Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 8

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Flip McHooter.

Special thanks to our editor, Pablo.

Val raised his hips off the bed and peeled the sticky, angry bird off his dick and down his legs. He wiped up as best he could. "I guess I better keep a doodle rag under my pillow whenever you sleep over. You must have some magic power that causes me to have wet dreams."

"Maybe Lukas' pastor was right. Maybe I am turning everyone around me gay. I'm like a Jedi with the gay force." Then using his amazingly accurate Darth Vader voice, Tyne held a hand over his mouth and nose and breathed noisily in and out a couple of times just like Vader does and then said in a deep booming voice, "Val, CUM to the gay side. I will teach you the ways of the Gaydi Knights and instruct you on the proper use of your light saber."

"No, never!" Val responded fighting off laughter, "I want to marry Princess Sylvia and live a simple life on Tatooine. My dream is to someday open up my own star-cruiser body shop and raise a dozen little Skywalkers, all of them as strong and good looking as me and intelligent like their mother," Val declared, swiping the last bit of gooey cum from the tip of his light saber.

Tyne made a noisy display of two more Darth Vader type breaths and said, "The 'farce' is strong with you, Master Val. If I cannot turn you, I will turn Master Lukas and Princess Lizzy. I will change Lukas' name to Hands Solo." Snickering, Tyne added the famous Darth Vader line slightly modified, "Lukas, I'm your daddy?"

Val was splitting a gut now, he was laughing so hard. Tyne started laughing along with him and together they were wiping tears from their eyes. At last, Val spun 90 degrees and stood up, twisting his back and reaching toward the ceiling in a morning stretch. Tyne got the first full frontal look at Val's completely naked body. Lying on the floor beneath Val, Tyne gazed up in appreciative awe at God's masterpiece. Val's hefty balls hung loosely in their bag beneath a thick patch of brown pubes that trickled upward into a fine line. The narrow trail of pubic hair traversed his perfectly flat stomach to where the last wisps of brown hair disappeared into the cavern of Val's naval. From the tangled thicket of brown pubes, emerged a thick branch of flesh, protruding outward and lying comfortably over the scrotal sac. The beautiful piece of male anatomy extended on and on, in perfect proportion, extending to the bottom of his dangling balls where the skin gathered in a crinkled ring collaring a large, mushroom shaped head, still glistening with the remnants of his spilled semen. Tyne's eyes traced from the prominent slit at the tip up along the small crevice created by the connective tissue that divides the fleshy tip in half. Tyne swallowed hard as he remembered pressing his lips to that very spot.

Val stepped over Tyne and pulled a pair of boxers with the Sacramento Kings logo on them out of his drawer, and then walked casually out of the room to the bathroom. Tyne assumed Val was a Kings fan. Tyne heard the shower start up and he quickly got up, tossed his pillow on the bed and pulled the covers into place, tucking the blanket and sheet under the pillows and smoothing the bedspread out and folding the top of it over the pillows. When he heard the shower stop, Tyne quickly rummaged in his bag and pulled out a clean pair of boxers and rushed down the hall double time in hopes of another glance at Val's gorgeous, naked body. He was rewarded as he pushed through the bathroom door with the sight of Val dragging the towel back and forth across his wide back causing his genitals to sway side to side.

Tyne couldn't help but stare. Val smiled and gave an extra wiggle of his hips and said, "You like that?"

Tyne looked away and blushed without speaking. He stepped past Val and pushed the shower enclosure open and started the water. "Sorry, I was just kind of curious," Tyne finally squeaked out.

"Kind of, my ass. You've been dying for a peek at what I got down there. So, you like?" Val asked with a smirk.

Tyne had stripped to his boxers and remained facing away from Val to hide his uncontrollable erection. "Yeah," Tyne said as he pulled his boxers off, "It's okay."

"OKAY?" Val said in mock indignation. "Just OKAY? I'm crushed." Val snickered and suddenly Tyne felt a stinging sensation on his narrow ass as the tip of Val's wet towel snapped across it.

"OUCH! Shit, what was that for?" Tyne cried out grabbing his ass and hopping into the shower. He was careful not to turn around before he pulled the shower door shut.

"You know what it was for. It was for dissing on my doodle. I got myself a 'Dandy Doodle' and don't you go saying it's just 'okay'. Got it?"

"Got it." Tyne chuckled, "No more dissing the doodle."

"Now hurry your skinny little ass up and let's go catch some fish."

Tyne watched Val's graceful shadow hang the towel, pull on his boxers and comb through his slightly curly, brown hair. When his shadow left, Tyne shut off the water, dried quickly and pulled on his clean boxers. He combed his beautiful, thick hair down over the forehead, sweeping across his eyebrows and over his ears. He rubbed on some pit wax and smiled at himself in the mirror. He looked cute. This day had started out better than he could have dreamed and he wondered what lay in store. Val's playful comments and snapping his ass with the towel was a good sign that Val was comfortable being around him. Tyne was more reticent and awkward about being naked in front of Val than Val was about it with him. Tyne continued grinning as he stooped to roll his semen stained boxers and sweat pants up nice and tight.

Tyne scurried back to the bedroom as Val was headed off to the kitchen. "Get dressed and then we'll go. We can eat along the drive up to the lake."

"Okay, I'll be right there," Tyne agreed.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Why?"

"You got this big shit eater on. What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing, I'm just so excited and happy about going to the lake. I can't quit smiling about it."

Val smiled back, pleased to make Tyne so happy. Then he scurried off without comment. Tyne stuffed his clothes in a corner of his overnight case, along with his toiletries kit and pulled on his denims and a flannel. He pulled a hoodie out and zipped up the case. He hurried down to find Val just dumping a scrambled egg, mushroom, cheese, and cut-up peppers concoction over sausage links laid out on four flour tortillas. He set the pan in the sink and it sizzled loudly when he ran hot water into it to soak. "You want salsa, ketchup, or nothing on your breakfast burritos?" Val asked.

"Salsa, if it's not too hot."

"Nah, it's mild." Val scooped a dollop of chunky, red salsa on each one and rolled them up then wrapped each one in tin foil. "OJ or apple juice?"

"Apple please." Val tossed Tyne a pint of juice and grabbed an OJ for himself.

"Let's go." Tyne followed Val through a door into the garage and Val hit the button to open the double garage door. It was still dark outside. Val grabbed the aluminum ramps and carried them out to his truck. He lowered the tailgate and set the ramps against it. Tyne watched in fascination as Val flicked a couple switches on the shiny, blue and white quad with streaks of red accenting the fancy paint job. Tyne read 'Banshee' and 'Yamaha' on the side of the tank. He wondered why they would name something you rode on, a Banshee. From his data files of useless trivia, he knew that a Banshee is a mythical female spirit in Scottish folklore who shows up just before someone dies and starts wailing and screaming.

