Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 3

Evan had managed to get me all worked up. An innocent little twelve year old boy is getting me all horny as hell while we sit there watching a movie. My poor four inch erection was scrunched up tightly against the fabric of my shorts without any wriggle room. It was actually painful to stay in this position, but I didn't want to break the spell that Evan was in at the moment. If I shifted in my seat now it could tip him off just how open and exposed he was at this time. There was one more fantastic scene coming up on the movie, and a plan was beginning to form in my mind.

Between my 'blue balls' from earlier in the day, and now my extremely excited hard-on, I was almost in agony, but I knew it would all be worth it here in a minute or two. I watched the scenes on the television screen unfold, and ignored the painful throbbing in my nether region. We were back into the full swing of things as the boy and girl in the movie, now ages sixteen or seventeen, were having their first sexual encounter with one another.

It really was a pretty graphic scene with the girl's nice plump breasts completely exposed, and the older teenager tenderly squeezing them and even suckling on them. This was an older foreign movie so evidently the restrictions back then weren't as stringent. These days even incidental scenes like the ones in this movie would have been edited out, but as it were these types of scenes actually made the movie riveting. As the two supposedly teenagers rolled around in the bed there were plenty of bare ass shots of both the boy and girl, and even a quick scene or two where you could clearly see the girl's hairy pussy and the boy's large bushy erection. These scenes were more accidental than on purpose, and were very brief in nature, but still, I could tell it was having a profound affect on Evan as he furiously worked on his tremendously stiff penis. He was breathing so hard that I almost thought he was getting ready to climax. I figured he just might if he kept working his short three inch long and plump erection much more.

The scene was a very steamy one, but I knew what was coming. A few moments before the critical part of the scene I completely focused on Evan's hand pumping frantically at his plump steel like shaft through the now damp cottony fabric of his shorts. He was even moving his hips a little, and on more than one occasion his thick erection bumped furiously against my wrist.

Then it happened, the moment I was waiting for as Evan nearly jumped out of his seat in shock. Right when you thought the young man was going to stick his penis in the girl's pussy, the Russian gang kicked in the door, and started blazing away with their guns. For me everything seemed to slow down, as I watched Evan's hands snap away from his plump little boy erection, and his hips start to buck upwards and back in surprise.

At that very moment my right hand reached over and wrapped around his penis, while my left hand dove down further between his legs to cup his plump fleshy boy pouch. I could feel everything through the damp flimsy fabric of his soccer shorts, and to my utter surprise he wasn't wearing any underwear so it almost felt as if I was grabbing on to the real thing, almost, but not quiet. I knew I only had a moment as my right hand clutched at his little manhood. It felt familiar, yet different at the same time. I even pumped it up and down a couple of times feeling his shaft through the fabric glide between my fingers. His erection was shorter than mine, but felt slightly thicker than my own rigidness did in my hands. It was thrilling to be touching him like this, and for a moment I thought I would blow my own cork at the sexiness of this new experience.

My left hand also was working energetically as I sensuously groped his little boy pouch. There was some weight to his sack, but still felt like a little boy's bag not fully developed yet. Still, I was quiet surprised and pleased to feel how large it felt for a boy his age and stature. Definitely not a little tight ball sack up against the body type, no, rather more like a little bit of sagginess type of feel to them.

The entire time I was groping him I was looking intently at my handiwork noticing the shapes and bulges my administrations were creating. Then as quickly as it all began, I removed my hands and wrapped them tightly around his chest praying he hadn't noticed. The deed had been done, and overall I was quiet pleased with what I had felt.

I had jumped at the same time he did during that scene. Even though I knew what was coming in that action scene, the noise alone had made me jump. We were both laughing and giggling hysterically at what had just happened in the film, but then we started to calm down a bit. While we both settled down I took a moment to adjust myself discretely so I could ease the pressure off my own testicles and erect penis. As Evan started to calm back down as well, I could tell he was starting to realize that a whole lot more had just happened during the movie, but exactly what appeared too elusive for him at the moment.

Several emotions crossed his features as he tried to figure out exactly what had happened. As he looked down to the rumpled area around his private area he noticed his rigid erection, and he also determined that there unquestionably had been a lot of action going on just by how damp the fabric felt, and how it looked around his little bulging protrusion. I could tell he started to realize that he had been working himself pretty good because he was starting to flush, his cheeks turning red, and he quickly looked in my direction to see if I had noticed, all the while trying to cover up his rigidity.

He wiped the perspiration from his face, and I watched the raw emotions flitter across his features as he finally realized he must have been masturbating himself on my lap, and that he had come very close to popping his cork. There was no doubt in his mind that he probably would have climaxed in orgasmic blissfulness if he had continued a few moments longer. I could see the relief on his face as he realized the Russian mob had saved him from some real embarrassment, but that didn't solve the problem at hand regarding just how much I had seen.

Then his expression changed again as he was trying to figure out what else might have happened, especially during that last scene. I got worried he might figure out that I had groped him, so I playfully hugged him a little, and thumped on his chest with the flat of my hand.

"Fuck dude, I knew that scene was coming, and I still jumped out of my skin." I said as I started to giggle and laugh again at the whole silliness of it all.

I could tell this did the trick because his mind immediately released its grip on the earlier issue, and Evan started to laugh along with me. Maybe sub-consciously he didn't want to know he had just been groped, or maybe he just sort of knew something naughty had happened, but didn't know if it was his doing or something else. Personally, I think he was just relieved that I wasn't teasing him about the whole masturbation thing.

I was feeling all giddy and happy as I hugged Evan tightly up against me. At first he just got a little stiff at my display of affection, but then he started to relax and enjoy the attention. I held him close to me and rocked the recliner just enjoying the moment. I could hear him breathe in deeply before exhaling loudly almost in a cat like contentedness as I absent mindedly ran my fingers through his hair and stroked his soft face with my finger tips.

The feeling of having someone curled up on your lap is almost euphoric in its own unique way, and we both continued to enjoy each other's company as the movie just wound down towards the finish. There weren't any more sexual scenes so we really didn't pay all that much attention to the rest of the movie.

"We should do this more often," I smiled tenderly and whispered in a hushed tone.

"Do what?" Evan asked me curiously in the same soft tone not wanting to spoil the mood.

Shrugging my shoulder I gently spoke, "I don't know, maybe just hang out or cuddle like this while we watch movies."

