Elf-Boy and Friends

by George Gauthier

Chapter 2. Journey of Discovery

The unicorn liked the way the boy had kept up easily as he loped along. The boy was light on his feet with a good running stride that carried him over the ground efficiently, arms pumping, butt cheeks flexing, the rhythmic breathing steadying him emotionally as he put distance between himself and the only life he had ever known. The unicorn appreciated the trust the boy had put in him, going off without money or weapons or the clothing that humans put entirely too much store in. Elf-boys had the right idea: live just as nature made you -- in your skin.

The mismatched pair, unicorn and nude elf-boy, traveled all that day and the next. That gave them time to get better acquainted. Dahl learned out that the unicorn was hundreds of years old and had been just about everywhere. Merry told fascinating tales of the strange lands and even stranger peoples he had traveled among. For Dahl the stories he wanted most to hear were those about druids and wizards and magic in general. The elf-boy wasn't sure yet that Merry would make a good friend, but he certainly was good company.

For his part the unicorn took a real liking to young Dahl. The boy wasn't just a pretty face and sexy body. He was intelligent and friendly and keen to see what lay over the horizon. From what the boy told him, his was the only family of elves in the area. If he not made close friends with the human boys his age, that could not have been the fault of the personable young elf.

After two days the travelers came to a large village. On the outskirts of the prosperous settlement, outside the palisade, the travelers passed the usual cluster of tin smiths, pottery kilns and glassblowing sheds, hives of activity as boys naked against the heat of kilns and ovens assisted the master potters and glass blowers.

Like the palisade that enclosed it, the village was built of wood and shingle with the main street corduroyed with split logs to provide wheeled traffic with a firm roadway. The settlement was almost large enough to qualify for membership in the League of Independent Towns. Originally an alliance formed to build trunk roads between the major towns, the loosely organized League provided basic government services for the region including militia, law enforcement, and commercial courts.

The continent of Valentia was the last settled of the three straddling the equator which is why politically it was the most free and socially the most egalitarian, not only in the towns but in rural areas as well. All elves and almost all humans were free persons, bound neither to the land nor to some lord or landowner. Nor did they owe allegiance to an acquisitive monarch. No one on Valentia had any use for the institution of monarchy. Most land was owned by those who worked it. They did not pay rent or crop shares to grasping landowners. Slavery was confined to benighted corners of the continent and to several island countries far out to sea.

<Here is where you will earn your supper and a bed to lie in as well as a stall and oats for myself. I find the grass in these parts to be tasteless and not very nutritious. And I am sure you must be very hungry for a proper meal yourself.>

"You are right about that, Merry. I am starving, but how can we pay for those things? We have no money."

<Let us seek an inn whose clientele prefers lissome wine boys rather than pretty girls as servers. You would fit right in as a new pleasure boy. There are many men who would gladly pay a silver penny for a tumble with an elf boy. We'll let the proprietor keep the silver; we need just lodging and sustenance.>

"What? Am I to be pimped out like some rent boy of the stews?"

<Oh quite a cut above any street boy. Think of yourself as a much sought after courtesan. Pretty human boys are commonly available nearly everywhere to those who appreciate a likely lad, but lusty men rarely encounter an exquisite elf-boy such as yourself, or at least one who is available for coin. As a young elf you would be no stranger to sex with males. It is in your nature.>

Which was only true. At home the older males in their household took him to bed and disported themselves with him regularly. For reasons going back to their origins and deeply rooted in their biology, elven males only rarely consorted with the female of their species, focusing their sexual energies on younger males. Elves are a long-lived race, with a span of life of half a millennium or more. The trade off for longevity was a slow reproductive rate and a skewed sex ratio -- four male births to one female -- nature's way to ensure that elves and their kind would not out-breed the carrying capacity of the land.

Elvish females were receptive and fertile only briefly and only twice a year, and even then conception was not easy. By contrast, elven males have strong sex drives and are always able and even eager to indulge their appetites with younger males, many of whom prefer the submissive role in sex anyway and continue that way their whole lives.

It helps that thanks to their magical natures, elves are not only long-lived, but they do not age steadily like humans. Their innate magical nature lets them stay youthful-looking long beyond the first bloom of their true youth. At sixteen Dahl was boyishly pretty, a vision of youthful male pulchritude and would stay that way for centuries.

So Dahl was sexually experienced with males, almost always taking the receptive role. His brothers and their human friends would seek him out when it was time for sex play. Inevitably Dahl would surrender himself to these older and larger males as their eager hands touched him everywhere, taking rude liberties with the trim nude body, fingers boldly tweaking his nipples, squeezing his butt cheeks, rolling his balls in their hands, weighing his manhood.

