Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 4

It had been another hectic day as I sat on my bed and clicked off the television set. Nothing good was playing anyway so I just sighed and yawned a bit tired. After a great time on Sunday at the park and zoo, Monday swooped in with a whole bunch of chores then meeting up with my folks so we could head over to Susan's tournament. Of course she placed first in her division at the Martial Arts Expo & Competition Event. Damn, remind me never to get into a physical fight with her. She'd kick my ass for sure.

On Tuesday we had that office charity fundraiser that my dad's company puts on every year. It is a sort of picnic and day off work all rolled up into one with all the families getting together and having fun with grilling and a large picnic style event. Lot's of food, drinks, music, dancing, and games; the whole works as the office leases out a huge chunk of park area for the big event. Don't ask me why they do it on Tuesday, but they do.

Today I went in with my sister to the dojo and helped her get things set up and then even signed up for lessons. Her tournament had gotten me all jazzed up, and I thought it would be kind of nice to learn some martial arts. I wasn't planning on getting involved as deeply as she was, but just wanted to maybe go once a week and learn some of the basics. I figured it couldn't hurt either if I ever needed to defend myself physically. I mean I don't get in a lot of fights or anything, but still one never really knows so I signed up and it was kind of fun.

After that it was doing some chores around the yard. I cut the grass and trimmed the hedges; you know all the typical grunt work that needs to be done in maintaining a yard. They don't call it the evergreen state for nothing. The temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest are fairly mild, and we get a lot of rain which means everything grow…grows…grows…and when all is said and done…grows some more. It's been a while since I've really tackled the yard, and it was like a jungle. Needles to say I was exhausted and all done in.

After getting cleaned up all I wanted to do was kick back and watch a little television, but nothing was on today worth watching as I clicked through the channels in nothing but my boxer briefs. Giving up I clicked the remote turning off the tube and tossed it into a little cubby hole. My dick twitched a little reminding me that I hadn't taken care of business in the shower and I sighed. I had just been too tired as I let myself drop backwards onto my bed with my legs dangling over the edge.

Shoving my hand beneath my waistband I absentmindedly started to fiddle around with my soft little three inch tubular extension slowly skinning myself and rubbing my thumb over my exposed knob. A shudder flowed through my body as my penis immediately inflated in my hand. The gentle boyish features of Dylan entered my thoughts, and I smiled recalling our jack off session a few days back. It had been totally awesome and I could feel the tingling sensation within my ball sack start to roil with excitement.

No longer able to hold off anymore I hooked the waistband of my boxers beneath my protesting aching nut sack and continued to slowly stroke my erection. I started slowly enjoying my fantasy of Dylan when he had reached over to grab me excitedly as I did the same. It had been exciting and naughty all rolled in one, and seeing him completely naked in his beautifully sculpted form was stimulating.

Then as if on cue my daydreaming drifted towards Garrett and that beautiful large cock of his as he slowly turned around in the tub with that monstrosity waving around in the air in front of me. Fuck he was so damn huge, and on him it looked so fucking hot. That thing belonged on an older teenager with hair and everything, but it was on his slight frame and hairless body. Somehow that made it even more appealing…more fucking sexy.

My heart was beating faster now along with my forced rapid shallow breathing as my fist sped up along my four inch torrid piece of steel. I looked down and could see the bright purple acorn winking at me before disappearing again beneath its blanket of protection. Lately my dick felt so much thicker in my pumping fist, and I wondered if it was the visual stimulation of my recent visions of purity and awesomeness going by the names of Dylan and Garrett.

While watching my fist pump furiously over my hardness I recalled reaching out and skinning that gorgeous hard four and a half inch stiffness that the sexy little vixen, Garrett, was sporting last Saturday evening. Fuck it had felt so damn huge and hot in my hands. I still recalled vividly the feel and texture of it, not to mention the heaviness of his balls as I gently worked his testicles in the palm of my hand.

It was all too much as I felt my hips rise up, my ass clench down with that slithery feeling between my crack from the sweat, and my balls contracting upwards. I knew what was coming and I clenched my jaws as a huge burst of cum detonated from the end of my pee slit while I held back my peeled foreskin. My dick jerked in my fist as the first volley escaped from confinement when my orgasm took a hold of my tired and exhausted body.

"Fuck…Uuuuuuumph," I literally croaked out as I gasped for air.

Ever since my experiences with Dylan and Garrett my orgasms have been on the extreme side. This time was no different as my body literally jerked upwards, and I felt my heals bang against the edge of the bed. I had forgotten they were dangling over the frame and my heel hit the metal casing. Even though I didn't feel anything at the moment I had a feeling I might end up with a limp in the morning.

My body continued to writhe and jump around as my mixture of creamy colored and clear little boy batter at first exploded out of me then started to ooze dribbling down my fist as I milked myself dry. Lately, I've noticed that my cum increasingly become thicker over the last several weeks, and now was a mixture of about half creamy and thick and half clear and runny. I moaned one last time and then there was nothing but a dead silence in the room for a couple of moments. No breathing, no movement, no swaying legs, nothing except the pounding of my heart. Then all of a sudden my chest heaved as I sucked in a huge gasp of air. Shit…that almost hurt not breathing for a few moments, and then trying to suck up all the oxygen in the room all at once.

Continuing to heave and gasp for air for several seconds I finally calmed down enough to boost myself up on my elbows. My gooey substance started streaking down my chest to puddle around my innie belly button. Not only was my spunk getting thicker, but I was starting to spit out more volume. I mean at thirteen it still wasn't all that much, but nevertheless more than what I've been unleashing in the past. Shit I thought to myself as I realized I didn't have anything handy to wipe myself clean. Sighing I just stood up, my boxer briefs still tucked up under my balls, and watched as droplets of my cum dribbled on my boxer briefs, and onto the wooden floor with a splattering type of noise. I giggled shaking my head in wonderment. Fuck how the hell does my balls churn out so much of it all at once I pondered in amazement.

Peeling off my underwear, I wiped myself off with them before kneeling down cleaning up the floor. Walking over to my computer desk I picked up my bottle of water, poured some on a clean area of my briefs, and sponged my chest and stomach clean of the stickiness. I tossed away my underwear, pulled out another pair of briefs, slid my legs into them, and then made my way to the bed sitting down on the edge. I was feeling great at the moment, the good wanking having seemed to work out the kinks in my body. I pulled back my bed covering getting ready to slip into bed when I heard a knocking on my window.

'What the fuck?' I asked myself as I pulled back the transparent curtains to look out. My windows faced out towards the back of my yard, and it was fenced in so I wondered who it was knocking on them as I looked through the glass panes. Staring me through the closed window was a vision of cuteness. I hurriedly opened up the window, and a cool stream of air flowed into my room. Sure it was in the middle of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, but our evenings always cooled down. It really makes for some fantastic summer weather when the sun finally does come out here in our neck of the woods.

