by Flaulus

Chapter 15

Gang warfare, sabotage and undercover operations should be dramatic and what followed an anti-climax but Rick still felt as if he lived in a dreamworld and none of it real. Real problems were school, dealing with his mother and the impending arrival of relatives he did not particularly like.

Originally a religious school, it was built next to the church and like many schools, it had grown with the aid of temporary buildings and a failing attempt to keep the original buildings viable. Unlike many schools, an ongoing building programme kept the facilities ahead of the needs of the students. Although exam results were above average, it could not cater for everyone which was why Paul boarded on the mainland.

Rick's mother had low expectations: if he did well he could end up as a supervisor, don't expect to become a manager; that was for middle class children. He could not discuss his sexual feelings with anyone while his mother pointed out nice girls from good working homes. School had become pointless but it had been a gradual disillusionment, over the last year. He had missed less than he thought and with Will's and Steve's help, he had made considerable progress catching up.

He was amused to see Will choosing a front seat in class while he still preferred the back, though for a different reason. Instead of hoping he would be ignored, so he could coast through the lesson, he was a little embarrassed at being so far behind, even if it was not strictly true. Having spent the summer learning about the business side of the island, his English was a little ahead. Maths had always been easy while history was a lot more real and relevant. To his surprise, as he settled in, he enjoyed school, revelling in something that was so normal.

"Where's Steve?" A classmate asked as they walked out of school that afternoon, "Is he still in France?"

"Yep! They should all be back by the end of the week. I'll be so glad when Cousin Sebastian is back in charge." Rick replied.

"Why? You're doing all right. Dad reckons there's plenty of open sea to stare at so you're onto something with a wind farm. Do you reckon he could put one up in his top field to power the farm?"

"The tourist people might object, but he may as well look into it."

"Are you coming to the beach tonight?"

"I'd like to but I've got too much homework. I'm heading for the café if you want to come." Rick replied.

School proved to be another anti-climax. Study required a routine and the café quickly adjusted to providing snacks to an informal homework club. Rick and Will were accepted as island boys while Jeff found himself a tutor. The first disturbance occurred when Sebastian, Steve and Ryan returned accompanied by the rest of Robin's family. Rick and Will hurried over to hug Sebastian then greet Steve and Ryan. Shane glowered at them all while Vanessa took in a room full of good-looking boys and her eyes lit up. Hayley just looked uncomfortable.

"What? You dragged more queer boys off the streets?" Shane sneered, watching Rick's friends gathering their books.

"No." Steve replied, "I warned Rick to find out where the best quality mud was."

Shane stayed quiet. Steve's reminders about being thrown into the mud were wearing thin but Rick nodded slightly and Shane shuddered. His dad should have taken charge and he should be in line to inherit everything. He should be the earl.

Vanessa had her own ideas and hurried across to hug and greet Rick. Turning them so that no-one could see, the hug and hand-shake ended with Rick's hand on her breast while his groin was pulled into hers. Rick was too surprised to react, but Vanessa pulled away before anyone noticed though Rick saw Will grinning. Rick was sure Sebastian had also noticed.

"OK!" Rick said, "I've been finding all sorts of accommodation around the castle. There's a flat on the top floor of the gatehouse. I thought you could all move in there for now, Cousin Hayley. There's an old stable beside the keep and that's been turned into a small flat, but it's all on one floor, so I'd like to save that for my mum."

Hayley nodded. She had loved Robin accepting his lack of business sense as just part of him, and blamed herself for his violent temper. The explosion had destroyed all her illusions. Suddenly, Sebastian was the man looking after her affairs, and he was kindly and patient; everything Robin was not. Ryan was no longer her baby, but a capable young man helping Sebastian sort out their affairs. Robin had drummed it into her that she could not possibly understand, but Ryan patiently tried to explain, and she was learning. If she was not too stupid to understand, maybe she was not too weak to stop drinking. She had not had a drink since the plane, so she needed a top-up. Or did she?

The kind relaxed atmosphere was seeping into her, giving her the courage to respond, "Thank you. I'm sure we'll be very comfortable."

"Stuff that, you old lush." Shane snarled, "We're family. We're sleeping in the keep and these hangers on can clear off."

"Tim, Seb, take Shane down to the pontoon, will you? Strip him naked and throw him in." Steve said, "Don't let him out until he asks nicely and only give him his clothes back if he's stays polite."

As Tim and Seb stepped forward, Shane back away, bravado and temper replaced by terror.