Val clicked the shift lever up and down a couple times, then he folded out the kick starter and rose up to bring his full weight down on it causing the powerful machine to roar into life. It bellowed out a deep, thumping sound and Tyne could actually feel the vibrations of its exhaust from his spot behind it. Val pulled in the clutch lever, clicked the shifter down with his foot and propelled himself and the beast beneath him out of the garage and up the ramps into the back of his pickup. Then quickly shutting it off, he climbed off and strapped the beast down with a couple of nylon tie-down straps. He hopped out of the truck, folded up the ramps and slid them into the bed beside the quad and asked Tyne to bring the gas can and tool box. Tyne was impressed with the sound and the zip of the machine. He wondered if he'd be screaming like a Banshee in fear of dying when he got to ride on it.

Tyne grabbed the tools and gas can and lugged them over to Val who effortlessly plucked them from his hands and tossed them with ease into the back of the truck. Val tied the gas can to the side of the bed with a bungee cord. He grabbed the fishing poles and tackle boxes and asked Tyne to grab two particular helmets off hooks on the garage wall. Tyne remembered the cooler and picnic basket and checked to make sure they were still in Val's back seat when he set the helmets in the cab. Tyne grabbed some ice from Val's freezer and poured it into the cooler.

"Okay, we're off," Val declared.

"Cool. Man, that quad looks powerful. I hope you'll give me a ride on it."

"Nope," Val immediately replied. Tyne shot Val a surprised look and wondered why. He felt a twinge of disappointment.

"Oh. Okay," Tyne said dejectedly as he set his overnight case in the front of the pickup bed and pulled himself up into the lifted cab of Val's truck.

"That's it? You're not going to ask why or beg and plead?"

"No. If you say I can't have a ride, I have to accept it. It's your quad. I'm sure you must have a good reason. My mom probably wouldn't like me riding it anyway." Tyne buckled his seatbelt and looked away out of the side window.

Val looked at Tyne and grinned. "Wow. You're one seriously respectful dude. I'd never take no for an answer to something like that. But what I meant was, nope, I'm not going to give you a ride on it, because I'm going to teach you how to drive it by yourself."

Tyne lit up and his eyes got wide. "You mean it, really? You think I could really do that?"

"Sure. I can teach you. It's not that hard."

"Whoa, awesome!" Tyne's irrepressible smile returned and did not leave his face for the rest of the way to the lake. He had to keep reminding himself not to bounce in his seat like Noah does when he gets excited.

"Break out the burritos and open my OJ for me please." Tyne complied by unwrapping a burrito half way and handing it to Val. Tyne opened one for himself and bit into it. It was delicious. Tyne chewed and swallowed and looked over to compliment Val.

Val was peeling away the remaining tin foil and already swallowing the entire top half of his burrito. "These are really good," Tyne exclaimed.

"I know, huh. I'm an expert at breakfast burritos. I make killer good pancakes too. And when we catch some fish, I'll fry 'em up for you like you've never tasted fresh trout before. "

"Well, that's for sure true, because I've never had trout, fresh or otherwise, before. So, you got all those good looks and you can cook. What a package deal. You're gonna make someone a fine wife someday."

"Shut up, you dork. LOOK OUT!" Val said in a panicky voice. He suddenly swerved hard into the opposite lane and then whipped back into the proper lane sending Tyne crashing into the side window. Tyne lost his burrito as he was looking for something to grab onto. Tyne spun around to look out the back window for what Val had evaded, but seeing nothing, turned back around and retrieved his burrito from the seat and started picking up the bits of egg and peppers that spilled from it.

"What was that?" Tyne inquired breathlessly.

"There was an ass in the road. Oh, wait. No, I guess it was just your reflection in the windshield." Val cracked up at his own joke. It took a second before it registered with Tyne and he reached over to give Val a playful shove.

"You are such a freak. I nearly lost my burrito. Do you want your second one opened by the way?"

"Yeah, sure. Thanks." Val was still beaming over his little joke. Tyne unwrapped the burrito and handed it to Val. He didn't bother this time with partially removing the tin foil since he knew it wouldn't last a quarter mile. True enough, Val devoured it faster than the first one and chugged more OJ to wash it down with.

"You want the last one? I'm getting full." Val looked over at Tyne in amazement.

"If you really don't want it. Sure." Tyne smiled and fed the hungry bear.

"I honestly don't know how you can eat all you do. Where do you put it all?"

"Umm," Val started and swallowed hard before finishing, "My mom says I got a hollow leg. I put two of them in there."

"I'm afraid to ask, but where did you put the third one?"

Val grinned sheepishly and said, "That one went in my third leg, the one in the middle. How do you think my dick got so big? It's hollow like my leg and a giant breakfast burrito is a perfect fit?"

"Oh my God. You did not just say that." Tyne laughed in spite of trying to act like it wasn't really funny. Val just beamed with satisfaction again. Tyne smirked and said, "So mine's hollow too, you know."

"That explains it," Val said.

"What now?" Tyne asked, feigning trepidation.

"You must have bit one of those sausage links in half and swallowed it whole. Once that lodged in your dick, you were too full to eat your second burrito."

"You are a complete 'Doodle-head'," Tyne shot back. "How rude! I'm totally offended. Half a sausage! I'll have you know, it took the entire sausage to fill up my dick, you rude freak."

"Oh my God, that's funny - 'Doodle-head' instead of 'Shithead' - I love it. That's so clever." They laughed together and finished off their juices. Tyne started picking out songs on the iPod and they were bouncing and weaving in their seats to the beats. Once they turned off the paved road and started up the rutted dirt track, Tyne rolled down his window and drew in a lungful of mountain air. He pulled on his hoodie and hung his head out the window.

"Geez, you're like a big dog. Stick your tongue out and let it flap in the breeze, why dontcha? What you trying to do anyway, freeze me out? Brrrr!" Val made an elaborate production of rubbing his arm and shoulder and shuddered.

"Don't be such a wimp. You should have worn a sweatshirt. But no, Mr. Macho just wore a t-shirt."

"The weather report said it was going to be unseasonably warm today in the mid 70's, so a t-shirt should be fine. It's just that the wind blowing in your window is F'n chilly."

"Wah, wah, wah," Tyne teased, rubbing his fists in his eyes.

