Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 1

WARNING: this story contains sexual content, and contact between young boys. If the subject matter offends you, is not to your tastes, or if you are under legal age for your area, then find something else to read. In the following story all names and events are completely fictional. Although I may mention specific locations, places, or persons any resemblance to said people, locations, or places is completely unintentional.

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Hearing the school's bully grunt from exertion I doubled over as the air whooshed out of my lungs and pain exploded all along my mid-section. I had received the first shock of the day when I made the mistake of ducking into a bathroom just down the corridor from my locker. This bathroom had the distinction of being out of the way from the main hub of the school and with me being the new kid in town I hadn't known any better. Besides, it wasn't my fault that the locker assigned to me was all the way at the end of the building and around the hallway. There were only a total of seven lockers grouped together in this section of the building, but having arrived one week after the start of the school year I guess I couldn't complain about it.

Trying to stand up, I gasped for air and felt a twinge of ache radiating outwards from my gut as my tiny frame quivered with fear and pain. A few moments earlier I had slipped inside the bathroom in a hurry to empty out my burgeoning bladder. I had been drinking so much water lately because I wasn't used to the heat, and my small bladder was literally bursting at the seams it was so full of liquid. It was so bad that I literally had a small damp spot in the front my underwear from a bit of leakage I couldn't hold in anymore.

When I had slipped inside the bathroom there were two eighth grade boys huddled together at one side of the facility but I hadn't noticed them because it had been quiet when I entered and I was dead set focused on the urinals. It was only when I had unzipped the front of my fly and had reached my thin fingers inside the small opening grabbing on to my little boy penis that I knew something was wrong.

At that moment I felt myself being dragged backwards and slammed against the ancient dingy looking tiled walls. The odor of muskiness and years of boy pee filled my nostrils for a brief moment before the stinging pain around my midsection forced air out of my lungs as I doubled over in pain all thoughts of my open fly and having to take a leak flittering away from my mind. To tell you the truth I was more surprised that I didn't piss my pants than the actual beat down I just received.

Seagard middle school was an older facility that hosted both seventh and eighth graders. The doors to the building were first opened in 1928. It had been the site of the Female Academy, Guadalupe College for Women, Seagard High School, and, in 1955, it was host to its first middle school classes. Since then it has undergone some renovations but it clearly was an older school albeit an excellent one receiving a high ranking in the state.

In addition to the larger school building there were two other buildings right next to the main older facility. One housed the cafeteria butting right up against the main building and was connected by an enclosed walkway. The other one, which was almost as old as the original building and situated next to the sports field, housed the swimming pool. To me, this second facility seemed unusually large and as of yet I hadn't managed to get over there for a look.

"Well…well…look at what we've got here," the first boy scowled, the one who just punched me, as he looked at his friend with a gleeful smirk across his darker toned features.

"Yeah," the second boy piped in his face just as red as his hair. "It looks as if we've snagged the newbie." He chuckled.

"So….what do you think you are doing coming in here into our private little office?" The first boy inquired looking at me with a cocked head.

Some of the kids had sort of warned me about Ezra; well sort of because I had gotten some mixed advice about the thirteen year old boy. Some had warned me to stay away because they said he was a bully while others stated he wasn't so bad. It sounded like he used to be alright and then something happened last year that made him…well…mean.

At the moment I tried not to look him in the eye and instead looked down, but that didn't stop me from noticing how snazzy he looked. The boy was wearing a light colored plaid style pair of shorts with a light blue t-shirt which just seemed to accent his darker features. With his smooth tanned olive like skin complexion and long dark hair that was parted in the middle hanging loosely around his shoulders he just looked…well…in a word, sharp.

The boy was still looking at me waiting for an answer as I tried to bring my mind back to the moment. "I…I…," my mind went blank as I just stared down at the discolored grimy gray looking tiled floor as my medium length honey brown colored hair waved around loosely in front of my face sort of concealing my bright powdery pale blue eyes.

The boy just laughed at me harshly and looked like he was going to hit me again when the bathroom door swung open and another boy walked inside. Without stopping, the new boy just glanced our way as my bullies released their grip on me, and stepped up to one of the urinals. All three of us fell silent while the fourth boy did a little dance as he unzipped the front of his sky blue pair of shorts and then began fishing out his pecker to relieve himself. From the back we couldn't see anything, but for some reason my own little boy cocklet did a dance inside my tighty-whities as I watched him jiggle around.

Strange I reflected to myself not understanding why lately I seemed to pop a boner at the oddest times and desperately tried to calm my twitching cock. At the moment I couldn't tell if it was wiggling around in my shorts due to my burgeoning bladder or the idea of another boy doing some fishing of his own a few yards away from me. Lately it was difficult for me to discern anything regarding the whole sex issue as I started to notice that I was even beginning to pop boners when I saw girly boobs wiggling around enticingly.

Of course I knew that boys underwent changes during a certain time in their lives having all these odd feelings, but I still didn't know all that much about it. At times I felt frustrated at not being able to talk to someone, like a real friend, about these things. I felt so awkward and clumsy regarding boys, girls, and sex; especially, when all three topics were thrust together.

Focusing back to the matter at hand, my mind raced with what I had heard about this fourth boy, Brendan was his name. Everyone told me that he was one of the more popular kids in school being really great in sports, smart as a whip, and the eighth grade class president; not to mention the waking fantasy of just about every single girl in our school. The few times I had seen him around school and in my math class it was easy to understand why girls adored him so much. I could just make out and hear the beginnings of his yellow stream splattering against the back of the urinal and I shivered involuntarily because it reminded me that I still had to go.

Brendan looked over his left shoulder towards us and nodded towards Ezra, "Hey, how's it hanging bro?" He asked as way of conversation taking note of me standing between the other two boys he recognized.

At that moment when he looked over his shoulders his body had shifted a bit and I caught a brief glimpse of him holding his pecker in his fingers as the yellow stream continued to flow outwards. I really couldn't see all that much and it was just like for a split second but for some reason it sent chills up my spine. I've never really seen another boy's cock before, well I'm sure I probably had at some point in time, but never really paid all that much attention to those sorts of things until lately. I've always been pretty shy about the whole nudity thing, but lately it sort of seemed like I've been getting kind of curious about the whole sex thing. It really was weird and frustrating because sometimes my interest would be focused on boys and what they had between their legs and sometimes on girls with what they had on their chest.

My tormentor looked over towards the fourth boy and nodded his head in mutual greeting. "Not much Brendan, just…you know…hanging around and all."

Receiving the second shock of the day, I was brought out of my reverie when Brendan focused his attention back on to me. "Hey, you're Jackson…um…," he scrunched up his face in thought, "Elborn…yeah now I remember…Jackson Elborn and you just moved here from…um…Ramstein Germany, correct?" He asked me nodding his head as he seemed to remember. "That must have been so cool." He added as an afterthought.

Taking a quick glance towards Ezra I nodded my head at the fourth boy as I made good my escape by stepping up to another one of the urinal making sure to keep an empty one between me and Brendan. I guess you could call keeping the space between two boys in this position a sort of courtesy. I tried to get control of the shock he had given me as I fumbled around trying to pull out my own little pecker.

The second shock for me was not only because one of the most popular kids in this middle School knew my name, but also because he knew I had just moved here from Germany where my dad retired from the Air Force as a Full-Bird Colonel after twenty years of service. At Ramstein he was in charge of the Air Ground Operations Wing and flew the C-130J tactical transport aircraft. He had received a nice job offer from a big aviation firm located on the outskirts of San Antonio Texas and had accepted which meant we had to move back to the states. With a military base close by it was a perfect solution for my parents because we would be able to use our military benefits on base.

My mom grew up in these parts and when my parents first got married my father promised that when he got out of the service they would move back. He could have remained in the military but decided to retire after the job offer because my mom wanted us to be back in the states by the time my High School years rolled around. This sort of job offer didn't come along every day and since High School was less than three years away he opted to retire now instead of waiting. So, we had packed up our things and moved to the quiet little town of Seguin, Texas about twenty minutes outside of San Antonio.

My thin long fingers finally located my little boy pecker so I fished it out and sighed in relief as I began to drain my baby sized lizard. "Um…yeah, how'd you know?" I asked Brendan trying to hide my surprise that he would know my name just as I heard the hallway bell indicating we all should be in our classrooms. Shit, now I'm late for class I thought to myself.

