Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 2: Getting Settled In

If I had been in a foul mood when I got home from school last night I was doubly so when my alarm clock went off first thing in morning. It was still dark outside when that damn contraption began to scream at me almost insultingly. After all it was Saturday, a day I normally got to sleep in, but instead was now forced to get up way too early having me in a very grumpy frame of mind. Finally, adding insult to injury, my head was banging with a raging headache along with my mouth a bit stiff and dry from my fight yesterday. Forcing myself not to pick up that god awful clock and chucking it up against the wall, I managed to hit the button turning off the racket. Groaning, I heard mom already in the kitchen preparing breakfast so I threw off the covers sneaking into the bathroom with my normal morning erection leading the way.

Emptying out my bladder seemed to help some, but when I glanced in the mirror my face looked a bit ragged with my eyes being a bit puffy and bloodshot. At least my mouth wasn't swollen or anything, the scuffle yesterday barely noticeable on my face.

Even though I had fallen right asleep last night I dozed fitfully throughout the evening with it now showing on my features. I wasn't looking forward to my forced exile, but I gritted my teeth and tried to put on a pleasant face if nothing else for my mom's sake. After washing my face with cold water to help wake me up, and then brushing my teeth I looked a bit more respectable. Finishing up in the bathroom I got dressed in something a bit more casual and warm for the upcoming drive. I put on a pair of blue jeans, a button up blue denim long sleeved shirt over a regular t-shirt, and a pair of tube socks. I had packed away my sneakers because they fit easier in my case deciding I'd slip into my warm outdoor boots when we left.

Finishing up I finally made my way into our small kitchen which also served as our dining room with the small round table off to the side. Glancing at my mom she seemed a bit haggard as well this morning looking worn out and tired like I felt, which made me cringe because I knew that I was part of the reason why she wasn't feeling so chipper. I tried to put on a brave face for her, but it just wasn't in me, and she'd know anyway.

"Are you alright sweetie?" My mom asked. "You aren't coming down with something are you?" She continued looking a bit worried now placing her hand against my brow.

It was reflex I suppose because I hardly ever got ill these days, not anymore like I used to when I was little. There used to be a time I got sick all the time, but ever since I turned seven or eight years old it's been a rare occasion. Anymore it was downright unusual, and when I thought about it I don't think I've had the cold or flu for over two years now. These days it was like I could usually tell ahead of time if I was coming down with something so I sort of took care of any potential ailment before it even began.

"Nah…I'm cool mom…just a headache is all." I told her truthfully with her nodding her head walking over to the pantry and pulling out a bottle of aspirin.

She handed two tablets to me and took two for herself. "Me too," she sighed while I swallowed mine down with some juice not saying anything more about the matter turning my attention to the breakfast sitting in front of me.

Now as we sped East on Interstate Eighty I dozed quietly in the backseat of my dad's old Nissan while poor Boxey tried to get comfortable on the floor next to my seat. There wasn't that much room for him and to my dad's annoyance he kept jumping on the seat and then back down before finally finding a decent enough spot to settle down. It had snowed a little overnight, but the main freeway was clear so we were making good time. Of course my dad had tried to make small talk, but I simply ignored him putting in my ear buds and turning up the volume on my ipod. I knew my dad was a bit irritated at the obvious snub, but I could care less because I was still pissed off at him and in an irritable mood this morning so didn't want to try pretending things were alright.

It took a little under two hours, but we finally made it to the junction which turns south on highway fifty nine. There was a rest stop located here, and this is where my dad had agreed to meet up with Mr. Weiler. From here it would take another forty five minutes or so before we arrived at the orchard. In all, this would save my dad about an hour and a half worth's of additional driving. The rest stop was empty except for a car which had followed us into the lot. Stepping out from our nice toasty car I shivered from the frosty air despite my warm oversized winter coat. As I exhaled my breath created a big puff of cloudy steam around my face so thickly it almost blinded me making me giggle at the absurdity of it all.

The blast of cold air also immediately sent a signal to my nether region making me chub up a little with the need to relieve myself. Boxey ran ahead lifting up his leg taking his own leak before catching up when I passed him making my way to the bathroom facility. Of course my dad yelled something at me, but I simply ignored him making my way towards the small building to take a piss.

Just as I was reaching out for the door handle a smaller boy rushed passed me pushing his way inside in a bit of a hurry. He looked to be about nine or ten years old bouncing around on the balls of his feet with his small hands clamping down in front of him holding on to his little boy package as if staving off the great flood depicted in the biblical story during Noah's age. I thought he said something, probably some sort of quick apology, before hurrying inside, but I still had my ear buds on listening to music so couldn't be sure.

Turning off my ipod and pulling out the earplugs I reached out catching the door before it swung closed entering the facility a few steps behind the bouncing little boy enjoying the warmth that greeted me when I crossed the threshold. Evidently it was heated, a welcoming reprieve from the frosty chill outside that had essentially spurred my need to take a piss when it sent a chill rippling through my small frame. As I stepped inside the unmistakable smell of ammonia mixed with stale urine typical in a guy's bathroom facility assaulted my nose. It really wasn't all that bad inside though, looking relatively clean as I made my way over to the urinals.

The small brown haired boy who had shoved passed me was doing that fancy dance all us guys tend to do when we try to fish out our little boy peckers from our trousers. It was actually kind of funny watching him from behind while his cute butt jiggled around enticingly in front of me. Once more I felt that confusion regarding the types of feelings that were starting to bubble up inside of my body noticing how my own half hard boy tube began to twitch with excitement.

There were three of those steel urinals against the wall, one of them being lower than the other two. The smaller boy had stepped up to the lower one on the far left so I started to head towards the one farthest on the right allowing an open space between the two of us when I noticed the 'out of order' sign on it so without hesitating stepped up next to the younger kid.

As I stepped up to the metal wall mount I glanced down trying to catch a glimpse of what he had, but it was no use because his right hand was concealing my view which was further blocked by the small divider in-between the two urinals. It made me yearn for those good old days when there weren't those types of dividers blocking the view of curious prying eyes. Even my school, an old style brick and mortar type of building that had been built in nineteen twenty six, had been retrofitted with those stupid dividers. So as I stepped up the only glimpse I had seen was the boy's small petite thumb and finger trying to tug on something that must have been a bit on the small side. I suppose it wasn't fair to come to such a conclusion since he was only like nine or ten years old. The boy sighing brought me out of my silent thoughts with me now performing my own little dance hearing him giggling.

Glancing over towards him I noticed that the kid had been sort of watching me trying to fish out my own fleshy tube probably finding my little jiggle dance just as comical as I had found his to be. He looked up into my face and blushed a little knowing it wasn't appropriate to be looking, but didn't seem too overly concerned that he had laughed at me. He had a cute kind of face with nice big brown eyes that simply danced around joyfully as if he didn't have any cares in the world. It made me yearn for those good old days, before my parents' split, when I had been that happy too.

I could hear my own strong stream of urine splashing against the metal container accompanying the smaller boys' apparently endless supply seemingly noisy now in the stillness of the room. The smaller boy giggled too probably thinking the same thing like me as he turned slightly craning his neck to look towards Boxey who was silently watching us and waiting for me to finish up sitting by the door. My eyes immediately glanced down towards the boy, but once more the divider blocked any chance of catching a glimpse of the boy's package. If it weren't for that damn divider I would have had an unobstructed view of the boy holding his pecker because of the way he had twisted his body when he looked towards Boxey.

Frowning at these naughty thoughts I focused back on my own business at hand finishing up and tucking myself away. The smaller boy finished around the same time following me towards the sink washing our hands and drying them off beneath the warm air blowers.

"What's your dog's name," came a cute delicate voiced inquiry with such a clear tinkling kind of sound that only young boys were capable of achieving.

"Boxey," I responded smiling when I saw the kid furl his eyebrows in thought.

"Boxey…like the kid in the Battlestar Galactica show…the old one not the new one?" He asked making me wonder how he knew about the old show since it was even way before my time.

He must have noticed my questioning look because he quickly added. "My dad has the DVD collection of all the old Galactica shows and we've been watching them together lately." He stated clarifying things for me.

"Oh…um…cool, but no he really isn't named after that kid." I smiled recalling how cute that boy was in that show once more confusing me with such thoughts since I've never really thought about that boy before either, not until now.

I must have paused because when I focused back on the boy his head was cocked over to the side in such a cute adorable kind of way while also pulling on his little pecker bulge with dainty fingers. I've never seen anyone with such elegant hands, much less a boy, striking me as a bit odd for some reason I couldn't figure out. He was wearing a pair of sandy colored slacks, and his thumb and finger was squeezing what appeared to be the shape of a small penis head beneath the surface of the fabric. The boy noticed me looking and blushed slightly shrugging his shoulders.

"I can't help it. My mom and dad are constantly on me lately saying I'm getting too old to be pulling on my twiddley dink, but it just sort of happens when I get excited or nervous." He admitted to me making me smile at the wording he used for his Dick.