"Oh," he said starting to blush again, and getting uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going.

Even though he was getting uncomfortable I was pleased to note that he didn't move away, instead opting to remain in place allowing me to cuddle with him some more. "Evan, I know you get kind of embarrassed about displaying your affections. I did too at your age, but then I saw how my friends ignored their parents, and I saw how…um…I don't know how to describe it other than how distant they had become with them…you know…sort of disconnected with their own parents."

I looked at Evan pleased that he was listening to me without any judgments as I continued. "I realized right there and then I didn't want that with my own folks. I still cuddle up with my mom, and when dad is home from deployment I hug him a lot. I miss him so much when he's gone so I don't care what my friends say when they see how close my dad and I are when he's home. My friends tease me sometimes, but I can also tell that they are jealous because of the good relationship I have with my folks. Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?" I asked as I looked down into his eyes.

Evan averted his gaze and blushed, but still nodded his head. "Yeah, but…it's not really my friends…" he started to reply, but then stopped.

I knew exactly who he meant. I think Don was giving him a hard time; probably accusing him of being a sissy or maybe even worse when he displayed any kind of affection with his mom or any other family member.

I wanted to ease his mind about Don so offered him a way out of that situation. "Well, you know if you are embarrassed when people are around, then do it when you are alone. I mean, your mom would probably love it if you went up to her and gave her a hug maybe first thing in the morning when everyone is still asleep, or maybe just cuddle up with her when people are at work. You can still show affection without worrying about someone seeing you. Believe me, as you get older it gets easier, that is unless you stop completely then it becomes harder."

We sat there in silent thought, and I was happy to see him snuggle up a little closer to me. At this point he was kind of laid out on my lap, and I was cradling his head in my left arm, while he stretched out diagonally across my lap with his legs draped over the right arm of the chair. I shifted a little more, and felt him scoot even closer to me. I was rubbing his chest and stomach gently while I rocked the chair. He reached over and picked up my hand in his taking a closer look at it. We placed our hands together and he scrunched up his eyebrows looking at me questioningly.

I knew what he was thinking and chuckled. "Yeah, I know I've got pretty small hands." I responded as we both gazed at the two hands placed together.

My hand was just slightly shorter than his and I also had very thin fingers compared to his. I don't know why my hands were small like this, but I also noticed my father had smaller hands. However, even though I had small hands my fingers had a very tight vice like grip and were very strong despite their smallness.

He seemed to scrutinize my hand closely before placing it back on his chest where I continued to rub it gently every once in a while allowing it to dip down towards his stomach. He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling and just the fact I was showing him some attention. I rocked the chair back and forth, and we settled into a comfortable silence for a bit.

"Kyle?" I heard Evan mutter softly. We were both almost kind of dozing with our bodies snuggled up closely together.

"Hmmm," I replied.

There was silence that followed for a few moments. Then I heard him sigh, before quietly almost whisper like blurt out what was on his mind.

"I'm worried about Mattie."

This got my attention as I looked down at him while twirling my fingers around his brown curly locks urging him on. I know I keep saying it, but I was discovering his curly locks really are almost a turn on for me. Evan closed his eyes as I softly massaged his hair and scalp feeling him shudder a little, and moan softly at the contact.

"I don't like that new medication he's on. It wipes him out, and makes him all woozy when he's awake. He walks around like a zombie, and it takes a while for him to get going in the morning. I know everyone else likes it because as high strung as Mattie tends to be at times, they think that they have peace and quiet when the medication knocks him out…but I miss his perkiness and energy. Am I wrong?" He asked in rapid succession, his lips trembling a little as if he was holding back tears.

I bent over and gave him a kiss on his forehead then held him close to me as I rocked him for a moment or two. I could tell he had been on the verge of crying, and I wanted to give him a moment to regain his composure. I was surprised to feel Evan clutching me tightly to him. We stayed that way for a while longer before I released him.

"No, you're not wrong. This is the first time I'm seeing him like this, and I don't like it either." I told him honestly.

Evan's small body appeared to relax a little more as the tension just seemed to flow out of him once he realized someone else was finally on his side.

Looking at me hopefully, Evan asked "What do you think we should do about it?"

Sitting back I just scrunched up my face in thought, and shook my head. "I'm not sure yet. Let me think about it for a bit."

I could see the disappointment in his face so tried to ease his mind a little. "This is new to me so I'm not sure what to do yet, but I promise we will figure it out Evan. Between the two of us we'll take care of Mattie, I promise."

A small smile appeared across his sweet features, and I smiled with him as we both took comfort that at least we had each other looking out after the little boy. "You know you're not the only one who is worried." I said as I continued to gently stroke my fingers through his curly locks.

He screwed up his eyes questioningly.

"Yeah, Mattie is worried about you too."

"Really…why?" Evan asked seriously.

I shrugged my shoulders in a non-committing way. This got him even more serious. "What did he say?" He asked a little forcefully.

"You know how he is. He hates to tattle on anyone, but I told him I would talk to you discretely so don't get mad at him or let on I spoke about it, o.k.?"

"Sure, no problem" he replied.

"No seriously Evan. I don't want him to end up feeling bad about this because you know how tight lipped he can be about things. I swear you are the luckiest brother ever to have him as your little brother." I emphasized to him as he just stared at me a bit shocked thinking about it before nodding his head.

"Yeah, you're right he really is pretty cool for a little stinker." He teased me, but rolled his shoulders letting me know he agreed. "Don't worry I won't let on. So why is he so worried?" Evan asked as I looked down at him noticing how he was biting his lower lip nervously.

"Well, he misses you and says that you've been really sad lately. You don't play with him that much anymore, and you stay locked up in your room. You even yell at him sometimes."

He looked at me, and then away as he continued to bite his lower lip in thought realizing the truth in Mattie's statements.

"What…what did you tell him?" He croaked with quivering lips.

I shrugged my shoulders and wrinkled my nose in thought. "What can I say? I just basically told him that you are at an awkward age that's kind of confusing for a lot of us older guys. I compared it to you going through something similar like a growth spurt, but with other things going on as well."

"Oh, alright…so how did he handle that?"

I just sat there for a moment not saying a word and realized it was time to lighten the mood a little. "Well?" Evan prodded me.

"Oh…well I think he understood because he knew exactly what I was talking about."

"What does that mean?" The younger boy looked at me scrunching up his eyebrows.