"What the fuck are you doing here so late Garrett?" I asked him as I leaned out and half lifted and half pulled him in through the window.

The small boy looked out of sorts, and opened his mouth for a moment before snapping it back shut. He was wearing a pair of pants and a shirt, and was covered in a clammy sweat from what must have been riding his bike hard to get here. It was late, but not all that late, yet still late for a boy his age to be riding around alone.

"Damn Garrett you shouldn't be riding around in the dark so late? So what's going on?" I ask him gently seeing he was a bit upset.

"I…is it alright if I spend the night?" He looked at me pleadingly.

"I don't know Garrett, what happened you look…I don't know like shit?" I replied as I sat him down on my bed and hugged him to me.

The boy started to quiver then leaned in closer to me hiccupping for a moment or two as he held back his tears. I just held him trying to be a steady rock for him while he worked his way through his emotions. Considering how upset he looked when I pulled him through the window I thought he held himself together bravely. We sat there for a few moments as he gathered his composure. Finally he nodded his head and sat up.

"Thanks Hunter," he said looking up. "I…I just had to get out of the house. Mom and Jenna had a huge blowout with screaming, cussing, and lot of breaking things. I think Jenna destroyed her room, but for some reason mom wasn't giving in and they were still at it when I left. I mean usually mom just gives in to Jenna, but she wasn't having any of it tonight, and Jenna was throwing a fit. I…I was just so scared and didn't know what to do. They were fighting all over the house, and I didn't know if they would end up in my room. Please don't make me go back." He started to cry in earnest this time, and all I could do for the moment was to just hold the poor worn out guy to me whispering soothingly that it was going to be just fine.

After a few minutes his shuddering petered out and he sat back up wiping away the tears. Shit I couldn't believe that Jenna was so damn stubborn. She must have done something, and her mother finally put her foot down. I had a feeling that things were going to be tough for Jenna from here on out. I looked down at Garrett and just sighed smiling comfortingly at the younger boy. I ran my hands through his hair soothingly, and brushed my fingers along his smooth ruby red cheeks.

"Come on let's get you to bed," I stated as he allowed me to undress him.

I pulled off his shirt then slipped off his shoes and socks. Garrett leaned back against the pillows while I unsnapped and unzipped his pants. I shivered in anticipation when he lifted his hips, and I slid down his jeans noticing the nice sized lump in his pajama shorts. He had left his pj bottoms on, and then slipped his pants over them before he had left the house in a rush.

We were both half naked now, and I put my hands under his arms then lifted him up a little scooting him over further onto the bed. I then pulled the covers over his body and sat down next to him. Garrett looked up at me and smiled when I ran my hands through his hair and along his forehead.

"Thanks Hunter for everything," he whispered and yawned as I brushed my fingers along his cheeks. "What were you doing…you know when your body got all contorted and you moaned really loud?" He asked me innocently but filled with curiosity.

My eyes popped open wide. Shit I thought to myself, he must have watched me jacking off and then saw me having an orgasm. "Um…what…um…how much did you see?" I asked him a bit embarrassed.

He just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders getting a little concerned that maybe he had done something wrong.

"You're not in trouble Garrett, it…it's just…you caught me by surprise is all. I mean it is kind of embarrassing to talk about it…but if you really want to know…"

Garrett kind of squirmed a little not wanting to have embarrassed me, but I could also tell he was curious. "Well…I sort of saw you…um doing something with your hard dinky and…and stuff came out of the end and it looked like it sort of hurt. Why would you do that if it hurts?" He asked me.

I looked at him stunned for a moment, and then laughed. Garrett cracked a smile despite not knowing what was so funny.

"Oh Garrett, my sweet innocent Garrett what am I to do with you?" I asked not for the first time.

The boy was just too adorable as he shrugged his shoulder. "I don't know, why do you keep asking me?" He smiled a little mischievously.

I shook my head and sighed. This is what his mom was saying I had permission with. Discussing some things about his sexuality, puberty, and what is starting to happen inside of him.

"All right Garrett," I sighed. "Let me think for a moment before I start talking to you about some stuff."

Garrett looked at me expectantly so I figured I'd start in with what he saw. I explained how it feels really good to play with yourself the way I did, told him about jacking off, and what that stuff was that squirted out of me. Then I talked to him about some of the basics regarding puberty and how the body changes letting him know that some things will start to change for him as well. He had some good questions stopping me now and then which really helped keep me on track. I didn't get into too much detail about things just telling him enough so he understood what I was doing, how things change for boys during puberty, and that certain things are alright when they happen. Of course a lot of things aren't done overtly I had explained to him, but rather in private.

He listened intently and looked at me in awe about some of the things I was describing. I didn't want to put him on overload so I explained to him how I was letting him know about the basics, and as time went on we could talk some more when we were in private. At that time I would be able to explain more things to him.

The boy really was interested in the whole jacking off thing, and possible other ways in which he could make himself feel so good. He'd never felt anything like I was describing, and I told him most kids don't experience such things until right around his age and even older, so for him not to worry about it so much now.

We didn't really talk all that long, but it was long enough for the basics with the understanding we would have several more discussions in the future. I reminded him that these talks were private between the two of us and he understood. I sighed feeling all worn out, but rather happy the way our talk had gone. It wasn't as embarrassing as I had thought it would be. Of course at first when he said he had seen me jacking off I had sort of freaked out inside, but in the end he thought it was so cool that I told him about sex.

This was pretty heady stuff for him, but also new and exciting. He badly wanted to learn more, but the tough day was finally catching up to him as he yawned. Knowing he was all but done for the night, I reached over and stroked his cheek gently.

"That is so cool of you Hunter. No one would ever tell me anything before about stuff. The kids in school would just whisper and walk away when I was around and stuff. I thought about talking to mom, but that was just…well you know embarrassing. I'm still confused about some things…like when am I going to squirt, and when will I start to grow hair like Dylan? Do you have hair too, I couldn't tell through the window?" He asked as he yawned.

I shrugged my shoulder, but answered him honestly. "Yes, I've got some pubes too, just not as much. I don't know when you will start to squirt, or when you will start to sprout pubic hair, but it will happen soon enough. Most boys start to go through puberty around twelve or thirteen. Some sooner than that and some later, but don't worry about how soon it will happen. Also remember that you have a pretty big penis than most boys your age so don't worry if someone teases you about it or stares at you. Some boys have small ones, and they too might be teased so if that happens please remember how it would feel and try to stick up for those kids, alright." I told him as he listened intently and nodded his head that he understood what I was saying.

"I promise Hunter," he yawned again and we both got quite in our own thoughts. "Turn over," I whispered and watched him turn over onto his stomach.

