Elf Boy's Friends - VIII

by George Gauthier

Chapter 20

A New Beginning

"So where will you go now, Lobo? Or is it the bears who will decide?"

"It's a joint decision, actually. We talk till we reach a consensus. My vote would be to head toward the Commonwealth. We have never been there and these days so much is happening. A whole new world is coming into being with general prosperity, egalitarian ideals, clean cities, paved roads, printed books, news-papers, aviation, iron-roads, bicycles, and so much more. I want to see it for myself."

"If I may make a suggestion…" Dylan began, "why not make your home in the New Forest? I cannot imagine a fitter home for persons of your sort."

Dylan explained that the magically self-aware forest covered nearly one-hundred thousand square miles with boundaries clearly marked by a hawthorn hedge. No works of man were allowed in the vast expanse in contrast to the western side of the mountain range which had mines and sawmills, and hunting lodges and resorts."

"The only settlement of any size on the eastern side of the mountains is the isolated vale of Elysion, the headquarters of the Forest Rangers and also the residence of the three druids who preside over and protect the New Forest during its infancy, if I may call it that."

"We are all good friends with the folks who live there especially the Klarendes clan. They are fine folks. You'll like them. And one of them is a shape shifter and a super cute twink. His name is Aodh. He is another forest ranger and is helping our colleagues Brandon and Garret and Lorn hold down the fort while we are away."

"You are right, Dylan. That sounds perfect for us." Lobo admitted. "Plenty of room to roam and hunt yet also easy access to the fruits and comforts of civilization when we want them. We snow elves are self-reliant, and our needs are simple, but we do seek out human company from time to time and even take brief employment to earn the wherewithal to purchase the minimal gear and equipment the bears carry for us in their packs."

Karel brightened.

"That gives me a terrific idea for how you guys could make big money: a circus act. Just picture it: a trio of animal trainers, identical triplets, stunningly beautiful Snow Elves totally nude and cracking the whip at two fierce leopards, a scrappy wolverine, and two ferocious bears and making them do clever tricks."

"What do you mean scrappy?" the youth Gulo complained. "We wolverines are much more than merely scrappy. We can be as ferocious as any bear or leopard. Just ask Lord Sexton."

Sexton smiled. "That's true as far as it goes young Gulo. Pound for pound wolverines are the most ferocious of predators, but it would take more than a dozen of you to match a Kodiak bear. And as they say in the army, quantity has a quality all its own."

"All right, all right," Karel conceded. "Let's make it fierce leopards, ferocious wolverine, and mighty bears. Can we all live with that?"

<We won't have to. Sorry Karel, but our charges are not running off to join the circus.> Bjorn told him flatly, ruling out Karel's brainstorm.

<Besides the boys have a quick and easy way of making money sufficient for their needs. They hire out as wine boys for a few days. After all, an ordinary elf-boy can command twice what a human boy gets paid, but a Snow Elf earns triple.>

Turning to Lobo, the bear said:

<Circus act, eh? This is really your fault Lobo — you and that crack about us being trained bears and circus animals…> Bjorn sent with mock severity.

"But, but… that was just a tactic to give you and Bjarni freedom of action." the young elf protested, then trailed off as he realized that his giant protector was just teasing him.

"And don't be strangers." Axel told them. "Elysion is not so very far away. Anytime you care to visit the capital, just go there and send word via the heliograph and I'll jump to Elysion and teleport you back with me. Or ask a druid to open a portal for you or at least to contact me via their long-range version of Mind Speech. Oh, and you'll be staying stay with us." Axel promised. "Er, I am not sure where we might put up the big guys."

<We keep out of cities, but by all means our young charges should take you up on your offer.>

"And while you are in the capital you will have to visit Twinkle Town." Karel urged them.

"Twinkle Town?" the wir leopard named Brand asked.

"It's named for the cute twinks who are its chief denizens and of whom we are all prime exemplars. Twinkle Town is a district or rather a cluster of dining, drinking, and dancing establishments favored by males who fancy pretty boys, and by pretty boys who favor being fancied. You'll fit right in."

"No they won't." Drew corrected. "Six lovely sky-clad Snow Elves won't fit it, they will stand out. You guys will be the sensation of the season!"

"This calls for a celebration!" Axel enthused.

Finn nodded. "Time to break out that sparkling wine we have been saving for an occasion. I'll put both bottles in the stream to cool. With two magnums there should be just enough to go around for the fourteen of us."

"Wine is fine, but then let's pair off!" the youngest snow elf, the wir wolverine Gulo enthused.

"If it's all right with you guys, I'll sit this one out. Except for the wine of course." Sexton observed. The others laughed.

Sexton was relieved when the bears told them they too shared his preference for consorting with the female half of their respective species. The bears settled down next to him and conversed on a wide range of subjects. It turned out the bears were decades older than Sexton and had also been born on Karelia. Comparing notes, they realized that they had nearly crossed paths twice.

Sexton asked if the bears ever wished that they too were shape shifters. Bjarni pointed out that a biped weighing over a ton was simply not viable. It was one thing for a Kodiak bear to rear upright briefly, but they could not maintain that posture for long much less walk on two legs.

