A Christmas Wish

Chapter 3

By and © Hans Schrieber

Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

This work is copyrighted © by Hans Schreiber. You may not reproduce this story in whole or in part without the express written consent of Hans Schreiber

When they were definitely gone, Joey and Pete locked all the doors and headed for Pete's bedroom. "Okay, what's the plan?" Joey asked.

Joey sat in the computer chair and kicked his shoes off. He had Nike ankle socks on that matched the ones Pete was wearing, except Joey's were white and Pete's were black. Pete stared at Joey's big feet. He smiled as he traced along the outline of Joey's foot and toes. His little buddy started to grow in anticipation of the evening.

"First, you need to read this website about having good sex. I kind of want to follow it." Pete explained. They logged in and Joey read the "10 Ways to Improve your Sex Life." Communication was the number one thing. It said you should talk to your partner and tell them what feels good and also tell them if you don't like something.

Second, it talked about foreplay. Oral sex was third. "Okay, I expected that one," thought Joey.

"Let's click on the links for this third one." Pete suggested.

Joey was fascinated to read the tips for better fellatio. He'd never heard that term for a blowjob before, but he got totally boned as he read the suggestions, like using your hand and your mouth at the same time, and keeping tight pressure on the shaft with your lips. He already knew to be careful about letting your teeth scrape.

Fourth, it talked about trying new positions. Fifth, was climaxing at the same time. "I guess we should be able to do that," thought Joey. Sixth, was dress for sex.

"We can't really do that one." Pete said, "I don't really have anything silky or sexy to wear."

Joey broke into his amazing smile. "Yeah, you do." Joey reached into his backpack and pulled out a pair of silky boxers with a reindeer face on the front of them. "These are for you. Check it out, there's no fly. You stick your dick in this part and the tip pokes out the end of it, like its Rudolph's red nose."

"Wow, no way." Pete said. "That's hilarious. Dude, you're the best." Pete was delirious with excitement.

Joey was pleased with himself. "Did you get a pair for you, too?" Pete inquired.

"No, I got something different, but it's a surprise for later."

Seventh item was trying unusual positions and doing it in unusual places. That made Joey chuckle. "I'd say this qualifies as pretty unusual."

Eighth, was using toys and lubricants. It suggested using plenty of lubricant so that the sex was comfortable and enjoyable, and to use any toys, such as vibrators, that both partners agreed on, to spice things up. This one made Joey sweat a bit. He looked at Pete to judge his intentions as they read this section together.

He assumed that this was where Pete got the idea for the vibrator. He hoped the "Magic G-spot" thing wasn't just for girls. He wondered if he was going to end up getting it up his butt and if it would hurt, or if Pete wanted it for his pleasure. "Maybe," Joey thought, "He just wants it for rubbing on our dicks and balls." It was becoming really obvious to Joey that Pete had been working on this whole idea for a long time, and probably had a whole plan in mind.

Ninth, was having quickies. "Forget this one." Pete said, "I want it to go slow and last a while. The last one doesn't apply either."

"Yeah, definitely." Joey agreed.

The last one suggested that it was okay just to return to vanilla sex and enjoy what always worked in the past. That obviously didn't apply, as Pete said.

When they finished the website, Joey did all the delete functions to sanitize their visit and shut down the computer. He swiveled in his chair and faced Pete sitting next to him. "Okay, I guess we're supposed to communicate with each other, so what exactly do you have in mind?"

"First off, are you really, really sure you're okay doing all this? I mean I really want to, but not if it's going to ruin our friendship." Pete said.

"Dude, stop asking that, you're startin' to piss me off. I told you I want to do it with you. Look here, I'm already boned just from reading that website with you." Joey pushed the rolling chair back and grabbed a fistful of boner straining against his jeans. "That fellatio part got me so boned, and it isn't going down."

Pete smiled a relieved smile and grabbed his own boner. "Me too."

"So this is kinda what I been thinking and tell me if you're not okay with anything." Pete started.

"First, we do some foreplay stuff out in the family room. I wanna look at some of our porn mags together to get us kinda worked up. Then, I want to slowly undress each other and do like massages. Then, I kinda just want to see where things go from there." Pete said.

"What about kissing?" Joey asked.

Pete looked at him closely and said, "What about it?"

"Do you want to?"

"Kinda. I know you've made out a few times, but I never have. I'd just like to close my eyes and pretend you're Rachel or Charlotte, you know, and try it. Is that too weird for you? I mean, you could close your eyes too, and pretend I'm some hot cheerleader or something."

Joey had worried about this part. Kissing a guy somehow seemed harder to do than sucking a dick, as weird as that sounded. "Yeah, sure, that might work out." Joey said uncertainly. "I mean, since I know it's just pretending, like acting kind of, not gay or anything."

"Exactly." Pete agreed, hopeful he could try it. "And if it turns out to be creepy, we'll just quit doing it."

