Just One Starfish

by Grasshopper


Midnight Blue is the feeling you have late at night when you already feel like shit. You've been shown in the deepest way possible that you're worthless and there's nothing anyone can do to make it better. Gabriel is midnight blue.

Sunrise Gold is the feeling of anticipation when you wake up full of energy going out real early in the morning and the sun comes bursting over the trees filling you with hope. Brian is sunrise gold.

Crash these two feelings together and you don't know what will happen, Which feeling is stronger? Experience going three rounds with innocence?

Who is the starfish and who is the surf dancer?

Refresh your memories?

Gabriel is an old friend if you read Just Hit Send. His story starts in Chapter 4 of The Happy Years.

Brian's story is in Whispers From the Past, a short story. Read it to meet Brian.


PS.........Thanks for all your support and sweet words. None of us lives in a sugar-coated world, most assuredly not me, but I try to give you, just for a little while, a warm place in the hearts of the people we all love in that beach house in North Carolina. This is Gabriel's story.

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