Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 33

Mattie reached inside the box and slowly pulled out a two month old Malinois puppy that looked a lot like Sage. "That's one of Sage's sons." I explained to Mattie and Evan who glanced at me smiling broadly before looking back at the dog. "Dad took him to a special breeder who's been looking for a dog with Sage's ability and characteristics to breed with one of his best females. Dad got permission from the military since the breeder is used exclusively by them, and then he got special permission in order to be able to adopt one of the puppies. Of course I still had to pay the breeder since technically Sage belonged to the military, but he's worth every penny because he's just like Sage was as a puppy." I stated smiling and looking over towards my father. "I guess for some reason he has a little pull when it comes to these sorts of things." I chuckled knowing full well my dad probably cashed in the rest of his goodwill chips regarding his MOH status.

My mom smiled and looked towards my father. "Well are you going to tell them or not?" She asked him a bit cryptically.

My father cleared his throat and looked at me with a crooked grin. "Well boys Sage is now officially retired as well." He stated making me smile and realize he really must have cashed in all of his chips for it to happen so quickly. "Anyway," he continued while I bent over to scratch Sage behind the ears. "He will now officially become a part of our family. With him around training the puppy will be a little easier. Malinois puppies are high maintenance dogs so Evan and Mattie we will help you train the puppy properly and with Sage setting the example it will be much easier for us." My dad explained as everyone seemed to croon over the new puppy while Sage sauntered over, nudged the small furry bundle, and finally licked him affectionately welcoming him to the family.

I watched the boys fondly as they all gushed over the new puppy happily. Grant looked over towards me and climbed to his feet wandering over to me. He hopped on to my lap facing me with his legs folded up at the knees on either side of my hips, and leaned in pressing his naked torso up against mine. It sort of caught me by surprise, but I couldn't help myself as I returned the affectionate embrace. His warm skin felt soft and silky pressed up against me, and I could feel his small little soft bulge pressing up against my stomach. A pleasant light boy scent belonging to the small boy, intermingled with Mattie's soft undertones and a hint of sex wrapped around it all, wafted up to my nose. I closed my eyes and breathed him in deeply, further imprinting Grant on to my senses.

We sat there for a few moments while the other boys continued to play before we released each other and he leaned back. "Thanks for making this such a wonderful Christmas Kyle." He told me sweetly as he leaned in kissing me on the cheek before hopping off of my lap.

The innocent affectionate display was so sweet and tender making me reflect back to my conversation with Riley. The older boy had warned me how sensitive Grant really was, and it began to sink in that despite the brave outwards appearance that the younger boy tried to portray, he truly was a very sweet young boy.

Getting up I retrieved my video camera so I could zoom in on some action while the boys continued to play with the puppy and enjoy their new presents. I noticed Grant walking over to my mom and dad, and filmed him while he gave each of them a nice warm hug thanking them for the best Christmas ever. Mattie noticed his friend and immediately hopped up walking up to his mom thanking her for everything; especially, the plane tickets for next summer so he could stay with Grant and Riley. Both boys switched positions with Grant thanking Aunt Liz and Mattie thanking my parents for a nice Christmas and for being such a good uncle and aunt. My parents and Aunt Liz smiled fondly at the two boys telling them they were very welcome before allowing them to turn their attention back to their gifts and the new puppy.

Normally we went to church on Christmas Eve, but with the boys flying in we had foregone the normal routine. My parents had thought about going this morning, but then shrugged it off deciding to let it slide this year so we could all enjoy the day. After getting changed into warmer clothes we all headed outside for a little while with Sage and the new puppy in toe to enjoy the snow while it lasted. We were having a mild winter this year, and the snow was already melting away leaving a clean crisp smell in the air. Afterwards everyone pitched in with cleaning up the small skate park that my dad had built for Mattie. It was small, but really nice with stairs, rails, ramps, and jumps.

After we had gotten back from our trip to Santa Cruz, Mattie had been so enthusiastic about skate boarding that my dad called in one of his buddies who lives here locally. The man was a farmer, but before that in the military engineering corps. He brought in his tractor and other necessary equipment clearing out a space along the side of the old barn. The two of them laid out a plan digging the pits and hills necessary for a small skate park. They hauled in some cement and with all of us pitching in, including Mattie, went to town bringing the cement park to life. All in all it was a pretty nice little set-up and it wasn't unusual for some of the local kids to come around asking for permission to use the park.

At first my parents refused not wanting the responsibility in case someone got hurt, but there was a small group of kids locally who really didn't have a proper place to hone their skills and begged my parents. So my mom and dad sought out some legal advice and opened it up to the kids whose parents were willing to sign waivers. The rule was my parents had to meet the other parents first, who in turn had to sign a legal waiver absolving my parents of all responsibility. The waiver had to be notarized and submitted to our lawyer who was overseeing this process. In addition, they would be responsible for any legal costs involved with the lawyer as well since of course no lawyer ever works for free. This ended up just being a minimal processing fee which was very affordable and really not a deterrent in any way for most of the parents. Of course they could also seek out their own legal council if they wanted to go over the documents, but most parents understood this was only for our protection.

My parents only allowed it to be open on two days out of the week for a couple of hours, and only for those who had signed waivers. We didn't want our place to end up becoming a hangout for the kids in the entire town. If my parents weren't home the park was closed no matter what day. If anyone wanted to use it on those days other than when it was open they had to call first and get permission. This still left it open for the rest of us to have it all to ourselves. It was a small park, but plenty big for Mattie and the rest of us as we now took turns grinding our way through the various obstacles and jumps along the way. Of course Mattie had improved a lot since Grant had last seen him prompting the boy to ask Mattie if he wanted to sign up for a tournament when he came into Santa Cruz with Evan next summer.

Mattie had beamed proudly that Grant felt he was good enough to enter a tournament and thought it a cool idea. We laughed happily for Mattie making me think that this next upcoming summer was going to be a very busy one indeed. I continued to film the boys for a while before I returned back to the house with Riley and Evan close on my heels. I wanted to get cleaned up, and it looked like Mattie and Grant were going to be out there for a while. The sun had popped out and it got warmer with the snow completely melted away now as the two younger boys worked up a sweat.

While Riley hopped into the hallway shower Evan followed me inside the one attached to our room. I smiled fondly at my little dark curly haired angel as he slipped out of his clothes revealing his smooth tight finely honed pale skin. He had lost his summer tan a long time ago, and his light porcelain toned skin gleamed in the soft lighting making my tool between my legs react to his sexiness. With our guests having arrived the two of us hadn't been able to take care of our personal needs for a while now, and my hard penis began to leak all on its own in anticipation.

Evan tossed his shirt on to the counter and looked over towards me shaking his head knowingly. "Geeze for real Kyle…you've gotten just as bad as Mattie these days." He noted as he slithered over towards me wrapping his arms around my neck so we could kiss.

"I know, but I just can't help it. Lately I feel so alive and it's like my entire body is all tingly like." I whispered softly as our two bodies intertwined tightly together with my damp hard wick pressing up against Evan's stomach making me quiver excitedly.

We separated and he began to step towards the shower, but I wrapped my arms around the front of the small petite boy and pulled him back towards me. He giggled and leaned back allowing my fingers to roam downwards to rub his mostly bare pubic mound. The boy smelled delicious as his scent assaulted my senses making me reel dizzily for a moment at its sexy undertones. It was like I could smell the sex exuding from his pores as Evan's own sexual needs began to bubble up at the moment. Looking down over Evan's shoulder I noticed his own little hard three inch erection bobbing and weaving in front of him now as well. He craned his neck towards me, noticed my crooked grin, and rolled his eyes knowingly telling me to shut up about his hard penis. I just laughed at him teasingly and groped him making him yelp in surprise.

"Looks like I'm not the only one needing a bit of attention." I told him softly my hands gently massaging his thick erection before dipping down and rolling his heavy testicles in my fingers.

He smiled back at me and turned in my arms leaning forward even more as my hands began to roam all over his body. We were both sweating now with the heat lamps on in the bathroom, and our skin began to slither around against each other. Our two bodies slipping around up against each other was just too much for me to take so I eased him up against the counter our groins smashing up against one another making both of us tremble excitedly. Our kiss became passionate and heated as we began to make out a little our hot breathes tickling our skin.

Our hands explored each other as if it were our very first time still fresh and new. It never ceased to amaze me just how much I enjoyed being together with the younger boy. The sex with him was like our very first and every time we made love together it was the same way. This time was no different as I placed a towel on the counter and slowly turned Evan around. Without using lubrication I eased my four and a half inch sleek hardness inside of him, and I slowly began to rock my hips forward feeling myself slide deeper into the warmth of blissfulness.

He felt tight and warm around my hard pole, his sphincter contracting and loosening up in a milking kind of fashion driving me wild. Slowly and methodically I began to make love to my little angel as he opened himself up further to me. He leaned over even more against the counter spreading apart his arms in the process. My lust began to take over as I gently forced myself even further up inside of him. We were both grunting now in earnest, and I could see ourselves in the mirror adding to the sexiness of the moment as I reached around in front of him squeezing gently on his fleshy pouch before wrapping my fingers around his thick heavy penis. It was amazing to watch ourselves in the large mirror as I began to slowly stroke his fat fleshy hardness in my fingers squeezing it gently. He hadn't changed between his legs for over six months now, time seemingly trying to hang on to his youthfulness. His boyish sexiness drove me wild as my own selfish needs took hold of my body, and I began to fuck him in earnest almost loosing control just having an urge to plow my hard penis violently inside of him so I could plant my seed. It took all of my will power to make sure I didn't abuse Evan in this manner as I continued to make love to his exquisiteness.

I continued to slowly stroke Evan's fat three inch hard erection feeling his tight foreskin sliding back and forth over the tip of his knob, and along the length of his shaft. The sexiness of our action began to send me over the edge as I began to search out his little giggle button. Shifting the angle of my approach I started to bump up against the pleasure point deep inside of my love finally sending him over the edge with his penis lurching in my fingers and spitting out its sweet nectar into my palm. I could feel the heat of his almost translucent like paste splattering in my hand as his contractions sent me over the edge at the same time forcing me to pump my own thicker milky load inside of his tight warm sexy malleable tunnel.