<It has always been a wonder to us how humans manage to totter around on two legs and not fall over.>

<Ha! My friends tell me the brontotheres think just as you do. Which reminds me. A herd of them lives in a protected reserve just east of the New Forest. You should strike up an acquaintance.>

<Excellent idea. We have always had warm relations with brontotheres.>

Still the bears admitted that envied their charges for their hands. If only they too could shape shift even if that ability were limited to their front paws. As things stood the boys acted as the bears' hands. As it had been down the ages, white Kodiaks and Snow Elves were natural partners.

<You don't find those white coats inconvenient?> Sexton asked. <I mean white stands out against a green forest and gives away your position.>

<Bears don't rely on camouflage or stealth nor do we chase down prey. No, we just amble up to whatever we want to eat and take it. Who or what could stop us? And a white coat reflects the sun's rays to help us cope with the heat. Besides our natural habitat is the shady understory beneath the forest canopy. Also, unlike other bears, we can shed heat through perspiration. And we can always cool off in the water.>

<So you can swim too.>

<Run, climb, or swim, we can do it all and do it well. One thing we cannot do is fly, but we can still get an aerial view of terrain via a mental linkage with a bird flying overhead. However unlike the druids or Beast Master Dylan, we can only observe passively. We cannot control where the bird flies or what it gazes at.>

<Do your young charges have magical gifts beyond their innate magical nature as shape shifters?>

<Yes, but nothing major, at least not yet young as they are. All Snow Elves have the gift of Unerring Direction; the triplets can Call Light and our wolverine can Kindle Fire, while the leopards can snap Electrum Sparks. None has a Green Thumb, which is quite unusual for any group of six Sylvan Elves but not Snow Elves.>

<Do they know how to use Calling Light and electrum sparks as weapons?>

<Of course. We taught them that right away. Calling Light is one of our gifts too.>

After toasting their deliverance, the wirs and the boys from the Corps of Discovery paired off, as Gulo had suggested. The three wolf boys Lobo, Lupo, and Volf paired with the twins and Dylan. That brought together four elves and two elf-friends. The two fetchers, Liam and Drew went off with the leopard boys Leon and Brand, while the littlest guys Axel and Gulo paired off. Finn was odd man out and had to sit out the first couple of rounds.

Next the wolf boys shifted partners though still with their original trio of counterparts, the twins and the elf-boy Dylan. The same kind of switch happened among the two leopard boys and the fetchers. Finn's patience was rewarded when Gulo later told him that yes, he had finally worked up the courage to tackle a Frost Giant, but Finn should take into account that he, Gulo, was just a little guy while Finn was so huge. So please be gentle.

Finn was. He had had plenty of practice swiving little fellows like Drew. Finn was careful and gentle but also forceful and arousing. He gave pretty little Gulo the best sex of his young life so far, which served to confirm the youngster in his vocation as an abject bottom boy, one born to be fucked hard and often by males who knew how boys of his sort craved to be treated.

The fun and games then progressed to three boys at a time in various permutations and combinations, double penetrations, and daisy chains. The Snow Elves showed that they were not only incomparably beautiful, they were sexually versatile and insatiable. Their couplings were athletic, acrobatic, energetic, and loud.

Sexton finally had to pick up and move off a ways from the noise. Amused tolerance of same gendered relations was one thing but please, spare him the unmistakeable sounds of lusty sexual congress among young males. It wasn't anything the bears hadn't seen and heard before, but they shifted over with Sexton to continue their conversation.

The climax of the festivities was when the twins and the wolf boys, all five at once, joined in a tangle of limbs and torsos, eager thrusts, and unbridled lust. Drew Altair actually stopped what he was doing with Gulo long enough to grabbed his sketch pad and record the events for posterity. After three quick sketches he and Liam pranked the boys by lifting them into the air as a group, then floated them over to a deep spot in the creek, and dropped them in. Then did the same thing with Axel and Leon. For good measure the mischievous fetchers called out:

"Let that be a lesson to you! You guys were making the rest of us look bad."

Axel swam to the surface, glared at Drew and Liam, fire in his eyes, and cried "Oh yeah?"

In the next instant Axel had Jumped between the two miscreants, touched their shoulders, teleported them to a spot ten feet above the water and let go. It happened so fast, literally in the blink of an eye, that the boys had no time to muster their own powers to counter Axel's maneuver.

With Axel having let go and with nothing to hold on to which they might Lift, for all that the fetchers were both Pioneers of Flight they dropped and hit the water with a huge splash. No sooner had they they surfaced that Karel called a jet of air to push a four foot wave at them and bowled them over. They came up half-drowned, coughing and retching.

A clap of thunder out of a clear sky got everyone's attention. That was Finn's doing of course. Now he did't really have to raise Mjolnir to do it. The hammer wasn't magical. Finn was. But like many magic wielders he liked to punctuate his use of magic with gestures. That was why he had called his hammer to his hand from where he had laid it with his clothing then raised it dramatically to the sky.

"Knock it off boys before someone gets hurt. A bit of roughhousing is one thing, but no powers! Magic is too likely to get out of hand."

Still the incident made the fetchers realize that if they were ever again caught out like that, stark naked as they so often were and without their flying yokes, autogyros or even a a stick to hang on to, they should lift each other into the clear.

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