"Well actually I was sort of looking for you. I mean…you're in the same advanced math class as me and I was wondering if you could help me out with some of the problems." He inquired as I noticed him sort of taking a quick glance downwards at my package.

It wasn't an overt look or anything just the typical sort of spontaneous look see types of things that occur between boys around our age when we step up to the urinals in the boy's bathroom. If anything it was more of an involuntary behavior that tends to happen to us boys from time to time. The urinals didn't have those dividers between them which left things sort of open. Not that he could really see anything from that angle and the way my hips were shoved forward hiding my boy bits from view.

"Um…yeah sure I guess I could help." I responded scrunching my eyebrows in thought as I looked down at myself and trying to avoid glancing over at his package while he took a piss. "But…why me?" I asked him seriously; confused that he would be asking the new kid in town much less someone obviously younger than him.

"Well I sort of figured you had to be pretty smart since you are only in the seventh grade and taking the advanced math class that only a few eighth graders take." He responded making sense to me as he shoved his pecker back inside his shorts, zipped himself back up, and flushed the toilet. For some reason I sort of felt sad that he was finished and had tucked himself away.

Not wanting to be left alone with the bullies, I quickly finished up as well giving my little guy a few shakes to clear away the last droplets of fluids from its tip, and sidled next to Brendan washing my hands before following him out into the corridor. He was heading the same direction as me so we walked together down the short side hallway. I snuck a peak over my shoulder and noticed the bronze toned facial features of Ezra and the other bully watching me heading away from them. For the moment I was safe but knew this would probably mean some sort of reprisal later. Well that was later, I thought to myself, and for an eleven year old that meant a long time.

Glancing back over towards Brendan's athletic form I smiled as relief washed over me at having made my escape. "Um…so when did you want to work on the math problems?" I asked the older boy.

"What? Oh…that…well no worries…I mean I'm not having problems with the math." He told me as we rounded the corner into the main hallway.

"I…I thought you said…" I stuttered not understanding.

"Oh that…well it looked like you were sort of in a bind with Ezra and I figured I'd give you an out." He admitted to me as we stopped at another branching off point in the main hallway. "Hope that was what you were wanting?" He asked as he looked at me seriously debating something in his mind before speaking up again. "Listen, Ezra really isn't all that bad, it's just that last year…um…it's just that he's had a bad go of things lately. Don't worry about him." He assured me as he left me standing in the main hallway heading towards his class while I was forced down this side hallway towards my own class.

Well that was easy for him to say. After all he was popular in school and an eighth grader just like Ezra. I was a lot smaller than most kids in my class but that wasn't really my fault, and actually truth be told I really wasn't all that small for my age. Well, at eleven years old and standing at four feet four inches and weighing in at sixty eight pounds I might just be slightly on the small side for my age. However, this wasn't the main reason why I was smaller than most of the other kids in the seventh grade. My problem was that it all had to do with where my birthday fell in the school year.

You see, my birthday wasn't until the end of December which made for a decision on my parent's part when I first began my formal education. Since we were stationed in Germany on an American military base at the time the rules stated they had a choice of when I could begin first grade. Since I had a sharp mind and seemed advanced enough in my education, knowing my numbers, how to read, and write already, I started the first grade while I was still five years old.

Now at only eleven years old I was enrolled into the seventh grade in my new home town. Most of the other kids in my grade were already twelve and by the end of the school term or by the beginning of eighth grade would be thirteen; whereas, I started the seventh grade at eleven years old and would finish the school term at twelve years old. This pretty much meant I was the youngest and smallest kid in my class which is a big difference at this age for several reasons, one of which also included the whole puberty issue. Thank goodness my parents had said no to school officials when they had wanted me to skip third grade as well saying my reading level and math skills far exceeded those in my class. I don't know how I'd feel now if I was in eighth grade instead of just seventh grade.

All of these thoughts flittered through my mind as I opened up the door to my social sciences class and was greeted with a stern look from Mrs. Jenkins. Being new had its perks though as I was able to explain away my tardiness with relative ease. The rest of the school day just seemed to pass by slowly as I went through the motions and for the most part was able to avoid any further surprises at school. By the time the bell rang I was more than ready to head home.

Running out the door along with the other five hundred plus kids from our middle school I headed straight for my bike chained up along with a myriad of other bicycles on one of the bike racks that lined up along the main walkway. There was a buzz of enthusiasm in the air, just like every other day right after school let out, but today was Friday so it was rife with excitement as friends gathered together making plans for the weekend. Seeing all the excitement around me made it painfully more obvious to me that I still didn't fit in around here, not that I really fit in all that well at my old school either.

Just as I got the lock and chain removed from my bike I noticed Brendan making his way down the street heading in the general direction I normally take. At some point he must have gotten changed into his gym clothes because he was wearing a worn out looking white t-shirt and red baggy shorts. Some of the kids had gym class as their last class so maybe that was the case with Brendan. It seemed kind of odd to me though, not only because he hadn't bothered changing back his clothes but also I hadn't noticed him going that way before. In a way it wasn't really a fair assumption though because I was so new to the school and really hadn't paid any mind to him until today, but then come to think of it I thought he took the bus.

Shrugging my shoulders I thought it'd be cool to follow him and see where he lives. Maybe we could hang out sometimes or something if he didn't live all that far away from me. It was wishful thinking but then again I was new around here and didn't really have any friends at all. Besides, my mom was always harping about me getting to know people and make friends. This was a difficult thing for me because I always got nervous about making friends so I never really worked at it. He was walking so I grabbed my bike and followed him as I rolled it alongside of me.

The sweat was dripping from my face with the heat of the day and my entire shirt was completely soaked by the time I followed him to a small outdoor courtyard. The heat would take a lot of getting used to and I thanked my lucky stars that I had decided to wear shorts and a loose fitting short sleeved shirt to school today. Back in Germany the weather would already be starting to cool off with the encroachment of fall, but over here it was like a furnace still, too freaky hot for me as I peeled off my shirt draping it over my bike's handlebars and remained hidden in the shaded area so I could watch what Brendan was up to.

The older boy entered the fenced in area which was located in the back of an old office building. I thought it was kind of strange as I watched him entering through an unlocked gateway and into the courtyard. He walked over to the corner of the open space and lifted up the lid to a wooden box pulling out a basketball. I watched as he dribbled it around taking some shots and I had to admit I was pretty impressed with his smooth movements around the court.

He was starting to sweat so he took a moment to peel off his shirt as I continued to watch his fluid motions. Standing at about four feet nine inches the sweat started to glisten all along his smooth tan colored athletic and muscular torso. He wasn't ripped by any means but he was very fit and you could just make out some of the muscles beneath his skin as he moved around the small outdoor court. He sort of had that Italian skin coloration and features that looked attractive on him.

The tempo of his playing seemed to increase almost as if he were battling some sort of demons. Even from this distance I could see his bright blue eyes flashing brilliantly in his smooth long oval facial features as he focused on his task. At thirteen years old you could tell he was at the cusp of change as his boyish features struggled to maintain their dominance despite the encroachment towards manhood. His short cropped brown hair was plastered with sweat now as he continued to shoot the ball at the basket.

Every once in a while he would flash that huge smile of his displaying those bright white pearly teeth as his full red soft lips curled upwards excitedly. These moments were brief as his brown eyebrows furled into a scowl as if something was nagging at him. I had to giggle when he tried to rub the sweat from the tip of his small nose that flared outwards at his nostrils because he only managed to smear it around with his sweaty arms making things worse.

This went on for about twenty minutes before he finally quit letting the ball roll away. He watched the ball for a moment then sat down in the shaded area of the building leaning his back up against the wall so he could cool down. His chest was heaving for air as his eyes flashed gazing off into the distance. We were on a hill overlooking the entire desert valley and the few rows of streets down below our location. He looked sad to me as he just sat there in his own thoughts. After a few moments he brought up his knees, curled his arms around them, and put his forehead between his knees.

Another ten or fifteen minutes went by and he didn't move an inch from that position. I was starting to get worried now because he had worked hard building up a sweat and hadn't bothered to re-hydrate. Out here in this type of heat, even in the shade, this could be dangerous. Coming to a decision I cautiously moved forward, leaned my bike against the fence, reached into my school backpack, and retrieved a bottle of water unwrapping the aluminum foil I had around it as I made my way into the courtyard.

