Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 35

For a while our troubles seemed to drift away as time seemed to slow down and freeze momentarily for Mattie and me while we held each other lovingly. Then things slowly progressed between the two of us as I now initiated our sexual interaction letting him know that I was perfectly fine with finally taking the next step with him. I cautioned him though that although I cared for him and loved him deeply that my true love lie with Gabe. It was with my boyfriend that I felt connected with in a loving kind of relationship. Mattie understood what I meant as he opened himself up to me, and I finally gave him what he had been craving for all these years. I was tender with him, just as I had been with Evan as I slowly filled him with my smooth endowment, all five and a quarter inches of sleekness.

At first it surprised me that his tightness felt the same way as when I had done it with Evan all those many years ago, almost to the exact day. I mean after all I was a bit bigger now than back then, but then again I realized that even though I was longer I really wasn't all that much thicker, and Mattie of course had more experience by this time than his older brother had at the same age. Still his tightness amazed me as it wrapped around my steamy hot thin rod making me realize it felt exactly the same way my very first time with Evan. Slowly I inserted all of my length into him angling myself in the proper manner as I bumped into his spongy love button.

The boy squeaked excitedly, and moaned in pleasure as I began to do him properly. Even though most of the boys he had messed around with had never actually inserted themselves inside of him, I knew that some must have at some point, and that for the most part it probably happened quickly because of the inexperience. I on the other hand wanted to make love properly with Mattie showing him what it truly was about. I knew he probably never had that so his yearning for me all these years made this event even more intense.

Slowly I worked myself in and out as my torrid throbbing hardness slid back and forth while I reached in front of him slowly taking his hard stump grinder in my fingers. I stroked his pulsating hardness gently between my two fingers and thumb feeling its slickness as his pre-cum oozed out from the tip of his exposed knob every time I pulled the silky lace like membrane downwards. His foreskin felt exciting in my fingers as the tightness slipped over the ridge of his glans. I'd forgotten how wonderful an uncut hard penis was to play with, and Mattie's foreskin still felt tight around his hard fat stumpy sausage despite the obvious amount of play it has received over the years. It was exciting making me shiver as the tingling sensation between my legs threatened to take me over the edge. I wanted this to last for Mattie knowing how intense his orgasms were so backed of slightly adjusting my speed and stroke as I slowly bumped up against his red tight fleshy dimpled apples.

Mattie was moaning now as I collided with his squishy sponge deep inside his warm cave threatening to send him into orbit before I was ready. With the flat of my hand I slapped one of his fleshy cheeks making him yelp in surprise as I smiled noticing his soft brutalized orb turn a bit brighter taking on the colors of a true red delicious apple.

"Shit…," the smaller boy grunted as I continued to work him. "Shit…shit…shit…Kyle…I…I've got to…," he began as my fingers constricted down a bit hard on his chestnut sized testicles making him squeak again, and calmed him down. "Shit Kyle please…I…I want to cum now…please." He begged me as I leaned over his back nuzzling my face along his neck.

"No not yet my little stiff soldier boy…you wanted this so badly and I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." I grunted naughtily making the boy whimper as I once more began to stroke his hardness bringing him to the edge while I continued to bump into his nut deep down inside of him.

I once more smacked his ass a bit roughly, but this time on the other side making him whimper again as I brought him down from his high. He was visibly shaking now needing some release, but I wasn't allowing it and I continued to fuck him hard even surprising myself how long I was able to last. His ass constricting around my erection sent vibration all along my thin hardened piece of steel piping making me almost lose it on several occasions, but this was more than sexual gratification, this was about giving Mattie what he needed and hopefully calming down his sexual urges.

The one thing I knew for sure was that when I had fucked Grant it had been so intense, and when I finally did release myself it had been so powerful almost as if the boy had sucked the urges right out of me at the same time. I planned on doing the same thing to Mattie. I was going to make him hurt so badly deep down inside that when he finally did cum it would be all at once with a resounding explosion in one giant upheaval.

I began to pound him even more forcefully, and I could here him whimpering now and knew that tomorrow his ass would actually be hurting. My thrusting no longer were straight in and out as I began to adjust my angle forcing my hard penis to lunge into him at a sharp angle to the left for several plunges before jolting the other direction vigorously making Mattie actually cry out in pain as I literally spread him open like a can of tuna. I worked my hard penis feverishly inside of him literally forcing him to open up even further. I knew that tomorrow I would be paying for this as I was now almost raw as well working my own penis in a way that wasn't normal for me.

Our bodies were dripping liberally with sweat now as it just seemed to empty out of our pores in rivulets, but I still kept pounding away on him bringing him to the edge and then back again all the while working his thick penis into a frenzy. The poor boy was wincing in pain now leaving no doubt that his own penis was completely raw.

"Please Kyle," Mattie whimpered his arms finally collapsing in on him forcing his face and chest down into the mattress opening him up even more as I now plowed him with everything I had left. Mattie literally groaned and peaked with an explosive force, his entire body convulsing as his tight iris clamped sporadically around my torrid piece of stiff raw flesh. With one final thrust I wrapped both of my arms around him tightly smashing his fleshy boy pouch and hardness in both of my hands as I yanked him backwards roughly, and shoved the rest of my five and a quarter inch hardness, and then some, all the way inside of him. With me plowed so deeply into his earthiness I finally allowed myself to release filling up the boy like I've never done before to anyone threatening to overflow his gaping pit.

Grant by far was the best fuck I've ever had in my life each and every time we did it together, but Mattie's had been just as intense, if not more so, as I had worked him harder than I've ever worked anyone before.

Both of our bodies dripping with perspiration convulsed forcefully as my hard erection vibrated musically inside of the boy making him explode even more with the intensity he was feeling as his long orgasm continued to rumble throughout his small frame. A liquid like warmth spread over my hands and oozed between my fingers to splatter on to the sheets coating them with his translucent like goop as a large puddle formed beneath our heaving bodies.

No longer able to support myself I collapsed on top of the boy, my hard erection still spewing forth small amounts of convulsive thick sappy spunk as I felt the slimy substance coating my hardness inside of his damp warmness. I could also feel it oozing out of his tight opening to dribble down between his legs coating the underside of his fleshy boy purse making it slimy before dripping down to the bed sheet intermingling with his copious liquid like substance of his own frothy mess.

My curly haired little soldier was so spent he wasn't able to support our combined weight anymore, and collapsed on top of the slimy covered sheets moaning and groaning with a mixture of pure pleasure and agony. My weight on top of him was smothering him, and he was too weak to do anything about it so I slowly rolled off of him, my still throbbing erection easing outwards. Mattie's contracting iris had made one final attempt at keeping me inside by clamping down tightly before finally letting go creating a popping noise as my hard tube slipped free.

We both gasped for air and slowly began to spiral downwards. After a few moments I managed to move a little again as I looked down at my flaccid angry looking penis touching it gingerly with my fingers. It protested flinching in pain at my touch, and I winced because it was tender and raw. Never in my life had I made myself so raw, and I'd have to be careful for the next day or two.

Reaching over I rolled Mattie on to his back as he just moaned softly while I ran my fingers along his slime covered stomach scooping some of it up in my fingers. I stuck it in my mouth pleasantly pleased with the mixture of lightness intermingled with the stronger texture of adulthood. It amazed me how much of the clear spunk had spewed out of the boy as I began to run my tongue over his stomach realizing it tasted very similar to how his older brother had tasted at the same age.

"Please…no more," Mattie pleaded with me as I saw his soft penis begin to rise up painfully because of the stimulation from my wet tongue on his stomach.

Smacking my lips satisfied with what I had lapped up with my tongue I scooped up some more feeding it to the smaller boy who licked off my finger hungrily. He smiled at me as I scooped up some more for him. His soft penis looked even more raw than mine as the boy slowly lapped up our leavings enjoying the taste of our mixture.

Reaching down gingerly I gently held his soft two and a quarter inch penis in my fingers noticing him flinch as I eased back his turtle neck sweater. Mattie hissed in pain as tears seemed to spill over the edges of his eyes.

His fingers grasped at the blanket as I took a closer look noticing the ugly bright redness of raw skin mixed in with his slimy boy batter. I was gentle as I inspected him closely making sure I hadn't done any real damage to him because I had truly been merciless with him. Slipping his foreskin back into place I looked up at Mattie sympathetically as he sighed in relief and smiled down fondly at me. He reached out for me and I settled down next to him as he kissed me tenderly with such love behind the emotion.

"Thanks so much Kyle…I…I love you so much. That felt way better than I ever knew possible," he whispered softly as he closed his eyes threatening to fall asleep.

"What…better than all those other boys who's fucked you over the years?" I teased him as he sighed shaking his head and starting to fade away.

"What other boys?" He asked softly. "I've never let anyone do that to me. I told Grant that too…I mean…I've never wanted anyone else to do that to me unless it was you or him." He moaned softly wanting to fall asleep.

