Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 1

WARNING: this story contains sexual content, and contact between young boys. If the subject matter offends you, is not to your tastes, or if you are under legal age for your area, then find something else to read. In the following story all names and events are completely fictional. Although I may mention specific locations, places, or persons any resemblance to said people, locations, or places is completely unintentional.

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I was horny as hell sitting there in that chair, and I can honestly say it was a first for me. Maybe I should rephrase that because after all what healthy fourteen, going on fifteen, year old boy hasn't gotten horny at least a time or two, or more accurately stated 'almost every waking minute!!!' No, what I meant to say is that the twelve year old boy, Evan is his name, sitting on my lap making me hornier than a male dog chasing after a 'bitch' that's in heat was a first for me.

Frankly, I'm a little confused by the emotions I'm feeling at the moment, but maybe I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here and should take a step back a moment to explain. Have patience with me though, because it might take a chapter or two before I make it back to this spot. Not that it really matters, but there are one or two exciting points before I make it back to Evan and me sitting in that chair.

It was still early in the morning when the doorbell rang waking me up from a resounding restful slumber. Well, I say it is early because nine in the morning during summer vacation really is pretty early for most of us typical teenagers. I moaned a little, and then sighed as I sat up on the edge of my bed rubbing the sand from the corners of my eyes. I could hear the muffled greeting my mom was giving to someone at the front door as I moaned once more a bit put out over being so rudely woken up.

I yawned and stretched trying to get my young body to wake up a little more before reaching down between my legs giving my young semi-hard morning tube a tug knowing it wouldn't go away until I emptied out my bladder. I reached over to the chair by my bed and grabbed a pair of plain gray gym shorts, and before long I was hopping on one foot trying to tug the shorts on as I scooted towards the bathroom door. Anyone peaking through my bedroom door at the moment would have probably busted a gut at the sight of my lily white ass jiggling around, and my warm loose balls slapping up against my thighs. Well that, and not to mention my little teenaged sized semi hard-on swaying around in the air at half mast like a flag caught in a brisk wind.

I have to say that I'm a pretty lucky teenager because I have my very own bathroom that's attached to my bedroom. Actually, the bathroom has two doors leading into two separate bedrooms, but since I'm an only child for all practical purposes it's my very own bathroom. Not only that, but the original design of the house had my bedroom slated as the master bedroom with its own walk-in closet and outside patio area. This means I have a pretty large bedroom with extra amenities that most kids my age can only wish to have.

The original design of the dwelling was a rambler style home, but when my parents had the house built they added a basement where they have their bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room. Also downstairs is a utility room, large gym setup, and recreation area. They kept my room the same as in the original design, but added an extra door to the bathroom so that another bedroom could have direct access to it as well, which makes sense because my bedroom really isn't considered the master bedroom anymore.

We aren't rich by any means, but my parents have made the right investments at the right time, and are just plain lucky with the whole property thing. The original land we are on right now was owned by an old farmer who had a small log style cabin. The place had been just big enough for the farmer and his wife with a living room, small kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom. When my folks purchased the property, they kept the log cabin in place, and added a whole new house to it keeping the log cabin theme.

Most houses in the area are small three bedroom split level houses on small lots. My folks got plans for a three bedroom rambler, and made some changes to it like adding a basement level. When you enter the front door you step into a foyer area which opens up into the main living room. Off to the left of the foyer is a door and a set of stairs which leads you down into the basement. Past the foyer area is a hallway to the left which leads to the three bedrooms, and the two bathrooms. One bathroom is shared between the two bedrooms I just mentioned earlier, and the other bathroom is used by guests who come over to the house and for anyone staying in the third room. My bedroom was the room all the way at the end of the hallway on the right hand side. The bedroom across the hall from mine is the one that shares the bathroom with me.

As you walk down the hallway there is another room on the left hand side with a bathroom across from it on the right hand side of the hall. So basically, all of the bedrooms on the main floor are located on the left side of the house as you enter the foyer. Off to the right side is a big open space where the main living room is situated along with the dining room. A wall separates the dining room from a pretty good sized kitchen, which sort of extends towards the bedroom on the same side as my room and the extra bathroom. Between the living room area and dining room, which are located along the entire right side of the building, is a doorway and short hall that attaches to the original small cabin.

