Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 6

My head was still pounding when my sister came in and woke me up the next morning. She helped me get up, and walked me to the bathroom so that I could empty out my bladder. My legs were so wobbly that she had to hold me up while I fished out my cock from the side of the leg opening of my boxer briefs, and sighed as I released the dam holding back the yellow waters. I heard my sister giggling behind me as the tension seemed to flow out of me at the same time my bladder emptied.

In a way it was kind of embarrassing having my sister help me out with this sort of thing; especially, since I was sporting a semi-woody from the need to pee, but she didn't say anything about it. Instead, she had looked away when I had fished out my half mast piece of flesh sensing my embarrassment by situation. In return I could sense a bit of embarrassment on her end as well. After all we are both teenagers now, and even though we see each other naked and stuff with no big deal, situations like this are still embarrassing because of the sexual undertones that a teenage boy's erection signifies.

She waited while I washed my hands and brushed my teeth before helping me back to my bed, and then began stroking my forehead. "Thanks sis…I…I know it's awkward but I…" my sister stopped me mid-sentence.

"You're still my little brother no matter what Hunter." She stated flatly as she kissed me on my forehead and left the room the conversation over with. I suppose it was just too awkward to talk about, and to tell you the truth I was relieved as well.

My mom came in shortly afterwards with me starting to nod back off to sleep, and handed me my meds. I sighed not really wanting to take them fearing more of the side effects, but I knew the sooner my body became accustomed to the change the sooner I'd be up and about feeling much better. Actually to tell you the truth after I took my meds I started to feel a bit better. I even fell asleep without the pounding headache. At some point I could hear my parents leave for work with my sister on their heels heading off to the dojo. She was spending a lot of time there lately, but that was because she had been hired to help teach.

By the time they left, my mind was already dreaming of my wonderful sweet boy. As everyone left the house I was smiling at the memory of our first sexual interaction. I could still see his beautiful cock as it slid between my lips tasting his surprisingly stiff but smooth and supple skin when my tongue slid around his bulbous shiny head and shaft. I could also remember clearly how wonderful my dick had felt in the younger boy's mouth as I watched and shivered while his blood red lips slowly wrapped around my hardness. Even now I could feel his warm wetness engulfing my erection, and feel my dick twitch from the sensation. I sighed at the memory and couldn't help myself as I reached down towards the imaginary head of my wonderful love making boy.

My eyes slowly opened in wishful thinking as I reached down to stroke the soft downy curls in my fingers. It felt so genuine to me that it took a moment before I realized this was happening for real. I gasped at the sensation I was having between my legs as Garrett tenderly made love to my hardness with his expert lips. He was gentle and loving as he slowly worked me into a blissful state. There was nothing wild about this play; rather it was all about love. Sure this was sex, but it was more, this was an act of pure love as my blood started to boil with excitement, and my balls started to roil around between my legs as a tingling sensation began to course through my body. I was close…real close now, and I knew Garrett could sense it too as he started to focus his tongue on the corona or ridge of my glans. He flicked his tongue in my meatus or pee slit, and that sent me over the edge.

My legs jerked and my toes curled as I exploded into Garrett's eagerly waiting mouth. "Oh shit Garrett…here it…" I gasped as my body jerked up into the air shoving my erection deeper into my lover boy's mouth and spewed forth a volcanic explosion in one huge burst. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I could see the discovery channel show's presentation of a volcanic explosion as the blast shock wave just expands outwards in a rush destroying everything in its path. That's how it felt as the grip of orgasmic bliss first took over hold of my body.

"Uuuuumph, uh, uh, shiiiii…umph, umph, umph," I grunted and groaned as I released all of my tension, my headache, my nausea, and everything that was pent up inside my body, all of it poured out of me. Explosion after explosion was emptied out and poured into Garrett's mouth so that he could swallow it away from me.

My head swam, but this time not from being sick, but rather from the euphoric blissfulness that my sweet little boy had provided me. My body collapsed onto my mattress as I gasped for air. I looked down and my soft three inch shriveled and wrinkly wet dick slithered out of Garrett's mouth as he gently sucked the remaining cum off the tip of my bulbous glans. My flaccid penis jiggled and jerked around one last time when Garrett suckled and slurped up the remaining boy spunk, then settled down on my small patch of pubes. Seeing my own spent erection from this angle made me giggle because it looked forlorn and lost, almost as if it didn't even belong to me.

My sweet little vixen climbed from between my legs, and stood up in front of me smiling happily. Slowly he peeled off his blue polo style shirt revealing his smooth chest and stomach with the hint of musculature below his tight skin. His shoes had been removed earlier so he slowly unbuttoned his fitted jeans, and leisurely eased down the zipper teasing me as his bulge gently shoved its way past the opening. He was wearing a pair of tight white boy's briefs with transformer cartoon figures plastered all around in reds, blues, and yellows. I shivered at the cuteness of it and his sexy appeal.

After removing his jeans…with his package beneath his boy's briefs jiggling around and being squeezed with his thighs from the movement…the boy cocked his head furtively at me before grinning and smirking. I watched him intently as he hooked his thumbs in the snug waistband, his beautiful blue eyes glittering mischievously, and then in one smooth motion pulled down his underwear, his erection jumping out once released from confinement.

Standing there in front of me as God had intended for him to be was the most beautiful boy in the world. For me, his body was perfection with his sweet feminine facial features, his tight smooth hairless body with shapely legs, and his four and a half inch erection angling upwards with a large smooth testicled ball sack swaying gently between his legs. I couldn't help myself as I smiled at this vision of perfection standing a mere few feet away from me.

Garrett slithered alongside my bed, and settled down next to me as he covered us both back up. Somehow before he had started to make love to me he had managed to remove my boxer briefs in my sleep. Now both of our silky smooth naked skin brushed up against one another, and my erection snuggled up warmly against his crotch which surprised me. Evidently at some point during Garrett's strip tease my forlorn, lonely, and wrinkled up three inch soft pecker had once again chubbed up standing up straight like the good soldier it was, and for some reason that thought sent a shiver of pride coursing through my body as I wrapped myself around the small boy and kissed him passionately.

"How do you feel?" Garrett asked me when our lips parted and we managed to catch our breath. His lips still seemed new and fresh to me, and I could taste my own cum from his mouth. Nothing about this boy ever seemed to make me tire of our interaction with one another.

"Are you kidding?" I chuckled. "I feel fantastic. Fuck at first I thought I was dreaming, but when my fantasy turned to reality I knew I was in paradise. Thanks, I really needed that." I told him as I gently held him in my arms.