Joey felt better. "Wanna get started then?"

"Duh. Get the pornos out of our secret spot. I'll go heat up our dinner and we can look at them while we eat." Pete suggested.

Joey pulled all the envelopes out and carried them to the kitchen. Pete already had the pizzas heated and on the table with a black cherry soda set out, and a water for himself. "I had mom get black cherry just for you." Pete said, "I know you like it."

"Thanks. Where's your toppings?"

"I'm just having a plain cheese, I don't wanna risk upsetting my stomach tonight." Pete explained.

Joey ended up eating all of his pizza and half of Pete's. They sat side by side with the pornos between them. Joey opened up Rachel's envelope and turned to the first page. It was crinkled and stuck together slightly. "Eww, I feel like I should be wearing rubber gloves to handle this one. She's had some serious abuse." Joey joked.

"Yeah, maybe you should. I'm surprised poor Rachel isn't pregnant with my kid by now." Pete laughed.

Joey slid it closer to Pete, "Here, you turn the pages on this one." They both chuckled each time a page wouldn't open or when there were missing blotches on some pictures.

"This was our first one, remember? It's my fave, too." Pete said.

"I never would have guessed that." Joey said, sarcastically. They made their usual comments about Rachel's hot body and Joey asked why Pete liked this one so much.

"Well, besides it being the first one, I really like her feet. They're so perfect."

Joey looked at him with one eye squinted. "I know; it's kinda weird I guess, but I just have this thing for feet. I get horny at the beach just from looking at nice feet. Like when you'd come over in summer, wearing just flip flops, I used to get boned from looking at your feet."

"Wow. You think you know somebody." Joey chuckled, shaking his head and carrying his dinner trash to the garbage can.

"Do you think I'm weird?" Pete asked.

"Yeah, but I guess that's why I like you so much."

"Joey, I want you to put all those porno mags in your backpack and take them with you." Pete said.

"Why? You love looking at them. You're practically engaged to Rachel."

"Yeah, but if Grandpa comes for me, they'll eventually clean out my room and find them, and I don't want mom to think of me that way." Pete said.

"Oh, I see. But stop talking about your grandpa. That might just be a dream." Joey pleaded. Pete gave him a condescending look and nodded.

"Maybe and I hope it's a while before he comes if it wasn't just a dream, but I just want to be on the safe side. Okay?"

"Yeah, Okay." Joey retrieved his backpack and stuffed them in the outer pouch. It was bulging.

Pete approached him as he turned back around and slipped his arms around Joey pulling their bodies together and began rubbing Joey's back. Joey returned the embrace and rubbed up and down over Pete's shirt. It felt surprisingly natural. Pete was only a couple inches shorter than Joey and his chin nestled just under Joey's collar bone. Joey decided to make the first attempt at kissing and see if he could do it. He thought it would be better somehow, if it was him initiating it and being the one in control of it. Be the kisser, instead of the kissed. "Close your eyes." Joey whispered and pulled slightly away. Pete peeked up at him, then obeyed.

Joey put his left hand behind Pete's neck and pressed his soft, puffy lips against Pete's slender ones. Pete resumed rubbing Joey's back and Joey massaged Pete's neck and slid his right hand down to Pete's round butt. "So far, so good," thought Joey "I'm not throwing up."

Joey started to imagine he was kissing Audrey, but his mind kept drifting back to Pete's image. Pete opened his eyes and peeked and quickly shut them again. The sensation was better than he imagined. It was nothing like kissing his pillow. The quivering pressure of lip to lip contact sent urgent "up periscope" messages to his dick, and it was straining hard against his jeans.

To his delight, Pete felt the initial cautious probing of a tongue against his lips. He parted and Joey slid his wide tongue past his lips and teeth rubbing against the sensory nerves on Pete's tongue and the roof of his mouth. Pete clamped down on it with his lips and moaned. Instinctively, Pete began a slow grinding of his groin against Joey's. Joey felt Pete's boner pressing into him and had a flash of gayness panic.

Joey pulled his tongue back and broke away, wiping his mouth with this hand. Pete opened his eyes and looked at him. "What's wrong?"

"It was starting to creep me out a little." Joey answered honestly.

"You wanna quit?" Pete asked, clearly disappointed.

"No, I'll try it again. I just have a hard time thinking about girls and I keep seeing your face, and then when I felt your bulge rubbing against me, I just...I dunno. Sorry dude."

"It's okay. We can do something else."

"How about, we go shower together. If we're gonna try the sucking thing, I need to wash my little soldier off for you." Joey suggested.

Pete hadn't really considered that he might be sucking on Joey's dick. Since Joey was supposed to be acting like the girlfriend, he was thinking just Joey would suck his. When he thought about it, though, that seemed really selfish.

"I showered already, just before you came over." Pete said.