We actually use the old cabin as sort of a mother-in-law unit where we keep visiting relatives and guests. It is perfect because it gives our visitors their own space without feeling left out. The two doors on either end of the small hallway can be closed off giving our visitors their own entry and exit to the cabin from the main cabin door allowing for their privacy. Basically our guests have their own completely functioning home.

For the most part I'm the one who uses the cabin as my little play area and entertainment space when my friends come over. This way my parents can give me my own space to entertain my friends without intruding on me, yet also still be able to keep an eye on me. They don't like the idea of me going off to my room and closing the door when friends are over; especially, if it involves girls. The cabin; although it is a separate building, is still attached by the small hallway, and when both doors are open afford my parents with enough openness to keep an eye on things without actually intruding or eavesdropping on my conversations with my friends.

I stepped up to the toilet, hooked my thumbs under the waistband, and pulled the front of my shorts down below my silky soft sagging boy pouch. Don't ask me why I just didn't go to the bathroom first before putting on my shorts. I guess you could just chock it up to still being half asleep because of the rude awakening so early in the morning. Come on people, nine in the morning during summer vacation? How rude!

With my shorts securely held in place by my Robin's egg sized testicles, I lifted up my left hand to the back wall so I could lean forward a little. My right hand reached down and gingerly bent my semi-hard shaft downwards towards the toilet bowl. I sighed contentedly as a steady strong stream of yellowish liquid poured out of the slit located on the front end of my plump red mushroom like head. It's a pleasant feeling, almost euphoric in a way, emptying out one's bladder first thing in the morning, and I felt my body tremble getting goose bumps from the sensation.

I jiggled my now deflated three inch circumcised penis a couple of times to shake away the last drops, and tucked away my pride and joy inside my shorts. After flushing the toilet, I scooted over to the sink, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, and looked in the mirror for any new blemishes or pimples that might have reared their ugly heads in the middle of the night. For the most part I'm pretty blessed in the whole pimple department because unlike some teenagers I rarely have to deal with those nasty little things.

I am pretty happy with the face that is staring back at me in the mirror. I know what you are all thinking about, you know with the 'here we go with describing yourself in the mirror.' But hey, since I'm here making sure I don't have any new pimples I might as well describe my face to you.

Overall, I would say that I was a fairly average kid in the looks department. I have brown hair cut short along the sides and above my ears. I keep it a little longer on top with that ruffled yet clean look, and the haircut really accents my oval shaped face. I have thick brown eyebrows that are a tad lighter shade from my hair, and deep brown eyes. My entire face lights up like my mom's when I smile creating deep creases along the gentle curve of my cheeks that start alongside my nose all the way down to either side of my chin. My feminine ruby colored lips tend to have an upwards bend to them most of the time completing the brightness of my features on my lightly tanned colored face with a healthy golden-brown tint.

The only feature about my face that I don't really care for is my nose, but over the last year or so I've been noticing that it seems to be fitting in better with my facial features, and I've been finding myself liking how it is starting to look on me. My nose has a nice long bridge which ends in a nice button like shape that swells outward a little too much along either side making it look too broad. When I was younger my flared out nose looked too big for my face, but in the last year or so it seems as if my body and face have been growing making it a better fit with my nose. Other than my nose, I've always had those feminine facial features that girls just swoon over, and believe me I get plenty of comments from the girls at school that always seem to make my cheeks burn and turn red.

I have a long thin neck that tapers out into a nice set of strong shoulders and chest. I'm not ripped by any means, but I most definitely am fit. I'm into sports and my body shows the effects of staying in shape because of one activity or another. Have you ever noticed how those athletes who focus primarily in one area of a particular sport tend to have bodies that seem way out of balance? Well, Aquatic sports are my favorite, but I vary my interest between land sports and water sports which keeps my body type in balance unlike other athletes who tend to focus in a single area of athletics. Sure focusing on one sport has its advantages, but I don't plan on being a professional athlete so keep active with various ones, and just have fun with them.

