Elf Boy's Friends - IX

by George Gauthier

Chapter 9

Twinkle Town

The Sign of the Whale was a popular tavern on the edge of Twinkle Town. It had a well-deserved reputation for fine food and drink at reasonable prices. Since Corwin was a regular, the proprietor Konrad Quentin made sure the couple had a good table out on the veranda which was decorated with potted plants and hanging baskets of flowers. In the shade of the veranda and with a steady breeze blowing, the temperature was pleasantly warm rather than oppressively hot as it could be during the planet's closest approach to the sun on its annual swing around its elliptical orbit.

Cute serving boys rendered prompt and attentive service. An attraction in their own right, the lissome servers were dressed, if that is the word for it, in linen kilts that reached just past mid thigh only because they hung so low on their narrow hips as to offer a glimpse of rear cleavage. The white fabric contrasted nicely with the sun bronzed skins of boys who spent their mornings outdoors exercising in the nude to keep themselves fit and presentable for their discerning clientele. Soft moccasins and a thin gold neck chain completed their ensembles.

At least the serving boys did wear something, which is more than could be said about the svelte wine boy named Lorien, who, by tradition, went about in the nude, the better for patrons to see what was on offer as he refilled their mugs, glasses, and goblets. The bolder sort might reach out to pat his bum or run their fingers over his taut belly as a foretaste of what was in store for later.

Patrons willing to part with a full silver for a brief assignation with the beauteous elf-boy, could arrange it with the proprietor. For the wine boys this was a coveted perquisite of the job since the boys kept all but a fourth of their fees and all of their tips. The wine boys at the Sign of the Whale were in great demand since all three were elves though neither Corwin nor any in his circle of friends ever sought their favors on a commercial basis.

After sipping their aperitifs, Corwin and Matt launched into the main course, which was grilled rack of elk served with garlic potatoes and garnished with a medley of asparagus, cherry tomatoes, walnut meats, and raspberries. The boys relished the tasty combo, washing their meal down with cold beer. Inevitably Corwin raised his mug and declared:

"As our friends the Frost Giants like to say, cold beer is surely proof that the gods love us and want us to be happy!"

"You are so right Corwin. Beer does taste better served chilled. Bless the Frost Giants for inspiring the invention of refrigeration by fire wizardry in the Commonwealth. I wonder now how we ever got along without it. And I don't just mean for cold beer or even scrumptious iced-cream."

"Refrigeration is so much more than a convenience. It is an important public health measure, isn't it? The low temperature in an ice-box retards spoilage especially of perishables like milk, meat, and fish. That means fewer people get sick from milk or meat that has turned. And refrigeration makes shopping so much more convenient since households don't have to send someone by the shops so often. Nor does butter melt into a puddle the way it can on a hot day, which is most days in the tropics."

"You're thinking like a healer already, Matt. Everyone can see that yours is the keenest mind in the class."

"Thanks Corwin. As males we may never be as strong in healing magic as our female counterparts, but Healing is also about applying medical knowledge and diagnostic skills. Taking a patient's medical history is a lot like an investigator for the city watch or the constabulary working a case."

"That's an apt way of putting it. Forest rangers do the same thing as I learned from the rangers who operate out of Elysion, the seat of the Count of the Eastern March who happens to be my uncle."

"I wonder how you manage to do it all Corwin: study medicine, work as a journalist, and write books too. I read your latest work on the campaigns in Amazonia in which you yourself took part. You write so vividly, it makes the reader feel like he is on the scene himself an eyewitness to history. What I like best are your profiles of the people you met, the humble as well as the famous, the front line fighters and the support troops who seldom get the credit they deserve for the victories they make possible."

"Thanks. I am hoping for another Writers' Prize. I had to publish this year so my book would not compete with Drew Altair's forthcoming book about the Corps of Discovery. That book will be in the running for the award next year. It wouldn't be right for such close friends as us to compete directly. Better we take turns."

"So what is next for you as an author?"

"I'll be writing a series of articles about the inventions that have transformed our times: iron roads, street cars, refrigeration, bicycles, autogyros, sun mirrors for metallurgical and industrial processes, air guns, and magnetic cannon. Later this year the Capital Intelligencer will start publishing my stuff in fascicle form, which can be collected in a binder to make a book."

"Anyway, now that our meal has had a chance to settle, let's go dancing. Afterwards we shall see what the evening has in store."