Pete took the hem of Joey's shirt and slid it upward. Joey lifted his arms and Pete took the shirt completely off and tossed it aside on the floor. Pete noticed, with a twinge of jealously, Joey's nice grouping of dusty blond pit hair.

Joey followed the example and took Pete's shirt off. They returned to their embracing and Pete audibly gasped as their naked chests pressed together, flesh on warm flesh. Pete resumed rubbing Joey's back with an intensified passion, pulling their bodies tightly together. If nothing more this happened, this alone would be enough for Pete. Just having this much human to human interaction with someone he really cared about was overwhelming after all the years of fantasizing over it.

Joey found Pete's mouth again. He'd given up trying to pretend it was Audrey, but he also wasn't really thinking about it being Pete. It was just an anonymous make-out session. He did reflect a couple times on the few girls he'd made out with before, at parties, and their images flashed in and out. Pete began initiating tongue thrusts into Joey's mouth, and Joey bit down on it gently and let it scrape slowly across his big teeth. This continued for maybe fifteen minutes, although it only seemed like one or two for Pete.

Pete finally pulled back and reached down to unsnap Joey's jeans. Joey wiped at his mouth again with the back of his large hand then sucked in his gut a bit, to make it easier for Pete to unbutton and unzip the tight jeans. Pete reached to either side of the waistband and tugged them down and over Joey's hips and firm butt cheeks. Joey wiggled from side to side to accommodate his efforts. Pete followed the jeans all the way down, kneeling in front of Joey. Pete admired Joey's firm, muscular thighs, large knee caps, and powerful calves as he slowly exposed them. Pete sat back on his heels and held Joey's jeans at the floor for him to step out of.

Pete was further excited by the impressions of Joey's large feet inside his white, Nike ankle socks. Pete's little buddy was screaming for relief from its imprisoning jeans. Before standing, Pete lifted Joey's left foot and rubbed it. He tugged on the toes and kneaded the soft underside through the Nike socks. His dick was ready to explode. Finally, Pete slipped the elastic band down over Joey's heel and pulled the sock off. Before moving on to the right foot, Pete massaged and fondled Joey's bare foot and long, large toes. Unlike Pete's stubby toes, Joey's extended out away from the foot, even the little toe was long. Pete took each one in his hand and played with it, as though he were jacking off a miniature dick. He had the urge to suck on them, but resisted it. At last, he repeated the effort with Joey's right foot. Joey watched from above with amused enjoyment as Pete played with his feet. Joey's boner started shrinking, but Pete's was stiffer than ever.

Finally, Pete rose back up on his knees and began rubbing and squeezing Joey's thighs. He slipped his hands up under the hem of Joey's boxers and found the crease of his leg where it met his abdomen. Then he slid back down. Pete's right hand brushed against Joey's shrinking boner and this caused Joey to start boning up again, making a large tent just left of center, under his boxer's waistband. Pete reached up and gave it a squeeze through the boxers. It was an electric moment. Pete had never touched another penis before, and Joey had never had his touched. Pete returned to stroking Joey's thighs and the backs of his legs up to the crease of his butt cheeks. If it wasn't Pete's fantasy, Joey would have pulled his dick out of his fly and begged to have it sucked.

Pete couldn't take it any longer and undid his jeans and zipper letting his boner spring up into the unrestrained space. His blue plaid boxers poked out from his erection. Pete stood and asked Joey to take his jeans off. Joey kneeled and slid Pete's jeans down and off, then rubbed Pete's legs with both hands for a while before fishing Pete's dick out of his fly. Joey examined it from every angle as he turned it in his hand. The tip was large and dark red. The little creases in the head of it were stretched, giving it a shiny appearance. The touch of someone else's hand on his dick was pushing Pete into the next level of sexual excitement. Joey began slowly pulling the skin up over the head and back down. With just the dick exposed, it looked much the same as his. It had the familiar squishy surface over a hard core. It was a unique feeling. Pete had his head tossed back and was moaning. Since only the shaft was sticking out of the boxers, the lack of pubic hair didn't distort its image and Joey was impressed how very similar it was to his. They both curved ever so slightly to the left, both had a similar proportion of head to shaft. They both had big veins running randomly just under the surface of the skin. "If anything," Joey thought, "His dickhead is a little pointier and his shaft is just a little thinner."

"Before we move on to step three and start sucking," Joey said, looking up, "I think I should shower."

"Kay, go ahead, but hurry. I don't wanna lose the mood. I'll put my new boxers on and meet you back here."

Joey was disappointed about the showering. He was hoping to repeat the experience they'd had before, the time Joey helped him shower after he'd thrown up all over himself. "It probably would be disappointing anyway. Things never happen the same way twice," Joey thought.