"You wait. When we get there, I'm grabbing you by the ankles and dunking your smart ass in the lake. Then we'll see who's crying."

Tyne laughed it off and stuck his head back out the window. As they climbed, the temperature dropped a few degrees. "This is so cool to have your own truck and be able to go places like this."

"Yeah, I got really lucky. My dad got a great deal on this. When are you gonna get some wheels of your own?"

"I'm hoping by my second year of college so I don't have to live on campus after freshman year. I'm thinking about one of those Smart Cars for the gas mileage."

"Wow, a Smart Car? You would. Why wait so long?"

"Too little dinero. My mom keeps saying she's gonna get me enrolled in driver training, but I don't think it's in the budget. I think things are kind of tight since my dad died and we lost his income. Even if I can't get a car, I'd like to learn how to drive and get my license."

"Hold on. You don't have a license?"

"Nope. I've never even driven a car before."

Val slowed and then stopped the truck. He put it in park and jumped out. Tyne craned his neck to see if something was wrong with the quad or something. Suddenly, Tyne's door popped open and Val said, "Get out."

"What? Why? I'm sorry about the crybaby crack, okay? Don't be so sensitive."

Val smiled. "Just get out." Tyne shook his head, unbuckled his seatbelt and climbed down. Val jumped in the passenger seat, shut the door and buckled his seatbelt. He nodded toward the driver's seat and said, "You're driving from here to the lake."

"No. No, no, no. I can't drive this. I told you, I've never driven before. I'll probably wreck your nice truck and then you'll tie me to a tree and leave me."

"Well, if you wrecked my truck, I probably would tie you to a tree. But, I'd at least cover you in honey before I left, so the bears would take you out quickly. Starvation is such a slow, cruel way to die. But you're not going to wreck it; you're just gonna drive it. Now get your skinny ass over there before the fish have all had breakfast and won't take our bait."

"Val, I know you're trying to be a nice guy and all. I appreciate it, but this is whacked. I've never even driven on regular roads before. Don't be stupid. Move over and drive."

"Nope." Val slid the tab forward to lock the door, rolled up the window, folded his arms across his chest and smirked.

"You are such a freak." Tyne went around, half excited and half freaked completely out. He clambered up into the driver's seat and buckled himself in. He put both hands on the steering wheel and said, "Do I press R1 or L1 to make it go?" He looked at Val but couldn't hold a straight face.

Val ignored Tyne's dumb joke and said, "Put your right foot on the brake. You know which one is the brake, right?"

"The rectangular one on the left?" Tyne answered, framed as much as a question as a statement.


"Oh, sorry." Tyne moved his foot to the accelerator and pressed. The engine roared. Tyne shrieked and pulled his foot up.

"Why did you switch to the gas? I said press on the brake!"

"I asked if it was the one on the left and you said, 'right'. So I moved over to the one on the right."

Val shook his head. "Please tell me you're messing with me." Then looking at Tyne's face, he said, "You're not messing with me. Wow. Okay, I'll be careful how I say shit."

"You better be. I was just doing what you said. Saying the wrong thing's what caused Arco Arena to get shut down for a month, you know." Tyne said.

"When? I didn't hear that."

"Oh yeah," Tyne said authoritatively. "There was this concert hypnotist performing there and he hypnotized the whole crowd. He said 'stand up' and everybody stood up. Then he said 'sit down' and everybody sat down. Then he said 'touch your right thumb to your nose' and everybody touched their right thumb to their nose. Then he tripped over a cord on stage and said, 'shit'." Tyne grinned and after a second, Val laughed so hard he cried.

When he calmed down, he said, "Okay 'shit-head', put your foot on the brake on the LEFT. Hold it down and pull the shift lever toward you and then down until you put it in D."

"D stands for drive, I assume."

"No. It stands for Dumbshit. The truck needs to know what kind of driver has control over it so it can compensate." Val laughed and Tyne shot him a nasty look. He followed Val's directions and felt the truck engage into gear and got really nervous.

"Are you really sure about this? You can change your mind; I'm okay with not driving."

"Nope. You're F'n doing this." Then looking heavenward, he made the sign of the cross.

"Okay, but you better bend over and kiss your dash goodbye."

"Shut up, dork. Now just take your foot off the brake and move it over to the gas on the RIGHT side. Just push it gently until you get the feel for it." Tyne took a deep breath and did it. He inched downward on the gas pedal so slowly that they just barely crawled along.

"Dude, give it a little more gas than that. At this rate, you'll be able to grow a beard before we get there."

Tyne glared at Val and punched it. The truck lurched and Tyne scared himself and pulled his foot off and hit the brake sending Val's head flopping forward. "Oops."

"Dude you suck at this. Now just ease the gas down until you reach the speed you want. Think smooth, like ice cream, or like …"

"Like Noah's balls?" Tyne joked.

"Oh my God, don't remind me. But yeah, smooth like Noah's balls."

Tyne did think smooth and soon they were actually making smooth progress up the road. Tyne settled down and was getting the hang of it and smiling ear to ear again when he came around a bend where the road narrowed. The hillside rose up sharply on his left and dropped off steeply down to a stream below. Tyne slowed down and suggested Val should take over.

"Nah. You're doing fine. Just don't freak out, and try to hug the left side a bit," Val calmly said.

"Okay, if you say so." Tyne forged on until he reached a spot in the road where it was washed out on the right side and the road angled with the hillside. Tyne came to a complete stop. "We're stuck. We can't go on," Tyne complained. "How will we turn around?"

"Don't worry. We can get by this. But I will take over now. Shift it into P."

"For park?"

"No, P for pass, dumbshit. Remember that when you're taking drivers training and the instructor tells you to pass a car, press on the gas and shift into P."

"Shut up." Tyne just shook his head. "Umm, I don't think I can get my door open here with these branches."

"Just slide over." Tyne and Val shimmied over and under each other and both buckled up. Val shifted a second lever on the floor and told Tyne that was to put it in four wheel drive. He crept forward, moving up onto a rock outcropping on the side of the hill to get past the washed out portion of the road. Then, Val accelerated quickly and the truck leaned heavily to the right, Tyne cried out as he was facing the rushing stream below. Val turned sharply to the right and suddenly, the truck leveled out and they were on their way again. "It's all about timing and momentum," Val declared.

Val stopped to put it back into 2 wheel drive and he drove a little faster than Tyne had been doing until they reached the lake. Tyne's heart rate had returned to normal by the time they did reach the lake. It was beautiful and Tyne took in a panoramic view and said with an impressed tone, "Wow, it's amazing."