In a couple of months I'll be turning fifteen, and I can see that some of my features are getting that sort of chiseled look teenagers start to develop as they get closer to adulthood. Personally, I hope I still keep some of the boyish features just like my father. Although my dad has the strong rough masculine facial appearance like most men, he still has some of those boyish facets that make him look youthful and full of energy. I like that quality, and hope I follow in his footsteps.

If puberty is any indication, I'm sure to follow suit because truth be told I'm a bit of a late bloomer in that department, at least compared to a lot of my friends. It's been the butt of some light hearted teasing by them, but nothing that's mean spirited. I kind of enjoy the ribbing, and often remind them how much younger and handsome I was going to look than them when we were all seventy years old.

Besides, it isn't as if I'm small in the package department or anything. To tell you the truth, even when we started taking showers after gym class during middle school, and I started to check out other boys my age, as we often do at that age, I noticed that I was pretty average for a boy my age. No, it's some of the other things that happen during puberty, and to tell you the truth as I think back on it, I'm glad my body has decided to develop slower in those areas.

I finished up in the bathroom and made my way towards the living room barefooted and wearing nothing but the cotton gray pair of baggy shorts that I had put on when I got up. I could hear a familiar voice now, and recognized it as belonging to Mrs. Prescott, or rather Auntie as I referred to her. I noticed her son, Evan, sitting in a chair in the living room looking totally bored out of his mind with his left leg tucked under his right thigh. He was wearing a bright yellow soccer jersey with some sort of pale blue swirling design on it, white soccer shorts, and a pair of yellow socks to match his jersey. He must have taken off his shoes when he came inside because he wasn't wearing them. I've known Evan all of his life, and he was a well mannered, calm, and good natured kid. Our parents were close, and grew up together themselves so I see them around often, ergo my reference to Mrs. Prescott as Auntie.

I missed a step noticing just how damn cute Evan looked in that outfit. 'Damn, where the hell did that come from,' I thought to myself. As I've said, our families were close, and I never even thought of Evan in that way, much less any other boy before, so it just sort of took me by surprise for a moment as my mind tried to wrap around the thought. He looked up as I plopped down on a chair across from him sighing tiredly to myself. After all I had just been rudely awakened early in the morning during summer vacation. What's the use of summer vacation if we can't even sleep in for Pete's sake.

"It's too damn early to be up and about," I commented to no one in particular. Our parents were in the kitchen out of sight chatting away, so Evan must have thought I was talking to him.

"Huh…oh…hey Kyle, yeah I guess," he replied in greeting and answer to my unintended comment.

I lifted up my right foot onto the edge of my chair as I looked over towards the door leading out of the house. I could hear part of the conversation going on in the kitchen in the opposite direction as I scoped out a pair of boy's blue Shaun White Gower Skate shoes. I recognized the brand because we only have one department store in this small town, and that's Target. One tends to become very familiar with the brands available when there is really only one source around. I was thinking how cute he must look with his small little tootsies slipped in those shoes and wearing his current outfit.

'Damn, where the hell was all of this coming from,' I thought to myself as I shifted my head back around towards the little guy sitting across from me.

"Looks like I'll be babysitting your brother later today," I mentioned offhandedly emphasizing the fact that I was going to be babysitting his nine year old little brother and not him.

I knew how embarrassed he was lately when I babysat because he was twelve years old. Hell I started babysitting both him and his brother when I was his age, and here he was with me babysitting because his so called dad, Don, didn't trust him. Don was a real prick in my opinion because Evan really was a good kid. It didn't go unnoticed, at least by me, at how Evan's treatment by this asshole seemed to have become worse over the last year.

I guess I wasn't the only one checking someone out because when I had turned back around towards the curly haired boy I noticed his eyes had grown as big as saucers, and his jaw was hanging open as he stared at my crotch. There was a definite lump in the white shorts Evan was wearing, and I could clearly see the outline of his rigid penis that had inadvertently inflated on him. 'Not bad for a twelve year old,' I thought to myself as I lowered my leg down breaking the spell I was having on the poor little guy, and once again surprising myself at the silent comment I had made. My own pecker twitched a little at the sight of his obvious bulge as I lowered my foot back to the ground. 'Odd,' I thought to myself at the reaction I had towards Evan's obvious erection.