"Wait…you mean…I…um…Mattie…you were still a virgin back there…I mean for real?" I asked him as he opened his eyes screwing up his eyebrows at me questioningly.

"Yeah sure…I guess. I mean…about allowing someone to stick themselves inside of me. A lot of my friends wanted to because they let me do it to them, but I wouldn't allow them to do that to me. I never wanted that unless it was you or Grant. I thought you knew that?" Mattie asked me as I rolled on to my back feeling a bit guilty now about how I had just treated the younger boy so roughly. If I had known that things would have been different.

"Shit Mattie…you should have told me…I mean I feel awful about it now." I told him honestly as I watched him close his eyes and shake his head.

"Why do you always do that?" He sighed yawning. "I mean you always feel bad about something so beautiful. I loved it, and never knew it would feel sooooo good. Grant told me it feels wonderful when you hit that little magic button and he was right. He was also right about you being such a silly ninny sometimes getting all worried about having done something so wrong to us. Why can't you just be happy that you made…well that you made me and Grant happy?" He sighed as his breathing seemed to even out, and he began to drift off to sleep seemingly pleased with the outcome of this evening.

Sighing I realized that Mattie was another one of my cherry picking conquests to check off on my list as I carefully climbed out of my bed feeling the soreness in my entire body protesting. "Don't fall asleep Mattie. I'm sorry, but we have to get up and cleaned up now before things dry up too much. I know you are sore, so am I, but I think it would be better if we don't let the cum dry under your foreskin taking the chance of an infection. You're really raw down there, so we better do this now." I urged him half carrying and half letting him walk taking him into the shower with me.

The poor boy was completely spent barely able to stand as I turned on the water and adjusting the temperature to a lukewarm setting. I knew that hot water would be too painful, and as it was the tepid temperature still made him wince at first when it touched his sensitive skin.

Pushing Mattie over towards the wall I bent him over and gingerly cleaned him off between his butt cheeks noticing the cum oozing out of his tight opening. I urged him to push it all out then soaped up my fingers and cleaned him up gently pushing my fingers gingerly inside of him as well. The intrusion made Mattie wince, and all of a sudden he had another orgasm forcing me to stand up and hold on to him letting it runs its course. By this time he was literally crying because his long orgasms worked against him now as the sheer intensity of it all was just too overpowering. I held him in my arms and rocked him gently until he finally calmed down.

"Shit Mattie does that happen all the time?" I asked him recalling how Evan always had been a double donor at that age with back to back orgasms.

"What?" He asked me with a bewildered look on his face.

"You know back to back orgasms?" I asked him as his eyes seemed to focus for a moment and he looked down at himself.

"Um…oh that…yeah I guess…sometimes…I mean with the right person…you know." He shrugged his shoulders as if asking what the big deal was about having two orgasms in a row.

Chuckling I just left it at that. Sitting him down on the ledge in the corner I adjust the water head so it splashed against his body and slowly began the process of cleaning his penis with clean water. He was extremely sensitive and tears welled up, but I worked quickly and gently making sure to wash beneath his skin getting everything out that didn't belong. We finished up and I dried him off looking for some ointment. Since both Mattie and Evan had foreskin we always kept some hydrocortisone cream for them. I pulled out the ointment and gingerly put it on his raw penis before bending him over and doing the same for his tender sphincter before putting some on my own tender penis prompting Mattie to giggle knowing I had rubbed myself raw as well.

"What…it's your fault you know? If you had told me that your ass was still a virgin neither one of us would be this raw. Damn…for real Mattie with all the sex you've been having you really saved your virginity for me or Grant?" I sighed shaking my head.

"Yeah sure…I mean it really was well worth the wait." He giggled mischievously his humor returning now making me realize he was doing alright. "Damn…that steel rod of yours is like magic?" Mattie continued to laugh making me roll my eyes at him. "Besides, maybe when Grant comes over this time he will finally give in as well. I can't wait to get my ass around his thick…um…well you know." He giggled once more like a little toddler making me roll my eyes at his silliness.

"Shit Mattie…you're just too much." I chuckled giggling at him and shaking my head.

"What…I'm just saying is all. I mean I've wanted Grant just as much as you, and maybe now he might be willing to give it a go too once he finds out what you did to me." He replied as I rolled my eyes at him again, prompting him to hug me tightly.

The two of us just stayed like that for a while longer before untangling ourselves and heading back into my room. We were both wiped out by this time as we cuddled up under the blankets snuggled up warmly against each other's bodies. Mattie's small form felt familiar and comforting to me just as I remembered how it was with Evan all those years as we slowly drifted off to sleep, the smaller boy totally exhausted yet completely content and satiated. With my arms wrapped around the smaller boy I fell asleep in a deep slumber dreaming peacefully about bygone days during a time when all us boys seemed so happy and content with one another.

Now waking up and recalling the events of the previous night I slowly uncovered the sweet little angel running my hands over his soft silky smooth skin. Goose bumps formed along the trail my fingers left as I slowly let my fingers glide down towards Mattie's soft fleshy two and a quarter inch softness. I could see those spidery blue like veins just beneath his pale foreskin as I slowly pulled it downwards feeling the tightness slip over his purplish colored knob before scrutinizing at his soft shaft more closely. The small boy stirred awake, but didn't move as I continued to inspect him before looking up into his sparkling hazel blue colored eyes.

"Does that hurt?" I asked him as he winced a little when I moved his foreskin back and forth answering my question for the most part, but still not preventing him from chubbing up now that I was touching him in a stimulating kind of way.

"Yeah…a little…but not too bad." He replied as I now began to slide his foreskin back and forth again in his hardened state.

"What about now?" I asked him as he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Actually not as bad now that you've slid my skin back and forth several times. I mean it is a bit tender, but not too bad." He giggled as I released him and snuggled up next to him.

"That's good. When you get up you might want to put some more cream on it. I'd do that a couple times a day for the next day or two just to be sure." I told him as he nodded his head and sighed.

"That felt totally awesome last night, but a bit too much though." He giggled making me smile fondly at him.

"That's good and how do you feel overall?" I asked him curious to see if he still felt such an overwhelming urge to have sex.

"I feel fine…you know." He responded.

"What about…you know…all the sex and stuff?" I asked curiously.

"What now…I mean…yeah I'd love to have sex with you Kyle…but maybe later." He replied misunderstanding me, yet still answering my question.

In the past no matter how much he hurt there was no way he'd refuse a round of sex. The tact Gabe suggested seemed to have worked, but only time would tell for sure. Of course he would still have the typical urges regarding sex, but hopefully he wouldn't be overwhelmed by them being able to choose those times more appropriately and temper his feelings.

"That's not what I meant Mattie…I mean…you know…that feeling of needing to have sex all the time?" I asked him.

"Oh," He replied scrunching up his eyes and looking at me as he thought about it. "Um…I don't know. I mean…yeah I'd love to have sex with you…but it's like I don't feel like we need to do it right now. Is that normal?" He asked me making me smile and nod my head.

"Yeah…perfectly normal big man." I whispered softly as we cuddled some more before getting up.

Grant and Riley would be arriving today so we had to get ready to pick them up at the Airport here in a little while. We had a couple of hours still before we left so I ran over to Gabe's house to visit. Gabe's mom greeted me at the door and said Gabe was in his room. I ran upstairs and opened up his door nearly running into my sweet sexy boyfriend.

"Shit Kyle," Gabe giggled stopping in his tracks half naked. "Um…take a seat and I'll be right out. I've been trying to hop in the shower, but Jaden's been hogging the bathroom." He chuckled as I entered the room and sat down on the bed on his side of the room.

These days the room belonged more to Jaden since Gabe's been in college, but the older brother still slept there when school was out. Just as sat down I looked up in time to see Jaden walking into the room a damp towel draped lazily over his shoulder showing off his splendid nakedness.

The seventeen year old boy still looked exquisite, his boyish features intermingling with his adult like manliness. His sexy four and a half inch soft penis draped sexily over his soft sagging pouch. He had some very fine blond hairs over his sleek muscular legs, but his fit and trim torso remained completely bare. My gaze shifted towards his pubic mound taking in the small light colored bush around his fleshy tube. Looking up I noticed Jaden hadn't seen me yet as he started to head towards his side of the room before suddenly stopping and turning towards me.

"Shit Kyle…you scared me for a second." He smiled at me as he sauntered over towards me not in the least bit concerned that he was naked.

Leaning over he gave me a warm tender hug before standing back up. He smelled delicious just like I remembered him, and I could feel the familiar stirring deep down in my loins despite having had such a hot and heavy sexual interlude with Mattie. I noticed I wasn't the only one beginning to stir as Jaden's penis began to stiffen up and stretch out filling out rather beautifully. It's been a while since I've seen him naked, and he didn't disappoint as it finally topped out at around six inches with an average type of thickness.