We both grunted in a mutual explosive orgasm as our high assaulted our bodies to its final conclusion. Our two bodies heaved and gasped heavily now on top of the towel with my weight on Evan's back. My hard thin stalk continued to quiver and spit inside the warm confines of my little curly haired boy's spongy cave as we slowly began to climb down off of our mountain top. My arms were wrapped tightly around the front of the younger boy refusing to let go. We stayed like this for several more moments before I finally eased myself backwards feeling my softness sliding easily out of Evan making me feel a bit at a loss. My sweet angel seemed to feel the same way with a small whimper escaping his lips. I was staring at him in the mirror, his lips quivering sadly for a moment when I slipped out of him before a small satisfied smile spread over his face.

Evan slowly turned around and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. "You always feel so wonderful inside of me." He whispered softly as we just nuzzled together. "You make me so happy Kyle and I love you so much." He sighed softly.

"Yeah I love you too Evan." I replied as I breathed him in, his scent pleasing in every way shape and form. I would never get tired of his essence. "But it's getting harder to control myself. I want to be tender because I love you so much, but I feel so alive that sometimes it is all I can do not to hurt you." I whimpered softly as he kissed my cheek and held me to his chest.

"No Kyle…I trust you and no matter what I know you'd never hurt me." He replied so sure of himself. "Come-on…we better hop in the shower before someone barges in on us." He chuckled bringing me back to my senses.

"Yeah, it's bad enough our folks know about us, but to actually get caught in the act would be a bit…weird." I giggled as we both jumped into the shower together.

The day just seemed to slip by us lazily with all of us just having fun and enjoying being together. Sometime in the early afternoon Gabe and Jaden showed up, and we managed to convince both of our parents to allow them to spend the night. It was Christmas, but anymore all of us had become so close to one another that their parents didn't mind as long as it was alright with mine. Of course my dad had just shrugged his shoulders and stated what were a couple of more bright faces around the house. Our families had grown very close to one another over the months.

Of course our families had all been acquainted with each other before, but now with Jaden spending so much time over here along with his older brother our parents had gotten to know each other even better. Then when I got shot Gabe's parents had helped out a lot making sure to keep an eye on things at the house and helping with shuttling all the kids back and forth to the hospital. With the erratic schedule my parents had relied on Gabe's parents to help out; especially, when our friends needed rides getting to me.

Now as I sat in the living room munching on a turkey sandwich with the rest of the guys laughing and having fun, I sort of felt a calming peace spreading all over me. Some of my closest friends in the entire world or ever was sitting here with me at the moment, and it made me realize just how truly lucky I was to have them in my lives. Of course some weren't here, but my closest friends of all were. Grant who was sitting next to me, which wasn't a surprise since he seemed to cling to me whenever we were both together, seemed to notice my somber mood. He reached under the table and stroked my knee tenderly. It was an innocent gesture on his part, but nevertheless it was so sweet and gentle that my eyes began to well up.

"What's wrong?" Gabe asked me a bit concerned noticing my mood while I just shook my head wiping away the dampness while the rest of my friends looked at me too seemingly worried.

"Nothing guys…really. It's just I realized that my best friends in the whole world are right here right now with me. I…I just can't explain how that makes me feel is all." I whispered a bit embarrassed at having to admit this to all of them.

Grant immediately leaned over and hugged me while Evan also leaned in gently rubbing my back making me sniffle trying to stay in control of myself. Instead, it was the blond skater boy who seemed loose control as he began to cry softly on my shoulder. Evan looked over towards me and motioned for me to help Grant. I had told him about my conversation with Riley, and how hard Grant seemed to have taken me getting hurt. Sighing I reached over and pulled the smaller boy into my arms as he crawled on top of my lap wrapping his arms around my neck and burying his head in my shoulder. The other boys didn't say anything, and my folks were sitting in the living room leaving us boys alone. Of course they had heard the exchange, but other than looking over to make sure everything was alright they left us alone.

Slowly I rocked Grant back and forth while Mattie just rubbed his friend's back looking at me a bit concerned. Evan motioned his little brother over to him and let Mattie climb on to his lap whispering in his ear trying to explain what was going on. I let Grant slowly get it out of his system while I held him gently in my arms. I thought that last night he had let it all out, but evidently something was really bothering the little guy.

"It's alright Grant…everything is alright." I whispered softly to him before setting him down and getting him to follow me.

Taking his hand into mine I led him to my room and closed the door so we could talk alone. "Are you alright?" I asked him as he sat down next to me nodding his head.

"Yeah…I guess." He stated not so convincingly.

"Grant…really…I'm perfectly fine, and you don't have to worry about me." I told him gently as he just looked at me with tears welling in his eyes shaking his head.

"I…I'm so sorry Kyle for being such a bother. Pl…please don't hate me for it." He begged me taking me by surprise.

"Grant of course I don't hate you…why on earth would you think that?" I told him seriously as he just shook his head and leaned in once more to hold me tightly.

It was an awkward position so I once more shifted him on to my lap allowing him to cuddle up to me. Scooting back I reached for the pillows and leaned back pulling him with me so I was in a more reclining sitting up position with him cuddled up against my chest. I just sat there slowly stroking his back letting his tears run its course.

"I'm such a baby Kyle…I'm sorry. It…it's just I can't help it." He breathed out softly finally getting himself a little under control.

"It's alright Grant…really…but why is this so hard on you. I'm so happy you are here with us, and I love both you and your brother to death Grant. You guys along with Evan, Mattie, Gabe, and Jaden mean the world to me, and I'm so happy to have you all in my life…but for real Grant what is making you so upset?" I asked him tenderly as he just quivered in my arms and shrugged his shoulders.

"Kyle it's so hard to explain…you know. I mean my mom died, and then my dad…it's just that it frightens me to loose someone else that I care about is all." He sniffled at a loss of explanation while I considered what he was saying.

The boy had experienced a lot of heartache and loss in his life that it was just kind of bubbling over for him. "I never cried Kyle." He whispered softly.

"What?" I asked him confused as he just looked up at me scrunching up his eyebrows a bit afraid of what he was saying to me.

"I…I never cried when my mom died and then my dad Kyle. I…I feel so ashamed that I never cried…not even at their funeral. I mean with my mom I was still really little…but my dad Kyle." He began to cry again. "I never cried for my dad." He admitted to me softly as I just shook my head.

"No…that's not true Grant. I mean Riley told me that he heard you cry sometimes in your room when you moved in." I responded reassuringly as the boy just shook his head.

"I only cried because it hurt so much to be somewhere I wasn't wanted. I mean I know now that Riley and mom want me, but back then I just felt awful and unwanted." He admitted to me breaking my heart.

"Grant…your father knew how much you loved him, and just because you didn't cry for him back then doesn't mean you didn't love him." I told the boy who just sighed in my arms as I softly stroked his back with him finally settling down a little.

"I'm not so sure." He finally whispered.

"I am Grant…I know you loved him because it shows every time you talk about him, every time you remember something about him, every time you look at his pictures. I see it in your eyes Grant." I told him softly placing my hand under his chin forcing him to look up at me. "Tell me I'm lying." I forced the issue with him as he shook his head tears threatening to overwhelm him. "See, then it is true…you loved your dad, and don't ever think otherwise, alright?" I asked him using my fingers to wipe away the salty wetness from his cheeks.

"Alright Kyle." He smiled at me feeling a bit better. "I'm really sorry." He apologized.

"For what?" I asked him seriously as he just looked down a bit ashamed shrugging his shoulders. "For caring about me?" I pressed him noticing cheeks turning red. "Oh Grant…," I chuckled holding him to my chest shaking my head. "You are something else, and I do adore you like you wouldn't believe. Between you and Mattie I just don't know anymore." I chuckled as he looked up at me and smiled.

"So you adore me?" He asked teasingly.

"Oh yeah…like you wouldn't believe. I knew you were special the first time I laid eyes on you and you seemed so concerned over Mattie. You are the most unselfish person I know Grant." I told him as I held on tightly to him and squeezed him not wanting to let go.

"Really…wow…I mean look at everything you've done for me and Riley. I love you so much Kyle for being there for me. Without you who knows how things would have turned out between me and Riley. I know he was trying…but I don't think you really know how bad it was. You saved us and I love you so much. That's why when you got hurt I didn't know what to think. It hurt me so bad that someone did that to you." He sighed shaking his head. "I just can't help it Kyle." He admitted to me apologetically.

"I know Grant and don't ever apologize for your feelings. Some people are just more sensitive, and I love you very much so don't ever change. I'm glad you are who you are…so if you need to cry don't be ashamed. I'm here for as long as you need, alright?" I asked him as he nodded his head and we continued to cuddle.

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door before Mattie poked his head inside looking at me. I smiled at him and motioned him over. He lit up brightly and hopped on to the bed snuggling up to his buddy.

"Are you alright now Grant?" Mattie asked his pal a bit concerned.

"Yeah Mattie," Grant breathed out softly turning to his friend. "I'm doing just fine. I…I just couldn't help myself…you know. I mean you were here with Kyle, but I was like a million miles away when it all happened. It was just scary to know Kyle had to go through that, and scary knowing you and Evan had to suffer too. You guys are my bestest friends in the whole world, and I felt just awful that I couldn't be here." Grant spoke softly trying to explain it all to Mattie who just looked at his pal sympathetically before reaching out and hugging him.

"Yeah…it sucks living so far away, but at least we get to visit on skype, and also we will get to spend a lot of time together this summer. Besides you guys are going to be here for another whole week, and maybe sometime before now and summer we will find a way to get together again." Mattie explained exuberantly making Grant smile at his younger friend.

"That'd be cool for sure." He replied as they just cuddled together.