Pulling down the blanket just below his covered butt cheeks I started to slowly and lightly rub my fingers all along his back. He shivered at my touch, and sighed in contentment as he closed his eyes. His skin felt soft and silky, and I admired his sleekness. I couldn't help myself and popped a boner while I continued to massage him slowly. Having seen him naked I was starting to get really horny, but I continued to gently stroke his back with my fingers and palms. Every once in a while my hand dove down just below his snug waistband, and rubbed the length of the small of his back close along his butt cheeks. After a while his breathing became steady, and I knew he had finally fallen asleep. Lifting the blanket back over his sleeping form I got up making my way to my computer desk, and picked up my phone.

"Hello Mrs. Davis this is Hunter," I spoke quietly into my phone.

"Hey Hunter I figured you'd be giving me a call. I found Garrett's letter sitting on his bed explaining he was going over to your house. How's he doing?" She asked me seriously with a little worry in her voice.

"Well he was pretty upset and scared. He asked to spend the night and he's fallen asleep. I wanted to give you a call just to make sure you know that he is here and safe, and if it is going to be alright for him to spend the night." I told her sympathetically.

There was a pause and then a sigh. "Yes I think that would probably be for the best as long as it's alright with you and your parents. To tell you the truth Hunter it got pretty ugly over here, and I can't blame Garrett for being frightened."

"Yeah, he said it was pretty brutal and it did make him afraid. He just needed somewhere he could feel safe for a while."

"I know sweetie, and I am so thankful that you are there for him. I told him after you watched him last Saturday that he is to treat you as one of his safe people. He really doesn't have that many friends, but he really has taken to you and just adores you. By the way thanks for taking him with you and Dylan, and introducing him to Selden. Garrett and Selden have really hit it off, and I haven't seen my boy so happy in a long time. Selden came over the other day, and he seems like a sweet boy. Garrett's even talking about joining Selden's soccer team. He has a try out coming up, and I hope it works out for him." She told me.

"Oh that's great news Mrs. Davis. Selden is a great kid, and I knew they would hit it off. Garrett is pretty cool when he steps out of his shell. He's really a sweet kid and I love having him around. So I guess it's settled then. Listen; if it's alright with you maybe he can hang with me for a while tomorrow just to give him a chance to recharge a bit."

"If it isn't too much trouble for you, sure that would be just fine. I don't want him to impose too much on you Hunter. I know you have your own friends and things to do during your summer. So if he ever becomes a bother just let me know so that you can have a breather." She told me making sure I had an out of the situation in the future.

"Nah no worries Mrs. Davis. I love having the little guy hanging out with me, and even my friend Dylan enjoys his company. I think for Dylan it is a good way to unload his brother a little when those two little guys spend some time together," I responded chuckling and Mrs. Davis knew exactly what I meant with Dylan. "Anyway, how is it going with you and Jenna, if you don't mind me asking?"

Mrs. Davis sighed on her end of the phone. "It's going Hunter. She put up a hell of a fight, but I think she's finally learning it will no longer work with me. I put my foot down, and she's facing some consequences for her little fit she threw today. I took away the credit card, her phone, took away television privileges, and her computer; not to mention she's been grounded. By the time school starts she will either shape up, or she's in for a very…very long school year."

We chatted some more enjoying our conversation. She really is a great lady, and I could see where Garrett gets his personality. Jenna had become a diva taking over the household, but Mrs. Davis is a single mother working long hours and didn't know how out of control her daughter had become. Once she found out she started buckling down, if nothing else for Garrett's sake.

I felt completely wiped out when I finally crawled into bed next that sweet little wild haired boy. I scooted in next to him, and he automatically shifted onto his side. My body cuddled up next to his, and I draped my arm over him pulling him towards me into a spooning position. He moaned and sighed as he felt me cradling him to my body. In his sleep he murmured and put his hand over mine as he shoved them down across his tummy. I shivered as I felt his naked skin so close to his crotch. I couldn't help myself as I gently rubbed his exposed stomach, and felt Garrett shudder at my touch in his sleep moaning with pleasure.

He smelled wonderful as I held him in my arms, and I couldn't help myself as I hugged him even tighter burying my erection up against his butt cheek. My right hand wandered down between his legs, and I lightly squeezed his bulge. Garrett shifted in his sleep, and I slipped my hand beneath his waistband, and wrapped my fingers around his large flaccid shaft feeling it inflate. Shivers ran through my body as I slowly skinned him rubbing my thumb over his exposed knob. Garrett in turn trembled from the sensation of my rubbing his slicked up acorn.

His stiffness felt awesome in my hands, but the way I was perving on him in his sleep wasn't right so I released him, and pulled my hand out of his shorts. Garrett whimpered when I released him, but settled down when I whispered quietly in his ear. My familiar voice soothed him back into a deeper slumber. With us cuddled up together I finally sighed letting my body relax, and before long I had fallen asleep as well.

A sense of contentment covered me like a blanket as I dreamed such wonderful dreams with Garrett's scent filling my senses, and the heat from his body keeping me warm. I was happy and felt more at ease than I've felt in such a long time until the boy started to squirm around in my arms and moan in fear. It woke me up from a dead sleep as my head snapped up, and I felt dampness all around me.

The wild curly haired boy was shivering in my arms and crying out in fear in the grips of a nightmare. He was covered in sweat that seemed to pour out of him like a leaky faucet making us both clammy with his dampness.

"Shit, Garrett wake up." I said shaking him to wake the boy up from his nightmare.

"Aaaaahhhhh," he moaned as he slowly woke up from his bad dream and whimpered. "Noooo, please," he continued to moan as he slowly opened up his eyes and saw me looking at him in the faint light. "What…where…mmmmm," he moaned as he sniffled looking around him with wide eyes.

"Shhhhhh, it's alright Garrett you were having a bad dream." I comforted him with my soothing voice.

His gaze locked onto mine, and he threw himself into my arms and shivered. "It's alright Garrett it was just a bad dream," I told him as he released me and looked down at himself.

"D…did I wet your bed?" he sniffled as he looked down and felt the dampness around his body, and then looked back up at me in shame and horror completely mortified.

"No…no Garrett, it was just a bad dream, and you are just damp with sweat. Come on let's get you out of your soaked pj's," I told him as we scooted off the bed.

He wrapped his arms around his naked torso as he watched me pull the blanket over the damp sheets, and then kneel in front him. He just sniffled a little bit as I pulled down his extremely damp pj bottoms. The boy put his hands on my shoulders and stepped out of the shorts, and I couldn't help but notice his flaccid uncut and blue veined penis wriggling in front of my nose only a few inches away. His sweaty musky scent wafted up to me, and I shivered from both the sight and smell of the lithe little boy with his nice smooth penis and heavy balls sack swaying effortlessly between his legs.