I smirked realizing that when I had lifted up my leg on the end of the chair, and turned towards the front door, it must have created a wide gap in my shorts probably giving Evan a glimpse of my little boy sausage and fruit basket. It really didn't bother me that he was checking me out, and to tell you the truth I felt a little flattered that I had this sort of affect on someone…anyone.

Besides, it's not as if I have anything all that special down there, but neither did I have anything to be embarrassed about. As I've stated I was pretty average in the package department. It also didn't bother me that he had popped a woody because of me. I mean, that's pretty much what twelve year old boys do. What boy that age isn't curious about such things and constantly popping wood at the drop of a hat…it's only natural. Once puberty starts in on a boy, strange things start to happen to them on a regular basis. Hell, I'm still having issues myself in that regard.

With my jewels safely concealed once more, Evan seemed to come out of his trance as my comment about babysitting seemed to sink in. His cute cheeks flushed red as realization dawned on him that he had been caught staring. The poor guy shifted in his seat trying to discretely hide the obvious stiff lump that was pressing up against the flimsy fabric of his white soccer shorts.

"Uh, yeah…babysitting," he managed to stammer out trying not to look so obviously embarrassed.

I thought it was absolutely adorable, and I couldn't help but look at him a little bit differently. I mean I've known him all his life, but I've never actually 'just' looked at him. He was a bit on the small size for his age. I figured he was about four foot six inches and weighing seventy to seventy five pounds totally dressed and wet. He had medium length luscious wavy and curly brown hair with soft facial features and large round hazel colored eyes that always shifted to different hues from grays to blues to even green at times. He may be a little on the small side for his age, but he was really lean and fit. His small oval shaped face fit well with the rest of his body, and his soft facial features were well accentuated. The younger boy had thin brown colored eyebrows almost the same shade as his curly locks and with just some lighter shading interspersed here and there, a cute petite button shaped nose, ruby red lips that looked cute when he smiled, and a fair complexion with rosy pink cheeks.

I felt bad for him so I leaned forward conspiratorially looking around me trying to diffuse the situation and set him at ease. It seemed to work because he leaned forward as well looking towards the blocked off kitchen area making sure our parents weren't coming through the door.

"Hey listen Evan, I know you probably have things going on later when I come over to look after your brother, but maybe when Mattie goes to bed we could watch a movie or something. I'll pick up a DVD at the video store for us. What do you think?"

"Uh…yeah sure Kyle, I guess," he replied. I could see he was bit disappointed; especially, with the whole conspiratorial part about getting a DVD. It's not like we haven't done that before.

I once again looked around pretending to make sure no one was listening, which seemed to intrigue him as I saw him glancing towards the kitchen again.

"So is there anything you would like me to bring, you know…anything at all?" I winked at him conspiratorially. He caught on, and I was rewarded with his eyes opening a little widely turning a deep shade of sapphire blue while a little sly smile twitched at the corners of his mouth, both of which seemed to light up the entire room.

He looked around a little nervously, and I noticed his right hand dive towards his crotch as he shifted the stiff little hump in his shorts that had obviously re-inflated at the apparent implications I was making. He looked back over to me and sort of shrugged his shoulders nervously. I understood his hesitancy; after all we've never even remotely done anything together that smacked of naughtiness or anything with sexual undertones.

As I've stated, Evan's a pretty good kid, and up until now I had always viewed him as a sort of younger brother or little kid who still played with Lego games or something. But I kind of felt bad for him with this whole babysitting thing so I figured it was a good way to sort of reward him, and also a good way to take a stab at how repressive he's been treated lately by Don. I mean, I really didn't like the guy because of the way he treated Evan and the rest of the family. 'That fucking prick,' oops, I guess I shouldn't really talk like that, but the guy really was an asshole.

"I'm not sure…you know maybe an 'R' rated movie or something," Evan whispered bringing me out of my musings, and smiling back at me with an anxious twitch tugging at the corners of his mouth that I thought was cute.

