Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 5

Looking at my sexy little love I sighed as I motioned for him to come over and sit next to me. He smiled and snuggled up to me. Holding him gently I had to make a confession to my love if we were going to continue our relationship. Taking a deep breath I explained what happened between first Darren and then David. I didn't go into any detail, but just wanted him to know that I had a sexual encounter with them. I prayed he wouldn't be upset over the admission as I finished up my explanation, and my hands shook a little with anticipation and dread at how he would feel about it all.

Akiva looked up at me and smiled as he responded and explained to me that it may have been a good thing for Darren, which caught me completely by surprise. I had hoped he wouldn't mind, but actually saying it might have been a good thing for Darren was even surprising to me. He continued to explain that despite what's happened to the boy, it showed him that love and sex can still be an integral part of his life if he was willing to open himself up to relationships. As for David, he thought the boy is just curious and if it was to happen better for it to happen with me first than someone who would take terrible advantage of him and go too far possibly hurting him. He wasn't mad at me; besides he pointed out…it wasn't as if I haven't had other sexual encounters.

My sexy Norwegian paused for a few moments and just snuggled up to me. Then added as an afterthought concerning David that we really should think about having a discussion with the younger boy. Things might get out of hand for David if we don't talk with him about a few things and I had to agree.

The boy truly was amazing I thought to myself as I got up to get changed, and that's when I noticed my room. All the boxes were empty and everything put away. I looked at Akiva who just smiled at me. The three boys had put my room in order even hanging up my oil paintings around the walls. All of my clothes were neatly folded away in the dresser drawer or hung up in my fairly decent sized walk in closet.

"Oh wow Akiva, you guys really didn't need to go out of your way."

"We know, but you seem to be busy all the time and we wish to help. Besides, I have to admit for a teenager you have some unique interests concerning what goes on the walls. I mean really, beautiful oil paintings instead of bikini clad women, popular bands, and sports posters." He chuckled at me.

I shrugged my shoulders understanding what he meant, but stood up and headed over to my light switch. The boys had done a good job hanging up the oil paintings in the proper strategic locations under the customized light system I had installed in my room. There were several dimming light switches on my wall that controlled the different light panels I had installed. I pointed to the large oil painting of a deep canyon with red tall cliffs and a calm flowing river down the middle.

Akiva looked over to the painting I had indicated and I switched on the light lever illuminating the painting giving it a lively atmosphere. I slowly muted down the brightness and as the illumination adjusted in strength so too did the mood of the painting. It was almost as if the lighting in the canyon changed as if it would when the sun adjusted at various times in the day. It was almost magical.

"Wow, that is so cool Dylan," he admitted to me.

Right about that time we could hear David's squeals of delight wafting through the bathroom door. Both Akiva and I looked at one another for a moment before busting up laughing. Damn that little twerp may be shy, but he was turning out to be such a horn dog.

"I don't think Darren knows what he's gotten himself into," I giggled with Akiva agreeing to my assessment.

We played around some more with the other paintings before we both finally dug out some clothes and got dressed. Just about that time the two younger boys came walking out of the bathroom with towels around their waists. Sitting down on the bed I motioned for David to come over and he dutifully stood in front of me. I pulled his towel apart and his flaccid penis stood out at about a forty five degree angle. The boy first looked in Akiva's direction making sure the boy couldn't see him, and then looked down at his naked body. All of a sudden his penis started to bob up and down all by itself and enlarged to its two inch fullness.

I laughed as I looked over at Darren, "Well I think you have some more work to do. Be sure to give him another workout before coming downstairs," I smiled at the two boys.

I looked up at David who was giggling and I jerked my head in Akiva's direction. "Do I have to?" He asked me.

"Well you saw his, maybe you should show him yours, besides you also touched his so it's only fair." I responded wanting him to get over his shyness around Akiva.

"Yeah, but still," he stated looking towards the Norwegian boy who was just looking on curiously before leaning forward to my ear, "what if he makes fun of me or something?"

I whispered back to him, "why should he, you've got a nice one for a boy your age, besides he's your friend too." This seemed to make him think about it as he smiled, dropped the towel, and turned towards Akiva.

David giggled and waggled his hips at Akiva then grabbed his two inch pecker, forced it down, and thrust his hips out yelling bang pretending to shoot the boy just like he had done to me yesterday when I gave him a bath. It was still funny the second time around as we all busted up laughing at David's antics.

The blonde boy clapped in approval, and just smiled at David. "Wow Davie that's a nice one. Maybe next time when you aren't paying attention I'll have to give it a proper tug," he teased the boy as he gave him a wink and David giggled his balls jiggling around cutely between his legs. "By the way Darren, I think Dylan's right, you do need to give him another proper blowjob." He giggled pointing towards David's two inch boner.

"Geezus guys, if I keep that up I'll make his Dinky raw for sure," Darren teased and smiled at the prospect of making his little friend squirm around some more.

"Well just as long as you take care of his problem. I don't want the two of you walking around sporting a woody all day long. Oh and David be sure to give Darren another blowjob too. This time make sure to clean him up good and try not to spill anything. I don't want to have to clean up your mess all the time," I teased the younger boy who looked over at Darren before he pulled the other boy's towel off of him so that he wouldn't have to be naked alone.

The other boy's pecker was soft at the moment, but it was quickly starting to inflate in front of everyone's gaze. The younger boy, who didn't seem so shy about standing in front of us uncovered anymore, looked hungrily at the rapidly rising tool and reached out eagerly as he gave it a few tugs to make sure it stood up like a good soldier.

We quickly left the room just as David attacked his friend, and they were rolling around on the bed stark naked. I grabbed Akiva by the hand and we headed quietly downstairs. The rest of the household was still soundly asleep with no movement yet this early in the morning. I'm an early riser because I have plenty to do and plenty of chores needing to be taken care of around on a ranch. We could still hear the soft patter of rain drops against the house, but it seemed to have slowed down. Hopefully this would be a good sign for the days to come.

With Akiva's hand in mine I dragged him towards my mother's piano room and we both slipped inside. I looked around in amazement. Mrs. Miller had transformed the room with her motherly touch and I smiled in appreciation. I walked over to the glass show cabinet where we kept my mother's awards, accomplishments, and photographs displayed and looked inside noting that Akiva's mother had put everything into a semblance of order.