"Well, now that is a beautiful sight indeed." I chuckled at him as he looked down at himself smiling and shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah, well with Gabe pounding on the door telling me to hurry up and take care of my private business already, I didn't have a chance to actually get it done…if you know what I mean?" He chuckled teasingly as he gave his nice sized hardness a tug. "Damn, and here I was going to take care of it while Gabe is in the shower because I know he's going to take his time taking care of his own needs." He laughed making me laugh too knowing more than likely that's exactly what my boyfriend is currently working on.

"Yeah, maybe I should have jumped in with him and help him out." I retorted as Jaden just shrugged his shoulder.

"He told me he was looking forward to a bit of a break from you. Evidently you are a bit too demanding." Jaden told me seriously with just a hint of playful sarcasm.

"What the fuck…why's he telling you?" I asked him as Jaden just shrugged his shoulders in a noncommittal kind of way.

"Well if he wants a break from you maybe you can help out an old friend…like the old times…I mean…you know." Jaden teased, yet seemed to look hopefully towards me.

"What…I mean shit Jaden…what about Gabe…or your girlfriend?" I asked him as he smiled at me.

"Like I said he wants a break and I wouldn't mind having someone help me out like they used to. If I recall someone tends to have a very sexy mouth." He giggled as he waggled his hard six inch erection in front of me his familiar sexy odor intermingled with soap tickling my senses.

It swayed around in front of my nose compellingly, and before I knew it his hard piece of flesh was inside of my mouth twitching around wildly. "Oh fuck Kyle," Jaden hissed as he automatically shoved his hips forward trying to bury all of his thickness in my mouth.

I don't know why I had done it, but the combination of his sexy body and his overpowering essence overwhelmed me, and I had simply slipped that sexy piece of iron rod into my mouth working it like an expert. Jaden immediately began rocking his hips back and forth and I could immediately tell he hadn't been able to work himself properly since his brother had come back home. His penis began to immediately leak pre-cum, the light flavorful substance tickling the sensory nodes on my tongue.

His cream smoothie had always been light and tasty, and his pre-cum promised more of the same. My tongue slathered along the underside of his long thick shaft feeling his thick blue veins, and I could tell it wouldn't take him long to empty out his heavy walnut sized milk containers bouncing around between his legs. His pouch no longer hugged his body but hung down in a loose purse. Reaching up I gave his two door knockers a bit of a tug in his soft leathery pouch as I slithered my tongue around the ridge of his wide mushroom shaped knob.

"Oh shit…oh shit…oh shit…that's so fucking hot…umph," Jaden grunted as he ran his fingers through my hair while I continued to suck on his large cherry flavored swizzle stick.

Wrapping my arms around the back of his thighs and cupping his fleshy melons in my hands, I began to pump my lips over his hot leaking tool. He smelled and tasted delicious, just like I remembered him as my nose bumped into his hairy pubic mound. All of a sudden I felt his butt cheeks constricting as he shoved his hips forward. His hot erection expanded inside my mouth and his glans flared outwards as he expelled a powerful blast of ejaculate inside of my mouth.

"Aaaaaaaaargh, umph, uuuuuuumph, uuuumph," He moaned blissfully as three more smaller blasts leaped from the tip of his penis followed by a couple of smaller oozes as the rest of his cum trickled out from the tip of his slicked up knob.

I swallowed it all eagerly savoring the familiar mixture of his special elixir. It was the same as I remembered it, but laced with a bit more maturity as I cleaned off his sensitive wick making him wince at my eagerness. Slowly he deflated and I let his soft fleshy shriveled up tube slither out of my mouth.

"Shit, that was fucking awesome." Jaden smiled at me appreciatively. "My balls were actually beginning to hurt you know." He laughed and sat down next to me putting his arm over my shoulder leaning up against me affectionately like we used to.

"Damn, that kind of sucks Jaden…but for real…why so damn achy. I mean…what about your girlfriend. I thought…um…you know that you were…you know sexually active…in that way." I told him seriously wondering why he wasn't getting any action without actually trying to sound snoopy about it.

"Yeah…well…she's with her folks spending Christmas up at their cabin in the mountains, and like I said with Gabe hanging around it is kind of tough trying to find any private time. So you coming over was just perfect timing…so thanks. It seems as if I'm always relying on you to take care of my achy needs." He laughed getting up so he could get dressed as we both recalled our first time doing something similar.

"Yeah I remember, and damn you're still just as sexy hot now as you were back then." I teased him.

"Thanks," Jaden stated cheekily as if he already knew that slipping into a pair of blue boxer briefs before sliding into a pair of jeans. "Have you heard from Evan yet?" He asked me as I shook my head.

"No, but he's supposed to be coming home around New Year's. I can't believe it's been a whole year." I replied just as the door opened and Gabe walked in looking all sexy clean and completely satisfied.

The older boy looked over towards me, and then his younger brother before rolling his eyes. "For real guys." He simply stated making me look at him a bit puzzled. "Don't act all innocent like. Geeze, can't you keep your hands off of my little brother?" He asked me jokingly making me wonder how the hell he knew.

Shrugging my shoulders I just watched him as he got dressed. "Well what can I say? He's still as sexy hot today as he was the first time we had sexy fun together." I taunted my sexy boyfriend as he just tossed his damp towel at me not at all concerned at what I had just done with his younger brother.

He had become resigned long ago that his little brother and I had been actively intimate together, and he didn't seem to mind just like he didn't mind some of the other things I've done with my other friends. The way he looked at it he too had done things with some of our mutual friends from school as well. Neither one of us seemed to mind the other one having that sort of interaction with our friends. Besides, at the end of the day it was Gabe who I loved and me who he loved, and this was all that mattered. I'm sure that at some point in our lives we will finally make that final commitment to be devoted completely to one another, but until then we allowed each other to have our little dalliances from time to time.

After a short visit with Gabe and Jaden catching up with his younger brother, I made my way back home since we would be getting ready to head to the airport. When I got home we all grabbed a quick bit to eat. We were getting ready to head out the door when my dad's cell phone rang with Evan on the other end asking when Grant and Riley were due in. My father told him we were just heading out the door now before asking why, and then received the shock of his life. Evan had caught a flight, and was waiting for us at the airport. We hadn't expected him until closer to New Year's, but he had changed plans saying he wanted to come home early, and he had brought a friend with him. This was perfect timing, and dad told him we'd be there in a couple of hours.

Now as New Year's approached I looked around the large gathering and smiled. We were all here having dinner, and it made me happy to see everyone in one place. All of our friends had made it over to spend part of Christmas and New Year's with us. Even Luca and his parents had come over surprising us by flying in from Switzerland and staying with us. The house was full, but none of us minded in the least. Ms. Peterson never did move out of the house opting to stay in the old farmhouse section making a home for her and the boys. None of us cared in the least as we all just melded together as a family. Grant and Riley had arrived safely, and we had picked them up at the airport along with Evan and his girlfriend. Tim, Chase, and Benji also drove in spending several nights at the house as well. Of course we couldn't leave out Gabe and Jaden, even though they just lived five minutes away. It only felt right that all of us be together under one roof, which included them as well.

A few years back I had helped my dad build a small extra guest room in the barn. We had converted the top part of the barn closing in the walls and creating a small one bedroom apartment with large bay windows that overlooked the lake. It was a small space with running water and electricity, but it did have a kitchen, full bathroom, and a small bedroom with a queen sized bed and fireplace making it cozy. We ended up putting Luca's parents in it, and they just fell in love with the place. It wasn't anything fancy, but way better than a hotel room, and it did have a nice view of the lake and surrounding wilderness off in the distance.

Now as I sat back at the dinner table and looked around fondly at everyone it made me happy to see us all together in one place. This had never happened before, as a matter of fact the very first time ever that we were all together in one place. Gabe was sitting on my left side, and just looked over at me fondly smiling knowingly as I just ran my eyes over everyone knowing that several of us were going to be having a lot of fun together in some shape or form. That most definitely was a given.

Mattie seemed to have settled down a lot, but that wouldn't prevent him from having a bit of normal sexual kind of fun with some of his friends. This part of his sexual growth was normal, and it didn't distress me. Having a bit of fun with your friends is one thing, but having sex at the drop of the hat just to have sex was something entirely different, and that was the state Mattie had been in before I had hopefully wrenched that out of him. I knew what that feeling was like, and it had actually been such a relief when that overwhelming drive had been sucked out of me. Now when I looked over towards the younger Prescott boy he seemed to have that peaceful countenance etched on his features. He was still bubbly and lively, as only Mattie could be, but he seemed much more at peace, and at the moment wasn't sporting his usual erection.

As for Evan, I'm sure he would also find some private time with his girlfriend. I was already plotting something so that the two of them would be able to be alone together. Looking at him and his girlfriend the both of them just seemed to have that glow about them in a way that only young lovers can have. Seeing my sweet angel being so happy made my sacrifice all those years ago so worth it, and it also made me realize it had most definitely been the right choice.

