Just Hit 'Send' - The High School Years

by Grasshopper

Ch. 8


Jordan turned his head and looked over toward Danny. "One sec...I've almost got it." He slammed the joystick forward and the last vampire smashed into the wall. Easing back in the chair, he swung around to look at Danny. "Yep?"

Danny was sitting in his wheelchair by the window. He'd been watching Jordan play on the computer for last 30 minutes. He'd watched his quick reflexes and the way he twisted his body with every turn and curve on the screen as if he WAS the vampire hunter, slaying the last of the daemons. Danny thought back to last Saturday, when Jordan had been flying, his body arched, his board gliding. He remembered how he had felt at that split second; in that instant that he had fallen in love. He felt the same way right now just looking at him. But, how do you tell someone that you love them? How does one boy tell another boy?


"Do I have to guess or are you gonna tell me?" Jordan grinned, getting up and walking over to the window. Seeing the expression in Danny's eyes, his own darkened and he came to his knees beside the chair. "What? Dan? Come on, talk to me."

Danny lowered his face. "Jordy? Thank you for today. I didn't think I'd ever feel that way again." He felt the tears, tried to keep them away and finally just let them roll down his cheeks.

Jordan's chest tightened, his heart hurt. "Hey," he murmured gently, his hand going to Danny's face, his thumb wiping at the tears. "There's nothing you can't do, Dan. You proved that today. Maybe not the way you used to but we're not gonna let life pass you by, right?" Jordan felt something click inside his heart. "Danny?" he whispered. "Can I collect what you owe me?" He moved to the front of the wheelchair, perched on his knees between Danny's legs and slowly reached for his face.

Danny leaned toward Jordan, hesitant but wanting it so badly; to feel Jordan's mouth. That mouth with the crooked grin; that mouth that told him he was good enough; that mouth that made him feel whole.

Jordan watched Danny lean in toward him, hypnotized by that beautiful, pouty bottom lip. Eyes wide open, they moved closer. "K?" Jordan asked. Danny nodded, his breath coming in short bursts. Jordan's eyelids fluttered shut and he leaned in, his lips just grazing Danny's closed mouth. Moving in closer, Jordan put both hands on Danny's cheeks and gently held him. He felt Danny press into his hands and curve his cheek into the palms of his hands. "Kiss me, Danny," he whispered as he heard Danny sigh.

Jordan's lips softened and he gently took Danny's bottom lip into his mouth. Teeth teasing, he felt the tip of Danny's tongue gently touch his lips. "Oh, God, Dan," he sighed into Danny's mouth. "You taste so good." He felt his body stirring, churning for things he'd never had. This one kiss was making him want everything.

Rocking back on his heels, Jordan just stared at the boy sitting so quietly in that chair, his eyes wet, his mouth soft and his pulse knocking a rhythm in his chest.

"I need to hold onto you, Dan," he said, his voice rough.

"Please," Danny whispered. "I need to be held."

Jordan knew better than to help. He moved out of the way so Danny could use his braces to get to the bed. Dropping them to the side, Danny eased himself onto the bed and waited, his eyes never leaving Jordan's. He patted the quilt beside him.

Jordan walked around to the other side and sat down carefully. Awkward, suddenly shy, he didn't know what to do next. "In all the stories, they jump on each other," he giggled nervously, "Ripping clothes and all."

Danny snorted back a laugh. "This isn't a story, though. This is just us. Come over here closer, please, so I can touch you." Jordan schooched over until his hip was rubbing against Danny's. Shoving him gently in the center of the chest, Jordan pushed Danny backwards until he was lying on his back, his head nestled in the pillows. Stretched out beside him, Jordan rested his head on his hand, his elbow dug into the bed. "Do we know what we're doing?" he asked softly.

"Not me," Danny sighed. "Just another thing I'm not good at."

"Well, join the club. I guess this is one place we're on our own," Jordan grinned. He leaned over and kissed Danny lightly and then, knowing that would never be anywhere near enough, he opened his lips and asked entrance. His tongue licked its way in and he found the hot wet sweetness of Danny's mouth. "Kiss me back, Danny," he breathed. Danny's tongue met his and they danced, such a hot, sweet, gentle, fierce dance, tongues tangled, arms reaching.

Now facing, now bodies touching from forehead to toes, Jordan whispered, "Could we, like, can we um, feel skin? I really want to get closer." What he didn't say; what he desperately wanted to say was that he had this almost uncontrollable desire to be "inside" Danny's skin.