Val parked and Tyne's smile was back on his face and he was bouncing in his seat. He immediately jumped out and reached for the fishing poles and tackle box. They walked down to the lake shore and Val opened up the bait box. "Let's start with worms and see how they work."

He reached in and pulled out two squiggly, fat worms. "We have to warm them up first. Stick it in your mouth," Val said handing a worm to Tyne. Tyne held it between his thumb and finger and brought it eye level, curling his lips into a sour expression.

"You first."

"Okay." Val held it high above his head, opened his mouth, and turning slightly toward the lake, dropped the worm and clamped his mouth shut.

"Let me see your other hand." Tyne pulled Val's shoulder to reveal the worm in the cupped palm of his other hand. "Thought so."

Val chuckled. "Damn, you caught me. Okay, just do like I do." Val pinched the worm and threaded it onto his hook. Tyne watched with increasing disgust as some blood and guts spilled onto Val's fingers and the worm wriggled wildly on the hook.

"I think I'd rather eat it, after all," Tyne whined. Val laughed. Tyne grimaced and pressed the hook into the wiggling worm. "Ick. Gross."

"Not bad. Try and push the worm all the way upon the hook so none of it is exposed." Val demonstrated by sliding the worm higher on the hook.

"I see what you mean. That was nice of you to adjust my worm for me." Tyne smirked.

"Oh my God, you're so lame. That's the last time I'm touching your worm for the rest of the day." They both laughed. "Here, I'll show you how to cast it in. First, let's slide your bobber up just a little bit."

"Wait, first you adjusted my worm and now you want to slide my bobber? Damn, I think I'm gonna like fishing." Tyne started to giggle and couldn't stop. Val shook his head but giggled too.

"You're such a dork," Val chuckled. "This little round thing is the bobber and it keeps your bait floating in the water. Otherwise, it would just sink to the bottom. These two little lead weights hanging between the bobber and the worm keep the worm from floating to the surface. Got it?"

Tyne started giggling all over again. "I think I've got it. Let me see, I need two little balls hanging below my bobber to prevent my worm from floating up." He burst into another fit of giggles.

"I can tell I'm gonna have to plead insanity."

"What do you mean?" Tyne asked still snickering.

"For my defense, after I drown you in the lake. Those lame jokes are making me crazy." Val grabbed Tyne around the neck and dragged him toward the water's edge. Tyne giggled until Val got him right to the edge and gave one last tug so that Tyne was teetering over the small ledge, then Tyne cried out in fear of actually going in the water. Val pulled him back upright and let go, laughing. "Okay, now, seriously, let me show you how to cast."

"This is a closed face reel so it's a little easier to learn on. I'm glad that's the kind your dad got for you. Here's what you do. Hold it in the palm of your hand and push all the way down on this black button. Then throw it, or 'cast' it, I should say, like this." Val whipped the rod forward and flung the worm out into the pond. It landed with a plunk as Val started to reel it back in. "You have to let go of the button just as the pole crosses over in front of you. Easy."

"Cool. Let me try it." When Val had the bobber reeled back in up against the tip of the fishing pole, he handed it over to Tyne. Tyne moved the tip of the pole behind him and pressed the button.

"Wait!" Val said, "Let me get on the other side of you. Just so you don't accidentally hook me."

"I wouldn't do that."

"Not on purpose, I know, but it happens more often than you think and it hurts like hell when you get a hook in you." Val slipped around to Tyne's other side and Tyne slung the rod forward only to have the bait stay snagged in the deep grass behind him.

"What happened?"

"You only pushed the button part way down. Reel it back in until the bobber is sucked up tight against the tip of your rod." Tyne burst into more giggles.

"Oh my God, dude, stop it with the giggling already."

"I know, I know. But c'mon, did you hear what you just said?" Tyne got in control of himself quickly and turned the small crank until the bobber pulled up snug against the rod's end. Then he pushed the button hard. "I see. It has like two steps. The first click lets the line out and the second click locks it in place."

"Exactly. Now cast it out."

Tyne slung it forward and let go of the button but then pressed it down again for whatever reason. The worm splashed unceremoniously into the water about six feet offshore. "Now what happened?" Tyne asked a bit frustrated.

"You hit the button a second time. Once you throw it out and let go of the button, don't push it again."

Tyne tried it again and this time he let go of the button too soon and again the cast barely made it into the water. "Damn! I can't do this." Tyne's voice was thick with frustration.

"Relax. It took me a while to figure it out too. Let me help you get the feel of it." Val came up tight against Tyne's body after he'd reeled the bobber back up against the tip. He placed his large hand over Tyne's hand that was holding the grip of the rod. Tyne shuddered at the touch. Val slipped his thumb underneath Tyne's thumb and directed the motion of the rod back behind them and then flung it forward, lifting Tyne's thumb off the button at just the right point in time to send the worm flying way out into the lake. "There you go."

"Sweet. Thanks. Now what?"

"Give about two cranks on the reel to take up the slack. Now, you sit here patiently and hold onto your rod. If you feel a little tug, you get ready and then if you feel a bigger tug and the tip starts bouncing up and down and your bobber gets sucked under, you tighten your hold on your rod and jerk it." Tyne lost it.

"You're messing with me now, right?" Tyne said. "I mean seriously, you gotta be messing with me."

"No, I'm not. You just have a dirty mind."

"Not really, but holy shit, what am I supposed to think when you tell me to tighten my grip on my rod and jerk it once my tip starts bouncing up and down? It's obvious that fisherman talk was made up by a dude."

"Hmm, I see your point, I guess. I just don't think about it in that way since I grew up fishing. When you repeat it back to me, it does sound kind of … you know, like talking about jacking off."

"Yeah it totally does. Kinda funny really."

"Yeah, it is." Val flipped the ring on his open face reel and sent out a nice long cast. Then he sat on a rock and stretched his long legs out. Tyne sat next to him and smiled. The sun was cresting over the mountaintop and streams of brilliant light were shining through. A beam of light fell on Tyne and Val looked over. "God's sending you a message. What is it?"

Tyne shielded his eyes and squinted into the sunlight and said with some melancholy, "I was just thinking about my dad and wishing he could see me here. Thanks for bringing me." A small tear trickled from the corner of Tyne's eye.

After a few minutes of silence, Val reached over and wrapped his arm around Tyne's neck and pulled him in tight against his side. No words were spoken. Tyne turned his head into Val's chest and relished being held. The sunlight shifted and highlighted and warmed the two of them. They stayed that way until Tyne's pole began twitching.

"Hey. Is that a fish?" Tyne asked.