Looking around I tried to gauge who was going to be with whom, but then realized it was a crap shoot making me chuckle. Everyone seemed so happy these days as we left behind the darker days of that fateful year. Don had been found guilty on several criminal accounts for attempted murder of a minor, attempted kidnapping, assault, and various other accounts which gave him a life sentence without the possibility of parole. To this day he is rotting in prison completely paralyzed from the neck down peeing in a bag just as my father had predicted.

These days no one gave the animal much thought as I continued to watch my loving family and friends laughing and enjoying one another's company. These were happy times for us all, and even me being gay and having Gabe as my boyfriend had been accepted by everyone who knew us the most. We weren't completely out of the closet with most people, opting to keep that private, but we also weren't hiding it letting the people who were closest to us know about our relationship. My mom had long ago come to terms with it; especially, after we had talked that one time and she found out I had wanted kids of my own. This seemed to make her happy, but lately she's already been laying down hints that once I get out of college and settled into a good job it would be a good time to start a family.

I just nodded and let her have her say. It didn't matter because I knew that in the years to come we would all be happy and content because we all cared and loved each other deeply as a family. This is what was most important in life as I continued to watch everyone, and I held Gabe's hand beneath the table. Then I felt something else, a light touch along my right thigh. Looking over I noticed that Luca had slipped his hand beneath the table, and his fingers were making their way up my inner thigh settling on top of my fully engorged penis which now thundered wildly in Luca's small hand.

The flimsy fabric of my gray cottony shorts didn't leave much to the imagination as the sexy Swiss boy's petite fingers slowly began to squeeze my swollen five and a quarter inch erection. It had sort of surprised me that Luca was making such a move on me. We've chatted over the years on the cell phone and video conference, and I had to admit the boy had grown into a stunningly beautiful boy that rivaled Jaden and Evan at that age. From our conversations I knew that he was still hairless and wasn't even squirting yet. The hairless part really didn't surprise me because it wasn't unusual for European boys living in certain regions to not sprout hairs until a little later on in their development, but even with that in consideration it seemed that Luca was a bit of a late bloomer. He had also confided to me that since our stay in the hospital he really hadn't done anything sexual with anyone. Of course he and some of his friends had jacked off together and done other things over the years in the typical way that boys tended to do with their closest friends, but no one had touched him sexually since his stay in the hospital.

The boy seemed a bit concerned that he wasn't squirting yet while all of his friends were already doing so. Not only that, but most of his friends were also already in an intimate relationship with girls, making him sort of feel a bit on the outs lately. For the life of me I couldn't understand what the fuss was all about. The boy was drop dead gorgeous, and it just baffled me that he was just feeling so left out and left behind sexually.

When he had come out of the room after getting changed my eyes had lingered over his sexy form noticing a pretty fair sized bulge between his legs. He had slipped into a pair of white adidas tennis shorts that only hung down to his mid upper thigh, unlike the baggy ones we tended to wear here in the states. These fit a bit more snuggly yet still had a bit of breathing room around the legs. He had on a matching white polo style three button shirt with a pocket on his right chest and the adidas logo on his left chest.

The sexy boy had sauntered out of the room making me drool over his sexy lithe figure, and gawking at his sexy bulge that slightly revealed the outline of his soft fleshy testicles and penis. Tearing away my gaze from the luscious sight I had looked up and our gazes had locked for a moment making me blush realizing the boy had caught me staring at him. He just smiled and blushed as well before looking away.

Now as we sat there at the dinner table with him slowly massaging my now leaking erection I glance over towards him noticing the obvious hard bulge between his legs. Reaching over I slipped my hand between his warm crotch returning the favor. The younger boy spread apart his legs slightly giving me more access, and my body quivered as my fingers finally settled over Luca's sweltering erection. Damn he was burning up between his legs, and I could feel the heat through his shorts. He felt pretty damn big down there, much bigger than the last time my hands had ran over his torrid boy erection.

Shifting my hand I manage to slip it just below the leg opening and then move the fabric over and across his boyhood shoving it off to the side so I could have access to his fleshy bits. He leaned back a little shifting his leg, and the fabric slid over easily as my hands once more settled over his sex organs. I could feel Luca shivering a little now as I slowly wrapped my fingers around his erection feeling the tip of his knob pocking out from beneath his hood. Damn he felt pretty big in my hands as I released his tool for a moment, and played around with his chestnut sized testicles and loose pouch. The boy's testicles weighed heavily in my hands as if they were filled to capacity with his boy juice making me wonder why he wasn't squirting yet.

The heat from his boy crease radiated outwards as I dipped two of my finger between his sweaty butt cheeks to tickle his little oil cap. He twitched making both of us look up a bit frightened that someone may have noticed. We didn't have to worry though because everyone around the table was off in their own discussions as they all tried to catch up with one another.

Slipping my fingers from his sweaty slicked up crease I once more squeezed his heavy pouch. I had just talked with him on the phone the other day, and he once more had complained about not being able to squirt yet, and it was beginning to bother him a lot not only emotionally but also physically because he had told me his balls were beginning to ache a lot. He would ease the ache by jacking off, but nothing ever came out and the relief was only short lived before the ache returned.

His well was dry, but as I now gently manipulated his testicles in my fingers I instinctively knew he was ready for it to be tapped allowing its clear liquid nectar to gush forth. All it would take is a bit of extra special stimulation allowing him to break through the seal holding his precious cargo at bay. His sexually charged light scent wafted up to my nose making me shake as his fingers continued to knead my torrid erection. Shifting my hands once more I wrapped my fingers around his large hard erection feeling it twitch excitedly as I pulled down his hooded sweater over his thick knob. I was now more determined as ever to uncork his well tonight siphoning off the initial pureness of his liquefied clear honey. After that I was going to take my five and a quarter inch bit, and go drilling for black oil along the creases of his pillowy virginal white snow capped Swiss mountains.

As if on cue I felt a small liquid pearly slickness form at the tip of his penis. I ran my finger across his the slit of his glans triumphantly realizing he most definitely was ripe for the picking, and I was bound and determined to have the pleasure of picking his virginal fruit, both front and back. Removing my hand from his hardness I slipped my finger into my mouth licking it clean savoring the lightness of his flavor. He was looking at me curiously now, and I felt his hand leave my erection as he now placed it on his own.

Luca's eyes seemed to get a bit big for a moment as he pulled his hand out from beneath the table, and looked curiously at the tip of his finger before smiling. The boy swiveled his head towards me and stuck his finger into his mouth quickly smiling at the taste of it as he realized he was leaking his spunk for the first time ever. I looked around the table quickly in a panic having all but forgotten everyone and sighed in relief. It seemed as if each person was involved in their own heavy discussion leaving Luca and me to our own little personal interlude.

The blonde fourteen year old boy leaned over towards me and whispered in my ear. I could feel his delicate lips brushing against my earlobes, his warm breath tickling the side of my neck and head as he softly spoke in my ear. I just about chocked recovering quickly as Luca got up from his seat turning his back quickly so no one would notice his large bulge, and stealthily made his way back towards the hallway and my room. No one seemed to take notice, and I realized throughout our dinner gathering people had gotten up at various times to head to the bathroom or go into the kitchen for something so Luca getting up didn't seem to attract any attention.

A moment or two later I did the same thing, squeezing Gabe's hand in the process because he was still holding on to it. He just gave me a quick glance and smile before focusing back towards Riley the two of them engrossed in a deep conversation. Making my way back towards my room with my hard tented erection leading the way I opened up my door and stepped inside. Luca was waiting for me nervously standing there looking so sweet and adorably sexy in those cute cottony white tennis shorts. He didn't bother hiding his erection that pressed up against the soft fabric material making me shake excitedly because it looked rather large for a boy his age. The contour of his firm large penis was clearly visible in his white shorts along with a small little wet spot at the very tip of the tubular shaped outline.

Closing the door behind me I took a moment to soak him in. He had grown a bit over the years, and I smiled realizing his body and head had finally filled out collectively in a pleasing manner. When we were in the hospital together a few years back Luca's head appeared to be a bit too large for his small frame and thin neck, but his body seemed to have finally grown into proper proportion. He had always been very handsome and sexy, but now everything seemed to come together making his outward appearance pleasingly in balance.

He appeared to be about five feet four inches tall and around a hundred ten pounds. The Swiss boy still had the same boyish features with a triangular shaped face that came down to a pointed like chin and wonderful cheek bone structure. His face was completely unblemished without any pimples or pock marks you typically find on teenagers in our country, and to be honest I think a lot of that had to do with our greasy teenage quick food kind of diet.

"Are you sure about this Luca?" I asked the boy making sure I had understood him correctly at the dinner table.

The beautiful boy had simply whispered 'I'm horny for you,' in my ear before getting up and heading towards my room. He just stared at me and nodded his head sheepishly as he now began to look me over as well. I couldn't help but smile warmly at him as I too continued to take a closer look while slowly making my way towards the lanky fit boy. He still had that wiry kind of physique looking physically fit with long stringy legs and narrow hips. Somehow he looked almost taller than his five foot four inch frame, but I figured that must be due to his long legs and thin waistline.