Tugging at shirts, they threw them wherever and fell back on the bed. Danny felt Jordan helping and bit his tongue to keep from saying 'No'. This was sure not the time to be proud. As if reading his mind, Jordan said, "Here, right here, I'll do for you. Nowhere else. But here, Dan, I can be your hands when you need them."

Rubbing like two cats, they felt each other, purring. "Um, I didn't know that would happen" , "Why did you shiver?" , "Does that feel good?" , "Are you ticklish?" , "Do that again" , "Do THAT again!" Danny found that if Jordan rubbed tiny circles around his nipples, he wanted to cum right there. Nothing else was necessary. Oh God ! Jordan thought if Danny dipped his finger into his bellybutton once more, he was gonna lose it.

Both boys, breathing heavily, afraid to move further, unable to stop. Both boys, finally understanding what their bodies had been telling them for months, years.......finally, understanding.

"Dan," Jordan whispered, his voice raspy and low. "I need one more thing."

"God, Jordy. What?" Danny answered, almost moaning from the feelings shooting through his body.

"I need to see your legs."

Danny froze. That wasn't what he had expected. Not at all. "I........Jordy, I can't."

"If you can't, I understand but I just don't want any walls, anything we can't say or see or talk about. How can we be close if you hide from me?' He said gently, unconsciously rubbing Danny's back.

Forehead to forehead, mouths touching, Danny sighed. "I.....it......oh Jordan. If you're grossed out, I couldn't stand it," he finally mumbled.

"Let me be the judge of that," Jordan smiled that crooked smile and for the first time, Danny was close enough to feel it. He felt his lips curve. "Don't make me smile, Jordan !" he groaned.

"When will your parents be back?" Jordan asked, already moving down the bed to Danny's feet. "I'll always make you smile, Daniel. At least, I'll always try," and he began to tug on the bottoms of Danny's jeans.

Sighing, knowing when he had lost, knowing that it was what he really wanted anyway, Danny arched his back, raised up on his arms, lifted his butt a little and felt Jordan pull his jeans slowly down his scarred legs. Eyes tightly shut, he didn't want to see the look on Jordan's face; the pity, the revulsion.

Jordan sat on his knees, straddling Danny's legs. His eyes roamed over the boy in front of him, this beautiful broken boy. He saw the tightly squeezed eyes, the clenched fists, the heaving chest. Jordan's heart ached for the pain, the lost years. He knew there was only one way for Danny to believe him........that none of this mattered. Inching down, he rested between Danny's outstretched legs and gently kissed the worst of the scars. Danny's eyes popped open at the first contact of Jordan's mouth to his heated skin. As Jordan gently licked at the puckered skin, the purpled scars, he felt Danny's hand touch the top of his head, his fingers twining in Jordan's long blond hair.

Jordan lifted his head. "I.........I love you," he whispered, his voice so soft he hardly heard himself. "None of this matters. None of it." He felt Danny tug at his hair.

"Come here, Jordan, please. Now," Danny pleaded. Jordan crawled up the bed and rested on top of Danny's chest. He could feel how hard they both were, legs to legs, chest to chest. His mouth found Danny's and they tried to inhale each other. "I....love....you.....too......," Danny sighed between breaths.

Raising himself up on his elbows, Jordan looked down into Danny's eyes. "You love me? Is that what you just said?"

"Yeah," Danny blushed. "You said it too, didn't you?"

"Uh huh," Jordan grinned. "How can we be in love? It sounds weird."

"I don't know. All I know is I've never felt anything so right as I feel right now, here with you.....under you," he giggled. "Second time today."

Danny felt Jordan's hand reach down to gently stroke the scars. "These don't matter, you know. They just make you more........," Jordan blushed, "More beautiful in my eyes."

"But, I..............," Danny started to say.

"Nah, nothing to say unless you want to tell me how it happened," Jordan said carefully. "That's all there is left to say." He felt Danny stiffen. "Never mind, Dan. Another time. I just want to be close, closer than anyone."

They both knew what they wanted. So close their eyelashes touched, their breaths mingled, both boys wanted to cum in each other's hands. No longer alone, at a computer, alone, in their dreams, but together.

Jordan could hardly breathe. He felt Danny grope at his zipper. "This would be easier if I got up for a minute," he giggled.

"No! Do not stop touching me," Danny smiled. They struggled and Jordan's shorts flew across the room. One boy in boxers, one in briefs, both so hard,so wet.