Slowly and just as gently I started to make love back to my boy. My lips wandered slowly down his tight skin spending some time sucking and nibbling on his perky dime sized nipples. I felt him shudder under my hands as they wandered down his sides and back up again. My lips meandered down even further and the boy trembled, his skin getting goose bumps when my tongue slithered around his belly button. Before long my lips were nuzzling against the base of his hairless shaft. His penis jerked at the sensation slapping against my right cheek before my lips went down a little further to slurp up his walnut sized testicles into my mouth. My tongue circled around his giant marbles sending a tingling sensation through Garrett's body as his hips rose slightly from the pulse, and he grunted whining for more.

The wafting aroma of his boyhood fluttered around my nose sending a thrill of excitement through my body. His scent was intoxicating and made me yearn for more. Releasing his sack from my mouth my tongue traced his perineum…the line connecting his scrotum sack to his rosebud…and with just a moment of hesitation my lips kissed his love chute, and Garrett jerked at the intense and unexpected sensation before settling back down. My tongue slithered around a little before slowly inserting inside of him. He gasped as a new wave of sensation coursed through his body. I slid my tongue back out replacing it with my finger as I slowly made my way back up to my ultimate prize. Garrett was whimpering now as I slowly finger fucked him.

My mouth wrapped around his torrid piece of hard four and a half inch flesh, and he squirmed as my tongue started to swirl around under his foreskin to flick up against his bulbous acorn. Releasing him from my mouth for a moment I reached up with my free hand and slowly peeled back his exceedingly taut skin revealing the most wonderful of sights as his bright red and purplish knob was exposed to the air. Not giving him more time to settle down I quickly engulfed it in my mouth and let my tongue work its magic as I slowly brought him to the precipice.

"Oh shit Hunter, please hurry I can't stand it any more," Garrett grunted as I swirled my tongue around his corona, and sucked on him bobbing my head up and down while my finger dove down deeper inside of him bumping against his magic button.

All of a sudden I felt him tense up as he clamped down around my finger, and his walnut sized testicles contracted up inside of him bouncing up against the lower side of my chin. His body leaped upwards shoving his large erection towards the back of my throat. I instinctively loosened up my esophagus muscles, and felt his cock writhing like a huge boa constrictor in my gullet as wave after wave of his dry orgasm wracked his body. It lasted a long time before he finally settled back down in a gasping heap next to me. His body felt like a furnace as his heat washed over me. I held him gently in my arms as we both let the minutes pass us by in blissful contentment.

Our love making had been intense and I was tired, but it wasn't a bad type of fatigue, rather it was a healthy form of exhaustion, and did more for helping my recovery than regular sleep ever could have done for me. We lay there not saying anything for a long time knowing that somehow this had been a very special moment. Our first passionate time had been done with love as our intention, and it had been real special, but somehow this time around our love for one another sealed our passion together for certainty. My love for Garrett filled me with such intensity, and I finally felt at ease with the possibility of being gay. The knowledge was a bit daunting, but at the same time I felt just fine with it. Time will tell if I was truly gay, but at the moment I felt at peace with the idea.

Without a word we both got up and hopped into the shower together. We kissed each other tenderly and soaped one another's body, but it was just pure tenderness between us at the moment. We were both still content with our earlier lovemaking, and didn't want to shatter that moment with a session of having just sex in the shower. We wanted to hold on to the special moment for a while longer before moving on. After our shower we both snuggled back into bed just holding each other and fell asleep. Just before I nodded off the last thought flittering through my mind was that this would be a Wednesday I would not soon forget. We didn't have to worry about anyone disturbing us until later that afternoon so we slept together peacefully wrapped around one another's nakedness.

It was Friday today, two days after that special event between Garrett and me, and I finally headed outside for some fresh air. We had snuggled up together all morning on Wednesday just enjoying the love we had for one another, and how our bodies felt snuggled up together. We explored each other's body unashamedly getting to know every nuance that made us who we were, and enjoyed every sensual moment of it.

At first I had been hesitant to explore our passion further for fear of ruining something so special, but we ended up making love together two more times that day each time just as passionate and affectionate as the first one had been earlier that morning. It wasn't about sex anymore; instead, it was a growing fondness and love towards on another. When he left that afternoon my heart nearly broke with yearning, but soon he was back the following morning, and we continued where we had left off. I couldn't get enough of him, and I could tell he felt the same way about me.

Our passion towards one another grew deeper that day as we lay snuggled up together just holding each other and talking. It was cozy and felt euphorically wonderful to just be together without any constraints, and it somehow felt natural. We talked passionately about one another's hopes and fears. Sure we were still young, but that doesn't mean we didn't have worries in our lives.

He told me his worries about his family; especially, his sister Jenna, and I expressed some of my worries about getting sick all the time. He really wanted to know more about why I got sick all the time, but it was something difficult to explain not to mention something I didn't like to talk about. There was so much technical stuff involved, and to tell the truth I always hated trying to explain things and I told him this. In the end with his insistence I explained it was just hard to always monitor my chemical balance, and of course do all the blood work test every month for other things the doctor kept track of regarding my illness.

So today, Friday as I mentioned, he wasn't able to come over because he was at the doctor's office for his physical. I had explained to him what would happen, and he was shocked at the idea of having the doctor grope his balls making him cough and checking his foreskin to make sure everything was alright there as well. He nearly panicked when I told him about the finger up the ass bit, but assured him it would be alright. Besides, he's been having my finger up his ass lately as well and he loved it.

"Yeah, that's what I'm worried about," He had giggled at me. "Your finger up my ass feels so good I hope I don't pee all over the doctor," he had teased with both of us having a good chuckle at what a sight that would be.

For me waking up without him coming into my room to snuggle up had been difficult, but I decided to get dress and head out for some fresh air. The air was still crisp this early in the morning despite being in full swing of summer. I loved the Northwest Region for the fact that it can be in the middle of summer and hot in the afternoon, but then cool down in the evening and morning hours. There was a freshness in the air instead of the stifling heat in many other areas of the country.

My intention was to at least walk around the block so I made my first turn and was walking down the sidewalk when I heard a commotion. Looking up I noticed the two local bully blockheads, Jason and Jeff, seemingly giving grief to some smaller kid on a bike. They were both a year younger than me, and had been a terror in this neighborhood since I've lived here, much longer from what I've heard some of the neighbors say about them.

As I started to approach I had made up my mind to say something so that the smaller kid could be on his way without any incident. However, I think the younger kid had other things on his mind as he all of a sudden attacked the two older boys, and before I knew it there was a flurry of limbs flying all over the place. The boy was much smaller than the two other boys, but he was putting up one hell of a fight as I just stood there completely in shock. Then I saw the younger boy's face and I recognized who he was which all of a sudden spurred me forward to help.

The two older boys had managed to knock down the younger boy, and one of them was straddling him as his fist struck his face. I could hear the sickening sound as the older boy's fist slammed into the younger boy. He was reaching back for a second swing when I bowled him over at a dead run. We both rolled in the grass and leaped up to our feet a few yards apart.