He still hadn't moved as I stepped in front of him and froze for a moment at the sight of him sitting there. The breath caught in my throat for a moment as I gazed down noticing I could see between one of his leg openings of his shorts all the way to his crotch. He was wearing a pair of bright white boy's briefs; you know…tighty-whities, beneath his gym shorts that tried to contain a decent sized lump. It was successful for the most part in keeping his privates secured except for a portion of his left testicle that was just visible from the slight opening at the crease.

The dampness between his legs sort of made the white material transparent and I could clearly see the skin colored outline of the rest of his nice ball sack and penis pressing up against the fabric. There was enough exposure to give me a pretty clear idea of what he had between his legs yet the material managed to keep enough of him hidden to play on the imagination. My body quivered involuntarily at the sexiness of it all , but I didn't want to get caught staring so I tore away my gaze from the sexy sight and placed the bottle up against his arm making sure to first adjust my semi hard-on that had decided to make its presence known.

Brendan flinched as he looked up, his beautiful blue eyes staring back into my own pair of sky blue eyes. He flashed a brief smile at me as I sat down next to him still holding out the bottle of water to him. He watched me taking a seat about a foot away on his left side and sighed as he accepted the proffered offering.

His eyebrows shot up questioningly as he swigged down a few mouthfuls and handed the bottle back to me so that I could have some as well. "It's still cold…" he mused.

"Yeah, I take several bottles of water with me to school because I'm not used to this heat. This one was completely frozen this morning when I removed it from the freezer and wrapped it in aluminum foil to keep it cold. In this heat I'm amazed it's still cold." I answered him as I took a few swigs of the cool refreshing liquid.

"I guess that answers the question of why you spend so much time in the bathroom." He chuckled light heartedly as his features brightened for a moment before once again becoming a bit gloomy.

He had an easy manner about him that I liked but he just seemed kind of sad all of a sudden which confused me. At school he always appeared so friendly with everyone having an easy going personality and a quick smile. So why was he so glum at the moment I wondered but didn't bother asking him about it. If he wanted me to know he would say something. Instead, my eyes focused on the streets down the hill and the myriad of red desert colors spread out in the valley below us. The hairs on the back of my neck sort of stood up and I could feel his eyes roaming all over me as if taking note of my physique or maybe trying to figure out my age. I got that all the time at school.

Not that I minded or anything but to tell you the truth I didn't think there was all that much to look at. I pretty much sort of felt like I was on the average side of things in the looks department and I wasn't all that athletic or anything. Sure, I was on a diving team in Germany so I guess I was pretty fit and all, but compared to the athletic strong bodies of Brendan and Ezra I wasn't really all that muscular. My body build was sleek and trim, almost a bit on the too thin side of things.

I could tell he was studying my face now and I tried to imagine what he was seeing. I've seen my face a thousand times in mirrors but I still struggled tying to visualize what he could possibly be seeing at the moment. I still had those boyish facial features with the smooth silky soft pale alabaster type of skin. At the moment because of summer I had a slight tan coloration with ruddy cheeks that accentuated my big round pale blue eyes in a thin long face that seemed to match my sleek body type. My rounded chin seemed to balance out my long face so that it didn't appear to thin. I wore my honey light brown colored hair a little long just over the ears, and I was seriously thinking about cutting them shorter now because of the heat. My thin flowing lips had an easy smile to them but no one usually saw this side of me because of my shyness.

We both sat next to one another quietly handing the bottle of water back and forth. I continued to focus on the streets below me and noticed something odd. The roads seemed to flow together and at one corner there was a flashing red light signal indicating a stop for oncoming traffic. It was a pretty busy intersection and it looked kind of dangerous to me because it sort of was in a blind spot and difficult to see any oncoming traffic. The only reason why I noticed it was because it was the only red flashing traffic signal on the entire stretch of road.

"So, you live around here?" He asked me bringing me out of my reverie.

Looking over at him for the first time since I sat down I shivered a bit at the intensity of his blue eyes looking directly at me without flinching. "Um…sort of," I responded as I got my bearings and then pointed towards the east. "I'd say I live about half a mile over in that direction."

He nodded his head, "In the new housing section with all the fancy homes." He guessed correctly.

"Yeah, I guess so. Don't know the area all that well yet." I admitted to him.

Sighing he got up and held his hand out offering me a boost up. Accepting his offer I held out my hand as his strong fingers wrapped around mine and he easily pulled me to my feet. He brushed himself off and slipped on his shirt while I did the same thing.

"Come on; let's head over to my house." He offered without even asking me.

Hesitating for a moment I shrugged my shoulders and followed him out the gate and down the street. We chatted for a bit as we meandered down some of the side street until we stood in front of an older but decent looking sized two story home. The yard was fenced in all around the property and the lawn was well kept and manicured. I had a feeling that this was probably Brendan's responsibility just like our yard was mine.

I leaned my bike up against the porch railings and we climbed up the three steps and stopped at the door while he pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. "I'm home," he yelled out and I heard a pair of running footsteps somewhere upstairs and looked up just in time to see a small figure come flying through the air from the top of the stair landing.

Brendan managed to drop his book bag just in time to catch what looked like a seven or eight year old younger version of him. When I say a younger looking version I mean just that. This boy had the same facial features and body structure of the older boy, the only noticeable difference being the eye coloration. Brendan's sparkled brilliantly blue with youthful vigor while the younger boy's round pretty brown eyes seemed ancient as if it had known and seen too many things in life already. In a word his eyes looked soulful.

"Why you little twerp," Brendan exclaimed as he snatched his brother from out of the air and started a wild frenzy of roughhousing.

The little boy screamed delightedly as his brother set him down on the stairs and started to kiss him all over his tanned oval face while his fingers found the younger boy's nooks and crannies. One moment Brendan's fingers were tickling the boy under his arm pits, the next moment all along his ribs, before flittering away to grab the boy's knobby knees as he squeezed them; all this to the squeals of delight emanating from the smaller boy.

My eyes took it all in as the two boys squirmed around delightedly with one another. A pang of longing shot through my insides as, not for the first time, I wondered what it would be like to have a sibling. I've always had a nagging feeling that our family should have been bigger, filled with the roughhousing antics of several boys running around wreaking havoc. The moment of longing lasted only a fleeting moment as I smiled and continued to watch the two brothers roll around.

It almost seemed like a ritual between these two brothers as the smaller guy just wiggled around enjoying the attention. The younger boy was wearing a pair of blue soccer shorts and a matching lightweight shirt and I couldn't help but notice he was sporting a decent sized boner for a boy his age, no doubt from the stimulation of getting man handled by his older brother. Of course it was innocent play and all, but let's face it, who hasn't popped a boner in these sorts of situation.

"I give…I give," the younger boy squealed and giggled because Brendan had pulled up the boy's shirt and planted his lips on the boy's stomach making farting sounds as he blew his lips against the smaller boy's belly button.

Brendan looked up for a moment as his eyes sparkled mischievously. "That didn't sound too convincing," he stated as he leaned down and started making more farting noises on the little boy's exposed tummy.

Smiling and giggling at the sight in front of me, I watched while the little boy squirmed and twitched around trying in vain to escape as his hips bucked upwards and the outline of his little boy erection tented the fabric of his soccer shorts outward. I mean it really was adorably cute and I felt my own pecker twitch between my legs. Damn, it was just so annoying how this happened more often to me lately. While the two brothers were engaged with their own antics I took the opportunity to make a quick adjustment so that my pecker could settle down without rubbing the wrong way and creating my own boner.

"Stop…I give…you win," the younger boy squealed as Brendan finally relented and sat on the step next to his younger brother. "Who's this," the boy smiled up at me not bothering to get up.

"Oh yeah, Marco this is Jackson. His family just moved here from Ramstein Germany. Jackson…this here little bundle of energy is my little brother Marco." Brendan introduced us.

"Wow cool, Ram…um…Ramstein Germany, that is like way cool…um…where's that?" He asked innocently sending both Brendan and me into a fit of laughter.

The younger boy was so adorably cute. The little twerp thought it was way cool that I moved here from Ramstein Germany but he had no clue where that was located. How adorably typical of a little kid…so…sweet and innocent.

The boy just ignored us laughing at him as he held out his fist so I could knuckle bump him in the typical kid fashion of greeting. "Um, it is a very…very long ways away all the way over on the other side of the ocean." I tried to explain it to him in a way that he might understand as our knuckles connected.