I stopped about a foot in front of him, both of us shamelessly looking at each others pulsing erection beneath our shorts. Hesitating a moment I finally reached out and wrapped him in my arms as he seemed to crumble in my warm embrace shivering expectantly. His light scent smelled the same to me as it had the first time we had sex together, and I smiled delightedly as I ran my fingers down his back.

Leaning back a little I cupped his face in my hand and gently shifted it up so he was looking back into my eyes. His slate blue eyes were piercing and soulful penetrating to my core making me quiver for a moment as I just sighed. He had such a beautiful pale face that seemed to glow softly in the low lighting of the room.

"It's been a long time Luca and I'm way older than you. Are you sure you want to do this now with me. We aren't kids anymore you know?" I whispered softly to him.

He just nodded his head at me and smiled. "I've been dreaming about you for a long time Kyle. I…I haven't done anything with someone else since the hospital…you know…with you and Mattie. I don't think I'm gay or anything. I mean girls turn me on all the time, but I can't seem to get you out of my mind and I…um…I want to do more with you. It's just that…um…it's…um…been so long since someone has touched me in a pleasing kind of way…you know sexually." He told me yearningly in that oh so sweet Swiss accent of his making the moment seem even sexier.

"I don't get it Luca…I mean you are drop dead gorgeous so why haven't you fooled around…you know…with some of your friends?" I asked him as he just shook his head.

"Because we live in a small community about thirty minutes outside of the main city and if people found out it would be…very difficult." He responded making me scrunch up my eyebrows.

"I thought most European countries are pretty open about such things; especially, Switzerland." I countered as he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Yes, but still in a very small community people tend to whisper and point. It could make things difficult even if something like this is more acceptable. Besides, most of my friends aren't into such play with other boys. Of course we all fooled around a little like jacking off together, but nothing more. In the bigger cities it isn't such a big issue." He replied smiling at me hesitantly before standing on his toes so he could give me a tender kiss.

Our two mouths connected and my knees buckled at his sweet taste. I had forgotten how sweet and chocolaty his mouth tasted making me smile as my hands slithered beneath his shirt to run softly over his creamy skin. Our lips separated and I tugged off his shirt knowing we didn't have much time. His beautiful skin was soft and silky on his sleek but firm frame. It too was unblemished except for the small thin line along his right abdomen. Normally such a scar would be small, but since his appendix had burst the doctors had to make a bigger incision. Still, unless you were looking for it you wouldn't even notice as the thin long scar was barely visible these days.

Not having much time I kneeled down in front of him and tugged down on his shorts pulling them around his ankles pleasantly surprised that he wasn't wearing any underwear. I tried to swallow and gasped at the nice sized erection that had bounced into view. When I had seen his hard little boy tool in the hospital when he was ten years old it had only been about two and a half inches long. It was sort of average for a boy his age, maybe slightly on the small side of average, but very thin. His large sized boy pouch had been tucked up tight under his thin penis snuggling up closely to his body.

What I was looking at now I would never have guessed in a million years because he seemed to have developed nicely between his legs. His almost five and a half inch curved skin covered erection was bigger than mine now and swayed around expectantly in front of my nose. It had filled out in girth as well, still having that sleek look to it, but much thicker than the thin curved rod I had seen in the hospital several years earlier. The tip of his pinkish red knob peaked out from beneath the hooded foreskin, and I detected a small pearly drop of pre-cum forming at the very end. His large boy pouch now hung loosely between his legs, but not in a sagging kind of old man way, but just loose enough to accommodate his nicely formed chestnut sized oval testicles. The outline of his heavy baubles was clearly visible in the soft skin like purse that was completely hairless.

That wasn't the only thing that was hairless as my eyes shifted towards his bare pubic mound. He still had that white translucent kind of skin with those thin blue spidery like tendrils appearing like cracked lines in the glazing of fine porcelain china. The pureness of what stood in front of me was overwhelming, as it finally hit me that Luca was the last in our group to mature. Even Mattie who was a year younger was squirting already, and had been now for about a year, but that all was about to change as I leaned forward and gently took him into my mouth.

The small Swiss boy gasped audibly as his long pole sliding easily between my lips, his foreskin slipping backwards at the same time. The skin slid effortlessly over his knob as I ran my tongue along the length of his shaft the natural curvature of his hard penis gliding effortlessly inside my mouth. Luca's knees seemed to buckle and I wrapped my arms around him allowing him to slide backwards on to the mattress his legs dangling over the edge of the bed. His penis slipped out of my mouth in the process giving me a moment to gaze down at his beautiful sexiness.

His erection pulsed wildly as his hardness heavy with his engorged blood settled on top of his bare pubic mound angling towards his upper body, but looking kind of strange yet sexy because of the curvature. His pale white stretched skin had the same thin spidery like webbing crisscrossing in various directions, and one large blue vein that began at the base of his shaft on the left hand side running all the way up towards the tip of his slicked up gleaming knob just below his ridge. My skin got goose bumps at the sexiness of what lay before me as I once more dove down between his legs getting dizzy when his light airy musky boy scent assaulted my senses.

This time I took in his heavy testicles into my mouth rolling them around with my tongue while my left hand slowly encircled his hard boyhood slowly masturbating him. Luca squirmed beneath me and whimpered when my right hand dove between his sweaty cheeks massaging his dark pinkish brown lips clamped tightly shut beneath him. I knew he wouldn't last long, and I didn't have a lot of time to waist for what I wanted so I let his testicles slip from between my warm lips and once more slid the length of his curved shaft into my mouth. My tongue slathered along the bottom side of his long tube allowing me to enjoy the nice size and weight of a fourteen year old boy cock. It's been a while since I've had something this long and weighty in my mouth, and for a fourteen year old this was very sweet indeed.

My wet lips and tongue began to work their magic on Luca making quick work of it since I knew he hasn't felt this kind of stimulation in years. This was going to change here soon because if I had my way while he was here all of us were going to take our turns on him. He was looking and begging for some action, and I was sure between all of us we would be able to satiate his needs before he headed back home giving him much valuable lessons in the game of sex along the way.

"Oh shit Kyle, that…that feels way better than I remembered," Luca squeaked as I ran my tongue around his knob before allowing my mouth to glide down once more down to the base of his shaft my nose bumping into his soft hairless skin. My right finger was tickling his brown lips between his pale snow colored Swiss twin mountainous peeks, while my left hand was gently working his chestnut sized testicles as if I were trying to milk cow's udders. Reversing direction I sucked on his hard five plus inch length with such force that he jerked while at the same time I ran my tongue around his girth like a whirling tornado. "Oooh…oooh….shit," he finally yelped when my tongue slid around the ridge of his knob and then pressed against his piss opening.

All at once I felt his erection expanding in my mouth; his glans flaring outwards and then the first eruption of his thin slimy boy batter as it came screaming out of his slit past my pushing tongue. At the same time his testicles leaped out of my constricting fingers disappearing inside of his body cavity as his whole body seemed to contract inwards. I could feel the blast of his first ever ejaculate forcing its way past my tongue, and into my awaiting mouth where I began to swallow down the sweet tasting honey like nectar. It was light, but bursting with flavor as if it had aged properly in their two blanketed kegs.

The first blast had come screaming out of him like a bullet from a gun as he squirmed in the midst of his orgasmic explosion. "Uuuumph, uuumph, oooh, umph, umph," he grunted as he tried to expel more, but just didn't have much more to offer up other than a little dribble.

I continued to suckle on that stiff board of his until it got tender and shriveled up inside of my mouth. I let his limpness slide from between my lips and watched it settle on top of his baggy pouch. Even his soft state was amazing measuring in at around four and quarter inches, but on the sleek thin side. Not as thin as Grant's when he was soft at that age, but still nice and sleek. This boy was just amazing to look at with his now flushed cheeks sucking in air as he tried to recover.

While he recuperated I walked over towards my night stand and retrieved the bottle of sex lubricant. I grabbed a couple of pillows and set them down next to Luca before rolling him on top of them. He was still a bit woozy from his explosive orgasm and didn't protest rolling on top of them without too much effort. Grabbing the edges of my shorts I yanked them down past my knees and then spread apart his two pale white pillowy knolls. A wave of sweaty spent sexed up boy scent wafted up to my nose and I breathed it in greedily before slathering on a copious amount of lubricant between his butt cheeks and lining up behind him.

Luca looked back just in time to see me slowly ease forward my hips until I bumped up against his opening. I didn't even wait as I pressed onwards until I saw those pinkish brown lips give way and slide over the tip of my knob.

"Oh shit Kyle…wh…what are you doing back there?" He grunted as the unexpected intrusion made the boy gasp and turn back around no longer able to keep his head turned towards me.