The younger boy who was getting beat on sprung up to his feet and sidled over next to me at the ready while the second older boy scooted in. Now it was the two neighborhood bullies facing off against me and Selden.

"What the fuck Hunter. This ain't any of your business. This is between us and this little faggot kid over here." The boy spat out evilly. I don't think they even knew Selden so the whole 'fag' name calling was just that, name calling.

"Well it's my business when you fuck around with one of my friends." I spat back.

"I don't care who the fuck he is to you. That little shit is going to…" That's as far as he got because my fist connected with his jaw so fast that his head snapped back and he crumpled to the ground knocked out cold.

The other bully gaped at his friend lying on the ground completely caught by surprise. Hell it had surprised me too. I've never in my life been in a fight before, and before you get the wrong idea it had nothing to do with my Taekwondo lessons. Hell, after all it had only been one lesson so far. It was just pure anger and protective instincts that had gotten the better of me. I was strong and fit, but when he pretty much told me that no matter what, he was going to deal with Selden, I snapped and I lashed out protectively.

Turning to the other boy who was still looking on in shock I asked, "You got anything to say as well?"

The boy clamped his mouth shut and shook his head no. "Then when he wakes up you better inform him he fucked with the wrong kid, and if he messes around with Selden again he won't only have to deal with me but his older brother Dylan as well."

The other boy's eyes bugged out realizing that Selden not only had one older boy looking after him, but also an older brother who they both knew, not to mention a lot of older sisters that could possibly cause other grief for them as well. Looking towards Selden and then back to me the other boy just nodded his understanding.

Putting my arm around Selden, we walked over to his bike, picked it up, and headed to my house. He was a bit bloody, but looked none the worse for wear. We didn't say anything along the way, and he seemed a bit skittish around me. He leaned his bike up against my porch while I opened the door, and we entered the house as I herded him towards the bathroom to get him cleaned up.

"Fuck Selden, what the hell happened out there? I nearly shit my pants when I saw them tackle you to the ground and start pounding on you. If you got hurt I…I…" shaking my head I sighed taking a better look at him as I dabbed a towel soaked with cold water over the few scrapes on his face.

He just looked at me while I tended to his face, and when I looked towards his eyes he quickly looked away. This went on back and forth a few times before I stood up and sighed shaking my head.

"So, what's up?" I asked him and saw him shrug his shoulders.

"I…I was just looking for Garrett. I mean, I haven't seen him…much…and…and," he shrugged his shoulders.

"He told me he tried calling you, but you were never at home. Is this about the other day Selden? You know with what I…um…you know…you and Garrett?"

The boy looked away, and I saw him flush red, but he didn't answer me so I just took the towel with me and dropped it into the laundry room before heading into my room. I didn't say anything more to Selden, and he just stayed in the bathroom for a few moments by himself. I sat down on my bed and started to feel a headache coming on so closed my eyes for a moment.

When I opened up my eyes Selden was standing at the entrance to my door looking at me with wide eyes. "Oh shit Hunter, did they hit you…fuck I'm so sorry I didn't see it." He gasped as I looked back questioningly while he fled out the door and within moments came back with a towel in his hands.

Then I tasted it, the noticeable iron like taste in my mouth, and then a red drop dripping between my legs onto the wooden floor. "Shit Hunter here," Selden said as he stood in front of me and held the towel to my nose. It was bleeding, but I didn't think it was from the fight.

Selden held the towel up against my nose, but all I could focus on was his sexy body standing in front of me. He was wearing a pair of jeans with a wide black colored belt in the loops helping hold them up on his tiny frame. He had on a light blue plaid short sleeve button up shirt that was completely undone with a light blue tight fitting tank top shirt that left his belly button exposed. He was so fucking sexy dressed like that, and I don't even think he realized it at all.

"Hunter…are you alright?" he asked me as I took the towel from him and looked up. "Did you get hit or something in the fight?"

Removing the towel from my nose and looking at it I just sighed. "No, I didn't get hit. I've been sick since my visit at the hospital on Tuesday."

Selden sat down next to me and put his arm around my waist. "I didn't know." He whispered apologetically realizing it was the same day he and Garrett had been caught fooling around. "Are…I mean is it…um…are you feeling better now or are you still sick?"

Holding a clean section of towel to my nose to see if it was still bleeding I pulled it back and looked sighing in relief as there was no blood. "I'm doing better. Garrett's kept me company the last couple of days. I switched up to new meds that threw me for a loop."

"Oh, was it bad?" He asked me shyly.

Sighing I looked over towards Selden. "Yeah…no…I mean not really, but the real question is what's on your mind Selden? I mean shit; it's me sitting here so why are you so wound up like a catapult waiting to be released. I swear it's almost as if you are wound so tight you are going to burst." I quipped a bit harshly then catching myself I took a breath and started over. "Selden, I'm your friend. When I called to talk to Dylan even he doesn't know what's gotten into you. He said you have hardly spoken a word, and when Garrett calls you tell Dylan to tell Garrett you aren't home. He's worried about you, and seeing you now like this makes me worried too." I finished more gently.

We both sat there quietly next to each other as I saw a teardrop escape the corner of his eye to slither slowly down his cute round cheek. I didn't say anything more fearing it would just make him crawl further into his shell. He was breathing hard, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what had gotten into him.

"Hunter?" I heard a soft whisper escape from Selden.

"Yeah," I whispered back not wanting to frighten him more.

"Y…you saw…um…the other day…" He left the statement hanging.

I just sighed, "Yeah about that, I'm sorry I barged in on you guys. I wasn't mad or anything Selden. It…it just caught me by surprise…you know. And…and hell I was already feeling light headed from my meds so maybe it might have looked like I was, but I really wasn't. I told Garrett the same thing you know. I felt really bad coming in right at that moment…I mean it looked fucking hot and all…but still…for you guys it was…you know…" I finished off glancing over at him.

Tears were still running down his cheeks which confused me. I mean, I just told him I wasn't mad or anything.

"So…," he whispered and I barely even heard him as he fell silent for almost an entire minute before speaking again just as softly. "You saw how puny I am down there?"

"Yeah, I saw." I told him honestly which got a reaction out of him as he looked up at me a bit shocked at my admitting to seeing him, and how puny he was down there. "What? Why look so surprised? I mean…you are puny down there Selden, but who gives a fuck. I mean did you have fun with Garrett? Did he make your dick feel good and sexy hot?" I asked not rhetorically but for real wanting him to answer honestly.

His deep blue eyes got big and round in an equally cute round face. "No…yes…I mean of course. What kind of question…I mean how can you even ask me something like that?" He wondered as he sputtered coming back to life with some spunkiness I was used to seeing in him.

"You tell me? You're the one so worried about being so puny. Shit hasn't Dylan talked to you yet about your body…you know…puberty and stuff?" I asked him seriously.

"What…how did you know…I mean sure…sort of." He sputtered getting all twisted and turned around about this whole issue.