"Um…Grant…do you think you can show me how to do an inverse?" Mattie asked his friend who looked at him and laughed.

The two boys crawled out of bed and headed outside leaving me alone for a minute or two until Riley, Gabe, Evan, and Jaden came inside the room. I smiled warmly at my friends who took a seat on my bed wondering what was going on. Sighing I told them what happened making Riley scrunch up his eyebrows a bit concerned for his little brother.

"I knew he was sensitive about things Kyle, but I'm a bit scared for him." He admitted.

"Don't worry Riley…I think this was just something he needed to get out. It was bottled up inside of him for a while now, but I think he will be just fine." I assured my pal letting him know that Grant was doing much better, but that maybe it was a good idea to let his mom know when they got home.

The rest of the day was mostly uneventful; except, for when me and Evan gave Gabe and Riley their Christmas gifts. The two brothers were beside themselves feeling a bit bad because they hadn't gotten anything for any of us, but we told them they didn't need to. Besides, Evan's wasn't store bought or anything anyway the curly haired boy had told them, and I assured them that mine wasn't anything all that fancy either. I handed them a small wrapped package as they tore off the paper, and smiled holding up their necklaces I had bought for them when I was in Santa Cruz. I had held on to them thinking it would be a cool gift for them at Christmas. Jaden's braided necklace had a carved bone soccer ball dangling from the end of it while Gabe's had a cool petrified dinosaur era shark's tooth. They both smiled appreciatively hanging it around their necks.

Their eyes popped really open in astonishment though when they opened up their gift from Evan. For his best friend, the curly haired boy had painted a portrait of the boy scoring the first soccer goal for the team this past summer. You could see the image of the opposing team member's goalie lying on the ground with the ball suspended in mid air captured in the soccer net just behind him, while Evan was jumping on top of his friend bowling him over on to the ground as they celebrated. Along the edges of the painting you could see some of the team members as they entered the scene to celebrate the goal with both Evan and Jaden. For Gabe he had painted the boy on a pair of water ski's as he jumped across a wake at the lake from last summer at my surprise birthday party.

"I hope you guys like it?" Evan asked a bit nervously while Jaden just beamed at his friend giving him a big hug.

"This is like the best thing ever." Jaden told his friend smiling broadly at his image and enjoying it even more so because the boy had included himself in the painting.

"Yeah Evan, this is really nice…I'll treasure it always as a reminder of what a bonehead I can be at times," He teased as he recalled how he had abruptly left in a huff that day. "But for real dude…this is like totally awesome and beautiful." He added making us all laugh because of his Riley linguistic imitation.

We all continued to laugh teasing him about being such a dick that day knowing exactly what he was talking about while Grant laughed at the Riley surfer imitation, but just looked at us questioningly about the bonehead comment. Of course Grant wasn't even around for the birthday party, and I felt bad for the guy having missed out on some of our earlier fun, but Mattie just piped up assuring the boy he would explain later getting a sour look from Grant, which made Mattie giggle even more knowing his buddy was just teasing.

It was late when we all finally crawled into bed. Grant and Mattie of course headed off into the younger boy's room together. Poor Mattie looked completely wiped out with having gotten up so early and staying up so late with a day completely full of activities. The boys had spent hours outside with their skateboards trying to nail the new invert move, and it showed on Mattie who now slunk towards his room barely able to stay awake and completely sore. Gabe and Riley headed off into the extra room to hang out together with me letting them know I'll be right there after I tucked everyone in, while Evan and Jaden headed off to bed in our room.

Evan had sort of looked at me yearningly when I announced the arrangements earlier, but I told him that I thought it would be good for him and Jaden to spend some time together alone since they were the same age. Besides, I was kind of looking forward to catching up on some older boys' gossip and things with Gabe and Riley. Evan thought about it a moment, and realized that it might be good for us all to hang out alone a little with guys our own age. It seemed as if none of us really spent any alone time among our own age group these days.

Following Evan and Jaden into their room I tucked them in giving each of them a soft kiss. I warned them that mom, dad, and Aunt Liz were likely to come in and say goodnight as well before I leaned over to scratch the new puppy's ears and making my way into Mattie's room. The new puppy had been placed in a box next to the bed with Sage keeping guard close by making me smile. Mattie and Evan had agreed to share the time with the puppy at night. One week in Evan's room with me, and then the next week with Mattie. Not that it mattered much anyway since Mattie slept with us half the time.

As I walked into Mattie's and Grant's room the boys were already half asleep as I softly made my way over to make sure they were all tucked in as well. Leaning over I kissed Mattie on his cheek, and he reached up squeezed me briefly before whispering that he loved me making me smile fondly at the boy while I told him the same. Next I made my way over towards the other side of the bed giving Grant a warm hug and kiss. The boy just smiled at me as I softly stroked his cheek.

"Good night buddy," I whispered softly to him noting that Mattie was already completely asleep. "I love you bunches too." I added as he giggled and nodded.

"Yeah…I love you, Mattie, Riley, and Evan bunches too…oh and Gabe and Jaden too. I like them heaps. You guys have such great friends." He whispered softly to me.

"Yeah…I don't know how we lucked out like that…but we do have the bestest of friends." I chuckled using Mattie's term while also letting him know that both him and Riley were one of them. "Too bad some of our other friends couldn't be here either, but you, Riley, Gabe, and Jaden are our closest friends for sure. Now close your eyes and get some shut-eye. Tomorrow is going to be another fun day, and if it snows again maybe we can do something." I promised making him smile and roll over to snuggle up with Mattie who automatically just shifted in his sleep allowing the boy to cuddle with him.

On the way out I almost ran Aunt Liz over as we both just stopped dead in our tracks with mom and dad close by as well. They wanted to give us boys a goodnight hug as they squeezed by me entering Mattie's and Grant's room first. I slipped into the extra bedroom and settled on the bed next to Riley and Gabe as they flipped through the television channels. There were a few movies on, mostly Christmas ones so we just settled on one and began to chat amongst ourselves not paying all that close attention to the movie. A few moments later my folks walked in and wished us a good night while also letting us know that there were plenty of snacks if we got hungry a little later on. They knew we'd probably be up late, and told us not to worry if we made any noise in the kitchen because they wouldn't bother us knowing we were going to be up late.

It was nice hanging out with Gabe and Riley, and I was glad to see how well my two friends hit it off together. It seemed to have begun at my birthday party despite Gabe's moodiness at the time, but I think Riley had been going through his own insecurities with his little brother at the time as well so sort of understood and sympathized with him. Tonight seemed to cement the friendship even further as we discussed our little brothers, and just by being together again. Gabe was more relaxed now, and it showed as the two guys seemed to joke around with each other getting to know one another as friends. We stayed up half the night, and had a good time together until we just couldn't hang on and drifted off to sleep.

The hot water pounding against my back and neck felt wonderfully delicious as I leaned up against the tiled shower wall. I had woken up early unable to sleep anymore with a bit of a kink in my neck. I was used to sleeping cuddled up with Evan and had tossed around most of the night until somehow managing to fall asleep. That must have happened finally when I rolled on to my side and had snuggled up with Gabe. I didn't realize it at the time, and it must have happened after I had fallen asleep creating this knot in my neck. At some point I must have been so uncomfortable in my sleep that I had just naturally rolled on to my side and snuggled up with my friend.

Waking up this morning with Gabe wrapped up in my arms, and a huge throbbing erection that was leaking and shoved up my friend's butt crease, had been a bit of a surprise as I now chuckled to myself. We were both spooned together with me cuddled up behind him, and my arms wrapped around in front of his body. I had to admit that my friend wasn't cute in that boyish kind of way being tall and lanky with more adult chiseled like features making him look older than his fifteen years, but he was handsome as I had unconsciously breathed in his scent. It was similar to Jaden's, his younger brother, but more adult like making me shiver as I slowly unwound my fingers from his throbbing erection and large manly like ball sack. At some point in the night my hand had slipped beneath his underwear wrapping around his teenaged boyhood. He always bragged himself up, but to be honest he wasn't really all that big between his legs.

Gabe did have a large sagging pouch though, but his hard penis was only about three and a half inches long, well at least the last time I had seen him this past summer. I hadn't seen him naked in a while now, not even in school since we had a different gym class schedule, and he wasn't in the same sports as me, but as my fingers unwound from his erection it seemed as if he had gotten a little bigger as well over the months. It didn't feel quite four inches long now in his hardened state, but pretty close so about a half inch bigger than the last time I had seen him and also a bit thicker. It was an awkward moment for me as I tried to untangle myself from my friend. I've never touched Gabe before, and I didn't think he'd appreciate waking up to me practically humping him with my hands all over his hard little man muscle. It was clear he didn't mind the idea of me being gay or anything, well at least after he got over the initial shock when I had admitted it to him, but still I didn't think he'd approve of the current situation even though it was totally innocent.

My neck was feeling much better now as I released my tool realizing I had been slowly masturbating myself to the memory of my fingers wrapped around my best friend's tally whacker. That was a first for me as well because I've never had those sorts of feelings before towards my friend Gabe. To be honest it kind of frightened me a bit because I didn't know if it was due to my brush with near death heightening the state of my sexual overdrive or what. As it was, the powerful urge of wanting to shove my hard penis up my friend's ass and fuck him like there was no tomorrow had been overwhelming, and it was all I could do to unwind myself from him, and leave him alone before he woke up with me perving on him.

I began to realize my dad was right, and that I needed some help before I did something I might regret. This feeling of being so tingly and alive all the time seemed to be spilling over to my sexual drive and urges complicating things even more in my teenaged hormonal state. I was beginning to wonder if this enhanced sense of aliveness was also intensifying my sexual attraction to others, along with the amplified feelings during sex. In a way when I had sex anymore the animalistic part of me constantly threatened to overwhelm me, and I most certainly did not want that to ever happen when I was making love to Evan or Jaden.

