Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 9

It was still dark outside when I felt some movement along the side of my bed. I could tell it was Mrs. Miller and as tired, wiped out, and sore as I was I just drifted back off to sleep my body trying to recoup some of its energy from four days of being battered, bruised, and of course sexually 'abused' so to speak. As I drifted off to sleep I felt the warmth lying next to me sort of fade away.

Stretching feeling a bit better but still sore I opened up my eyes and noticed Akiva had already gotten up. My internal clock indicated it was still real early in the morning and it was still dark outside. Slipping silently out of bed and looking over to the two younger boys cuddled up snuggly and warmly next to each other I went over to my dresser and pulled on a pair of clean boxer briefs. My bladder was screaming at me, and I had to adjust my extremely hard erection inside of my boxer briefs before finishing getting dressed. My next stop was the bathroom to relieve my bladder and brush my teeth.

The house was completely silent as I made my way into the kitchen. Akiva was standing there with his mother in her warm embrace, and when she looked up she stood back away from her boy. He looked over to me and wiped away some tears with the back of his hand and smiled warmly at me. Mrs. Miller poured a cup of coffee and set it on the table for me. She smiled as she held me and kissed me on the cheek affectionately before leaving the kitchen heading back to her room.

"Are you alright?" I asked Akiva looking at him.

He nodded his head. "I was just having a talk with my mother, one that would have been with my father instead if he were still alive. She knows about last night, we were a bit…noisy, and it is a bit difficult to talk with one's mother about such private things." he sighed smiling timidly at me.

"Oh…um…is…I mean is she alright with us…you know?" I asked a bit embarrassed and worried at the same time.

"Yes, she knew this was coming, still she is a mother who worries, but she is pleased I have chosen you as my…first." He explained.

We both sat there in uncomfortable silence, me fiddling with my cup of coffee and Akiva twirling around his cup of juice. Finally not able to stand the silence I got up and walked behind him so I could hold him in my arms.

"Akiva I…I love you so much. This isn't just some short time fling for me. I'm not like that so…um…I need to know if this is serious for you too, or if this is just about getting the 'first' time thing out of the way?"

He looked at me a bit stunned and swallowed a couple of times before he could answer me. "How could you even…I mean of course not. I love you too it's just that…well I know you are also into girls and have more experience so just thought you know…"

I sighed and held him tight in my arms. "No, no one has ever made me feel the way you make me feel. I'm committed to you, but I'm just not ready to come out publicly about it. I hope you can understand…it's a bit much for me to absorb and it's…frightening."

"I know me too. I think maybe just certain family members, and since Darren knows just try to keep it with only a few for now." He agreed.

"You know this means we will have to be extra careful for now." I replied.

He nodded his head, "but what does this mean for us?"

"I'm not sure what you mean?"

"You know does this mean we are boyfriends?" He asked timidly.

"Yes," I whispered, "we are boyfriends and…lovers." I finished.

"And your father…I mean…what should we do or say?" He asked a bit nervous never having met him in person.

Sighing, I knew he was right. I would have to find time to talk to him among other things today. As if I wasn't nervous enough, but I knew it was better to get it out of the way. Akiva noticed my look and must have misunderstood.

"Dylan, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything." He stated dejectedly.

"N…no it's not that Akiva. Of course you are right I was just thinking…about other things as well. I'll have to find the time today to talk with my dad. It will be alright, I promise. He already adores you, he's as much as admitted it to me." I told my love as I giggled comfortingly to him.

We stayed in each other arms like that a few moments longer before I sighed to get ready to start my day. He volunteered to help out, and I quickly wrote a note for the boys asking if they could do me a favor. Since it wasn't raining anymore I hoped that with the help of the girls they could clean and clear out three additional empty stalls for me because I had some things coming in today that I needed to store inside of the stalls.

My boyfriend, my lover, followed me out and we checked on the generator before making our way to the barn. We saddled and mounted our horses heading out to the herd making sure all is alright. Our time out was a pleasant one, and it didn't take long for us to make our circuit. Akiva and I chatted away finding out more about one another, and the more he told me about himself the more I fell in love with him.

His interests didn't lie only with his music, but sports as well. Of course I knew he was an accomplished piano player, but he also enjoyed the guitar and singing. In the realm of organized sports he enjoyed soccer, which he excelled in back in Norway, along with competitive swimming, diving, and gymnastics. Other sports he enjoyed as a side focus were basketball, tennis, baseball, softball, and bowling. He also mentioned enjoying playing video games, fishing, backpacking, and miniature golf.

He also wanted to know about my interest so I told him other than being an accomplished equestrian I am also highly competitive in Martial Arts, American style football, cycling, and swimming. Other sports I am interested in include soccer, baseball, golfing, and skateboarding. Some of my other wide interests include anything outdoors like hunting, fishing, and jet skiing. Finally some of my general interests lie with roller skating, rollerblading, being a novice chef, hip hop dancing and stunts.

We each noted that several of our interests overlapped one another. We both definitely were different, yet had several similar tastes in hobbies.

I had talked to all of the younger ones over the four or five days about the types of things they enjoy as well. Akiva's sisters were of course into music as well enjoying the piano and ballet dancing. Although not as talented as their brother they still played on the piano a bit, more of a hobby than anything else. They also enjoyed handball, soccer, and winter skiing, the last one something their brother didn't much care for.

David was a sport and outdoor junky like me, and his latest interests consisted of course with horses. He wanted to compete in something involving horses, but of course there just wasn't room out at their place to house such a large animal. Although a sport junky, his interests were slightly different from mine focusing on things such as BMX bicycle competitions, Motorcycle Riding, skateboarding, snow skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, tennis, baseball, trampoline, drums, and video games.

Now Darren was the biggest enigma, probably due to not having so much money for things and also because he's sort of become an outcast in the community. However, I did gather that he loved to ride his beat up bike and when he got a chance some motorcycle riding. As for sports he had shrugged his shoulders saying he used to play soccer, wrestle on the school team, and some other outdoor things, but just couldn't afford too much. Also, with what's happened and how he's been treated he also didn't participate anymore with school structured sports.

Before we knew it we were making our way to the barn. The boys and Akiva's two little sisters were just finishing up with the three stalls I had asked them to clean out for us, and I smiled warmly at them.

"Thank you so much guys. This helps me out a lot." I praised them as they helped us with the horses. Afterwards we all filed into the house, got cleaned up, and sat down for a much deserved breakfast. Before sitting down with the rest of the gang I had made a quick call to my father to see how things were going. Everything was on schedule, and I told him I needed a couple of more things and ticked off the items. He indicated it shouldn't be too difficult, and that he would get Bubba Gump on it right away since he was going to take care of the other errand I had set him off on a few days ago with the mysterious package.

When I finally sat down at the table I informed everyone that we would be having a lot of people over for lunch and afterwards we were all heading into town together. I thought it only appropriate that we make our rounds to the emergency shelter to say hello to the poor individuals having to stay there. It was nice to have a facility to go to in case of an emergency, but it still wasn't like being home and most assuredly cramped for everyone. Darren looked a little nervous, but did agree that he felt bad for everyone so resigned himself to come as well. I smiled and felt so wonderfully pleased at his big heart. Many of these same individuals have been cruel to him over this past year, but his heart still went out compassionately to them in their time of need.