His outgoing nature and the way he seemed to talk way older than his years one moment while reverting to a kid like state which was more appropriate for his age also intrigued me. It also impressed me how sociable and open he appeared to be with a virtual stranger. These days our folks were always so damn paranoid about such things constantly warning us to be careful, but I suppose maybe me being simply an older kid set him at ease. That and he seemed to take a liking to Boxey because he now squatted in front of the lab running his hands over the soft downy charcoal colored coat forcing his pants to pull up tightly against his crotch. My penis twitched at the unobstructed view of a nice little boy bulge outlined clearly against the fabric of the light colored material. Of course I couldn't really make anything out clearly, but it was still kind of sexy.

"It's cool…I still do the same things sometimes too." I commented indicating the whole pulling on your spud thing making him smile up at me appreciatively for understanding.

"Cool." He responded in that cute little voice making me smile too while I now also squatted settling next to the boy giving Boxey some well deserved attention.

The dog shoved his nose into the side of the boy's face licking his ear making the kid giggle while trying to stave off the ticklish affectionate display. One thing about Boxey is that he seemed to love other kids, and being the curious type always tried to stick his nose in your face. I watched the two interact with one another smiling knowingly when the smaller boy wrapped his arms around Boxey's neck giving him a big hug.

"He's such a good dog. I wish my parents would let me have one too." He sighed smiling at the lab. "So…why Boxey then?" He asked again making me realize I hadn't really answered his question from earlier.

"Oh, because he's a lab and boxer mix…so Boxey." I replied with the simple solution to how I came up with the dog's name.

"Oh…yeah…I see it now. He's got that same kind of pattern on the chest like those big brown boxers and even his face sort of has some of that boxer kind of look to it. Way cool." He stated with both of us getting up and making our way outside.

"So are you guys coming or going?" The boy asked casually keeping the conversation going while he interacted with Boxey some more.

"What?" I responded a bit confused by the question.

"I was just wondering if you guys are heading somewhere in particular or if you are going home?" He asked with me now rolling my shoulders forward.

"Oh…um…I suppose I'm heading somewhere. I mean, I'm staying with family friends over Christmas break." I commented catching him glancing over towards me his eyebrows raising like he thought it was curious, but sort of knew it would be strange to ask more about it since we were virtual strangers.

"How about you?" I probe with him smiling focusing his attention on the dog scratching him behind the ears making Boxey sort of huff in a tone that showed how pleased he was at the attention.

"We were at a performance last night so stayed overnight. It was only the one night so we are on our way back home." He replied openly pausing for a moment staying focused on Boxey not offering up any more information as to what kind of performance or anything.

The little tyke sure was smitten with Boxey giving me the distinct feeling this must have been a topic of discussion between him and his folks. More than likely he wanted a dog of his own. I've noticed that there are simply some kids who wanted a dog so bad, but for whatever reason their folks always had some excuse or other not to get one.

The boy was about to say something when his parents called for him saying they had to get back on the road. He sighed sadly getting up muttering a quick good-bye before making his way over to their SUV. I watched him from behind his lithe sexy body moving along effortlessly in a carefree like manner. It was so damn alluring watching the younger boy that I began feeling that familiar twitch between my own legs.

The boy glanced over towards me and Boxey waving once more before climbing back into their car. He was chatting away a million miles an hour with his parents seemingly pleased with our little encounter. It made me smile knowing how happy I had made the younger kid with simply talking and allowing him to play a little with Boxey. In a way the encounter had sort of distracted me for a few minutes from the black cloud that's been hanging over my head. As they drove away another truck pulled up next to my dad's car. It's been a long time since I've seen Mr. Weiler, but I recognized him right away.

Shoving my hand in my pocket and rummaging around, I knelt down next to Boxey offering him a treat. I always carried a few little doggy treats in one of my pockets or the little pouch I strapped around my waist at times. I had packed away the little small bag in one of my cases so had simply shoved a few of the tasty little dog treats in my pocket. Anymore it was simply a habit for me.

"Good boy Boxey." I praised the Lab Boxer mix with him licking my face making me giggle before taking the proffered treat. "You made the little guy happy for a couple of minutes." I added scratching him behind the ears while I gazed towards the man who had gotten out of the truck.

He was in his late sixties, but a large towering kind of guy. His face showed the wears of time and hard work, but he most definitely didn't look his age for a man in his late sixties. Being a working stiff all his life he was lean and fit with a powerful physique.

The two of them chatted for a few minutes while my dad unloaded the trunk before gesturing towards me and shaking his head as if disappointed in me. It set my blood to boiling because he still hadn't even bothered asking for my side of the story simply assuming the whole incident had been my fault. When he motioned me over I ignored him; instead, grabbing my suitcase loading it up into the truck before climbing into the cab area with Boxey not bothering to say good-bye to my dad. Climbing up into the cab part of the Ford F-150 I noticed several coolers and several bags of groceries in the bed of the truck. I could tell my snub irritated my dad as the two men continued to talk.

"See what I mean." My dad pointed out.

"What do you expect? I mean you are shipping the boy off to someone he barely knows, not to mention right at Christmas time. I can't believe that Claire even agreed with this, much less isn't going to come visit him at Christmas. I wish the two of you would simply let me know what's really going on." The man sighed making me scrunch up my eyebrows at the comment.

"I already told you…," My dad began before getting cut short.

"Right, but maybe the two of you will come to your senses and let me and Harriet know exactly what's going on. I've known Claire all her life; hell Harriet and I helped raise her, so don't go trying to hide things from us. There's something more going on here, and it stinks worse than pig manure. Don't get me wrong we are more than happy to have Samuel with us, but I don't care about the way you went about it." Mr. Weiler stated point blank climbing into the truck leaving my dad standing there slack jawed while he started the engine and pulled out forcing my dad to step away before he could even say goodbye to me.

The man popped on to highway fifty nine heading south before glancing over towards me looking about as mad as I felt. "I assume you weren't too keen on saying goodbye to your father?" He stated more than asked with me shaking my head no while he grunted nodding his head.

"Figured as much." He replied leaving me to my own thoughts.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes after that until Mr. Weiler finally sighed breaking the somber mood. After he calmed down he came off as being a pleasant and patient kind of man passing the time by asking me non confrontational simple questions about life in broad terms. There wasn't any accusatory tone or anything in his voice, just the normal curios catching up type of questions regarding my life in general. Before long the two of us were talking back and forth in a casual kind of way despite my continual foul temperament. Mr. Weiler seemed to pick up on my black mood, but simply ignored it as if not giving it much thought. I realized it wasn't Mr. Weiler's fault with what was going on so tried to be pleasant with him, but I simply was too angry and brooded for most of the way.

We hadn't remained on highway fifty nine for long having veered off and taking several different turns since then. At one point we came to an intersection and he stopped at a four way stop sign.

"We are about another fifteen minutes straight ahead." He stated taking the left turn instead of heading in the direction he had just pointed out. "I've got a few things to pick up in town." He offered up by way of explanation almost like he had read the question bouncing around in my head when I glanced back into the bed of the truck.

In the rearview mirror he could see me looking back wondering what more he had to pick up since the bed of the truck seemed to be loaded with ample amounts of food and supplies. He smiled at me reading my mind once more so he explained even further.

"Well, since I had to head over to pick you up I decided to go into the main town just south of where we met. We only have a small grocery store here so Harriet and I tend to hop in the truck about once a month heading to the Fareway grocery store a bit further East from us, but since I had to pick you up at the junction we figured I might as well get the monthly groceries taken care of now. Anyway, there are still a few things I need to take care of here in Blue Meadows." He stated smiling at me while we made our way down the icy small road.

We were in back country now so the roads were still covered in ice and snow. I'm sure they didn't have the resources in these small back roads communities to clear them away. Five minutes later we were passing a sign welcoming us to Blue Meadows, population two hundred and sixty eight. Damn, that town was even smaller than my whole block I thought to myself. We had an apartment complex just up the road from us and I figured there were probably more people just living there than the entire population of the town.

Mr. Weiler must have noticed my look of bewilderment and chuckled. "Yeah, I know it's a small place Samuel…not what you are used to, but most people live in the rural areas outside of the town limits on smaller farms in the district." He offered up while I nodded my head.

"Um…Mr. Weiler?" I asked looking down into my lap.

"Yeah…what's up boy? No need to be so shy. In these parts people tend to say what's on their minds. Hell, in this small community secrets are hard to keep, so we tend to simply spit out what's in our craw." The elderly man stated managing to get a quick grin out of me for some of the unique old style terminology he was using before I turned serious again, but not before he noticed the smile on my face.

"Um…well…I hate Samuel. Could you please call me Sam?" I asked him as he looked in the rear view mirror nodding his head.

"Sure…no problem kiddo. Sorry, it's just that your dad calls you Samuel, so I just assumed…you know?" He shrugged his shoulders.

I snorted nodding my head. "I know he does, and he knows I hate it." I mumbled eliciting a grumble from Mr. Weiler under his breath as he frowned in a contemplative kind of way.