Please!" He begged, "No."

"Apologise to your mother, then." Steve said.

"I'm sorry, Mum." Shane wailed, but Steve saw little sincerity.

"That's better." Steve smiled, "As a reward, you can sleep in the keep tonight. Tim, Seb, help me show him to his room."

They returned without Shane but Seb was carrying his clothes.

"He's probably so irritable because he's tired." Steve said, "He's staying in his room until morning. Dungeon cells are nice and quiet, so he won't be disturbed."

Ryan giggled, "You've been wanting to do that all the time, haven't you?"

"I'll release him if anyone tells me to." Steve said, but the room stayed surprisingly quiet, so he added, "Yes I have, Ryan. I got pissed off at the way he spoke to everyone and your mother doesn't deserve it. It's island rules now, and he's going to learn some manners unless someone decides to stop me."

Again the room remained silent. Hayley looked at him for a moment, but simply said, "I need a drink, but do you know what? I'd like a glass of water."

"Very well!" Sebastian said, "Steve, I'm glad you're making friends with Shane and playing with him, but don't let it get out of hand. Give him half an hour then go down and talk to him. Suggest that Rick is considering sending him away to boarding school, say a military school that stresses discipline."

Steve grinned as Rick nodded, "It'll be your decision, Cousin Hayley, but we'll pay for it."

For the first time, Hayley smiled.

"He's grounded so leave him. His father's not here to say he's learning to deal with the great unwashed. Thank you all. I know what Robin was doing so it's wonderful you're helping us. I really am tired, so could someone show us to our rooms. Vanessa needs to unpack as well."

"I need to freshen up." Vanessa said, "Rick, why don't you show us the way and you can tell me about the island while I change and shower."

"I'll ask Jeff." Rick replied, "I still don't know my around that well."

"I'm sure we could explore together." Vanessa said.

"I'll ask Jeff." Rick repeated but more firmly.

"Can I stay in my old room, please?" Ryan asked, "I don't want to share with Shane again."

"You mean you want your bit of street-rough to hang around you." Vanessa sneered, angry that her allure had failed to attract Rick.

"That will do, Vanessa." Hayley said, "Steve was very useful to Ryan in France, but I'm sure he'll make friends his own age now."

"And I was beginning to like Hayley." Rick said when Jeff led them to their flat.

"Oh, she's just a snob." Steve said, "I'm poor and have no title, but she doesn't hate me like Shane and Vanessa do."

"I didn't think Vanessa hated you." Sebastian said.

"I think it works like this. Rick, Will and me are friends because we're gay." Steve said, "All the time we're hanging together we're keeping Rick gay, so he won't be interested in her, and she wants the title."

"Interesting family." Will murmured, "Just like mine. Except, Uncle Roger wants me to keep Rick gay, so he can hide on the island and figure out how to make money from it. I'll introduce him to Vanessa."

"On a lighter note, the mayor of that town is interested in twinning with Bovaline. So far as I can make out, it isn't quite enough of anything. At least that's how I translated it."

Ryan nodded, "It's not quite close enough to Cannes, it's not quite far enough into the mountains, it's near the junction of a couple of autoroutes so it's not quite rural enough. Anyway, an English milord helping to promote it in exchange for an English shop selling Bovaline produce could be good publicity."

"We need some of that." Rick said, "We'll invite him to the Autumn Ball."

"Agreed, but you realise it's only two weeks away." Sebastian replied, "He may have other commitments."

"And he might be our only guest." Rick said, "I'm not looking forward to it."

"Mrs Wright is optimistic." Sebastian said, "She's getting a steady stream of acceptances and I think it's generally accepted the accusations were false, but it doesn't stop them being curious."

"I hope you're right. I don't get it though. I thought it was to thank the islanders for their efforts but most of them will be working."

"It's where we become accused of ageism." Sebastian chuckled, "Tim will be working as a waiter while his parents will be guests. Do you get the idea?"

"I hope Charles' parents do."

Everyone accepted not every islander could attend the ball, so there was a pecking order. As harbourmaster, Mr. Forbes was invited, but he was too frail, so next in line would be Jimmy. However, no-one believed he would stray far from the pontoon on such an important night and Charles would be expected to help. Farmers had to be up early for milking, so they could send their children instead. The managers of the activity centre and holiday camp were invited and would attend. Jack Brown would be there as Sergeant of the Watch. Tim and Seb's parents normally go while the boys would gain barter credit by acting as waiters.