Everyone kept busy baking cookies and putting together little bags of treats to hand out to everyone. Before we knew where the time had gone, we heard several vehicles start pulling up at around the same time for lunch. The sheriff pulled in just in front of several trailers that were driven by my uncles. I clapped my hands together and told everyone to gather outside to greet our guests and to help put some things away. By the time we got out onto the porch my father was pulling up in his four wheel drive SUV carrying Darren's grandparents.

Despite myself, once I saw my father I couldn't control myself anymore as I leaped into his arms like a little boy while Darren did the same thing with his grandparents. I held him tightly to me and felt his strong arms encircling me. Immediately all the cares and stresses of the world seemed to ease out of me a little. It had been a wondrous time these last several days, but also fraught with the heaviness of responsibilities and worries. I knew my father could sense the tension inside of me as he set me back down and smiled affectionately at me whispering how proud he was and that he was sorry he hadn't been able to be there for me when I had needed him so badly. I smiled back at him and nodded my head in understanding.

We had all gathered around in a raucous greeting until I held up my hands and asked everyone to gather around. I noticed my father and Akiva's mom chatting together off to the side, and smiled at the sight noting how well they seemed to be getting on. My father was speaking to her in Norwegian struggling with some words but still managing fairly well. It was nice to see them getting along so well; especially, in light of what was happening between me and my love Akiva.

"Alright everyone please listen up," I commanded as everyone settled down. "First, Bubba and Billy Bob could you take the girls and David here, and have them help you unload the horses. I know they can handle horses with a firm hand so have them bring the horses out so I can take a look at them."

David and the girls giggled happily about the new horses and were eager to help out. Each of the girls brought out a small pair of mild mannered matching chestnut colored American Quarter Pony mares standing about twelve hands high. Bubba Gump and Billy Bob stood next to each girl just in case they needed help, but the horses were well behaved and no problems for the small girls. David came out on his own with a beautiful Gray Arabian stallion standing at just over fourteen hands high trailing along behind him. All three horses appeared well trained with mild dispositions; although, the Arabian had just a bit of spunk to him and became a little jittery, but David managed to calm him down immediately.

"So what do you think of the horses guys?" I asked David and the girls as they looked them over with a critical eye.

"Oh they are splendid," the girls replied with David immediately agreeing with them.

"Good because they belong to you now, which means they are your responsibility to train and care for." I announced to the three just standing there stunned. "Now go choose their stalls for them." I announced shushing them away.

While the girls and David started hauling the horses away the Galeotti's started to protest, and so too Mrs. Miller, but I just held up my hands to stave them off. "I won't hear of any nonsense about the gifts. I have room for the horses and the youngsters showed an interest in competing." I told the parents giving them a stern look that brooked no nonsense from them regarding the horses.

"Now, Mrs. Miller I have also signed up the girls for ballet every Saturday at Kansas State University in Manhattan. Don't worry I had a long conversation with Dr. Anderson, and he agreed to take the girls every Saturday because both him and his wife go there every week to visit his wife's sister. Also Mr. and Mrs. Galeotti I have a complete drum set for David. Sorry, but you will have to find the space somewhere and dictate your own hours he can play." I chuckled knowing they were in for some rough times with the noise, but they accepted graciously.

"Now for you Darren I've picked up this," I told him as uncle Trigg rolled out a brand new BMX tricked out bike and skateboard. Darren looked at me with his big blue eyes as tears welled up inside of him. He hugged me real quick and then ran out to take a look. He was so involved with the bike he didn't notice the Yamaha 125 cc two stroke motorcycle that Cooter rolled out. "Oh by the way you will have a private instructor teaching you how to off road on this puppy," I told him. He yelped in amazement and looked towards his grandparents for permission.

They looked towards me, and then just sighed nodding their head. How could they refuse such an offer on behalf of their grandson? What sealed the deal was me indicating he would have a proper instructor teaching him how to operate the vehicle safely.

"Oh, one more thing Darren," I nodded towards Cooter who started unloading more stuff.

Darren looked up at me questioningly as Cooter started handing him a cart filled with tons of stuff. The boy started looking through the items and his face beamed with happiness. "No way," he squealed as he started to pull out some of the items.

"Yes way," I chuckled. "I figured you were so good at art that you needed the proper tools and supplies to get you off on the right foot. I understand there is a local oil painter around here who is willing to give lessons so I got you signed up if that's alright with you."

Darren put the stuff down and walked over to me giving me a big hug. "Thank you and I love you soooo much," he whispered in my ear then gave me a quick peck on the cheek as he sniffled before he walked back over towards his gifts.

I watched him for a moment as he happily looked over his stuff. Out of them all I thought he needed the most encouragement to get back into doing more hobbies and enjoy just being a kid. Hopefully these new things will give him the opportunity to continue blossoming into the wonderful boy he really is. Life has dealt him a rotten hand, but despite it all he has somehow managed to rise above it all and retain his sweet character and disposition.

Finally looking over to Akiva I held his hand. "You were the most difficult for me because I didn't know exactly what to do. I hope you will be pleased." I told him as uncle Trigg rolled out an ATV vehicle from one of the trailers.

Akiva just looked at me a bit confused as I handed him a set of keys. He looked at the keys and got even more confused. "So this key must be for the ATV, but what is this key for?" He asked still a little befuddled by my gift because he really had no big interest in off road driving. The gifts really didn't matter to him anyway because he felt he already had the best gift of all. He had a boyfriend who he felt was the most endearing and kind hearted person in the world, and who made him feel complete and weak at the knees. The boy smiled at this thought and felt something stir inside his pants. Every time he thought about his love he felt all tingly inside.

"Well yes, this one is for the ATV, but this one is to my house. How else are you going to get in so you can use the piano whenever you wish even when no one is home?" Finally understanding, tears welled up in his eyes as he hugged me closely and kissed me on the cheek. "Oh, there is one more thing," I pointed to a brand new guitar with all the extras he would need to set up and practice. His eyes got big and he stepped off the porch to inspect his items.

We all stood around while the children inspected their gifts. Of course the parents and grandparents laid into me that this was all way too much, but I assured them it was just fine and it was my pleasure to spoil them since they were all my family now. David had walked over to Darren and was admiring the boy's motorcycle having competed himself. Now that both of them owned a motorcycle maybe on weekends they can go do some riding together, that is when David wasn't training on his new horse. David even offered to teach Darren some tricks on his new skateboard.

I knew that some of these items overlapped with David's interest so this would give them plenty of opportunities to spend some time together. In addition, they each have other interests, such as David with horses and Darren with art. This would give each boy also a chance to endeavor into their other interests without the other person, helping to create an atmosphere of individuality. It is important for relationships to have things in common, but also to have things the other person has for themselves.

After we all managed to get back inside I had everyone gather around the dining room table once more. I motioned for Bubba Gump to hand me the package and I opened up the box and looked inside. Everything was there in the way I had requested.

My hands were shaking and I didn't know exactly how to begin so asked everyone to be patient for a moment. They all sat down and looked over to me so I started handing out a small gift box with a name on each item; one to each corresponding person, and I asked if they could wait before they opened up the boxes.

"I think everyone here, including the girls by now, have heard about the story of my vision quest when I was only ten years old. I was instructed to go touch a sleeping bear, no easy task mind you, and that something would happen afterwards so I needed to be cautious. Of course the bear had woken up later and tracked down my scent attacking me which left a scar along my shoulders. There were many things I didn't understand at the beginning of my vision quest, but as things began to happen some of these instructions became clear, such as being careful after my task, and also about collecting the ten claws and four canine teeth. There was one last piece of instruction to my vision quest that I did not understand until recently." I told them as I peeled off my shirt no longer embarrassed about showing everyone my scars.