Soon enough, someone would press the boy's face into his armpit or manly chest letting the elf-boy's nostrils took in his manly scent, a composite of sweat and farm smells, and male pheromones. That always set Dahl's pulse racing; he went weak in the knees in the embrace of a powerful male. Strong hands would hold him in place his legs spread apart, preparing the complaisant boy for penetration. Soon he found himself impaled on cock after cock after cock, often with another male member thrust into his mouth for oral service.

Dahl's submissive libido responded strongly to such assertive treatment from dominant males. He loved for grown men to feel him up, to touch him everywhere, and to use his body for their pleasure. Though he sometimes wished for a bit more tenderness from his suitors. A few of the humans he had taken to bed had treated him gently, but his fellow elves took him very much for granted, taking their access to his lush teenage body as only their due.

His brothers in particular had been using him for more than a year now, since he reached his full growth, such as it was. Unlike his much taller relatives or human friends who topped him by a head or more, Dahl was slightly built, and quite short by human and elven standards. Dahl was just five foot one (160 cm) and weighed just seven and a half stone (105 pounds or 48 kg).

Dahl sighed, wishing yet again that the older males would be a little gentler with him, maybe take him one at a time instead of two or even three at once. Trapping his small body between theirs, the older males stroked and grappled and contorted his lithe torso and slender limbs however they wished.

Sometimes the played rough. What was so urgent about sliding two cocks up his butt at the same time? That was his brothers' specialty. Couldn't they just take turns? Good thing his anal ring could stretch as far as it did. Then too, limber as he was, there were limits. Didn't they realize that a boy's legs would spread only so wide or that a young elf, no matter how supple, could bend backwards nowhere near as far as forwards. And why must they continually invite their friends among the humans, not only to watch to but share Dahl's charms.

How often he had had to start his morning chores with sore muscles and a bottom tender from a frolic the evening before, yet they still expected a full day's work from him. Not that Dahl was a lazy boy, not by any means. He worked with a will and to the limit of his strength.

Shaking his head at how casually his new friend the unicorn was ready to whore him out to human males, Dahl went inside to speak to the proprietor. The elf-boy turned heads as he entered, as well he should. It is not often a beautiful nude elf-boy walked into such an unremarkable rural establishment. The locals watched appreciatively as the boy's buttocks twitched on his approach to the counter. The wine boys in the common room frowned at their new competition. Cute as they both were, they could see that Dahl was in a class by himself.

As Merry had predicted the proprietor readily agreed to Dahl's proposal. He publicly announced that after supper, the beautiful elf-boy would serve clients for the modest price of one silver pence. He then had Dahl dance a bit to let potential customers size up what was on offer. A dozen men immediately signed up for an assignation with the elf-boy while he went out back to bathe and prepare himself for carnal service.

Though some folks frowned at the brazenness of it all, most of the locals and the travelers at the inn were delighted at the chance to sample the charms of an exquisite elf-boy. Here was a welcome change of pace from their ho-hum sex lives with their wives and girlfriends, not to mention the tired drabs the travelers usually coupled with or even the cute and talented but by now familiar wine boys. The slightly built elf-boy was a delicate flower of young manhood, cute as a kitten and in the bloom of his youth. What was there not to like?

As for his walking around starkers, so did the local wine boys, whether on duty or off. No point in their being body shy when they not only poured for customers whose hands were all over them downstairs but were often rented out and taken upstairs to service horny males. Besides, lots of boys and men tended their fields and gardens and vineyards in the nude. Why get your clothes dirty when cloth was expensive, easily stained, and so hard to launder? Much easier to take a bath after dirty labors.

As for this elf-boy, everyone knew that young elves were kept naked and used for carnal pleasure by older elven males. So the clientele here would expect him to be an expert in the art of pleasuring the many human males who preferred pretty boys either regularly or as a change of pace.

For their part, the married men among them knew that their wives would overlook a one-time fling with an elf-boy who was just passing through town. Like spending some quality time with one of the local wine boys, an assignation would not count as cheating, not like taking a mistress. So one by one and occasionally two at a time the eager customers went upstairs with the elf-boy. Twenty minutes later, the boy courtesan would escort his customer downstairs and beckon to the next man who tossed a silver penny to the proprietor and followed him back upstairs.

A silver coin for a tumble was not cheap; a wine boy would have cost only three coppers and a silver was worth a dozen of those, but the elf-boy was unlike any partner these rustic men had ever taken to bed. This lad was clean and sweet smelling and invariably polite and complaisant, even when two men took him together. Some pairs plugged both orifices at once, keeping their sex toy down of all fours between them. Others pairs contorted the elf-boy's body to allow for a double penetration, with both cocks up his ass as the same time. Poor Dahl thought they might rupture him, so little care they took in their eagerness to fuck him, but the elf-boy managed to accept both cocks at once, glad for once of his own randy brothers' penchant for the same kind of dual sex play.