"Fuck, he promised he was going to talk to you about this shit." I stated.

"Why…why would you even know something like that? Did Dylan tell you how small I was down there?" He asked starting to get upset.

"Of course not, I've seen you before, and he knows I have. He told me how unsure you are about yourself concerning your size since you see him naked all the time." I told him gently.

"How…when would you even see…I mean shit." He looked over at me with a mix of emotions. He was embarrassed, angry, embarrassed, excited, embarrassed, ashamed, embarrassed, upset, oh and did I mention embarrassed. "Now I don't know if I should be humiliated or pissed about you seeing me." He admitted.

Shaking my head I just sighed not knowing where this had turned to a direction I hadn't wanted it to go. Selden stood up and started to walk away, but I grabbed his wrist gently and he didn't struggle. I slowly made him turn around so he was standing in front of me.

"Selden, your body will change. Maybe not as fast as you want, but it will change and you will grow both in height, weight, and of course down there. But Selden what you have down there right now isn't all that important. I bet you don't even realize how sexy hot you look. Hell, when I saw you naked and all boned up with Garrett I almost blew my wad inside my shorts right there in front of you guys. Fuck, if you need to know, I went into the shower and had to jack off at what I saw. Your hard dick made me so fucking horny, and even as sick as I was right then I couldn't help but jack off. It was so intense I almost blacked out in the shower." I told him a bit shocked and uneasy now at my admission.

My gaze was fixed on his naked belly button only a couple of feet in front of my face. I held my breath not knowing what to expect from my admission about how sexy hot he looked to me, and then jacking off at seeing his hard dick. What followed caught me by surprise as Selden leaned in and kissed me on the lips. His mouth felt warm and tender against my lips as he gave me a quick peck backing off for a few seconds before leaning in again for another one. This one was much more passionate as he sucked the air out of me, and swirled his tongue inside of my mouth before releasing me.

Fuck, where the hell did he learn that I thought to myself. My mind swirled around making me dizzy. Fuck, he just kissed me I continued to think to myself as he stood right in front of me now. My head was swimming so much that I couldn't help myself as I reached around Selden holding him to me, and leaned my forehead against his lower chest and stomach as I gasped for air.

"Shit Selden…that was…a surprise." I gasped as I held on to him trying to steady my spinning head and felt his fingers twirling through my hair.

We were both breathing hard not saying a word as we stayed there for a few moments and my head managed to stop spinning. I could smell his small boy muskiness mixed in with Irish Spring soap. I recognized the soapy odor because it was the same soap his older brother uses.

"Selden…" I started but stopped because he tilted my head up and then tentatively leaned down towards me. He stopped a moment looking into my eyes, his blue orbs seemingly sucking me into their calming brilliance pulling me down even further into their oceanic depths, and then gently kissed me on the lips. I don't know why, but I returned his hypnotic kiss as we just lightly pressed our lips together for several moments. It was…nice.

Our lips parted again, and I saw a faint smile twitch at the corners of his lips and thought how similar he looked to his brother at that moment. I recalled seeing the same hungry look in his older sibling not all that long ago as he had reached over and grabbed onto my erection giving me one hell of a jacking.

"I…I've wanted to do that for so long now." He whispered wistfully.

"Selden, I don't think this is…" I began to say, but he stopped me as his lips once again sought me out more passionately this time before releasing me.

I gasped for air and settled my forehead on his lower chest watching his stomach rise up and down because the heated passion was taking over his body as well. Being so close his aroma wafted through my senses making me heady.

"Please Selden, I don't know about this." I whispered softly a bit concerned and confused.

He stiffened a moment before relaxing. "I…I thought you said I was sexy to you. Please Hunter I…I've been wanting this for a while now. Is…is it because I am so…small?" He asked me seriously, and I could tell he was a little afraid of my answer.

His bare belly button was right in front of my nose and I couldn't help myself as my lips gently suckled on his innie. "Oh fuck Selden, no of course not," I sighed and shuddered at his closeness to me as I breathed him in deeply. I could feel his hands gently rubbing my back as I subconsciously slipped my hands below his shirt and softly rubbed his naked back as well.

"Please Hunter; I want to feel you all over me." The younger boy shuddered as he moaned with the attention his back was receiving from my hands.

He shoved his hips forward up into my face and I couldn't seem to stop my hands from wandering down further to hold onto his orbs through his jeans and gently pull him closer to me. The boy shivered in anticipation as my hands came up front, and then slipped over his chest before moving outwards to his arms as I gently removed his blue plaid unbuttoned shirt from off his shoulders.

We both watched as the garment fell to the floor before my hands grabbed the hem of his blue tank top and with an upward motion removed it from his body. He was now completely naked from the waist up and damn, his tight skinned and tanned torso looked so fine to me. I leaned forward and suckled on his erect nipple making him moan in pleasure as my hand undid the belt at his waist.

Slithering my tongue across his chest so I could nibble on his other nipple I managed to unsnap his jeans and unzip them in one smooth motion. Slipping my fingers under the fabric of the jeans I ran my hands towards his nice tight bubble butt, and with an outward motion forced the jeans over his orbs so that they fell smoothly down his shapely legs. I felt Selden lift up first one leg and then the other as he slipped his feet free from his jeans. I was working on his bare smooth stomach with my lips, and pulled him in tighter to me forcing his covered crotch to snuggle up against my neck. I felt such intense heat radiating outwards from a very hard small shaft that twitched against the small indentation on the lower part of my neck. I shivered at the sensation of his hardness so close to me.

Pulling off his stomach so I could get a good look at him in this state of undress we both stayed there breathing heavy and so close to each other. There was a definite small bulge and equally small tent in his extremely tight spiderman cartoon boy's briefs. On the front of his boy's briefs I could see the intricate webbing that shot out from spiderman's wrist surrounding the area of his small lump where it tented outwards as if trying to confine his hot piece of steel. If I wasn't so horned up at the moment it might have made for a good laugh at the irony of it all.

I swallowed hard feeling a dry lump in my throat, and then looked up at the smaller boy. He looked eager with a sense of yearning and need for this to happen. I hesitated knowing in the back of my mind that yes I too wanted this, but also that I somehow felt it was wrong. That I was betraying myself and the one I am falling in love with.

"Selden?" I gasped and whimpered a little as my body quivered with indecision.

The boy answered by stroking my head and easing himself forward so that my nose was buried in his stomach only inches away from his waistband. He smelled deliciously delectable to me as I pulled him even tighter and squeezed his firm butt cheeks feeling the smaller boy quiver in my arms. Without any further hesitation I hooked my thumbs into his waistband and pulled down his underwear freeing his small thin and extremely hard one and a half inch erection. It stood straight up and pulsed on its own. There were thick blue veins bulging in various directions along his rigid shaft almost like a spider web. The joke of the spider web wasn't lost on me as I soaked in the eye candy in front of me.