Of course the girls hadn't seen the scars yet, but having heard the story they weren't in the least bit frightened by them now. The first time I showed my back to the boys and Mrs. Miller I had sent the girls upstairs so they wouldn't be frightened by the scaring, but since then they had heard the story so knew about it.

"So, the last pieces of the instructions were told to me this way: The mark of the Bear I will have to bare to family. The price of the bear shall be paid with ten and four. In the years to follow when old meets new, the price shall be paid as one to each. None for the elders, but one for the rest, and to be sure one for me. Pass these gifts forth for the power and wisdom to bestow."

"I don't understand," Darren looked at me questioningly.

I sighed and tried to explain. "I didn't either at first and I've often thought about it over the years in my mind, but when all of you came into my life things started to fall into place. You see the elders teach us that we must be patient and ponder things with an open mind." I stated as Darren and several of the others still looked confused.

I gathered my thoughts together and tried to explain. "If I completed my task with touching a sleeping bear my gift would be for patience, understanding, and compassion. It took me a couple of hours to approach and leave that bear safely so I had to have a lot of patience and understanding. When I touched him I felt so much compassion for the sleeping bear." I explained to them as they looked on. "Of course in the end, even though I felt compassion for the bear, I still had to do what was necessary in life. Sometimes we can't control things that happen in life for a reason, and in the end the bear had to perish for my continued existence and for the price of my gift. Sometimes the price for our actions, whether right or wrong, innocent or not, can cost us dearly." I sighed sadly continuing to gather my thoughts together.

"I only pray that I have been upholding my gifts that I received on that fateful day. I believe it is this gift that has brought us all together as a new family." I explained as I looked at them. I could tell some of the puzzle started to make sense to some of them as they looked towards the package in front of them.

I continued, "So, here we all are my old family together with my new one. I have gathered together the ten bear claws and the bear's four canine teeth. Right after my accident I had made two very beautiful beaded necklaces out of them, but now I have converted them. The instructions given to me during my vision quest tell me I am to pass them all out so that a part of the wisdom passed on to me can also be shared among you. Of course the only ones who do not need such a gift are elders. As time comes to pass when we all become elders at some point in our life this gift shall be passed on to the next generation, and the story of how you received them shall also be passed on. In this way what we have learned during our lifetime can be shared with a younger generation."

Everyone around the table looked at me and then the small package in front of them. I nodded my head and they slowly unwrapped their gifts. My four uncles each received a strong large thick bracelet with turquoise and red coral surrounding their bear canine teeth and images of a bear tracks worked all around into the silver material. The two little girls along with Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Galeotti each received a silver necklace and pendant along with turquoise and red coral, also denoting a bear track engravings. The style of their gift was more on the feminine side with the silver work. My father, Mr. Galeotti, Darren, and David also received a silver necklace and pendant with one bear claw worked in a masterful silversmith crafted silver laced casing with turquoise and red coral. Their pieces also had etchings of bear tracks within the workings.

Every single one of the hand crafted pieces I handed out was similar in design yet differently done with real sterling silver and accented with turquoise and red coral. It was done by a Native American Silversmith, and was stamped on the reverse side with his family's hallmark.

The final two bear claws were the two largest ones with Akiva receiving one and me receiving the other one. These two were almost identical in design, with scroll work and the turquoise and red coral accenting them as well, yet the claws were positioned in opposing directions. Worked within the pieces were also etchings of bear tracks along the outer edges of the bear claws. I sighed in relief thankful for the craftsmanship of the silversmith in question. He and his family had worked on these pieces tirelessly so that all of the pieces would be done on time.

Everyone looked at the masterfully done pieces admiringly before slipping them over their heads and around their necks, or in the case of my uncles around their thick wrists. The only two people in the room who hadn't received anything were the Grandparents of Darren, but they looked at their son's wonderful piece.

"Please I want everyone to know these are something to be worn every day and not squirreled away in a jewelry box. It is a reminder to us all that we are now a family and that we are to show towards others patience, understanding, and compassion whenever feasible. Of course this will not always be possible, but we are to try anyway."

With this finally out of the way Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Galeotti trotted out to the kitchen to retrieve our lunch. While that was going on I presented to Darren's grandparents each a handcrafted piece as well with the same style scroll work, turquoise stone, and red coral. Mr. Galeotti received a bracelet while Mrs. Galeotti received a matching necklace and pendant. The only thing missing was a bear claw or tooth. They thanked me and slipped them on admiring the craftsmanship of their pieces.

While lunch was being passed around I motioned for Akiva to follow me into my father's study. I closed the door so I could talk with him.

"Akiva, I just wanted you to know that ours is different from the others because there is one more features about our two pendants." When he looked at me curiously I took his silver medallion necklace in my hand and placed mine next to his.

He was watching me intently as I placed them next to each other and his eyes got big as they snapped into place together. The two medallions now became one medallion and each opposite bear claw were now spaced closer together forming a perfect heart shape. Once the pieces came together the complete outline of a bear's face could now be seen in the middle of the heart shaped claws. The bear tracks that had been engraved on each side of the bear claw now made a complete circuit around the entire piece all heading in the same direction. I pressed on the snap, and they pulled apart creating two separate necklace medallions once more with the image of the bear face being undecipherable now that it had been broken apart. When the two pendant pieces were separated the image of the bear's face on the inside curvature of the bear claw could no longer be distinguishable; instead, the scrolling and curvature now just looking like an added accentuation to the individual pieces. Only when the two pieces were fitted together could the true bear image be discernable. I had to admit the pieces had been brilliantly done in a way that only a master craftsman can accomplish. It was a stunning piece of artwork.

"That is so wonderfully sweet," Akiva whispered as tears formed in his eyes.

"It's meant to show our connection and commitment towards each other and to symbolize our love together. I hope this was alright for me to have done?" I asked him timidly.

"Oh yes Dylan. I love you so much, and it is a perfect gift and idea." He stated as he leaned in to give me a kiss. His lips felt soft and fresh just like our very first time. I was sure this would never get old between us.

The two of us returned back to the table and we all had a great time. The girls and David couldn't stop talking about their horses, and Darren was beside himself with his new bike and motorcycle. Akiva seemed more reserved, and just kept looking towards me and smiled. I think he was more satisfied having me in his life than anything else. It was a pleasant time with all of us together.

At one point while the rest of the group were immersed deep in conversations I motioned towards my father and we retreated back into his study. Once the door had been shut I threw myself into my father's arms, and held him tight. He wrapped his large strong arms around me, and I no longer was able to hold back as my body started to shudder and I cried. We didn't say anything for some time as he just held me to him and comforted me.

"I…I don't know if I can do this." I admitted to my father.

He smiled at me reassuringly as I stepped away from him trying to get myself back under control. "Why Dylan, I mean, you've already done all the hard work. Everything's in place already. I know it's been tough, but I am very proud of you." My father told me as we each took a seat across from one another.

Sighing, I knew he was right, but it was still nice to hear it from him. He and my uncles had done most of the leg work, and all I had to do was just follow through on things now.

"Uncle Trig, did he take care of…" I started to ask and my father nodded his head.