"I'm just going to show you another way to have some fun Luca, but it might hurt at first. I know you saw me and Evan doing it the first time when we were in the hospital. Just relax and let me do all the work." I whispered to him softly as I slowly began to insert my length inside of his tight opening.

There was no doubt he was a virgin as tight as he was. I was much bigger now than when I had first entered Evan, but I was still fairly thin and Luca was able to take all of me without too much difficulty as my hairy pubic mound finally bumped up against his warm fleshy plump pillows.

"Oh shit Luca…you are so damn sexy tight. I'm sure some of the other guys are going to enjoy that sweet tight ass of yours, but for now you are all mine. Are you ready?" I asked him as the Swiss blond boy seemed to pause for a moment thinking before nodding his head. "You didn't seem so sure about it…well I'll begin slow until you beg me for more." I taunted him as I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth.

Working Mattie last night had made me raw, but by this morning I had mostly recuperated. I wasn't going to tease Luca like I had with Mattie because I simply didn't have that much stamina left in me today or time as I quickly searched out his sweet spot. Finding it I began to press up against it feeling the younger boy begin to squirm in pleasure. My hands were on either side of his hips, but I shifted a little closer so I could wrap my arms around his waist and find his sweet nice sized boyhood. My right hand found his sexy toys, and I wrapped my fingers around his sleekness. Rotating my hips I ground into that magic button making him moan pleasurably and slowly his spent rod began to come back to life making me smile inwardly. I worked him slowly like I promised, and soon enough he was whimpering wanting more but I waited.

Luca was the last piece in the puzzle from that special year where everything seemed to have changed in my life. It still amazed me that it all began with my so called baby sitting rules, ten in all when it was all said and done. Now as I worked Luca, I was once more reminded of the most important rule of all.

Leaning over while still gently working the sweet boy, I whispered softly in his ear. "I love you so much Luca, we all do, and before you leave I'm sure the rest of the guys will show you just how much." I told him tenderly feeling the boy quiver at my words as if he were soaking in the love I was promising him was forthcoming.

Luca finally craned his neck looking back up at me with such a yearning look. "I…I love you too Kyle…but…pl…please more harder…it…it feels so good. Ooooh…umph." He whispered in that cute Swiss accent, and then gasped when I bumped him a little harder making his eyes pop out as an intense feeling seemed to sizzle inside of him making his whole body quiver in a shock wave radiating outwards from his center catching me in its wake at the same time.

"Oooh…ooh…oh," he gasped as the sensation rocked him to the core just enough to bring him to the edge, but not quite all the way.

"You better beg if you want more," I grunted almost going over as well while also giving him a firm shove for emphasis.

"More…please harder…more," the adorably cute Swiss blonde boy begged me in earnest, and giggled impishly as I began to give him what he wanted.

"Oh shit Luca, you are so fucking tight and it feels so sweet having you wrapped around my cock like this. Damn, you are so fucking sexy hot." I crooned making the boy look back at me and blush his cheeks turning even a brighter color of red as sweat dripped off his forehead.

My tempo changed and I began to thrust into him with more force, yet still remained gentle so as to not create any pain. The sexiness of his ass began to overwhelm me, and I knew I was close. Luca was close now as well, and he planted his feet firmly on to the ground standing up while remaining bent over at the waist his weight settled on top of the pillows. This gave me even more access to his lovely virginal unplowed grounds as I continued to thrust forward determined to till it all with my thin spade. I wanted to make sure I prepared the new field properly so that I could sow it with my own personal specialized seed. When he gave me more access to his field it also gave me perfect access to his motor, so while I worked my plow and spade to accomplish the deed I also reached around his waist and began to crank his sleeved five and a half inch piston on his tractor. We were both grunting and moaning working our respective tools when all of a sudden the boy lurched and contracted. I could feel his penis literally jolt in my hands as his body clamped down tightly milking my five and a quarter inch steel shovel.

At the last moment my body thrust forward burying my entire length inside his narrow groove as we both experienced our orgasm together. There was no holding back as I opened up the floodgates and emptied myself out of him while at the same time I felt a wetness spreading across my fingers as he once more released his clear runny seminal fluids. It wasn't much, but still enough to be unmistakable that he was now fully immersed into the realm of puberty. We both continued to grunt and writhe in our orgasmic high as I settled the weight of my body on top of him breathing in and out deeply. The smaller boy beneath my weight continued to tremble as my special elixir now pulsed inside of him in small dribbles before he finally settled down. A few seconds later my own convulsions subsided as we both began our return downwards from our high.

Removing my hand from beneath him I brought it up to his lips. Luca looked back at me and I smiled. "It's you Luca, you finally squirted, and since I got the first taste it is only fair you get the second one." I told him as he giggled and licked off my hand.

When he finished he closed his eyes taking a moment to recuperate, but I wasn't done with him yet as I rolled him on his back pleased to see he was still halfway hard. Not wasting any time I climbed on top of him, but since he had a curved penis I decided to try something new. I swiveled on top of him with my back towards him, and slowly eased myself downwards feeling his semi hard erection slipping inside of me as it all of a sudden swelled back to life.

Luca seemed to stir back to reality, and I heard him gasp. "Oh shit Kyle…wh…what are you doing." He moaned as I began to rock my hips slowly downwards trying to get all of him inside of me.

"Just relax and let me do all the work. I want to have you in every possible way tonight Luca before anyone else gets you. Tonight I'm taking all of your virginity." I told him as I felt him shuttering beneath me.

"Oh shit…shit…shit…Kyle…I…it's so intense." He moaned almost in a whining kind of way as I finally managed to get his entire length inside of me.

It felt strange feeling his curved erection inside of me in this position. Slowly I began to fuck his slicked up penis feeling it glide in and out of me, the unique curvature of his extremely hard erection sending a new wave of sensation inside of me as it seemed to stimulate some very different spots than I was used to. Looking down between my legs it was odd to actually be able to see his penis slide in and out of me from this angle. This was new for me and I found myself quickly cresting. My reaction only managed to stimulate Luca as well. He had just blown his cork twice, but he was already at the brink for his third time as I began to come down hard on him feeling the tip of his knob bumping up into my spongy pleasure point.

"Oh fuck Kyle, what's that?" Luca gasped as all of a sudden my tight iris clamped down around his hardness in a milking like fashion sending both of us over the edge at the same time. For the third time in a row Luca climaxed, and to my surprise I could actually feel a little wetness squirting out of the tip of his penis as he once more sent his ejaculating spraying out from his milk containers.

It only managed to heighten the sensation for Luca as his hardened pole quivered deep inside of me. Our two bodies jolted and rocked around simultaneously as we climbed the highest peeks of Switzerland together cresting the top and piercing the thin atmosphere making us both gasp for air threatening to make us faint. Slowly we both calmed down our bodies now dripping in sweat as I slumped forward leaning my hands up against his knees.

Luca body shuddered one last time before I felt him soften up inside of me. Slowly I eased myself off of him and looked down at the poor spent boy whose chest rose and fell with each quivering breath.

I settle down next to him as we continued to breathe heavily trying to recuperate. "Thanks Kyle that was way better than I could have ever imagined." He sighed deeply "Did you really mean it when you said the other guys would be willing to have some fun with me?" He asked me as I lay next to him feeling the silky smoothness of his torso next to mine as our heated bodies began to slowly cool down.

"Yeah I'm sure they would love to have a bit of fun with you, but only if you want that kind of excitement."

"Oh Ja, that would be wonderful. I've been so damn horny lately that I don't know what to do with myself. It isn't easy getting a girlfriend, and then doing sex kinds of stuff. My balls have literally been aching for months now, and this felt so fantastic with you. My nuts don't even hurt anymore. Thanks Kyle you are totally awesome." He giggled using an American phrase which sounded literally funny in his Swiss accent.

It seemed like our passionate play had lasted forever when in reality it had all happened in a matter of minutes. My overcooked limp bean sprout seemed happy again with all the attention it's been getting lately as I got up making my way into the bathroom. When I returned Luca was still lying on the bed seemingly enjoying the afterglow of the moment. Sitting down next to sexy Swiss boy, I let him lay there and cleaned him up gently enjoying his exotic naked beauty. I finished up and watched him as he finally sighed and got up slipping his white shorts over his limp shriveled up satiated noodle. Just sitting there watching him was sexy and brought a smile to my face.

Luca noticed and smiled back slipping between my legs looking down at my nakedness. "Are you going to get dressed and come out with me?" He giggled noting I was still sitting there naked.

"Yeah, you go ahead. I'm going to slip on a fresh pair of underwear and my shorts, and then I'll be right out." I responded watching him for a moment as he turned and headed out the door.

Getting up I walked over towards my dresser and pulled open the drawer with my underwear in it. My mind seemed to drift for a moment as I just sighed shaking my head at what has all happened in the last couple of days. This had been a very nice little interlude with the sexy little Swiss boy, but once again I was feeling those pangs of guilt at having taken something so precious from another sweet boy. Mattie and Luca had been the last two pieces in the puzzle, and it was now official. I had managed to deflower my entire group of closest friend in the most intimate of ways. Thinking about it all sort of made me ashamed of this fact, not proud as my thoughts wandered back to Luca making me wonder what was holding him back at home.