"Well, he said you were going through that 'pewtery' thingy phase," I replied chuckling a little as Evans eyes bulged a minute.

"No way dude, what you tell him?" He asked a little seriously, but even he couldn't help but giggle at his brother's mispronunciation of puberty.

"Well, the first thing I told him is the proper pronunciation of puberty, and then I asked him what he knew about it."

"Why'd you ask him that? Fuck, what could he possibly know? The little shit's only all of eight years old?"

I looked down at Evan with a stern look because of him using profanity, and I heard him mumble an apology. I laughed giving him a little playful shove letting him know I didn't give a shit how he spoke to me. He smiled back appreciatively because there for a moment he thought I might be mad.

"I don't know Evan. Yeah, technically he is only eight, but he'll be nine in a few months, so a kid that age could know a lot more?" I teased.

"No way you twat." He said giving me a playful nudge.

"Oh yeah, well he pretty much nailed it on the head. After I asked him what he knew he told me that your small 'dinky' is getting bigger and that it is getting hairier too. Is he right? Let's check to see if he was right on target?" I asked him teasingly.

Evan looked at me in shock and I took the opportunity to tease him further by reaching down, and hooking my finger into his waist band pulled it back. When he realized what I was doing he yelped and sprang into action knocking away my hand, but not before I got a good glimpse of a large swath of his pubic mound area. Another inch or two and I would have had it pulled down to at least the base of his shaft, maybe further. What I did see was completely bare of any hair. This didn't mean anything because if he did have any pubes at his age it would more than likely be closer around either side of the base of his shaft.

"Hey, what do you think you are doing?" He stated a little harshly at first, and then started to chuckle as he realized I really was just teasing and wouldn't have pulled them all the way down.

"I see, so you're not embarrassed by gawking at other people's junk, but when it is you then all of a sudden you get all shy like." I teased him referring to what happened in the bathroom earlier when he saw me completely naked.

"Hey, no fair," he pouted. "That was an accident," he whispered really embarrassed by the whole thing at being caught staring at another naked boy.

"Dude," I said laughing and giving him a little hug. "No worries. You don't have to be embarrassed, I'm not. I could give a shit if you saw me naked. It's not as if other guys haven't seen me naked before. I promise it'll get easier once you have to take showers after gym in school this year."

"Shit, you have to remind me about that."

"Damn dude, don't worry. I mean, you probably won't be the biggest, but I bet you won't be the smallest either. Shit, besides who cares what you've got between your legs as long as it works properly when the time comes. It does operate within normal parameters?" I asked him teasingly, using the terminology that Data uses, you know, the sentient artificial life form from Star Trek Next Generation.

"You're a fuckin dick; you know that, don't you?" Evan asked seriously. "Shit, on the one hand you offer up a statement that really makes someone feel better about themselves only to add a sentence that knocks them right back down."

I gave him a pouty look and he just couldn't help himself as he just busted a gut. "Dickhead," I heard him grump.

"Well, are you still embarrassed after our little talk about seeing me naked then?" I asked him.

"No…yes…I mean no. Fuck, I don't know dude." He said not able to hold back as he just laughed at his indecision. I chuckled too knowing that I had set him a little at ease over the whole incident. At least he now knew I really didn't give a crap about the whole incident.

I shrugged my shoulders continuing on with the role. "Let me know when you figure it out."

He sighed audibly and rolled his eyes conceding defeat. "Anyway, so what did you tell Mattie about the whole puberty thing?"

"Geeze, this whole thing with Mattie is really bothering you, isn't it?"

A serious look crossed over Evan's features. We were joking around, but still this whole thing with Mattie was making him a bit worried. However, I couldn't help myself as I made one more stab at teasing the poor kid.

"Well, after he told me what he did and didn't know I had to explain to him that he should knock before coming into your room. When he asked me why, I had to tell him all about the whole masturbation thing, and that the noises you are making are probably due to you jacking off." I told him in a serious tone.

The shocked look on the twelve year old boy's face was priceless. It was a mixture of horror, anger, and sheer embarrassment all at once. He stared at me and tried to speak, but he was having trouble finding his voice.

"Wh…wh…why would…um…why would you tell him about me jacking off?" He asked me seriously before he groaned with the realization he had just confessed to jacking off. He tried to recant, but it really was too late to recover. "I…I mean," he tried then realized it was no use now that it had been openly admitted to.

I laughed so hard that it almost hurt. I tried to get myself back under control when I saw his lips quivering, and tears start to well up at the corners of his eyes. I had gone too far, and it really had hurt his feelings. Evan had been a good sport throughout the exchange and it wasn't fair to him so I leaned forward giving him a tender hug.

"Oh fuck Evan. I don't mean anything by it. Of course I didn't tell him about you jacking off and stuff. I just told him that he should knock on your door and wait for an answer from you. I said that sometimes you will tell him to go away, and that you might even snap at him, but that he should just ignore those times. I also told him if he heard any weird noises that it was just you exercising to get rid of some spent up energy. I'm sorry Evan; I shouldn't have teased you that much…forgive me?" I asked seriously.

The little guy sniffled a bit, but nodded his head. "Sure, it's not all your fault. I mean you've been pretty cool and all."

"Hey, what are friends for. Right bro?"

"Right bro," he replied.

We sat there for a while longer in silence.



"You won't say anything to anyone."

I screwed up my eyes questioningly. "What do you mean?"

"You know, about me…uh…you know."

"Fuck no. It ain't nobody's business but your own. I mean it ain't as if people don't know it's going on. Any teenage boy your age and older who claims they aren't beating their meat is a fuckin liar. But shit dude, who fuckin cares as long as you don't actually get caught in the action; especially by your mom. Now that would be embarrassing"

"Really? You…you do it too?"

I busted up laughing again just shaking my head, and listened as Evan started chuckling along as well.

"Dude, I do it every chance I get. If possible, sometimes three or four times a day. My personal record is eight times in one day. It would have been more that day if I had extra private time because I really was horny as fuck. Now mind you, I only started counting from the time I actually started squirting because before then guys can just get off over and over again in rapid successions without much recovery time. I think the unspoken rules state you have to squirt before you can count for records. See, it takes longer to recuperate once you start sperming. I mean after all the baby making seed factory has to build its inventory back up." I stated chuckling at my description, not to mention the priceless look I got from the twelve year old boy.