Burying my lips onto his hairless pubic mound I pulled him towards me, and twisted gently lowering him onto the bed so he was lying on his back as I rolled on top of him. I suckled on his belly button some more before standing up in front of him. His eyes sparkled as one by one I slowly removed my own clothes until I was standing in only a pair of boxer briefs that was tenting outwards as my own shaft pushed against the soft cottony confining fabric.

Selden's eyes were gazing intently at me now, and his hard penis seemed to jerk in anticipation of what he was finally going to see. I could tell he's wanted to know what I had between my legs for a while now. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband I peeled off my shorts bending at the waist to remove them from my feet, and then stood back up in front of him exposing myself.

His eyes flared open, and I heard him gasp as my good little soldier stood up at attention waving around in front of me and pointing upwards. My foreskin still extended over the tip of my glans, and my heavy sack slowly swayed between my legs. Selden tried to swallow the lump in his throat as he just stared at my nakedness. I shifted slightly to the right so he had sort of an angled view of me, and then with my right hand slowly peeled my foreskin back revealing my hidden bright purplish colored and slippery acorn.

Another gasp escaped from his lips, and I saw his penis quivering as Selden absentmindedly grabbed himself and swirled his fingers over his small glans.

"You're beautiful Hunter." Selden managed to croak out as I slowly slipped between his legs, and settled on top of him smashing together our cocks.

Wiggling around on top of him so he could feel my hardness against his pubic mound, and feel the weight of my heavy balls as they shuffled around between his legs and butt crack, I gently took his face in my hands and started to kiss him in earnest. My lips pressed against his mouth as I started to suck the air out of him while at the same time my tongue slithered around inside his mouth. Between my legs I could feel an intense heat seemingly rise and get even more heated as Selden's small dick lurched around my hard erection.

The boy was moaning now as I released his mouth and he gasped for air. While he was gulping down air my tongue quickly slithered all the way down to his extremely hot erection. My mouth opened wide and I took in his entire one and a half inch hard piece of steel. Selden yelped at the unexpected move, and his hips instinctively thrust upwards attempting to bury even more of what wasn't there. My tongue swirled around his hard shaft and small glans making the boy squirm and gasp at the intense sensation. He was quivering so I released him, and then slurped up his small fleshy boy pouch. At first I couldn't even tell if he had any testicles, but then my tongue swirled around two chocolate covered peanut sized nib-lets.

Instead of being disappointed I was somehow turned on even more by it as I released him and followed the perineum line to his rosebud. The sensations I was lapping upon the boy left him staggering and confused with the rapidness and intensity of it all. Lifting his legs over my shoulders my nose dove into his butt cheeks as I swirled my tongue around the rim of his virginal boy pussy. He was all slicked up and hot down there already with perspiration, and I couldn't believe how sexy hot that felt to me. Selden squealed in delight at this new sensation while I sloppily kissed him and sucked getting him even more slicked up down there. He smelled musky and heady, but it was all him, and it made me horny as I slipped a finger inside his extremely steamy hot boy pussy.

My finger slid all the way inside of him without any resistance. Don't get me wrong he was very tight down there, I mean really tight, but it was as if his ass just seemed to naturally suck up my finger. Not only did my finger slide all the way inside his tight boy hole, but it almost burned too hot for me to take. Damn, I've never heard of anything remotely familiar to this sensation as I slowly finger fucked him while my mouth sought out his hot dick.

Selden was moaning in earnest now as his hips started to rock against my finger trying to get even more of it inside of him while at the same time trying to find my mouth so he could face fuck me. He didn't have to wait long as my lips slipped over his wildly twitching cocklet. Fuck, he was so damn horny and hard. As my mouth and tongue lapped at his hardness it amazed me how I could feel the bumps and creases of the spidery like veins surrounding his short shaft. Somehow it made things even sexier and steamy hot as I continued to explore his stiffness with my tongue. I never knew a penis could be so rigid, but his sure enough was, and I swear it was burning hot too. In a way it surprised me that his piece of iron wasn't glowing red considering how hot it felt.

My tongue started to swirl around his hardness when all of a sudden, and without warning, he started to squeal like he had done the other day with Garrett when I had walked in on them. Not only did he sound like a squealing pig, but he flopped around the bed like a stuck pig as well.

"Weeeehhh, weeeeeehhhh, oooooh, uhhhhh, weeeeeehhhh," he squealed and squirmed around on the bed so roughly that it almost freaked me out.

That wasn't the only thing that was freaky as his little pistol started to shoot his blanks like it was a Gatling gun or something. It was pulsing around so rapidly while he writhed around on the bed in the grips of a massive orgasm. Since he was still extremely hard and not coming down from his high I continued to suck on him for all I was worth while my finger pounded his ass.

My mouth was getting sore at how much sucking I was doing while he continued to moan and twitch around. My own dick was twitching now wanting some attention, and I could feel my pre-cum leaking along the length of my shaft. Not able to stand it any longer, I released him from my mouth and straddled his body as he finally started to stop moaning and bucking so wildly. He was still moving around a little in a state of shock so I aimed my penis for his mouth, and shoved my hardness inside of the wet cavity.

Selden's eyes immediately shot open wide as he reflexively reached around my ass shoving me further inside his mouth. He took a big gulp of air, and started to swirl his tongue on my four inch leaking hardness. He slurped on my dick twice, and that is all it took as I unloaded my cargo inside his mouth feeling my balls lurch upwards fiercely spastically while I groaned with excitement.

He wasn't expecting it so soon, and gagged a little as my hips shoved forward, but like a good competitor he bucked up to the challenge, and started swallowing for all he was worth. Fuck, he was drinking my baby batter down, and I'm pretty sure it was his first time drinking the white milky substance of cum. Garrett had mentioned that Selden had wondered what it felt like to have sex so I was sure his experience with Garrett had been his first. this meant he's never had the experience of someone cumin in his mouth.

With one last grunt and shiver, the last of my spunk dribbled out of the opening at the tip of my penis, and Selden eagerly swallowed it down. I sighed and slipped my now spent flaccid penis from between his lips, and collapsed next to him.

Now free from having something shoved inside his mouth Selden gasped for air as I looked over at his chest rising and dropping down in quick successions. To my disbelief his proud little soldier had never deflated so even as exhausted as I was I kneeled down next to him, spread apart his legs while he continued to gasp for breath, and once again shoved my finger up his ass burying it deep inside of him.

Selden jerked at the unexpected intrusive move so soon, and groaned as his body started to quiver at the sensation of something so deep inside of him. He moaned as his hips instinctively started to rock back and forth. Shit he was so tight, and his insides felt like they were on fire. I removed my finger for a moment, and he just whimpered before jerking again as I inserted two finger feeling no resistance at all as I buried both of them deep inside of him. I couldn't believe his extremely tight ass swallowed up both fingers so easily despite his tightness. Fuck, it made me wonder how my dick would feel up inside of him.

