Elf Boy's Friends - X

by George Gauthier

Chapter 19


The eight travelers camped beside a copse of trees, drawing water from a spring fed brook. The atmosphere that evening was sober, given the loss of two members of their company. The five reminisced about the fallen giants, about their good humor and their fondness for word games. Hrolf and Jarl would be missed.

"We should camp here for a few days." Corwin urged them. "You guys need to train with your new weapons. You will have a good teacher. It so happens that Axel here is one of the deadliest marksmen in the Commonwealth. He served as a sniper during the war against the trolls."

Axel nodded.

"You guys need a time-out anyway to recoup your strength and to take stock. This is as good a place as any to rest and to mourn and to practice your shooting. Only then should we set out across the sea of grass."

Ryan wondered if Axel could simply jump them all directly to their destination. How far could Axel teleport anyway? Would his gift let him jump long distances or only locally?

Axel replied that he could teleport himself and anyone he touched to any place he could see out to the horizon. He could also teleport long-distance to any spot he had once reached via a space portal. That included the major cities and strategic spots in the Commonwealth and Amazonia. The war wizards had opened portals to those locations to give Axel exactly that sort of strategic mobility.

"So could you jump us clear across the sea of grass?"

"Yes and no. That town we are heading for is well below the horizon, out of view due to the curvature of the planet. Also I have never traveled there via space portal. So to cross the sea of grass I would have to pop up into the sky to extend my horizon then jump there and repeat as often as necessary."

"That would get us across all right, but we would miss everything in between. Your delver could not survey the depths for minerals or caverns or aquifers which might supply artesian wells. Nor would the elves with their Green Thumbs be able to gauge the fertility of the soil. In our travels, yours and ours, the destination is almost beside the point. It is the journey itself and what we find on it that matter."

"Well said." Ryan agreed.

Not long after they drew straws to establish the order for sentry duty. Each of the eight would stand watch for an hour with the times rotating forward on subsequent nights. That way all would get to stand the first or last watch, always preferable to being wakened in the middle of the night. With their enhanced constitutions Corwin, Axel, and Derry slept less than the others anyway. Five hours a night was plenty for those boys.

The next morning, while the the elves prepared breakfast Axel used his kukri to cut forked limbs from small trees and trimmed them into shooting sticks. He also set an arrowhead into the base of their shafts, fitting the tang into a slot he cut then wrapping it with twine. That would make it easier to plant the stick into the ground.

Axel showed Gregor and Ryan how the devices would take much of the weight of their airguns and steady their aim. After that they took some practice shots and acquitted themselves well. The muscle memory from their crossbows carried over to shooting an airgun.

Gregor nodded his satisfaction and said. "Hrolf and Jarl didn't get many shots off so their ammo pouches were nearly full. Add in what we had in our wagons, we have plenty of ammunition."

The following days passed without incident. They walked at an easy pace given the dwarf's short stride. So a day's hike averaged less than twenty miles including stops for the elves to check the fertility of the soil and for the dwarf to delve what lay below. In answer to Corwin's questions he explained that he was checking for much more than mineral deposits.

"Ore bodies are all well and good, but less important than a reliable supply of water. Now streams can supply folks who live along its banks or nearby, but most people will live on farms and have to draw water from the water table or even a full-fledged aquifer, ideally without pumps through artesian wells. I also check for cavern systems, the preferred habitat of us dwarves though many of us do live in towns and cites alongside the other races."

"Are these lands underlain with limestone?" Corwin asked.

"Not entirely though I take your meaning. Most caves do formed by dissolution of limestone but sometimes in other rocks such as chalk, dolomite, marble, salt, and gypsum. Not all of these are suitable for habitation. Other types of caves such as lava tubes are formed by tectonic forces. And erosion can excavate caves even in hard rock like granite."

"In a karst or limestone landscape like this I also gauge the potential for the formation of sinkholes. We wouldn't want to build a fine new town only to have the ground drop from under it."

"Oh?" Axel asked mischievously. "I here I had thought that you dwarves liked to live in holes in the ground."

Corwin rolled his eyes. "Don't mind him, Gregor. He has spent too much time in the company of the twins. Obviously their sense of humor, if you can call it that, has rubbed off on him."

Gregor nodded understandingly. "That would be the famous twins Jemsen and Karel who are notorious for their jokes and puns."

"The same."

"It's really impressive that the twins are now dwarf-friends twice over! More power to them. And you yourself are a giant-friend and Axel here is an orc-friend. Plus others in your circle of friend like your colleague Drew Altair. More power to all of you."

With the wagon breaking trail the trailers could walk in pairs side by side or even three abreast. Axel often found himself walking between the two elves Elron and Eomer who took the opportunity to chat him up. All three of them went sky clad or entirely nude with their scrumptious physiques completely on display. Inevitably, the elves' hands would "inadvertently" brush Axel's bare flanks or one the other would cup his rump playfully or clap his shoulder in a comradely way. If they stopped for a moment to talk, inevitably the elves would run their fingers lightly over his corrugated chest and abs or ruffled his hair. None of these tactile attentions were displeasing to the young human who loved to be stroked and petted.