Akiva stood next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and looked inside. He seemed genuinely interested as he pointed out several awards and gasped at how gifted she must have been. He seemed to recognize some of the concert halls and awards, and I wondered how accomplished he had been in his own country.

"Is that a picture of you and your mother?" He asked pointing out a picture with a woman and child sitting on a piano bench in front of a grand piano Steinway, the very one in this room.

"Yes," I stated pulling open the glass panel and pulling out the picture so we could get a closer look. I handed the framed picture over to Akiva, and he reverently took it in his warm hands. "That is me when I was about eight or nine, I think nine years old because it was just a few months before she died," I responded.

"She was very beautiful," Akiva pointed out being very serious and I had to agree.

My mother had an air of beauty and sophistication about her, but was truly a gentle and down to earth woman. She was what you could refer to as a people person who got along with everyone from all walks of life. Wherever she went she would take time for her fans, both the wealthy and the poor. She always purchased several tickets to her own show and took them over as gifts to her fans who could never afford to attend some of her concerts. These were always prime seat locations as well, never any of the cheaper location seats. People adored her wherever she went.

My friend just listened to me and smiled when I described my mother. Then he dropped a bombshell.

"I met your mother once," he admitted.

"What?" I gasped as I watched him put the picture back into the hutch.

"Yes, she visited our school because she had heard of our wonderful program. I was only seven years old, and it was shortly before she had died. The visit had been unannounced with her just showing up at the school and asking our headmaster to visit with the children in the program." He explained to me looking fondly at the picture now that it had been put back into its proper place.

"She sat with us for over an hour in our little concert room and played the piano allowing us to join in. Then she asked the head master if he could have everyone gather in the theatre hall. Our school had a small theatre for concerts and plays so he quickly agreed. She played for the entire school and had each one of the piano students perform a duet with her. I was the only one who got to play two songs with her. She gave a two hour show for all of the students and staff that day. She was a wonderful person. Afterwards she took the time to talk with me in private. I think maybe because I spoke English." He looked at me wondering if he should continue, and I looked at him with a mixture of emotions. Something about Akiva meeting my mom nagged at the back of my mind; a memory that just wouldn't come at the moment, and I filed it away to ponder and figure it out later.

It was her last trip oversees and I remembered it well because she had announced to us that it was the last one. She just didn't have the energy anymore. The cancer had spread so widely, but she wanted one more last time with some of her most revered fans. She had chosen Norway because it had been her first major tour oversees when she was younger, and she wanted it to end there as well.

"Well I was only seven years old so didn't understand the importance of such a visit until later, but I enjoyed her private company as she held me on her lap with her arms wrapped around me and told me how proud she was of my performance. I still remember how she smelled, like a breeze of fresh air in springtime. Then she spoke of her son back in the United States, and of how she felt we would be such wonderful friends even though I was seven and he was nine."

He fell silent for a few moments just looking at the picture. I scooted closer to him and reached out for his hand. We wrapped our fingers together as he looked up into my eyes with a few tears welling up at the corners. I suppose I too had a few tears as he smiled gently at me.

"Dylan, it is as if she almost knew we would some day meet in person. I didn't realize this until I saw the picture of your mother and you sitting at the piano. I have a similar picture at home with your mother and me, and I've often thought of my time with her." He told me with tears running down his cheeks at the irony and sadness of it all.

We just stood side by side for a few moments before I dragged him over to the piano. I sat him down and scooted down behind him wrapping my arms around his frame to hold him tight. It felt so natural so comfortable.

"Play something for me," I whispered.

"What would you like to hear?" He asked.

"Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven," I quickly responded and felt him chuckling.

"Why doesn't this surprise me? She told us it was your favorite. It was the last song she played and I got to play it with her." He finished as he began the tune.

I leaned my head on his back and held him tightly to me as he played the soothing melodic tune that had sent me off to sleep for so many of my young years. I cried softly against Akiva, but he never said a word until he finished. Silence filled the air for a few moments with him sitting between my legs and my arms wrapped around his waist.

"What would you like me to play for you now?" He asked softly.

I thought for a few moments, but nothing really came to mind so I just said, "Please play something that is dear to your heart, something I've never heard before, something that is so near and dear to you. I want to hear something that is only you, something special please," I whispered wanting to hear what can only be described as Akiva. I don't know how to explain it, but I understood that music truly is the eyes to a person's soul, and I wanted to know Akiva's soul. I wanted a part of him.

The boy sat a moment in thought and then without a word his fingers started flowing over the keys on the piano. It was a soft melody almost sad then all of a sudden Akiva's voice floated above the notes in a clear crystal angelic tone, in a language that I didn't understand but that didn't matter, no words were needed to understand the feeling behind the music and song. It sounded sad at first, but then slowly the tempo picked up and there was an air of buoyancy and optimism above the tone of sadness. The pace picked up some more shifting towards a sense of animation and vitality before ending with a flourish and a steady recession towards a harmonic soothing melody of peace and compassion. It had been the most beautiful soulful piece of music I've ever heard in my life, and I immediately knew this had been a special moment in time for Akiva.

The boy sat motionless for a moment, and then silently lowered the panel cover over the keys and ran his fingers along the smooth surface. I held him quietly for a few moments before getting up to leave him with his thoughts. I crept to the sliding door, looked over my shoulders noticing the wetness along Akiva's cheeks, and silently slipped open the sliding panels. Mrs. Miller was on the other side wringing her hands together with tears at the corners of her eyes. She looked at me for a moment, and then held my face in her hands leaned down giving me a kiss on my forehead before whispering, "Thank you my child," in a thick accent before closing the door behind her so she could be with her son.

After eating a quick breakfast I had made my way out to the barn to check on the horses providing them with feed and hay along with fresh water. I also mucked up their stalls before setting about tending to any of their other needs. Sometime during all of this Akiva had joined me, and without a word being spoken by either one of us provided a lending hand. I didn't ask him about the song, and he was quiet throughout most of it. The boy was obviously working something out in his mind.

When all was done I started getting the horses saddled when Mrs. Miller made an appearance and spoke to Akiva. He smiled and looked at me.

"My mother was wondering about all of the chicken meat you have lain out. She says it is enough to feed two armies."