Grabbing his backpack, Joey bounced to the shower. His dick literally bounced in his boxers. He did as instructed and quickly jumped in and out. He didn't wash his hair, just his body. He dried off good and then pulled out the surprise. Joey stood and looked at his naked body in the mirror. He started to chicken out on the surprise. He worried it might be stupid. Maybe Pete wouldn't like it, or think he was making fun of him or something. "Oh, what the hell." Joey muttered. He'd spent the money on it, he better use it.

Joey slipped the sheer white negligee over his head. The negligee barely covered his privates with a thin row of white fur along the hem, matching the fur around the low neckline. He turned and checked his backside out. Just the bottom round globes of his ass cheeks poked out from under the white fur. He felt weird and silly, like he was five years old playing dress-up again. Joey pulled out the long, blond wig he'd bought and situated it on his head. Now, he really felt weird. He thought it looked like Charlotte's hair in the most recent porno mag they'd enjoyed together the day before. He finally decided to take the wig off. It was too over the top. He stuffed the wig back in his pack and dropped the pack off in the bedroom again before going to the doorway of the family room. Pete was lying on the couch, slowly rubbing Rudolph's snout.

"Oh, Petey" Joey said in a semi sexy voice, "I'm all ready for you."

Pete looked up and saw Joey leaning in the doorway with the negligee on. "Holy monkey balls, that's too funny." Pete said, laughing.

"I'll take it off." Joey said quickly and reached to pull it off.

"No, leave it." Pete said. "I think it's great. It's just a surprise like you said it was gonna be."

"Sure? It's not too creepy or weird? I feel kinda weird in it, you know. It's just, you said you wanted me to pretend to be your girlfriend and all, so..."

"Yeah, it's great. Really. I think it's a really bomb idea. It just got me by surprise. But, I can't call you Joey wearing that, you have to be, umm, Jo...lene."

Joey chuckled. "Whatever. I had a wig, too, but that seemed really weird, so I put it back."

"No way. Dude, go put it on. I wanna see you in it." Pete urged.

"I felt stupid in it, though."

"C'mon just try it for me. You don't have to leave it on, just show me." Pete said. Joey shrugged, headed for the bedroom and pulled out the wig. He put it on and brushed the bangs aside, ran his fingers through the curly strands to arrange them in place, and walked back to the family room.

"Ohhh, Jolene, come over her baby." Pete said, half laughing. Joey flipped his blond curls over his shoulder and did a sexy walk over to the couch. They both burst out laughing.

Pete stood up off the couch and they both started to laugh harder as Rudolph's nose started bobbing up and down. "This is freakin' hilarious." Pete said. They embraced and began rubbing backs and butts and grinding together. Pete initiated kissing again but he could feel it was causing Joey to tense up, so he quit and just lay his cheek on Joey's shoulder. Both of them were completely boned up. Rudolph's nose was definitely red and bright. After a while of rubbing and gentle grinding, Pete said, "Jolene, suck me. Suck my dick."

Joey, took a deep breath and knelt down. He took Rudolph's muzzle in his big hand and stroked up and down it slowly. The jacking action with the silky boxers was an amazing turn-on to Pete, and he started rhythmically moving his hips. Joey stared at the bright red tip poking out the front of the boxers and reached out and gave it a lick. Joey's own dick twitched. It didn't taste bad. It didn't really taste at all. Joey slipped Rudolph's nose into his mouth and clamped his large, full lips tightly around the top of the shaft. Using his thumb and pointer finger, Joey rubbed up and down along the silky covering that was Rudolph's muzzle and slowly swirled his tongue around Pete's dickhead.

"Oh, Joey, I mean Jolene," Pete gasped, "Suck it all in." He began frantically pulling at the waistband of his silky boxers. Joey reached up and slid the silky reindeer boxers off Pete's hips and maneuvered his boner out of the snout. Joey took Pete's hairless dick in his fingers and lowered it to his mouth. "Wait, I need to sit down." Pete said, breathless.

He sat on the edge of the couch and stuffed several pillows behind his back and leaned backward. Joey shuffled forward on his knees and positioned himself between Pete's legs. He directed Pete's hairless penis back to his lips, took another deep breath, and closed his eyes. The warm moist cavern engulfed Pete's hot, bulging, five plus inches. Following the fellatio suggestions, Joey laid his tongue flat against the underside of Pete's little buddy and glided it into the back of his throat. Slowly, Joey slipped it back out and then back in again, pressing the shaft with his pursed lips and making as much saliva as he could for lube. Pete leaned forward and spread his fingers through the blond wig and began to control the timing of Joey's stimulation of his cock. "Oh, Jolene, suck it baby, suck it."

Joey kinda wished he hadn't done the wig and negligee thing. Being called Jolene was feeling weird to him. Pete was way into it now and he didn't want to ruin it for him, so he kept playing along. "Suck my balls now." Pete said, pulling Joey's head back and off his little buddy and then guiding him lower.