Of course what the elves really wanted to do was to drag him down on the grass and make love to the young beauty right then and there. And why not? Slightly built and boyishly cute, with fair skin, Axel's face was dominated by large green eyes set over heart-melting dimples. No wonder the elves had taken a shine to him.

At one brief halt Elrond put his hand to Axel chin, turned his face to him, then leaned in for a kiss. Axel did not resist. Instead he went with the flow, and put his arms around the elf-boy. Emboldened, Elrond reach down and fondled Axel's manly parts with the inevitable results. From behind him Eomer pressed his nude body to Axel's back kissing his neck and shoulders.

Axel blushed at how he must look, bare-ass naked and erect in all senses of that word, while two lovely elf-boys played with his body as everyone looked on.

"You guys aren't calling a time out, are you, and maybe expecting to catch up later?"

Axel knew that Corwin was right. Much as he wanted what the elf-boys had started to continue, his tactical instincts were all against it. No way the three of them could maintain situational awareness while making love. They would be vulnerable. Indeed their separation from the others would make both parties vulnerable. So he told Elrond and Eomer:

"Sorry guys, with predators about we gotta save it for later."

That evening the trio picked up where they had left off. The spot the trio chose for their tryst was between the campfire and a briar which would protect their backs. The dwarf and the humans chose a spot one third the way around the circle to the right on the near side of the wagon where the sentry would keep watch. Corwin and Derry's bed lay around to the left.

As the trio sank to their grass, Axel remarked:

"I hope Ryan or Josh won't be too disappointed."

"Don't worry about them. Those two fancy girls rather than boys, which is a sad waste of fine boy flesh in my humble opinion." Elrond said dismissively.

"Their loss, our gain," Eomer pointed out.

Rather than take turns for their first tryst with Axel the elves teamed him. At first that meant each of them plugging the human boy at opposite ends. It gave the two elf-boys a chance to kiss each other as well as the delectable human they were fucking.

Who would not be aroused by the sight of Axel's delicate features, his trim little body, and the shameless delight he took in male sex. Axel loved being sandwiched in between two lusty young elves. It drove him wild with desire, having a cock in each orifice wielded by experts in male love. Axel did his best to pleasure both invading tools, working the muscles of his throat and his ass to squeeze and knead, and excite till the pilgrims spilled their seed into his bottom or down his throat. He loved to feel the pulsing of their turgid members as they shot their wet warmth into him.

However, Elrond and Eomer also liked to double penetrate a boy's bottom, that is get both their cocks up his ass at the same time. Axel's petite physique, narrow hips,and pert rump made that particularly attractive and exciting but also a bit difficult. After all, it was only natural for Axel to be a bit apprehensive, given that the elf-boys stood nearly two hands taller and endowed proportionally. large the soldiers were. Still the prospect of a double penetration was too exciting to turn down. The elf-boys were so terribly sexy.

Axel straddled Elrond who had stretched out full-length, cock rampant, sank to his knees, and sat down on the turgid member, slowly sinking back onto his haunches letting the first cock plumb his depths. He rocked back and forth a little, letting Elrond slide easily in his channel. When the elf-boy was well seated up his chute, Eomer bent him forward, telling him to kiss Elrond and lick his nipples. Meanwhile Eomer slid his own cock up the back door into the tight chute already occupied by Elrond's cock. It was a close fit since they were so much bigger and proportionally endowed.

With a double penetration you found out what it was like to be really and completely fucked. Axel used his thigh muscles to lift himself up and down on the twin shafts, for once not minding having to post as when riding a trotting mount. It didn't take long for all the friction and prodding to set him off. In turn his anal contractions brought both soldiers to a simultaneous climax filling the boy with their manly juices.

That aside, each of the elf-boys eagerly took the boy separately. He was the prettiest and sexiest thing either of them had ever fucked. Elrond loved to look at Axel down on his knees, all humility and submissiveness, pouty lips locked about his member, worshiping his manhood or was that selfhood? A natural submissive, Axel also enjoyed getting his ass plowed. Eomer loved the way his large hands fit so well around the the red-head's sharp hip bones as he pulled back on that small ass while he thrust forward with his cock, feeling the warm flesh enclose it like a glove.

They both loved taking Axel face to face, on his back, legs and heels in the air. There is nothing so sexy as the face of a pretty boy rising to his climax. With his small body trapped beneath him, the elf-boys could see the Axel's arousal build and build, his eyes closing as his mind and body concentrated on the good feelings coursing through him, readying itself to let fly with his spunk. he liked nothing better than to have a man's cock stimulate him to his own orgasm without even touching himself down there. Getting fucked till you shot, that was the best way for a bottom boy like him to get off, and he knew it.

After his ejaculation, the boy would look at them happily, his face lit up with the post coital look that boys get, comprised half of pride at his own cocksmanship and half of embarrassment for the mess he had made between their bellies.

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