Taking his damp shorts I wiped the rest of the sweat off his body asking him to spread apart his legs so I could dry off between his legs. I shivered from the sensation of feeling his privates as I wiped his crotch area really well. Using my hands I literally took first his penis in my hand as I gently shifted it to one side and then the other, and then secondly his balls as I did the same thing making sure to dry him off really well. Of course I felt his dick start to enlarge when I handled his privates, but I didn't linger there long as I released his most intimate of intimate areas. I then turned him around wiping off his back and nice round orbs, making sure to once again have him spread his legs getting between his pale globes and below between his legs.

Tossing his pj's next to my bed I rummaged through my dresser drawer until I found what I was looking for and pulled it out. It was my fathers old oversized t-shirt that I used to wear to bed sometimes when I was his age and didn't feel well. I slipped it over Garrett's head, and it settled around his body loosely coming down below his knees. He giggled at the loose fit, and looked at me questioningly.

"Well my stuff wouldn't fit you, and when I was your age I used to wear my dad's oversized t-shirt to bed sometimes. I'd give you one of my shirts, but it probably wouldn't work so well as sleepwear." I told him as I went into my closet and pulled out a couple of sleeping bags.

Unzipping one of the bags I spread it out over my bed adding another layer of dryness between the damp sheets. Unzipping the other one I draped it over Garrett and me once we crawled back into bed. I started to settle down and noticed my own damp underwear.

"Shit," I complained as I lifted up my hips and peeled them off dropping them on top of Garrett's damp pj's, and then snuggled up to the boy.

"Are you naked?" Garrett asked as he peaked under the sleeping bag.

"Yeah, I forgot to change them, and I'm too damn tired to get back up and change," I said as I watched the smaller boy for a moment while he tried to see under the sleeping bag.

Garrett squinted his eyes, and then reached out his hand wrapping his fingers around my flaccid three inch penis. I yelped in surprise, and my reaction surprised Garrett causing his fist to clamp down around my dick which of course immediately got big in the boy's hand.

He giggled and looked at me. "That feels kind of cool when it does that?" He whispered as he finally released me and apologized.

We were both facing each other, and I pulled him into me giving him a hug. "Are you alright?" I whispered to him as he wrapped his arm around me returning my hug.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's been a long time since I've had a nightmare. I'm usually all alone when it happens, and I don't tell my mom because I don't want Jenna to find out and make fun of me. I'm real sorry about your bed," He sighed.

"No worries, do you think you can go back to sleep or do you want to talk about your nightmare?" I asked him.

He shook his head. "I don't ever remember them, and I'm too tired. It'll be easier to go to sleep with you next to me," he stated as he yawned.

"Alright then, turn around and let's get some sleep." I told him.

We shifted around a little, and before long I heard the steady rhythmic breathing indicating he had fallen back asleep. Satisfied he was doing better I relaxed and soon fell asleep as well.

Nothing disturbed us the rest of the evening, and I started to stir awake just as some early morning light started to waft through my windows that out towards the back yard catching most of the morning light. I knew it was still real early in the morning, several hours away from everyone else waking up, but I just always seemed to wake up at this time before rolling over to go back to sleep. However, this time I didn't just roll over and go back to sleep. Propping myself up on my elbows I looked over towards Garrett as he slept.

The boy looked so peaceful in his sleep, and I just wanted to see more of him so I pulled back the covers. He was lying on his back, and the large shirt had pulled up some just barely covering up his treasure trove. Some of his smooth sagging balls was just barely visible with the rest of the shirt material all wrinkled up around his torso. I snuggled up closer to him as I gently slithered my hand beneath the shirt, and brushed them along his soft penis and smooth hairless sagging ball sack. They seemed to sag more this morning, perhaps from the heat and coziness during the night.

Garrett stirred and moaned in pleasure as my fingers stroked his softness some more feeling it start to come alive and expand. The boy sighed so I slowly released him and allowed my hand to continue gently upwards until I was rubbing his stomach. I was watching the boy's face, and a slow smile spread across his adorably cute face.

"Mmmm, that felt good." He whispered as he turned his head and opened his beautiful hazel eyes, which currently shimmered a shade of blue, to look over at me. "Good morning," he stated as he stretched making his stomach even tighter under my hands.

"So you enjoy this," I giggled as my hand made circles around his innie belly button.

"Yeah, that too," he responded catching me off guard.

What did he mean by 'that too?' I wondered…was he referring to when I was stroking his penis?

He looked at me and giggled noting my questioning look. "It feels good when you touch my dinky…um dick," he amended remembering our sex talk from last night. "Can you do that again?" He asked as he grabbed my hand moving it down over his erect penis, and shivered at the contact.

I just chuckled and shook my head, "What are we going to do about you?" I said using my now popular phrase on him.

The boy looked at me seriously for a moment and then smiled. "Give me an orgasm."

The statement completely shocked me. We had just talked about this last night after he caught me jacking off, and now that he knew what it was he wanted to experience it for himself. Yet, to be so bold about it just caught me by surprise.

"What…you want me to…I mean…" I stuttered incoherently and Garrett just giggled so I took a breath and started over. "Garrett someone just doesn't go out and blurt something like that to just anyone. I mean people just wouldn't understand, and you should want this with someone…um…someone you really care about." I told him.

He looked at me a little confused, "but…but I do care about you…a whole bunch." He replied. "Don't you like me?" He asked.

"Um…of course I like you Garrett…I like you a lot, and I don't want your first…um…time to be just about silly sex. I want it to be special for you and from someone you have feelings for…not just regular feelings but…you know um…love." I whispered to him.

The boy looked at me and thought for a moment before staring at the ceiling and then looking back at me. "But I do love you Hunter. I…I felt all tingly inside the very first time I met you at the movie theater…at the concession stand. Then when you walked up to me my heart almost lurched out of my chest. It was beating so fast that I started to shake. Finally when you held me in your lap and hugged me tight keeping me warm and safe, it felt like…home…no better than home. It was confusing for me, but now with last night, and how wonderful I felt after you helped me with my nightmare, I know for sure I love you." He stated and turned red with embarrassment.

He also had a look of despair hoping I wouldn't reject him now. The boy may be a bit inexperienced about sex and everything, but he understood that feelings like this for another boy wasn't regarded too highly in school, and often boys were teased mercilessly if people thought they had feelings for other kids of the same sex.

Needless to say I was shocked, but understood what he was saying. I had fallen head over heals for the boy beginning in the movie theater, and my growing fondness for him was perplexing to me. Of course I knew that boys our age tended to get horny for each other, and there are plenty of times boys help one another sexually. Then we sort of grow out of that phase, and start focusing more on the female persuasion. Yet somehow I sort of felt I was having more feelings for boys than girls, well in particular for Garrett.

"Can…can we have sex together?" Garrett asked hopefully. He had already gone this far, and now he just wanted to experience how wonderful sex is supposed to feel.