"Yes, he paid the boys a visit at the hospital. He showed them the hoof knife like you said, and it was all but done as they got rid of their lawyers and confessed to everything. Damn, still don't know how you managed that part so easy." My father stated shaking his head and smiling. I just smiled meekly and shuddered recalling the bloody image of the carnage I had inflicted that awful day.

We both sat there for a while longer discussing some of the other issues. It was nice having him close to me again. Sure, I've done a lot of company projects and things, but I've always known that if it hadn't been for my father and uncles most of those things would never have come to fruition. I may have had a lot of ideas and ways of solving problems, but it still took a team to implement these ideas and actually make them work. Finally, we reached a point where everything was ready to go, but I still had one more item I needed to discuss with my father. He noticed my hesitancy and nervousness.

"Dylan, what is it? Just spit it out. You know there isn't anything you can do or say that will ever make me love you any less?" He assured me.

"I know dad, it's just that this is…a bit…I don't know…a bit awkward. You see it's um…well…I've fallen in love." I told him looking down.

The room got really quiet, and I could feel my father's eyes boring into me. "Um…wow, that's sort of new. I mean I've seen you date and things, but this is the first time that you've…um…that you've fallen in love. Hell, I haven't been gone that long…how the hell did that happen?" He asked chuckling.

This was sort of getting uncomfortable for me because I didn't know how to proceed. "Dad, I…um…I uh…it's Akiva." I finally blurted out really afraid now, and not knowing how he would take it.

There was a silence in the room, and I could tell my father tried to speak several times before stopping and sitting back again.

"Is…is it so bad…I mean are you mad and ashamed?" I asked him finally looking up and noticing a perplexed look in his eyes.

"N…no of course not, I mean…it…it's just a bit surprising is all. Hell, I've never seen you on a date with a guy before, only girls, so excuse me if I'm just kind of tongue tied for a moment. Are you sure Dylan…I mean is it really…you know…love for you?" He asked me seriously.

"Of course it is. Do you think I went looking for a boy?" I asked him a bit perplexed myself.

"N…no Dylan, that isn't what I meant. I know Akiva is a boy and you didn't go looking for a relationship with a boy. What I'm asking is this, are you sure you are in love? I'd be asking the same question regardless of whether Akiva was a girl or a boy. Are…you…in…love?" He asked me seriously and pointedly.

Smiling at my father I just nodded my head. "He's so wonderful dad, he…he makes me feel so alive, so calm, so peaceful, and…well complete when I'm around him." I told him sincerely as I beamed proudly of my love as I described him to my father.

We spent several minutes discussing my feelings and passion towards the boy. He didn't want details, but also wanted to know if things had progressed in a sexual manner. This of course made me blush, and I had to admit to my father that it had indeed progressed in such a manner, and also for me it was such a wonderful experience. I let him know Akiva's mother knew about us and approved even though there was an age difference. He nodded his head and told me that it was my life, but that I needed to be careful. Not only because of what this could mean for me in every day life, but also the whole sex aspect of things. Whether it is with a girl or boy, some rules still apply about being careful. I sighed knowing he would have said the same thing if it was a girl I had become sexually active and who I had fallen in love with.

We finally finished up our conversation and focused on getting everyone together to head into town. We made our way to the emergency shelter and found the place filled with people whose power had been shut off or place threatened of being flooded and needed a warm clean place to stay.

The mayor met us there and eyed Darren and his Grandparents before focusing on my father giving him flowery praises for his contributions. My father took it all in stride and pointed towards me as being the one who made all the arrangements. The mayor gave me a cursory look, and an off hand compliment, before focusing his attention back towards my father. Of course my father just looked at me and rolled his eyes, and I couldn't help but try to stifle a giggle.

The mayor gave us a tour of the facilities himself and pointed out key members of the town counsel. I noted he had excluded the good old doctor and two other people who would have made up the ten committee members. I could only surmise the people he left out were good people who tended to stand up to the mayor and his old cronies. I did see Dr. Anderson for a moment while he tended to someone who appeared a bit on the sick side, and he nodded in my direction so I nodded back at him.

After a while my father turned to the mayor, "Um yes, good then mayor, but I was wondering if we could get the town committee members together because we would like to discuss some things that our construction company may be able to assist in. That is to say if it would be alright with you?"

"Oh sure, that would be fine," the mayor commented and told us he would meet up with us at the small rehearsal room inside the facility.

I took the opportunity to slip in beside Akiva and pull him off to the side. When no one was looking I gave him a passionate kiss and whispered in his ear how much I loved him. The boy's eyes glittered brightly as he held me to him. After a few moments I told him about my conversation with my father, and he thought it funny because his mother had also had the whole "sex" conversation with him. We both giggled because it was too hilarious at how predictable parents could be about certain matters.

When we made our way back to the group we couldn't help but notice how his mom and my dad had seemed to become like old friends. Akiva squeezed my hand and whispered this was great because at least now his mom would have someone she could talk to. I in turn pointed out that I got the feeling something more might be happening between them. When I pointed this out his jaw just about dropped to his chest. He looked at me and then laughed.

"What's so damn funny?" I asked him.

"Well, like father like son, and in my case like mother like son." He giggled, with me looking confused. "Don't you see, what drew us together is drawing our parents together."

"Oh," I stated as I looked over towards our folks, and then smiled having to agree with him. Then something else struck me. "Oh hell, I know it is too early to say this sort of thing, but if they ever got married this would make us brothers." I laughed at how complicated it would make our own situation.

On the other hand Akiva just gaped at me. "That would mean…we couldn't…I mean…brothers…sex." He whispered turning pale as I got his meaning.

"Don't be silly. It wouldn't be incest or anything. We wouldn't be real brothers." I chuckled at him, and he finally giggled as well realizing how he had jumped to conclusions.

Fifteen minutes later the mayor and six others made their way into the small stage like room. There were a few rows of seating with a small raised stage on one side.

My father looked around and asked, "the other committee members, where are they?" He noted to the mayor.

"Oh they are busy at the moment."

"I see, well maybe we can do this another time then," my father commented gathering up what the mayor could only assume were some blueprint drawings. This was just too much for the mayor to overlook thinking this a possible donation from our company.

"Oh no, please wait and let's see if we can round everyone up. I…I just thought you needed the majority of the town committee members to review what you have in mind, but if it is that important we will gather everyone up." He stated in his slick politician manner. Discounting his earlier behavior concerning Darren, I now really got an overall bad impression from the mayor.

After another ten to fifteen minutes everyone was finally present, and then my father invited everyone in from our group. The mayor looked a bit baffled and chafed about it, but couldn't really say anything since the small group of friends was our guest.

"So," my father began. "I would like to introduce my son Dylan who is in charge of this little project we have planned."

Getting up from my seat the mayor started to protest, but my father held up his hand towards the mayor and insisted it was perfectly fine. The mayor looked a bit flustered, but couldn't really do anything at the moment so decided to see where this was leading.

"Well as you all know," I began. "This storm has turned out to be a pretty nasty one with the power being affected and several homes being flooded and damaged. Evidently the power situation is a bit dicey in these parts going out quiet often, which could be bad news for families when it is really hot or extremely cold."

My narrative continued for a while longer until I got to the interesting part of things. "Well we have a solution to this mess, and it really came from the idea of one fine outstanding youngster. So what we are planning on doing is to build a new community center, and honor the person whose brainchild this notion had been in the first place." I told them and now the mayor was chomping at the bit as I pulled out some designs of the facility and displayed it for everyone to see denoting all the features.