When I made love with Evan it was filled with passion, but always done in a sweet and tender way because of his harsh experiences with Don. With Jaden, he liked a bit more passion and manhandling pushing our bodies to the limit with physical exertion and stimulation, but allowing that other animalistic side of me out would be a bit too rough to be sure, and most definitely not done in a very sweet and loving way. The way I had sex and made love to each boy was completely different and unique to what they preferred, and I enjoyed this aspect of things, but what was happening to me now was completely different and out of control. I loved both of them so much, and decided that I would take care of this issue somehow very soon. It would be awkward to talk about with the doctor, but I cared too much about the relationship I had with the boys to mess things up now.

There was some movement by the shower doorway, and I looked up just in time to notice Grant's sleek body slinking into the stall with me. It's the first time I've seen him completely naked in months, and I swear his hard erection was bigger now topping out at close to three and three quarter inches long, and a bit fatter as well. His fleshy boy pouch swayed loosely between his legs with his chestnut sized testicles seemingly weighing them down now. He was a very striking and stunning figure standing in front of me as the both of us just gawked at each other.

"Damn Grant, you've grown…I mean…you know down there." I chuckled making him blush in that cute way he had about him.

"Really…you think? I mean Riley's mentioned something to me too, but it's kind of difficult to tell…you know." He stated looking down at himself and running his fingers over his length.

The sexiness of the moment made me swallow hard and I began to breathe heavily as I watched his thumb and pointing finger gently squeeze the tip of his knob. He pressed downwards on his erection until it seemed to protest before releasing it. The shaft immediately righted itself slapping loudly against his bare pubic mound as he just sighed and looked up at me.

"But I'm still hairless," he protested making me chuckle and shake my head.

"Dude…you're only like eleven you know…it'll happen soon enough for you, besides it looks like you are already heading towards puberty a bit early. I mean damn for real, even your balls have dropped. Are you squirting yet…I mean as heavy as they look I'm sure that might be happening soon if not already." I told him honestly reaching out and weighing them in my hands without even asking for permission.

I guess we were way past that asking permission stage since by the time I left Santa Cruz the last time I was pretty much washing every bit of him in the shower. His boy pouch felt heavy in my hands, and I noticed his penis twitch at the touch while a soft moan escaped his lips prompting me to release him even though my own tickling sensation between my legs began to bubble to the surface.

Grant had placed his hands on my shoulders hanging on because his knees sort of became wobbly as he just smiled up at me. "You really think I'll be squirting soon because nothing's happened yet?" He asked me as I looked at him curiously now because of his reaction to me sort of weighing his boy purse.

"Geeze Grant…you're pretty sensitive down there. Didn't Mattie take care of you yet this morning?" I asked him curiously because normally by the time the curly haired boy had finished with him Grant usually entered the shower with a fairly limp noodle.

Of course he always boned up while I washed him down with my hands roaming all over his smooth sexy naked body, but he was never this sensitive. However, today when he came into the stall he was extremely hard as if he hadn't taken care of his sexual needs as of yet. I had to admit him holding on to me, his warm hands on my shoulders and our two bodies only inches away, made my heart pound in my chest while my little wet eel began to squirm around between my legs.

Grant just sort of blushed and glanced away making me look at him and just chuckle. "So what happened?" I asked him pressing for some answers.

"Um…nothing…he was still sleeping when I woke up, and I knew he was so tired from yesterday that I just left him alone for now. I'm sure he will want to play here in a bit." Grant giggled as he reached down, and pinched the tip of his flared out knob making him shiver excitedly at the contact.

It got quiet between us for a minute or two, and I watched as he slowly reached out and ran his fingers around my scab. He was so sweet and gentle running his fingers gingerly around the redness of my skin before he stopped and stepped forward wrapping his arm around my naked body. He pressed his warm soft body up against mine and leaned his head on my chest as he slowly ran his fingers up and down my spine tenderly. It was such a sweet innocent moment as I briefly hesitated before returning his embrace. We stayed like that for several moments my hard penis smashed up against him just below his belly button and right above his pubic mound. I found myself beginning to rock my hips a little stimulating myself, and had to force myself to stop before I just up and exploded all over the boy.

Grant looked up towards me, and I leaned my head down to kiss his forehead tenderly when at the last moment the boy just shifted his head and our two lips connected catching me by surprise. I began to pull away, but he just reached up wrapping his hands behind my head holding me in place as he began to suck the air out of my lungs. My head began to spin not only for a lack of air, but because of the charged sexiness of the moment as I felt his tongue flicking past my lips and press up against my own. I could taste him now, and it was so exotic and refreshing as I too now began to suckle back on his mouth with our kiss lingering and becoming passionate.

We both came up for air and my knees just gave out on me as I slumped against his body floating downwards until it was my turn to press my head up against his chest and stomach quivering on my knees. I felt his fingers running through my hair. His skin felt so soft and I began to kiss his chest running my tongue around his perky pinkish brown colored nipples. The boy was so damn sexy and sweet, and I found myself retreating even further downwards with Grant urging me on by guiding my head with his hands. It just sort of happened as I slipped my lips over his hot juicy fat hardness for the first time.

He felt big in my mouth and I could feel him begin to rock his hips as he gently began to make love to my mouth. I heard a soft voice in the back of my mind, but couldn't make it out anymore because my lust for the boy wrapped around my senses muting everything else out. My mouth slithered all the way down to the base of the boy's shaft before running back upwards. He tasted a little different, almost salty like, and I wondered if it was just my imagination because of him being from the beaches of Santa Cruz. Whatever it was my head began to swim around as my senses began to open up to Grant's nuances. He had very thick glans, and I could feel it swelling up even more in my mouth as I now focused on his pale pubic mound. The telltale signs of the spidery blue webbing beneath his young smooth translucent skin seemed to spread outwards from the base of his shaft along his pale pubic mound.

My arms were now completely wrapped around Grant as I began to knead his soft fleshy orbs darting my fingers between his crevice and bumping up against his little puffy gated doorway. The blond skater boy was like putty in my hands as I molded him with my fingers. Grant was thrusting his hips more rapidly and forcefully into my face now as he tried to shove his penis down my throat. I just relaxed and took all of him into my mouth making him gasp excitedly. I knew Mattie managed to get a good amount of him into his smaller mouth, but I was getting all of him, and this seemed to thrill the blond boy as he became a bit wild now.

His moaning voice floated through the steamy air as I started to take over setting the tempo so that I could begin to show him what a mouth and tongue really can do. He eased up a little, and I began to work him as I reached down and slowly began to compress his testicles in my fingers. He jerked when I tugged on his two door knockers, and he let out a little squeaking noise since they were a bit sensitive. I felt his penis twitch and flare out momentarily as if he was about to explode, his body stiffening up momentarily. Somehow he managed to hang on though, but not for long as I now ran my tongue up along the underside of his shaft while my lips clamped down a little tighter all the way upwards towards his tip.

"Eeeh," he squeaked when I ran my tongue around his ridge, and then flicked it up against his pee slit before once more working my way down towards his base while twirling my mouth back and forth. My nose bumped up against his mound and reversed direction slurping my lips, twirling my tongue, and twisting my mouth all along the way. "Oh…oh…shit…that feels so…so," he grunted, and then all of a sudden lurched forward while arching his back trying to shove as much of his hardened length down my throat.

"Eeeh, umph, uuuumph, uuuuumph…ooooh…aaaargh…umph, umph," his loud moans echoed inside the small shower stall.

My eyes bulged outwards along with my cheeks when I felt his fat three and three quarter inch hardness expand even more getting not only fatter but longer as well in my mouth. I've felt others get thicker when they exploded, but I've never known anyone's penis to actually get longer. If that wasn't surprising enough the slick wet explosion inside my mouth left little doubt that Grant had actually squirted for the very first time. Damn, the boy was just so fucking sexy hot as I swallowed down his boy batter while I continued to suckle on the salty sweet treat after his initial explosion searching out more of his clear nectar. None was forthcoming at the moment, but I could tell by the boy's reaction that this orgasm for him had felt somehow different.

The whole sexiness of the situation sent me into overdrive as I felt my own baggage between my legs weigh down heavily. Grant was still in the throes of his orgasm when I released his sexy boy pole getting up on my feet so I could wrap him up in my arms and hang on to him. He was still breathing hard, but his body was slowly calming down as he stepped back from me and smiled.

Turning him around I began to lather up his hair so I could begin to wash him down while I too tried to calm myself down. My own erection was leaking, and my balls began to ache because of the sexual tension between the two of us. I began to rinse out the boy's hair and Grant just leaned up against the wall his knees still a bit wobbly from the emotional drainage of the sexual moment. The soapy water ran down his back as I leaned forward to rinse out his hair. I could feel my erection sliding up between Grants crevice, and my body shivered as the slick warm sensation of his two pillows sucked up my four and a half inch sleekness.

Damn the boy was so fucking sexy as I tried to control myself and focus on getting his hair rinsed out. I moved my hips removing my erection from the pillowy orbs, and began to wash out Grant's soapy suds. The smaller boy shifted to accommodate the awkward angle, but only managed to bump up against my erection forcing my penis once more between his crease. I heard the smaller boy giggle at having my hard piece of hot steel slithering between his padded cheeks, and he just hitched up his butt a little opening himself up more before straightening himself out a bit clamping his dimpled orbs down around my torrid sword. I swear the move had to be intentional on his part.

The sensation sent me reeling as my mind began to explode. Soapy suds intermingled with my oozing pre-cum making things slide around even more driving me crazy as I leaned into Grant running my hand up the length of his arms until my fingers were wrapped around his wrist forcefully holding his hands in place against the wall. Then it happened as my animalistic side took over and I thrust my hips forwards slipping past Grant's unguarded iris opening. It happened so fast it caught the smaller boy by surprise, and before he realized it I was buried halfway inside of him as I continued to shove myself forward not bothering to stop.