It still baffled me that he didn't have a girlfriend or at least a friend to fool around with, but then as I thought about it I supposed that a lot of families might be a bit intimidated with Luca's stepfather's position, which in turn could have an affect on Luca's friendships. In a small community the powerful position that the man held could create a situation where many families would be reserved and even cautious with their interaction with Luca's family. This in turn would probably spill over to the kids as well, which could manifest in several different ways. In some cases these kids were like outcasts, and in some ways it seems as if Luca was feeling this right now with his friends. In various ways it probably meant that the other boys would leave him out of some activities that he normally would be included in. Whatever the case may be it still didn't seem right to be doing these things with the younger boy. He had wanted this of course, and so did I, but still it made me wonder who the real horn dog was in the family, me or Mattie.

A subtle scent seemed to float along the edges of my senses bringing me back to the moment. "Evan," I whispered just as I felt the boy's arms wrapping around my waist and leaning up against my naked back.

"How'd you know it was me," I heard the soft voice of my sweet little angel.

He still managed to make my skin tingle as I just leaned back into him breathing in his scent and enjoying the close contact. "I'll never forget your essence," I chuckled as I turned around in his arms and took a good look at him.

At seventeen Evan had grown up a bit, almost as tall as me, but he still had those sweet boyish features and that adorably sweet smile as I ran my fingers through his hair. With him being gone in France and me off to college it just seems like ages since we've actually been this close to one another. It felt exhilarating to feel him in my arms once more. Even though he's grown over the last several years he still had that air of youthful beauty about him as I felt him hold me tighter and settle his head on my shoulders.

"I missed these times with you Kyle," Evan breathed out softly as I wrapped my arm around him and softly stroked his back.

"Me too my little sweet angel…me too," I had to admit to him as I felt his hands gently run along my naked back.

"D…do you think we can…um…cuddle…you know…like we used to…I mean…under the covers?" He asked me kind of shocking me.

Even after we broke up we would snuggle up under the covers and just cuddle together. As he got older we continued to snuggle up like that; especially, when he wanted to talk with me about something important. It's been over a year since we've seen one another, and I just didn't know what to make of the situation.

"Um…cuddle…now? I mean Evan what about the others…I mean they will wonder where we've gotten off to." I replied as I leaned back looking at him noticing his hazel colored eyes dancing around happily making me smile and shake my head because I just missed everything about him.

"No…it's alright. I told Gabe and Jaden that I needed some time alone with you, and your mom is already clearing off the table forcing everyone into the living room saying something about dessert. I told her that we will have some later." He chuckled making me smile and roll my eyes knowing my mom won't let anyone else leave until after dessert. "I think she kind of knew I wanted to have some alone time with you." He finished off smiling as I just shrugged my shoulders and turned around pulling back the bed covers.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed I watched Evan as he slowly peeled out of his clothes. My eyes were glued to him as he undressed, and when he looked up at me he just shook his head smiling at me not in the least bit shy that he was stripping in front of me. I suppose we had both gotten over that shyness with one another a long time ago as I recalled how timid he had been about his nudity. Now as he slithered out of his white briefs my eyes gazed at his sleek firm tight body with smooth hairless legs. It amazed me that at his age he still had hardly any body hair on him. Even his pubic mound had only a small tight curly bush surrounding the base of his thick fleshy tube. He hadn't changed that much between his legs over the last year either with a thick flaccid four inch skin covered penis that hung lazily over his slightly hanging pouch. Just visible at the end of his hooded jacket, as if saying hello to the world, was the tip of his purplish pink colored knob. He just exuded sexiness as he moved towards me sliding between my legs to stand a mere few inches in front of me.

He reached down and ran his fingers through my hair his fleshy tube swaying lazily a few inches in front of my nose. I watched as his flaccid tube slowly got hard sticking upwards slightly angling towards his shoulder. Just to the side of his hard shaft at the base I could still make out his small little beauty mark through the small curls of his pubic hair. His hard five and a quarter inch penis seemed to pulse around wildly in front of my nose now with his slicked up knob completely exposed to the world tempting me to do something bold and naughty.

"Shit…you fucking tease," I retorted climbing backwards into bed my own hard erections pulsing with blood between my legs having all but forgotten its recent workout.

"Speak for yourself," Evan chuckled gazing at my leaking hardness before climbing into bed with me as we just settled down and snuggled up against one another.

"Shit for real Evan…don't you feel kind of funny about this; especially, since you have a girlfriend now." I sighed as I couldn't help myself and pulled him closer to me feeling his erection rubbing against my thigh making both of us quiver. "Damn, you still turn me on you know." I told him trying to get myself back under control.

"I know," he chuckled. "Don't you think I feel the same way despite…um…having a girlfriend." He sighed as I felt him reach beneath the blanket and wrap his fingers around my erection making me jolt in surprise.

"Shit…stop Evan before things get out of control." I told him seriously as he just shrugged his shoulders and released me.

"I can't help it Kyle. I mean just because we broke up all those years ago doesn't mean I stopped caring about you and wanting you in that way…you know." He sighed rolling his left leg on top of me and laying his head on top of my chest making me scrunch up my eyes bringing back a flood of hurtful memories with how it had all come about.

"I'm so sorry Evan." I whispered hoarsely my voice rattling in my chest as the emotions began to bubble up and threaten to overwhelm me. "I still feel so bad and guilty about everything…you know. I mean…," I paused just shaking my head not knowing what I really meant.

"What…I mean why Kyle?" Evan asked me genuinely shocked making me just look down at him. "Shit…I didn't know you still felt so bad about it, but then again I don't know why it surprises me. You always seem to feel guilty about everything, and I really wish you'd stop doing that to yourself." He told me honestly as I just looked at him.

"I…I just can't help it Evan. I mean I care so much about you, and just want to protect you is all." I told him sincerely as I felt him running his hand lightly over my chest making my skin tingle.

"Well you need to stop worrying already, besides it really was the best thing that ever happened for real. I mean just look at you and Gabe. Who knows how things would be if we hadn't broken up, and with Jaden…," he shrugged his shoulders looking up at me. "Well with Jaden those were some of the most beautiful moments in my life. I was so in love with him, and he loved me back too. We were so happy together Kyle, and I don't think we could have had that if the two of us hadn't broken up. It would have been too awkward all three of us…together…in that way. I know that me and Jaden broke up too…later on, but when that happened we were both ready, and knew that we had feelings towards girls by that time. So in a way, you taught us that it was alright to move on when the time came. I don't have any regrets Kyle…about us…about Jaden." He whispered softly as his fingers began to trace around my scar.

"Really Evan…I mean do you really feel that way?" I asked him noticing him nod his head.

"Yeah, I really mean it. I miss us being together and all, but I'm so in love with my…um…girlfriend, Elsa." He told me.

"So you really have no regrets…about anything then?" I asked him feeling a sense of relief as I looked down noticing he had stopped tracing his finger around my old scar.

"Only one Kyle…this…," he shuddered as I felt a teardrop spilling from his face on to my old wound. "The only regret I have is that you got hurt to save me…you know. I mean when I saw Don pulling that gun on you and then shoot you a piece of me died that day too Kyle. I don't know how to really explain it…but it was as if from that day forward I knew that I was living on borrowed time." He told me wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes as I just gazed down at him my heart leaping up into my throat.

"I…I…um…Evan what are you talking about…y…you aren't sick or anything are you?" I asked him feeling my chest constrict and horrified at what his answer might be when I heard him let out a snort as he just shook his head.

"No…nothing so dramatic as that." He answered me while I just lifted my shaking hand to my temple.

"Shit Evan, don't do that to me. What the fuck is wrong with you, and what the hell are you talking about with this whole borrowed time shit?" I retorted a bit put off at the moment.

Evan just shrugged his shoulders not seemingly too concerned about it. "Nothing…just telling you that I always felt that Don was out to kill me that day, and if it weren't for you I'd probably be dead. So every day since then is like a blessing, and it almost feels like I'm on borrowed time." He sighed looking at me while I just shook my head and he continued. "It…um…it's why I need another favor from you?" He whispered as he settled his head back on to my chest.

"Favor? What's going on Evan…I mean of course I'll do whatever you need…you know that, but why are you being so cryptic. I love you with all my heart and I'll do anything for you so just spit it out already because I'm starting to get a bit worried." I told him sincerely as he looked up and smiled at me.

"I still love you too Kyle so much so that it hurts sometimes. You made me who I am today, and you gave me my life at a costly price to yourself. I will always love you despite, or perhaps because of that and your silly rules. Like I said though, you were right Kyle…you know…rule number ten. I know now it had been yet another sacrifice on your part. You have always sacrificed everything for me and Mattie." He told me as tears streamed down his cheeks.