"Oh way cool. Hey you want to play some video games with me and Brendan?" He asked as he stood up not bothering to hide his obvious boner as he reached down and gave it a couple of tugs.

"Marco the poor guy just got here. Why don't you go upstairs and give us some time to get squared away." Brendan admonished.

"You promise…I mean you guys will come up in a few minutes and play with me for a while?" He asked his older brother as he broke out all the stops and fluttered those puppy dog eyes at Brendan.

"Yes but you have to stop playing dinky first." His brother admonished the boy.

"Geeze, alright already," the younger boy huffed as he released his hard pecker and turned heading back upstairs.

Shaking my head I just had to smile. The boy was like a miniature version of his brother. Brendan of course seemed way bigger than the three foot nine inch boy who currently was making his way up the stairs, but the body build, skin tone, facial features, and same colored hair and short style haircut looked all so similar. The main difference were the eye colors and the small little cute mole just to the left of the flared end of Marco's small boyish nose.

"Damn Brendan, if you were any younger I'd swear you two were twins." I spoke up as my new friend watched his younger brother disappear upstairs.

"What?" He asked being brought out of his somber reverie.

"I said the two of you look like twins," I told him as he seemed to wince for a moment which seemed a bit odd to me.

"Oh, yeah…I guess." He replied as he smiled back at me coming out of his somber mood and back towards mirthfulness. "People tell us that all the time and when I look at my old pictures I have to admit it's true." He nodded his head in agreement.

"So…what's dinky?" I asked.


"I was wondering what game dinky was…I mean you told Marco that he has to stop playing dinky before we go up. I'm not familiar with that game." I told him figuring maybe it was some new video game here in the U.S. that hadn't made it over to us in Germany."

Brendan looked at me for a moment and then just busted up. "What?" I asked him as I smiled at his infectious laughter.

"I think you are probably more familiar with the game dinky than you think." He tittered and went on laughing trying to get himself under control. "Damn, that is so classic Jackson," he stated as he wiped away the tears.

"Well?" I asked as I smiled wondering what he was getting on about.

"Well, Marco is like a walking hard-on. I mean he seems to always have an erection that he is constantly pulling on so well…um…he sort of popped a boner while we were goofing around and my dad and I are trying to break him of the habit of constantly…you know…playing with his pecker. Hell, it's not as if I don't pop them all the time either, but like I said that little fucker is like a walking hard-on." He told me as he wiped away the tears from laughing so hard.

My jaw just dropped at what Brendan told me. Of course I noticed the little guy sporting a hard-on, but hell, like I said that shit happens when you sort of wrestle around like that. Not only did Brendan just say it as if it weren't a big deal but he just admitted to popping them all the time as well.

"Isn't he…um…well…doesn't he…um…well doesn't he kind of like…you know…get embarrassed or anything about popping a boner all the time in front of people?" I asked Brendan seriously who just shrugged his shoulders.

"He's like all of eight years old. What does he know about that kind of shit? Hell, if he wasn't forced to wear clothes he'd probably walk around without anything on at all. Sometimes it's all we can do to convince him to put something on around the house." Brendan admitted to me as if it were just a natural thing.

My jaw just seemed to drop and my mind went into a little tizzy. I mean I didn't know if that were a normal thing or not. I've never had a younger brother and I never really had any close friends before who had a sibling, so just wouldn't know. The only thing I could compare it to was me and I definitely never walked around the house naked at that age. Hell, I don't think my parents have seen me naked since they stopped bathing me when I was about six or seven years old.

"Um…is it alright if I use your phone?" I asked Brendan as I looked around the older house.

"Oh, yeah sure…here." He told me as he handed me his cell phone.

"Your parents don't allow you to have a cell phone yet?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah sure but well…um…we haven't picked up any new ones…you know. I mean we stopped our overseas service and my dad hasn't picked out a new service and phones yet." I told him.

"Oh yeah…makes sense. Sorry I didn't really think about it." He responded as I just looked at him and shrugged my shoulder.

Hell, there are a lot of little things people just don't think about when they move back to the states from being stationed oversees. My eyes were still roaming around his house which really seemed to appeal to me for the craftsmanship. It was an older house but obviously in its day this house was located in the more affluent neighborhood and a lot of good craftsmanship had gone into it. The carved wood railing along with the carved moldings along the floor and ceilings spoke of someone who had lived here that had some wealth. Even the mosaic tiled floor in the entryway spoke volumes. It served two functions: first it kept the house cooler and secondly it made a statement of wealth in that bygone era.

"Wow, really great craftsmanship." I noted to Brendan who just looked at me questioningly and then followed my gaze.

"Oh…um…I guess so but aren't there like a lot of old buildings in Europe as well?" He inquired.

"Yes, of course but still there is a lot of work and detail that went into this house." I commented as I focused back on his phone then scrunched up my face thinking for a moment.

"What's wrong? Am I out of juice?" He asked me looking at the battery status on his phone.

"No, I'm trying to remember our new number." I admitted as I tried to recall the strange number combination which I wasn't familiar with.

Sighing I walked over to my book bag and dug around inside of it until I found the number and dialed it on the phone. "Hey mom." I greeted knowing she was probably worried. "N…no I…I'm alright. I…I'm just over at a new friend's house is all." I told her as I listened to her rant a bit about being more responsible. I rolled my eyes and Brendan just sort of giggled understanding the whole parent kid interaction thing.

"No, we're just sort of hanging out together and will probably play some video games with his younger brother." Again I had to roll my eyes. "Um…I don't know, here why don't you ask Brendan." I said as I handed the phone over to the older boy who just looked at me questioningly but shrugged his shoulders as he picked up his phone.

"Um…hi Mrs. Elborn, I'm Brendan." The boy responded not knowing what else to say. "Oh yeah, my phone number is 555-0201…um that's my cell phone do you want the house phone number instead?" I heard him ask as my mom put the poor guy through the paces.

He just looked at me and rolled his eyes which set me off laughing as he gave her the home phone number, address, and the whole it's cool that I was over there thing. They seemed to chat for a bit before all of a sudden he sort of paused for a moment.

"Um, no ma'am, my um…mother…well…um…she…well…it's just me, my brother, and my dad Mrs. Elborn." He finally managed to get out. "No…he's not here right now but should be home in about an hour or so and I can give you his cell phone if you want to talk to him." He responded which now started to give me a knot in my stomach thinking I might have to go home now.

My mom was a stickler for adult supervision. She left me at home alone for short periods of time but always made sure our neighbors knew when I was alone. It really wasn't all that bad, I mean she did give me enough of my own space and privacy never being the smothering motherly type, but always made sure there was adequate supervision around.

"No Mrs. Elborn, I've watched over my little brother plenty of times." Another pause. "How old? Oh he's only eight." He was looking at me now with furrowed eyebrows as my mom put him through the third degree. "Oh you mean me, well I'm thirteen." This wasn't fair to Brendan so I motioned for him to hand over the phone.

"Mom, it's me." I told her as she kept speaking. "No…mom, geeze what's wrong with you. Stop giving the poor guy the third degree. You're the one who keeps harping for me to make friends. I'm not a little baby any more. For Pete's sake, what can happen here in this little town?" I told her getting a bit peeved about how embarrassing this was getting.

Of course she started to lay into me a bit but I cut her off. "You're starting to embarrass me now. I just wanted you to know where I was and it isn't as if I'm halfway around the country. He lives a few blocks away from us so stop worrying about it." I was starting to get mad and Brendan could see my frustration as he furrowed his eyebrows concerned this may all get out of hand.

Motioning for the phone I sighed and handed it over to him. "Hi, Mrs. Elborn, this is Brendan again. I understand you might be a bit concerned about Jackson but he sort of had a bad day at school and I figured he could use a friend…you know how it is when you are the new kid in town. Anyway I asked if he wanted to come over and we stopped to play a bit of hoops on the way home." Brendan stated with just a little white lie. "Anyway, it's Friday and my dad will be home here soon so he will be bringing pizza. I was wondering if maybe he could stay for dinner." He asked my mom, which made me raise an eyebrow for him being so bold, not to mention that we had just met and all.

There was a short pause. "No problem Mrs. Elborn. My dad won't mind and I'll give him a call to let him know Jackson is over here so he can get a larger sized pizza. I'll also give him your phone number so the two of you can talk. Oh, and Mrs. Elborn, um…I was wondering if maybe he could spend the night as well." Brendan asked.