It had surprised me too when I felt my thin bullet shaped glans slipping past the tight opening. The feeling of his fleshy opening constricting tightly around my shaft made my knees buckle as I continued to press forward trying to bury myself all the way up inside Grant's heavenly gates. The smaller boy screamed at the invasion, but it was cut off when I clamped my hand over his mouth, and shoved myself the rest of the way inside of him making sure I was buried up to the hilt. Tears were freely flowing down the trembling boy's ruby colored cheeks from the initial intensity of pain as I breathed heavily into his neck. With my face plastered up against his cheeks I ever so slowly eased myself backwards a little before shoving myself back into him a bit roughly.

"Uuumph," I heard myself grunt as I slammed into Grant's body hearing a similar sound escaping his mouth.

"Oh fuck Grant you are so damn tight. Shit you feel so fucking awesome." I hissed as I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth hearing him whimpering a little at the intensity of the moment.

I continued to thrust myself forcefully up against the sexy boy and I noticed he wasn't crying out in pain any more the tears seemingly having subsided as I began to pound him in earnest. Instead, I felt his body quivering with excitement now, and he just seemed to adjust himself to accommodate my thin shaft. Thank goodness I wasn't all that fat down there or who knows how bad it could have been I thought to myself in a single moment of rationality. Then the thought sort of flittered away as once more my animalistic urges took over and I began to fuck his ass like I've never done before with anyone else. The boy's face contorted a little as he stood up straighter, and I wrapped my arms around the front of his waist while he hung on to my arms.

The pain from moments earlier seemed to change to one of blissful delight as he leaned back into my chest while I grunted and shoved my hips upwards in a fucking motion ramming myself even deeper inside of him. My arms were wrapped up tightly around him now holding him firmly up against my body while I thrust into him again and again. I was pounding upwards so hard that Grant was standing on his toes literally riding my pole and seeming to enjoy it now as he just slumped backwards into my body allowing me to do all the work. My chin was resting on his right shoulder, and I was able to look straight down over the front of his body.

His wet glistening skin was so sexy and smooth looking as I ran my hands up and down his chest diving down along his stomach, past his smooth pale naked pubic mound, and along his large thick shaft and sagging pouch. My eyes were glued on to his newly formed erection pointing upwards straight at me as if it had come alive. His ass was so tight around my hard penis, and I instinctively knew that he would be the best fuck ever. Deep down to my very core I knew I'd never have another piece of ass and fuck this good ever again as I continued to drill myself deeply inside Grant's sweet innocence stealing his tight boy virginity from him forever.

"Oh Gawd Grant you are the best fuck ever…your tight virginal ass fits me perfectly." I hissed naughtily in his ear unable to control myself as his head rocked backwards on to my shoulders before his eyes rolled in the back of his head. "No fucking way," I grunted feeling him begin to clamp down around my erection as I continued to force my hard four and a half inch hardened piece of steel inside the warm damp casing despite him entering the beginning stages of his orgasm. "Shit…that's so fucking sexy hot," I gasped hotly wrapping my hand around his hard erection my fingers squeezing his thick stiffness tightly as I began to masturbate him at the same time I was fucking him.

The boy's penis writhed in my fingers, and I saw a small clear like goop spit out from the tip of his penis as he finally succumbed to his second orgasm sending me over the edge as well. I felt my own thin hardness expand thickly as a wet warm substance seemed to wrap around the length of my shaft deep inside the tight tunnel. My body lurched upwards shoving myself several more times within the boy's tight tunnel while I exploded not only inside of him, but also in my mind as a colorful burst of sparkling lights made me reel sending both of us staggering forward to slam up against the tiled shower wall.

My body lurched and Grant was literally smashed up against the wall up in the air impaled on my hard spike as my body roiled in its orgasmic eclipse. My hand was still wrapped around his writhing bath eel as it twitched wildly in my tightly enclosed fingers. It was intense, more so as I felt Grant's own passionate orgasm rocking him to his very foundation. We both grunted and moaned allowing our bodies to run the turbulent river together.

Then as quickly as it began it was all over. My knees finally buckled and I slumped to the floor my still erect penis forcing its way out from Grant just as powerfully as it had entered him with some of my own seminal fluids dribbling out in the process. The orgasmic high now came crashing back down on me as the realization of what had just happened began to assault my sensibilities. It left me completely drained and a wreck as I began to sob in earnest with the aftermath of the consequences forcing its way into my reality.

I had just forced myself on one of the most gentle and sweetest boys ever, taking away something precious in the process. The overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame threatened to sweep me away as I sobbed uncontrollably pulling my knees up to my chest. I found myself entering into a dark place as I began to spiral downwards, but then something happened to prevent me from slipping away. Grant's sweet visage floated in front of my eyes as he reached out tenderly and brushed my cheeks.

"Oh Grant…I…I…am so sorry. I…I'm so ashamed at what I just did to you." I sobbed as he reached out and rocked me in his arms.

"For what? I mean yeah at first it hurt…I mean real bad…but then something wonderful happened. I…I never felt so good in my entire life…and that right after the best blowjob I've ever had. I thought the blowjob was something that would never feel as good again…but then…what just happened was so damn hot Kyle. What the fuck made me feel so good?" He asked me making me stare at him blankly.

"I…I…um…Grant…do you realize what just happened?" I asked him as he just shrugged his shoulders questioningly while tears began to flow down my cheeks. "I…I just raped you." I hiccupped at the admission making my stomach roil as I turned my head and heaved trying to puke with nothing coming up feeling so ashamed that I had just assaulted a sweet innocent boy, one who I had come to love affectionately in my heart.

The smaller boy just held me until I calmed down. I couldn't look at him, but he forced me to turn and look at his face. It was a sweet innocent face which surprised me considering what I had just done to him.

"No Kyle…I don't feel that way. I'm the one who provoked you into having sex. I knew what I was doing, and I wanted to have sex with you. Please don't feel bad Kyle because I enjoyed what happened, and to me it isn't rape if I wanted the sex in the first place. I never once said no to you, besides I've wanted to do something with you for the longest time now, and I'm happy Kyle…really. I didn't tell you to stop even when it hurt me. I didn't know exactly what you were doing at first, but even though it hurt I never wanted you to stop, and instead wanted you to keep doing what you were doing to me. Besides…I don't think Mattie's ever done anything like this before, and it will be nice for once to be the first one to show him something about sex instead of him teaching me." The smaller boy chuckled making me shake my head.

"Really? I mean you don't mind what happened, and I didn't hurt you?" I asked him as we climbed up to our feet and I bent down behind him to inspect the boy for any damage.

"Kyle…really I'm fine, and you didn't hurt me. Like I said at first it hurt, but then you seemed to be hitting something that just sent me into orbit. I can't wait to show Mattie." He giggled while I just smiled at him a bit concerned now for what he was planning with his friend.

"Um…Grant I'm glad you liked it and all. I mean what you felt was me bumping into your prostate. It's like a little nut inside of you and it feels good when it gets stimulated like that." I told him as he smiled and nodded his head filing away the information. "But Grant…I'm not so sure that you putting your hard cock…um…I mean penis inside of Mattie is such a good idea. I mean you saw how painful it was, and I don't usually shove myself inside of someone like that without working them a whole bunch getting them stretched out first, and without getting them lubed up. You're a lot thicker than I am, and Mattie's so small. It might hurt him too much." I told him honestly as he looked at me shaking his head.

"Oh…I kind of figured…I mean…I was going to let Mattie do it to me since it seemed to feel really good to you. Maybe he will be able to make me feel good too by hitting that prostate thingy." He beamed at me as another thought occurred to him. "Um…Kyle?" He asked me as I looked over at him while I tried to clean us both up.

"Yeah Grant." I sighed still feeling a bit sick about what I had done to him.

"What did you mean by lubing a guy up first, and also is there any other way that works best with having a guy put their…um…you know…hard thingy inside of you? I don't think Mattie's tall enough to do what you did." He admitted as I just sighed thinking for a moment before taking a few minutes to tell him how that sort of sex worked giving him some advice, and also reminding him that if he decided to do it with Mattie that it might be too much for the little boy to take, and he should try to be mindful not to do what I had just done, lose complete control and force myself on him.

Something seemed to have happened inside of me when I had literally practically raped Grant. I was still confused by the event, and felt guilty despite Grant telling me that he enjoyed the experience assuring me that it was his fault for provoking me to have sex with him. It was something he had wanted and something he truly enjoyed. Still it had been a bit traumatic to have that side of me come out like that and rear its ugly head, but now I sort of felt something different inside of me.

There didn't seem to be that overwhelming sexual urge inside of me anymore warring against my more sensible side of being tender and loving. I could tell those teenage hormonal sexual urges were still there, but in a more normal gentle kind of way. It was as if after having the best piece of ass and fucking I'd ever have in my life had sort of switched a button inside of me. I winced and almost threw up at how I viewed what happened with Grant. He was such a sweet kid, yet instead of viewing what we did as something beautiful and something to treasure it was coming out as him being the best fuck I'd ever have in my life.

Grant seemed to notice the conflict etched in my features and as if reading what was on my mind smiled reassuringly. "I'm glad that I pleased you so much Kyle. I heard you when we…you know…it's just something we all think or say in the heat of the moment. I mean…when you were…you know…fucking me…I was thinking that being fucked by you was the best dick I'd ever have in my life. Feeling you inside of me was the best feeling ever Kyle so don't feel bad about what you said or felt. To me it was still beautiful no matter if you call it fucking my ass or making love to me. I know deep down that those best feelings ever were because of how much you love me and how much I love you." He whispered to me making me smile and nod my head. Somehow his words did make me feel a little better making me wonder at how mature he seemed to be at the moment.

"When things calm down a bit Grant we do need to talk though. I care and love you too much, and we need to talk about this some more. I don't think it's a good idea if we do something like this again. I've done things with Mattie too, and felt bad about it in some ways. He's like my little brother, and I think of you the same way…alright?" I asked him as he hopped out of the shower and nodded his head.