"Sure no problem buddy. Do you want 'R' rated as in blood and guts, or do you want something that's a bit more…um…on the racier side of things…you know…like sexy stuff?" I asked him seriously.

He looked at me a bit shocked and a little timidly. I pretty much knew what he really wanted, but I just wanted to tease him a little. I saw him squirm in the chair knowing he wanted a movie with sex scenes, but also knew it would be hard for him to just up and say it. I saw the emotions flickering across his cute little face as he fought for words that wouldn't make him look like a complete dork. I just wanted to tease him a little, not humiliate him, so I let him off the hook.

"Hmmm, I think I might just have the right movie. There's a mixture of both sex and action; with a touch more on the nudity side of things, and with just a hint of excitement. But mind you it is a foreign movie so there are sub-titles involved. Are you game?"

"Sure," he squeaked, his vocal cords constricting with excitement. I could see him swallow as he regained his voice, and watched curiously while he innocently and unwittingly massaged his throbbing penis through his soft silky shorts in a sort of masturbatory motion. 'OMG, he looks totally hot handling his little rigid boy toy like that,' I thought to myself once again making myself pause to reflect on the situation.

"I mean, yeah sounds good," he finally managed to whisper in a more normal tone as he released his little stiff boy penis when he realized what he was doing in front of me. It made me wonder if he really did masturbate yet, and if so, if he was having orgasms and squirting his boy juice at his age. I figured probably yes, at least to the masturbation and orgasm part of things because I sure was full swing into that sort of action at his age. Fuck, I still am every chance I can get.

We both jumped a little when we heard our parents come through the kitchen door. I watched him make one last adjustment to his quickly deflating sausage, and then we both giggled at each other's reaction.

I shifted in my chair a little and looked over towards our moms who were still laughing and talking with each other totally oblivious to us. As their conversation died down a little with enough time for Evan to regain his composure, I finally spoke up.

"Hey Auntie Prescott, so when do you guys need me to come over?" I interrupted when they paused long enough for me to speak up.

She scrunched up her face at me for a moment and smiled in resignation. "Don and I want to head out early today. Do you think you could manage around three this afternoon? I know it's earlier than usual, but we want to do a little shopping at the mall since we will be in the city. We'll be sure to compensate you for the extra time," she reassured me.

It made sense to me because this was a small town without much to offer in the way of shopping. If they were driving that far to the city then they should make the best of things. "Sure, no problem," I replied. "I'll be there."

Our moms talked for another minute or two before the Prescott's finally stepped out of the door to head home.

"I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun later," I whispered to Evan and winked at him conspiratorially as he brushed up against me on the way out giving me goose bumps from his touch. He panicked a little, and looked over to his mom who hadn't heard a thing since she was still engaged with saying good bye to my mom. He looked back at me, and smiled mischievously.

"Yeah, I'm sure we will," he managed to whisper as he said good bye to me.

I watched them leave and got that lonely kind of feeling as if I was missing Evan already. 'Strange,' I thought to myself. I've never had this sort of feeling towards the younger boy, much less any boy at all. I shrugged it off and chocked it up to having recently broken up with my girlfriend.

I'd been going out with Jenny for most of the school year, and just before summer vacation we had both decided together that maybe we should give it a little break. After all, she lived in the next town over so seeing each other during summer break was going to be a little difficult. We had both experimented sexually with each other, but mostly just light oral kinds of stimulation. Shit, it may have been nothing all that serious, but still I could feel myself starting to bone up just thinking about those erotic moments with her as we both got sweaty and all worked up together in the heat of passion.

I turned and headed towards my room figuring it was time to take a shower. I stepped into my large room deciding to pick up my dirty clothes off of the floor. My parents raised me right in that I always maintained a pretty clean room. Rarely, if ever, did they have to brow beat me to clean up after myself. To tell you the truth, I didn't like a messy room, unlike many other teenagers my age. I finished by making my bed, which really only took about a minute, before looking around and nodding satisfactorily at my handiwork.

