Beyond The Rain

by Grasshopper



Billy: "Have you found a place where there isn't any trouble?"

Aaron: "There isn't really any place like that. It would be make believe; behind the moon, beyond the rain. I think I'll just stay here with you with your arms around me and watch the rain."

Six years later, William James Carmedy joined a major architectural firm in San Francisco that specialized in hospices and children's care centers. He wants to make a difference in the world through his buildings. They will all be people friendly.

His partner in crime and in life, Aaron Clay Sorensen added his name to a clinic that treats broken abused people; his specialty; children.

At night, they work together at an AIDS clinic helping the friends and loved ones get through the pain.

When asked why they chose this difficult work, Aaron always replies: "To help other people so they know they aren't alone."

Everyone can find Billy Carmedy in a crowd by the dark brown suede Stetson he always wears.

Billy finally told his family when he and Aaron went home for Christmas and was ashamed to find that all his worries had been for nothing. They loved him and would love him, with no strings attached. They welcomed Aaron into their family with open arms.

Aaron never went home again. He calls his mother every Christmas and she is planning on coming out to visit them in the spring. His father has chosen to be lonely in his righteousness. Can I hear an Amen?

They are adopting a child and will love him and teach him to have acceptance and respect for anyone, no matter what the cause.

Billy and Aaron found their way beyond the rain.

Anyone who reads this story:

Have faith in the resilience of the human spirit.........if I can tell you just one thing, please believe in yourself. God made you to be beautiful. You can find your way to the other side too. Just never give up!


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