The tension seemed to have been broken as I just laughed at her question. We were so deep in our own thoughts I had forgotten to inform Mrs. Miller about our arriving guest.

"Tell your mother it is because we will be feeding two armies. We need enough to feed the same group as yesterday plus four more guests who will be arriving around lunch time." I stated as Akiva informed his mother.

She looked at me and said if it is only four that is not such a problem. I promptly informed her that these four people ate like they were twelve people. I assured her that no matter how much she made it probably still wouldn't be enough. Her eyebrow rose up at the challenge, and she informed her son to tell me we shall see about that. We both laughed at the gauntlet that had been tossed on the ground.

Saddling up Two Step and Texas Rosie, Akiva and I made our way over to the cattle. It was still drizzling, but nothing all that bad anymore. The river was still flooded in many places, but things should be back to normal in a few days I surmised. Halfway to the canyon Akiva finally spoke up.

"Thank you," he stated simply.

I stopped Two Step and turned her so we were facing Texas Rosie and her rider. "For what?" I responded.

"For the song," he explained knowing it wasn't enough.

He sat on Texas Rosie looking around at the beautiful landscape before sighing and looking at me as he started to explain. When his father was diagnosed with congenital heart failure the two of them started writing the song he had just played. It became clear to Akiva as they got closer and closer to finishing the song his father's condition had continued to get worse until it got to the point where Akiva refused to work on it with his father.

The boy refused to no avail as his father forced him to help with the song. It was his father's song; well what he actually meant was that the song was about his father's life. It tells of a father's love for his family and begins at the end of his life as he is dying, then it transforms to the beginning of his life, not when he is born, but the beginning of his new life with a wife. The song ends at the middle of his life during the most happiest of days as each one of his children are born, his pride and joy, the reason for existence and why it is the most contentment time in his life. This is how the song ends during the time in the man's life when he is happiest with a sense of peacefulness and contentment. Something many people do not understand until they have children of their own.

"Dylan when we finished the song together he was so weak that he passed away the following day. I've never played or sang that song since the last day when we had finished it. Today when you asked me to play something that was a part of me I couldn't think of anything else to play, and it felt only right that I share the song with you first. It was the first time I have ever played and sang the song from start to finish. Up until it was finished we only played bits and pieces of it at a time, but today I sang it from beginning to end in completeness." He admitted to me.

A sort of warmth spread over me at the realization of something so personal and special that Akiva had shared with me. "Thank you for sharing this with me Akiva. I'm honored and flattered that you would share this with me."

We both sat on our mounts in silence as we looked around us at the beautiful landscape. Sure it was still raining, but that in itself made for a wonderful sight as the land unfolded in front of us in a different kind of mood. Nature is a wonderful thing and sometimes we miss out on its beauty so we took this moment in time to enjoy what it had to offer us.

We didn't have any problems today with the cattle so we set out enough feed and also I decided to go ahead and open up the canyon so they could start ranging on our land. Now with the weather under control I didn't have to worry so much. I was fortunate that we had them corralled for the branding when we first brought them over before the freaky weather had arrived.

By the time we got back it was still fairly early in the morning, and I looked in on the younger ones. The house smelled so wonderful with whatever Mrs. Miller was cooking for lunch. I felt sort of bad leaving things up to her when she was actually my guest, but there was so much to do and she seemed so happy keeping busy like this and making a contribution for being allowed to stay here.

Darren seemed to be a hit with David and the girls. At the moment they were smothering him with hugs and kisses as they tackled him ganging up on the poor boy. He took it in stride as he started tickling the older girl before turning his attention towards the other sister and twisting her in a tangle. David ended up jumping on the boy's back, and Darren jumped backwards onto the couch. The girls squealed in delight as he deposited David on the couch and then turned his attention back to them before attacking.

The boy was just so damn adorably cute and such a wonderful kid. How could anyone hate him so much in the community? I wanted to take away his hurt and pain, but maybe being able to be himself while he was here could be a first step for him. Akiva noticed my furrows, and looked at me a little worriedly and questioningly as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Akiva, how can anyone hate that?" I asked.

My friend looked on and shook his head. "I don't know Dylan, but he has found us now and we are his friends and family. We will be sure to make him happy and will stick up for him. People can be so cruel, but he is a wonderful person and I'm glad that I've had the chance to meet him finally and become friends."

We both stood there for a few moments longer watching the children play. Mrs. Miller saw us and sidled up next to us and watched the mayhem unfold in front of her eyes. She smiled and said something to her son.

Akiva translated, "My mother says Darren is such a wonderful boy. The younger ones just adore him, and she hopes the girls don't wear him down."

At that moment the children looked up and saw us standing there. Darren got up and ran over giving me a hug while David gave Akiva a hug. The girls were soon behind trying to snuggle up to their brother.

"Well Darren I understand you've been a great help keeping an eye on the younger ones." I complimented him.

He blushed and replied, "I'm having so much fun," he shrugged. "By the way where have you been?" He asked.

With my arm wrapped around his shoulder and receiving a hug from the girls I just sighed. "I had to go take care of some chores. Never a dull moment around here you know."

He looked critically at me, "you work too hard Dylan, do you ever…you know…just be a kid?"

I laughed at him and nodded my head. "Of course I do. It's just right now a lot of people are relying on me, and I have some things I have to take care of, which reminds me I don't want you little one's to freak out when my other guests arrive."

"Guests…why would we?" David quipped looking at me quizzically.

"Well, you'll see what I mean. Just think of them as big ole teddy bears, alright." I told them as I lifted one of the girls and kissed her on the cheek.

She squealed with joy, and then I did the same thing with her sister while Mrs. Miller spoke to her son.

"Mother says we should get cleaned up. We are all wet and she does not want us getting sick." He told me.

"I've got so much to do before my uncles arrive," I stated while Akiva translated.

She motioned for the children to go back and play, and then she pointed up the stairs and gave me a firm motherly look. Akiva chuckled, tugged on my arm, and pulled me upstairs explaining it was no use. I smiled back at Mrs. Miller actually enjoying the motherly type of coddling I was receiving. It's been a long time since I've had that sort of influence in my life.