We finally pulled in front of an old brick building that looked like one of those general stores I've seen on television programs that seemed to have been the norm in many of the small town America places back in the day. It wasn't the largest structure in town, but it was relatively big considering the town itself. Looking up and down the street it felt like we were immediately transported back to the days of the forties and fifties. The town itself was literally a one stop sign kind of place being separated in the middle by a four way intersection accounting for all of about two blocks.

Glancing up and down the street I noticed the two largest structures were situated at the far end of town. They were two huge old style brick structures, matching the style of the building in front of us, with a little park area in front that had one of those large covered wooden gazebo in the middle of a grassy area. It was large enough to host a small band or other small venues for entertainment purposes, and the raised structure gazed over a small open grassy area where people could gather to watch. If that wasn't reminiscent of the fifties I don't know what was these days.

Leaving Boxey behind in the truck I followed Mr. Weiler inside looking around in awe while he stepped up to the counter shaking a man's hand before passing over a small check list. My eyes looked around in bewilderment taking note that this actually was a general store. It contained just about anything imaginable from clothes to building supplies to groceries. There weren't huge selections of any one thing per se, but rather basically a hodgepodge of items one might need out here in the middle of nowhere in a hurry. As I gawked looking around I detected a familiar sound towards the back which caught my attention. While Mr. Weiler and the other man chatted I began to wander down one of the extremely narrow isles in the store making my way towards the noise.

I was simply amazed just how big and packed it was inside. Of course it wasn't a Wal-Mart or anything, but still for a small town it was rather large inside brimming from wall to wall with all sorts of odd things which looked completely out of place baffling my mind. I suppose though that when you live in a community far removed from the outside world it made sense to have a store like this you could rely on for whatever circumstance may come your way. It was that or have to drive into a larger town which in many cases just wasn't convenient.

As I approached the end of the aisle I noticed an open room kind of area that had all sorts of the old style video games and pinball machines along one side of the wall with a few tables in the middle. On the other side of the wall was a fancy marble bar like counter with worn out tall seats. Behind the counter were all sorts of contraptions and gleaming knobs that looked oddly familiar making me scrunch up my eyebrows until I realized this was like one of those soda fountain places from back in the fifties and sixties.

There were a couple of girls seated at one of the tables chatting together, and three boys gathered around a couple of the old pinball style machines. My eyes immediately took in the girls noting they were about my age with very feminine like features. They were kind of cute I thought to myself shifting my eyes to the boys playing on the pinball games.

The older boy, who looked to be about sixteen years old or so, was playing on one machine while the other two boys were on another one. My gaze settled on the two younger boys noting that the boy currently on the machine was about the same height and build as me, maybe a tad bigger and bulkier with his medium kind of physique. This meant he had to be about my age, probably twelve or thirteen. He had blond hair and was shoving his hips into the machine as if to help propel the heavy round ball bearings forward when he hit the buttons with his fingers to trigger the flipper paddles. It was kind of funny because watching his hips shoving into the machine sort of looked like he was trying to fuck the contraption. It didn't help that he was wearing a pair of faded jeans that looked like they were hand me downs showing off a nice sized boy bulge.

The other kid standing next to the machine seemed to be cheering the other boy on. He looked a little like a younger version of the boy he was rooting for making me think that he might be the younger brother. Yet some of his features were different enough to also make me wonder if maybe the two boys were simply related and not necessarily brothers.

The younger kid was a couple of inches smaller than me with a slight to average kind of build making me think he was probably a year or two younger, maybe ten or eleven years old. His facial features were different yet similar in many ways to the older boy standing next to him, but he had light brown colored hair with a mixture of red and blondish highlights. It was an odd combination making his hair appear mostly brown while sometimes almost blond depending on the lighting condition that spilled on his head when he too moved around thrusting his hips forward trying to help the ball along on the pinball machine.

The scene was almost too comical because now it really looked like both boys were trying to fuck the same machine with them thrusting their hips forward in perfect timing. Unable to resist, my eyes automatically glanced down towards the younger boy's crotch noting the tight fitting jeans forming a much smaller sized bulge than what his counterpart was sporting inside of his pants. This was something else that seemed different in their features I noted chuckling to myself. The younger boy was really cute filling out his pair of black colored hand me down slacks with two sprightly round little butt cheeks that continued to dance around jovially while he cheered on the other boy.

He was also wearing a red sweater over a button down collared dress shirt with his hair meticulously combed and parted on the right side. Even though it looked like both of the boys were wearing hand me downs I could tell they took care of themselves and their clothes with me gawking from one to the other trying to figure out their connection be it brothers or some other kind of relation.

Just then the younger boy giggled bringing my attention back to him just in time to witness his hand reaching down so he could squeeze his little boy baubles as if his balls were itching, or maybe simply due to the exuberant excitement of the moment. Either way it made me tingle all inside reminding me that lately I've been having these odd feelings regarding boys which confused me. I mean glancing over towards the girls sitting at the table I could feel the heat inside of me rising as well because they really were very pretty. Yet, when I shifted my focus back on the two younger boys playing on the pinball machine there most definitely was a stirring between my legs.

I've been through enough lessons in health class to know that going through puberty made us boys react in all sorts of weird ways. In our text books, films, and lectures from our teacher it was hammered into us that our bodies would react strangely at times. Still though, it was a bit unsettling to notice how lately I've not only been popping a boner when I thought about or saw a pretty girl, but now also boys. Hell, just last night I blew the biggest nut of my life fantasizing about that new cute blond boy in my school. What the hell was that all about I began to wonder when a slew of curses from the sixteen year old boy drew my attention back to the moment.

He was also kind of cute for an older boy. He didn't look anything like the other two boys making me think he wasn't related to them. He had dark brown almost black hair, and other than a couple of pimples on his face he too had smooth handsome features, but there was something about him that made me cringe. Something I instinctively sort of felt regarding him, yet couldn't quiet place my finger on yet.

He continued to cuss at the pinball machine pounding his fist on it making me assume he must have lost his balls. This play on words didn't go unnoticed making me chuckle for a split second rewarding me with an angry flash as the older boy stared at me briefly making me wonder if he had heard me. It lasted only a quick moment before he seemed to dismiss me as harmless. The girls at the other table flinched at the outburst and began whispering to one another. The older kid must have picked up on it taking notice of the girls now because he began jeering at them making some rude and vulgar comments.

"Come-on Damian…don't." The boy my age commented softly his glance flittering furtively towards one of the girls sitting at the table before gazing back to the game while trying to calm down the older kid who simply looked at the blond boy with disgust.

The younger teen seemed to blush the heat rising to his cheeks at the obviously overt scrutiny from the older boy, but continued to focus on the game his eyes glancing discretely towards the girls at the other table while they got up gathering together their things. One of the girls noticed the blond boy looking and gave him a sweet smile making him blush even more, not to mention make something blow up between his legs. I mean the boy's jeans in front suddenly bulged out even more as he shifted his position discretely in a way that hid it for the most part. It appeared to me like there was something going on between those two, but since I was a stranger I didn't want to jump to any conclusions at the moment no matter how obvious it looked.

The sixteen year old boy kept on making rude inappropriate comments towards the girls making it clearly known what he'd like to do with them. I could tell it embarrassed the two younger boys; especially the boy my age, but it was also obvious they were afraid to say anything more. Hell, even I was embarrassed at the inappropriate sexual innuendos this older boy was making towards the younger girls who were only like twelve or thirteen years old. The boy was old enough to know how improper this behavior was, but he simply didn't seem to care.

As the girls walked away the older boy made one more dig at them directing his comment to the one who had given the blonde boy such a sweet smile. "Damn, what I wouldn't do to get my hands on that piece of ass. I bet she's still got her cherry and I'd be more than happy to tap it showing her all proper like, how about you?" He sneered at the blond boy, and then laughed in such a throaty ugly kind of way making me shiver with disgust.

"Well…maybe not you." He chuckled viciously as if there was some sort of inside joke between him and the blonde kid.

"Oh well…soon enough I'll get around to showing that girl just what fun is really all about. Once I shove myself inside of her tight pussy she will never be the same." The kid rasped disgustingly getting a brief rise out of the older pre-teen boy he had just mocked.

It was obvious the blonde kid was upset by the rude comments, but also seemed afraid to say anything. Instead, the kid shivered with revulsion while the older boy shoved him shaking his head forcing the boy to lose the ball on the pinball game.

"Never mind, what do the two of you little faggots know about something like that." He scoffs getting embarrassed looks from both of the younger boys who glanced at each other briefly while the older teen continued to laugh spitefully noticing the looks on the other two boys' face.

The older teen was most definitely enjoying the hurtful scorning comments as he continued to chop away at whatever dignity was left to the other two kids. "Don't think I don't know what the two of you have been up to lately…late at night…all alone in your room." He sneered maliciously at the other two boys who seem utterly beaten down at the moment hanging their heads completely embarrassed by the baseless rude insinuation.