Many of the men left their mark on the boy, a reddened rump from a preliminary spanking, a bitten lip, a hickey at his throat, cum oozing out of his ass. One man left bruises on his buttocks where, in his passion, he squeezed the boy's cheeks too tightly. Another client left a hickey and a bite mark on his shoulder. These were all the obvious marks of rough lovemaking.

Hurt and tired though he was, the only thing that really bothered Dahl were the local standards of personal hygiene. Some of the men were rather ripe from a hard day's work. A scrubbing down after his last client left Dahl squeaky clean again. At least he had no worries about sexually transmitted disease. None such had traveled to Haven with the original refugees. The ancients had long ago stamped them out.

Then the proprietor, in appreciation of all the silvers the boy had earned for him, set before him a substantial midnight snack and a tankard of his best brew. They sat and talked a while about the road ahead. The man recommended inns where Dahl might find custom. Naturally the boy revealed nothing of their mission. The next morning the proprietor treated Dahl to a hearty breakfast to fortify him for the long road ahead and wished him a good journey. Theirs had been a profitable transaction for both sides.

That was their pattern over the next several weeks as the duo headed ever south-eastward. Often they simply camped out, bedding down in the grass or on soft moss. Every second or third day, they stopped at an inn to barter the elf-boy's charms for lodging and meals. Occasionally when there was no room in the inn, the boy slept on straw in Merry's stall. The unicorn was careful not to evacuate in the stall itself.

Now Meirionnydd knew that the elf-boy would be startled by sexual advances from an equine, no matter that Merry had warned him at the very beginning. But he could not help himself the fourth time the boy shared a stall with him. They had been so physically close together now for weeks. He had seen the boy, heard his melodious voice, smelled his fresh scrubbed aroma, felt his body as they rested in the shade during the worst heat of the day, felt his hands as the boy brushed his coat with a borrowed curry comb.

Here the boy lay naked, fast asleep, so very near and temptingly available, sprawled out in a loose limbed X, absolutely lovely in the moonlight. Merry moved his head close to the fork of the boy's legs, sniffing and snuffling the scent of clean boy. His tongue reached out and licked the boy's genitals. He found them delicious and their size was quite respectable for such a small biped really.

After a while the boy rolled over onto his belly. The unicorn's tongue delved into his cleavage, flicked his crinkly brown ring and brushed his balls. The elf-boy stirred in his sleep then sat up, suddenly awake. He looked at his companion, eyes wide.

"Were you... that is, did you... I mean I thought I felt something, well, something wet on my..."

The elf-boy's voice trailed off as he saw that the unicorn's male member had slid out of its sheath, the pink flesh a contrast to the white hair everywhere else on the beast. Dahl watched mesmerized. It was huge, as well it should be. From simple geometry a quadruped needs a member proportionally longer than that of two legged creatures of the same weight who make love face to face. Even for a small equine, the unicorn was three times the mass of a big human male while little Dahl was not even half that. In other words, Merry was eight times as large as Dahl, but with a bigger cock than even a human that large would be endowed with, though only Frost Giants actually grew to that size.

Dahl shook his head in denial of what he was sure must be physically impossible. Yet the smitten boy could not tear his eyes away. He stared transfixed by the overwhelming masculinity of the magical equine. Involuntarily he inhaled the scents of the stable, taking in the aroma of the fresh straw under him, the fresh hay in the manger, the last of the oats in the feedbag, the mildly horsey scent of his companion and something else, something new, something that reached into his brain and set off fireworks, the musk of the male unicorn. Like a helpless puppet, Dahl came to his knees with his buttocks resting on his heels, presenting himself for oral service to the equine male. He stared the unicorn's cock, by now fully extended from its sheath.

The elf-boy nearly swooned at its raw sexual power. The shaft was too big around for his small hand to encompass. The male member was longer than his own forearm and very warm to the touch as all blood filled it out and stiffened it. Dahl nearly fainted at the lascivious thoughts that passed through his overwrought mind. This could not be happening, him kneeling in service, in supplication really of an equine. Yet his own body's response made his true feelings unmistakable. With his own cock painfully engorged and rigid, pointing straight up along his belly, how could he deny the carnal desires surging within him.

The elf-boy shifted closer, still on his knees. His inner voice told him that this was where he belonged, subservient to the larger male, no matter his shape or form. He moved his upturned face to within inches of the equine cock and stared at the droplet of dew at its tip. Like an automaton his tongue reached out and scooped it up. The taste was much better than anything like it he had ever tasted.