"What?" I asked him seriously.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're such a pervert?" He retorted.

"Not lately," I told him.

Evan just smiled at me rolling his eyes, and then settled back again with things getting quiet between the two of us once more.

"Kyle?" I heard him after a bit making me chuckle.

"Yeah Evan," I responded.

I could tell he was thinking of saying more on a different matter, and it felt like there was still something bothering him. I hoped he would spit it out on his own, but in this case I also knew that I shouldn't push it. I got the distinct feeling that it also had to do with the unspoken tension that was bothering his little brother. The eight year old miniature version of Evan knew something was wrong, but I don't think he knew exactly what it was. Now, with the older brother I got the distinct feeling he was caught up in the middle of it all.

"Uh…nothing, just forget it." He replied dropping the subject, but after another moment or two spoke up again. "Kyle?"

"Yeah Evan," I chuckled at him shaking my head as we went through the motions again, and was rewarded with a big smile.

"I'm really glad you came over today. This has been one of the best days ever."

This caught me a little off guard. "Really?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I mean you've been so cool. Giving me money to go to the arcade all alone, and then the fantastic movie, not to mention just hanging out with me like a friend instead of just some dumb kid you have to baby-sit."

"I enjoyed hanging out with you too Evan, and you're pretty cool for your age. We can hang out whenever you want if I haven't made a prior commitment, and if I'm not busy with sports or anything."

"Really, you mean it?" He asked me seemingly surprised.

"Of course I mean it. Were buds and friends always hang out with each other and stuff. I'm glad that you enjoyed the arcade, and had meant to ask you about it, but sort of forgot."

"Dude, it was totally awesome. At first I was a little afraid because…you know."

I did know. He was afraid of getting in trouble for going out alone. Fuck, we live in such a small town where everyone knows one another, and the arcade is only five minutes up the street by bike. The kid's twelve for cryin out loud. He should have a little wiggle room for freedom. I listened as Evan continued.

"Then I saw other boys my age from school there. They were by themselves too, and were kind of shocked to see me. We all hung out a little and played some of the games together as teams. We totally rocked, and I even scored a high score that I could post my initials on. It was totally wicked over there."

I smiled at his enthusiasm and congratulated him on his high score. He beamed at my praise, and we both just sat there in our own thoughts for a moment. Evan remained quiet for a few moments longer before another thought occurred to him.

"Kyle, do you think those older actors were sixteen. I mean shit they were like having sex and all for like…well…real."

I had to laugh a little, 'now whose the pervert' I thought to myself.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure they were over eighteen, but just looked like they were sixteen. I mean even in France it would be illegal to film sex scenes like that with underage kids."

"Yeah, I kind of thought that. The other little boys and girls were pretty cute too. I'm surprised that they even filmed them naked so you can see their peckers and stuff. I never saw anything like it." He stated absentmindedly as I had to chuckle silently at his boldness with seeing naked bodies.

"I know, pretty cool huh."

"Yeah, but what did you think about that twelve year old boy. I mean, do you think his pecker was pretty small. Even the nine year old boy's dick was bigger than his."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I know the sixteen or eighteen year old was pretty hung, and I think it is just coincidence that the nine year old was too. I think the twelve year old was probably pretty average for his age. It's kind of hard to tell because he wasn't cut, but I would say the twelve year olds' soft pecker was about two inches long, pretty average if you ask me. That little nine year old boy looked to be close to three inches long, way bigger than the twelve year old boy. In my opinion the nine year olds' pecker is on the large side for a boy his age and build."

I looked down at Evan questioningly, and he looked away and blushed. Damn, he looked so adorable when he blushed like that. At first I thought his comment had been an innocent one, but now I realize he was probably doing some comparing. I keep forgetting that Evan is at that curious stage of trying to find out where he fits size wise with other kids his age.

I mean it was bad enough that he was shorter than most of the other boys in his class, but if his pecker is smaller than theirs too that would be the ultimate embarrassment. The boy his age in the movie is probably the first naked boy he ever saw that he could compare himself to. I could tell that he seemed satisfied with my answer, but I wanted to set him further at ease.

"Listen Evan, I know you are a little worried about when you go back to school this year because you will have to take showers in front of other boys. But believe me, just because you are smaller in height and weight than the other boys, doesn't mean that your 'Dinky' will be smaller." I teased him using Mattie's terminology.

Evan looked at me a little shocked by my statement, and tried to decipher if I was being serious or was teasing him again. He should have known me by now, and that it was a little bit of both. I didn't let Evan's shock deter me.

"I'm going to break a locker room protocol here and do a little tattling, but you have to promise me you won't tell anyone I told you this, agreed?"

Curiosity got the better of Evan at the prospect of hearing something that is kind of a secret, so he readily nodded in agreement.

"No, you have to say it."

"I promise I won't tell anyone," Evan swore holding up his right hand.

I looked at him again and then sighed. "Well, you know Jimmy who's in my class year at school?"

Evan thought a moment and then said, "Oh yeah, he's kind of really small, and sort of geekish. A lot of kids used to tease him when he was about my age, but I don't remember the last time anyone teased him." He answered trying to think.

"Yeah, well I used to stick up for him all the time, and now the kids know better. I also think a part of why they don't tease him is because he's got the biggest cock I've ever seen on anyone. That little fucker is hung like a walrus." I busted up laughing at my statement and Evan's expression.

"No fuckin way, you're shitin me." My shy little horny toad gasped in shock.

"Fuck no. I swear. We had him measure it once, and it was over five inches when he was all soft. We were so impressed that we made him measure it when he had a hard-on, and it measured over six and a half inches long."

"No fuckin way."

"Yeah, and you want to hear the freaky part?"

He nodded his head all wide eyed wanting all the juicy information.

"That happened when he was twelve years old. He's way bigger now. I'm embarrassed to even have him measure it. I mean dude, he sort of belongs in one of those porn movies or something. I bet he'd be raking in the dough like you wouldn't believe if he ever got into that sort of scene because he's got one hell of a cock for a guy. With him looking all geekish like that it would be a hoot to see girl's reactions when they saw that huge thing swinging around between his legs." I told Evan laughing my ass off.

Evan's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he digested the information. "Fuck me," he whispered.

I roared even louder at his comment that he looked at me questioningly. "Believe me Evan; you absolutely don't want to be fucked by the likes of him. You'll never walk straight again."