It would be a state of the art facility with a section dedicated to sports such as basketball courts and swimming pool among them, along with a score of other sports that could be integrated into the design area such as having martial arts classes or a gymnastics program. Another section would be dedicated to the arts and music such as a music room for lessons and instructions and art rooms where people can learn to draw or paint or even do sculpting. The basement area would be dedicated towards an emergency shelter with storage areas for food rations and beds, along with a complete functioning cafeteria style kitchen. There would also be enough space to accommodate additional showering facilities that younger kids can use with separate shower stalls for more privacy being available along with the large communal shower rooms on the main floor in the changing rooms for men and women who aren't as shy. You know how it can be for kids at a certain age regarding their bodies, I pointed out.

No space would be wasted and can be utilized for other functions and volunteer type of work. There would be backup generators for when the power was cut and also solar panels with a retractable roof that could be closed to protect the panels from inclement weather.

Command Center

Not only are we planning on an indoor facility but also expanding functional outdoor areas such as a football and soccer field, along with an outdoor pool for the summer months. In addition we want to offer something in line with some newer style activities so we are also thinking about adding an outdoor section with a skateboarding and biking area for stunts with ramps and everything.

Basically, it will be a facility that would be able to accommodate statewide competitive sports venues for schools and such. For example, our indoor pool will be able to accommodate not only swimming competitions, but also things like diving and water polo. We want to be able to draw people from all across the state with a facility like this.

Finally, in the basement but off to the side and completely separate from the main facility would be a command center with it's own separate power supply with all of the equipment necessary for the sheriff and emergency crew members such as the fire department. It would also have a couple of small livable quarters for the current sheriff and his or her family along with the Chief of the fire department and his or her family. They would be like small apartments surrounding a central command center. This was necessary because these are the key facilitators of an emergency in this region.

"Wow," the mayor commented excitedly, "but I think the mayor should also have an apartment for his family as well, if not of course I can always commandeer either the sheriff's or the fire chief's apartment. Also, how much is this all going to cost our town. We can't afford something like this. As it is, most of our funding already comes from a nice non-profit foundation that had been set up by one of our own who passed away several years ago, you probably haven't heard of her because she um…let's just say she ran with a different kind of group and class of people that you guys may not be familiar with." He finished as he offended us all in an inoffensive kind of way.

"Oh, I see," I nodded my head. "First off there will be no commandeering of the apartments because this issue will be set in stone. Secondly…well to answer your question about costs, the Darren Gibadlo Community Center won't cost the good town's people a dime." I stated.

The mayor just about choked on the water he was about to sip when I announced the name of the community center and even Darren jerked upright at this mention. First, the mayor wasn't happy about my just casually sweeping aside his bid for the emergency apartment, but the name had just been too much for him to deal with and he felt he had to do something about my impertinence. The mayor looked over towards Darren and then approached me pulling me off to the side.

"Um, I don't know if naming it after um…that boy is a good idea. You see he has a bit of a reputation around here for being…let's just say a loose kind of boy…you know sexually. He's created a huge uproar less than a year ago and is also already involved in another incident at the moment. It's kind of delicate if you know what I mean?"

I nodded my head and he went back to his seat and announced. "Um, it's been decided to hold off on the name for the moment and the committee can vote on a new name at a later time. We can also discuss the issue of the apartment assignments." He announced triumphantly also throwing in the issue of the apartment assignment.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that mayor, I thought you understood I knew what you meant but if possible I would like to see a hand of people who are in favor of the new name?" I asked as I motioned for people to vote. As expected the doctor and two others raised their hands, the ones who had been excluded earlier.

"I see, so I take it the rest of you are against the name." They all nodded looking towards the mayor.

"As you can see," the mayor smirked, "the majority has voted and it has been struck down. Maybe we should go ahead and take care of the whole emergency apartment issue?" He added.

"That may well be but to tell you the truth we don't need your permission for the name so it stands as is." I replied. "That and the issue of apartment assignments."

"Now wait one damn minute if you want to build the new facility and tear this one down then you have to have our approval. This place belongs to the town."

"Of course it does but we aren't building it here, we are building it over here," I indicated on a map of the area showing an unused stretch of land just on the outskirts of town. It was prime real estate located on natural high ground and perfect for what we needed with plenty of room for our needs now and into the future as we expand. If things went the way I wanted we would also have plenty of parking spaces for the facility if we expanded to a facility that hosted large venues.

The mayor looked at where I had indicated and he smiled again. "Well I don't think that is possible because it belongs to the Susan Jenkins foundation of the arts. There is no way they would give you permission to build there." He quipped.

"Are you sure, because as of now we have permission to do so?" I replied.

"Well I'm sure that it is a mistake, besides as soon as I call the foundation and let them know the committee is against the idea they will reject the offer. I personally have a direct line to the person who oversees the foundation." He spat out getting a little flustered that he was actually arguing the point with a fifteen year old boy. He would get his way one way or the other or the facility will not be built despite the generous offer. He was willing to dismiss a sizable donation for the community because his sensibilities were challenged. My demeanor towards the mayor now hit an all time low.

"Well maybe you should contact the foundation since you are so close to them and ask them yourself. After all I think it is in everyone's best interest if we get this clarified immediately. It shouldn't be too difficult since you have a direct line to the person in charge and now that the phones are working you should be able to get a hold of him."

The mayor looked at me and then the committee members before making his way off to the side and pulling out his cell phone. Darren took the time to come up to the stage and whisper to me that it was alright about the name. All he cared about is that the project be done for the town. If it was going to fail just because of his name then it was best to just drop it. I smiled at him fondly his loving nature breaking my heart but I told him to trust me. He looked at me a little worriedly and sighed, but nodded his head indicating he trusted me to do what was right.

The mayor came back a little flustered. "My…um…contact says he can't make that decision and has to call someone on the matter but he should be calling back shortly."

Just about that time my cell phone went off and I asked if the mayor could excuse me for a moment. The mayor just smirked and said, "Teenagers, you guys can't live without constantly being on the phone." I smiled at him and nodded my head as I left the room for a few moments.

As soon as I left, the mayor sidled over to my father who was chatting with Akiva and Mrs. Miller. The mayor looked over towards the boy and his mother before whispering to may father, "Listen Mr. Peterson, your son has a good heart but we both know how things are done in real life. I don't know if this is a teaching moment you are using for your son but I just don't want there to be any hard feelings between us when things are said and done in the end."

"Oh no, of course not mayor, and as you've stated it is a teaching moment alright." My father stated just as I rejoined the group.

The mayor looked at me smugly as I rejoined them, and said while we wait, why not answer some questions. There were several questions that everyone had, and I answered them patiently. The mayor's phone rang and I continued to take questions until he burst out angrily at the person on the other end of his phone line.

"What the hell do you mean you can't make this decision? Just connect me with the person who I need to talk to about this. I don't care what you think; I'll take care of it myself. If you aren't the one making the decision why have I been talking to you all these years?" There was a short pause. "What the hell are you talking about? Why wouldn't the head of the foundation talk to me since we are one of the major recipients? Remember she grew up around here, and it is what she wanted. Help for our small community and its members. Just connect me now." He spat out contemptuously.

We all looked at the mayor when my phone rang and the mayor just grumbled at me. "For crying out loud kid you should learn to shut off your phone when you are in an important meeting or you'll never learn how to handle business."