"Yeah sure," he smiled at me. "Still, it doesn't change the fact I wanted you so much and thanks for giving me your cock." He teased making me roll my eyes at him. "Besides, I don't care what you say…I'm still not done with you." He laughed sticking his tongue out at me catching me by surprise at how confident and how much conviction he put behind his words making me wonder what new mess I had gotten myself into now.

The boy just dried himself off quickly as I eyed his nakedness enjoying his even toned soft skin. He had the familiar little bumps and bruises associated with skateboarding, but other than that he was just flawless. I didn't even see any moles on him. His lanky strong legs were firm with some muscular curvatures to them and his soft firm butt cheeks had those cute little dimples making me smile appreciatively. What still amazed me though was his sleek three inch boy penis and soft silky smooth sagging boy pouch that now swung lazily between his legs. The boy looked over at me catching me sneaking a peak at his boyhood and looked down.

"What?" He asked curiously.

"Nothing…just you've changed a little is all since the last time I saw you naked. I mean you're bit bigger…you know down there…and to be honest I like how you look, but I do have to admit I'm still baffled at how something so skinny can get so fat. It's just beyond me." I chuckled as Grant giggled and tossed the towel at me as he looked towards Mattie's door hungrily.

The smaller boy grinned knowingly at me, and I could see him chubbing up already at the prospect of what he was going to be doing here in a minute or two with his other little sexy boy. Shaking my head I just motioned for him to just go.

"Geeze already…for real Grant. Damn…you are getting just as bad as Mattie so just go ahead I'm sure he'll love the lesson." I chuckled at him as I watched the boy turning towards the door when I remembered something. "Oh Grant I almost forgot." I called out to him as he turned back towards me furling his eyebrows questioningly. "By the way you squirted." I chuckled as I watched his face seem to come alive and beam proudly. "Not only that you tasted delicious." I goaded him making the boy giggle as he walked over towards me and hugged me tightly our two naked bodies rubbing against one another making me quiver excitedly again, but in a different kind of way than I've been feeling over the last several weeks.

"Really…way cool." He whispered as he leaned upwards on his toes and gave me a very soft passionate kiss on the lips making me blush at the underlying sultriness of it before releasing me. "I thought it felt different, and of course I tasted delicious. After all I'm filled with sweet goodness." He retorted teasing me back while also gushing at me proudly for his accomplishment before turning back around and disappearing behind the door not even bothering to close it behind him.

"Damn impish little twerp," I muttered to myself smiling and rolling my eyes at his confident sassiness while I absentmindedly stroked my once more sleek hard erection making me blush once I realized what I was doing.

Releasing myself I chuckled at the effect Grant had on me before I walked over to the sink and leaned up against it looking in the mirror. What gazed back was an image of a boy slowly entering manhood at what seemed like a snails pace. I've always been a late bloomer, and my face still had those boyish features with lively eyes that seemed a bit dull at the moment. I wasn't proud of what had just happened between me and Grant as I watched my reflection shaking his head. Yet somehow after the deed had been done something seemed to have changed inside of me. The overwhelming sexual urges seemed to have dissipated leaving behind a sense of contentment. I still felt those sexual stirrings, but now it seemed to have stabilized to a more even kind of tempo similar to how I had felt about things before I got shot. Yet even that wasn't completely true as I began to realize that it was as if I had a better perspective on things now. I wasn't sure if this had to do with just being more aware of things because of getting shot and my near death experience, or if it was just that I was getting older. My head was beginning to spin with all the "ifs" as I began to reflect over the past year.

So much had happened in the last year to me not only internally but externally as well. My body's changed a little, but the biggest change was getting shot as I took a look at the scarring on my side and then between my legs. The one on my inner thigh had all but disappeared leaving behind a small thin scar line, not even noticeable unless you were looking for it. I was fairly certain that once hair started growing more prominently on my legs it wouldn't even be visible.

The one on my side was an entirely separate matter as I gingerly poked at it seeing how tender it was. Most of the pain was pretty much gone now as I pressed around the edges to see if I could feel the bullet. I didn't have any luck with that but figured once the scarring had healed up I'll be able to poke around deeper to see if I could feel it. Looking in the mirror I could tell I had a nice looking body, but knew that it would be forever marred now with the scarring left behind from the bullet wound. The doctor had prescribed ointment for me to apply during the healing process to help keep the wound elastic. He had explained to me how skin heals, and even though a wound like this heals and closes it does leave behind a scar that is more noticeable than most other scar tissues we get throughout our lifetime. Scar tissues aren't as elastic as the original skin and the bullet had caused major damage to the normal skin.

Now as I poked around at my wound I recalled the detail explanation my doctor had provided me and the subsequent research I did on my own on the computer. Basically, human skin is made up of three main layers, the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. When the dermis, the pink middle layer in the cross-section of skin, is injured, the body first responds by making blood clot in the area to close off the wound. After the blood clots, the body then sends in fibroblasts, a type of cell that helps rebuild skin tissue. These cells break down the clot and start replacing it with proteins, primarily collagen, that makes up scar tissue.

Though both scar tissue and normal skin are made with these collagen proteins, they look different because of the way the collagen is arranged. In regular skin, the collagen proteins overlap in many random directions, but in scar tissue, they generally align in one direction. This makes the scar have a different texture than the surrounding skin. Scar tissue is also not as flexible as normal skin, and does not have a normal blood supply, sweat glands, or hair.

Since my wound was literally a hole about an inch in diameter, the blood had pooled in the wound and clotted forming my new layer of skin. Currently I had a scab in place but this will dry up and fall off leaving behind the new skin or scar tissue. Shrugging my shoulders since I couldn't do anything about it I had to also admit that it would be kind of cool. In a way it already was with kids in school totally into the fact they had a real life kid who had been shot and lived to tell about it. Most of the kids in my school thought it looked pretty cool and would make me look tough. I just had to laugh at that idea and shake my head. There was nothing brave about it, just plain stupidity as I studied myself even further having to smile at my nakedness. I never really was one of those kids who stared at myself in the mirror, but scrutinizing my nudity was kind of stimulating as I looked over the rest of my body including my sagging boy pouch with walnut size testicles and my three and a half inch soft penis draped lazily over the wrinkled pouch, which for the most part was hairless. I had a soft patch of light brown colored pubes spreading over my pubic mound. It wasn't bushy and shaggy like a lot of other kids my own age, but it had seemed to have gotten a bit thicker. I was pleased with what I saw reflected in the mirror as my ears began to detect some noise in Mattie's room.

"I'm not so sure about this." I heard Mattie voice squeak repeating almost the same words Grant had used just before Mattie had given the boy his first sexual experience not to mention his first blow job and subsequent orgasm back in Santa Cruz.

Not able to resist I walked over to their door opening it up more and leaned up against the doorjamb. The two boys were so focused on what they were doing that they didn't even notice me as I smiled at the scene unfolding in front of me.

Grant was straddling Mattie as he slowly lowered his fleshy white orbs right on top of Mattie's two inch hard erection that seemed to twitch around excitedly. The smaller curly haired boy was eyeing the situation critically not so sure this was going to work, but he still managed to sneak a peak at Grant's own erection as all of a sudden he became a bit distracted with it.

"Did you get bigger?" He asked scooting up on his elbows to get a closer look and then all of a sudden he seemed to bolt backwards with his hands clutching at the bed sheets.

"Oooh…oooh…oh," he hissed and looked down at himself realizing that Grant had slipped his thick penis inside of himself. "Oooh," Mattie squeaked as he immediately hitched his hips upwards instinctively making Grant hiss as well at the suddenness of the move. "Shit sorry Grant does it hurt," Mattie moaned out unable to stop his body from trembling as a wave seemed to overtake him for a moment. "Oh shit…oh shit…that feels so good." Mattie panted looking over at his friend now who was smiling despite the initial discomfort.

Within moments Grant had managed to swallow up Mattie's entire short thick shaft as he began to rock his hips. Mattie of course immediately began to pant and make squeaking noises as the most intense feeling he's ever had began to rock his world.

"Oh shit Grant it is so tight and warm on my hard dinky. Th…this is even better than it getting sucked on." He admitted as his hips began to pump upwards and he instinctively began his fucking motion while Grant maintained an even tempo to keep in timing with the smaller boys thrust. Since the curly haired boy was so short between his legs he wasn't able to reach Grant's pleasure button, but the skater boy didn't seem to mind as he solely focused on making sure to pleasure his friend.

Beads of sweat had formed on Mattie's brow now as he began to pump more forcefully. "Yesssss…that's it Mattie," Grant crooned. "I can feel you getting harder…oh shit yeah." Grant breathed encouraging Mattie onwards as the smaller boy began to really thrust more forcefully trying to burry as much of his shortness inside of his friend as he could. With one final heave I saw Mattie's back arching upwards and he began to flop around inside of his friend, his undeveloped spunk tanks nevertheless contracting upwards into his body cavity as they spit out nonexistent hypothetical juices.

Grant settled his entire weight on to the smaller boy creating an even more sensational orgasm for his younger friend because every time he twitched his penis bore down deeper into the warm pleasant confines of the tight cavern. Mattie continued to contract and writhe around as his long orgasm continued to rock him to the core, the intensity of it even more powerful with each jolt, each twitch, and each spasm. The boy's orgasm seemed to last forever as he slowly calmed down until he just lay there moaning softly and gasping for air.

A few moments later his eyes fluttered open and he smiled up fondly at his friend. "Wow…that was so amazing. I'm so glad you came to visit and we are going to have to do this bunches before you leave." He told his friend as he reached up and rolled the boy off of him until he was now straddled on top of him.

"Wh…what are you doing Mattie?" Grant asked a bit frightened about what he thought was going on.

"It's your turn of course you silly ninny." Mattie replied as Grant just shook his head.

"N…no Mattie…you will hurt yourself. I'm way bigger down there and you are still a bit small…you know. I…I don't want to hurt you." He told the boy seriously as he tried to scoot out from under him.