I felt my boyhood twitch at the thought, but I berated myself for even thinking it in the first place trying to forget it. Instead, I focused on my fingers inside of him as I placed the palm of my other hand on top of his bare pubic mound and pressed downwards a little as if holding him in place. I don't know why, but having my left palm on his hairless pubic mound while my two right fingers fucked his ass felt so fucking exciting to me.

Before I knew it Selden was twitching around once more as his second orgasm took hold of his tiny frame. His tiny testicles contracted upwards disappearing inside his body cavity while his hard dick just twitched and writhed around just below my left hand, and to tell you the truth it was exciting to see how his puny little package reacted to all of this stimulation. I swear if his penis hadn't been attached it would have danced all the way down to Dallas, Texas, and then onwards over the border and into Mexico. Shit that thing was vibrating so hard I was fixated on it, and how the hell does his balls disappear completely inside of him like that I wondered.

My fingers kept fucking him, he kept on moaning, and his body kept on twitching around in the longest damn orgasm I never thought possible. He just wouldn't come done, and his dick just remained hard. He was completely covered in perspiration now as I finally clamped my mouth over his penis, and in one last ditch effort sucked him for all he was worth.

He let out one high pitched squeal, "Weeeeeehhhh." Before collapsing in a heap on the bed and trying to get my mouth off his rapidly deflating penis.

"Oh…fuck…stop…no more…no more," he gasped and whimpered as I released his now soft small thin one inch dick from my mouth.

It just sucked back towards his body, and stood straight up with only his small red raw glans showing trying to bury itself inside of him. His small chocolate covered peanut sized testicles seemed to have dropped back down from inside his body, and contracted a few times before settling down sagging a bit in his small soft pouch. He heaved and gasped for air, and even cried.

"Oh fuck I ache all over," he sniffled as he slowly calmed down.

"Shit Selden, what the fuck was that all about," I gulped also breathing hard as I snuggled up against his sweaty hot body, and wrapped my arm around him pulling the boy closer to me.

He just looked over at me not understanding. "Your orgasm…it like kept going and going like the energizer bunny. It took a licking, but kept on ticking like a Timex watch." I giggled at my own joke visualizing that stupid bunny rabbit you see on the commercials that just keeps going and playing. "Fucking son of a bitch, I've never heard of anyone having orgasm after orgasm without ever coming down like that. You're a fucking stud dude." I quipped at his confused stare.

"I…I don't understand," he whimpered still hurting from his experience, and all flush in the face. On the one hand he felt totally awesome, but on the other hand he just ached all over as he tried to recover.

"Dude, you saw me. I dropped my load in your mouth and I was done. That's pretty much how it happens for most of us…but you…fuck you just stayed all boned up no matter how long and often in a row you had an orgasm." I quipped as my hands wandered down towards his soft penis and equally soft boy pouch.

"Oh, I didn't know." He answered me with a worried look now. "Does that mean…um…is there something wrong with me?" He asked worriedly with not him only being puny, but also now with this whole orgasm thing.

"What…um…I don't know…I mean…fuck I don't think so. I've never heard of anyone else doing something like that, but hey there's a lot of freaky shit out there concerning sex, and to tell you the truth Selden, that thing of yours is so fucking sexy hot." I admitted as my fingers gently probed his soft penis.

He was just so fucking fascinating to me as I gently played around with his flaccid penis and boy pouch. I giggled as my thumb and finger pinched his elastic soft boy pouch. It was kind of cool how small they were and how they felt fleshy like in my fingers as I played around with them. Selden just watched me as I played with his boy bits as if in my own world.

"Um…what are you doing?" He asked me seriously.

"Oh sorry, I've just never seen you soft before. I mean at the movie theater you were hard, and then even at the pool when we were swimming around under water we saw how hard you were. I like how you look when you are soft. Sure it's small, but I like it anyway." I admitted to him as he took in this information.

"Shit, you saw me in the pool and everything?" He asked looking at me for answers.

Sighing I recounted how of course I felt him in the theater, and then how both Garrett and I had seen him at the pool, and then of course the other day when the two of them were having sex together. I left out the part when I had spent the night with Dylan over at their house and his older brother had pulled down his underwear exposing his nakedness to me while he slept oblivious to it all.

He just looked at me and sighed not believing what he was hearing from me at how we had perved on him at the pool, but then he just started giggling about it not mad anymore. It made me glad to see him happy again, and not so upset at us.

"Damn Selden, do you walk around with a hard on all day long. I mean that's just got to suck?" I chuckled shaking my head wondering what it would feel like with a hard on all day.

"What…no of course not…it…it just happens around you and Garrett." He stated as he flushed red with the admission.

We both fell silent for a few moments as we each digested all of this newly exposed information. Hell, now it was all starting to make sense. He was just a horny kid, and had sort of an infatuation with both me and Garrett. I guess several of his fantasies have come true over the past few days. First Garrett, and now me, but now I hoped I didn't shatter him with what I had to do. He was already a bit uptight about his body and stuff, and our little action here today seemed to have boosted his confidence regarding his body.

"Selden, I love how you look…naked…and today…um…today…was really special…but um…" I sighed as I looked at him, and held him tightly already regretting what I had to say.

The boy looked over at me a little sadly as if he knew too. "Selden I loved what happened between us, but I just can't do this again…I mean the two of us. I'm starting to feel guilty about it already."

"What…why…I mean I thought you said you liked it and…and me, with how I look and all." He wondered as he looked at me with a mixture of hope and disappointment.

"Yes I did, and I do…but…but I'm already committed in a relationship, and now I'm going to have to…explain what happened." I shrugged my shoulders sadly at what I was telling the younger boy.

"Really…you are…I mean I haven't seen you with any girls or anything. Who could you be committed to because the only people you've been hanging around with are just me, Dylan, and Garrett? I don't think you and Dylan are doing anything because I would just know, and then there's Garrett and he…oh fuck…its Garrett isn't it?" He gasped as my eyes popped open at him inadvertently figuring it out.

'Um…I…Selden it's just…" I trailed off not knowing what to say.

"Holy fuck…it is Garrett." He smiled sheepishly at me before hugging me tightly to him, and then giving me a sloppy kiss to my utter surprise.

"You're not mad or upset?" I gasped at him.

"Why should I be? Hell, I like Garrett and now I know why he held back the other day, and if I had known earlier maybe I wouldn't have…you know…the two of us…together." He giggled.

I sighed in relief. "Selden, please don't say anything to your brother about this. He's my best friend and all, but I don't know how he'd take it. I mean I just discovered my feeling about this just recently and I…I just have a lot of other things on my plate right now to have to deal with coming out to family and friends. Can you just keep this to yourself?" I asked him as we still stayed snuggled up together.