We both laughed so hard that I started to ache. It's been a long time since I've laughed this much, and it was nice to hear Evan let loose like that too. He really did have a beautiful sounding laughter that sort of rang out clearly and danced through the air.

"You're such a dork Kyle." Evan managed to wheeze out in between his laughter.

"Hey, what kind of friend would I be if I weren't looking out for you? Just saying you know…the guy is so huge he'd rip your ass in half." I stated as I shrugged.

Evan just rolled his eyes and sighed in resignation. I think he was finally starting to realize that there just isn't getting around my quirky kind of sense of humor. At least he wasn't so hung up anymore about us cuddling together.

As much as I enjoyed being this close to Evan I knew that I should probably be getting Mattie up to bed. I leaned into the curly haired boy giving him a great big bear hug, and heard him grunt as I wrapped my arms around him tightly. After a moment's hesitation he returned the affection by clutching me even closer to him. I couldn't help myself as I even nibbled on his ear playfully, and kissed him on his cheek and forehead.

He giggled at my nibble, but protested at my kisses. "Oh yuck dude. What was that?"

"Rule number two; give plenty of hugs and kisses." I replied quite satisfactorily.

"I think you're making those up as you go," he stated smugly as he wiped his cheek.

"Well, you better start remembering the rules because you never know when I will call you on them," I replied smugly.

I gently lifted him up into a more upright position, and motioned him to get up. He complied although it seemed a bit reluctantly, and I smiled knowing that I had gotten him hooked with the whole cuddling thing. I tried to get up too, but stumbled a little bit because my left leg, which had been tucked up under me the whole time, was numb and asleep. Evan giggled at me as I stomped my foot trying to get it to wake up. I couldn't help but laugh along with him because truth be told it really was a bit comical as I limped around.

"I'm going to put Mattie to bed, so why don't you head into the bathroom to get washed up and cleaned."

Evan looked over to the clock, and the frown on his face didn't go unnoticed. "Dude, I'm not saying you have to go to bed yet, just go wash the day's stink off you, and then come back out for a while longer."

He seemed to think it made sense and I watched him start to peal off his yellow jersey, but then looking back to me with a strange look on his face decided against it as he headed towards the bathroom. I rolled my eyes at his total shyness while I limped around the room for a bit more trying to wake up my leg. I massaged my thigh to get the circulation pumping, and that seemed to do the trick as pain started shooting through my leg all the way down to my toes. It lasted a moment or two longer before subsiding enough for me to walk over to the small sleeping form of Mattie.

The little guy was completely out of it lying on his stomach. I sat on the edge of the couch, and gently turned him over so that I could get a better angle with picking him up. He moaned a little, but other than that he remained fast asleep. I gently lifted him into a sitting position making sure that I supported his head so that it didn't flop back, and eased his upper torso closer to my body.

I draped his arms over my shoulders, and felt him snuggle up closer to me in his sleep. He wasn't that heavy, but still it is almost like lifting up dead weight as I rose up off the couch. He seemed to sense my struggle even in his sleep, and I could feel him shift and wrap his legs around my waist making it a bit easier on me. He groaned a little, but then started to breathe evenly again as I felt his warm breath tickling my neck. We were both shirtless, and the bare skin contact sent shivers up my spine because it felt almost erotic in a way feeling his near naked state up against my nakedness as well.

I sighed shaking my head as I thought the Prescott brothers have somehow managed to cast a spell over me. I hugged him even tighter up against my body, and felt him respond reflexively in his slumbering state as he tightened his grip around me. I could feel his soft bulge pressing up against my stomach, and just the thought of him forced up against me like that made my own penis twitch and inflate a bit.

I cautiously made my way down the hallway stopping a moment by the bathroom door, and I could hear the water cascading into the bathtub with that unmistakable sound of water filling the tub. I realized Evan must have decided on a bath instead of a shower. It's been years since I've actually sat in the tub, and with the twelve year old boy taking one it sort of made me think that perhaps I should do that every once in a while as well. I mean, I remember how good it used to feel just to soak there in the hot water as it seeped into my skin and bones.

Feeling a bit guilty about listening in on Evan, I shifted Mattie in my arms a bit and started back down the hallway making a mental note that I needed to be more careful from now on around Evan. Especially now that he's admitted to having started jacking off. I mean it would be rude, and very embarrassing to walk or even listen in on the little guy while he is in the throes of things.

Being the youngest, Mattie's room was also the smallest one in the house, I'd say about nine foot by eleven feet with a small closet inset into the wall with two sliding doors. There were some toys spread around the floor, which I made sure to avoid so that I wouldn't trip over one of them and break my freekin neck. Other than that it was surprisingly clean; although, a bit cramped. He had a typical little boy's room with some posters hung up showing off some of his favorite characters like Iron Man, batman, and Spiderman. He also had some smaller soccer posters and baseball pendants hanging on the wall.

I headed for the far wall where his twin size bed was positioned, tugged back on the covers, and laid him down on his backside while I stood up to stretch my protesting back muscles from the weight I had just carried. The poor guy hadn't even woken up with all of the jostling around that had just happened, which was a bit surprising to me. He just lay there exactly how I had laid him down, and looked comfortable enough for the moment as I went to his dresser drawer to fish out his pajama bottoms.

I knew he only wore those short kinds of pajama bottoms when it got warm like this, and no shirt at all while he slept. But here is where I had a little bit of a dilemma. I also knew he didn't wear any underwear either under the pajama bottoms. I know what you are thinking, but it's not like that at all. I never ever saw him naked before, and never looked in on him when he changed into his sleepwear. It's just I knew from coming over so often and babysitting him. After he got changed we would usually play a little bit before he had to go to bed, and during those times you could just tell he wasn't wearing any underwear.

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders in resignation. I guess I could just tuck him in bed, but then again he won't even notice that he had been changed by someone else because he was so out of it. Making a decision I headed towards the bed and sat down next to him.

I laid the pajama shorts on the bed next to his sleeping form and reached over unbuttoning his blue and tan plaid shorts. I unzipped his shorts fascinated by how it glided down and over the small little lumpy area of his crotch. I've never paid such a thing any mind before, and now it was kind of erotic in a way. I zipped him back up and slowly unzipped his shorts again, giggling a bit at the roller coaster motion of the zipper gliding over the soft lumpy area.

