Elf Boy's Friends - II

by George Gauthier

Chapter 3

The Twins

The twins arrived by coach eight days later, finding Arn's place with no trouble at all thanks to a map of the town and their magical gift of Unerring Direction.

Of fully human stock, medium height, blond, slender, and incredibly cute, Jemsen and Karel were identical twins, young palomino colts whose well-defined wiry musculature evidenced the high level of fitness the boys maintained from running and swimming and drawing their heavy bows. The boys were blessed with fine-boned faces, their heads crowned with cornsilk blond hair. Although young men in their late twenties, the twins looked like teenage boys a decade younger thanks to their parentage and to the druidical healing magic that would let them live for half a millennium or more and keep them perpetually young. The scrumptious blond beauties practically glowed with vitality. The effect was incredibly sexy.

The colorful sarongs wrapped around their hips helped folks distinguish one twin from the other. Jemsen always wore green and Karel blue on those occasions when they bothered with clothing. Usually Jemsen and Karel went about skin-clad -- like their friends the elves. Years earlier, when they were only fifteen, the twins had fought slavers to rescue a party of elves. After doing what they could about the wounds the elves had taken, the twins got them home to their enchanted vale. The elves adopted the human boys into the tribe, incising a small blue tattoo on their left shoulders to mark them as a Elf-Friends, persons to whom all elves would automatically extend their hospitality and protection.

The boys lived with the elves for several months adopting their clothing free life-style as well as their preference for same gender sexual relations. Since that time, over further adventures, the twins had become Dwarf-Friends and Giant-Friends as well, the only living humans to be so honored.

The vitality conferred on them by druidical magic had strengthened the twins' resistance to disease and their ability to heal wounds and injuries. It also doubled their physical strength and stamina, quickened their reflexes, and sharpened their senses. The twins had been the very first to benefit from the new technique developed by their friend, the elf-boy and druid Dahlderon and his fellow druids and lovers Meirionnydd and Owain.

Drew was a later beneficiary, one of thirty citizens of the Commonwealth blessed with magical gifts of Fetching or Firecasting who were selected for the treatment in return for service when required. They all held reserve commissions as ensigns which would be activated when they were called up.

The twins had served in the military as scouts during the Second Plains War. For their exemplary service they had been decorated with the coveted Military Cross for Valor. They had also taken part in important missions for the Commonwealth, in earlier years with their mentor Balandur, one of the Dread Hands of the Commonwealth. More recently they had shared adventures with the young Hand, Artor Klarendes, a powerful firecaster in his own right.

The four of them: Finn, Drew, Jemsen, and Karel, all of them each other's lovers as well as sometime comrades in arms, hugged and kissed demonstratively.

"Get a room!" a voice called out.

"Already got one!" Drew retorted.

Jemsen smiled then said:

"Let's all go up to your room where we can talk in private. And I do mean talk. That includes you Arn."

Upstairs Jemsen and Karel bounced on the big bed experimentally and grinned, thinking of what was in store for later. First things first though. Time for serious talk.

Jemsen explained that their new mission was to journey to the Far West of the continent where the Commonwealth had been engaged for several years in a major strategic campaign to head off the expansion of an aggressive military power, the Despotate of Dzungaria. The Commonwealth had no intention of allowing any state on the continent of Valentia to become its military peer and a potential challenger.

Seeking its protection, the fragmented polities of the region: princedoms, city states, maritime republics, and tribal confederations, had already petitioned the Commonwealth for annexation, but they were far from ready for that whether socially, politically or militarily. Also their transport and communications links were far from adequate. Maps ranged in quality from poor to non-existent especially for those states closer to the aggressor.

That was where Jemsen and Karel came in. Their magical gift was that of Unerring Direction. They could sense the azimuth and elevation to any place they had ever been to or could see from afar, a great advantage for military scouts or the hunters they had originally been. They were also gifted cartographers. Indeed for their signal achievement in inventing contour lines to show elevation on maps they had been knighted by the governing council and also inducted as masters in the Honorable Guild of Cartographers, without ever having been apprentices or journeymen.

The twins's mission was to surreptitiously map those largely unknown lands without using normal mapping techniques, a time consuming process which relied on stakes, chains, and precision instruments. Only persons with their magical gift could map terrain unobtrusively. The pair would traverse those foreign lands on foot, relying on their magical gift to triangulate the landscape, filling their notebooks with annotations about azimuths and angles of elevation plus readings from a box barometer (for altitude), plus terrain sketches, all of which they could later use to construct regular maps.

The mission might turn dangerous given the unsettled conditions in those lands. Stout fighters though they were with their bows, quarterstaffs, and bent-bladed kukris, even the twins needed protection. Serious firepower might be needed. Unfortunately, their young friend and ally Artor Klarendes could not be spared for a mission which might easily last six months. So Drew Altair got activated.