My jaw just dropped at the balls this guy had on him. Fuck, there was no way my mom would agree to something like this but I thought it was way cool of Brendan to even ask. No one's ever done something like that for me.

"Oh no Mrs. Elborn. I have friends that stay over all the time. You can ask my dad about it when he talks to you, but it would be kind of cool having Jackson spend the night. I've been dying to ask him all about Germany and stuff. My dad says I have some relatives over there and it would be kind of cool knowing a little about the country and all. Please Mrs. Elborn…I mean you don't have to answer now, at least talk to my dad first." The boy pleaded.

Fuck, the guy was so fucking awesome the way he sort of handled my mom. I mean he just sort of put all this stuff out there and instead of having her give a yes or no right now he put it in a way where she would have to decide after she talked to his dad. I mean if you thought about it the tactic was brilliant. It is kind of hard for a grownup to say no to another grownup. It would seem as if the one parent would be questioning the qualification of another parent.

"No don't worry about a thing Mrs. Elborn. You don't even need to worry about the hassle of putting something together for him. We have new toothbrushes that have never been used that he can have and I'm sure I have a pair of pajamas or something he can wear to bed that I've outgrown. Besides, my little brother has been driving me crazy lately and he literally begged me to allow Jackson to play with him. It will give me a break from my pint sized little maniac of a brother." Brendan chuckled and I could hear laughter on the other end as well. "Yeah, well maybe it will give Jackson a good lesson on what it's like to have a little brother nagging at you all the time." He continued to laugh and I knew he had hit a nerve with my mom because she was the oldest sibling of two younger brothers herself so must know what Brendan was talking about.

"Great then it's settled. I'll give my dad a call now and let him know, and then he can call you up so you two can exchange information. He's talked about the new family…I mean you guys to me, and I know he is interested in meeting your family as well. At least you guys can chat for a bit." Brendan finished up as he answered a few more questions before finally hanging up the phone.

"What the fuck just happened?" I exclaimed looking at him a bit perplexed.

"Um…oh, I thought you wouldn't mind…you know about spending the night and all. You don't do you?" He asked seemingly a little worried now that he hadn't asked first.

"Um…no I guess not…it…it's just…fuck, I can't believe my mom actually agreed to all of this." I pointed out a bit flabbergasted as another thought struck me.

I've never spent a night over at someone else's house before. Hell, I've never had a sleepover at my house either. Now that I thought about it, how the hell does something like that happen to a young boy my age. By the time most kids reach my age they've had numerous sleepovers with their friends.

"What's wrong?" He asked me.

"Um…I…I've never been invited over to someone's house before to spend the night." I admitted to him.

The boy looked shocked at first and then seemed to recover as he shrugged his shoulders. "Well I guess there is a first time for everything. Besides, it isn't decided for sure but I'm sure my dad will have no problems convincing your mom. That is if you want to spend the night?" He asked looking at me seriously.

"N…no…I mean…of course that would be totally awesome. I…it's just that why would you even want me to…you know…spend the night? You hardly even know me." I asked him seriously as I furrowed my eyebrows thinking how weird it was with us being kind of strangers and all.

"Why not? What better way to get to know another kid than with a sleepover? Besides, you may not think it a good idea by the time my little brother gets through with you." He chuckled as he dialed his father's phone number.

A few moments later we were on our way up the stairs and towards Brendan's room where Marco was already engrossed in a video game. "What took you guys so long?" Brendan's brother asked as he pulled on his little boy pecker.

Brendan rolled his eyes and just shook his head while I sort of chuckled. It didn't look like the little guy was sporting a boner or anything and may have just been taking care of an itch. Hell, how often did I have the same kind of problem…I mean it's just one of those things that we boys have to put up with from time to time.

"Well for one thing Jackson had to give his mom a call to let her know he is over here. She was a bit worried since he is new and all around here. Then we asked her if he could spend the night and…" He was cut off as Marco jumped up and tackled me catching me off guard as I fell backwards onto Brendan's bed with the little boy's weight crashing down on top of me.

In the process the boy accidentally kneed me in the crotch making me wince as the little guy just hugged me. "That's so way cool. It's been a while since one of Brendan's friends has spent the night." He squeaked as he rolled off me sitting on the bed and returned his focus back to his game as if nothing unusual had just occurred.

"I told you," Brendan laughed when he saw my expression of surprise. "Anyway Marco…," the older boy looked reproachfully towards his little brother as he took a seat next to us but on his computer chair, "Mrs. Elborn didn't say yes…," he held up his hand forestalling his brother's interruption, "but she didn't say no either. She's going to talk to dad first." Brendan finally finished.

"Oh, then that means he'll be spending the night." Marco insisted with confidence smiling brightly.

Brendan just rolled his eyes as he watched his little brother go through the motions on his PS3 video game, 'The need for Speed.' I had to admit the little tyke was pretty good as he maneuvered his car through the streets taking other cars out and avoiding the cops. At times the little guy would get excited and pinch the tip of his pecker subconsciously as he stuck his tongue out the side of his mouth and his body swayed to the motion of the car as it zipped around the corners. The kid was just adorably cute as Brendan and I watched on silently.

After a few moments of zipping around in the car Marco tossed the controller to his brother and sped out the room and into the hallway. Brendan just chuckled shaking his head, "I guess he spends as much time in the bathroom as you do," he joked as he winked at me.

The boy's speedy departure had me staring after him so when Brendan spoke up I had to smile as I shook my head. Brendan asked if I wanted to join in but I shook my head that it was alright so he engaged the game and was off to the races. Watching him was just as much fun as watching his little brother. After about a minute or so Marco slipped back into the room and instead of sitting down next to me snuggled up between my legs and leaned back.

The move caught me by surprise but I automatically wrapped my arm around him as he seemed to sigh contentedly and snuggle up closer. I could feel the warmth of his body as he leaned back into me and it felt kind of…nice. Not in a sexual way or anything, but just sort of for the contact and made me wonder if this is kind of what it felt like to have a little brother. Brendan looked over at his little brother raising his eyebrow for a moment as if a bit surprised and then refocused back on to the game with his little brother yelling at him encouragingly. The two brothers were so animated it made me smile.

When Brendan's phone rang he tossed the controller back to his brother as he answered the phone. Marco picked up where his brother left off and I got the distinct feeling these two played a lot together on these video games.

We could here Brendan talking with his dad on the phone and it sounded like things were a go for us. "Dad said he talked to your Mom Jackson and it looks like it will be alright for you to spend the night. He's running a bit late so he told me to make sure you got your bath Marco before he got home with the pizza." He told his little brother as the boy just nodded in acknowledgement without any arguments.

We watched the small animated little guy squirm around between my legs as he swayed one way and then other way with the controllers in his hands. Brendan just smiled at his little brother as he shook his head seemingly in amazement. After a few moments Marco sighed and set aside the controller.

Turning around so he was facing me the boy pushed me back on to the bed as he looked me in the eyes which sort of made me a bit uncomfortable. He was lying on top of me and I could feel his little flaccid boy penis as it seemed to grow and get hard with the innocent rubbing and contact.

"What are you doing Marco?" Brendan admonished as his little brother just gazed into my eyes.

The boy just shrugged his shoulders as he continued to stare at me. "Nothing much, just noticing how his eyes look a lot like yours Brendan." He stated as he placed his hands on either side of my face.

"What do you mean by that?" Brendan asked as he looked at me now adding to my discomfort of being so closely scrutinized by the two brothers, but I didn't want to say anything so just held still. Maybe it was because I was a bit petrified at the moment feeling Marco so close to me like that and the boy without a care in the world that his boner was pressing up against me.

"Um…just that they are blue like yours, maybe just a bit paler. But…" He responded as Brendan rolled his eyebrows.

"But what?" He admonished his brother.

"Well…he's…I don't know…lonely." Is all Marco said as the boy rolled off of me and his brother flushed a bit embarrassed about the situation.

We both watched Marco head out the room as I sat back up. "Jackson…I…," he sighed as he continued, "I'm…uh…I'm sorry about that. He's normally not like that at all. I don't know what's gotten into him." He admitted to me.

Shrugging my shoulders and flushing a bit embarrassed as well I just sort of looked away from my new friend not really knowing how to respond. We stayed like that for a moment or two while I sort of digested what had happened.