It's kind of interesting the things one notices once their hormones start pounding around in their body. I tugged on the bottom of his shorts with just enough force so that they would slip out from under his butt. I continued to pull them down towards his feet, and then lifted aloft first his left leg up and out, then his right leg. I folded up his shorts and laid them on the chair next to his bed. I looked back to his sleeping form which was completely naked except for the pair of red and blue colored spider man boy's briefs that fit too tightly around his sleek form showing off a tad too much of his boyish bits.

My eyes relished the softness of the sleeping boy as his chest rose and descended in a regular even cadence. His soft facial features looked angelic on him as he slept, and I took in the sight of his smooth chest, dime sized pale colored nipples, and tight little stomach. He was tanned in hues of golden brown with just a bit of white right above the waistband of his briefs. The inch or so of white area above the waistband of his briefs was wrapped all the way around his small waist. Evidently his shorts that he wore were about an inch higher than the waistband on his briefs. I could also see a few inches of white section on both of his legs where the bottom of his shorts would stop. Other than that he was tanned a golden bronze color from head to toe.

My eyes continued to take in his beauty, and then stopped on the little lump protruding from the front of his briefs. I smiled appreciatively at the nice shape of it, and then chuckled as I realized spider man's face was pressed right up against the little protuberance making for a quirky scene. I leaned in to get a closer look, and my own penis twitched at the naughtiness of what I was doing, but I just couldn't help myself. I've never seen Mattie naked before, and I was a little curious now. Still, I was also a bit nervous so I guess that is the reason I was kind of taking my time before actually disrobing the little guy completely.

As I said, he had a nice little bulge that was pressing up against the soft cotton fabric of his briefs, and as I got closer I could start to make out an outline of what he had under there. I could distinctly make out the shape of his shaft, but I had to look hard to make out the tip of his head which accounted for what seemed like more than half of his size. He seemed to have a modest sized little boy sack, but then again how does one tell on an eight, almost nine year old boy.

I reached out, and then stopped looking up into his face for a moment just to make sure he really was asleep. I didn't see any other indication so hooked my fingers in his waistband, and slid them downwards under the back side of his waist. His briefs really were tight on him so I tugged more firmly on the briefs, and slid them over his two small bulbous butt cheeks. When I did that the front of his underwear slid downwards a little, and then got hooked at the base of his shaft. It looked kind of sexy the way the briefs looked all tangle up around his crotch providing just enough cover to hide his most intimate of treasure troves.

I was starting to breathe heavily now, and I could feel my heart banging inside my chest as I looked down at the creamy white smoothness of his bare pubic mound. No sunlight ever reached this intimate area on the little boy making it seem even more pure and innocent. My hands were shaking now as I swallowed hard, and reached over to tug the front of his briefs down over the small bulge. I gasped at the beautiful sight in front of me as his penis seemed to breathe a sigh of relief at being released from solitary confinement. What shocked me even more was that he was uncut. His foreskin was still intact extending over the tip of his glans about a quarter of an inch before tapering down to a tightly closed tip. No wonder I had trouble locating the head of his penis under his underwear.

Now that it was no longer being pressed down against his body, the flaccid uncut penis sort of shifted off to the side. His underwear had bunched up around his legs just under his boy pouch, so I tugged them off the rest of the way lifting his feet out through the small leg openings of his briefs. I watched his short stubby one and a half inch, well one and three quarter inch if you took into account his foreskin, beautiful little boyhood sway around as I removed his underwear, and realized my own penis had inflated to full mast.

I reached inside my shorts to shift my erection into a more comfortable position, and was a bit surprised to find a little wetness around the slit opening of my penis. I was so damn horny that I had started to leak. I really shouldn't be too surprised considering that I hadn't been able to milk myself to satisfaction earlier in the morning, and since then I had been getting all horned up by these two Prescott brothers.

I just couldn't help myself, and I finally realized that the anticipation of seeing one of the brothers naked had been building in me now almost all day long. Well I was here now, and I was going to make the best of the situation. Feeling emboldened I snuggled up closer to the sleeping boy so I could get a better look at my prize.

I had to admit that I've never seen an uncut penis this close in my entire life. There were only a couple of boys in my age group at school that were uncut, and I've never paid all that much attention to that, but now I started to wonder if Evan's penis was intact as well. I found myself hoping it was, and that I would get to see it someday in an unhurried and unobstructed manner.

In the meantime I had Mattie that I could play with and explore, and that is just what I planned on doing. I looked over the little guy's tanned body, and a shiver ran up my spine when my gaze settled on the pale section along his torso that is normally covered at all times. The contrast between the pale ivory coloring of his midsection to the rest of his golden brown body was almost intoxicatingly sexy in its own way, and I felt drawn towards the paleness area of his body.

I felt more encouraged now since the little guy hadn't woken up yet, and reached out to touch his soft flaccid one and a half inch penis. I was amazed at how soft and fleshy it felt in my fingers. It seemed a little short, but it was pleasantly thick in my fingers, and also felt like it had a bit of weight to it. I recalled feeling Evan's hard thick shaft in my hands only moments earlier, and wondered if his had looked just like Mattie's at that age. It kind of made sense that both of the boy's penis' would have look the same if they were both the same age because to tell you the truth the two boys looked so much alike in every other way.

It was so exciting to have little Mattie's soft fleshy bits in my fingers. I rolled it around a bit feeling the texture of it, and reached over with my other hand to cup his little plump pouch sagging between his two legs. They weren't pulled up tightly against his body as I figured they would be; instead, they hung down slightly from his body weighed down by two small olive sized testicles. I swished them around inside his pouch relishing how they felt, while also tugging outwards on the tip of his foreskin giggling at how his penis elongated as it stretched out.

Just then Mattie seemed to shift slightly, and I gasped quickly pulling away my hands as his penis seemed to snap back into place and settle down softly on his pale pubic mound. I didn't have to worry though because he was still fast asleep. I got bold again and reached out once more towards his uncut shaft. I was curious as to what was under the hood of his skin, and slowly started to pull it downwards. I didn't know if he was still too young or not, and tried to remember my health class lesson concerning boys who were still intact. I seemed to recall that it varies from boy to boy as to when their foreskin slid back freely.