Joey licked the hairless ball sac and swirled his tongue around each tender nut. "Suck 'em in, Jolene, please."

Joey pressed his thick lips to Pete's left ball and vacuumed it into his mouth. "Holy Crap." Pete breathed out, arching his back. "That's unbelievable."

Joey began rubbing his tongue over Pete's sac, now tightly stretched over his left nut. Slowly, Joey let it plop out and he did the same procedure to the right nut. Each time Joey sucked in a nut, Pete moaned out loud and arched his back. When he was ready to switch nuts, Pete would relax his back and butt onto the couch and Joey would let that one slip out and suck the next one in. Joey remembered the advice on the web to rub gently on the bulge between the balls and the butthole. It was like additional boner back there that the nuts just hung over the top of. When Joey started to rub it and suck Pete's balls at the same time Pete started panting. "I'm gonna cum soon. Stop."

Joey pulled off and sat back on his heels. He reached up and tickled Pete's thighs. He watched Pete's boner twitch and his balls roll up and down in their sac as Pete struggled to maintain control. Pete was on the verge of spewing and he didn't want to yet. The twitching slowed, Pete began resuming his normal breathing pattern, and he stood up.

"Let me do yours now." Pete said. But take off the wig and nightie thing. "I wanna share this with my best friend, Joey, not Jolene."

Joey was happy to comply. He pulled the wig and the negligee off and tossed them aside. While sucking Pete's dick, Joey's dick had relaxed. Each time, though, the underside of his dick had gotten tickled by the feather edge of the negligee and boned back up. It happened three different times. He'd boned up nice and hard, though, as he watched Pete almost lose control at the end. Pete took the remote and turned on the sound system. He had his iPod already plugged into it and had it on a shuffle of classic rock, love ballads. Joey took the place on the couch and leaned back with both hands behind his head.

Pete walked over and lit the vanilla candles on the entertainment center. He drew in a long breath as the wax started melting, closed his eyes and said, "Mmmm, smells nice."

"Nice mood setters." Joey said. He loved classic rock. "Our parents were lucky. When they were our age, they had awesome music. REO, Styx, Boston, they're all great." He looked at his best friend standing there naked, except for his black, Nike ankle socks. Pete's dick was at half mast now. Joey thought about how horny he was feeling for him. He couldn't explain this feeling any more than he could explain the time in the shower, but the feeling was real and he wasn't bothered by it. He wanted to get sucked by Pete and he wanted to suck Pete's dick again, only not as Jolene, as Joey, as best friends.

"I agree. I like it too." Pete said. They already knew their taste in music was similar and had shared a bunch of pirated music with each other. Pete knelt and assumed the position between Joey's legs.

"Suck my dick, P... um, P... Penelope." Joey said, smirking.

"What the crap?" Pete said grabbing Joey's dick in his hand and leaning back on his heels. "Penelope? Where in the heck did you come up with a name like that?"

"I dunno, I couldn't think of a girls P name." Joey chuckled, "Besides, I think Penelope kinda fits."

"You better be careful, I got your future in my hands." Pete reached up and grabbed a handful of Joey's nuts and gave a squeeze just hard enough to cause Joey to wince.

"Okay, Okay, you pick a name then. I give, I give."

Pete let go and stroked his chin, "Hmmm, Polly. Yeah, Polly it is."

"Are you kidding me? Polly? That's no better than Penelope. Pollyanna is more like it." Pete didn't respond, but just reached up and squeezed Joey's balls again.

"Okay, Polly! Polly!" Joey cried. Pete laughed and let go. Then, Joey looked him straight in the face and said, "How about just Pete. I'd really like to forget all this pretend we're girls shit. I wanna get sucked by my best friend in the whole damn world. The best guy I know on planet earth. And I wanna suck my best friend back, me, Joey, not Jolene."

Pete, sucked his upper lip in and bit down on it the same way Mrs. Thomas always did when she was upset or about to cry. Appreciation spread across Pete's face and he rose up off his heels and held out his forearm. Joey reached out and they bumped forearms, in a sort of guy's salute to each other. Pete lowered himself and sucked Joey's little soldier all the way into his mouth. Pete worked Joey's dick for ten or fifteen minutes, rubbing Joey's thighs and chest and sides while he bobbed up and down on Joey's shaft. Intermittently, he would pull off and lick his balls and up and down Joey's throbbing shaft and head. Then, he took the base of Joey's shaft in his fingers and rubbed the skin up and down while he sucked on the upper part of his dick in a synchronized motion. The sensation of getting sucked and jacked at the same time sent waves of pleasure through Joey's body. He had no more doubts; he wanted this to happen. He was regretting they hadn't been doing it for years.