"Looks like it." Val let go of him and Tyne gripped the handle of his rod and jerked it wildly. "No. Not so hard and not so soon," Val instructed.

"I thought you said to jerk it."

"I did, but with a little more finesse. You're kind of a 'charge right in' kind of guy, aren't you?" Val said.

"Sometimes, I guess. So now what should I do?"

"Hold it still for a minute and see if it bites again. If not, reel it back in and cast it back into the same general area."

Tyne sat there in anticipation, watching the tip of his rod. Occasionally, he would glance out toward the lake and watch his bobber. Just as he was about to reel it in, the tip started to twitch again. In an excited tone, Tyne said, "I think he's biting it again."

"He is. Now this time be a little more patient. He's gonna nibble at it and then you'll feel a solid tug and that's when you jerk it and set the hook in his mouth."

Tyne was on edge trying to decide when the tug was strong enough to react to. Then he felt a solid pull on the rod and the tip dipped decidedly downward. "Now!" Val said and Tyne pulled up and back on the pole, securing the hook. He battled the fish, pulling back and reeling in following Val's coaching along the way. At last, he had it up against the shoreline. Val grabbed the net and reached down the small embankment into the water and scooped it up. "Wow. It's a nice, big, brown trout," Val proclaimed. "Now reach into the net and grab it and I'll show you how to remove the hook."

Tyne dropped his pole and stared into the net at the fish, flipping sporadically in an effort to escape his plight. Tyne hesitated.

"Go on. Reach in and grab it."

Tyne reached his hand in and gripped the body of the fish. Immediately on his touch, the fish flipped about wildly. Tyne let go and jerked his hand back. Val laughed. "Slimy, huh? Dude, that is one big, beautiful trout. I'm jealous that you caught such a nice one on your very first time. I remember the first one I caught was small. It took me a while to get used to holding them. Just grab it firmly in the middle and squeeze a bit. Ignore it when it starts flipping around and just pull it out of the net."

"Can it bite me?" Tyne asked suspiciously.

"No, it won't bite you. Don't worry, it's a trout, not a piranha." Tyne grimaced and reached back into the net. He grabbed the fish and squeezed it and pulled it free from the netting. He held it straight out as far from his body as he could while it thrashed about in his hand." Val handed him a pair of long nosed pliers and instructed him to pinch the hook inside the fish's mouth and push downward into the throat and then back out. Tyne attempted it three times until he finally succeeded. When the hook was out, Val explained that he needed to knock the back of the fish's head against the rock to kill it. Tyne was suddenly less enthusiastic about the whole fishing experience and asked Val to do it. Val agreed for the first one, but told Tyne that he'd have to do the next one. Tyne handed the fish over to Val but in the transfer process, the fish dropped and flopped wildly in the grass. Tyne and Val both reached and grabbed for it as it flopped and flipped about like some kind of comedy sketch. The fish finally flopped over the embankment into the water and in a flash, swam off to safety.

"Ohhhhh. Damn! It got away," Tyne cried. "My first fish ever and it got away."

"Wow, man that really sucks. At least you caught one. I guess it just wasn't ready to get eaten. Don't worry though, now you know how to go about it, you'll catch another one."

"Probably never catch another one as nice as that one though."

Tyne shrugged and skewered another worm onto his hook. He cast it into the same general area and sat back down next to Val. He was determined to catch another fish now. This time, he would be sure not to let it get away. It was no time at all before the tip of his pole began to twitch again. "Dude, you're getting another nibble, get ready. I haven't even had a bite and you're already on your third one. What's up with that?"

"I know. This is cool." Tyne waited and then when it tugged, he set the hook and started the battle. This one battled harder than the first. "I bet this one is even bigger. It sure is putting up a battle."

At last, he pulled it into shore and Val netted it. "Oh shit," Val exclaimed as he pulled it up to eye level.

"What?" Tyne asked.

"It's a suckerfish and he swallowed your worm whole." Tyne chuckled at Val's explanation.

"Okay, now I know it was a dude that came up with fisherman talk." They both laughed as Val snipped the fishing line with his cutters. Val reached in and grabbed the fish and hoisted it out. It was grayish brown in color and its mouth tipped downward and was circular. It was smaller and ugly and not at all like the beautiful, large trout that got away. Val clobbered it over the head until it lay limp and lifeless in his hand and then he tossed it into the brush behind them.

"Hey, why did you do that?" Tyne asked.

"It's a suckerfish. It's a trash fish. It mostly feeds by sucking things off the lake bottom and its meat is basically inedible. It's flat out nasty tasting. You want to catch another trout."

"No, I want it. It's my first fish. I don't care if it's a trash fish. I caught it and I want to keep it." Tyne dropped his pole and searched in the bushes for it. He came back and asked Val where to put it. Val pulled a chain out of his tackle box and threaded a metal hook like a giant safety pin attached to the chain through the mouth and gill of the fish. After Tyne posed for a picture of him holding his first fish, smiling from ear to ear, he handed the chained fish over to Val. Val put the chain under a rock to secure it in the water and Tyne's second fish, and first fish that didn't escape, drifted in the cold water to keep it fresh. Val helped Tyne thread a new hook on his line and they continued fishing.

For the next several hours, they fished and talked. Tyne kept getting nibbles and caught two more fish, both trout. The last one was like the first one that got away, large and beautiful. In fact, Tyne insisted that it was the exact same fish that had gotten away, but Val didn't think so. Once again, as Tyne was holding it and just as he was about to knock it on the back of the head, the big fish flopped free and began thrashing about in the grass, moving toward the water's edge.

"No you don't!" Tyne cried out. "You are not getting away again." Tyne dropped to his knees and began grabbing for the flopping fish. It made its way back to the water and into the rocky area where the dead sucker was floating. Tyne , in a fit of determination , jumped the small embankment into the water and grabbed the big fish with both hands, smacking it hard on the back of the head. He lifted the large fish up and declared, "You're mine."

Val was holding his sides as he watched Tyne chasing down the flopping fish. "Dude, you got your feet all wet."

"I know, but it was worth it. Look at this beauty ! "

"Very nice. While you're down there, string it onto the chain." Tyne opened a clip and threaded it into the large trout's mouth and out the gills. Then, he climbed back up and eagerly skewered another worm onto his hook.

"This is fun."

"For you. I've barely had an F'n nibble."

"I'm sorry. Want some pointers?" Tyne asked with a grin.

"I don't need any pointers, dickwad. I think I need some different bait. I should get my knife and whack your little worm off and string that on my hook. Bet I could catch a nice, big, rainbow trout with that thing." Val joked.