I hoped Mattie was one of the types of boys whose foreskin retracted, and I slowly skinned it backwards watching in mesmerized amazement as the tip of his foreskin expanded to accommodate the thickness of the boy's little acorn like knob. It was tight, but I was pleased to find that indeed it did slide over his bulbous mushroom like head as his tightly closed foreskin expanded letting his tip slip past the opening. My eyes widened in anticipation as the skin slid clear, and remained in place behind the corona exposing a bright damp pinkish colored head or glans. My initial assessment had been correct, the head of his penis accounted for over half of his size. I slid the skin back over the tip of his penis, and noticed that it was starting to inflate.

I decided to help it along, and gently massaged his penis as it continued to thicken and elongate. As it got longer I wrapped my thumb and three fingers around his shaft, and slowly started to skin him in a jacking motion. It finally topped out at two inches, but fuck it was so damn thick. To tell you the truth I thought for a little guy it looked pretty damn big, and I figured it had to be because of how thick his shaft got.

I wrapped my entire fist around it trying to gauge the thickness of it, and it almost felt as big around as my own, maybe just a tad thinner, and I figured a circumference of maybe two in a half inches. For an eight year old that was pretty damn fat. It made me wonder at how thick Evan's was, and I got the sense when I had wrapped my fist around it during the movie that although it was definitely shorter than mine it had certainly been thicker.

Mattie's foreskin was stretched out tightly now over the tip of his head closed off tightly just on the tip end of his glans. I could clearly see those blue colored veins all along his pale translucent looking shaft. I wanted to see him skinned in this state, and slowly pealed it back. It was tight, much tighter than earlier, but it did slowly peal off of the tip exposing a wet deep pinkish and purplish throbbing colored thick head because of the blood that had coursed through his shaft allowing it to chub up and deepening the coloration on the head of his penis. The shaft had elongated about a half an inch more than his flaccid state, making both the head of his penis and shaft just about the same in length now.

I loved how his penis felt in my hand and started to masturbate him. I didn't know if someone his age could have an orgasm, but I liked the feeling of jacking off the little boy. I masturbated him slowly because his foreskin felt so tight along his shaft and glans. As I got comfortable that I wasn't actually hurting him I started to pump him faster. I was fascinated by the way his glistening wet pinkish purple head appeared and disappeared beneath his fleshy skin.

I shifted my gaze towards watching Mattie's face, and noticed how his features actually seemed to contort with blissful contentment, and his breathing seemed to have quickened. I figured that I must be having an affect on the little guy so I slowed down the jacking motion and noticed his breathing slow down as well. I heard a little whimper escape his lips almost as if in protest.

I wondered if he had ever experienced an orgasm before or if maybe this would possibly be his first, because even though he was only eight years old, practically nine, it looked to me like it most assuredly was possible for someone his age to achieve such a state. I decided that I would give it a go so slowly increased my tempo again. I noticed his breathing was speeding up, and then a thought occurred to me. If I was going to make him have an orgasm I might as well do it right.

With my mind all made up I pealed his foreskin back, leaned in and took the tip of his shaft into my lips. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I was capable of such an act, but to my surprise I found I really enjoyed the sensation of having him in my mouth. This was the first time I've ever put my mouth over a penis so I didn't know what I expected it to taste like, but I got the distinct feeling it sort of tasted like sucking on one's thumb. I mean there was just the hint of muskiness, but all in all I enjoyed it as I swirled my tongue over the tip of his acorn experimentally.

The little guy moaned in his sleep at the sensation of having his penis lapped and sucked on, and I got excited as I slid the rest of him into my mouth. I spread apart his legs to get more access to him as I began to slurp on his thick shaft greedily, and felt it twitch in reaction to my administrations. I was careful not to scrape him with my teeth as I continued to suck on him using my tongue to slither up and down the bottom part of his chunky rigidness.

I released his tool for a moment to tend to his little boy pouch, and sucked them in my mouth swirling his olive sized testicles around my tongue. The sensation and naughtiness of what I was doing sent me into overdrive as I popped them back out. I licked my left fingers really quick, and dove back down on Mattie's thick short erection. I was rewarded with a resounding noise of pleasure.

My head kept bobbing up and down greedily on his two inch shaft and glans while swirling my tongue along the tip of his head before flicking it between his pee slit. I looked up to see his reaction, and was rewarded with the sight of perspiration beading up along his brow and torso creating a glistening sheen all along his small tight body. He was starting to squirm and sway to the motions of my suckling as I intensified what I was doing to him.

I could tell his little body was in overdrive because he was audibly moaning, and his hips rose and fell to the timing of my bobbing up and down on his swollen erection. I didn't know if he was still asleep or not at this point, but truth be told I was so into what I was doing that I didn't even care at the moment. Besides if Mattie was awake it didn't appear he cared either as the intensity of emotions started to well up that tightly wound little body of his.

I started working my mouth on him even more forcefully making sure to flit my tongue along the slit opening and around the corona area of his shaft. I could feel his body respond even more to my administration, and decided it was time for the next phase as my left hand dove between his legs and slowly worked their way towards his little grommet. I swirled them around his opening and felt him shiver at the stimulation. I pushed my finger on his little boy cherry gently making sure not to put too much pressure behind it. He was still a small boy, and I didn't want to hurt him by forcing my finger past his virginal boy pussy, so instead I gently pushed and swirled my finger around giving him another source of erotic pleasure.

By his loud moans and squirming reaction I could tell he was close so intensified my suction on his penis while at the same time becoming more aggressive on his little pucker hole as I swirled around my left pointing finger up against his boy pussy. With my right hand I started to stimulate him even further by rubbing it all up and town his tightly contracting stomach and smooth pale white pubic mound while my mouth continued to bob and slurp furiously on his erection.

Then it happened. All at once I felt Mattie's hard little sausage leap around in my mouth as he bucked his hips upwards once catching me by surprise as all of a sudden the tip of my finger slipped accidentally past the tight opening of his virginal boy pussy up to the first knuckle. His tight hot wet grommet contracted tightly around my finger protectively while at that same moment I heard him squeal sitting straight up in bed with eyes popping open in total confusion. As soon as I had felt him buck upwards with his sausage twitching wildly in my mouth I had panicked and released his tool letting it plop out of my mouth, and sitting up as well removing my finger from his cherry hole feeling bad that I had impaled him like that even if it had been by accident.