Sighing I reached out and stroked his cheek and shook my head no. He looked disappointed and lowered his face. He placed his hand over mine, and rubbed his cheek against my palm.

Sighing he simply stated, "I understand." Even though I don't think he did.

Cupping my hand under his chin forcing him to look at me I noticed a lone teardrop trickling down his cheek. "You don't understand Garrett. I don't just want to have sex with you. I've got deep feelings for you too."

The boy just nodded as I continued. "So no…not sex; instead, I want us to make love together." I told him as I leaned in and placed my lips gently on his.

The boy didn't hesitate as he wrapped his arms around my neck and leaned in himself returning the tender embrace. We started out gentle as our lips tasted one another then I flicked my tongue inside of his mouth searching and tasting him some more. He responded passionately as our hands roamed each other's body.

My hand dove beneath his large shirt wrapping around his twitching hardness, and I squeezed him firmly while stroking it at the same time. He moaned in my mouth, and his body quivered as a fresh new sensation he had never experience before flooded his senses. It was a novel experience for him, something he didn't know he had craved, but instinctively knew this is what he had been wanting for a long time now.

Releasing his penis, my hands wrapped around his heavy smooth hairless ball sack, and gently squeezed his walnut sized testicles. Once again he moaned, and then whimpered a little as I released them allowing my hands wander along his stomach and chest. Drifting back downwards I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and shoved them up past his chest stopping just below his neck and armpits.

We were still kissing passionately, but I released his lips and began kissing his chest before making my way over to his dime sized nipples. He moaned as I suckled on his hard dime sized nipples, and he twitched when I nibbled on them lightly. My hands ran up and down the side of his rib cage, and I could feel him breathing hard against me. This was his first time experiencing such intensity so I knew I had to be careful so that he didn't peak too soon.

My lips continued to explore his tight body as I ran my tongue over his firm stomach, and then ran a circle around his innie belly button. He sighed, whimpered, and giggled at the mixture of sensation this created around his dimpled stomach area. I continued downwards kissing his sleek bare pubic mound as I ran my fingers lightly across that bare area, and then gently nibbled along the base of his shaft. His hard erect penis twitched along the side of my cheek, and I shivered at the heat of his fleshy tool on my face. Never in my life have I been so close to another dick before. His boy aroma wafted up to my nose, and I almost fainted at the sensuality of that scent. It was uniquely…all him…all boy.

Retreating a little yet maintaining a good angle and view of this wonderful treasure I slowly wrapped my fingers around his hard four and a half inch erection, and gently peeled his skin over his glans. Garrett gasped and bucked slightly as soon as my fingers wrapped around him before settling down moaning and shivering. I saw him glancing down for a quick peak at what I was doing, but then leaned his head back as the sensation of peeling his skin down exposing his wet bright purple acorn became too much to remain propped up on his elbows. I could see his eyes fluttering as I slowly jacked his foreskin up and down over his large glans.

It was so fucking erotic and hot having control over him like this, and seeing a large dick on such a small boy twitch and writhe in my fingers. The boy was close so I stopped a moment to play around with his testicles. He protested briefly, and then enjoyed the new feelings of having his large balls played with. He managed to prop himself up again and watched as his pecker twitched around, and I gently massaged his large sized marbles.

His penis looked so damn big on such a small boy and I could see the blue veins along his large shaft. My hands wandered back to his torrid hardness, and I skinned him slowly as his extremely tight skin stretched over his nozzle literally popping over the boy's ridge to remain in place behind the glans. Garrett was still watching intently, and without a second thought I leaned in wrapping my warm wet mouth over most of his shaft as I twirled my tongue around his glans.

Garrett yelped bucking at the unexpected move and overload in sensation. I rolled between his legs wrapping my arms around his body to hold him tight, and started to give the boy his very first blow job, not to mention my very first time giving someone a blow job. Today was going to be many firsts for him and me. He just received his first jacking, even though it had been brief and without release, now he is getting his first blow job, and before long he will receive his first orgasm. He was close already as he panted and writhed in my arms.

"Oh shit, stop…I've gotta pee," He gasped out, but not able to do anything about it in this state.

Instead of stopping, my tongue and mouth worked even harder. I had forgotten to explain to him last night that at first it feels like you have to take a piss before you finally succumbed to the euphoric feelings of orgasms. My head was bobbing up and down his shaft taking him all in then feeling his penis starting to inflate even bigger in my mouth I retreated up to his glans and flicked my tongue in his pee slit. That was all it took as all of a sudden he groaned out loudly, grabbed the back of my head, and shoved his hips into my face forcing his penis deep inside my mouth towards the back of my throat. He was so big I almost gagged, but instead reflexively started trying to swallow down his large erectness causing even more stimulation on his tender tool.

"Oh…oh…oooooh, shiiiii, umph, umph, umph," he squeaked in a high pitched tone as his first ever orgasm gripped his tiny frame tossing him around like a rag doll.

The boy was like a wild animal in my arms as he bucked and twitched, not to mention his hard dick writhed and squirmed like a large Boa Constrictor in my mouth. I felt his large tube pulse several times in a dry orgasm as it tried to spit out something that wasn't there yet inside empty balls. While his penis twitched inside my mouth, just below my chin I could feel his large empty testicles jerking up against my chin as they contracted upwards.

Garrett's body contorted one last time before his body slumped backwards against my bed. I felt the boy's penis deflate in my mouth, and I let it slip out from between my lips to jerk a time or two before settling down against his hairless pale pubic mound. Fuck, I can't believe I just did that with another boy I thought to myself as I settled my body up next to Garrett's furnace like torso, and stroked his flush and sweaty cheeks. Slowly Garrett opened his eyes and smiled weekly at me.

"Wow…oh fuck…wow," was all he said and all I could do was just smile at him knowingly. Of course my first experience was just jacking myself off, but it was still an intense moment and something that had felt oh so sweet and wonderful all rolled up in one.

I let him calm down a bit, and then he just looked at me and asked, "What…what did you do to me? I mean I know I had an orgasm but you…you sucked on my…my dick." He stated giggling now that he got his breath back.

"Yeah, I don't know what came over me. That is called a blowjob, and I've never done anything like that before. I've only jacked off and stuff, but I wanted it to be extra special for you." I told him honestly as my own pecker was leaking pre-cum wanting some attention now.

Rolling on to my back I started to slowly stimulate myself. I knew it wouldn't take me long, not with what had just happened. That was so fucking hot and sexy. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe something like that would happen. I was so focused on my thoughts and my dick that I hadn't noticed Garrett scooting down closer to my torrid hot tool.

Before I realized what was happening all I saw was a flurry of wild hair before the most intense sensation of my life wrapped around my torrid hot four inch erection. My body immediately reacted as I shoved my hips upwards.