"Shut up, you freak. That was so not funny. And you talk about my lame jokes." They settled down on the rock and waited for the next fish to bite. The sun was well up into the sky now and Tyne peeled his shoes and socks off and rung out the water from his socks. He laid them on the rock next to him to dry as much as possible. Val watched Tyne rub and wiggle his petite toes.

"How did you figure it out?" Val asked out of nowhere.

"Figure what out?"

"That you were gay? Like how did you know that since you never actually tried anything yet?"

"Oh, that." Tyne sighed. "It's hard to explain. It wasn't like I just woke up one day and suddenly knew it. I've always been pretty observant and think about things a lot. Sometimes, I over think, according to Noah. So anyway, I was around nine or ten years old, I guess, when guys started telling the stupid grade school sex jokes and talking about girls being hot and sexy. I remember Knuckles telling a bunch of us geeky guys all huddled over by the bus stop benches how Cheryl Zollinger would show you her slit if you paid a dollar and provided you showed her your dick first. I was wondering why I would want to see her slit, but three of the guys said they wanted to do it. I raised my hand too, but only because I wanted to see the other guys' dicks. Dane on the basketball team was one of the other guys, I remember. The next day after school, I paid my dollar with the others and we all went with Knuckles into the woods behind the school. I was so disappointed because Knuckles made us all wait in the gully and took us up in behind the bushes one at a time. When Tyler Hansen came back, Schuyler went second. Tyler told us he got a boner when he showed his dick to her and said he still had one – I'd already noticed the bulge in his jeans. Dane didn't believe him and told Tyler to prove it. I got really excited and told him I wanted him to prove it too. But Tyler just said, 'I'm not showing my boner to you homos.' I wasn't real sure what a homo was but I'd heard it before. I tried looking it up in the dictionary later that night, but couldn't figure out how either definition fit. One definition was that homo meant 'the same' and the other was that it meant 'human beings' like in homo sapiens. I was so confused."

Val started to laugh. "Oh my God, I can't believe it."

"What's so funny? If you're gonna make fun of me, I'm not telling you this." Tyne felt a mild irritation well up inside of him.

"I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing at myself. I paid Knuckles a dollar in fourth grade to see Cheryl's twat too. I actually paid two dollars so she would spread her lips and let me touch it. I wonder what ever happened to Knuckles. He moved away in sixth grade."

"No shit? I thought he was just pimping her out on us geeks. That's crazy. I'm guessing Knuckles is either living large in Vegas or involved in a work release program somewhere. I wonder if he was sharing the money with Cheryl or if she just wanted to see the boys' dicks." They both laughed over it.

"I'm not sure. She turned into a real slut though. Nick said she practically raped him in the eighth grade. Okay, so keep going."

"All right. When Schuyler came back all smiles, it was my turn. I went up the bank, behind the bushes and Cheryl was sitting on this rock with her panties down at her ankles and wearing a skirt. Knuckles told me to drop my pants and show her my dick. I said that I didn't want to and I would only do it if he would show his to her at the same time. He got mad and also called me a homo. I said I wanted my dollar back and he told me to fuck off. I wasn't really sure what that meant either for sure , but I did figure out it meant I wasn't getting my money back. When I went back down in the gully, Knuckles announced that I'd chickened out and said it was Dane's turn. I was upset and almost crying and said I was gonna tell if I didn't get my money back. Then Schuyler and Tyler turned on me and threatened me and called me a gay homo. Dane sort of stood up for me and said he didn't want to see it any more either and pulled me away. We ran home together."

"Dane's a nice guy. He's one of my favorites on the team to hang with. We're actually going to a movie tomorrow if you want to join us. I forgot he hung with the …"

Tyne laughed at Val's discomfort. "It's okay. You can say it – 'GEEKS'. I know I'm one and yeah, Dane was too back in grade school. He didn't advance to cool jock status until the eighth grade when he grew like two feet overnight."

"Thanks for letting me off the hook there," Val said with a smile. "So, go on. I'm loving this."

"Well anyway, I was starting to realize I thought different from the other guys. I started trying to peek at guys in the bathroom and they'd turn away if they sensed it. Not all of them did, but most were really shy about getting seen and looked at me weird if they sensed I was peeking. Noah and I did the 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' thing during the summer between fourth and fifth grade. We never did anything more than just show off our boners to each other, though. He showed me his big sister's biology textbook he happened across when he was in her room snooping around. He admitted to me years later that he'd actually been in there trying on her panties and bras. We just pretended to be interested in the girl picture at first for a minute or two and then turned right to the male anatomy drawing and totally studied it for a half hour. We both got boners from it."

"That's funny. I can picture you two doing that. I'd always sneak the bra and panty ads out of the newspaper."

"Wow, we did that too, only we'd look at the boys in their briefs. I remember Noah was showing me a JC Penny's ad one time, and this hot blond kid was the model with big red letters above his head that said, 'Boys Briefs 50% Off', and Noah said, 'Damn, I wish they were 100% off';." That cracked Val up.

"When we were eleven, the summer between fifth and sixth grade, our moms both got us season passes to the water park. It was the greatest thing ever. By this time, Noah and I both knew we liked boys and we talked about it openly. We spent more time in the locker room than on the slides. Sometimes, we'd buy a Dippin' Dots and sit on our towels on the grass and boy watch, commenting on ones we thought were cute or had good butts. I loved going in the locker rooms and looking at all the dicks. I was curious about all of them, but especially the ones on boys my age or just older. Noah and I started calling it Dicksneyland." Val busted out laughing and fell over in the grass roaring his ass off. Tyne blushed and laughed along.

When they composed themselves, Tyne said, "Noah had a special talk with his father about sex stuff after he told his dad that he wanted to kiss a boy at school right at the end of fifth grade. I forgot who it was he had a crush on. You, probably."

"Eww! TMI."

"So anyway, his dad decided he better give him a sex talk and as part of it, his father explained that some boys like other boys the way that most boys like girls. His dad told him that people often called those boys mean names like homo and fag and gay in a derogatory way. He said that his dad told him that it was wrong to make fun of others for any reason and that he should ignore it if he got called those names and that he should never ever tease others about it. He told him not to go around kissing boys at school because that could get him in trouble. He said that if he was really gay, it would be okay, but he should wait and see if he really was. His dad actually demonstrated how to put a condom on using a cucumber at the dinner table - more for his horny, big brother's benefit than Noah's. But I think his dad wanted to make sure if Noah was really gay he learned early about correctly using protection. That's when Noah told me he was sure he was one of those kinds of boys. I was immediately fearful that I was one of those boys too. I told him I thought so and it really made a special bond between us, but we agreed that we were too good of friends to do sex stuff together and risk messing up our friendship. We made a pact not to do anything with each other like that."

