a moment, and dialed her phone number.

Someone picked up on the other end and she sighed relieved. "Doc, this is Susan Alan, Hunter's sister. We're in trouble and might need you. Can you stay on the other end here, and have things ready?" She had asked the doctor and gave him a quick run down of the situation as we all looked down the street noticing the flashing emergency lights of an ambulance approaching.

Susan hung up the phone and we continued down the street looking at the ambulance as it approached and suddenly stopped way down by the bend in the road. All of a sudden there seemed to be a commotion going on around the emergency vehicles as several people got out and encircled what looked like a lone large figure in the roadway.

"Hunter?" Susan whispered questioningly.

My mind seemed as if it was in a haze, and the sound of my heart beat was pounding loudly in my head as I stumbled along the darkened trail. I could barely see my way through the overgrowth as I tried to focus on the trail a few feet at a time. My chest was hurting, and I could taste the blood in my lungs as I sucked in one breath of cold air after another. It hurt, but I tried to ignore it along with other sharp twinges of pain. My entire body ached as I focused on taking just one step after another. I kept whispering one more after I took a step. I don't know how many times I said it as I kept my head bent down and just kept moving forward.

At one point I noted how red my feet looked with the blood seemingly pooling around some. I stumbled a bit and stopped for a moment catching my breath. Strange I thought as I looked down on the pale pavement noting several red foot prints. There was something significant about this I thought to myself as I just stood there telling myself, just one moment so I can catch my breath.

There was an incessant buzzing noise in the back of my mind as I tried to shake my head clear. Damn, I thought to myself. I hate it when my head starts to pound like this. I sighed as I tried to take another step, but for some reason my legs just wouldn't work. Not only that, but the stupid buzzing noise seemed to get louder, and now there was this piercing sort of light that continually swirled around in my mind making my head spin.

This was it; I finally had to admit to myself knowing I had gone as far as I could as my body started to shut down on me. "Oh Sweet Cheeks, I'm so sorry." I whispered to no one in particular as now I thought I could hear some voices. Maybe it was Garrett that was trying to talk and say something so I tried to focus on the voice. The thought of him seemed to buoy me as even the weight on my shoulders seemed to get a lot lighter.

There was some movement around me, and my eyes finally focused as I looked up and noticed a large vehicle in front of me with two uniformed men carrying a small figure lying him down on a gurney they had pulled from the ambulance. The small figure was Garrett, and he was struggling with the men as he reached out for me. The boy needed me, and I tried to go to his side, but my limbs just wouldn't cooperate.

"H…H….Hunter?" Garrett stuttered as he reached out. "N…no leave me alone, y…you need to help Hunter." The boy tried to struggle and get up as his eyes got big. "H…his n…nose is bleeding, h…he's in trouble," he forcefully told the men as they wrapped him in a blanket before getting shoved away.

I frowned at what Garrett was saying as I tried to move while at the same time I rubbed the back of my hand across my nose. It was odd not being able to feel my hand, but when I looked at the back of my hand it was covered in blood. My body lurched and then everything seemed to spin around before fading to black.

"It's him," Susan yelled out as she started to sprint towards the ambulance and as she got closer the distinct outlines of people around the vehicle became clearer. Just before she got there she saw her brother collapsing onto the ground while Garrett was shouting for the Paramedics to help Hunter.

"Hunter," Susan yelled as she kneeled down next to the prone figure of her brother. She turned him over as one of the Paramedics got up to take a look. As soon as he got next to the body he started to shout at his partner as he started to work on the boy trying to remove his wet wrestling singlet. The second paramedic got a dry backboard out of the ambulance, and they slipped it under the prone boy getting him on a dry surface and covered him up with a dry blanket as they cut the last of the wet material from him.

Susan got out her phone and dialed Doctor Miller's number while she fretted over her brother but not interfering with the Paramedics. She was talking to the doctor letting him know what was going on.

Jenna in the meanwhile rushed to her brother's side as the ambulance driver tended to him wrapping up more heated blankets around him trying to warm him up while stripping him out of his wet clothes. "Garrett, oh thank god you are alive," she gasped as she wrapped her arms around her brother who was shivering uncontrollably, and yelped in pain at her too tight of a hug.

"J…Jenna, he…he saved me. He pulled me out of the river and…and then carried me. Oh sissss…it'ssss bad…I…I jusss know it and feel it…its jusss bad. Go…go tell Sussssan that I think Hunter'sss nose was bleeding before the accident. I…I think it has to be important." He tried to tell his sister as he slurred and stuttered his words, shoved her away, and started to cry in earnest as he shivered uncontrollably now completely naked and wrapped up warmly under layers of blankets.

Jenna froze for a moment not wanting to leave her brother, but also in light of what she had been told by Susan knew this was probably critical. She nodded her head to her brother, and got up quickly heading to Susan. She yelped when she saw Hunter's body jerk upwards under several layers of blankets that were currently shoved down to his waist, and looked over to Susan who was on the phone and also crying.

"Susan?" Jenna tugged on the older girls arm. The older girl was focused on Hunter and talking on the phone so just ignored her. "Susan, please you have to listen." She insisted as she seriously tugged on Susan, and got the older girl to look at her.

"Jenna, not now please. This…this is bad," she whispered as she put the phone to her ear again.

"I…I know Susan, but please Garrett told me you need to know…" She insisted, but Susan wasn't listening so she yanked the older girl's arm fiercely.