I was just about ready to head into the bathroom for my shower and a much needed little wank job, when I heard my phone buzz. I looked on my caller ID and it was Gabe, my best friend, which sort of surprised me this early in the morning because he always slept in. Hey, like I said, summer vacation and all. We met each other in Kindergarten and had been fast friends ever since. I knew all there was about him and he knew all there was about me. We were so close that many of our 'firsts' were done together or in each other's company. Hell, we even jacked off for the first time together when we were 11 or 12 years old. There never was anything sexual between the two of us, and neither one of us ever felt compelled to doing something like that with each other. But when it came to the opposite sex, he was even there when I kissed a girl for the very first time. We even made out with a girl together for the first time. I mean, of course not with the same girl, just sort of like a double date kind of thing. My little soldier twitched in my pants even thinking about that first time.

"Hey Gabe," I answered as I clicked on my phone.

"Hey Kyle, what you up to?" He asked me.

"Not much really. Just got up and I'm going to get cleaned up a bit before having a bite to eat."

"Oh cool. Hey, I was just wondering if you heard about Jenny." He stated sort of leaving a big question mark behind the statement.

"Uh, no…I mean, I really haven't heard much from her since…you know."

"Yeah, I still think the two of you should have tried to make it work. Hell, it's only three months before school is back in session you know."

"I know, but still." I said leaving the rest unsaid. "You mentioned something about Jenny. What's up?"

"Well, uh, geeze, I kind of hate to be the one to tell you, but I heard she hooked up with that Jenkins' kid."

"Not Billy Jenkins?" I asked a bit shocked that Jenny would even go out with that prick.

The kid was a real jerk, and a bully to boot. I never had any problems with him, but then again I didn't bully easy either. Not to mention I'm fairly popular at my High School even though I had been a freshman. No…bullies tended to go after easier targets. He was a year older than Jenny and myself, and would be a junior in High School this upcoming school year while we would be entering our sophomore year. I was really surprised that Jenny would even consider hooking up with him because he just didn't seem to be her type.

As if reading my mind Gabe said, "Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What a fuckin dickhead, but hey they live in the same town and close by, so you know…."

"Yeah, still…" I sighed.

"Well fuck her and Billy." Gabe replied.

I chuckled at his comment. "Well maybe Fuck Jenny, but I wouldn't Fuck Billy if my life depended on it. I'd rather have a quick death to that of the slow rotting disease riddled desiccation my poor pecker would suffer if I stuck it up his ass."

I could hear Gabe bust a gut on the other end. He probably fell out of bed and was rolling around on the floor he was laughing so hard.

"Fuck dude," I heard him finally say between giggles. "I just fell out of bed I was laughing so hard."

I chuckled. 'Did I know my friend or what?'

"Anyway, it's Jenny's problem and not mine," I sighed shaking my head in disgust.

"Yeah, your right…hey, you want to hang out and do something today?" Gabe asked me as I heard him grunt a little on the other end. He must have picked himself off the floor to sit back down on his bed.

"Nah, can't bro. Got to babysit this afternoon."

"Shit, too bad. I was hoping to hang out a bit before you head off to that summer camp of yours. I can't believe you still like going there. Aren't you getting a little too old for that?" He asked me seriously. He had gone with me when we were both younger, but opted out last year and stayed home.

I loved going to the camp. There were a lot of activities and in general, just overall fun hanging around some new people you meet along with some of the old ones you've met over the years. Most kids my age find it kind of lame to go, but I really love it. The camp itself was pretty cool. In a way it was a little bit of a rustic kind of camp, but with a lot of amenities so it really didn't feel like you were out roughing it. The facilities attached to the camp were quite modern, yet you still got that sense of being out camping in the wild.

"Well, maybe you can come over tomorrow and we can hang out. I've got to sort of pack, but that really doesn't take all that long. Tomorrow's Saturday, and I don't leave for camp until Sunday, so we can hang out a little together before I leave."