"Hey…no fair. I want to see what it feels like to have you inside of me. Let's at least try." He pleaded as Grant looked up at the boy.

"I don't know Mattie. It hurts a lot if something big goes inside of you; especially, if…um…you know…it hasn't been stretched out or something slippery put on it." Grant told his friend.

Mattie thought for a moment and climbed over his friend and leaned over his headboard. Grant just looked up and giggled because Mattie's little soft fleshy sausage was wriggling an inch from his nose. Without warning Grant just slurped it up into his mouth making Mattie yelp because he was still a little sensitive. The skater boy released the now hardening noodle from his mouth while Mattie sat back down on top of him holding a bottle of lotion.

"What about this?" He asked smiling making Grant giggle.

"Alright…I guess we can try. Put a lot on my…um…dinky, and then a lot up your butt and where your hole is." He instructed.

Mattie applied the lotion first over Grant's hard erection giggling the whole time and then up his butt before settling down on top of the boy. Slowly he eased his small body down on Grant's hard penis. The skater boy held it in place while Mattie lined himself up and began to press down. It didn't want to give as the smaller boy continued to try.

I could see Grant's face screwing up in pain as Mattie continued to press downwards bending his friend's penis in the process. "S…stop…Mattie…shit stop." Grant winced in pain and finally reached up holding his partner while rolling him over making the boy yelp in surprise before finally settling his body on top of his friend.

Mattie began to protest but Grant just shook his head. "No Mattie…it won't work and I don't want either one of us to get hurt." He whispered gently to the other boy who began to sniffle.

"But I know we can do it…pleeeeease Grant…I…I want to feel what it's like and I…I want you to feel how good it is. I know we can do it Grant if we tried." The smaller boy whined wanting this really badly.

Sighing Grant just shook his head and tenderly kissed his smaller friend in such a loving way before easing himself on his elbows and looking down into the smaller boy's eyes with such tenderness and heartfelt emotion. "I love you too much to hurt you like this Mattie…maybe one of your other friends can do this…you know someone not as thick yet and smaller…then maybe when you get a little older if you still want to…you know…with me…then maybe we can try then." Grant offered up to the curly haired boy who just sniffled a bit hurt that they couldn't do this together.

"B…but I don't want to do it with anyone else. This is special and I want only you or Kyle to do this. Maybe I can do this with him?" Mattie pondered making me wince realizing I didn't want it this way for the smaller boy. He should experience something special like this with someone closer to his own age, and with someone special like Grant.

"No…Mattie please promise me you won't ask Kyle to do that with you…Mattie…promise me." Grant asked his friend gently and softly trying to discourage the smaller boy.

"But why not…I mean Kyle is thinner so maybe it will be easier…besides he did it with you, and I only want you or Kyle not someone else." Mattie whined not able to understand why this was such a big deal since I've already messed around with him.

"Yeah Mattie but he felt bad about it afterwards. I mean it wasn't something he wanted to do or had intended to do…you know…and…um…actually it just sort of happened and caught both of us by surprise. I think he feels like he forced himself on me and when it happened he just sort of shoved himself inside of me." Grant replied trying to explain.

"You mean…I…um…did he hurt you Grant…I mean he forced himself on you for real? I…I…um…Grant…did he hurt you for real?" Mattie asked now feeling a bit concerned for his friend.

"No…yes…I mean not exactly Mattie. I mean…I wanted to have sex with him and it just sort of happened that way. At first it hurt, but then it felt wonderful because he hit a special place inside of me making us both feel good. I mean I didn't know doing something like this was possible, and it caught me by surprise, but I'm the one who initiated everything with him so it wasn't his fault. Still he felt bad about it afterwards because he just sort of lost control not realizing what he was doing. I don't think he wanted this to happen because it is something very special. He's never done anything sexual with me before so it caught him by surprise." Grant sighed shaking his head.

"Oh…but why wouldn't he want to have sex with you? It's a lot of fun and I know he enjoys it too." Mattie couldn't help himself and giggled.

"I don't know…maybe because not everything is about sex Mattie. You told me that he feels bad about doing some of that stuff with you too even though you wanted it. I mean of course he enjoyed it and so did you, but he loves and cares about you a lot, and just feels it isn't the right thing to do with someone who is a lot younger than him. He loves me too, but not in a sexual way, but more in a different way, sort of like how he feels about you I guess. What Kyle and I did together was very special Mattie, and I will always cherish it, but for Kyle it is a bit different I think. I mean I know he will always treasure that moment too, but he feels bad with how it all happened. There's more Mattie…," Grant sighed biting his lower lip trying to think what he wanted to say to the smaller boy who just stared back at him shaking his head trying to absorb it all.

"I wish he wouldn't be so worried about us like that. I mean I want us to do things together and I don't care if he is older than me. I know that he loves me and that's all what matters to me. I also don't care if Evan is his boyfriend, and I know Evan doesn't care if he does sex stuff with me too." Mattie interjected making Grant finally resigned to tell him the rest.

"Listen Mattie…you have to leave Kyle alone for a while…I mean not alone, but just no sex stuff." He began to tell the boy who started to protest, but was cut short when Grant leaned down and gingerly kissed him on the lips. "Trust me Mattie…just don't do anything with him for a while."

"But why?" The smaller boy sighed still not getting it.

Grant screwed up his eyes trying to find a way to explain. "Um…remember how you felt afterwards…you know…what happened to you with Don?" He asked gently making Mattie nod his head. "Well Kyle is sort of going through something similar. I mean not exactly like what you are going through, but still something he has to work out. Getting shot and almost dying is a big thing for anyone to deal with, and I think Kyle is trying to work some things out. He's not totally himself and he's afraid that he might lose control like what happened with me. It's a bit frightening for him right now so maybe it is best if you wait a while before doing anything like what you want with him. Besides, one of your other friends can do that with you." Grant teased Mattie trying not to make this such a heavy thing.

"I already told you silly ninny that I only want you or Kyle, but I'll leave him alone for now I guess. I mean if he's having problems then maybe that professional psycho or whatever watchamacallit mental guy can help him, the one helping me and Evan. He's pretty good and maybe can help Kyle too." Mattie replied making Grant giggle.

"You mean a child psychiatrist, and yeah maybe. I'm sure Mr. Schonefeld already talked to Kyle about that too, so we will see. It couldn't hurt, but…um…can I ask you something Mattie and you won't be mad at me. I mean if you don't want to answer that's fine too." Grant mumbled not wanting to upset his friend, but curious about something.

"Yeah sure…I don't see why not. I mean we already pretty much know all the private stuff about each other anyway." Mattie giggled and for emphasis reached down and tugged on Grant's soft fleshy boy bits making the older boy jerk in surprise and sent him to giggling as well before settling back down.

"Um…you don't say anything…I mean to that psychiatrist…you don't tell him about us…I mean…you know…about us having sex and all together?" He asked his friend nervously.

Mattie looked back at his friend and giggled. "Of course not you silly ninny. That's private stuff…you know just for you and me, and no one else's business. We just talk about other stuff that helps me with what Don did to us. Besides, Kyle talked to me about that kind of stuff a long time ago telling me this is something private between me and whoever I'm with. I mean I know you know I do stuff with some of my friends, but it's not like I tell you with who and what we do together. But you are different because we are sort of together so it's alright for you to know some things, but the psycho guy he's just a doctor who is supposed to help me with what happened that day…you know…with Don, and it's none of his business who makes me happy in that good kind of way." He told Grant setting the other boy's mind at ease.

"That's cool Mattie; I mean it would be kind of awkward if some other people knew about what we do together. I mean…I know Riley knows and like Kyle too and stuff, which is cool, but they don't ask me about it. You know…other than to make sure I'm alright with it and all…um…sort of like letting me know if I have questions about what's going on that they are there for me. It's kind of cool knowing I have someone to turn to if I have any questions or if I don't feel right about something." He sighed looking over at the smaller boy who nodded his head and agreed.

"Yeah, it's way cool. I know Evan is always there for me, but it's also nice knowing someone like Kyle is there too. Without a dad it's nice to know Kyle and his dad are there to help me out if I need it. Of course some things would be just too awkward to talk to Mr. Schonefeld about, but with Kyle it is different." Mattie responded putting some thought behind it and nodding his head agreeing with Grant.

"That is way cool Mattie." Grant sighed as his eyes drooped a little. "Do you think we can just cuddle together a little and get some more sleep? I'm still real tired and between you and Kyle I'm just so wiped out. Besides, I love it when we cuddle together. It's kind of special like." He sighed pulling the smaller boy towards him.

Mattie just smiled at his friend and cuddled up next to the older boy feeling completely content before closing his eyes and enjoying the affectionate contact. It made me smile to see how tender and loving Grant was towards his younger friend. He cared so much for the little boy he had stopped one of the most intimate acts of all just so he wouldn't hurt his dearest friend showing just how altruistic he truly was compared to most everyone else. I could tell Grant wanted to experience what it was like to insert his hard erection into someone, knowing it was the most intense and special feeling of all, but he had held off doing something I hadn't been able to do.

In the process he also showed how much he truly loved Mattie by sacrificing his own selfish needs for those needs of someone else he truly cared about. In that one tender moment he made very clear to me how things should truly be for those you love and care about in your life. Tears began to flood my eyes at the true tender and loving nature of Grant. This boy was pure sweetness through and through, and I hoped with all my heart that he would never change. With these thoughts in mind I quietly turned softly closing their door behind me so they could sleep peacefully together in one another's loving embrace.

Making my way over towards my room I wanted to see how Evan and Jaden were doing so I could have a chat with them. So much seemed to have just happened, and I needed to talk with them to help clear my mind and conscience. Sighing I entered silently into my room noticing the two boys snuggled up together the blankets tossed haphazardly around as if they had fallen asleep in a state of dishevelment. The distinct odor of sex seemed to hang over them making me smile happily for what the two boys were able to share together. Knowing that Evan could have such a pure and innocent sexual relationship with another kid his own age just somehow seemed right. I knew in the grand scheme of things the two of us being only a little over two years apart didn't seem like much, but when one was in Junior High, and the other one a sophomore in High School, it was a big difference; especially, for guys to be hanging out and all.