Jenna cringed at the look she got from Susan, but stuttered out what she had to say anyway. "Susan p…please, Garrett told me t…to tell you he thinks Hunter's nose was bleeding even before the accident. He…he says he thinks this is important somehow." Jenna insisted.

Susan's eyes got big as she picked up her phone. "Doc, one of Garrett's friends just told me that his nose was bleeding just before the accident. I…I think he might already have hit low levels beforehand." She stated as she listened.

"I…I don't know why he didn't say anything earlier Doc. Of course he knows what all that means. Maybe he just figured there was one more match left before a long break so his body could recuperate, and of course there was our appointment as well here soon. So he probably figured he would let you know then. Doc, are we too late?" She asked as there was a whining noise from a machine the Paramedics were operating.

She flinched as Hunter's body jolted for a second time. Dylan and the others had arrived about the same time as Jenna, and had gathered around Susan as they too flinched. Cameron and Selden were crying as both Brad and Dylan tried to console the smaller boys.

The last thought on my mind is that at least my sweet Garrett was just fine. There was a feeling of warmth that engulfed my body as all of a sudden I jolted awake and I gasped for air.

"He's back," I heard a voice call out.

My eyes fluttered open in a hazy world as my head pounded, and pain shot all through my body. I could feel tears at the corners of my eyes as they streaked backwards and slithered down the back side of my ears.

There was a uniformed paramedic leaning over me with a stethoscope evidently listening to my heartbeat, while another paramedic was talking on his radio to someone else giving out vital signs and a whole bunch of garbley goop as far as I was concerned. The second Paramedic shouted out that the hospital said we should get the kids in the bus, and head on out.

"Wait," my sister shouted holding out her phone to the first paramedic. "It's our doctor, there are some medical conditions concerning my brother you need to know about that is life threatening." She continued to insist as she shoved the phone in the guy's hand.

My eyes drooped, and I felt tired as the second paramedic draped me with another warm blanket. I felt someone's warm hand holding on to mine, and I opened up my eyes and smiled at the face looking down at me. "Hey," I whispered.

"Hey," Garrett smiled through tears as I slowly closed them again and then felt a warm body slipping under the covers next to me and held me tight.

"Hey kid, you can't be doing that." The second paramedic said as he tried to peel Garrett off of me, but the boy wouldn't let go as I faded off to sleep.

The first paramedic looked up at Susan, and sighed as he picked up the phone. There were some exchange of information, and then the paramedic fell silent as he listened.

"I'm sorry Doctor Miller, but we have some protocols, and that just won't be possible. The hospital over here is waiting for us." He stated as he fell silent.

"You did what?" The paramedic asked in a huff. "Wait, don't put me on hold." He shouted. "Shit, I don't know who that guy thinks he is, but he said he is sending a helicopter over to transport this guy to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle." The man told his partner as he first handed the girl her phone back, and then helped his partner get out a gurney to put the boy on so they can load him up into the ambulance.

"Hello, Doc, no they are loading him up in the ambulance to take him to the hospital over here." She said as she listened. "Oh, hold on." She stated as she walked up to the first paramedic holding out her hand.

"You better take this mister." Susan told the man as he sighed and picked up the phone.

"Yeah, listen we gotta go…he's stable for now, but his vitals are all over the map…what…you did what?" He asked shocked when all of a sudden the second paramedic's radio blurted out some orders.

"Shit," the second paramedic shouted out to his partner. "We've just received new orders to hold up by the park he shouted out as he pointed towards an approaching helicopter.

"Son of a Bitch, this guy ain't playing is he?" The first paramedic shouted back handing the phone back to the girl as they loaded both Hunter and Garrett into the ambulance, and headed up street next to the open space of the park.

The helicopter landed, and a couple of paramedics with a specialized gurney stepped out and headed towards the ambulance. They strapped Hunter in and started to haul him away when all of a sudden Garrett went ballistic trying to get off the ambulance so he could go with his friend.

Susan was strapped into the cramped helicopter, and Garrett managed to break free from the ambulance paramedics, and started to unsteadily run towards the helicopter. One of the helicopter paramedics spotted him, and ran out to grab a hold of him.

There was such a racket going on in the back of my mind that was deafening, and what I thought was a lot of shouting. I could feel a sensation of being lifted and then lowered with a sort of bumping sensation which made me woozy. Opening my eyes the first thing I saw was a bunch of whirling things above my head, and I felt like throwing up before I was shoved into a cramped compartment of some sort.

Then I heard some shouting and I looked out noticing Garrett being manhandled by some guy in a uniform. "No, I need to go with him, please." I heard my love start to cry as he continued to struggle.

It was too much for me, and I started to struggle as well as one of the helicopter paramedics shouted over the noise. "It'll be alright kid; we are transporting you to Harborview Medical Center." Then he leaned his weight into me trying to put on another strap to hold me in place.

Now I was really pissed off as I tried to shove him off of me, and then all of a sudden heaved throwing up all over the place. The guy backed off and immediately started to clean things up.

"I…I want Garrett," I shouted to the man who just looked at me, and then over his shoulders towards the struggle happening about fifteen yards away.

The man looked back at me and nodded his head shouting an order to the other paramedic. The two figures stopped struggling, and then made their way over to the helicopter. I watched as Garrett climbed into the helicopter still wrapped in thick blankets. He smiled at me, and I settled back in as I slowly faded back to sleep no longer able to summon up any more strength. Breathing became difficult as I gasped for air, and then blacked out.

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