"Um…Jackson…are you alright?" Brendan broke the uncomfortable silence.

"Huh? Oh yeah…sure. It…it's just he sort of caught me by surprise. I mean it was like he was looking right through me. I…is…um…is he like that all the time…you know looking at people like that?" I asked him shrugging it off because I really did like Brendan and wanted him to be my friend.

"Yeah…I mean no." He sighed just shaking his head. "I don't know Jackson. I mean he used to never be like that at all, but ever since…um, it's just he's been sort of like this only lately. Maybe it is just some sort of growing or something, you know a shifting in personality. He's normally kind of shy even around my friends that I've known practically all my life. You know the whole age difference and stuff. You're the first one he's actually sort of…um…I don't know, sort of taken a shining to more as like a friend kind of guy not just an older brother's friend type of thing. Kinda weird if you ask me." He stated as his eyes scrunched together in thought while he tried to figure out his little brother's quirky behavior.

We both fell silent again for a few moments until Marco called out for his brother. Sighing Brendan got up and I followed him up until the doorway to his room where I stopped without proceeding further out into the hallway. Marco was leaning out of a doorway down the hall. He had peeled out of his shirt exposing his bare upper torso and also out of his soccer shorts standing there in his colorfully cartooned boy briefs.

"Are you going to run the bath for me or what? Dad said I had to take a bath before he got home and I want to hurry up so that we can play some more games afterwards." Marco asked his older brother as he once again tugged on his little boy pecker.

"Yeah…yeah, just hang on to that pecker of yours will ya already. I'm coming." He sighed as he turned to me and rolled his eyes. "Little brothers…, give me a few minutes so that I can get him cleaned up. Go ahead and play the video game or watch some television if you want." He spoke up as he turned and made his way towards the bathroom and his waiting little brother.

My mind was just spinning with these two characters. They were funny and hilarious the way they acted around each other. It seemed as if they were close and even though Brendan made out like his little brother was a bit bothersome he seemed to genuinely enjoy Marco's antics. I sat down and started to flip through the channels when I heard Brendan shouting out my name so I sighed, got up, and headed towards the bathroom. The door was open so I stuck my head around hesitantly and looked inside. Marco was already sitting inside the deep halfway full tub with water still cascading out of the spout and Brendan's hands were all soaped up with a sponge as if he were getting ready to scrub down his brother.

The older boy was sitting at the back end of the tub with his legs dangling inside. The bathtub looked a bit unusual to me at first and then I realized it was custom built out of marble. It ran length wise along the wall on one side. Of course there was a wall on the front end of the tub where the water came out and a back wall but the length between the front wall and back wall was unusually long. The tub was one single carved piece and very deep or rather maybe I should say very high. On the back side there was enough space to sit down on and lean your back against the tiled walls. That is where Brendan was currently perched with his feet dangling inside the tub.

"Um…what's up?" I asked hesitantly not wanting to intrude while Marco was sitting in the tub obviously naked.

"Yeah…my little twerp here forgot some of his toys." Brendan sighed looking reproachfully at his brother and commenting further. "Geeze Marco, as if you are really going to have all that much time to play with them."

The younger boy shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah but I like to play with them while you wash my hair and stuff." The boy whined.

"Jackson, do you think you can go into his room and on the shelf by his bed there are some action figures…just bring a couple of them please." He asked me.

"Um…yeah…sure." I responded turning around and heading back down the hallway.

Stopping for a second I realized I didn't know which room belonged to Marco, but then I shrugged my shoulders and opened up the door next to Brendan's and sure enough it was a little boy's type of room. There were various sports and cartoon posters plastered along some of the walls with two twin beds inside with cartoon style bed covers. One bed had a red and blue spiderman theme while the other one was a black and blue batman theme. I smiled at the obvious little boy's room and quickly located the preferred items and headed back to the bathroom.

Once again I stopped in the entryway. "Um…I've got a couple of them for you." I stated as I hesitated not wanting to intrude.

"Oh cool, bring them over." Marco begged while his brother worked on soaping up his hair and spiking it upwards into a Mohawk hairdo.

Giggling at the sight I couldn't help but comment. "Cool Marco. You look like a proper Indian." I giggled pointing to his hair as he smiled back at me while I handed him his action figures.

My body tingled giving me goose bumps as I noticed his pinkish skin coloration due to the hot water rippling around his naked body. There were a few soap suds and I could almost make out his little balls and pecker beneath the surface of the water which made my own dick twitch a bit as I backed off to head back out.

"Hey Jackson?" I heard Marco ask questioningly as he played with his action figures.

"Yeah squirt." I responded as he looked up smiling at the term I referred to him by.

"Squirt," he giggled. "I like that."

I couldn't help but smile at the little guy. His exuberance was catching and he was just so open and honest about things without seemingly a care in the world. There were glimpses of those same features in Brendan; especially when he was at school around other people.

"Can you tell me what it's like in Germany? It sounds so cool over there." Marco asked and I noticed Brendan had paused a moment to look towards me as well seemingly interested in what I had to say.

Sighing I shrugged my shoulders and sat down on the toilet lid thinking for a moment. "Hmmm, what would you like to know?" I asked wondering where I should even begin.

"I don't know. What do you like about it?"

"Wow, where do I even begin. I just love the history of it all. I mean they have old buildings hundreds and hundreds of years old with such fantastic craftsmanship inside and out. The churches are ancient, some of them like a thousand years old with fantastic gilded paintings all inside and just huge. Some are so big that they just dwarf our own in size, architecture, and style. There are for real castles all with their different types of history attached to them and old ruins. It is just such a cool place to go visit with such a deep history. The people are pretty cool too and a lot of fun. It is a place where the old ways intermingle with the new. You have a culture that knows their own past and hangs on to it while still embracing the modern world. I don't know what to say other than it is kind of…cool." I finished off.

"That is like wickedly awesome," Marco giggled as his older brother forcibly tilted the younger boy's head back so he could rinse out the soap.

Both of the brothers urged me on asking me about some of the specific places I saw while I was there. So I told them about the Disney inspired castle of Neuschwanstein, the salt mines of Salzburg where I put on lederhosen and slid down these wooden slides to different levels under ground, and the Cathedral of Cologne that began construction in 1248 and finished in 1880 taking over six hundred years to build.

"All finished bro," Brendan announced when I paused a moment.

"Oh, alright then. I'll just…um…head out so you can…um…you know." I stated as I got up to leave.

"Why are you leaving?" Marco asked me a bit disappointed that I stopped talking about Germany.

"Because goof ball…," Brendan giggled and sighed when his brother just stared at him questioningly. "Because he doesn't want to see your naked ass and boner dweeb." Brendan just shook his head.

"Why?" Marco asked now a bit concerned as he looked down. "Is there something wrong with my boner?" He asked as he stood up.

My eyes popped out of my head as the cute brown haired boy stood up and looked down at himself making this the third shock for me of the day. If this continued I'd die of a heart attack for sure. Of course he was sporting a small chubby two inch long cut boner that sort of wobbled around in the air. He grabbed on to his pinkish one inch glans that was pointing upwards inspecting his blue veined shaft closely. Marco's small boy pouch held two olive sized testicles and hung slightly loose between his legs due to the warmth of the water. His body glistened wetly and seductively in the brightly lit bathroom. My jaw dropped as for the first time in my entire life I was seeing a boy completely naked and up close, not to mention a full blown erection, with him only a few feet away from me.

"Geeze Marco, put that thing away and sit back down before you embarrass Jackson." Brendan admonished his little brother who obeyed and sat back down looking confused.

"Why would my boner confuse Jackson?" He wondered in genuine surprise as he looked at his brother and then me for an answer. "I mean…don't you get boners too?" He asked me seriously.

"Oh geeze…I…um…" I faltered in complete shock as I sat down only then noticing that I had popped a boner as well. My face turned completely red as I fervently prayed Brendan hadn't seen me pop a woody from seeing his naked little brother. Hell, that would make me look like some sort of pervert or something.

Marco just stared at me with a funny look on his face. "Are you alright Jackson? Brendan, what's wrong with Jackson?" He asked as Brendan turned beet red for a moment before recovering.

"Um nothing Marco. It's just you embarrassed him by just getting up completely naked in front of him. He doesn't have a brother or anything so doesn't understand that we get naked in front of each other all the time." Brendan explained it away but I was sure by his reaction that he had seen me popping a boner.