"Cool, sounds good." Gabe grunted as I heard him shift back onto his bed. I knew him so well, that I pretty much figured he was lying on his back and stroking his little hard spud between his fingers. He always bragged himself up about the size of his hard dick, but truth be told he was only about three and a half inches long when hard, and then only on a good day. I had to admit though that he did have a huge ball sack that seemed to sag all the way down to his knees. I think the combination of his stumpy dick and large balls contributed to the huge amount of cum he tended to shoot out the end of his stubby canon.

"Well, I got to go Gabe. Besides, it sounds as if you've got some extracurricular activities your getting ready to focus on. Try not to work on that little thing too hard," I giggled. "You know it won't get any bigger no matter how hard you pull it."

"Dickhead," I heard him chuckle on the other end. "Not as if you aren't going to take care of your own little problem here in a minute or two when you hit the shower." He laughed and then grunted as he continued to stroke himself.

"Fuck dude at least wait until I hang up the phone."

"Huh, oh, yeah ok. Later," I heard him grunt as the phone clicked off.

I chuckled to myself as I laid my phone on the end of the table, and headed for the bathroom. The anticipation of clean warm water cascading over my smooth body, and the imminent relief to my little manly boyhood sent my petite soft three inch tube to twitching.

I stripped out of my clothes and started the water adjusting the temperature to a setting that I liked. I stepped into the shower stall and started wetting down my body and hair. The warm water felt wonderful on my skin, and sent shivers down my spine. I grabbed the shampoo and lathered up my hair in an upward motion giving it a sort of Mohawk kind of look. I had a little mirror hanging on the wall, and I looked back on my reflection laughing at how my hair looked. I stepped back under the shower head and rinsed out the soap from my soft wispy locks.

Using the pump on the scented body wash soap to get a good amount in my cupped hand, I started to lather up my chest, slowly working my way downwards to my belly button. I could feel the muscles on my chest, and then the smoothness of the skin around my stomach as my hand slithered across the silky smooth surface. As I've said, I'm pretty fit. I'm not ripped by any means, and I don't have a six pack or anything on my abs, but I do have a rock solid mid-section, and there definitely is some muscle tone there.

I relished in the feel of my own body, and allowed my right hand to continue its downward spiral towards my little boyhood. I gingerly wrapped my fingers around my sleek penis, and could feel my three inch softness start to rise and harden in reply to my administrations. I wrapped my fist tighter around my rigidness, and slowly enticed it to full mast. I finally topped out at a solid four inches, and rubbed my thumb across the tip of my purplish pink mushroom like head shivering at the thrilling sensation coursing through my taught skin.

I had a thinner shaft than most of the other kids my age, but the tradeoff was that my piece of tool got really rock solid like a refined hard tempered piece of iron rod. When they say people's dicks get hard as steel, they really were describing mine. Another plus to having a thin erection is that your pecker looks longer than it appears in real life. I've gotten comments from Gabe and a few of my other close friends that my pecker looks a lot longer than only four inches when I had an erection.

My thumb continued to rub along the slit of my penis, and I enjoyed the stimulation I was receiving. I started to slowly pump my fist along the length of my firm thin shaft, and shuddered as I looked down at the sexiness of it all. The hand that held my sleek erection slowly shifted to the image of Jenny masturbating me with her cute long fingers. I remembered that first time about six months ago when her agile fingers had worked their magic.

Her hand sped up as her petite smooth creamy breasts wiggled around daring to be touched and held, which of course I had complied. I was breathing hard at this point, and could feel my insides start to get that tingly sensation at the oncoming of a climactic orgasm. I was almost there, and could feel my buttocks start to tighten as I rose up on my toes.

Then it happened….

The image of Billy Jenkins appeared in my fantasy right at the same time I heard a familiar voice floating in the air.

"Kyle, stop playing with yourself and hurry up. You've got a lot of things to do before you head over to babysit," I heard my mom shout through my bedroom door loud enough for it to be carried into the bathroom.

"Fuck me," I whimpered as my penis immediately deflated in my pumping fist, and literally shriveled up inside of me. I'm totally serious; my boyhood literally did just about disappear inside of me, almost like those times when I jumped into the icy cold water of the lake in January for the Polar Bear swim. You know…where you jump in and then right out during the cold winter months. The shock of the cold water literally sucks your entire sex package…balls, dick, and all right inside of your body cavity.