Drew's gift was powerful enough to shift a house off its foundations, to throw an aurochs through the air, or to topple a fortified tower. Like a fox, he had many tricks or techniques for using his gift to counter threats: he could wield steel spheres with deadly effect or Fetch weapons out of the hands of attackers or even yank their eyeballs out of their sockets. Thanks to the twins, Drew was well trained in the use of the kukri, the ideal blade for close-in fighting, and in unarmed combat. Non-magical fighting skills might come in handy in situations where Drew would not want to reveal his powers.

"Well you not going off without me." Finn declared. "I been hankering for another adventure with you guys. My brother is the businessman in the family anyway. He can handle things at the lumber yard while I am gone."

During the Long March of the Frost Giants, the twins had scouted ahead of the column of giants with Finn with them out in front for protection. The three could tell tales about close encounters with tawny panthers and slash bears. Later, the four young males had all fought together at the Battle of the Ravine.

"Thanks, Finn. Your size and strength will serve all our party as a deterrent to aggression or violence. For all his deadly powers, our friend Drew here is so short and slight of build and so pretty he looks completely harmless, your basic bare-assed boy toy." Jemsen said.

"I'll take that as a compliment!" Drew asserted airily.

"Well I hope you don't expect me to go traipsing off into the wilds, younglings. These old bones are going to stay right here. And a word of advice, Finn, based on life experience. Every time you give in to a hankering for adventure, it becomes that much harder to say no the next time."

Finn nodded. "That's good advice, Arn, but it really is time for another adventure with my friends."

"I am sure you've had all sorts of adventures in your day, Arn. No one expects you to come along for this one." Jemsen assured him. "No, what we need from you is the supplies we wrote to you about."

"Already collected and waiting in the storeroom for you. And everything was procured unobtrusively, so folks wouldn't wonder what I needed such gear for. I got good prices too and saved you some money. You boys have a refund coming from that bank draft you sent me."

"Thanks Arn. I knew we could count on you." Karel said, then with an expansive wave of his arm and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, added: "Oh, and you can keep the change!".

He ducked to avoid Arn's retaliatory cuff to the head.

"Young whippersnapper!" Arn growled good-naturedly. "By rights, I should turn you over my knee and tan your bottom."

"No, that would be just wasted on Karel. For a boy who really gets turned on by that sort of thing, you'll want little Drew over there." Finn interjected, pointing at his auburn-haired lover.


That night, Finn bowed out temporarily to let the twins and Drew "get reacquainted". Actually they were acquainted well enough for Drew to tell the identical twins apart not just by their appearance but also by their lovemaking.

For his part Drew was glad to have the twins take him to their bed. Early on he had tried females and found that it was so much better making love with a boy. Girls are soft and round and jiggly. Boys have hard bodies, all muscle and bone and sinew and cock. Nothing is better than to wrestle a boy in bed, grappling with his strong body, so much like your own, to join with him in a passionate embrace, also known as a hard fuck.

Also a boy gives head so much better than a girl. He knows cock better than any female ever could. Drew looked so damn cute when he knelt in front of a twin, all submissive like, hands along his flanks, using just his tongue and his lips on the cock of the male he was worshiping.

Drew never had to work to arouse either of the twins down there. With him their cocks sprang into action, hard even as the young auburn-haired beauty sank to his knees. Drew always started with a kiss on the head of the cock he was servicing, a light peck at first, then a smooch. Then his tongue went to work, twirling around the glans, poking the tip into the piss slit, tapping the knob with little flicks with the tip of his own tongue, often targeting the sweet spot.

Karel liked him to open his mouth and take just the head in and let it rest there for a minute, to let it get used to the sensations of moisture and warmth, to let the shaft feel his pouty lips close around it possessively, proprietarily. Jemsen liked to slide farther back initially, but he never forced his thrusts.

Drew loved it when the twins double teamed him, putting him on all fours and thrusting their shafts into both his orifices at the same time. Drew loved cock and for him this was the best way to enjoy it. Plugged at both ends, his small body rocking back and forth from the thrust of the twins' hips, Drew became the plaything, the boy-toy of dominant males who used him as boys of his sort were meant to be used.

Their evening together was a celebration of unbridled youthful lust, sexy kids sparking off other cute guys their own age, romping, stomping, and rocking, their surging hormones rising in a crescendo of eroticism and spunk.

Before the druids had changed him, Drew had been quite the social butterfly, a boy in a hurry, aware of how fleeting his youth would be. His mantra then had been: So many boys; so little time. These days his mantra was more like: So many boys; so much time for them now.

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