We stripped out of our clothing and hoped into the shower together. I couldn't keep my hands off of the boy as I stepped up close to him and kissed him tenderly. He felt so good so natural in my arms and before long we were caressing each other tenderly. I swooned as he made passionate love to my penis with his soft musical fingers. It was as if he knew how to play my instrument, and I enjoyed every moment of it as I sprayed my seed into his waiting lips. I returned the favor and he continued to amaze me as his thin tubular appendage quivered in delight depositing it's cargo into my eagerly awaiting mouth.

We held each other for a while enjoying the warmth of the water cascading over our naked body. This had been a wonderful diversion, but there was still so much to do. We dried each other off and got dressed. Akiva was starting to run out of clothes, but he managed to find a clean pair of underwear and a silky bright yellow jersey and a pair of jeans. He looked so sexy hot and I told him so, but to tell you the truth I was beginning to realize no matter what he wore he was just so beautiful. I had changed into something more comfortable, a pair of simple gray shorts and t-shirt.

Returning back downstairs I looked in on the children and they were now snuggled up on the couch watching a DVD movie that the girls had selected. The girls were sitting in the easy chair, and the two boys were snuggled up together with Darren's arms draped lovingly over David. They made a cute couple, but I made a mental note to have a little chat with David's father.

Akiva had asked if he could practice on the piano and I told him he never needed to ask for permission ever again. I returned to my father's conference room and focused on some of my calculations. I flipped on the computer, and engaged the appropriate software programs. I smiled as the music drifted throughout the house.

It felt wonderful to have a full house with so many young children around. I've been around adults for so long that I've almost forgotten what it was like to have friends closer to my own age hanging about. I returned to the problem at hand feeling a bit frustrated with the utility and Power Company's stupidity.

There was a faint knock on the door, and when I looked up Mrs. Miller entered and sat down next to me. I smiled at the woman and noticed for the first time just how beautiful she was. I've always looked at her as a motherly figure, but just then it dawned on me how pretty she really was and amazed I hadn't realized it earlier. I thought to myself maybe because I was more focused on her beautiful son.

There was something on her mind, but the language barrier made it difficult for her. "Akiva…Dylan connect?" She started out and I nodded noting how close Akiva and I were becoming to one another.

"Akiva like Dylan…no um…Akiva love Dylan." She stated and now I was starting to worry where this was heading. "Dylan…loves Akiva?" She asked me and I just nodded my head a little ashamed for being caught like this.

Mrs. Miller just nodded her head in understanding trying to formulate the words before speaking. It was difficult, but she was managing to convey her thoughts. "Akiva thirteen…Dylan fifteen. Akiva good boy…Dylan good young man." She emphasized, and I nodded my head in agreement acknowledging the age difference.

Then it dawned on me what she was trying to say. I was older than Akiva and the smaller boy was more likely to be hurt by all of this. I don't think she minded the thought of us together, rather what may happen because I was older than her son.

"I understand Mrs. Miller. We will be careful together, and I will be gentle with him."

She smiled and patted my cheek with her warm hand. "Akiva and Dylan…good…together." She told me reassuringly as she got up and left me alone to my thoughts. It appeared as if she had given us her blessing. I also began to wonder if Akiva had talked with his mother about us. Sighing to myself I dove back into the current problem situation. I was very focused on the task at hand and did realize at some point that the sheriff and his wife had arrived, but continued to work. I was very close at the point where I was finished as I looked over the maps and diagrams one more time to be sure.

"Dylan where the hell are you hiding?" I heard a familiar booming voice thundering down the hallway along with heavy footed stomping and high pitched screams as the girls scrambled out of the way.

"Oh shit," I muttered to myself looking up at the clock and running out of my father's study.

"There you are get over here so I can give you a proper hug," my uncle, Bubba Gump bellowed followed by two other bellowing voices making their presence known.

I sighed and ambled over to my uncle Bubba Gump where I was promptly lifted up off my feet like a small sack of potatoes, and the air almost squeezed out of me. "Damn boys, he's put on some weight," he chuckled putting me back on the ground while my other two uncles gathered around to get a good look while thumping me on my back almost knocking the wind from my lungs not to mention it sort of hurt with my still sore shoulder.

"Damn you're right, he's almost all grown up now almost like a proper young man," Billy Bob commented.

They weren't really my uncles, just guys who've worked for our company for years and sort of helped raise me since I was a little baby. They were like family to me and very loyal workers to my father. Each one had obtained a sort of redneck nickname honoring some of the corny and witty movies with the stereotyped big good ole southern boys; hence the names like the combination Bubba Gump for the movie "Forrest Gump."

"I don't know about that maybe we better check first," my third uncle, Cooter, bellowed in a deep voice. His name deriving from the garage mechanic on the old show, Dukes of Hazzards.

Before I could do anything Bubba Gump leaned over and pulled out my shorts looking inside of them to see what I had down there. "Oh hell boys, he finally sprouted a few hairs, and he doesn't have that little baby penis anymore," He hooted as the others gathered around to take a peek.

By this time the other children had gathered around along with Mrs. Miller who just scolded the older men in what I could imagine meant stop being such foolish men and leave the boy alone. The three gigantic men had sort of created a wall around me so it wasn't as if anyone else could see that they were ogling my privates, but by their talk it was quiet obvious that they were.

"Alright, if you boys are through molesting my godson, then let me get a good look at him for myself," another loud voice boomed over the entire cacophony of din that was going on at the moment making everyone jerk upright.

Everyone scrambled out of the way at the approaching intimidating figure. He was big, about six foot eight inches tall, and built like an ox with huge arms, wide body, and legs the size of old growth forest trees. The children and adults alike filed up against the wall to give this man enough room to approach, he was that big.

My godfather and uncle, Trigger (Trig for short and named after the famous horse from the Roy Rogers era), stopped about a yard in front of me and gave me the once over. "So, your father tells me you've improved your skills, shall we see about that?" He inquired.

"What now?" I asked.

"Yes now," he bellowed. "It's been close to six months since I've seen you so we might as well start catching up right away. So where is it?" He asked looking around.

Sighing and shaking my head I motioned for him to follow me out back. In the back by the orchards what used to be a large twenty five foot long storage shed had been converted for me to work out in. We stepped inside the building, and I noticed everyone had followed us over curious about what was going on.