The two boys' bodies intertwined together in such a peaceful loving manner just seemed so sweet. They were beautiful, like two angels of opposites. One was a bit darker snuggled up in contrast to the other paler porcelain like figure. Both boys looked fragile in their state of slumber, their naked splendor almost too much to handle. I couldn't believe how truly fortunate and blessed I was to have these delectably delicious creatures as my treat. I shivered realizing once more that I had deflowered both of them and that Evan had deflowered me, with Jaden also having loved me in that special way afterwards. I didn't regret none of that for one moment as I walked naked over towards my big windows that led out on to the porch.

Looking out the window to the dawning light glittering over the mirror like lake a slow smile spread over my features because I spotted some figures walking around with Sage who seemed to like being outside at the moment. It was Riley and Gabe taking a walk with an eager Sage running back and forth as if to say they were going too slow. I remembered now that Riley had mentioned he wanted to take a walk on the trail that led all the way around the lake. I had told him it would take him a while to make it all the way around since the trail sort of meandered and veered off course at times taking you over some of the surrounding gentle sloping hills. It looked as if he had talked Gabe into going with him even though I knew it wasn't my best pal's "thing."

Turning back towards the room I walked over to the small box, leaned over, and scratched the new puppy behind the ears. The dog was all curled up in the soft blanket, but I could smell the urine knowing that he still wasn't potty trained. Well that would be Evan's and Mattie's responsibility now since it was their dog. The puppy would be relying on them to feed and take care of his basics needs. It was one of the bonding processes between the dog and the two boys. The dog seemed content to lie there in his box for the moment as I got up and sat down on the bed running my hands lightly over Evan's naked chest and stomach doing the same thing with Jaden noticing how both of their tools seemed to slowly come awake.

'Damn, these two boys were so fucking sexy hot,' I sighed to myself. Evan's pubic mound was still bare, but I noticed the beginnings of one or two strands of hair while Jaden still had that same small amount of soft fluffy brownish blonde pubic hairs at the base of his shaft on either side of his penis. A small smile spread softly over Evan's features first as he slowly opened his eyes while Jaden took a little longer before he yawned and stretched, his hard beautiful boy penis bobbing around in front of him as he rolled on to his side looking towards me and smiling appreciatively at my tender administrations on his soft torso.

"Hey my sweet little treats." I whispered softly as Evan smiled up warmly at me while Jaden just looked at me and giggled.

"Yeah, I guess we are sweet treats to you after all." The sexy nubile blond boy chuckled as he snuggled up to Evan reaching between his friends leg slowly rubbing it between his fingers. "I know for a fact Evan is most definitely a sweet treat. Damn…for real Evan if you keep exploding like that you will be spitting out just as much spunk as Kyle." He teased his friend. "It was a tasty snack though, but I have to admit I love how it feels when you are pumping that stuff inside of me." He giggled as he slowly peeled back Evan's foreskin revealing that slicked up purple knob of his.

"Yeah well speak for yourself. Damn I swear Jaden if you keep pounding your spike that hard up inside of me I'll end up always walking around a bit funny. You really do need to ease up a bit. I love you bunches and it feels so good when you are inside of me, but I don't like it so rough." He told his friend gently who just nodded.

"I know Evan…I just got carried away a little last night, but you have to admit the second time around was a lot nicer." He asked more than stated hoping it was true as Evan just smiled at his friend and gave him a soft kiss.

"Yeah…that was sweet and exactly how I love it. I hope you liked it too though?" He replied as Jaden just smiled.

"My hard dick just loves your tight ass no matter what." Jaden chuckled. "But yeah to be honest I thought it was a lot nicer as well. It felt a lot better for me too, maybe because it was a lot gentler and tender…you know. I mean I love you so much and just being able to please you at the same time makes me feel so much better inside." He told his friend as they leaned in and gently kissed one another making me feel so warm and fuzzy inside that they were finally admitting their love for one another.

"Guys this makes me so happy for you both. I'm so proud of you Evan for opening up like this with Jaden, and it's one of the reasons I need to talk to both of you."

"What's wrong Kyle?" Evan asked me hesitantly sensing the seriousness of the moment all of a sudden.

"Oh sweetie…nothings wrong…it's just the rules you know." I responded as I reached out and gently stroked his cheeks as I could see him going through them one by one in his mind.

"I…I don't understand." He replied truthfully scrunching up his eyebrows. "There's nothing going on at the moment, so I don't know which rule you are talking about. I mean let's see there's:

Rule#1: Never be afraid to tell someone how much you love them.

Rule#2: Give plenty of hugs and kisses.

Rule#3: Learn to prioritize.

Rule#4: Leave them wanting more.

Rule#5: Take things slowly and tackle one problem at a time.

Rule#6: Never promise anything you aren't one hundred percent sure you can keep.

Rule#7: Learn how to be popular during puberty.

Rule#8: Always be truthful or don't say anything at all.

Rule#9: Never get in the way of a loaded gun.

I think that covers all of them, and I think we've learned from them all; especially, the last one." Evan told me as he tugged on my arm forcing me to lie down next to him as he held me stroking my back tenderly. "I love you so much Kyle. Without you I don't know what I would have done." He told me seriously as he kissed me tenderly on the lips.

"I know sweetie and that is why it is time. You've learned all there is to learn from me, and it is just time to finally teach you the last and final rule. It's a tough one Evan, but I know you will get through it just like all the others." I whispered softly to him as he just shook his head.

"No Kyle…I…I don't think I want to learn the last rule…please Kyle." He pleaded as tears began to form on the corners of his eyes.

"Oh my sweet…sweet…little love. It just can't be helped, and we both know it is for the best." I whispered softly in his ears. "That's why rule number ten is so important. Other than rule number one which can be even tougher at times, rule number ten…just must be…that is all there is to it." I sighed as I looked at him. "You need to be strong now Evan…and Jaden you have to be strong for him too because it is finally time to just say it." I told both of them as Evan just nodded his head and sniffled, his breath catching in his throat as Jaden wrapped his arms around his friend and lover. "Are you ready?" I asked him as he steeled himself and nodded his head. "Good then and listen carefully because this is a very important rule…ready?" I asked him again to be sure as he nodded his head.

"Rule#10: At the end of the day when all is said and done there is finally a time when you must let them go to find their own way."

A small whimper escaped Evan's lips as he just clung to me and began to cry his heart out. This was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, but it was necessary even though it broke my heart. My father had known this would happen all along. Evan was too close to me as family, and being lovers just wasn't meant for us. This doesn't mean we didn't love each other in that way, but in life things just aren't meant to be sometimes.

This whole incident with Grant had sort of been a wake up call for me. Deep down I knew that in some ways what had happened between me and Grant was wrong, but I also knew in many other ways it had been the right thing because in the end it opened up my eyes to a lot of things that I had taken for granted. I began to realize some of the things my dad had warned me about with how I needed to really try to look at things a bit more differently now that I was getting older. Evan crying in my arms and me remaining strong was one of those things as well. I held on to him for a few moments before I nodded towards Jaden who looked at me sympathetically knowing just how hard this had been for me, but seemingly understanding that this just had to be done. He reached over towards Evan who shrugged him off and cried even more.

"No Kyle please…don't…please don't go." He hiccupped at me. "I'll just die." He told me desperately.

"Oh my sweet-sweet lovely angelic boy. No Evan you are much stronger now. You've overcome the horrible things that Don did to you, and you showed everyone just how strong you were. This isn't the end for us Evan…we will still be together and I will always love you…but you and Jaden are just meant to be together at this moment. Maybe someday that will change too, but that doesn't mean the two of you won't still be the best of friends. You will see…things just change at times while other things remain the same." I told him softly.

"D…does this mean I have to move out…I mean…I…I still want to remain here…with you…I mean even if we can't be together as boyfriends…I…I still can stay here with you…in the room…right?" He asked me his eyes going wild now that maybe he would be loosing that as well.

Sighing I just smiled at him and stroked his cheeks. "Yeah…I don't think that needs to change. I mean the rule only states I have to let you go to find your own way. You are doing that with Jaden. You are still like a brother to me, and I still love you to death, but being boyfriends together…that we have to let go." I smiled at him as he finally let go and smiled warmly at me.

Slowly I got up and crawled out of bed noticing Evan turning towards Jaden burying his head in the boy's shoulder and crying softly. I made my way towards the door then heard the small boy's voice croak out to me.

"Kyle?" He spoke out in an almost whisper like voice.

I didn't bother to turn placing my hand on the door frame. "Yeah Evan." I responded almost just as softly.

"Th…thanks for everything. I will always love you." He sniffled as I nodded my head.

"I know Evan, and I will always hold you in my heart because I love you too much for it to be anything else." I whispered back as I straightened my back, closed the door behind me, and made my way out into the living room.

My legs carried me as far as the couch before they buckled and I crumpled into a heap on the sofa grabbing the blanket and wrapping it around me. My body was wracked with sobs having just done the most difficult, but also most noble thing, in my entire life. I could feel the large drops of tears spilling along my face as I cried softly in the pillow. My whole insides just ached with such abandon that I thought I was dying. There were soft footsteps coming up the stairs, but I was too far gone to pay any attention or even care as I just cried. All of my insides seemed to contract with such intensity that I almost wanted to puke. It was such a lost, lonely, and empty feeling that I began to convulse and I leaned over the edge of the sofa to throw up.

Just then I felt strong arms wrapping themselves around me and a familiar comforting odor that's always seemed to be there throughout the years, seemingly consistently during some of my most trying times. Instead of throwing up I just crumpled into loving arms that just held on to me tightly not letting go.

"I've got you buddy…I'll never let you fall." I heard the strong familiar voice tell me soothingly in a tone I've always known was there throughout my life.

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