With his free hand, Pete turned the G-spot massager on and began massaging the space between Joey's balls and butthole. The vibrating motion there was unbelievable and took Joey to a new level. Joey lifted his head and watched Pete work up and down his penis, concentrating on the extreme thrill emanating from his little soldier's helmet. Then, he switched over to concentrating on the vibrations pulsating through his entire groin from the "Magic G-Spot."

Pete suddenly stopped everything for a minute, and Joey was about to beg him to continue when he saw Pete coating the vibrator with lube. Then Pete poured some lube on his fingers and worked it over Joey's sphincter. Joey reacted by clenching down tightly. Pete resumed his sucking and began rubbing the vibrator along the perineum, down to and against Joey's anus.

Slowly, Pete began pushing the little bulb end of the vibrator up into Joey's hole. Joey resisted at first, but the vibrations felt really good on it so he didn't try to stop him. In a while, Joey returned his focus to the extreme pleasure his dick was feeling and relaxed his sphincter enough for the vibrator to slide in. Joey instinctively clamped down on it when it entered. The vibrations were heightened now it was inside him, and Joey groaned in ecstasy. "Try and get it in further." Joey instructed. Somehow, he sensed it would be good.

Carefully, Pete worked it in, stopping each time Joey flinched. When it was about two or three inches up inside, Pete began slowly moving it around. It pressed against something up under his balls and Joey began calling out, "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh my god. Pete, Oh my god. That's the spot." He never realized his dick could swell to that extreme. Whatever was getting rubbed inside of him was heightening all the sensations on his dick. "It's good I jacked last night or would have blown a load long ago." Joey thought.

Joey had an idea. He lifted his feet and slid them between Pete's thighs. Joey began rubbing and fondling Pete's dick and balls with his toes. Pete pulled off Joey's dick and looked down at Joey's long toes rubbing and stroking his hairless package. It was unexpected, but it was the most erotic thing Pete had ever experienced or even seen done on a porn video. Pete reached down and popped the lube lid up and squeezed a generous portion of lube all over his dick and Joey's toes. Now the caressing was smooth and powerful sensations shot from Pete's groin through his whole body. He felt nothing else. No nagging pain, no uncomfortable muscle aches, nothing but euphoric tingles.

Pete resumed his sucking at Joey's urging. "I'm close to cumming," Joey warned. "Really close."

"Me too," Pete mumbled, with his mouth still full of Joey's dick. Pulling off, he added, "Stop rubbing mine for a minute, I don't wanna cum yet." Joey pulled his feet away, raised them up and then rested them on the floor outside of Pete's legs.

Pete resumed his work on Joey's dick, played with his balls with one hand and worked the vibrator in and out and around within Joey's butt, until the moment of imminent climax returned. Joey held his breath, pressed Pete's head between his strong thighs and exploded with an orgasmic scream. "Aaaaaghh, SO DAMN GOOD!" Joey yelled out as his ass clenched and spasmed around the vibrator and his balls sucked up tight and his dick danced with a million electric sparks. The first powerful blast of white, hot cum hit Pete's throat and he pulled quickly off, spitting the thick creamy goo onto Joey's pubes and balls as another shot blasted onto Joey's chest, then a third and a fourth exploded. Joey had never cum so hard and so long.

When the experience finally subsided, he told Pete, "Pull the vibrator out now!"

Pete complied, but a little too quickly and it hurt as it was jerked free of his clenching ring. Joey lay back panting. Pete used a warm, damp wash cloth he'd prepared in advance to wipe up Joey's liquefying sperm. The warm cloth felt good on Joey's chest and abs and dick and balls. Pete gave Joey's little soldier, no longer at full attention, one last gentle squeeze.

Pete stood up and sat next to Joey. He reached over and gently cupped Joey's balls that were slowly dropping back into their sac. "Joey, will you do one more really big favor for me?" Pete asked, softly.

"Sure, whatever." Joey mumbled. At this point, he was so spent and so giddy, he could have been asked to go lie naked in the middle of the basketball gym floor in front of the whole student body, and he would have agreed to it.

"Someday, you're gonna find a special girl and you'll get married and you'll get to screw her all the time. But I'll never get to do that. I wanna try putting it in someone. Can I put it inside you. Can I try it? Please? Can I?"

Pete studied Joey's face. He saw no revolt, no disgust, no objection. Joey, being totally spent, had no real interest in trying to bring Pete to orgasm in any other way that would require effort. The idea of just laying there while Pete got himself off inside of him actually sounded like a good idea.

"Sure, dude. Go for it." Joey slid off the couch, lay on the carpet and raised his knees and spread them. Pete grinned in exultation. It was what he had hoped for and dreamed of. He grabbed a pillow and lifted Joey's hips up. He'd read about that suggestion on a gay sex website. He quickly oiled up his little buddy that had already sprang back to full erection. He added some oil to Joey's entrance and took his place. Seeing Joey's limp penis and balls detracted from the experience for Pete. He got an idea. He grabbed the negligee and pulled Joey back up to a sitting position and put it on him, then laid him back down. The fur just covered Joey's man parts and gave the appearance that he could be a girl. Pete slid up, guided his anxious boner to the entrance and pushed.