"What the fuck…" I moaned as I heard a quick gag and adjustment on my penis.

Then it hit me, Garrett was giving me my very own first blowjob ever, and his lips felt…well they felt fucking awesome. Something in the back of my mind tried to scream a warning, but I was already at the precipice, and my mind shut off as I instinctively started to face fuck the eleven year old boy who was working me like an expert. He was a complete natural letting his instincts guide him. After a few pumps I felt his tongue slithering around my exposed knob, and it sent me over the edge before I could warn him adequately.

"Fuck," I yelped as my penis all of a sudden expanded and exploded releasing the spring loaded catapult as the first surge of cum blasted outwards to the back of the small boy's throat.

Garrett gagged for a moment, but he couldn't do anything except swallow as a second rope blasted out of my boy slit to spatter against the boy's gullet forcing him to continually swallow. The sensation of his tongue wiggling around up against the length of my shaft when he swallowed made me react even more intensely. Each time he swallowed my dick jerked and rippled, forcing out another small load of oozing gooey substance from the tip of my pee slit while I bucked and writhed in his firm grip.

"Aaargh, umph, umph, umph," I continued to unload and dribble inside of him. Lately I've been blasting huge loads, well at least for me, but this felt even more intense as my balls tried to empty out every last drop of its storage containers. Finally the intensity subsided, and I felt Garrett sucking a little more making me wince from my now extremely sensitive flaccid tube. The boy must have sensed it because he released me, and sidled up next to me while I gasped for air. Damn, not a drop spilled as he drank it all. Yup, natural talent I chuckled to myself as I tried to recover and then started to become concerned about something else.

"Oh fuck," I gasped. "Oh fuck…I can't believe you just…oh shit," I continued to gasp. "I can't believe you just gave me a blowjob. What the hell possessed you to do that?" I hissed a little sternly now becoming concerned about something else. Something that I now realized was that warning buzz in the back of my mind.

"What?" Garrett asked a little shocked at my reaction. "Didn't I…did I do it wrong?" He asked me concerned now since it was his first time.

"What…no…I mean that was fucking awesome it's just…" I stopped not knowing how to explain.

"It's what?" He asked.

Sighing I let it drop for the moment. "Nothing Garrett you just surprised me is all. That was the first time I've ever had a blowjob…and fuck you've got a hot sexy mouth." I giggled at him as I leaned in and kissed him passionately tasting my own cum.

"So how do I taste?" I teased him.

The boy looked up and smiled. "Very tasty, I think it is my all time favorite drink now."

Shit I thought to myself. What have I created, and what have I done I moaned inwardly. With all of my medication that I take what if it does something to him I thought to myself concerned that my medication might have some adverse affect on him since he just drank my semen. I've never thought to ask my doctor what sort of ramifications could happen when I have sex with someone if they give me a blowjob and drink down my spunk. Hell to tell you the truth it never occurred to me, and talking to the doctor about this sort of thing is embarrassing as hell, but now that it's happened I would have to ask when I go in for my next checkup here soon.

Sighing not wanting to ruin the wonderful moment, I shoved my thoughts out of the way, and talked with Garrett about what had just happened. He was newly entering the realm of sexuality, and I wanted to make sure he didn't have any unanswered questions. I felt happy about what happened with no real guilt whatsoever about the sex part. I sighed resigned that I loved Garrett, whatever that may mean. I was confused by my feeling not knowing if this meant I was gay or not, but for now I would just let it go and enjoy what I have with him.

At some point we fell back asleep under the warmth of the spread opened sleeping bag. I was completely exhausted and wiped out from this intense tender and sweet moment. He had pulled down his shirt again, and we were snuggled up warmly together like a bunch of bear cubs hibernating for winter.

"Hey sleepy head, wake up," I heard my sister whispering softly stroking my hair.

Yawning still tired and exhausted from the long night and…well my early morning exercise, I slowly opened my eyes. "Hey sis," I simply stated hardly able to move.

"So, what's up with the pint sized guest?" She asked as she leaned over giving Garrett a gentle kiss on his brow. The boy just stared at her and smiled.

"Mmmm," I groaned trying to wake up. "Do you want the long version or short version?"

"Short version," I guess she responded. "Besides, you don't look so good this morning so you should take your meds soon."

Rubbing my eyes to help wake me up I told her about the fight at Garrett's house, him coming over asking to spend the night, and his nightmare getting us both soaked in sweat. No details just quick facts.

"Hmmm, sorry you had a bad night Garrett, but you two should get up and grab some breakfast before mom and dad leave for work. Besides if you take your meds you will need to eat." She commented before getting up off the bed and closing the door behind her as she left.

My mind was just a whirl with remembering what all happened last night. I felt the sleeping bag covers pulling off my body, and then felt soft small hands and fingers as they ran through my pubes.

"Wow, they feel so soft," Garrett whispered as he continued to run his hands through the small patch of dark brown colored soft curly pubes just slightly lighter than the color of my hair on my head.

"Mmmm, that feels wonderful Garrett, but maybe you should stop before this leads to….um…other things." I grunted as my penis inflated making me realize I've gotta take a piss as well.

"What would be so bad about that?" Garrett giggled.

"Nothing except, what happens if my sister comes back to see why we aren't getting up? It could be a bit embarrassing if she sees you all naked like that." I told him looking down at him.

His eyes got huge at the prospect of being caught in that situation. Yes, he wasn't so shy around me for some reason about his body, but to have a girl see him like that would be…well awkward.

Then his eyes got big as he saw my face get ashen, and I leaned over the side of the bed gagging with a dry heave. My body ached and my head swam for a moment.

"Hunter, shit Hunter, are you alright?" He asked starting to panic at how I looked, and what had just happened.

"No it's alright just hand me that bottle of water and the container of meds next to it," I sighed as I lay on my back.

Garrett reached over handing me the requested items; with shaking hands I twisted off the cap, took out a capsule, and swallowed it down with some water. The small boy watched me intently for a few moments as color returned to my cheeks, and I smiled back at him that it was alright.

"Wh…what happened," he asked me concerned as he snuggled up next to me and held on.

"Nothing, just my chemical imbalance, sometimes first thing in the morning I get a little dizzy is all. Once I take my meds I start to feel better. Come on let's get up before my sister gets back."

Sighing we both got out of bed, and he sat there watching me closely while I rummaged through my dresser drawer. I could feel his eyes on my nakedness, and I looked over my shoulders smirking at him and shaking my head. The scare I gave him having seemingly been forgotten with my explanation.

"What?" He asks me. "I like how you look." He giggled.

