Jamie's Journal

by Grasshopper

October 16, 2008

Emotions: frustration, funk and finally freedom

Well, your friend Grasshopper has had one helluva last few weeks. I'm not gonna make up some name and tell you a story about someone else. I'll just tell you what happened and what came after.

It was raining really hard when I went out to close the big folding barn doors. They're just like your garage doors but lots bigger and heavier. They fold like an accordion horizontally.

Well, I grabbed the big handles and nothing happened, so I opened my hands, and started easing the doors down with the palms of my hands. Of course the rain made the doors slick, so I automatically scrabbled with my hands for traction, bent my fingers and SQUASH! My fingers got caught in the closing of the sections of metal door. I couldn't stop the doors then, so I had to follow the doors down. Then I was able to start them back up with the toe of my boot. All the while, my fingers were still scrunched in the 0 space between two metal sections.

Cut to the chase: The doctor had to drill little holes in the nails to let the pressure off and the ring finger on my left hand was bent sideways. I broke two fingers on my left hand and one on my right. I just got the last splint off last week and it looks like I have blood black fingernail polish on my nails. They're growing out with new ones underneath.

I'm so sorry for stopping Just One Starfish without an ending, but I really couldn't type and I kinda got a huge case of the Blue Meanies along with the splints. Grouchy Grasshopper. You're supposed to have experienced pain to write, but not that kind I'm thinkin' !!

Thanks to all of you who wrote to me. I read every e-mail, but I couldn't reply. If you sent me something that really needs a reply, please send it again. Thank you, guys !!

Now if I can just remember what Gabriel and Brian were doing......

Big Hugs from nose to nose and toes to toes !!


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