Flipping on the switch, the lights flickered on and a nice sized Dojo was illuminated with matting and fighting equipment stored up along the walls and floor. I walked over to my gear and slowly started pulling on my head gear and padding. I motioned over to the cabinet where a similar set was stored but, in the largest size they made. My uncle Trig put his protective gear on and we met out on the middle of the mat.

Mrs. Miller said something to her son, and she started to step out onto the matt, but Bubba Gump just blocked her way and patted her hand reassuringly.

"Dylan what is going on?" Sheriff Galeotti spoke up a little concerned, but was blocked by Billy Bob who just shook his head and indicated to watch. Billy Bob's nickname derived from the actor who played in the movies like "Sling Blade, Armageddon and The Alamo."

"Tradition," I replied.

"What do you mean tra…"Sheriff Galeotti started to ask, but was drowned out by the sound of a bell that Cooter rang.

I immediately got into a defensive stance and circled around very warily. Uncle Trig might be a big man, but he was lightening fast and knew his business when it came to martial arts. I've been training since I was five years old and wasn't a slouch either. When one of our most recent trips found us in Thailand for several months I was fortunate enough to train with a Grand Master. He was an old gentleman, but boy did he pound the lessons into me in such a short period of time, and I do literally mean pound the lessons into me. The man may have been in his eighties, but he moved like a teenager, and hit with the force of a grizzly bear.

Trig feinted a few times getting into a rhythm and steadily approached me as I bobbed and weaved staying out of any direct connections he might make to my body. Then it happened as a flurry of punches and kicks flew out from both of us as we moved like dancers deflecting and connecting with punches and kicks. His right arm snapped out and grazed the side of my head which looked worse than it was because it wasn't a solid connection. I heard the girls screech in protest and Mrs. Miller cried out, but we continued our movement. This was full contact and no holding back.

We were only a few minutes into it, but we were both sweating as we continued to exchange blows. I managed to make a few solid connections which seemed to surprise Uncle Trig. I had improved vastly since our last bout, and he started to concentrate even more. He was a big man and fast, but he was tiring as he started in with another set of flurries which I proficiently deflected without too much effort.

I switched up my style which caught him off guard as it was a style he didn't recognize. He came at me and lightning quick I launched myself in the air and my foot solidly connected against the protective padding around his head. It was a potent blow and I had used the physics involved with body motion as my upper torso twisted followed by my lower half to make the impact a powerful one. His eyes glazed over for a moment, and he fell to the mat.

Tearing off my headgear I ran over to him making sure he was alright. He got up on his knees and removed his padding as he moved around his jaw to make sure it still worked. He smiled at me and clapped me on the back.

"Well I guess your dad was right, you've improved some," He complimented me.

Right at that moment I was smothered in Akiva's embrace followed closely by Darren's and David's. They accomplished what uncle Trig wasn't able to do, knock me down with their weight. The other's had gathered around me in awe of my skills. It wasn't something I had planned on sharing like this and really was a bit embarrassed by the situation, not to mention I had to explain what had just happened to everyone.

Over the years Trigger had been teaching me martial arts, and every time we go somewhere I always seek someone out who is willing to teach me for the short time while I was there. Our last trip was to Thailand and this old Grand Master accepted me as a student. He did so warily at first, but then recognized some of my talent, and really put forth an effort to teach me as much as possible in the short period of time.

After explaining this to everyone Mrs. Miller spoke to her son who translated that lunch was ready. Of course my uncles nearly ran everyone over, including the kids, getting to the dining room. Along the way Cooter and Billy Bob each scooped up one of the girls tickling them on the way with the girls screaming in delight. Bubba Gump scooped up little David and was blowing farts on the boy's tummy who just giggled and wriggled around in the big man's arms. My godfather and uncle, Trig, scooped up Darren and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and bounced him around while twirling for good measure making the boy dizzy. He then cradled him in his arms and teasingly groped him giving his balls a good squeeze.

Of course he didn't know about Darren's background, but treated him like he had done me at the same age. He teased little Darren good naturedly, and even ooh and awed when he got a good feel of the boy's package crooning to the boy that he showed promise in the pecker and balls department. The sheriff eyed the man suspiciously and sidled over to me voicing his concern. I told him not to worry that he was married with grown children of his own. He was just teasing Darren good naturedly like he had done me for all the years I was growing up. After all they are rugged contractors who constantly teased one another. He was treating Darren like one of the crew, and not like a little sissy. In a way it was a compliment towards the boy.

The sheriff thought about it a moment and then smiled. He agreed with me that maybe this was a healthy thing for Darren to just be treated like one of the guys. The blonde eleven year old evidently didn't seem to mind the playful groping and actually seemed to like the large man. The sheriff even chuckled when he saw Trig pull on the front of the boy's pants and took a peak at what the boy had between his legs. Of course Darren smacked the man's hand admonishing his newly adopted uncle, but he giggled when the man whispered something in his ear. I imagined it had something to do with Darren's healthy size in the pecker and balls department for a boy his age. Uncle Trig was pretty good at instilling manly confidence in a young boy.

We all gathered around the table and Darren once again gave the blessing. It was similar to the one he provided yesterday, and I saw uncle Trig look towards me questioningly as he had immediately picked up on the poor boy's troubles. I looked back at him letting him know I would explain later. At the end Darren added that he hoped everyone in the shelter were doing fine, prayed that they would all be able to return to their homes healthy, and that no damage had been done to any of their property.

We all thanked Darren for the wonderful prayer and tribute to all of the people in our community, then the sheriff spoke up. "Dylan the Mayor along with the town committee members wanted me to convey to you their deepest gratitude for the generator. It has made a world of difference and is purring along like a kitten."

"Oh, so you've loaned out Betsy," Bubba Gump clapped me on the shoulder while I winced a little in pain. "Good for you. She's a good ole woman and very reliable. She does what she is told and never poops out on you. Just like how a good woman should behave," he bellowed out.

I nearly shit my pants, but what do you expect from hardened construction guys. The man has a heart of gold and is surprisingly smart, but sometimes he opens up his mouth and sticks his size thirteen shoes right inside. The other three boys were trying to stifle their giggles without much success while Bubba Gump looked hungrily into one of the large pots of food as if he had said nothing that wasn't true. I looked towards Sharon and Mrs. Miller apologetically, but they just smiled and ignored the comment. Evidently they were used to dealing with men like this.