Pete's little buddy slipped in easier than he expected. Joey tensed a little, but relaxed quickly. Slowly, Pete inched his dick into the innermost part of his best friend. Love for Joey overwhelmed Pete, and he shuddered from the chill that accompanied the emotion. When he reached full depth, Pete just held it there, savoring the experience of being engulfed inside a human being. He concentrated on the pulsing action of Joey's sphincter on the base of his shaft. The warm, soft tissues of Joey's rectum surrounded his entire penis. Slowly, Pete started humping into Joey's body. The stimulation on the prostrate and the re-invasion of his virgin ass provoked an aching inside Joey, almost like a mild stomach ache.

Joey started to ask Pete to stop and pull out, but thought better of it. "This is my Christmas gift to Pete. It was his only wish. Who knows, it may be my final gift to him, but I hope not." Joey thought to himself, trying to ignore the increasing pain. Pete's dick felt much bigger than it looked now that it was inside him. It was definitely bigger than the vibrator had been. "Hmmm," Joey mused to himself, "All Pete Wants for Christmas... is Me." He began softly humming the tune to take his mind off the discomfort of Pete's steadily increasing humping.

Pete ended up holding Joey's arms and pounding in and out of Joey's hole with a furious, frantic pace. The sensations were all he imagined and more. Pete closed his eyes and imagined Rachel, his porno queen girlfriend beneath him. Maximum euphoria hit him and the sexual drug consumed his mind, his body and his soul. Everything blurred as the euphoric feeling washed over him, starting just behind his brow and riding one gnarly wave after the other down to his hairless groin and on to his stubby little toes. Wave after wave racked him as he pumped his juices deep into Joey's bowels. At last, he collapsed onto Joey's body, shaking with an occasional post-orgasmic shudder. The fur lining of the negligee tickled Pete's cheek. Joey, who had mostly recovered his strength by now, gently stroked Pete's back and butt cheeks. Pete was exhausted. His pain, so completely forgotten just minutes ago, crept back in on him. His softening penis slipped out of his friend and cum oozed from the exit. They lay there four or five more minutes just enjoying the peaceful glow. Finally, Pete rolled off and Joey sat up, discarded the negligee, and wiped his ass with the damp washcloth, while Pete cleaned himself up with another one.

"I'm wasted." Pete said, "I gotta go to bed."

"Need help?" Joey asked.

"No, I can make it, I think." Pete answered. He slowly stood, rested his hands on his knees for a minute, and then staggered into the bedroom. Joey cleaned up the room, blew out the candles, gathered all the clothes and sex stuff, and tossed the cum soaked washcloths into the washer with a group of towels from the bathroom to make a load. Finally, Joey took the pills Mrs. Thomas had left out with a glass of water in to Pete. He found Pete lying completely motionless on his bed. Joey had a brief moment of dread. Joey shook his arm and Pete's eyes fluttered open. "What?" he asked.

Joey breathed a relieved sigh, "Oh, thank God. Here's your pills."

"Oh." Joey helped him sit up and Pete put all three pills in his mouth and swallowed with a swig of water.

"You need anything else?" Joey asked.

"Yes. Will you sleep with me tonight?" Pete murmured.

"Sure," Joey agreed. He set the water glass on the dresser and climbed into the hospital bed with Pete. He slid up against Pete's naked backside, placed an arm over him and gently rubbed his naked feet against the bottoms of Pete's stocking feet.

"Joey?" Pete whispered.



"You're welcome."



"I love you."

"Love you too, dude." Joey wiggled his limp little soldier into the crevice of Pete's buttcrack and fell asleep.

The two of them were awakened by light streaming in through the window. Slowly, Joey rolled to his back and stretched. Memories of the prior night flooded in on him and he smiled with satisfaction. He got up to pee and was surprised to find an aching feeling still up inside his bowels. He padded off to the bathroom and then came back to find Pete peeing in a plastic bottle. "I'm too tired to get up." Pete said, answering the question before Joey asked it. He handed the bottle to Joey, who took it to the toilet and drained it, flushed, and rinsed the bottle out. He returned it to Pete to hang on the edge of his bed.

It was odd, but Joey was still naked and felt completely comfortable with it. Just two days ago, they were jacking themselves off to a porno mag with their clothes on, over embarrassment of being seen naked by another guy. It struck Joey powerfully how much they had lost by being so stupid over all these years of friendship. Worrying about looking gay to each other, kept them from having so much fun and pleasure.

"Want breakfast?" Joey asked.


"Want anything?"

"Nothing you can get me." Pete answered.

"Want to sleep?"

