in a Heartbeat

by Grasshopper

Epilogue #2

Deacon sat on the steps of the little gray house with the bright yellow shutters waiting for JD. He heard the screen door creak and felt his whole body go bonkers. It was always this way.

"So, what happened while I was gone?" JD asked as he parked himself on the step and nuzzled his chin into Deacon's shoulder.

"I met this guy. He was all messed up and we talked. I hope I said the right stuff. I tried to think what Dad and Papa D would say. He was gone the next day. I reckon he fixed everything. I hope so."

"I bet you said everything just right. You may look like everyone's idea of yummy goodness, but inside that beautiful head is a very sympathetic mind."

"I think that was a compliment," Deacon laughed.

He leaned over and licked the tiny tattoo of a lightning bolt on JD's neck, the one that matched his. They had gotten them one night when the sky was full of what Deacon's dad had called Summerfire.

"Enough talking, can we go to bed? You've been gone forever and I need some pinwheels and magic."

As they walked into their house, arms around each other, Deacon gave one last thought to the man he had met on the beach. He hoped that Marcus had found his own OTL. He guessed he'd never know.

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