Mrs. Miller leaned towards her son saying something and Akiva spoke up stating his mother says, "Yes, god has given women patience and stamina so that they can slowly wear you down, and when you are old and feeble they can then take what is rightfully theirs. Why do you think women live so much longer than men Mr. Bubba Gump?" Akiva finished while Mrs. Miller folded her arms and sat back haughtily.

Bubba Gump looked up and stared at Mrs. Miller who just stared back smugly. He looked around for some support, but everyone was looking anywhere but at him. When his gaze fell on me I just shrugged my shoulders, he was alone in this mess he had created. He sighed and decided this wasn't a war worth fighting. Good move I thought to myself.

Mrs. Miller really had outdone herself. This time she cooked Chicken Goulash in two large pots with lots of potatoes, carrots, onions, and spices. It had a completely different taste to yesterday's Hungarian Goulash, but man it was even tastier than I could imagine and the chicken just fell of the bones. She had also prepared biscuits to go with it and made several pies.

The large men kept scooping into their bowls and Trig kept scooping for Darren who started to protest. "Not a word and you will eat it all if you want to grow hairs around your pecker," he had whispered the last part in Darren's ear.

The boy just gaped and spurt juice out through his nose. Uncle Trig promptly thumped the boy vigorously on his back. I thought Darren was going to cough up a lung he was being walloped so hard.

I laughed at the poor boy who just glared at me before losing it himself. Everyone was looking at us wanting in on the joke, but uncle Trig just winked at his newly adopted nephew. Darren gleamed at the attention and seemed truly happy at being manhandled like that by the large man. He relished being treated like any other normal boy.

It was a noisy affair as everyone enjoyed the food and company. Mrs. Miller kept eyeing her fast depleting supply of Chicken Goulash as the large boys kept scooping bowlful after bowlful. She looked at me, and I tried to hide a smile, but she just scowled at me.

"What's with little mother over there?" Trig asked me.

"Um…you'll see here in a moment," I responded. My uncle just glanced at me and shrugged his shoulders.

Sure enough just as I had predicted Bubba Gump looked inside the empty pots and looked over to Mrs. Miller, "do you have any more little mother, because that was delicious?" He asked her seriously as my other large uncles looked into the pots and nodded in agreement.

Mrs. Miller glared in my direction and then got up saying something to her son who tried desperately not to laugh, "Um…mother says you need to save room for pie."

I couldn't help myself as I burst out in laughter and actually knocked my chair over. I was still laughing so hard when uncle Trig leaned over and set me and my chair back into the upright position. Even Akiva was laughing uncontrollably despite his mother's glare at him.

She spoke up again and Akiva translated, "Dylan, mother says you are a horrible and naughty boy, but she still loves you."

"Tell her I know, and I'm sorry, but I tried to warn her. If it's any consolation she could have made ten pots and the boys would have sat for hours at the table until it was all gone."

Akiva translated for her and she came over giving me a motherly kiss as a way of showing she forgave me. She smacked me on the arm before going to get the pies. I explained to everyone about the exchange we had earlier in the morning.

"So what are you trying to say Dylan, that we are a bunch of pigs or something," Bubba Gump asked a bit hurt.

"Well I'd normally say if the shoe fits, but pigs don't wear shoes," I commented busting up this time with everyone in the room joining in, including my large human pigs.

We continued to sit around the table for a while longer eating up Mrs. Miller's freshly baked pies. Darren had gotten up and settled himself in uncle Trig's lap, and I noticed David and the girls follow suit climbing aboard their respective uncle's laps. I smiled happy that Darren had found comfort in uncle Trig's embrace, but there was also a feeling of sadness that I had for the boy desperately hoping his happiness would continue.

David was telling his father and mother about my accident with the cattle, and then told them about my vision quest, the black bear, and the resulting injury. Of course his parents thought he exaggerated but the boy insisted and asked me to show them the picture. I quietly told him maybe later and instead whispered something to Akiva who looked for a moment and then nodded his head.

With his approval I herded everyone into my mother's piano room. My uncles looked around remembering my mother, and all the fond memories they had of her around that piano. Akiva took his seat and started to play. He performed a few songs and then beckoned to his sisters who approached and stood in front of him.

"I am going to play father's song now so do not be sad or afraid. He wrote it for us, yes, so we must find enjoyment because it is his memory." He softly told them.

The girls nodded and the older one added, "but it is your song too Akiva. You wrote it with him so it is yours and fathers." She stated simply and he nodded to her.

The girls returned and he began to play. He was very skilled and his fingers flowed flawlessly over the keys. When his voice joined in everyone gasped at how beautiful he sounded. He had a clear strong voice, and it carried across the space resonating with strength, power, and yet also gentle tenderness. When he finished the room was filled for a moment with a tranquil hush of respect before exploding with applause.

Finally it was time to get down to some business. I motioned for the sheriff and Trig to follow me into the other room while the others either helped Mrs. Miller or went into the living room to play. Closing my father's conference room I got right down to business. The sheriff looked on while I went over my calculations and observations on the blueprints and maps on the outlying area.

"Wow boss this is really good. We should be able to narrow down the problem here with the power. If not your other idea of rerouting through the original line before they put in the new system might just work. I'll see to it that we coordinate through the power company so that way we can get everything into place. This way all they have to do is show their lazy asses up, and get everything hooked up."

We discussed a few more details and I could see the puzzled look on the sheriff's face. While we were in the office Trig's whole demeanor had changed deferring to my instructions while outside the office I was treated just like an ordinary teenager. He marveled at how easily the large man changed in demeanor, and how I managed to change roles so easily as well. I have to admit it is harder than it looks, but my uncles help make sure I'm a balanced and grounded person.

Now came the hard part and I motioned for Trig to take a seat. I rubbed my temple with shaking fingers a little bit nervous about what I was going to do. I looked over at the sheriff who had picked up on my change in mood and he sighed as he scratched his head in thought for a moment. Trig looked from the sheriff to me getting a bit nervous.

"Um boss did I do something wrong?" He asked looking first at me and then the sheriff before looking back at me.