"Hell of course. Shit, besides what the hell am I suppose to tell Dylan. 'Oh hey bro, by the way your best friend is having sex with a boy two years younger than him, and I know this because we just had sex together too.' I mean how does that sound? He's young, but the double whammy news would give him a heart attack for sure. You should hear him trying to talk about sex with me." He laughed shaking his head. "I mean…it's like he's freaked out and embarrassed by it." He finished off shaking his head at how shy his brother was about it with him.

The two of us stayed snuggled up together for a while longer. We each explored the other's body now that we had come down from our high. He was really curious about my foreskin, and played with it for a while since he didn't get a chance to do the same thing with Garrett. I couldn't get enough of his small little boy pouch as I took it between my thumb and finger, and just sort of pinched my fingers together rapidly noting how his little pouch felt spongy jiggling around when I squeezed them. I didn't pinch them just pushed my fingers together and apart gently holding his soft boy sack between them. It just fascinated me how something so small could sag as much. Dylan's were so tight against his body, and felt just as tight as it looked; whereas, Selden's felt so soft and pliable, just like Garrett's felt only on a smaller scale. So cool I had admitted to Selden who just giggled.

This time together wasn't about sex, but rather just being comfortable together without any inhibitions or embarrassment. We stayed like that in bed naked together for about an hour before we both sighed and crawled out. Grabbing the smaller boy by the hand I led him to the shower and took care to gently clean his beautiful body. I ran my hands all over his naked body, and he sighed enjoying the attention I was giving him. In return I allowed him to wash my naked body letting him do whatever he wanted as his hands slowly worked their way over my sleek firm form. Again, it wasn't about sex just enjoying each other's company without having to worry about how we looked naked to one another.

After getting dressed I walked the smaller boy to the door. "Are you going to be alright out there, I mean what if those jerks mess with you again?" I asked him a bit concerned for his safety. He just shrugged his shoulders. "You're not afraid?" I asked a bit surprised.

"Not really." He responded.

"Damn, what was that all about anyway?" I asked him kind of proud of how brave he was about it all.

Again he shrugged his shoulders. "They said it was their block and everyone pays a toll that uses it. They wanted money, and I told them to fuck off."

"Shit, why not just go ahead and pay the measly couple of bucks or whatever, and then be on your way." I shook my head.

"Because, then they would want money all the time. Sure if I fought them they'd probably kick my ass, but at least they would think twice about it the next time they wanted money. If they have to work that hard for it, then it probably wouldn't be worth the effort." He responded.

"Yeah, I know but still…it worries me, and I'd hate for you to get hurt."

He just smiled at me and stated, "Well the few bruises and bumps I got today were well worth it in the end." He whispered and winked at me getting all sexy like.

"You little dickhead. Damn, I never met such a fucking horn dog so young. Hell, you better go before I loose control again and jump your ass right here on the porch." I chuckled as he got on his bike and waved good bye with a cute smile on his face.

Sighing I returned to my room and sat down for a while. My head was starting to spin again, and I wasn't feeling all that well. I was beginning to wonder if the new meds were doing any good or not. About thirty minutes later I heard my doorbell, and when I went to answer Garrett was standing there waving good bye to his mom. Evidently he wanted to drop by and visit for a while now that his physical was done.

"Hey, what's up?" He asked me as we headed to my room hand in hand. It felt wonderful just holding his hand in mine as if we were a real couple.

"Not much, how'd it go?" I asked and in response he just crinkled his nose in disgust.

"Damn doctor's hands were all over my package, and I could have sworn he was lusting over me. Fuck, you'd think as many cocks as he's seen he'd be over something like that by now." He stated as I sat on the bed, and he took my computer chair plunking down on it leaning back as he spread apart his legs in a more relaxed fashion.

One of his balls sort of hung out to the side of his leg openings in his shorts revealing a smooth round tight skin wrapped about a walnut sized testicle. I shivered at the sight, and my pecker twitched inside my pants. Damn, he looked so hot and sexy, but then it wasn't only his physical attributes that attracted me to him. It was the entire package so to speak. His mannerisms, personality, and demeanor are all what made me quiver inside and lust for him. Not just in a sexual way but also in a yearning, holding, and snuggling with him way along with just wanting to be with him. I was only thirteen for Christ's sake, well almost fourteen, but still really young, and oh so confused by my mix of emotions.

"Well what can I say Garrett, other than you're just so sexy hot, not to mention pretty damn big down there for just having turned eleven." I chuckled as his eyes glittered mischievously at me.

"Well, I didn't like the whole finger up the ass either. I think he was trying to make me pop a boner or something because he sure was working me pretty good back there. I had to say something before he stopped." He said seriously to me.

"Well maybe you should ask for a different doctor next time around." I responded seriously.

"Yeah, I guess. So what did you do today?" He asked me.

I looked at him a bit sheepishly, and also a bit with trepidation. The way I felt about him I knew I had to tell him about me and Selden. The incident had left me so mixed up in knots, and questions as well, but I felt I had done the right thing by letting Selden know I didn't want to do that with him again despite how wonderful the experience had been.

Garrett listened while I told him about going for a walk and seeing Selden being bullied. Then I continued with us coming back here and getting him cleaned up. Garrett had been upset about the bullies, and then a bit upset as well when I told him why Selden wasn't answering his calls.

"I don't get it; I had told him I like how he looks naked?" He replied as I continued to explain how he was embarrassed at me seeing him naked because of how puny he was down between his legs.

Finally I took a big breath and told him what had happened afterwards. How wonderful it had been, and finally how I had explained to Selden that it couldn't happen again. To add injury to insult I told Garrett that Selden knew about us.

"Wow," Garrett just looked over at me as we both fell silent for a few moments.

"Garrett I know how you must feel about…you know…what happened between me and Selden, but I feel so bad about it because I'm with you." I told him seriously.

"Why would you think I'd be mad at you? I think it's great what happened between the two of you, and if you want to do it again it's fine by me." He told me seriously.

"What…no…I mean Garrett it just doesn't feel right…you know?" I tried to tell him.

"Why not? It doesn't bother me or anything, and I'm cool with it."

"No Garrett, I'm not cool with it, don't you understand why?" I asked him a little flabbergasted when he looked at me questioningly.

"Garrett, I can't because I'm in love with you." I whispered as I looked into his eyes.

"Well yeah, I love you too, but still…" he shrugged his shoulders.

"I know you love me, and I love you too but that phrase tends to be thrown around in general. What I am telling you, and this is a bit different, is that I am in love with you…you alone…and only you. Sex is sex, but love…it's more. Of course sex is involved between the two of us, but with you it isn't about lust or quenching an urge, with you it is through a sense of love…real love. Without you I feel empty. When I have sex with you it is deeper emotionally. I feel connected to you in a way I can't describe, but only know that it is so much more intense emotionally and more fulfilling. Does that make sense?" I asked looking over at him while he mulled the information over in his mind.