He was breaking my heart and I didn't know what to think or what was going on with him so I just pulled him up into my arms and stroked his back tenderly shaking my head. "Oh my sweet…sweet…angel. You are the one who has suffered so much and I love you to death you silly little ninny, but I swear if you don't spit out what's bothering you I'll just explode." I replied trying to lighten the mood as I felt him snuggling up into my arms and giggling.

"Good because I just wanted you to know that Elsa and I got married a few months back." He whispered softly making me wonder if I had heard correctly and making my head spin not knowing what to say about it.

"But…but…you're only seventeen." I told him in astonishment as he shrugged his shoulder. "I…I mean how…married…when the hell did all of this happen?" I asked a bit confused while he just looked up at me.

"It just sort of happened is all…I mean we fell in love with each other and got married over six months ago. I've known for a while now that I wanted a family, and Elsa has always known too. I know we are both young, but it's not as if I don't already know my future. I'm almost done with school, I make more than enough money to start and support my own family, and I'm not going to college. Like I've said earlier, it seems like ever since you saved my life it was as if I'm on borrowed time, and starting a family this early makes sense to me. I've been pretty much on my own for a year now anyway supporting myself and earning enough money. I've fallen in love Kyle, and just know she's the one." He told me sweetly as if this was all there was to it.

The entire time he talked I had been looking down at him snuggled up in my arms, my mind still viewing him as the small twelve and thirteen year old boy huddled protectively in my embrace. Yet as his conviction became stronger I saw him transforming in my arms back into the strong confident man I had seen him grow into before he had left for France last year. Seeing his strong conviction spread over his features made me smile, and accept things for what they were. Yes, he was still young, but he was also correct in that he was more than ready to step into the world of adulthood responsibilities. Most kids these days aren't ready for this, but Evan was right in that his life had changed all those years ago. His childhood had actually been a short one, but I at least allowed him to have that when I had stepped back from our relationship, and permitted him to be a thirteen year old boy.

"Good then I am happy for you, and when you tell the others I'll stand up for you." I told him honestly knowing that he truly was ready to begin his life.

"Thank you Kyle, I know you will, but I need you to sacrifice one more thing for me?" He asked me cryptically making me roll my eyes, but truth be told no matter what it was it really didn't matter to me because I would do anything for my sweet Evan.

"Of course just name it."

"We are going to have a baby boy, and I want to name him Kyle after you, and we both want you to be his godfather. W…will you do this for us?" He asked me hesitantly. "You don't have to answer me now, but just think about it for real. I…it's important to us…I mean Elsa and me. She knows all about us Kyle…I mean everything…and she approves feeling who better to be there for our child if something should ever happen. I know you would be there for him just like your father was for me and Mattie. I…I know this is a lot to ask of you…but you are the one Elsa and I can trust with the most precious thing in our lives."

"A…a baby Kyle…h…how did that happen?" I asked stunned as he just looked at me and laughed.

"Oh…I forgot you're gay. Well you see when a boy and a girl get together in that special kind of way…," He began mockingly until I punched him in the arm a bit hard. "Ouch, what the fuck." He yelped complainingly.

"I know how babies are made you silly little twit…I'm just saying…um…is that why you got married because you didn't use protection…I mean how often have I told you to use protection?" I asked him as he just laughed at me because I was treating him like some teenaged horny boy, which to be honest he really still was at being only seventeen years old.

"Kyle…geeze…I'm married already…and if you must know we didn't…well…let's just say we both waited for that until after we were married. We really are in love you know, and when we first got together we both felt it better if we waited to…um…well…we both felt it important to consummate after we got married to make it official like." He told me blushing at having revealed something so private to me.

"Oh shit Evan…I…um…sorry…I shouldn't have pressed you like that because it is none of my business." I replied blushing now as well for having gotten into something that should be private between him and his wife.

"That's alright…I suppose. I mean…I guess it's only fair since I did tell her all about us, but that's only because I felt she needed to know if we were going to get married. I mean you are a big part of my life, and she needed to know it because I still have such strong feelings for you. If she didn't know it would never work out, so she had to know." He apologized to me prompting me to shrug my shoulders.

"And?" I asked him making him look at me.

"And what?" He retorted.

"And how does she feel about us?" I asked him making him giggle.

"Well she said that if I'm going to have an affair as a married man at least she won't have to worry about it being with some younger pretty girl." He stated making me laugh and shake my head.

"I think I'm going to like her a lot, but she won't have to worry about me having an affair with you." I teased him as I reached down and gave his soft penis a tug feeling it come alive in my fingers. "Damn for real Evan, how the hell can you get hard with another guy when you are already in love with a beautiful girl?" I chuckled as he pulled down the blanket allowing me to run my fingers lightly over his erection.

"Easy," he sighed quivering when I slowly stroked his erection feeling his foreskin glide up and down the length of his five and a quarter inch long hardness. "You just are so fucking sexy hot." He whimpered as I forced myself to release him before things went to far between us.

Everything about him still felt so damn sexy hot to me, but those days are now forever gone between the two of us with just fond and loving memories remaining behind. Those who knew us best had mixed feelings about how things ended a few years back in that regard, but as long as Evan was happy and healthy that is all what truly mattered. Looking back on things I now knew with a certainty it had been the right thing to do. It had hurt, for both of us at the time, but now knowing how Evan felt about how things have turned out I knew in my heart that it had all been for the best.

"I'll do it." I whispered softly to him making him screw up his eyes questioningly and smiling mischievously at me. "Not that you silly ninny…even though having sex with you right now is tempting. No…I mean I'd be honored to be baby Kyle's godfather. You know I will love him and take care of him with all of my heart if it ever comes to that. Besides, who else is going to teach him about the Ten Golden Rules?" I teased Evan making both of us smile fondly at one another while a sort of peaceful relief spread over my angel's features as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Just then I heard a soft knocking on the bedroom door before it opened and Grant stuck his head inside looking around before spotting us snuggled up in bed. Smiling he slid inside the room and looked towards us with a fairly decent sized tent pressing the front of his jeans. He looked sexy as ever and my penis twitched excitedly at the prospect of getting inside of the boy.

"Um…I…um…just was going to hop into the shower to get cleaned up real quick…you know…with so many people…I just wanted to grab one while I could. If…um…maybe you want to get cleaned up too…I mean…if you aren't too tired." He giggled at me before winking at Evan making me laugh.

"Yeah sure Grant…that'd be cool…get the water going and I'll be right in." I told him watching as he just smiled and peeled out of his clothes his soft four and a half inch softness beginning to rise expectantly giving me and Evan a quick show. Smiling at us and stroking his hard tool sexily, he winked at us before heading naked into the bathroom his stiff six and a half inch fifteen year old boy penis leading the way while his smooth large pouch bounced around between his legs. He had a bushy light colored bush surrounding the base of his shaft, and as we watched him slide into the bathroom it was already slicked up with pre-cum.

"Don't wait too long." I heard the luscious sexy fit boy whisper before disappearing into the bathroom.

Turning to Evan I just shook my head. "Want to join us I asked teasingly knowing he hadn't ever really messed around with Grant only having seen him like this during our first visit to Santa Cruz.

My sweet angelic curly haired boy smiled back at me mischievously. "Yeah sure, as long as I get to play a little too." He giggled making me snap my head around at him gaping in surprise.

"What…really…I mean what about Elsa?" I asked him seriously as he shrugged his shoulders.

"She's fine with it, and told me this will probably be my last chance to have fun with my friends like this. So why not start with you and Grant." He told me seriously as he slipped out from beneath the covers while I just gawked at his sexy body and for some reason got a little nervous now as I began to wonder which ass I wanted to fertilize first, Grant's or Evan's, while also pondering which boy's nice thick hard fleshy drill bit will get to bore into me first.

The sexiness of it all made me giddy and nervous just like some little school boy doing the naughty for the first time. Then, rule number five all of a sudden popped into my mind making me giggle. I guess I'll just have to take things slow and tackle one problem at a time. 'If life were only that simple,' I wondered to myself…'then it would be sweet indeed' I continued to ponder as I no longer worried about which brown field I was going to plow first only knowing that whatever the order it would be a very pleasant day's work indeed.

I chuckled to myself realizing that once more my silly little rules seemed to put things into better perspective as I followed Evan into the shower booth knowing full well this was going to be the best holiday season ever without a doubt. It was already off to a good start with me deflowering the last two virgins in our group, along with a couple of other pleasant dalliances with my friends. I was more determined than ever now to make my rounds with all of my friends before they left returning to their own lives.

Thus began our journey into adulthood as we all prepared to leave behind our childhood pleasures and innocence enjoying this one last sweet moment of time with one another before moving on to the next stage in our lives with no regrets or shame of the past. The silly rules that seemed to have started it all had become a fixture in some of our lives lighting the way along our chosen paths.

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