Shaking my head I just looked over to the sheriff who simply nodded his head. I sighed gathering my thoughts and started to speak. I began hesitantly not knowing if I was betraying a confidence, but also knowing it had to be done. My voice got steadier as I laid it out to my uncle about Darren. As I spoke I could see the horror and hurt in the man's eyes.

The man was shaken to the core at what he was hearing, then he became angry, and finally he just looked at us in horror because of what he had just done to Darren. He stuttered and stammered ashamed about how he had so boldly just fondled the boy; although there hadn't been anything sexual about it. He was just treating him as he did his own family at home, and how he treated me as well. He instantly apologized and said he would stop this sort of behavior immediately with the other boy.

The sheriff and I looked at each other. I didn't think that was a good idea because for some reason Darren had responded to him and seemed to like being treated like any other normal boy. We suggested he keep treating him the same way or the boy would know we had informed him of the situation.

"Listen Trig," the sheriff began, "this is the happiest I've seen Darren since the incident. I think part of it is because he confided in Dylan and he hasn't stopped treating the boy any different. The last couple of days have been so happy for Darren because he can just be himself. We felt it best you know so that it isn't a huge shock for you if he decides to confide in you. Just be yourself and treat him like you would Dylan or anyone else you care about, alright."

The big man nodded then asked, "But why would he just now start being happy? What about his family, his friends at school or in the town?"

The sheriff replied and told uncle Trig how Darren's been shunned and made fun of by the kids in school. The sheriff also explained how ashamed he was of how the Mayor and other prominent citizens in the community have been treating the entire Gibadlo family. It is as if most of the community had blamed Darren for this because he had come out about being gay. I could see the anger rise in Trig's mood, and I had to calm him down and remind him that he needed to be composed and rational for his newly adopted nephew. The big oaf got up and picked me up in a big bear hug.

"You've got the biggest heart in the world Dylan. When the time comes to make this right I will be there." He stated and left the room.

The sheriff looked at me, "what did he mean by that?" He asked.

I sighed and shook my head as I sat back down. "He's been around me all of my life Sheriff, and knows I've been thinking about the problem. I…you see…I sort of have a reputation in the company." I retorted as I rubbed my temples.

"And what reputation would that be?" He questioned.

Sighing and looking up I just leaned back in my chair exhausted. "When there is a problem needing to be fixed, and no solution in sight, they leave it up to me. I fix the unfixable…I solve the unsolvable. Uncle Trigg…he has faith in me that there is something to be done because I always find a way."

"Is there?" He asked.

I looked up and chuckled sarcastically then sighed, "I'm ever the optimist sheriff. For Darren's sake let's hope so."

"So what else is on your mind?" He asked me sensing he was there for a reason.

I rubbed my temples and looked at him gathering my thoughts together once again. "So, I guess you've noticed that David um…sort of looks up to Darren?" I started cautiously.

The sheriff looked at me and chuckled realizing now why grown men respected me and deferred to me in business matters. "Don't worry Dylan my wife and I know that David has a crush on Darren and we don't mind. He's still young and this may just be a phase for him, if not, we are prepared for that as well. So long as my son is happy that is all my wife and I care about."

I sighed in relief, "you have no idea how relieved that makes me. Have you um…talked to David about…you know?"

"Talked to him about what…oh you mean…um sex?" He queried at first and then understanding dawned on him. "Are they…I mean have they? Darren…David…they haven't um…consumma…um…you know…connected in that way have they?" He stuttered not able to come up with the words he was really looking for and his voice cracking in shock.

"Whoa…whoa Mr. Galeotti, I just think that they are sort of feeling each other out in this relationship…well you know what I mean." I hadn't meant to use the term 'feeling each other out.' I continued, "I'm sure they are just curious about things, besides I don't think Darren is ready for such a big step as actually…um…you know, and he cares for your son too much to inflict that sort of confusion on someone as young as David." I stated trying to ease his mind and of course not telling him about Darren wanting me to actually do just that to him. However, I got the feeling Darren was just overwhelmed at the time and it truly isn't something he wishes to pursue at this time with the younger boy.

"Oh I see so they are probably just sort of um…messing around right now?" He asked me.

I was starting to feel uncomfortable about the whole situation. I mean it almost felt like I was ratting out David to him and that wasn't my intention. David is still so young and I felt his father should at least have a talk to him about this sort of thing. The way David was acting so overtly, if this sort of thing got out it could become a bit difficult for the boy. I've already seen how Darren's been treated and didn't want the same for David.

The sheriff studied me and leaned back sighing. "I'll have a chat with David, discreetly of course. I know your concern Dylan with how Darren's been treated by members of the community. I'll tell David if he is going to have this sort of relationship with Darren that it is first, alright with his mother and me up to a point, but secondly he must keep this between him and Darren."

I nodded and said, "Both Akiva and I know about it so if you are comfortable with the idea tell him if he has any problems to confide in you or your wife, but if he is uncomfortable he can confide in me or Akiva as well. I promise sheriff that if something happens that you or your wife needs to know I will talk to you, fair enough?"

The man got up and shook my hand, "Thank you Dylan I was hoping you would be there for David. I have a feeling he will be a lot more comfortable coming to talk with you about some of the more embarrassing things, but you are right I have to set the proper tone for him as a starting point. Thank you son for bringing this to my attention and we appreciate it very much."

We headed out to the living room and I just giggled at the scene. Some of my uncles were on the floor playing with the girls while uncle Trig was pummeling Darren good naturedly. Akiva was in the mix as well as he tried to rescue one of his sisters from Bubba Gump.

Trig looked up and saw me. He smiled happily and whispered in Darren's ear. The boy looked over at the large man a bit embarrassed, but Trig just nodded and gave him an encouraging shove. The boy got up and reached over on the side of the couch pulling out one of my large drafting tablets. He looked over to me hesitantly as I stepped over to him.

"Um…Dylan I…um…wanted to give this to you," He blushed as he thumbed through some of the pages. "I hope you don't mind me using your tablet but…I get bored sometimes and sort of like to draw." He stated handing me the large tablet with the correct page showing.

The image he had drawn was stunning. It was of me staring down a large black bear. The details were delicate and he even included claw marks on my right shoulder dripping with blood. I was half naked with only a breech cloth covering me, the flaps open along one leg showing a bulging area where a small piece of fabric from the breech cloth barely covered and concealed my privates. I smiled inwardly at this part of the image knowing full well that it was his sexual fantasy at work here. My privates may have been covered, but he added enough detail leaving no doubt what lay beneath that fabric.