<Yes, little one, taste me. This is part of our bonding, so necessary for our ultimate success, and so important immediately for our own satisfaction. Taste me, lick me, smooch the head and then take it between your lips.>

That is just what the boy did, licking the last portion of the pink shaft, circling the huge head with his tongue, poking the slit at the end with the tip, surprised to realize he could actually get it inside his mouth. He opened as wide as he could and, careful with his teeth, closed his lips around the purple helmet, tugging and sucking and slurping. He pulled back then smooched the head of Merry's cock once more before taking the entire head into his mouth.

For his own part Merry was incredibly aroused but careful not to thrust forward lest he hurt the boy, especially this first instance of oral service. He kept still while Dahl, with short back and forth movements of his head, stimulated his cock. It did not take long. Within moments Merry was spitting his seed into the wet warmth of the boy's mouth. Dahl swallowed much of it, though a lot got squelched out the corners of his mouth. Also, at the last minute Merry pulled back so he shot all over Dahl's pretty face and chest. That triggered the boy's own eruption which splashed on his belly to join the unicorn's seed. The boy fell back onto his butt, depleted of energy and suddenly fully cognizant of what he had done.

"What happened just now?" the boy asked, stunned by the enormity of his own actions.

<The beginning.> Meirionnydd replied supremely self satisfied. <And don't wipe any of that gism off. I want to look at you as if dries to a crust. No doubt you have questions for me now.>

"You bet I have questions, you damn horse!" Dahl cried out indignantly and tried to stand. "What did you do to me just now? How did you bewitch me?"

Merry butted him onto his backside.

<Get back down on your ass and keep a civil tongue in your head. Besides I like seeing you like that, limbs sprawled, every part of you on display, face and chest and belly covered with my cum and your own, my very own human pet. No, that is unfair, a reaction to your own slur. I am not a horse nor are you a human.>

"No, but I am not a unicorn either! See two legs!"

<Oh, but you might easily become a unicorn in a next life, young one, as I was once an elf. My soul now inhabits it second shape.>

"Huh?" Dahl was floored both figuratively and physically. "Do you mean that literally?"

The unicorn simply nodded with a toss of its head.

"Is that why I, er... responded, I mean physically by uh..."

<Partly from sensing the elf-boy within me, partly just my maleness. Your sexuality responds to that of males of more than your own species, to humans obviously, to unicorns, and to others such as Frost Giants. And it is just as well it does. Both our bodies and our souls must be united in the great struggle ahead. We will share not only our sexuality but also our thoughts and feelings once you learn to mind speak.>

"I didn't think that was possible, with elves I mean."

<It doesn't happen very often, but it will in your case. Our physical joining will make it happen faster and better.>

The unicorn explained that a transfer of his seed to the boy would stimulate the innate magic in an elf's nature to beyond anything imagined by human wizards. With proper instruction, Dahl would become one of the most powerful wielders of magic on the planet and a champion of life against the dark forces gathering against the living world including all the planet's intelligent races.

"So if we keep doing what we did earlier, it will help make me a druid?"

<Not quite. The best way to stimulate your magic is with seed introduced during a real mating, a meeting of minds and bodies and feelings, a mounting.>

"You want to mount me? Like a stallion does a mare?"

<Or a filly in your case.>

The elf-boy looked at his small frame especially his narrow hips and at the unicorn's huge endowment, wondering whether it wouldn't just kill him, split him apart. He suddenly felt very small and vulnerable and naked.

<Actually it is you who wants me to mount you. You yearn for it, don't you. Search your feelings, Dahl. It wasn't just your mouth watering just now. You were excited at the other end, weren't you?>

Dahl blushed furiously because it was true. His traitorous bunghole had been twitching just then, aching to be filled. Here a damn horse (okay a unicorn) was talking about fucking his ass, mounting him like a mare -- or filly given his youth and size.

As for the notion of his own transformation into a powerful druid, somehow Dahl didn't think a power capable of menacing an entire planet would be overly worried by a small nude male elf of tender years who took it up the ass from elves, humans, and equines alike. And probably other races in the future. What would it be next: orcs, trolls, centaurs? A small bare-assed boy dripping the cum of multiple species out of his bung hole would likely not send such a foe fleeing in headlong retreat. More likely provoke mirth. He told Meirionnydd exactly that, but only got a chuckle out of him, not the rise he expected.

<We know what we are doing. You too will understand in time.>

The next day, the boy woke up feeling strangely energized. With a start he realized it must be the result of ingesting the unicorn's seed. A first inkling then of the transformation Meirionnydd had spoken of.

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