"Jackson it's alright, really. I mean it sort of happens…you know." The older boy nodded his head towards my crotch which mortified me even more while at the same time making me feel better that he wasn't mad about it.

"Um…really…I mean you're not mad about…you know. It isn't creepy or anything?" I asked genuinely concerned about having seen his little brother naked like that and all, not to mention the whole boner thing.

"Nah, it's cool. Don't worry about it. Besides this little twerp over hear doesn't even understand about it anyway. It happens to me too sometimes." He admitted as I saw him blushing as well and starting to get uncomfortable with the conversation.

"Hey Marco come on and let's get you dried off." He stated while he held out the towel to his brother and lifted him out of the tub while I just sat there looking away.

Brendan knew I was a bit uncomfortable about it so placed himself in front of the boy so that his little brother was blocked from view for the most part. Wrapping the towel around his brother's hips he got up and headed towards the sink. I noticed Brendan had to make a little adjustment in his shorts as they were tenting a bit and I looked away not able to help myself as I just giggled.

He knew what I was giggling about and just looked at me. "Shut up," he tried to tell me sternly without much success as he started to giggle as well. "See, I told you."

"What?" Marco asked looking at us completely baffled.

"You that's what." Brendan replied. "You're like the plague and completely contagious." He finished up with a straight face that lasted all of two seconds because of the look his little brother shot at him.

Not able to contain myself any longer I busted up laughing with Brendan following suit. We were both laughing so hard that our boners disappeared and tears were flowing down our cheeks. Marco laughed too but he just laughed because the two of us were being silly in his eyes.

"All done." Brendan finally managed in between chuckles. "Do you think you can get on your pajamas while I get cleaned up too Marco?" Brendan asked his little brother.

"Yeah sure, but do I really have to put on my pajamas?"

"Yes, by the time dad gets home and we eat it'll be after six anyway so you might as well put them on since we won't be going outside anymore today. Besides, Jackson is spending the night and you've already shocked him enough for one night by poking around your hard-on in front of his nose." Brendan teased his little brother.

The smaller boy just shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "I still don't know what the big deal is about it. I mean it's not like he's a girl or anything." He finished off sending me and Brendan into another fit of laughter when he used the word 'big.'

His older brother just couldn't help himself as he further teased his brother but of course it went well over the smaller boy's head. "No, you're right; there really is no BIG deal about it at all." He emphasized the word big as he sent me into another fit of laughter.

"Damn, you two are just too much and that remark really isn't fair to Marco." I commented after I got myself under a bit of control. "I'm sure there isn't anything SMALL about it either considering his age." I chuckled as I got up and started to head out the door with Marco catching up and holding my hand which caught me by surprise again.

"Thanks for sticking up for me Jackson," Marco stated seriously as he stuck out his tongue towards his older brother even though I got the distinct feeling he really didn't understand what Brendan and I were referring to. He only knew that his older brother had been teasing him and I stood up for him.

Brendan just shook his head and rolled his eyes when I looked over at him. "I told you that spending the night might make you regretful." He teased me noting how his little brother had latched on to me as he shut the door behind us.

When I started to disentangle myself from Marco intending to head into Brendan's room to wait, Marco latched on to me even tighter and tugged me into his room. The boy was anxious to show it off to me pointing out some of his toys and stuff as he made his way to one of the two tall dresser drawers in the room. Rummaging through it and pulling out several items before settling on something he turned around towards me and held up two different pajama patterns.

The first pair was a red and blue set with spiderman and the second set was a yellow, black, and gray transformers. "Which one do you like?" He asked me as he held up the two sets of lightweight summer pajama bottoms and tops. The bottoms were like a pair of shorts and the tops had short sleeves so that it wouldn't be too hot when you wore them to bed.

"Um…I guess spider man." I told him as I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Yeah me too…I've always liked spider man." He responded as he dropped the transformer ones on to the floor and held up spider man in front of him inspecting the pattern.

Without a second thought he loosened up the towel from around his waist allowing it to drop on the floor next to his transformer pajamas and started to pull the spider man top over his head. My mind seemed to freeze in shock for a moment at his nakedness a mere few feet away from me. For only the second time, and only a few minutes apart, I was seeing a completely naked boy standing in front of me. It was shocking, exhilarating, naughty, and a bit scary at the same time as I felt my dick inflate immediately while I tried unsuccessfully to tear away my gaze from his beautiful body. My heart thundered in my chest and my breathing became rapid and shallow as my own body reacted weirdly making me lightheaded.

Marco's body was completely tanned from head to toe except for a pale white stripe along his midsection which accentuated his pretty little boy package. As the small boy struggled with the shirt his fleshy little boy pouch with olive sized testicles swung loosely but closely to his body and between his legs. At the moment his one and a half inch flaccid penis stuck sort of outwards pointing towards me looking like a little button with mostly his glans being visible and hardly anything of his shaft. I continued to watch mesmerized; my head swaying back and forth along with the shifting of Marco's hips as if in a trance like a cobra's gaze following along with the motion of a guy sitting cross legged on the ground playing a flute.

My mind snapped out of it when I heard the boy whine a bit and noticed he was trying to pull his head through his arm opening instead of the head opening. "Whoa, hold on there a minute." I told him as I got up and helped him with the shirt and took a step back.

"Thanks," he said as he fumbled around with his pajama bottoms.

"Well I guess your brother was wrong," I giggled as I looked at him.

"What?" He asked as he stopped what he was doing and looked over towards me with those big round eyes of his and the bottom half of him still completely naked.

"I guess you're not a walking hard-on after all." I noted as I chuckled shaking my head and sat down on the bed.

"What?" Marco asked me quizzically.

"Oh, nothing just something your brother said earlier." I replied.

"Geeze, I'm not that bad." Marco complained as he stepped into his pajama bottoms tucking everything away. Sitting down next to me he continued, "I don't know why my dad and Brendan are always fussing about it, like just now in the bathroom. It's not like you're a girl or anything and you're his friend and all. Besides, I've seen him get naked in front of his friends all the time when they spend the night and stuff. You know when they get cleaned up or changed and stuff." He responded confused why it was alright for his brother to get naked in these situations and not him.

This was interesting news to me. The idea that Brendan's gotten naked when his friends were over and stuff, but then again he's probably grown up with these guys so it probably wasn't such an issue.

Sighing I just looked down at the confused boy. "I don't know Marco; maybe it's just that I'm a new friend and all. I mean it did sort of shock me that you would just get naked like that and all."

The boy scrunched up his nose at me. "Why, it's not like you're a girl or anything. I don't understand what the difference is about me being naked and him being naked at times. They used to never complain about it or anything and even a couple of years ago we used to put out one of those little kiddy pools all the time and I would swim around in it naked with some of the other boys and girls my age all the time. They never fussed about that so I just don't get it." He admitted shaking his head.

This little guy really was a quirky kid. Who talks to basically a stranger about this type of stuff? I guess he must feel safe about it because he thought Brendan and I really were friends. I hoped this was true but the two of us really did just meet and all.

"Geeze Marco I don't know what to say. I don't have a younger brother or anything so wouldn't know about something like this and to tell you the truth I was never brave enough like you to run around naked when I was younger." I admitted to him as he looked at me kind of funny almost as if he were trying to picture me naked or something.

We both sat there in silence for a moment when a thought occurred to me. "Why don't you just think about it like rules to a sports game or something?"

"What?" He asked exacerbated.

"You know like baseball. I bet you play baseball right?"

"Yeah sure I started with t-ball and now play on the league for eight to ten year olds." He admitted.

"Well there you go. Look at it like this: When you started t-ball there were certain rules, and when you went to the next level there were rules to that as well. So t-ball and the next level are still the same game but the rules changed a little because you were older now. The same thing will happen again with the rules when you get to the next age bracket. It gets tougher because your body changes and you become stronger and your skill level changes and all. Does it make more sense now?" I asked him.

"Yeah I suppose." He stated and I could tell he was still trying to work some things out.

"Well, try to compare it to your situation now. For example, when you were…let's say four or five years old." I paused for a moment gathering my thoughts. "You would swim in your backyard in the kiddy pool naked with other boys and girls. Well, would you do that now?" I asked him.

"Yeah sure…well maybe with my friends that were guys, but no way would I do that with the girls, Yuk." He scrunched up his face at the thought of swimming around naked with the girls.