"That's cool. I'm impressed you guys had the maturity to do something like that. My old man never talked about sex with me. You'll find this hard to believe, and I'm a little embarrassed to tell you, but my mom had the sex talk with me."

Tyne laughed, "I'm honestly not all that surprised, knowing your mom."

"It was pretty embarrassing, let me tell you. It scarred me for life, I think. That's probably why I'm still a virgin." They laughed together over that.

"Just before I turned thirteen, when I was pretty certain I was gay, since I only thought about guys when I jacked off, I finally got the balls to tell my mom and dad about it. They were great about it and my dad just told me like Noah's did to him to wait and see. He told me ..." Tyne choked up.

After a minute, he continued, "He told me he'd love me the same whether I was or I wasn't and that if I was that it I should know it was just how some people are made up and that I shouldn't feel inferior over it. He said it was just like having the beautiful, sparkling, blue-green eyes I was born with. It isn't something I could change or should want to. He said to just be the best person I could be and he would be proud of me. I miss him so bad." Tyne wiped the corners of his eyes. Val slid over next to him and reached around with his long, powerful arms and pulled him in tight against his side.

"Then I'm sure he's really proud of you right now," Val said. "And he was right, you do have incredibly nice eyes."

Tyne smiled and said, "So, now that I've spilled my guts about all the intimate little details of my childhood, let's hear your story. How come a handsome, clever, fun loving, kind hearted jock like you is still a virgin?"

"I'll tell you. Someday. But right now, I'm sick of sitting here not catching any fish and my ass is sore from this rock. Let's give up on the fishing until later this afternoon and go do something fun and exciting until lunch."

"Okay. What do you have in mind?"

"How about putting something big and powerful and full of excitement between your legs?"

"Say what?" Tyne pulled away from Val's grasp and turned to stare wide eyed into his smiling face.

"You know, go ride my quad." Val couldn't hold it in any longer and broke out laughing. Tyne slapped his chest and said, "You are such a freak."

Val gave him a shove off the rock and said, "You should have seen your face. It was priceless."

They grabbed hold off their rods and pulled in their drowned worms.

Noah and Nick were still wrapped up tight in each other's arms the next morning, dead to the world in Noah's big platform bed. Their hard woodies were tenting up the sheet, making for a funny sight if anybody saw them. They were lost in their dreams when suddenly Noah's bedroom door busted open and in walked Noah's dad, not paying any attention to what was going on in the bed in front of him.

"Noah, whose car is parked in the drive…oh my goodness …way?"

"Huh? Wha?" Noah mumbled, trying to wake up and remember what had happened last night. His only thought was wondering why he was naked in bed with a naked guy. Then Nick stirred a little next to him, making Noah scream. "Ahh."

That in turn scared Nick and he woke up with a start, and being on the edge of the bed, he rolled off the side, taking the sheet and blanket down to the floor with him. He bumped into the nightstand, knocking the alarm clock over and off the edge, beaning him on the head. "What the fuck, dude?" he asked hoarsely.

"Daaaad, what are you doing in here?" Noah screeched, suddenly remembering what had happened last night.

But Mr. Silverstein didn't leave, and instead started roaring with laughter. "Oh, man. You boys are quite a sight! Talk about a couple of deer in headlights!" Nick started grabbing the sheet and blanket and making sure he was covered up in the middle. "Noah, when you have overnight guests, you need to lock your door. That's why we put one on there, remember? Didn't that talk we had last year sink in? Imagine if your mother had walked in instead of me?"

"Um, sorry dad," Noah grumbled, trying to pull the sheet back from Nick and over his exposed, naked, and almost hairless body. "I guess I forgot. But you shouldn't be barging in here either."

"Point taken. Well, now that you're up, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend? And what have you guys been doing? It's really rank in here."

"Dad, be quiet. You're a nurse – I'm sure you can guess. Do we really have to spell it out?" Noah groaned. "This is Nick. Granny's old heap wouldn't start last night and Nick drove me home after the Valentines dance."

"Hello, sir," Nick said quietly clutching the bedding more tightly to his chest "It's not what it looks like." Noah grabbed his pillow and stuffed it between his legs since Nick wasn't giving up the sheet.

"Hello Nick. Nice to meet you. So I can hardly wait to hear what it is, if it's not what it looks like. Let's hear it."

Noah interrupted before Nick could formulate any kind of reasonable lie, "Nick, don't even try. I don't hide anything from my dad. He knows all about me and how I want to do what we did last night and he's okay with it." Nick turned and stared in disbelief at Noah.

"I guess it was a long night for you two, huh?" Mr. Silverstein asked with a chuckle. "I hope you used protection."

"Daaaad, I can't believe you said that!" Noah said. Nick just stayed sitting on the floor, completely embarrassed. "You've told me a million times about condoms! Besides, it wasn't anything like that. We didn't even do anything risky!"

"Fine. Fine. I just want to make sure you're both protected, that's all. I wouldn't say anything if I didn't care."

"I know you do, Dad, but enough already. I started hearing about condoms when I was like six or something when Sissy started dating. Then when I talked to you about liking boys, you demonstrated with one on a cucumber at dinner, remember? Man! I thought Booby was going to die of embarrassment right there at the table. Sort of like Nick is doing right now." Noah grinned at Nick who had pulled the covers all the way up to his neck at this point. "Why couldn't you just be a normal parent and give us kids a brochure or make us watch a video or something?"

"Did you say, 'Booby'? Who's Booby?" Nick asked quietly. He was sitting up now and was quietly fascinated by the exchange going on in Noah's bedroom. He couldn't even imagine what would happen if his dad walked in on him and another guy. He just knew it would definitely involve blood and probably lots of it.

"Booby is Noah's older brother," Mr. Silverstein explained, "Noah couldn't pronounce Bobby and instead called him Booby and it kind of stuck, at least inside the family. He'd get pretty mad if we slipped and called him that around other people. As for being normal parents, your mother and I might be a little unconventional, but we embrace you completely and meet things head on. We're not like our parents who always danced around the tough subjects leaving us to figure things out on our own. One day you'll thank me, cucumber and all. Besides, it kept Booby from making babies prematurely, now didn't it?"

"I know dad, but still, it's embarrassing. Like right now how you're standing there having this conversation with us naked."

"I'm sorry; would you feel more comfortable if I got naked too?" He asked with a wry smile.