The bear was on his hind legs and I had a fierce determined look on my face. My features were definitely me, but different and I tried to make sense of it then it hit me. He had drawn me when I was ten years old, not my age now. The drawing really was superbly done and my pecker twitched at the sight of my own sexiness.

"Wow this is beautiful Darren, how did you manage to capture my looks at age ten?" I asked him seriously.

The boy got a bit nervous and looked at my uncle who just encouraged him. "Please don't be upset Dylan, but I saw the picture with your mom in the piano room from when you were eight. I also used the fuzzy picture with you and the bear that you showed us. Then, I sort of combined your features from back then to now and…and I hope I got it right?" He asked shifting from one foot to the other.

I smiled brightly at Darren, "Oh wow you sure did, well almost." I assured him.

He looked down at the tablet and asked, "What didn't I get right?"

"Oh, well I think you made me look a lot better in the whole package department. No way was my pecker and balls that big when I was ten years old." I teased.

I heard the girls giggle and looked over to them giving them a wink and holding my finger to my lips indicating they shouldn't tell anyone. Darren just laughed at me, and mentioned he could change that for me. I told him the hell he would. I was flattered how he had portrayed me and it would stay that way.

He chuckled as I started perusing through some of his other images. He had done some of the two girls, a close up portrait of their faces which was absolutely cute. Another one was of David with just his upper torso without a shirt and lying on a bed asleep. It left me wanting to see the rest of the boy knowing full well it would have been of the boy completely naked.

Then there was one of Akiva sitting on a saddle with just enough of the horse to know he was riding. The main focus was of my sexy boy sitting on the saddle tall and proud with his big glittering blue eyes. Of course snuggled up close to the horse pommel was the boy's sexy boy package with a clear outline of his penis pointing up towards his right shoulder. The image made my dick twitch, and I almost popped a boner. It was so sexy hot.

He had even done some sketches of Mrs. Miller and both the sheriff and his wife. They were all impressive more so for having done so many in such a short period of time. I flipped another page and saw something strange. Almost like a drawing a draftsman would do.

"What's this?" I asked Darren.

"Oh that was just a thought I had about the town community center." He explained.

There were several drawing depicting exactly what he had in mind. He wanted it to be like a community center where kids could come and be safe with a swimming pool on the main floor along with basketball courts, and several other types of sporting venues, and a track on the upper deck going around the entire facility. Of course there would be locker rooms and showers on the main floor as well, but a basement could be utilized for an emergency shelter with plenty of beds and room to accommodate a lot of people when disasters strike. In addition there would be a laundry room and kitchen.

Of course there would have to be a power source separate from everything. He envisioned solar panels to help offset the power that has a retractable roof that can cover the panels during harsh weather. A large generator would be installed for when the power was depleted.

"Whoa this is totally awesome Darren. Do you mind if I keep these for myself. I'll pay you for them of course," I added when I saw him flinch at the request.

"N…no," he stuttered.

I understood and held the tablet back out to him. The boy had worked hard on those sketches, and I know that sometimes it is difficult for artists to give up their work. I was a little disappointed, but didn't mind understanding it from Darren's point of view. The boy just stared at the tablet in front of him and he shook his head.

"No, I meant I couldn't take money from you Dylan. Not with how good you've been to all of us. You can have them if you want…I mean for free. It's no big deal they're not really all that good anyway. Just some doodling that I do." He commented.

"Doodling, hell if that's doodling then I must be drafting up stick figures," I chuckled. "You really have no idea how talented you are Darren." I told him as I gave him a hug then whispered in his ear. "By the way thank you for making me look so sexy despite the ugly claw mark."

He hugged me back and everyone gathered around looking at the sketches. Before my uncles left I took Bubba Gump off to the side because he had to head back to our main office. I handed him a small sealed box with instructions on where to drop it off. I told him it was extremely important that the box get there and not to say anything to anyone about it.

"Of course boss but why?" He asked curiously.

The man really was a treasure. He was as smart as all get out, smarter than one could even imagine, but he had such a youthful child like quality about him as well. I knew he would never look inside the box, but he was nevertheless curious.

"Because Uncle Gump…it is supposed to be a surprise for later, alright? Now when it is finished I'll call you to pick it up and bring it back to me." I told him and he nodded his head in understanding.

The construction crew said their goodbye's and headed out on their assigned tasks. We agreed that Trig would report back to me periodically on their progress. I told Bubba Gump to give my father a hug and kiss for me, and he just screwed up his eyes.

"Do I really have to boss? You know how ugly he is." He stated rather seriously.

"Hey, he's my father are you trying to say I'm ugly too?" I teased him, but in a serious tone.

"Oh no boss, we all know you lucked out and got your mother's good looks, but let's face it if your mother didn't have such a big heart she would have never married such an ugly looking man. Instead she might have married someone really nice and handsome, like me." He stated seriously.

Sometimes I wondered about Bubba Gump. I mean at the moment I really wasn't sure if he was serious about what he had just stated. I had to chuckle at that myself because at times the guy really was an enigma.

Clapping my hands together I asked who wanted to go for a ride. Of course David and the girls were all for it. Darren was a bit more dubious about the whole thing, but joined in enthusiastically as well. It had stopped raining for the moment, but I could see angry clouds in the distance slowly heading our way. The kids had been cooped up for so long that I figured a small outing excursion would be good for them.

There were only four horses that we currently owned and I wanted Akiva's help knowing he had decent riding skills. So I told the girls that Akiva and I would take David and Darren first and when I returned it would be their turn. They didn't seem to mind and headed inside with their mother. I saddled up all four horses and chose my dad's horse for myself and let Akiva ride Two Step since she had gotten to know him. I put Darren on the more sure footed and quiet Texas Rosie.

That left David with our other mare, a fairly docile quarter horse named Bonsai, but with a little more spunk when she felt an accomplished rider on her back. She was sturdy and sleek with a glistening black coat and a white muzzle. I knew the horse would feel out David's skill level, and would make sure not to exceed the boy's riding capabilities, but felt since he was so eager to ride he wouldn't freak out if she started to get spunky.

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