Finding a pair of simple gym shorts I turned around so he could see me clearly, and slipped my feet into the leg openings slowly pulling them up watching Garrett's reaction. His eyes got big, and he wet his lips with his tongue as he watched me slowly tuck away my dick and balls beneath my gym shorts. Looking up and realizing he had been caught he chuckled as he followed me out of my room and into the bathroom. We both took care of our bladders making sure to watch each other closely then made our way out into the dinning room.

My parents greeted us warmly, and I explained to them about Garrett's situation. I basically recounted the same thing I had told to my sister. They were cool with it and all, but just wanted to make sure Garrett's mom knew about it.

"So did you call your mom sweetie?" My mom asked Garrett.

"Yeah, I called her last night and she said it was alright." I replied for Garrett who didn't know I had called his mom.

"Then that is all good," my mom replied. "You are welcome here any time Garrett as long as it is alright with your mother."

"Oh, it's fine with her. She said Hunter is one of my safe people." Garrett said as he bit into a piece of buttered toast.

"Safe people?" My mom asked her eyebrows rising.

"Yeah…someone who is safe, you know for me to go to if I need help or something."

"Oh I see, how many safe people do you have sweetie?" My mom asked casually more for conversation than anything else.

"Hmm…just my uncle and Hunter; but Uncle Bill lives in Eastern Washington so it really isn't all that practical." He responded getting a shocked look from my parents. It wasn't a big list, which meant somehow I must have made an impression on Garrett's mother.

"Well then, like I said you are welcome here any time." My mom stated again looking towards me letting me know she wanted more information later about Garrett's story.

"Yup, big man, you're welcome anytime" my dad stated getting up and ruffling the boy's hair, "but first I think you need a bath…both of you. What did you guys do run a marathon or something?" He asked wrinkling up his nose at our body odor.

"Nah, he had a bad nightmare last night and got us both soaked in sweat." I chuckled as I wrapped my arm around him and gave him a noogie which got him to giggling at the play.

"Hmmm, well that explains things, but still you guys need to take a bath, and if the sheets got soaked make sure you strip your bed and put it in the laundry room Hunter. Now scoot both of you, and get cleaned up." My dad stated shushing us towards the bathroom.

Garrett followed me into the bathroom and we both stripped hopping into the shower stall. It was a bit cramped in the small stall, but we didn't mind as we both helped each other get soaped up and cleaned. Of course we both immediately popped a boner, and Garrett started getting frisky, but I just shook my head stating someone might come in on us. Yes, that concerned me too, but I was more worried about him trying to drink more of my jizz until I had a chance to talk with my doctor about the medication. Not to mention I had gotten a bit dizzy this morning so didn't want to take the chance so soon.

Garrett pouted a little bit, so I sighed and reached around his body to jack him off. He jumped when I wrapped my hand around his spud, but smiled happily at me and soon was getting into the rhythm. With my right hand pumping his sweltering shaft my second hand floated between his cheeks and slowly rubbed his grommet. He was breathing hard now, and although I've seen this before on the internet I didn't know if it was right or not as I slipped my finger inside his hot love chute. There was a moment of resistance, but then something gave way and it slid inside of him. It felt warm and tight inside his ass as the boy jerked in surprise at the unexpected intrusion.

"Oh…oooooh," he flinched for a moment and then relaxed as my finger started to slowly slip further inside of him. "Oooh," I heard Garrett squeak as I bumped into something, and he literally flinched before he began to quiver excitedly. Slowly I started to gently ass fuck him with my finger feeling the heat suck at my finger while my fist continued to work his tool. Then it happened…Garrett's penis palpitated and inflated in my fist, his ass vibrated and clamped down on my finger, and he moaned as his body shuddered in his second orgasm ever all within a few hours from one another.

Finally worn out and coming down from his euphoric state Garrett slumped up against my body, and I had to hold him up so that he didn't fall on his ass. Fuck, I just couldn't seem to keep my hands off of him as I continued to stroke his sleek tender skin in my hands. He looked so damn adorably sexy completely worn out and naked in my tender embrace. Kissing him passionately on the lips he finally slowly recovered and we finished washing as he stood up on wobbly legs.

A few moments later we made our way into my room with towels wrapped around our waists, and Garrett looking much better and even chipper in his mood. I dropped my towel, and Garrett taking a clue from me dropped his on the floor as well. His boyhood had been worked hard this morning, and it looked a bit smaller than normal. Instead of having that fleshy pink look to it there was an angry redness along his skin almost like a skin rash. I smiled knowing all too well that state of look as I had rubbed myself raw on an occasion or two as well.

I sat down on my chair by the computer desk and beckoned him over to me. I watched admiring how his flaccid tube and smooth sagging ball sack swayed effortlessly between his legs. I could feel myself stirring again, and tried to control myself by focusing on the boy's wild hair. With my comb that I use for my hair I started to attack his tangles, but was having some problems.

We were at it for several minutes when my sister poked her head inside and smiled. "Wow," she stated and whistled. "SWEET CHEEKS," she exclaimed admiring Garrett's sweet ivory pale orbs. Garrett immediately yelped in surprise, and tried to cover his backside with his hands.

"Yeah if you think that view is sweet, you should see what he's got hanging down here in front," I giggled as I looked down and Garrett's dick and balls swayed around enticingly.

The boy just got wide eyed instinctively covering up his privates leaving his ass exposed, and stared at me not believing I had just said that. "Oh reeeealy," my sister commented taking a step down into my room.

"Shit, hey sis do you have a brush or something? His hair is just a mess." I asked distracting her.

I could tell Garrett was starting to panic so first I needed to distract her so that he wouldn't be mortified, and secondly I really did need help with his hair.

"Sure let me go get one for you." She told me heading out the room.

Garrett sighed in relief, but I just smiled at him teasingly. I don't think she would really have taken a look at him. She probably would have just teased him a little, but I could tell it had rattled him a bit. I would have to be a little more careful because he wasn't used to the type of good natured teasing from a girl having had to deal with his sisters all these years.

"Don't worry; she wouldn't have snuck a peak at your pecker or anything. She was just teasing you." I told him as he gave me a serious look, and then lightened up a bit when he saw me smiling at him. "Now…Sweet Cheeks…you better put something on before she gets back because I'm pretty sure she was teasing, but as sexy hot as you look naked I'm not so sure anymore."

Garrett's eyes got big as saucers, and he yelped when I reached around his backside and squeezed his sweet cheeks as he turned around scrambling to find his clothes from last night. He held up his funky pj bottoms and I told him to toss them aside because we would wash them later. He squirmed into his pants being careful with the zipper since he was naked, and just as he slid his shirt over his head my sister showed back up.

"Awe, I was looking forward to seeing all of you." She teased the boy as he smiled.

"Well our Sweet Cheeks here was a bit shy." I responded as Garrett stood back in front of me.

"Sweet Cheeks?" She asks looking towards Garrett.

"Yeah his new nickname, the one you just came up with." I responded noticing Garrett flush not looking too pleased with his new nickname.