"Yeah." Pete whispered. Joey gathered all his stuff, dressed, and pulled the blinds.

"You wanna get dressed before your parents come home?" Joey asked, suddenly thinking how odd it might look for him to be in bed naked.

"Yeah, I guess I have to."

Joey helped him put clean boxers on, with a pair of sweats. He didn't want a shirt. Joey was tiptoeing out of the room and turned the light off when Pete called to him. "Joey."


"Turn the night light on, please."

"Okay, dude. Get some sleep. You had a busy night."

"Yeah. Thanks for being there for me. I love you."

"Love you too. See ya."

A couple hours later, the Thomas' came home. Joey was on the couch watching the Packers beat the Vikings. He kept having pleasant little flashbacks of what had taken place on that couch some twelve hours ago. His butt was still a bit sore. Sometimes it felt almost as if Pete's dick was still up inside him. He wondered how long it would last. He wondered how many more times the two of them would get to mess around together.

"How was everything? Any problems?" Mrs. Thomas anxiously asked. "No, it was all great." Joey answered.

"Thanks for doing this," Mr. Thomas chimed in. He seemed to be beaming. "That time away was just what the doctor ordered for the two of us. We're grateful. Can we pay you something?"

"No way. You already gave me those super nice speakers. And I didn't do it to get paid. I did it for Pete. Well, and for you guys." Joey said, sincerely.

"Well, thanks again."

"How's Pete?" Mrs. Thomas asked.

"Tired. He's been sleeping."

"Were you two up late?" she inquired.

"No, not really. Just kind of out of his routine, I think."

"No doubt." She agreed.

Joey followed her into Pete's room and Mr. Thomas took the overnight bags into their bedroom on the opposite side of the house. Pete stirred and smiled at his mom and Joey. "Hi."

"How are you, sweetie?" Mrs. Thomas asked.

"Great." Pete lied. "Just tired."

"Have you had your morning pills?"


"I'll get them." Mrs. Thomas left.

When she was gone, Pete asked Joey, "Did you get everything cleaned up?"

"Yeah, no worries."

"Good. Think we can do it again sometime?"

"Yeah, sure. I wish we'd done it sooner."

"I know. Me too." Pete closed his eyes until his mom returned with his pills. Pete tossed them into his mouth and swallowed.

Joey chuckled. "He didn't do so good with the swallowing part last night," Joey thought to himself.

Joey's father stepped in and asked, "How you doing, sport?"

"Good, dad. How was your time away?"

"Very nice. Thanks for letting your mom go." Pete smiled back with satisfaction.


"Joey, in case you're gone before I get back from my golf outing, thanks again for staying over with Pete." Mr. Thomas said.

"Dad, can you skip golf today?" Pete asked, "I was hoping we could just be together as a family today. Maybe play some games or watch old home movies or something."

"Umm, well, sure, sport, if that's what you want. I'll call the guys and then go get the rug rats from Aunt Julie's." Pete smiled his warm, peaceful smile. I'd seen him use that smile to deflect an argument and even settle a fight or two before.

"I'm gonna go now, I guess. I'll check in tomorrow." Joey said. He went over to Pete's bed and held up his forearm. Pete lifted his arm and they bumped goodbye.

"Mom? Can you give me and Joey a minute alone?"

"Sure sweetie," she agreed. She smiled warmly at Joey as she turned to leave. Her eyes didn't seem so sad as usual.

"What's up?"

"I want to tell you something. Don't interrupt me." Pete instructed in a stern tone.


"I want you to have a good life. I want you to live for both of us. Don't mess up your life with drugs and alcohol. Find a great person to be your wife and have great sex together. Do your best to make her happy. Raise a bunch of ugly kids that look just like you and be a good dad like our dads are. And one more thing, work on your foul shot; you're worse than Shaq. See that picture on my dresser of us at the Point Loma Tournament?"


"Take it with you. Put it in your backpack. Keep it out where you can see it and never forget me. Friends forever. Okay?"

"Yeah, forever." Joey was crying as he pulled Pete against him and hugged him tightly. They bumped arms again and Joey left with the picture tucked inside his backpack. "See you later, Mrs. Thomas." Joey called as he carried his new speakers out the door.

That evening, just as Joey finished installing his new speakers in the Corolla and switching the radio on, his mom came outside crying and clutching the phone to her chest. Joey sat up in the passenger seat and a warm shudder coursed through his soul. In a shaky voice, Joey declared, "Pete's gone, isn't he?"

Joey's mom just nodded. "Why? Why'd you have to come so soon, Grandpa Eddie?"

Pete's calm voice came into Joey's mind, "I want to go with him. There's no pain there. Friends forever, Okay?"

Suddenly, Mariah Carey's voice startled Joey from his trance as she sang out in perfect stereophonic clarity, "All I want for Christmas... is You."

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