"Let's go…I'm sure dad is waiting, and you guys still haven't done your chores." He ordered brooking no arguments as he picked up his snazzy warm looking hyper blue colored Columbia jacket.

The other two boys seemed a bit disappointed at having to leave, but did what they were told picking up their older worn out generic jackets in utter defeat. Again, the jackets were well cared for, but just older and tattered. The sixteen year old boy's comment seemed to indicate that the three of them were brothers, but something seemed out of place. The two younger boys I could understand because even though there were differences in their looks they still had similar familial kinds of features. The older boy though didn't look anything like them at all.

They filed out of the open room heading in my general direction. The older boy noticed me standing there, and instead of going down the other isle veers purposely down mine looking for trouble. Earlier I couldn't quiet place my finger on what I felt about this older kid, but witnessing the recent exchange there wasn't any more doubt whatsoever as to why I was having that weird cautionary instinct that something was off regarding him.

The teen headed right for me like he was expecting me to move. I could tell right off the bat that he was one of those kinds of guys who was used to getting his way. He was at least a head taller than me, and a good forty plus pounds heavier, but I refused to budge. I was already in a foul mood, but the attitude I felt exuding from this obvious bully managed to set me off again when he tried to shove past me brushing his shoulder into me. Since I had braced myself we both rebounded a little, but neither one of us really gave way.

"Fucking preppy wannabe Eminem cock-sauce." The older boy derides indicating I was some rich city kid the color of white semen who was trying to act black or ghetto.

"Fucking corn-fed inbred Cow-fuck Bunker hypocrite," I scowled back getting a gasp of surprise from the blond twelve year old boy while the younger one tried to stifle a giggle behind his hand as I let the sixteen year old teen know I could play that sort of name calling and slur game as well.

The rough neighborhood I've grown up in was one of the most integrated parts of the town so I've pretty much heard it all when it came to put downs. My quick response referred to him being a large white boy from a rural area who was corn-fed like premium cattle, and typically considered to be extremely strong but not too bright just like someone who has been inbred so much that the gene pool was mush. My comment also indicated he was some farm hand who tended to be a bit too intimate with their live stock while at the same time my 'Bunker' reference came from the bigoted character Archie Bunker who was on that old sitcom show "All in the Family." That character tended to have intolerant views like this older kid making him a hypocrite when he snubbed me.

The sixteen year old boy paused a bit surprised at my comeback for a second his eyes shooting daggers my way before he huffed moving on while I bristled with my black mood fomenting threatening to boil over. If he hadn't moved on trying to confront me further I'm sure it would have gotten ugly for sure. I still had that intense anger silently boiling deep down inside of me, and I could feel for myself just how dangerously close I was to loosing it all. I knew I shouldn't feel this mad all the time, but these days I was having trouble reigning in my angry outbursts. It was almost like I wanted something to finally give.

The boy who was about my age brushed past me as well making only light contact, but it was done in a way I knew wasn't confrontational. The isles were so tight that even though we turned sideways the innocent kind of contact simply couldn't be avoided. The younger boy was next as he turned sideways obviously trying to be polite. As he moved past me I could feel him brushing up against me, the back of my hand accidentally sliding against his small bulge making me tingle all over for a split second. When we made contact I could actually feel his small penis twitch and get hard beneath his snug fitting slacks making my own wand chub up slightly with my body reacting and shivering eagerly.

"Hey," he greeted me in a soft whisper his blue green colored eyes sparkling dynamically with his expression sort of indicating he was sorry about the older teen's behavior when he moved past me.

I slowly turned, watching the smaller boy's retreating form enjoying the nice perky round orbs moving around enticingly inside of his tight fitting slacks as he walked away. My penis twitched and fully inflated pressing up against the tightness of my pants because it was simply too much for me to contain. He most definitely is cute I tell myself shaking the cobwebs out of my mind realizing I had just perved on yet another boy. If this kept up I'd have to seek out professional help for sure I chuckled to myself turning back towards the arcade room. Glancing around I reach down and in an unobtrusive way adjust my now burgeoning package while making my way towards the little game room to take a peek.

As I step inside I notice the store clerk who had been talking to Mr. Weiler had somehow slipped inside without me noticing. I guess he must have gone up the empty isle next to the one I had just been on. He was cleaning off the table where the girls were sitting muttering under his breath.

"Nothing but trouble those Rippner boys," the man grumbled looking towards me shaking his head a bit distracted.

Mr. Weiler appeared then and shrugged his shoulders. "Come-on Henry, don't say that. You know the two Lorenz brothers are decent enough kids. It's just their so called older brother gets them into all sorts of trouble. Now him, the older Rippner boy I agree with you one hundred percent. He's mean through and through, but his two little step brothers really are good kids, and only have a bad reputation around here because of the older boy. He's the one who's the instigator in most of these problems, but it is always the two younger boys who end up getting in trouble for it no thanks to the father always taking his own son's word on things. If anything it's the father who is to blame for most of the issues. If he'd knuckle down and hold his boy accountable then we wouldn't have these problems." He told the elderly man who nodded and seemed to agree.

"Yeah I suppose you're right Walt, but I swear they must have known what they were doing when they named that boy." He stated shuddering involuntarily even though he was a grown man as he continued.

"I mean for real…Damian? Who in their right mind names their kid Damian; especially, with a last name like Rippner to boot?" He notes shaking his head making me frown, a cold shiver running up and down my spine at the coldness that name evoked in others.

After chatting for a few more minutes we climbed back into the truck making our way to the farm. I watched the rows of orchard trees flying by gazing out the window while we drove down the narrow rough road leading up to their house. It made me realize that the place really was relatively large. When I asked Mr. Weiler about it he said they owned twenty five acres, but had only a little over ten acres of fruit trees. He commented that my mom's place was about thirty acres with about the same size orchard as his. Between the two orchards it kept him pretty busy, and he even had to hire help during the harvest season.

When we arrived at the house it sort of hit me just how small it really was looking to be about the same size as our house maybe slightly bigger, while on the other hand the barn off to the side looked huge. If I were to guess the barn was about five times bigger than the small older style farmhouse. I suppose it sort of made sense because farms like this needed a place to house livestock, equipment, and supplies which required a lot of space; therefore, a big barn. The home on the other hand didn't need to be as big, and many of the old style farm houses from the forties and fifties really weren't all that large. It was a cute place though with a large front porch that wrapped around the entire structure giving it that inviting kind of look.

Mrs. Weiler stepped out opening up the screen door greeting us on the porch. She was a stern looking sort, but welcomed me with a hesitant warm embrace. Right behind her stood another smaller figure. It was Jamie, the kid my mom had tried to prepare me for last night when she came in to chat with me. Evidently, the eleven year old was autistic and had some extreme issues. My mom had explained that the Weilers were like Jamie's great aunt and uncle or some such relation. I really couldn't track exactly how Jamie was related since most of the people my mom had named were complete strangers to me. I did know that even though I referred to the Weilers as my aunt and uncle that they really weren't any relation to me. So, whatever the relation, for me Jamie was simply just another kid as far as I was concerned.

Mrs. Weiler was a short stout kind of a lady. She wasn't fat or anything, merely a little plump, but looked like she was strong as an ox having lived and worked on a farm all her life. While Mrs. Weiler gave me a warm embrace I took a peek around her rotund form taking in the eleven year old rocking back and forth eyes focused away from us at nothing in particular. For some reason I had gotten the impression that Jamie was a guy; especially, since boys were four times more likely than girls to have autism. When my mom explained to me about Jamie being autistic I had immediately gotten on my computer after she left my room to do some quick research so I could see what I was getting into at the Weilers' home.

Now as I scrutinized the eleven year old I realized my mistake. She wasn't wearing a dress or anything, but with wavy full bodied dirty blond hair that hung down all the way to the middle of the back and the small slight frame, it was obvious that 'he' was actually a 'she.' The girl was dressed in a pair of jeans and an oversized flannel checked shirt typical of farm life. The overly large shirt hung loosely around her small frame all the way down to her thighs. It was cold and I could see her shivering in the chill air with her petite wiry like frame visibly shaking. I couldn't really make out her face because she wasn't looking at me or anything almost as if the girl was absorbed in her own world.

'Perfect,' I sighed to myself my mood darkening even more. Not only was there a retarded kid to deal with, but a girl to boot. I mean from what I could tell she looked normal enough and seemed kind of cute. Well at least from what little features I could make out. For some reason I had a different image in mind, one that a guy typically thinks about when someone mentions retarded.

That word, 'retarded,' sort of stuck in my mind. I knew better than to spout off those sorts of labels, and I now began to feel a little guilty about it even though it was only a thought at the moment. I suppose a lot of it had to do with the area I grew up in. We could be a bit crude and insensitive because we were always trying to one up someone else in the put down competitions.