"Oh, yes I see your point, but since you are waiting anyway is it alright if I answer my phone?" I asked and he just furiously waved to me dismissively indicating for me to go ahead since he was on hold.

"Hello…oh hey again…what's up? He wants to what? Oh, well I suppose it will be alright," I responded to my caller as I smiled at the mayor and nodded.

Now we were both on hold and the mayor just ground his teeth and then perked up, "What kept you so long?" He snapped. "Oh never mind are you going to connect me or what…good it's about time." He stated as he smiled wickedly at me while I waited on my end.

I heard a click on my end just about the time the mayor started squawking on his end about the project and that the town committee was totally against it. He ranted and he raved, and I actually cringed he was so furious. He also wondered why he was never in contact with the individual in charge of the foundation.

"Because I had no reason to talk to you." I responded on my end of the phone.

The mayor squeaked in surprise and looked at me. "You…you are the one in charge of the foundation, but…how, I mean why would you be in charge?" He asked incredulously and furious as he hung up the phone.

Smiling like a tiger about to be set free, I too hung up the phone and started to explain to everyone what was going on. I let them know that Susan Jenkins was my mother's performance name, but her married name was Susan Peterson. I inherited her money from all her years of concerts and the royalties from her music, and set up the foundation on my own in her name.

I knew she would want to help her hometown so I've been helping all these years, but recently some things have been going on that made me a bit concerned. So, I had my lawyers look closer at the accounts we've been donating to the town, and in particular the ones in which the mayor had complete control over. So far the lawyers have already discovered numerous discrepancies so the mayor should expect to hear from them very soon. Any connection in these matters concerning other committee members will also be dealt with severely.

As for the mayor's nephew and the other thug who had attacked Darren and Akiva, I had outside authorities, at this point I snuck a glance at my uncle Trig who smiled brilliantly at me, talk with the boys at length in the hospital, and the two brutes immediately confessed to theft and attempted rape of a minor. I looked at the mayor and told him his family secret will soon be made public so he shouldn't even try covering up his family's shame regarding that issue.

"In the meantime," I continued. "This parcel of land that I've indicated has been signed over to the Gibadlo family along with my four uncles, and they all will hold an equal stake in the community center. I do this to honor my uncle's loyalty for their years of service to our company. The center will be built and named in honor of an upstanding young man, Darren Gibadlo, who has been the inspiration for this project and who has done no harm to anyone. They will run the non-profit center with the full backing of the foundation. They will need a good committee to help them so Dr. Anderson if you would be so kind as to accept an offer of being on the committee, and if you can recommend a few good individuals to be on this panel I would deeply appreciate the help. I think this concludes the matter at hand." I stated as I left the stage and headed over to our small little family.

Darren was weeping openly now as he just looked at me and shook his head in awe. His grandparents looked stunned and like they were about to keel over. The good doctor ambled over and introduced the other two town committee members who had stuck by us from the beginning.

"I do appreciate how honest you three have been trying to do the best thing regarding the town. I know it must have been an up hill battle all these years, but if this community center is going to work in favor of the town and its citizens it will need people like you to help us. Will you climb aboard for the ride of your life?" I asked them as they all agreed.

Word spread quickly as to something major having occurred and rumors abounded as we made our way through the emergency shelter with the doctor leading the way and introducing us to people. There were many concerns about what was going on, and we eased people's tension as best as possible. While we were walking and talking the main power to the town came back on and people slowly started to filter out of the facility.

While everyone slowly left we had an informal meeting with the Darren Gibadlo Community Center committee members so that I could give an overview briefing of how all of this was going to proceed and a timeline. It was a good first session with the Gibadlo's taking the lead through my encouragement.

I reminded them that this was a big responsibility, but that they had excellent help. Their role should be to lead and delegate responsibly so that they wouldn't be overburdened. They should trust in their committee to accomplish tasks assigned to them. As the head of my foundation and the major stake holder in the construction company I would be there in the background, but help as needed.

In the end everyone had to go their own ways and several weeks past. Everything had been set in motion, but it was difficult for me to be away from Akiva and not have him at my side when I went to bed at night. We did have sleepovers at each other's houses on the weekends when Akiva was home from school. He came over to my house often to play the piano, but it just wasn't the same. As our relationship blossomed so too it seemed as if my father and Mrs. Miller's relationship also flourished.

It was the weekend and three weeks after the power had been returned to the town allowing everyone to go home. Akiva's Uncle had returned home, and although there had been a mess on the property, no major damage was done to the main house. To insure against this in the future my construction company had erected some natural levees along with other structures on their property to deflect any flooding on their land, and we even built up the roadway leading up to their house from the main roadway. The Miller family really appreciated our help.

Akiva was spending the weekend with me and my dad, and even Darren and David managed to get permission finally. It was the first time we were all together again since the storm as we sat around in the living room. My dad had gone to bed and we boys sat cuddled up with one another. Akiva was looking at me intently and finally sighed seeing I was distracted.

"What's the matter?" He asked me.

"Huh, oh, nothing really." I responded.

"Come on Dylan, just tell us," Darren said.

I sighed, and with tears in my eyes simply said, "Next weekend is my mother's birthday."

They huddled around me trying to console me as I continued. "Every year my mother's foundation, I guess that's me, selects a worthy cause in need of a grand piano, and we donate one to them. It means I have to sort through a lot of paperwork making sure what is legitimate and what isn't and then choose one. It is a difficult task sometimes because there are so many deserving causes out there."

"Yeah, but you're rich." David commented, and was rewarded with a punch in the arm from Darren. "Ouch, what did you do that for?" He complained.

"Because dork, it doesn't work like that. Look at all the money he's already given out for the community center. There's only so much money, and so he has to pick and choose where he donates the money."

"Oh, sorry Dylan," the younger boy whispered as he thought about what Darren told him and understanding what his boyfriend had meant.

We sat in silence when Akiva spoke up. "Why don't I help you this year, and then we can also have a celebration at your house with all of our families invited? I'd offer up ours, but with all the ongoing construction it's a mess. We will make sure all of our family shows up to celebrate your mother's birthday together as a family. Don't worry Dylan; we will set everything up so you and your father won't have to do a thing."

It sounded appealing so the plan was made. The next weekend arrived and Akiva had narrowed down the prospects for me. Everyone showed up at the house except for Akiva's Uncle who couldn't leave the house at the moment as he had to wait for the construction crew to unload some more furniture he had acquired for the house. Akiva's uncle had suggested we all drive the five minutes over to the house later so we could all have desert that Mrs. Miller had made up for us all. It was a bit of an inconvenience, but we all agreed so that at least he would be included as well, if only for desert.

The house was full once more with laughter and fun, and my heart filled with joy thinking maybe we could do this at least once a month which everyone thought a fantastic idea. When the time came we all got in our vehicles and headed over to Akiva's house. When we arrived there were decorations set out and banners galore. Akiva said surprise and explained his father wanted to set up some decoration in honor of all I had done for everyone. They had all been in on it, and that is the main reason why his Uncle hadn't been there, even though he did have other things to take care of as well.

We all made our way into the house, and Akiva's mother asked her son to help her with the cake and pies she had baked while everyone else filed into the dining room. I joined Akiva and helped carry some of the items needed for the cake. When we reached the dining room the double doors were closed so I held the cake for Akiva while he reached for the handles and slid open the large panels.