As I thought about it to myself it just all sounded so grown up. Where the hell did that come from I wondered. I mean all this sex is sex, but with you it is real love. Who the hell talks like that, especially a kid, I berated myself then just shrugged it off?

He sighed and looked over at me, "yeah, it makes sense. I…I feel the same way. I mean when Selden and I were messing around it…it felt different somehow. I thought maybe because he was my age and you are older…but…but now that you are talking about it…now it makes more sense. I…I am in love with you too Hunter. I'd feel so lost without you, and lonely. I'm always thinking about you when I'm away from you, and not even necessarily fantasizing about sex with you. Instead, most of the time, it is just thinking about how we are together. I feel…I don't know…just sort of like it is supposed to be that way when I'm around you." He nodded to himself as he was finally able to put his feelings into perspective with my feelings towards him.

We just sat there for a while each in our own thoughts. My head was pounding again. Fuck, why can't my new meds just adjust already as I started to taste something in my mouth? It tasted like…iron.

"Fuck," I whispered to myself as I looked for something to stench my nosebleed.

I managed to dig out the old towel from the dirty laundry bag, and tried to stop the bleeding. Garrett looked concerned as he bounced from foot to foot. Something wasn't right, and the way I was also feeling made me nervous so I fumbled around trying to locate my phone.

"Hunter, what's wrong?" I heard Garrett call out fearfully.

"My phone…where's my fucking phone?" I asked no one in particular starting to panic as well. My head started to pound even more, and I didn't know if maybe it was due to my anxiety.

"Here it is." Garrett stated finding it on my computer desk and handing it back to me.

Hitting the speed dial I heard the phone ring on the other end. "Hello…Hunter?" I heard the voice on the other end.

"Sis…I…I think something's wrong. Please come home I'm going to try calling Doc," I told her and hung up without saying more as my hands started to tremble.

Trying to focus on what I was doing my legs started to get wobbly so I sat back down on the bed and scrolled through my list of names and then hit the number. I sighed as I heard it ringing on the other end. This was my doctor's private number. It rang several times before I heard a voice on the other end as my world started to fade to black.

My head was pounding as I slowly opened my puppy brown eyed orbs feeling something cold on my forehead, and the most beautiful eyes in the world looking worriedly back down at me. In the background I could hear my sister talking on the phone with the doctor.

"Yes, he's coming awake now, but looks like shit…um sorry doc…he doesn't look so good." She amended. "Yes, I'll ask him." She responded.

"Doctor Miller wants to know if you are up to talking for a minute?" My sister asked me as Garrett helped me into a sitting position.

Groaning a bit from the effort I sat up and thanked Garrett for helping me to sit up. I noticed his shirt was bloody in front. I must have bled all over him when he came to help me after I blacked out.

"Yeah Doc, I don't feel too hot." I told him with my hands shaking as I held the phone up to my ear.

"So I hear. Listen Hunter it sounds like your body isn't adjusting to the new meds. I want you to stop taking them and return to your old meds. Do you still have your old ones around?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure mom didn't throw them away. So…now what?" I asked him.

"Well these were pretty powerful, but very effective. They are new, and as I discussed with you during your visit some people have side affects from them, but it sounds like your body just didn't like them at all. There is another version of the same meds, not as effective, but still should help you out, and these don't have the extreme side affects. We'll hold off on these until your next visit." He told me.

"Sure doc I guess that will be alright."

"Good, now listen, just get some rest, and you should be up and about by tomorrow. If not give me a call on my private number since it will be Saturday, and come in to my office so I can check you over to make sure it isn't something else, alright?"

"Yeah sounds good. Do you need to talk to my parents or anything?" I asked him.

"Don't worry I'll call them right after I get off the phone with you. Take your old meds, and then just rest today making sure to get some sleep. You'll be feeling much better by the time you wake up, I promise." The doctor assured me.

"Alright and thanks doc for everything." I told him as I hung up the phone and looked over towards my sister.

"He told me to stop taking the new meds and…" I started before I was cut off sarcastically.

"Duh, do you think?" My sister quipped and saw my look. "Sorry Hunter it just scared the crap out of me not to mention Garrett. Just look at him." She pointed out as I noticed the harried look and what must have been the state of the boy in tears earlier.

Sighing all I could do was apologize. "I'm sorry Garrett if it scared you."

"It…it's cool," He just grinned at me, and my heart melted.

Fuck…what am I doing here with the poor boy. I didn't think things through when I fell for him. What will happen later on, I wondered to myself, but knew it was too late to stop things now. We have both fallen for one another, and it is what it is at the moment.

Since I couldn't do anything about it I continued where I left off. "Anyway the doctor told me to switch back to my old meds, and I should be good as new by tomorrow. If not to come see him, but for now he suggested I just take a nap after I take my old meds to sleep it off." I told them as I yawned really being tired as my head started to pound again.

"Good, let me get your old meds for you. Come on Garrett I'll drive you back home."

The boy just shook his head no. "I'm staying here with Hunter. Besides, I don't have anything to do anyway, and I had to get up early for my physical at the hospital so I could use a nap too." He insisted.

"Alright fine, but give me your bloodied shirt and I'll drop it in the wash so it is clean before you go home. Then I'm calling your mom to let her know that you are here and what happened." She stated and noting Garrett was about to protest she held up her hand. "No arguments. I either call your mom to make sure it is alright, or I drive you home right now."

"Fine," he stated as he peeled off his shirt and handed it over.

My sister got me my meds, and had called Garrett's mom in the meantime. His mom gave the green light for him to stay for a while, but she wanted him home for dinner. It wasn't even noon yet so there was plenty of time. After taking away my bloodied up shirt from me, my sister left us alone shutting the door.

Garrett helped me take off my shorts, and then pulled off his as well leaving him in one of the boxer briefs we had bought at the mall a while back. I smiled at his nice physique, and the well endowed sized bulge in his briefs. He just looked at me critically and shook his head as he helped me under the covers scooting next to me. He wanted to hold me, but I wanted to embrace him as well so in the end he gave in turning on his side letting me spoon up behind him and clasp him tight to me. I sighed and breathed him in.

He smelled wonderfully delicious with a bit of muskiness and soap mixed in together, and his skin felt warm and silky smooth lying next to me. My flaccid penis snuggled up between his butt cheeks, and my hand wandered downwards slipping beneath the waistband of his briefs to cup his nice hefty sized package in my right hand. Garrett looked over his shoulder at me and just smirked, but settled back down knowing this wasn't about sex or anything. I just needed to embrace him, and be comforted with his presence and how he felt to me. Before long my eyelids drooped, and I faded off to sleep with him wrapped up tightly and snuggly against my body. He felt warm lying next to me, and it just felt natural. His rhythmic breathing was comforting in my sleep as we both dozed peacefully and connected to one another in a special way.

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