Anyway, now that 'he' was actually a girl, I didn't even know what I was going to do. I sort of figured even though 'he' was autistic, that there might be some commonalities between us guys. Of course from my research I knew that there were all levels to a person having autism, and from what my mom told me Jamie was a bit on the extreme end of things, or what experts tended to quote as being severely autistic. This meant that there probably wouldn't have been that much interaction between us anyway, but still, now with 'him' being a 'girl' I was sort of at a loss on how to deal with it.

Just then Boxey stepped up on to the porch heading towards Jamie leaning his weight up against her like he was prone to doing. This immediately got a reaction from the girl who back pedaled right into the screen door. I could tell Jamie was about to go ballistic so I reached out pulling the Lab backwards. My mom had mentioned how Jamie didn't like to be touched, but of course Boxey was a dog so didn't know any better.

"It's alright Jamie. Boxey didn't mean anything by it…honest." I stated in a soothing voice while Mrs. Weiler turned around trying to calm the girl before all hell broke loose.

Jamie seemed to settle down rather quickly so Mrs. Weiler turned back towards me trying to smile through her frazzled features. She didn't seem too pleased about the situation in the least running her hands over the front of her apron nervously. I suppose having to live in a situation where it was like walking on egg shells all the time could take it's toll on a family.

"So…this is the last minute addition." Mrs. Weiler spoke calmly now after having taken a deep breath with me nodding my head.

"Yeah…I suppose. This is Boxey maam. He really is a friendly sort and he didn't mean anything by it. He loves to hang around other people and be petted. He's never bitten anyone or anything, but is a very loyal and protective sort with anyone he considers family. I'm sure it will be like that with Jamie once the two of them get to know one another." I told her still kneeling next to Boxey who had his head cocked to the side studying Jamie like he was trying to figure out the little girl.

"Well…um…I see. I suppose we can see how things go. We've made room for the dog in the barn." She stated smiling as if she had done something nice.

"No!" I yelped in a knee jerk reaction making everyone jump, and Jamie stop rocking for a second.

"Um…sorry." I added more calmly. "What I mean is that Boxey isn't used to being alone at night; especially, during the winter time. He loves being outside and all, but at night when I'm home he sleeps with me on the floor at the foot of my bed. He'd go mad with worry if he was put out in the barn; besides, I'm not even sure he'd stay put." I tried to explain with Mrs. Weiler frowning in objection.

This wasn't going well at all I thought to myself my mood continuing to get bleaker. Mr. Weiler seemed to sense my attachment to the dog so stepped in to head off any problems before they even began.

"Um…well Harriet…I suppose we can give it a try. I'm sure there'd be no harm in it. Besides, if it doesn't work out then we can try something different." He stated looking at his wife meaningfully who seemed to relent begrudgingly before he looked over towards me trying to explain why his wife was hesitant.

Reaching out he placed his hand on my shoulder. "Listen Sam, Harriet and I are very happy and pleased to have you staying with us, and that goes for Boxey too. I'm sure your mom has explained to you about the special circumstances though surrounding Jamie. We will give this a go, but we have to make sure to do what's best for Jamie though…agreed?" He asked me while I hesitated a moment with my mood getting bleaker by the moment even though I knew he was right. In the end I nodded my head agreeing.

Of course Jamie's wellbeing must be considered, but by Mrs. Weiler's stern look I didn't hold out any hope that they'd really allow Boxey to stay in the house. "Yeah…sure, whatever." I responded giving the dog a hug before standing back up.

Mr. Weiler shook his head at my lack of enthusiasm and trust, but left it be for now herding me inside grabbing one of my bags before giving me a brief tour of their humble abode. There was the mud room off to the side where we could get changed if we got all dirty and muddy from working instead of tracking it throughout the house. Then there was a simple kitchen and dining room with a small rectangular shaped table. The living room wasn't all that big either and beyond that was a small hallway where the bathroom and the master bedroom were located.

He directed me towards the end of the hallway where a narrow set of stairs led upwards urging me onwards. The stairs were kind of steep and I figured with today's building codes it probably would be considered illegal, but this was an old house so I suppose things were different back when it was built. When I reached the top landing I was really pleasantly surprised because it opened up into a relatively large spacious area that had been converted into a bedroom. I figured it must have been at least three or four times the size of my small bedroom back home. It took up a large portion of one side of the house with a low ceiling that slopped downwards on either side which sort of made sense because we were in the attic area. If I were to venture a guess I'd say the overall space was around sixteen feet wide by about twenty feet long.

The highest part of the ceiling was only about six feet high covering about a five foot wide swath in the center part of the ceiling and running down the length of the room to the long end. Then the flat part of the ceiling gradually sloped downwards on either side until it was only about four and a half feet high on either side of the room. For the most part I could move around inside without having to bend over except if I made my way to one side of the room or the other. Mr. Weiler on the other hand had to stoop over a little even though he was standing in the middle of the room where it was the highest point of clearing.

The stairs had brought us up right in the center of the room at one end. Now as I looked to the right a few steps over there was a large walk-in closet with a door facing towards me. I figured it had to be about six feet deep from the door to the end of the downward sloping wall and about seven feet wide. Along the left side wall of the closet was a single or twin sized bed with the head towards the center of the room and the foot end by the sloping wall which made sense because it kept you from waking up in the middle of the night and bumping your head on the low ceiling on the foot end.

"This is Jamie's bed." Mr. Weiler commented making me furl my eyebrows a bit confused looking over the rest of the room.

All the way at the back end of the room there was another small enclosed area the same dimensions as the closet, but along the left hand side. There was also another single sized bed in the same configuration with the head out towards the center of the room and the foot end along the slopping wall. However, instead of the bed being along the panel of the enclosed area there was a large dresser drawer and several shelves lining the wall leaving about a four foot space in-between it and the bed. Even though it was probably about half as big as my queen sized bed I didn't much mind knowing it would only be for a few weeks.

"That bed over there will be yours. That's the bathroom in the corner as well. I hope you don't mind the bed being over there, but I'm sure it won't be an issue because the bathroom has its own window and vent. It shouldn't be too bad since the bed is actually several feet away from it. The bathroom only has a toilet and sink, so if you need to take a shower or bath you have to use the main one downstairs." He explained with me shrugging my shoulders indicating it would be alright.

With that he left me alone to get settled in while I sat on my bed looking over towards Jamie's side of the room. I mean this was kind of awkward having to share a room with a girl about a year younger than me. Sure, Jamie probably didn't understand about the whole sexual thing and all, but still it was kind of strange that the Weilers would allow me to share a room with a girl. Not that I'd do anything inappropriate; especially, with someone who was autistic and doesn't know about such matters, but still I was a boy beginning puberty and it made things a bit awkward. I suppose getting dressed and undressed wouldn't be such a problem per se considering the huge walk in closet and the bathroom. I always wore short pajama bottoms to bed, so in a way that was like being dressed anyway.

As I thought about it I supposed it wasn't too bad, but then something else popped into my mind; something only an adolescent boy would moan about. There was the whole thing regarding jacking off in bed and stuff, not to mention other private things that I tended to do when I was alone in my room. Hell, for that matter I'm not so sure I'd feel comfortable locking the bathroom door and going at it with Jamie just on the other. It was a bit too near in proximity, and somehow didn't seem private enough. This was going to be a bit more difficult being away from home than I thought.

While I unpacked my things Boxey curled up on the floor along the side of my bed and watched me intently. He had explored the room checking everything out so was now content enough to relax by the bed watching me go through the motions of putting everything away. Finally finishing up I sat on the foot end of the mattress, and plugged in my laptop leaning my back up against the wall. It took me all of two minutes to figure out there was no internet connection in the house. These days most people's modem had wireless included, but there wasn't any signal around at all, not even a weak one.

"Fuck," I snapped shutting down my laptop before picking up my cell phone discovering it had only one bar on it making me wonder if I'd be able to get a good enough signal to make calls on it.

"Shit, welcome to Hicksville." I sighed shaking my head tossing my things on the bed before making my way downstairs to ask the Weilers if they had internet access.

The rest of the day had sort of slipped away silently and uneventfully for the most part once I went out and vented my frustration a bit after finding out there was no internet. The Weilers hadn't really seen any problem, but other than connecting with my friends and checking things out on the internet, I still had to do my school assignment if I was to be allowed back in school after winter break. Of course the Weilers had asked me what about simply using books and all, not really in tune with how much more was expected of students these days regarding our homework assignments. Having the availability of information at the tip of our finger tips made it so that we were expected to hand in more in-depth research with our assignments. Not only that, but the Principal would have my hide if I turned in a hand written paper instead of a perfectly neatly typed formatted one.

So while I made my way around the orchard checking things out a little on my own in the cold brisk snow covered landscape, I let the chill in the air cool down my heated anger. After a while Mr. Weiler joined me offering up a solution to my computer problems. He pointed out that the library in town had computers with internet access that I could use for my assignment. I sighed knowing that would still be a big inconvenience, but thanked him because at least he was trying to work with me.