As the doors opened everyone was lined up in front of him smiling then shouted surprise as they stepped off to the side. There, off to the side facing the large bay windows was a customized limited edition Steinway & Sons grand piano. THE S.L.ED designed by renowned international fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was created in 2003, a commemorative piano that reflects his bold, yet impeccable, style. I felt the design also accentuated Akiva's own personalized styling characteristics so it made sense to select this unique instrument for him.

With dramatic, highly-polished red and elegant black satin finishes, the stunning instrument truly is a study in powerful contrasts. The innovative design of the piano features a rectangular music desk and legs. By shaping the feet like the runners of a sled, the designer gave the piano a new silhouette while simultaneously making substantial improvements in the instrument's resonance. The piano design featured clear lines which balanced the specially wide tail of the grand piano typical of the Steinway Model A. The basic idea was to create a sled-shaped grand piano – the unusual rectangular legs in particular supported this image. The idea also gave the grand piano its name: THE S.L.ED because it resembles an old style of European snow sled, and it was a limited edition. The choice of color for the instrument was equally unusual, inspired by classic Japanese boxes, bold red accents were added, while selecting an ultra-matt black as the basic color of the instrument.

In a word it was a masterpiece and Akiva knew this as soon as he laid his eyes on it. With tears streaming down his cheeks he ran his hands over the piano for a moment before running out of the room. We all stood around wondering what happened when he returned clutching something to his chest. Going back up to the instrument he lovingly placed a framed picture on top of the piano. It was a prized photograph with him sitting next to my mother in front of a piano when he was seven years old.

"There you are, perfect," he whispered as he lovingly ran his fingers over the piano and the framed picture. He just looked at me for the longest time.

Akiva couldn't believe it, "Why…why would you give me something so beautiful, it must have cost you a fortune?" He asked with tears running down his cheeks.

"You really don't know do you?" I replied.

The boy shook his head still stunned by the gift as I continued, "Then let me ask you a question. Why would a seven year old boy write a letter to a lonely heartbroken nine year old boy who he never even met and lives on the other side of the world from him?"

Still Akiva seemed to be confused so I motioned to my father and he handed me a large matted frame. I thanked my dad and turned handing it over to Akiva who just stared at the contents of the matted frame. Tears continued to flow and he tried to wipe them away with the back of his hand.

"You kept this?" He asked as I nodded. "But why, your family must have received hundreds…thousands of letters after your mother died, why would you save mine?" He asked bewildered.

"Because Akiva, it was the only one addressed to me. Sure people sent condolence letters to the family, but they didn't mean me, no one even knew me, they just sent it to my father specifically, and made a notation to the rest of the family as an afterthought. But your letter…it was meant for me and only me." I whispered as my own tears started to flow out of me as I remembered that awful day vividly in my mind.

"I remember this," Mrs. Miller said softly in a very thick accent struggling with the words as my father stood by her side.

Akiva translated for his mother as she spoke. His mother told us that Akiva had spent hours writing the letter and wouldn't accept any help, not even from his father who tried to help him with the English. The boy had insisted on doing it all by himself stating it wouldn't mean anything if the words were done by someone else. He even insisted on addressing the envelope by himself. It had to be all done by him including buying the postage stamp with his own money and mailing off the envelope. He had insisted on sending the picture as well, sliding in his very own copy stating it had to be mailed immediately, and he couldn't wait for another copy to be made. He had been so insistent that the letter be mailed that very day. It was beyond her why he was so stubborn about it.

I smiled back knowingly now that she had mentioned it, "because," I began, "it arrived on the same day I buried my mother. I was so heartbroken and wracked with despair that not even my father could console me, then the letter arrived for me and when I opened it up the tears were swept away because another little boy a million miles away had taken the time to write to me of how sad he was, and how much my mother had meant to him. Somewhere else another little boy like me understood what I was feeling." I explained.

Mrs. Miller looked fondly at the framed items. The frame was large with matting enclosing three separate rectangular shapes. The left horizontal rectangle shaped opening contained a large sized envelope with both send to and return addresses written in a young child's handwriting. The middle horizontal rectangle shaped opening contained the same picture of Akiva and my mother that was currently sitting on the piano. The third horizontal rectangle shaped opening held a hand written letter also done by a young child's hand and on a large ruled paper used by many young children who are learning to write.

"Please read it Akiva, I want to hear your voice in the letter." I pleaded with him.

He swallowed trying to hold back the tears as he read the letter, typing errors and all:

Dear Delin,

I am sory about yur mummy.

She was kind to me.

She help teched me piano.

She tell me about yu how nice boy yu are.

She missed yu so much.

She luvd yu so much.

I am so sory Delin and I have cride for long time it hurts so much.

Yur friend,


"I can't believe you kept it after all these years," Akiva sighed in amazement stifling a tear. He really did cry for many days afterward. My mother had a big affect on him when she had come to visit.

"After I got it I put it in our special box. The one my mother gave me years earlier. Every once in a while she would place something inside without telling me so that I could discover it on my own. Then when I found it I would ask her all about it, and it would be just our little secret," I told him as my father handed me the flat rectangular box.

I set it down and started pulling some contents out explaining each one to everyone gathered around. They all were my family now and I felt it only proper to share my mother in this way with them; especially, on this special day, her birthday. We laughed and we cried with each item. Most were just silly little trinkets meant to amuse little boys like the Chinese finger lock, a piece of paper webbing that you put over one finger from each hand. When you pull on it the webbed paper sort of stretches and locks up trapping your fingers. The more you pulled the tighter it got.

It was mostly just stuff like that, but there were a few other deeper meaning items such as the small St. Christopher Medallion, the Patron Saint of Travelers. For some reason when I was about six years old I just freaked out about one of our travel plans and didn't want to go. I had confided that I was terrified so my mother had slipped the medallion into my box, and when I discovered it she explained to me what it was. From that time on I never feared going on another trip.

"What's this?" Akiva asked pulling out a five by seven inch sized envelope and opening it up to find a picture inside. He pulled it out and frowned.

"I don't know," I whispered shaken a bit. He looked at me concern in his eyes as I continued. "It was something I found later…after…you know…she passed, and never knew what it was. My mother must have put it inside shortly before she died, and I was never able to ask her about it." I sighed a little sadly as Akiva showed it to his mother while he translated to her. I heard her gasp and look closer.

It was a picture of a group of children surrounding her in front of a series of steps that led into a building. She was kneeling on one knee and there was a boy sitting on her other knee leaning up and giving her a kiss on the cheek. The other children had gathered closely around her as she smiled and posed for the picture not realizing the kiss she was getting on the cheek at the same moment.

Akiva looked back at me, "I had forgotten all about this moment," he stated shaking his head. "This is a picture of our piano class outside the building. She was getting ready to leave, and at the last moment she asked the driver to take a picture with all of us together with her little camera." I heard him sniffle as he looked at me and handed back the picture. "The little boy giving your mother a kiss was me," Akiva stated as he reached out and hugged me.

"Oh Dylan, how could she have known so long ago that we would all be together. She must have known or why else all of this." He cried seriously now as he held on to me.

My own eyes were flooded with tears as I held him close and breathed him in. I wanted to hold him even tighter, but it was impossible because we were already in the tightest embrace possible. I loved him so intently that I wanted to crawl inside his skin and become one soul not two separate entities. Our feelings for one another were so intense that we wrapped ourselves tightly around one another not caring who saw us like this.