"Awe, it really does suit him." She commented. "He really does have sweet cheeks," she stated as she squeezed the adorable cheeks on his face. Garrett scrunched up his face as my sister pinched them. "Yup, sweet cheeks," she stated as she let go of his face then reached around him and pinched his butt.

Garrett yelped, "Hey, stop that," he whined as both my sister and I giggled.

Susan started to tackle Garrett's tangle and she just sighed. "I was looking so forward to seeing you naked Garrett," she teased. "My brother's never made a comment like that of anyone else before." She continued as she purposefully looked down at my nakedness. "Oh well at least someone's sitting here naked. It looks like you've really matured down there Hunter," my sister teased me as Garrett also looked and flushed realizing he was looking at another boy in front of a girl.

Garrett couldn't believe I was still sitting there naked in front of my own sister, and that it didn't even look like I minded. Hell as often as my sister's seen me naked it didn't matter anymore, and I knew she was just teasing me which was another thing a little new to Garrett. He had such a bad relationship with his sister so I just played along wanting to show him how fun a sister really could be. Of course most families aren't so open like this about their nudity, but I had a good relationship with my sister.

"Well, I'm not the only one who's matured. It looks as if someone's boobs have gotten bigger." I announced as I watched her looking down at her breasts, and even Garrett looked over with his jaw dropping at our conversation and my sister groping herself.

"Nah it's just the style of bra and this tight shirt pushing up the 'girls,' so to speak, a little bit more. Do you like them?" She asked as she jiggled them around.

Garrett's eyes just got big as he watched those things jiggling around about a foot in front of his nose. "Hmm, let me see," I teased as I reached out to touch them.

"Hey," she yelped smacking away my hand and laughing. "See what you have to look forward to Garrett with puberty. He's been getting all grabby like trying to grab onto things he shouldn't," she chuckled.

"Yeah…tell me about it," Garrett responded. "He got all grabby with me too."

My eyes bugged out at what I was hearing. I couldn't believe he just said that right out loud. I mean shit…this could look really bad like, as if I had taken advantage of the younger boy's vulnerability. I started to panic a bit.

"Oh really?" My sister inquired looking down at Garrett and folding her arms across her chest.

"Yeah…he's just like you. He can't keep his hands off my cheeks," he bellowed out as he got me good. I couldn't help it as I just busted out laughing. Damn, the boy is not only sexy hot he's got a quick mind. We all just laughed at Garrett's joke, and things seemed to loosen up a bit.

My sister fiddled around with Garrett's hair for a while giving me a chance to get up and dressed. I slipped into a pair of regular fitting blue jeans, and was slipping on a button up light blue shirt with a gold logo design stitched into the pocket when my sister dropped her hands exasperated. I looked over at her questioningly as I rolled up my sleeves.

"It's just too hopeless," she moaned as she looked over to me. "Its way too wild and out of control," she whined as I stepped next to her. "What are we going to do about you Sweet Cheeks?" Susan asked which got a laugh out of both me and Garrett.

I knew what Garrett was thinking. The last time that question was asked of him he was very clear with his answer. Smiling I shook my head remembering how he had simply responded that I could give him an orgasm.

"Don't even say it," I warned Garrett as he started to open his mouth, and then shut it just smiling wickedly at me as if the joke was on me.

My sister looked at me with a blank stare, and then let it go as she looked down in thought. She was thinking, when all of a sudden I knew what she was pondering as we both looked at each other, and then down to Garrett smiling at him. The boy was looking at us, and didn't like our expression as he gawked first at me and then my sister.

"Um…what's going on?" He asked hesitantly as we both gazed down at him.

Looking back up both of us nodded to each other, and blurted out at the same time, "Haircut."

Garrett started to panic, "N…n…Noooo…uh …no way." He griped, but we just nodded our heads.

"Yup a haircut it is, and then a shopping spree. We need to update your wardrobe," I announced authoritatively.

"Um…uh, no way…besides I need to get back home." He stated confidently.

"No you don't, your mom said you could hang out with me today and for you to behave. So it is haircut and shopping." I announced to Garrett's surprise.

"Oh don't worry Sweet Cheeks," my sister stated gently. "We just won't hand you over to anyone. I'm taking you to my girlfriends at the mall, they are going to go all gaga eyed over those locks. I promise we won't cut them all off, just trim them and make you look even more handsome in a way that will show off your sweet cheeks." She teased him playfully, but also promising the boy regarding the whole trim issue as he finally relented trusting in our judgment.

As promised my sister took Garrett to see her friends at the mall, and just like she predicted they all just went gaga eyed over his cuteness. They discussed their options, but of course Garrett didn't want it to get all chopped off stating he looks really weird with short hair. They looked him over and agreed, so although they gave him a cut they left it still on the long side. When they finished he looked really handsome in my opinion.

Afterwards I took Garrett with me, and we did some shopping together as I took him to some of my favorite places like Gap Kids and Hollister. Of course the first thing we picked up was some underwear, and I was surprised he chose to get some boxer briefs just like me. I had to chuckle though because he picked out some bright colored ones, and he looked adorably sexy as he posed them for me in the change room; although, I had to admit he looked a lot cuter while actually slipping out of them.

By the end of the day we had selected a couple of colored chinos because they were on sale; buy one get one for free, which was a totally awesome price. We also found a same deal on fitted jeans picking up a few of those as well along with several styles of shorts and t-shirts. We also picked out polo shirts, dress shirts, plaid shirts, tees, hoodies, socks, and some vans for Garrett as well. By the time I got done with the boy he was all up to date in style, and we got some great deals. I even picked him up a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

When we walked out of the mall he was wearing a light blue pair of fitted jeans that showed off his ass beautifully, and fit snug enough around his crotch to hint at what he had between his legs without actually showing anything specific. In all honesty it was way too sexy in my opinion. He also put on a pair of matching colored vans. For his shirt he chose a white button up short sleeved shirt and a wide belt. He looked so fucking sexy hot; especially, in those Oakley sun glasses and new haircut. Everything we had picked out could mix and match into several different outfits. He was set and good to go, and it hadn't cost me all that much. It put a dent into my clothing allowance, but Garrett was worth it.

Just seeing the transformation of a meek and downtrodden boy into one with a new sense of confidence was worth it. He had a swagger to his step, and he just continued to crawl out of his shell. The rest of the day was spent with Dylan and Selden, and both of them commented how cool Garrett's new threads looked on him. I noticed Selden constantly checking out his new friend, and even looked at the boy's crotch now and then trying to decipher what he had between his legs.

It was also nice seeing Selden's and Garrett's friendship blossom. With Selden's popularity in school, I knew Garrett was on track to a more outgoing social lifestyle. He had a great personality, and with Selden at his side I knew he would make new friends.

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