When he wrapped his arm around my shoulders sympathetically I flinched instinctively not used to a man doing that sort of thing. Mr. Weiler caught on and began to withdraw his arm, but I immediately apologized allowing him to draw me in towards him while we continued to walk. He began pointing out things around the farm explaining in a nice way what was expected of me in regard to chores around the place. The tasks really didn't bother me, and truthfully they really weren't all that bad. It would keep me occupied for part of the day, but I'd still have plenty of free time to do whatever I wanted. As I thought about it I figured maybe I'd be doing even more stuff around here since there really wasn't anything else to do; especially, in light of having no internet access. Now my days would be filled with boredom unless I found something constructive to do. Besides I enjoyed tinkering around and fixing things up.

Sitting on the edge of my bed in my pajama bottoms having just finished dinner a little while ago, or rather what little I could stomach, I simply sulked. Mrs. Weiler wasn't a bad cook or anything, it was just I couldn't eat. Gazing over towards Jamie's bed I noted it most definitely had been a weird day for sure.

The autistic kid was going to be a challenge for me. I still didn't quiet know what to make of the situation. At least there hadn't been any more issues regarding Boxey and Jamie. The dog had tried once or twice to become friends, but the girl simply had shied away from him confusing the poor animal. At least Jamie hadn't thrown a fit while Mrs. Weiler kept a close eye on things like she was looking for any excuse to toss out the dog. It was almost like the girl could sense the tension and perhaps the repercussions for such actions so had simply avoided throwing a fit. It made me wonder if there was more to this girl than people knew. Of course I was simply an outsider, but still when I studied the interaction between Boxey and Jamie it was like there was something there just hidden beneath the surface.

Just then Boxey's ears perked up his eyes focusing on the stairs while I follow his gaze. At first I didn't hear anything, but then was able to make out faint soft footsteps making their way up the stairs. Before long Jamie's head appeared followed by the rest of her dripping wet clothed features. I mean the kid was practically soaked from head to toe with water dripping from her clothes forming a puddle on the floor. Just before I came upstairs Jamie was supposedly getting ready for a bath with her Aunt following her inside the bathroom. At the time I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get changed into my pajamas. Now her coming upstairs dripping wet simply was baffling to me as I got up off my bed making my way towards the stairs to head back down.

This was just too weird for me as I approached her catching a whiff of the clean soapy kind of scent from someone having just taken a bath. So she most definitely just got done getting cleaned up, which meant she must have done it completely clothed.

This finally set me a bit over the top as I brushed past her noticing the girl cringe at the brief contact. "Fucking weirdo." I muttered placing my foot on the first step on the steep flight of stairs releasing Boxey's collar from my grip allowing him to head down in front of me before I cautiously followed.

The hateful comment coming out of my mouth made me cringe, but I simply couldn't seem to help myself pausing for a moment looking back at her. The kid was wriggling her fingers about nervously with her head turned away from me while she swayed from one foot to the other. I wanted to apologize, but simply didn't know what to say. Besides, I wasn't sure if she'd even understand. It almost felt foolish like if I were talking to myself, so I exhaled noisily before heading downstairs.

Making my way to the living room I noticed Mr. Weiler sitting in the large leather chair in front of the television set. Taking a seat on the couch to see what he was watching I looked around noticing his wife wasn't around. Just when I leaned back getting settled in I finally saw Mrs. Weiler coming out of the bathroom looking a bit disheveled as if having just finished cleaning up. She didn't stop to chat; instead, heading down the hallway with me listening to her footsteps slowly making their way up the stairs leading into the upstairs bedroom. A few minutes later the sound of her retracing her steps floated back into the living room while I tried to focus on the news to see if I could find a suitable topic to write my report on.

A few moments later she reappeared with a basketful of laundry noticing some of my threads in the pile as well so figured she must have picked up my clothes I had set on the chair after I got changed into my pajamas. I made a mental note of making sure I'd bring my dirty stuff down from now on so Mrs. Weiler wouldn't have to. I would also need to check with her to make sure I did my fair share of those sorts of chores as well. It wasn't unusual for me to do laundry at home, so I felt it only fair I pitched in here too.

"Is your room alright?" Mr. Weiler asks catching me by surprise.

"What?" I responded my mind still focused on other things at the moment slowly drawing my attention back to the man.

"I was wondering if you are all settled into your new room, and if everything is alright?"

"Oh…um…yeah…sure." I answer shrugging my shoulders in the typical 'whatever' response we kids tend to make towards adults these days.

Mr. Weiler was about to say something to me when his wife finally showed up in the living room looking a bit worn out. "Jamie all squared away?" He asks instead scrutinizing her while she nods her head.

There really wasn't much on at the moment so I mumble softly to myself before getting up and making my way upstairs. There's a calm stillness in the room when I step inside and notice Jamie already in bed asleep. Her wet clothes were gone so I figured her aunt must have taken them away, probably at the same time she had picked up my dirty laundry. It really wasn't all that late, but I was already dead tired having started the day early. It didn't help that I had gotten hardly any sleep the night before, not to mention it being such a stressful couple of days. So turning off the light I crawled into bed lying down on my back shivering a little trying to warm up. Gazing upwards I notice for the first time the large transparent skylights just above my bed in the ceiling.

"Whoa," I mutter to myself noticing that the clear glass was about as long and wide as my bed giving me an unobstructed view of the entire sky.

It was cold outside with a crystal clear evening filled with stars and a bright moon lighting up the entire dark skies in a dazzling show of light versus darkness. Looking up like this with nothing but the entire evening sky in my view was almost disorienting in a way, but it also exuded a sort of calmness which slowly lulled me to sleep.

When morning arrived I woke up with a start looking around a bit confused for a moment until I remembered where I was sleeping. I noticed Jamie was already dressed and sitting on the floor next to her bed rocking back and forth. It was still dark outside this early in the morning, so when Mr. Weiler poked his head inside the room giving me a morning greeting, I ignored it and yawned instead. He doesn't say anything to me about it; instead, smiling at Jamie with her getting up without a word following him downstairs.

"Fucking weird ass family," I mumble not wanting to get up since it was still so early, but do anyway now that I'm alone and don't have to worry about my little morning stiffie being seen. With that hard pole of mine poking a tent in my pajama bottoms I follow it into the bathroom while I shiver involuntarily at the chillness in the morning air and a need to take a piss.

Just like dinner, breakfast was what you would typically imagine or even see on television shows for a family on a working farm. Eggs and bacon, heaped high on the plate with plenty of hash-browns and toast. Moaning softy I pick at my food with the Weilers noticing but not saying anything. My stomach growled, but I simply can't eat.

Two more days passes with Jamie heading off to school when Monday had rolled around which sort of surprised me while I tried to settle into a routine. When I asked the Weilers about it they say Jamie goes to the regular school in town, but has a mix of special needs classes and regular classes, which once more kinds of surprises me. They explain that Jamie is really good in Math classes, but not so good in other ones. I suppose it kinds of makes sense to me because in my limited research it was mentioned that even though autistic kids have challenges they also tend to do alright in some cases in a school setting if it is situated in an appropriate venue. It made me wonder how Jamie could function in such a setting with so many other kids around; especially, since she has issues with being touched by others, but I had simply nodded my head taking their word for it.

Evidently this was only a half week with half days for the kids in these parts before school let out for winter break. My school wouldn't be letting out until a day or two before Christmas and then would be back in session right after New Year's, which was kind of a short break. The Weilers explained that because of the rural areas around here winter break was actually longer, but it was made up with shortened breaks throughout the school year on the other holidays along with summer being one week shorter.

I suppose that made sense too as I once more focused on my plate shoving around my food not able to climb out of my moodiness despite the Weilers' efforts at pleasantries. They were very patient with my sullenness not saying anything about it for the most part, which I was thankful for even though I didn't show it. They assign me chores, which I do without too much of a fuss. Even Jamie seemed to help out around the farm with small simple chores indicating to me that she was at least aware enough in some ways.

One day we were both out in the barn cleaning up the horse stalls. Jamie wasn't really doing much of anything at this point seemingly only hanging around. For me it was becoming more of a nuisance because she was constantly in my way. It seemed like no matter where I went she had to tag along, and for me it was beginning to get a little creepy. At one point I motioned for her to move like I've been doing all day long now, but of course she doesn't take any notice of me. I'm so frustrated with life in general at this point that I simply shove past her and physically move her out of the way.

Of course she throws a fit which gets Mr. Weiler's attention as he hurries over trying to calm her down looking over at me and scowling, but not saying anything turning his attention back to soothing Jamie who was now in an outright meltdown. I've never seen anyone throwing such a fit not even a little five year old. It was unlike anything I've ever witnessed before really frightening me to no end because it simply didn't make any sense. She was screaming at the top of her lungs thrashing around on the ground so much so that it became dangerous. At that point Mr. Weiler wrapped his arms and legs around her, hugging the writhing girl tightly to his body to protect not only her but himself as well. Although she couldn't move around anymore she continued to scream and cry as if all her senses were being assaulted. It took a long time, but she finally seemed to succumb to weariness finally drifting off to sleep. I suppose this was the only time the Weilers were able to touch the girl. In a way it was counter intuitive considering it was being touched that could send the girl off, but I suppose once she was in the throws of a meltdown it was the only way to contain the situation. It made me wonder how they would be able to deal with it when she got bigger and stronger.