The others patted us gently as they all gathered around. After a while we all managed to calm down. "I love you so much Akiva," I whispered in the boy's ear before we separated. He laughed a moment and wiped the tears away with the back of his hand.

"Come play for us Akiva, on your brand new piano. It is time you break her in properly." I teased as everyone gathered around while the boy settled in.

The first song he played was for me and in memory of my mother. It had been our favorite, Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Next was his father's song in memory of him. After that it was a free for all with people shouting out requests as we played and sang everyone having fun together. It was a wonderful evening, and an almost perfect way to end the day. I say almost perfect because there was one more gift I had to offer Akiva.

After a while everyone started saying their goodbye's to one another. Akiva begged me to spend the night in the room with him so we could stay up a little longer while he played on his new piano. His mom agreed and his uncle dragged in a mattress for us when it was time to go to sleep. We were now alone in the old dining room which had been converted into Akiva's private music room, and I sat next to him at the piano while he played a soft tune his fingers gliding lithely across the keys. It was late already and I was starting to get tired.

"I have one more gift for you my love," I whispered in his ear as the last tune came to an end.

He looked over at me, "no Dylan, you've already given me so much, what more can you give me that hasn't already made me happy?"

"Me," I replied as I watched him closely. A small smile spread across his face as he leaned in and gently kissed my lips.

The tender kiss was electrifying sending a tingling sensation within my body. I peeled off his shirt and he stood up in front of me. Reaching out my hand I unbuttoned his jeans and slipped them down his sleek shapely legs. He was wearing those adorable European style bikini briefs, and they had a huge tent in them. I could already see a little wet spot from where the tip of his uncut penis pressed up against the fabric.

"Fuck, I love how you look in your underwear," I stated my voice shaking in anticipation.

He reached out and slowly slipped my shirt off, and then I also stood up as he peeled off both my jeans and underwear in one fell swoop. My penis stood pointing upwards like a good soldier as he gently took it in his hands and slowly stroked me. I shivered with the tingling sensation of his touch and slowly we made our way over to the mattress. I lay down on my back, and he smoothly slipped out of his briefs and settled his body in between my legs.

His hands and lips were all over me sending a thrill coursing through my athletic body. I was like putty in his hands as he firmly molded me and continually brought me to the brink before slowing down making me squirm. It felt thrilling and exciting, like our very first time. I could feel his warm sweaty body against mine, and I knew this would never get old for us. He was such a turn on for me; he was everything to me, and I loved him deeply heart, soul, and body.

A wet warm sensation engulfed my four and a quarter inch spike sending a shiver of thrill through me as I clutched at the bedding closing my fingers tightly around them trying to hold off my inevitable explosion. Just when I was getting ready to tell him to pull off or I'm going to burst I felt him back off of me, and felt another sensation underneath me. He was wiggling his finger around my grommet and it felt so exciting. I spread apart my legs giving him more access as his mouth worked around my sagging ball sack.

"Oh fuck, that feels totally hot," I said and then all of a sudden I stifled a yelped as he shoved his finger all the way inside of me.

The intrusion had been abrupt even though I knew it was coming. He surprised me though by shoving his finger all the way inside of me instead of slipping it inside slowly. The initial shock wore off as I allowed him to continue. It was very stimulating and very enjoyable now as he stuck in a second finger then a third.

My rigid spike was leaking profusely now as I felt Akiva slowly get into position. I felt something warm and slippery at my entrance, and then Akiva's face was floating in front of me as a sensation of pressure was felt at my rosebud. Then it happened as he slipped inside of me, and a sharp pain resonated within me as I gasped sharply. Things became hazy for a second, but when the haze cleared away a look of ecstasy had overcome my love's boyish features sending a thrill coursing through my body.

We were both panting as he opened his gorgeous baby blue eyes and looked at me deeply. "I love you so much Dylan, this is incredible," he gasped out in between breaths as he slowly buried himself deeper inside of me. There was a mixture of pain and sheer pleasure as he slowly shoved his sweltering shaft further inside of me until his balls nestled up against my buttocks.

"Oh shit Akiva, you did it and you feel so fucking awesome inside of me. Fuck me now and fuck me hard," I squeaked as he pulled out a little and rammed himself up against me.

The move had caught me by surprise as he looked at me wickedly responding to my request. Damn, he was a naughty boy I thought to myself. It was all I was able to think at the moment because he started fucking me slowly but in earnest. Shit it felt so good, and he was slowly increasing the pounding against my prostrate sending a thrill through my body. His face was contorted into a blissful visage, and all of a sudden I saw it change as he started to tense up.

I could feel his penis thicken inside of me, and I looked down at his shaft shoving in and out of me amazed how thick it had gotten. He thrust deeply inside of me one last time with his fattened up dick, moaned loudly, and exploded sending me over the edge at the same time as my ass clamped around his tool and we both bucked wildly. I heard him whimper as I nearly snapped his dick off of him from my wild contorted body. We both wrapped our arms around one another while our bodies writhed and squirmed in sheer ecstasy. I shot load after load between us, and I could feel myself filling up inside as he dumped his seed in my back end. It is hard to describe the feeling of being filled up like this, but for me it felt gratifying and everything I could have ever hoped for.

Other than when I had fucked him this was the best feeling ever. I wanted even more of him wishing he could just crawl inside of my body. His skin felt all slippery and slimy against mine from the amount of fluid I had expelled, and if I hadn't been so into my high I probably would have laughed at the absurdity of it all.

Finally the euphoria slowly subsided as he lay on top of me with his shaft still buried deeply down inside of me. He started to pull out when my body went rigid again and clamped down tightly around his shaft as another volley of baby batter shot out between our bodies from my still sensitive penis. I heard him groan at my second orgasm, and the sensation he felt as my ass clamped down around his stiff penis sent him over the edge for a second time as well. The first time he's ever experienced two orgasms in a row within mere seconds.

His penis re-inflated to full size immediately at the stimulation, and he shot a second much smaller load inside of me before collapsing on top of me. We both lay there completely spent in the euphoric aftermath of our love making. It had been intense and filled with surprises, and it was glorious.

If either one of us made any noise I couldn't tell you. The way it had happened, so quickly and intensely, it had just gripped me by surprise sending my body into overdrive and my senses into orbit. It was as if I had been looking down through a lens yet I could still recall every feeling, every nuance, and every scent from our love making. I only hoped this feeling of intense love would be fresh and new every time.

His penis plopped out of me giving me a feeling of emptiness as he rolled off of me and tried to regain his breath. I looked down at his hooded sex tool all slicked up and sleek looking. I couldn't wait for him to stick that sexy little thing back inside of me. It was as if my boy pussy was made just for his sexy spike.

"Fuck that was totally awesome," I whispered as I gently kissed him. Our lips parted from one another and he smiled at me.

"Shit Dylan, I don't know what felt better, when you fucked me or when I fucked you. I don't think I'll ever get tired of feeling you or holding you tightly in my arms. I love you so much." He stated as he leaned in and kissed me again, this time more greedily.

"I know my love, I feel the same way. I guess since both ways feel so good to us we will have to take turns," I giggled as he blushed realizing there were going to be many more of these wonderful displays of affection between us. We had both given and taken each other's virginity, and it had felt right to us for happening this way. We were both content and happy at the same time. Our love for one another here on out could only get better. Sure there would be some rocky times, but nothing that our love for one another couldn't overcome.

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