"Why not with the girls? After all you did swim with them when you were younger" I asked him seriously.

"Because…," he huffed at me getting aggravated as if I were off my rocker that he would swim around naked now with girls being able to see him.

Shaking my head, "I don't understand, you admitted you swam with them when you were little but now you don't, why?" I pressed him for answers.

"You really don't know?" He asked me a bit shocked. "It…it's just because…you know because I'm older is all." He tried to prove his point.

"Exactly," I smiled at him warmly as he just looked at me as if I were some sort of dumbbell. "You see…it is different now because you are older. The rules have changed a little from when you were younger. No real reason why you can't swim naked with a girl right now but you are a little older and that is just how things are at this point. The same thing goes with some of these other things your dad and brother are talking about. They really can't tell you why, but it is just because you are older and all." I pointed out to him as his face brightened a bit with my explanation.

"Geeze, I never really thought about it that way. I guess that sort of makes sense now but some things are still confusing. You know like Brendan kind of freaking about me standing naked in front of you when he does the same thing with his friends." He pointed out.

"Well maybe because some rules are sort of subtle. I'm a new friend and sometimes doing what you did could be embarrassing for someone else which in turn sort of mortifies your brother."

"What does that mean…'subtle.' I don't understand." He queried.

"Oh…subtle…hmmm I guess subtle in this case are just some rules that aren't so obvious and maybe kind of quirky." I responded trying to make it clear.

"Oh I see. Some rules are kind of out there and we all know them because these situations come up all the time but sometimes something happens that sort of hardly ever happen and we have to really think about the rule that it goes to." He asked me seeing if he got it right.

"Exactly, now you are starting to get the picture. Sometimes it is alright for you to run around naked and sometimes it isn't. The same thing about when you pop a boner. It's not like you can control it or anything, but then again you don't just pull down your pants and show it around to everyone else." I responded.

"Hey, I don't do that, geeze, and like you said I can't help it when I pop a boner. It's not like I ask myself to walk around with a boner." He quipped a bit hurt with the accusation.

"No, I suppose you don't but my point is that when you pop a boner you should try to be subtle with how you take care of that issue. You know instead of standing up and letting it point straight out for everyone to see try to adjust yourself when no one is looking and stuff. You know be discreet or subtle." I pointed out to him.

The boy smiled at me starting to understand the whole gist of the entire situation that his dad and brother were trying to get across to him for ages now. "Geeze I don't know why Brendan or dad just didn't explain it to me like you did. It would have made more sense to me than just saying 'because,' to me all the time. But that still doesn't mean I have to like sleeping in these pajamas," he complained to me as he picked his fingers at his top. "I get way too hot when I go to sleep wearing them to bed, and they are so uncomfortable." He admitted.

"Well, then compromise." I told him.

"What's that?" He asked me as I chuckled realizing that there were still some of the nuances in our English language due to the age difference.

"Oh…um…let me think. It's…well…it's when someone wants one thing and someone else wants something else. Neither side gets everything they want but some of the things they want. Like with you. Both your dad and brother want you to wear your pajamas now while I'm here and when you go to bed. Well a good compromise would be for you to wear your pajamas now while we are up, but when you go to bed take off your shirt and leave on your bottoms. This way you won't be so hot and will still have something on while I'm around." I pointed out to him as I saw him smiling at the idea.

"Geeze, I never thought about that, way cool. But what about when no one else is around?" He asked me.

"I don't understand, what do you mean?"

"Well if it's just my family, do I still have to wear the pajama bottoms? I usually just sleep naked because it is just too uncomfortable. Brendan usually sleeps naked too." He pointed out.

Shrugging my shoulders I really felt something like that was a personal preference. At times I even sleep without any clothes on despite my shyness. Lately I've been doing it more often because I've been getting a lot more privacy from my parents now that I am a little older. Any more my mom usually just yells through my bedroom door to see if I'm up yet or not, where when I was younger she would come into my room trying to wake me up.

"I'm not sure Marco, but if your dad hasn't hassled you about it and your brother does the same thing then I guess it really isn't an issue." I told him honestly which seemed to make him happy.

"What are you guys chatting about?" Brendan asked curiously making us both jump in fright as I took note of his mostly naked body with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Oh nothing much." Marco stated. "Jackson was just telling me the rules about being naked and all. Why didn't you tell me it is like the rules for sports?" He asked his older brother who looked dumbfounded by the remark.

"I…what…sports, naked, rules…I don't understand." He quipped honestly as he stood there holding the towel around his waist with his fine looking torso and small little bulge sending shivers up and down the length of my spine.

Marco sighed a bit frustrated at his older brother's naivety and recounted my explanation using the sports analogy. He managed to put it into a perspective he understood and Brendan seemed impressed that I was able to explain this to his little brother with relative ease considering they had been talking to him about it for months. He especially appreciated the sports analogy because it was something he could use to explain other things to his little brother.

"Wow, that is way cool." Brendan admitted as he smiled at me appreciatively.

"Yeah, I thought so too." Marco admitted.

"Anyway, Marco why don't you put your stuff away and then take Jackson downstairs. Dad should be home any minute." He stated as he turned and made his way back to his room.

Marco hopped off his bed and shoved away his transformer pajamas into the drawer and threw the towel in the hamper. Grabbing my hand he pulled me out the door and led the way down the hallway. Just as we came abreast Brendan's open doorway I swiveled my head and just about fainted with the fourth shock of the day. I don't know how much more my young heart could take.

The older boy was standing in his room completely naked shoving on a shirt over his head. He most definitely was an exact older replica of his little brother. In that brief moment my eyes settled on his athletic tanned body with that same pale white stripe across his mid-section. Swaying between his legs was a nice loose sagging smooth boy pouch with two large walnut sized testicles. His cut flaccid penis looked to be about twice the size of Marco's measuring in at about three inches with a nice sized glans that was thick around at the ridge and then tapered down towards the tip in the same fashion like his younger brother's did. Just above his dancing boy bits I could just make out the beginnings of his small patch of thin wispy light brown pubic hairs nestled closely along either side of his shaft. Not a lot but still enough to be noticeable.

My body shivered with excitement as both Marco and I filed past Brendan's room without him being any the wiser that I had just seen him naked. To tell you the truth I don't think it would have even upset Brendan if he did know I had seen him naked. He seemed so at ease with who he was and so easy going about things. He didn't even flinch when he saw me literally ogling his little brother and had even tried to ease my mind about the whole incident as if it were really nothing to be concerned about.

Marco continued ahead of me while I paused a second to adjust my erection that had exploded in length and girth between my legs. My mind felt a bit numb with all that had happened today and truth be told I didn't know exactly how to feel because some of my emotions about it were a bit confounding. At times I found myself sexually excited by the boys, at other times I felt embarrassed by these feelings, and finally when all was said and done I just wanted to feel like I belonged.

It is strange how one particular day could change how people look at things. Before today I had never really seen a naked boy before or been invited over to spend the night with a friend. In Germany I would hear some of the other kids talking excitedly about a sleepover with their friends, but until today I never really fully appreciated how cool and exciting it felt.

There had been a buzz of excitement around me now ever since I found out I would be spending the night. It was a strange sort of feeling and the only way to describe something like this is to say it was both exciting and comforting. Exciting because there was an air of expectancy and unknown with what fun there was to be had tonight that only friends can experience. Comforting because there was a sense of belonging to something bigger, of having someone else that understood some of the same things I was going through. Someone closer in age that I could possibly confide my heartfelt dreams and fears. Basically, it was having a friend…a real friend for the first time in my life.

Sure, I've had friends…well sort of…but this possible friendship with this new boy kind of felt different from my previous friends who were rather more like acquaintances. With Brendan it felt different, sort of like the type of friend where his family becomes a part of your life as well. I've never had that before and I hoped he felt the same way about me.

Brendan was popular in school and had a lot of friends, but I still hoped the two of us could become good friends as well. If nothing else I was really starting to get attached to his little brother. The younger boy had his unique quirks but to tell you the truth I was really falling for the little tyke's antics and mannerisms. He was cute as a button and I felt a sort of brotherly fondness for him that I've never experienced before. I've often wondered how different things would be if I had a younger brother or for that matter any sort of sibling at all. I enjoyed how the two brothers got along together and got the sense that even if there were any sort of bickering that they still loved one another deeply. We only really met today but it already felt like I've known both of them for many years.

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