At dinner that night everything was silent and awkward with me once more shoving the food around on my plate. My stomach was growling at me like usual, but there wasn't much I could stomach. I manage with some fresh veggies, the salad with oil and vinegar which I asked for instead of the regular salad dressing, and some potatoes. Jamie finishes dinner and gets up leaving us all still there as usual while I continue to shove around my food at the consternating look from Mrs. Weiler. She shakes her head clucking her tongue at me for my supposed snub of the fine meal she had taken the time to prepare for us. I wince at her stern look, but I simply don't have the stomach for this kind of meal.

Mr. Weiler finally sighs frowning at me. There's a sort of disappointed look on his face while he seems to mull something over in his mind. I can almost hear him thinking, and I really couldn't blame him if he was mad at me. I knew I wasn't the most pleasant person to be around these days, but at this point I sort of feel abandoned and really don't care about much of anything anymore. The man looks at me, and it was the first time he scolds me. The way he does it though surprises me because it wasn't the exasperated heated shouting that I've been used to getting at home, rather it was calm, reasoned, and done in a kind gentle understanding way.

"Listen Sam I know things aren't easy for you and we are tolerant of most things, but you can't treat Jamie this way. That is one thing we won't tolerate. Jamie has special needs, and I know it's difficult to understand, but you can't keep behaving like that to Jamie. The kid isn't wired like that." He states simply while I hold my head down listening to what he has to say knowing he was right and feeling bad about how I had behaved.

I don't say anything, but nod my head getting up taking some dishes with me to the sink before making my way upstairs completely worn out. Even though I know the Weilers are right about Jamie it still doesn't stop me from laying into her when I discover her messing around with my I-pad. I simply can't seem to help myself these days since the frustrations I'm feeling won't let go. I immediately begin yelling at her snatching the device out of her hands while she cringes away from me rocking back and forth on the edge of her bed making some weird noises.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Weiler come running up the stairs and intervene. While Mr. Weiler takes Jamie downstairs Mrs. Weiler stays behind and starts laying into me finally venting her own frustrations. It's the first time she has spoken up, but I could tell that the past few days her anger had been bubbling up so she finally let's loose on me. As mad as I was at the moment I shrug her off in the typical teenage manner yelling back, making this now a screaming match between the two of us, something I was familiar with. I had completely lost it at this point forgetting my manners literally tell her to fuck off and that Jamie had no right rifling through my things as I roll on my bed facing away from her and shutting her out. Telling her to fuck off seemed to catch her off balance because she stutters for a few moments completely at a loss from my profanity before storming off.

Downstairs I could hear Mr. Weiler trying to calm down his wife telling her that they have to try being a bit more patient. He assured her that he'd talk with me and that all three of us would sit down and work things out, and that yes she was right in regards to the whole profane language thing. This of course would not be tolerated, but first they have to be patient and understanding of the situation before something like that can be addressed. Of course Harriet had her doubts about it all saying it was first and foremost important that they made this place a safe environment for Jamie against the likes of people such as myself.

"Harriet!" I heard Mr. Weiler gasp exasperated. "You know very well that Sam would never hurt Jamie intentionally. Besides, he was right and Jamie had no right messing around with his gadgets. Of course he could have gone about it differently, but we also need to hold Jamie accountable for things too. Jamie isn't stupid and I believe knows more of what is going on than we want to believe. I really think Jamie has the ability to know right from wrong, and it is our responsibility to teach this as well. I don't excuse Sam for all of his actions, but we also have to be fair about it. I'm not just going to ignore his needs like his father's been doing lately. That wouldn't be fair to him, or Jamie for that matter, no matter what you may think Harriet. Don't forget there are always two sides to a coin, so it is important we try to get to the bottom of Sam's issues."

Mrs. Weiler seemed to calm down finally agreeing with her husband. "I know you are right Walt, and I really haven't given Sam a chance, but I swear to you I'm going to box his ears one of these times." I heard her say while she chuckled making me realize she really had no intentions of laying a hand on me.

I suppose I knew deep down that even though she came off being stern she was just as easygoing like her husband. I guess with having an autistic kid around it's made her stricter about certain things in an attempt to try protecting Jamie. I really couldn't blame her and really did feel bad about my confrontation with the elderly woman, but it still didn't seem to help with the rage I constantly felt inside of me while I desperately tried to keep it in check.

About an hour later Jamie stepped back into the room completely soaked again while I roll my eyes shoving past her still mad at the world even though I knew better. "Fucking weirdo." I grumble for the umpteenth time heading downstairs into the bathroom to take my own shower.

When I come back upstairs Jamie's already in bed asleep as usual with her wet clothes lying in a heap on the floor by her bed. I crawl under my own covers, and turn on my I-pad entering the games section. Mrs. Weiler comes into the room, but I ignore her hearing the woman cluck her tongue exasperatedly at me while she picks up Jamie's wet clothes before heading back downstairs.

As the night wears on I finally shut off my I-pad setting it down next to my bed. Boxey was lying next to my bed like always so I reach down to scratch him behind the ears. He always loves this and he begins to huff appreciatively while also keeping an eye on Jamie. My eyes travel over to the small sleeping form on the other side of the room.

Rolling my eyes for no real reason, I get up out of bed and with bare feet on the wooden floor make my way over towards the peacefully slumbering form. My feet make soft little patting sounds slapping lightly against the hard surface. I was wearing only my pajama bottoms which hung down loosely around my waist exposing most of my blank pubic mound. There's a slight chill in the room, and I shiver a little with the exposed skin of my upper torso getting goose bumps from the cooler temperatures of the evening hours. The sleeping features of Jamie's face look so peaceful in the softly lit room. In this state there wasn't even a hint of the affliction plaguing the eleven year old. Looking down on Jamie's serene features my heart aches for her suffering, and I begin to wonder if there is more to her than meets the eye as I pull the covers up over her naked back tucking her in.

Even in her sleep she seems to flinch and shy away at the slight contact. I had only done a quick little bit of research on autism before I left, but now I began to wonder if perhaps I shouldn't look into it even further. I've only been here a few days, but during that time I got the sense that there was something more behind those defensive mechanisms she had erected all around her. Sometimes there was like this little flash of intelligence that made her pause at times like she was struggling to be set free.

"I'm sorry that I've been such a jerk Jamie," I whisper softly in her ear reaching out my hand to her.

It was an innocent gesture on my part, but Jamie immediately stirred awake trying to shy away from me. "I'm sorry Jamie…it's alright," I whisper softly to her. "I didn't mean to wake you. I just wanted to…I…um…I'm just sorry for the way I've been acting is all. I'll try to be better. I don't know if you can understand me or not, but I…um…anyway, I just wanted you to know is all." I tell her not knowing if she understood me or not while I back away and slip under the covers of my own bed shivering slightly from the chillness.

When I look back over towards Jamie the eleven year old seemed to have fallen right back asleep making me sigh in relief that she hadn't gone ballistic on me. Let's face it reaching out to touch her even in her sleep could have been a disaster. I'm not sure if the Weilers would have believed me if Jamie would have started screaming her head off in the middle of the night. Gazing upwards through the skylight into the starlit evening I sighed shaking my head. I had so much anger inside of me making me wonder if I was ever going to get a handle on things again. There were so many thoughts running through my mind that it was almost dizzying so I closed my eyes trying to get everything to stop spinning around. My stomach growled at me making me wonder if the lack of eating lately was contributing to my woozy state. Taking in some deep breathes I began to feel better slowly nodding off.

It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when my eyes snapped open to a noise by Jamie's bed. I was still tired, but I slowly opened up my eyes. I suppose the first couple of days I had still been exhausted with the stress of everything so this was the first time I've managed to wake up before Jamie had gotten up for herself. Usually by the time I woke up she was already dressed sitting on the edge of the bed or on the floor waiting for her uncle to bring her downstairs.

Slowly my eyes come into focus in the softly lit room and I look around from Jamie. A whimpering noise draws my attention to the small naked figure curled up on the floor in front of her bed. Jamie's on the wooden floor shivering with her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped tightly around the front of her legs in a small ball. She looked completely naked, but I couldn't be sure because from my angle all I could see was the back of her head, her shoulders, and part of her back with her hair spilled all around her head, neck, shoulders, and floor.

It was a shock to see her like this, but I also felt my penis twitch at the mere idea of maybe seeing my first real life naked body. I didn't know if I should feel revolted or pleased with the excitement that began to flow all through my insides at the mere nearness of a potentially naked body.

Jamie was shivering and squirming around on the floor. "It's cold…cold…it's cold," I heard her speak for the first time which actually stunned me because up until now I didn't even know she could speak.