I knew my mom had only been teasing. I mean she knew all about the whole masturbation thing in young boys, and had that whole sex talk with me years ago, only because dad was deployed at the time and someone had to do it…so she claimed. Of course it had been embarrassing, and she still did her duty now and then, well all the time, by doing those embarrassing sex innuendos not only in private…but in front of my friends and others. Of course they got a hoot out of it, but lately I haven't been in the mood for her antics.

No, it wasn't her innuendo that had caused such a rapid deflation, although, it was a contributing factor. Instead, it was Billy's image in my fantasy with Jenny that had set off the entire episode. The fantasy between me and Jenny was based on real occurrences, but Billy's image invading that scene was just too much, and an absolute turnoff.

I was leaning up against the shower stall with the warm water still cascading over my body as I slowly unwound my fingers from my now depleted soft shriveled up penis that looked to be only about one inch in length in its current state. The rest of my shaft was somewhere deep inside of me, and the only thing left visible was the tip of my mushroom shaped penis head.

I slowly straightened myself up, and gasped as the next phase of this humiliation stabbed at my nether regions. 'Fuck, blue balls,' I gasped as my hands cupped my now sucked up teenage boy pouch, which now snuggled up tightly against my body. Yes, even my balls had retreated, and since I was abruptly torn away from my impending orgasm, my balls were protesting. My entire body seemed to ache, and the pain was radiating outwards beginning deep within my two life giving walnut sized twin factories.

"Did you hear me Kyle?" I heard my mom yell again through my bedroom door.

"Yeah, I heard you. I'll be right down for Pete's sake," I snapped back a little harshly. I rarely snapped at my parents like that. I was brought up better than that, but still, I was getting older and my parents knew that at times these sorts of outbursts were inevitable. I didn't hear a reply from my mom about my rudeness so figured she had just shrugged it off. Still, the entire episode had sent me into a foul mood.

I got dressed and headed downstairs for some breakfast, my balls still aching inside of me. Mom set out some scrambled eggs and toast, and was eyeing me suspiciously. I knew I still had that sour look on my face, and even though I tried to get into a better mood I only ended up sulking more because the image of Billy holding Jenny in a seductive manner and leering at me kept popping into my head. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I almost jumped when my mom spoke up.

"Lighten up sweetie. I didn't mean anything by it, and I'm sorry if I really did interrupt you." She stated offhandedly.

'Fuck,' I thought to myself. 'How did she know,' I almost panicked as my mind raced to find a way out of this. I knew she would soon be into one of her embarrassing sex talks. I mean, it's bad enough having these conversations man to man with your father, but please, no boy wants these kinds of talk with their mothers.

"It's only natural that a boy your age mast…," she began before I cut her off with the first thing that popped into my mind.

"No…mom stop…I mean it's not anything like that. No…uh…it's just Jenny. Yeah, uh…Jenny." I croaked out finally finding a way out of this.

My mom screwed up her face. "I thought you two broke up."

"Uh, yeah we did. But Gabe called me and told me she's going out with Billy."

"Billy…you mean that Jenkins kid?" My mom queried with a sort of disgusted look on her face.

"Yeah, I know huh. I mean, she can date whoever she wants but still…"

My mom just shook her head sadly. "That Jenkins kid really is a bad seed. I wouldn't have thought a nice girl like Jenny would fall for the likes of him."

"I know, and like I said she can date whoever she wants. We both broke up on friendly terms, but I still care about what happens to her. So when Gabe told me…I didn't take it too well. To tell you the truth I probably wouldn't take it too well no matter who she dated, but of all the people to go out with, Billy just makes me sick."

My mom nodded understandingly and patted my hand but didn't say anything more on the matter leaving me to my thoughts. The rest of the day went uneventfully, and when it got around two in the afternoon, I gathered up my stuff and headed out the door. My mom had offered to drive me the short distance over, but I told her I wanted to get some running time in and also that I had to make a stop at the video store. As I've stated I'm pretty athletic, and one of the things I like to do is run; especially, when I want to clear my mind.

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