"Won't we ever!"

At one of Corwin's favorite night spots, the couple stepped out onto the dance floor, Corwin in his white shorts and Matt is a green sarong. Corwin followed the elf-boy's lead as they glided slowly over the polished stone in time with a languid tune played mostly by the woodwinds in the band. A short while later they picked up the pace when the brass section invited them to step lively.

Their finale was an energetic pas de deux, with Matt leading his partner through an erotically charged routine, a courtship display virtually indistinguishable from foreplay. As they say, dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal intention. Many of the other dancers stopped to watch Corwin and Matt's kinetic expression of their mutual attraction.

At the finish of their number the dancers' slender athletic physiques gleamed with perspiration as they breathed hard, looking like lovers who had just climaxed in sexual congress. Matt drew Corwin into a clinch, pressing their bodies together. As he kissed him long and hard the inevitable physical reaction occurred.

Someone yelled: "Get a room!".

So they did, Matt's room, and continued what they had started on the dance floor.

In sex as on the dance floor, it was Matt who took the lead. By nature the elf-boy was a top who preferred to be the dominant partner, something almost unheard of among elves in their teenage years, but there it was. Matt's magical gift of healing was his way to attain adult status despite his tender years.

Not that Corwin had any complaints about bottoming. The cute blond had long accepted that he was one of those boys destined to be fucked hard and often by dominant males who knew just what boys of his sort needed. Which was why he let the raven-haired beauty take the lead in their lovemaking, first pulling Corwin's shorts off and having him kneel submissively before him.

Standing tall Mat presented himself for oral service, batting Corwin's chin and cheeks with his turgid member. He let Corwin kiss and lick its head and circle the rim of the glans with his tongue but did not insert it fully, teasing the panting blond boy. Corwin pleaded with his eyes and Matt relented, letting the full length of his manhood slid into the warm wet channel of mouth and throat.

Though still quite young Corwin was no beginner at sucking cock or taking it down his throat. Matt closed his eyes savoring the twirling and sucking sensations and the way the moist walls of the throat clutched at his shaft. It was not long before he reached climax, his gism spurting out of his cock and into the welcoming mouth of his lover.

The raven haired elf drew back and let the last of his juices spurt onto the pretty face turned up toward him, then used the head of his cock to paint the complaisant boy's lips and cheeks and chin. Matt squeezed one last gob of gism from his cock, offering it to the kneeling boy. As a token of his submission, Corwin touched his tongue to it, drawing it out in glistening string connecting his mouth to tip of the elf-boy's cock. Corwin thought of how he must look, down on his knees, bare ass naked, his face all slicked with another boy's gism, the very image of sexual submission. He clutched himself down there and shivered with the frisson of his own naughtiness.

Later with Corwin stretched out on his back, Matt straddled his legs and reached out to stroke the blond boy's chest and belly. His touch sent a rush of heat to Corwin's belly. Next Matt tweaked Corwin's nubbins which stiffened with arousal. Then Matt bent forward and laid a series of gentle kisses on his lips which soon lead to more fervent ones.

Hands roamed eagerly over lithe bodies, rubbing and stroking and squeezing. The blond youth quivered with the lascivious feelings and sexual desires as hormones were again released into his bloodstream to course throughout his body. His cock filled with blood and lifted off cantilevered over his flat belly all the while throbbing and empurpled.

Pleased with Corwin's arousal, Matt slid back off his legs then lifted them to rest on his own shoulders as he prepared to prong his lover. He first stretched Corwin's ring with his thumbs and lubricated the hole with a bit of oil the thrust inside with a couple of fingers to stroke and simulate Corwin's love knot setting the boy to shuddering with sexual excitement.

Finishing with foreplay Matt grasped his member, aimed, and slipped into Corwin's welcoming hole. He closed his eyes savoring the velvety warmth of Corwin's innards at they clutched at the invading shaft. The elf boy did not take long to reach climax, his gism spurting out of his cock and into his lover's sheath. The sensation of that wet warmth spurting into his body set off Corwin's own orgasm. His cock spit gism all over his chest and belly. Some even found its way to his face

After Matt orgasmed himself he laid down on Corwin's sticky torso and listened to the beat of his heart. Spent and content, the two boys lay quietly in post coital lassitude savoring their closeness.

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