Right after Mattie bolted upright he looked down in confusion at his hard shaft twitching around on its own, and then crashed backwards as the first orgasm of his life took hold of his sleek tight body, and he started to twitch and grunt in euphoric uncontrollable pleasure. I could still tell he was totally disoriented so I grabbed his twitching tool to help him finish his orgasm properly. His pecker twitched and jerked at my touch, and I heard the renewed guttural sounds escaping little Mattie's lips as he contorted and bucked uncontrollably around on the bed while I continued to jerk on his shaft masturbating him during his climax. My eyes widened in wonderment and surprise at how long his orgasm lasted as he continued to moan, grunt, and twitch in my arms.

Slowly his orgasmic convulsions wound down, and I released his rapidly deflating tool before wrapping my arms around him holding the small raggedly gasping boy against my body as his breathing even out. It seemed like it had taken a long time for him to actually reach his climax, but in reality it had really taken only a few mere moments once I had started on him in earnest. However, I had to admit that I was a little jealous at how long his orgasm lasted. My orgasm seemed to last only half as long, and I envied that he could maintain that sort of wonderful feeling for such a protracted amount of time.

Mattie's entire body glistened with perspiration from being worked so hard, and he looked so damn sexy with his now soft deflated penis rising and falling to the timing of his heart beat. I cradled him softly in my arms, and ran my fingers through his hair and brushed his face softly.

His breathing had finally gotten back under control, and I heard him swallow as he slowly opened his eyes to look at me. The poor guy's medication was still holding on to him, and he looked a little bewildered. The only reason why he was awake now was due to the pure adrenalin that was now running rampant inside his petite body.

"Hey," he whispered looking at me, and then slowly shifted his gaze down to his naked body.

"Hey little buddy," I replied a little worried that he would be angry at what had happened or upset at the fact that he was naked.

The little guy surprised me though by just shifting a little closer to me, and sighing contently as he held me tight. I took a chance and gently stroked his chest and flat stomach watching as his little pecker slowly twitched back to life.

I noticed Mattie was watching me intently, and then he looked down fascinated by the sight of his penis coming back to life as it expanded and elongated slowly. I thought he would be embarrassed, but he just looked back at me and yawned.

"Wh…what happened?" He asked me as he reached down to tug on his little boy penis. He flinched at the sensitivity he felt from the touch, and promptly released himself.

He yawned again and looked at me expectantly.

"Uh…you fell asleep on the couch, and I brought you back to your room. Since you were still dressed I dug out your pajama shorts so that I could put them on you." I stated as I held them up as proof.

"Oh, o.k., but what happened to me. I felt…um…I felt totally awesome." He finished smiling at the memory, and then tried to stifle a yawn as he slowly closed his eyes fighting valiantly against the affects of his medication.

"Well…" I tried to think of something real fast. "Uh…you had a special dream, and it made you feel really good."

He scrunched up his eyes and tried to think through the haze of the medication. His eyes seemed to light up for a moment as he looked at me. "Oh yeah, I did have a great dream, and you were in it too. Then when I woke up I saw you for real," he said as he smiled pleasantly and yawned again.

His last statement made me wonder if he meant he saw me sucking on his little pecker or what.

"That felt really great Kyle, can we do it again," he yawned again as he continued to try staving of the affects of his drugs, but shocking me and sort of making me panic with the implication of what he was saying. "We should let Evan have some fun too," he whispered.

Again I panicked. "Uh…no Mattie, we can't because this is just something private that you keep to yourself…something you shouldn't tell people about, o.k.? It is just something older boys normally do so we shouldn't tell anyone."

"Oh, o.k. then, but can we do it again?"

"Uh…I don't think so Mattie. Maybe later."

He seemed disappointed but I replied, "Rule number four—leave them wanting more." I explained.

Once again he furrowed his face in concentration, but smiled back up at me understanding. "Alright, maybe next time then. Can we put on my pajamas now so that I can go back to sleep."

We both chuckled at his statement as I gave him a hug, and leaned over to kiss him on his lips. Mattie returned my hug and surprised me as he hungrily slurped on my lips. This little guy was turning out to be a real horn dog.

"Rule number two: give plenty of hugs and kisses." I told him remembering the rule I told to Evan.

I heard him giggle. "I like that rule," he replied.

"Mattie before I get you dressed, and you go to sleep can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Kyle," he yawned again, and I knew he was fading fast.

"You really didn't mind what I did to you?" I asked him still a bit afraid of what had happened.

"No of course not you silly ninny. I told you I want to do that again with you sometime." He replied with his eyes closed, but smiling pleasantly.

"Oh, but you know that I saw you all naked and all. You don't mind that either?" I asked him curiously.

"No, I guess not. I mean you are almost like my brother and all, so I guess not." He whispered as I bent over giving him another kiss as he moaned happily.

"Have you ever done that before, you know where you get those tingly feelings inside of you?" I continued to question him since he was in the mood of answering questions for now.

"No, but I really liked it, and you promised that we'll do it again sometime."

"Uh…yeah sure…maybe…as long as you promise not to say anything." I reiterated reminding him of his promise even though I knew him well enough to know he'd never spill the beans.

"I promise." He sighed.

"One more thing Mattie…has anyone ever kissed you on the lips like I just did?" I wondered since I noticed he had sucked on my lips greedily with our first go at it.

"Just my mom, but not like how we kissed, and I liked it better when you did it. Oh, and I like that rule," he whispered. "You know about giving plenty of hugs and kisses. Can we do that again sometime too?" He asked almost completely back asleep.

I leaned over and kissed him on the lips again, this time enjoying the soft feel of it. He returned the kiss gently lapping at me before releasing me.

"Thanks Kyle…for everything. You're so cool. Luv ya," he whispered.

"Love you too little man," I whispered back not knowing if he heard me or not.

I slipped Mattie's pajama shorts onto his small frame pausing long enough for one final tender loving caress allowing the feel of his little boy bits within my small hands, before covering him up, and gently kissing him on his forehead as I left the room. Today had been a day of surprises for me, and I still had some time left before the older brother went to bed this evening. I wondered if maybe I would be lucky with Evan tonight as well. I didn't hold out hope for anything as drastic as what had happened with Mattie. I mean, Evan was just so damn shy about his body, but still he seemed to be loosening up a bit and if something just sort of happened accidentally, well so be it.. To tell you the truth it was Evan that I was really lusting after. His little brother had been a lucky little accident. Perhaps a taste of what was to come in the future.

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