"Almost there," Jordan giggled. "It's like a treasure hunt, kinda."

"You first, Jordy," Danny pleaded.

"Why did I know you were gonna say that?" Jordan laughed. He reached down and jerked his boxers off. He had never felt so forbidden, so wrong, yet so right before in his life. "Ta Dah !!" He joked, embarrassed.

"God, Jordan," Danny breathed through his mouth. He reached out a shaky hand and stroked one finger down Jordan's dick, slowly taking him in his hand and gripping. Jordan felt a streak of pleasure drive through his belly and down into his groin. His hips arched into Danny's hand. "Ahhh," was all he could manage. "Wait," he gasped.

Reaching over, he tried to maneuver Danny's briefs down but they got stuck on his erection and Jordan, not wanting Danny to let go, struggled to inch the material down. "Need help?" Danny giggled, freeing the shorts and pushing them further.

"Nope. I got it," Jordan managed, as he finished the job with his toes. "I have monkey feet," he laughed. "You know, if we let go, we could............"

"Shut up, now, Jordan," Danny hushed him and was rewarded by the feel of Jordan's hot hand grasping him.

They lay as they had before, forehead to forehead, belly to belly, toes to toes. As their hands worked magic, as they tried to concentrate on a kiss only to find they couldn't, as they felt the surge begin from deep inside, as one whispered "I love you" and the other couldn't even speak, they both came, orgasms stronger than ever before in their lives.

Breathing unevenly, eyes glazed, Jordan and Danny found the one part of the puzzle that had been missing. They found each other.

Finally, unwilling to move but knowing his parents would be home soon, Danny wiggled. "Jordy?"


"We've gotta move," he sighed.

"Not gonna.......ever," Jordan murmured. "I like it right here."

"Well, while we like it, my mom might feel differently," Danny giggled. That made Jordan move. "K, but I want some more," he grinned. He jumped up and brought a hot washcloth to Danny. He wiped away the stickiness and as Danny watched, he bathed the scars, his hands soft and gentle.

Jordan gathered up Danny's clothes and threw them at him. "Get your clothes on. God ! Must I do everything?" he teased. Danny watched as Jordan pulled his shirt back over his head and then bent over to pick up his boxers. Danny felt his body react.

"Lord, Dan, get a grip!" Jordan giggled. "Or do you want me to?" He started over toward the bed just as they heard a car pull in the driveway.

Divebombing onto the bed, Jordan tried to pull Danny's briefs up over his hips and reached for his jeans. Danny pulled his shirt over his head. His jeans unzipped, his shirt covering, Jordan grabbed him and threw him in the wheelchair and reached the bed just long enough to pull the cover straight. Slamming into the computer chair, Jordan grabbed the joystick and had just wheeled himself around to the screen when Griff walked in.

"Hey guys!" Griff grinned innocently. "What's up?"

Jordan rolled his eyes and shot a look at Griff. "We gotta roll, Jord," Griff said. "See ya next weekend, Danny," he smiled. "I'll be in the car."

Jordan shook his head. He walked over to Danny and knelt by the side of the chair. "Bye, Danny. I'll see you next weekend.........Hey, wait, you wanna come to my house?"

Danny's eyes sparkled. "I'd love that. I could see you ride Tinker," he said, the excitement shining through.

"Ask your parents. I'll ask mine and we'll work it out on the computer, K? Jordan was practically bubbling. "I'll talk to you tomorrow, K?" He leaned in and found Danny's mouth. Nibbling on that bottom lip, he sighed. "You taste so good, Daniel." Straightening up, Jordan held Danny's hand for one second and was gone.

Danny turned his chair around to watch the tail lights turn the corner. He sat for a long time, his body tingling, his mind too alive to even think of going to sleep. Finally, he wheeled over to the computer, pulled up his e-mail and typed:

User name: Kicker41@
Subject: Tonight

Jordan........I love you.

Jordan closed his eyes and slunk down in the seat, his mind whirling with all the possibilities. Someone loved him ! Danny loved him! Daniel Alan Trainor loved him! He sighed and felt like a puddle of chocolate pudding.

Griff punched him in the arm. "Hey Dude! Next time make sure Danny has his shirt on right side out and man, for God's sake............." He pointed down at Jordan's red plaid boxers, his shorts still clutched in his hand, "Remember to put your pants back on BEFORE you walk out the door !"

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