Elf Boy's Friends - II

by George Gauthier

Chapter 23

Caerdydd Again

"I don't know what you guys did up north, but from what I heard on the grapevine it was a hell of lot more than just the assignment you were sent out on." Ian Dentzer said, lying in bed next to Drew.

The pretty elf and the cute human had been making up for lost time in the four days since the expedition got back to headquarters. Just then they were sprawled across the bed, resting between bouts of energetic love making. Ian's head rested on Drew's bare thigh as the cute red-head toyed with his earlobe.

"I don't suppose you could clue me in on what happened, Drew, since I am not just one of your casual conquests but a real keeper. You said so yourself."

"Well, Ian, I could tell you, but then, serious boyfriend or not, I'd have to kill you." Drew quipped.

"Is it really that much of a secret?"

"I am afraid so. It's not just a military secret; its a state secret."

"Will I ever know?"

"Yes you will when everything comes out in a few years' time. I'll even write a book about it and autograph your copy."

"Thanks a lot."

"It's the best I can do. I know you understand, Captain." Drew said underlining his military rank.

Captain Ian Dentzer of the Army of the Commonwealth nodded ruefully. The military took secrets seriously.

Only a few key persons had been let in on the secret. A certain junior captain in the cartographic department was not one of them.

Zaldor and Urqaart had jumped at the offer of a covert alliance with the Despotate. The two generals were astounded by what their four agents had done. Sent to prepare for a possible war, they had brought back the prospect of peace with social and political progress and a path to general prosperity for the whole region. It was a shame that public recognition would have to wait several years at least, possibly a decade.

It had been providential that those were the four sent north. Finn had shown himself to be an able leader and diplomat. The twins and Drew had put together their keen minds and found the solution to the fundamental environmental problem that had made class warfare endemic for centuries in the region. The twins understood the science while the young journalist provided the technological solution hitherto lacking.

To Zaldor's thinking that made them the Young Peacemakers Four, whatever they cared to call themselves.

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