The other thing that surprised me was it seemed to be like someone who could talk in a normal manner. The sweet soft voice was actually kind of cute, but it also concerned me because I wasn't sure what to do. I remained rooted under my own warm covers not exactly sure how to deal with this situation without creating another uproar. So with this in mind I figured maybe I should simply let things play out for now.

Just then Boxey got up and ambled over towards Jamie making me panic for a moment until I noticed that it was like the dog had seen this before. Jamie seemed to notice the dog that stops a few paces away.

"Dog…dog…cold." Jamie's soft voice continues to speak to no one in particular while I watch in utter amazement.

The fact that Jamie was able to recognize Boxey being a dog and articulate it in words stunned me. Her attention seems to focus on something else now with her reaching down to her feet while still remaining curled up.

"Feet…cold." She comments softly before rocking again on the floor.

Boxey seems emboldened and takes a step forward with Jamie brushing lightly up against the dog on her own this time not shying at the brief contact. "Dog warm…good dog," she whispers softly continuing to rock back and forth.

"Cold…cold…cold-cold." She comments several times remaining curled up rocking slowly.

"What do I do…what do I do," with a longer pause, "what do I do…huh," with another short pause, "floor…hard…hard wood floor." She continues sitting up slowly unrolling her limbs with her back to me.

Oh my gawd, my mind screams at me because even though her back is turned towards me I notice she indeed is naked, and she most definitely has a very pretty body as my eyes take in her silky smooth back and cute little butt cheeks. Her knees curl up beneath her and now I have more of a sideways to back view of her. I've never seen a real life bare ass before and seeing her had my penis lurching so I grabbed a hold of it with the damn thing trying to get even bigger on me. Between having to take a piss really bad, and the sexual urges surging inside of my body, it was even a wonder that I wasn't having an orgasm right on the spot as my eyes bulged outwards at the sexy little figure only about ten or fifteen feet away from me.

Even though Jamie was on her knees now, and I had somewhat of a side view of her, I still couldn't see much of her front, not even her face as her hair tumbled down along the side of her features and in front of her bent over form. Her left arm was next to her knee with her palm on the floor blocking some more of her features. I could see her flat chest though with her nickel sized nipples which didn't look any different from mine. I suppose she was still too young for breasts yet, which really didn't surprise me. Some of the girls in my school began to get breasts around ten or eleven years old, some later than that. Jamie was kind of a slim petite girl, so her not having breasts at her age didn't surprise me one way or the other. Still, for me it was officially my first real life titty, which made my penis jerk around spastically almost like I was climaxing, yet not quiet.

Slowly Jamie stands up with her smooth sleek features from the back making my eyes nearly bug out of their sockets. The breath catches in my throat because she was standing there completely naked with the cutest little ass and smooth long feminine legs. I mean of course I've never seen a naked butt in real life, but even I couldn't deny that what was standing in front of me was absolutely sweet. I somehow knew instinctively that Jamie had two very adorably cute little pale dimpled apples almost like they weren't quiet yet ripe, but close enough to provide a taste of the underlying sweetness the fruit had to offer.

Seeing her standing there completely undressed made me shiver lustfully for this pretty long haired girl confusing my emotions. Heck, just the other day I was lusting after boys, before that it was girls, now once more a girl, one I knew was never meant to be because of the circumstances surrounding her unique situation. I mean there was no way I could take advantage of someone like Jamie. That was simply too horrible of an idea, yet seeing her standing naked like that I couldn't deny to myself that this little eleven year old was beautiful in every sense of the word even if I was only seeing her from behind.

My penis almost lurches out of my grip when I realize that Jamie's right hand is over the front of her girly parts. Of course I couldn't see her touching herself, but it was clearly obvious as she steps back and then forward while her hand seems to rub in front of her girly parts.

"What do I do?" She asks softly her left hand brushing the long wavy blond hair from her face tossing it back over her shoulders.

"Floor hard." She notes shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "Hard wooden floor." She adds.

Her head bobs downwards briefly like she was looking down at herself from the front noticing her nakedness. Her head straightens back up and using her left hand shoves the hair around the back of her left ear.

"What do I do?" She asks again making me wonder if this was simply how she tried to work through things by talking to herself.

She was facing the stairs looking around a little like she was taking in her surroundings and trying to figure things out. Her right hand was still in front of her making me wonder if she was actually stimulating herself by rubbing her fingers against her sensitive parts. For us guys we would be holding on to our peckers squeezing or stroking it for stimulation. I wasn't sure if she was playing with herself or not, but just the idea of the possibility almost made me blow my own cork when I realized my breathing had become ragged with anticipation. I hadn't noticed until just now that I had been slowly jacking off stroking my own extremely hard and sensitive three and a half inch erection.

If I wasn't careful I'd blow for sure. I haven't been able to pleasure myself since the evening before I came here, so I was rapidly approaching the cliff of happy blissfulness. It took a lot of willpower, but I somehow managed to stop what I was doing to myself because I most definitely didn't want to climax with Jamie standing naked in front of me. I was beginning to think she might just understand what I was up to; especially, in light of the conversation she was having with herself at the moment.

"What do I do," she continued to ask herself speaking in that soft sexy voice of hers.

She paused turning turns her head looking over her left shoulder towards her bed. It forces her body to also shift slightly, but still not enough to see her completely naked from the front. However, it is the first time I see her face clearly since I've arrived here.

She's got a creamy smooth unblemished, baby soft, paper thin almost translucent kind of complexion with a heart shaped face, wide forehead, rounded cheeks, and a prominent chin. Her garnet colored pliable soft mouth with a stretched out thin flowing upper lip and thick full lower one was set in a serious manner forming a line just above her chin. Jamie's short straight nose ending with a button shaped tip and slightly flared nostrils added a sweet gentle like softness to her features. As she gazed at her clothes it was the first time I was able to catch a glimpse of her eyes. Up until now I didn't even know what color they were figuring they were brown for some reason. Instead her darting eyes were startlingly grayish blue that seemed to flitter about before they became too intense for scrutiny. Jamie's light brown thin arched eyebrows seemed non-existent compared to the long flowing hair that was currently flipped over her shoulders hanging all the way to the middle of the girl's smooth back exposing her wide forehead.

"Clothes," she notes seeing them lying on the chair next to her bed.

I've noticed every night Mrs. Weiler setting them out for Jamie, so now it made me wonder if this was a sort of routine the girl went through every morning. It would make sense because this was something else typical in some autistic kids. They tended to do well when there was some sort of routine. It created a sort of normalcy for them.

Jamie straightens up again with both of her hands reaching around towards the back of her each one slowly running over the smooth surface of her round fleshy orbs. This time I gasp my breath catching in my throat while my penis once more lurches out of my tight grip because her movements were done in such a damn sexy fashion. At this point there was something about her that defied my comprehension. I was smitten with her, but there most definitely was something more going on with me that I instinctively knew was important, but I simply couldn't figure it out because I was trying very hard not to fall for Jamie because of this whole issue regarding her autism. It was totally wrong to think of her in a sexual kind of way so I tried to think of something else.

I tried to visualize some of the other girls from school, and even some of the cute boys. Of course my mind was drawn to the blond mystery boy, and in some ways it sort of eased my sexual craving for Jamie, but only slightly as I whimpered getting too caught up with what was unfolding in front of me.

"Naked," Jamie comments shocking me that she seemed to recognize the concept of being naked.

Her hand travels from her two cute dimpled mounds upwards along her ribs, and then forward across her chest before dipping down between her legs. "Naked…I'm naked." She states calmly seemingly shivering in excitement when her right hand slowly moves up and down between the front of her legs.

Oh my god, my mind screams at me while my body quivers lustfully at this sexual show unfolding in front of my eyes. While she fondles herself she once more looks over towards her bed.

"Clothes," she states in the same soft voice her left hand pointing in the direction of the chair while she continues to fondle herself with her right hand. "Clothes…I can't reach." She pauses for a moment.

At this point I could no longer deny my feeling because if truth be told I was totally turned on by Jamie's nakedness. Maybe it was due to the fact I've never seen another naked body in my entire life, but whatever the reason I simply allowed myself to be turned on by her at the moment without feeling any shame about it. I had done the same thing when I jacked off to the image of that cute new blond boy at school, so I now did it with Jamie. Of course this confused the hell out of me because I was so turned on by both a girl and a boy now. Even the two younger boys I had encountered in the general store had turned me on confusing matters even further making me begin to wonder about my sexuality, not to mention if I'd get a chance to meet them personally. Hell, did this mean I was gay or straight. Maybe I was bi, a term I've recently encountered in school indicating someone who prefers both boys and girls. I wasn't keen on the prospect of either one of the gay or bi categories, but right now the way my body was feeling I really could care less.

My focus suddenly shifted back to Jamie when she all of a sudden steps towards the chair where her clothes are laid out for her to wear this morning. The unexpected move catches me completely by surprise because she turns around completely exposing her nakedness to me. I'm totally stunned at the turn of events and I unwittingly wheeze out in shock with a shaky voice, "OH SHIT!" I gasp out loudly my quivering voice booming in the stillness of the early morning hours.

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