"Okay, okay, but it's my house and you'll just have to live with how I am. Anyhow, it's nice to meet you, Nick. I'm honestly glad Noah's made a special friend. I hope we'll see more of you. I mean more often, of course, there's not really much more of you to see than I've already seen, is there?"


"Sorry, couldn't resist. You boys get up and get showered. It's almost eleven. Your mother or I will make you something to eat and then let's go look at the car and see if we can get it started, okay?"

"Okay Dad. Thanks." Mr. Silverstein smiled, spun on his heels and left.

"That was fucking out there, dude," Nick said after peering out toward the doorway to verify Mr. Silverstein was really gone. "You've got one strange old man."

"I know, but even though he can be a bit embarrassing, he really loves me and Booby and Sissy."

"Yeah, I can see that. My old man would have started screaming and probably kicking the shit out of both of us."

"Well in that case, I suggest we always play at my house. I mean assuming you want to play again."

"Hell yeah. That was fun last night. Was it good for you?" Nick said with a grin.

"Oh baby, it was way more than good. It was freaking AWESOME!" Noah sang the last part of the sentence and Nick shook his head. "Come on, let's go shower up."

"You go first."

"I meant together, silly goose."

"What? Your parents are home."

"So? They already know about us so what's the difference? I'm sure my dad's downstairs telling my mom all about it right now."

"Are you serious? Oh my God, I'm climbing out the window. That's so embarrassing."

"Mom won't say anything. She's not as … embarrassing as Dad. It's like a sport for him to make people socially uncomfortable."

"Yeah, well he scored a slam dunk in here just now, that's for damn freaking sure."

"So, wanna come get lathered up?" Noah pursed his lips and flicked his eyebrows suggestively.

"Yeah! What the hell, I'm into it this far. Let's roll."

Noah bounced off his bed and tossed the pillow back onto it, then grabbed the sheet and blanket from Nick and threw it on top of the bed as well. When Nick stood up, Noah stepped in close and hugged Nick tightly against him. He closed his eyes and smiled euphorically as he pressed their flesh together. His penis was straining against Nick's thigh and scrotum while Nick's thick dick was inching upward along Noah's smooth belly with each heartbeat.

Nick grabbed Noah's face between his hands and rotated his face upward, then planted a gentle kiss on his lips. "Let's go. I need to drain a couple things, bladder first, balls second."

Noah smiled and gripped Nick's boner and pulled him down the hallway to the bathroom. While Noah took care of getting the shower ready, Nick managed to soften enough to pee. He shook off and stepped into the shower while Noah drained his bald, little lizard. When he climbed into the shower, Nick turned him around and pulled Noah's backside against his front and reached around to soap up Noah's chest, dick and balls. Nick's erection immediately sprang back up and he wedged it into the upper part of Noah's crack and up against the lower back.

Noah laid his head back against Nick's chest and neck with his eyes closed, warm water cascading over his cheeks, while Nick's strong hands roamed freely over his chest, stomach, hips and upper thighs. Nick grabbed a bottle of body wash from the alcove and chuckled, "Are you joking? You actually use a body wash called Every Man Jack?"

"Oh, baby doll, don't knock it until you've tried it. It's the cedar wood scent and it's so erotic."

"So is it nice and slippery? That's what I want to know."

"Yes, of course. It provides a silky, long lasting film between the hand and body, but it doesn't over lather. It's orgasm in a bottle."

Nick smiled at Noah's commercial endorsement and poured a generous pool into his palm, then spread some to his other palm. He resumed his roaming exploration and now fresh cleansing of Noah's youthful torso. Nick did like the smooth consistency of Every Man Jack. Noah instantly commenced moaning and squirming with pleasure. The powerful, invigorating odor of the cedar wood was carried on the steam of the hot shower spray into the young men's sinuses and the strong, erotic smell attached itself to their memories of the experience. With one hand, Nick pinched and flicked Noah's nipples while his other hand slid to find Noah's smooth, hairless package and to begin caressing his soft balls and puerile erection teeming with anticipation.

Nick rolled his chin downward and sucked on Noah's neck while he fisted Noah's tender, pulsating dicklet. He began pumping the slippery noodle with his fist, amply coated in the lightly viscous body wash. Noah's moans turned to an erotic whine. Nick let go of Noah's nipples and grabbed Every Man Jack from the alcove. He leaned away from Noah's backside just enough to pour a generous glob onto his own throbbing thickness. He set the bottle back in the alcove and coated his dick from tip to bottom. Then, Nick pressed himself back tightly against Noah's body and placing his feet outside of Noah's, Nick stooped slightly until his thick, spicy sausage was firmly encased between Noah's tight buns. Nick began a steady, persistent sliding motion up and down, along Noah's crack. Noah reached around and grabbed Nick's hips pulling him even closer and pressing the hot thickness deeper into the crevice. Noah flexed his ass muscles gripping Nick's considerable firmness and Nick groaned in satisfaction as he savored the intense sensations of writhing up and down within the fleshy wedge.

From this point on, their bodies were on autopilot. Nick's stroking motions on Noah's tender penis intensified along with intensified slithering between Noah's clenched buns. "Lord have mercy!" Noah cried out as an overwhelming rush of endorphins addled his brain and weakened his muscles. Nick tightened his hold with his free hand around Noah's waist to hold him up just as his own powerful orgasm erupted. Thick, hot streams of cum spilled into the wedge of flesh between Noah's back and Nicks firm abs. Noah's offering gurgled out between Nick's fingers as they slowed their dance to an even, post orgasmic, cool down rhythm. At last, they finished oozing and Noah turned to face Nick. Both boys had a satisfied, joyful smile on their faces as they pressed together and kissed gently under the warm shower. They rinsed off quickly after that, dressed and headed down to breakfast.

Noah's father took one look at their faces and immediately knew what they'd been up to. "I was going to offer you a late breakfast before we go work on your car, but you took so long getting ready that we better go now before the dealership parts counter closes?"

Noah pulled his father aside and whispered in his ear. His father smiled wryly, nodded and shook his finger slightly. "All right, we'll worry about the car later, I guess. Sounds like it might not be too hard to fix it after all. How about two eggs over easy and a nice sausage link?" Mr. Silverstein smiled and pulled a frying pan from the cupboard as Noah laid a dishtowel over his arm, and pulled a chair out for Nick.

"Your table is ready sir." Noah gave a small graceful bow and wave of his hand. Nick just grinned and sat down. He realized he'd been duped all along. But he wasn't really mad at Noah for tricking him into bringing him home and getting him to spend the night. Actually, he was sort of flattered.

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