Others had problems with their invitations.

"I don't know about this." Alan's dad said, "Why should I go hobnobbing with that lot?"

"Well, you could try to explain to Mum how it goes against all your principles. Just wait until I'm out of range though."

Justin's probation officer looked bemusedly at the Burnaby's invitation.

"The court isn't going to be too happy at the number of curfew breaches you're having." he said, "I know it's not discussed much but curfew is meant to be a punishment. I'm saying your visits to Bovaline are therapeutic so the trip is further treatment. Next time get me an invite and I'll escort you."

Many of Malcolm's followers were as excited as he was about his invitation. He had promised to stream as much as he was allowed to and a small group had gathered at the ferry terminal, cheering when they saw Malcolm and Terry.

Harrison, Charles' father frowned disapprovingly at the crowd but his wife managed a smiling but regal wave.

"All that publicity is most unfortunate." Harrison said, "I can understand His Lordship needing friends who understand his problems, but he's going to find it difficult maintaining his station. At least Charles is there to steady him."

"Yes dear." His wife said, grinning even more broadly. She and Charles often spoke on the phone, and she was going to enjoy herself.

Neither was she disappointed when Harrison recognised who was on the pontoon catching the line to tie up the ferry. His mouth dropped open and his face changed to a colour his wife wanted her new cushions to be. She was having a good start to the evening.

"Charles, what on Earth are you doing?" Harrison exclaimed, "Why aren't you at the ball? What is going on?"

Charles paused to hug his mother and say, "Hi Dad. The harbour's busy tonight, so I won't make it."

"Yes but I thought you were working as a secretary." Harrison spluttered.

"It's all up in the air, but I might become harbourmaster and stay here." Charles said, "It should be Jimmy's job, but he hates the paperwork, and we've been talking about it. I've got to get on."

Harrison agreed the pontoon was too crowded for a family row and walked ashore, heading for the castle. Tim approached him, "Do you need a lift, sir?"

He watched other boys driving their strange vehicles but replied, "No, thank you, boy."

Tim shrugged and turned to two mayors and their spouses who gladly accepted his offer. The walk gave Harrison time to gain his composure before greeting the Earl. Unfortunately for him, Sebastian had decided to arrive late leaving Rick, accompanied by Will, to greet the guests.

There was not a formal line but Rick and Will stood in the main entrance trying to speak to everyone. He heard Rick greeting another mayor.

"Are you a His Worship or a Mr. Mayor?" Rick asked.

"Good question. Since you're a 'His Lordship', I'm a 'His Worship'. How's that?"

Rick laughed and the mayor moved on. He turned to Harrison offering his hand.

"Charles is a real asset to the island." Rick said, "I didn't even know there were harbourmaster qualifications, but he's already studying for them."

"I see." Harrison replied, not at all happy.

His wife smiled as he moved on, "Perhaps we could talk later. I must say, I nearly didn't recognise you with a shirt on."

Rick laughed again and as she moved on, he said to Will, "This is going better than I thought."

"That first mayor didn't like being 'Your Worship' though. What is reactionary capitalistic language?"

"I don't know. I'll get Mrs Wreakin to put it on the school syllabus."

A few guests on, it was Justin and his mother. They were accompanied by an average looking guy in his forties.

"This is Justin's probation officer. He's our guest. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all." Rick replied, "Welcome. Justin, Zeke's around somewhere. He's helping set out the buffet while he waits for you."

Music was already playing and guests were standing around waiting.

"Oh God. I hope everyone is ready for this." Rick exclaimed as he took Will's hand.

"I'll go and find Vanessa if you like."

"Come on." Rick growled pulling Will onto the dance-floor. The band began a waltz and many guests agreed they made an excellent team. Others whispered snide remarks to friends, but not too loudly. Once they had completed a circuit, other couples stepped on to the floor. Teens dressed as waiters also stepped out onto the floor to dance. Observers were partly alarmed at such a breach in protocol, but also relieved they were mainly straight couples.

It was the first real argument between Sebastian and Rick.

"I'm fifteen and my friends are fifteen." Rick said, "OK, so they earn pocket money by serving while their parents have a good time but I'm not going to get all snooty on them. I'll be able to take a break and talk about football with one of my mates, instead of discussing the economy all evening."

"I understand." Sebastian replied, "Just remember the ball is the social highlight for the whole area. Don't spoil the reputation you've built up by turning it into a shambles."

Sebastian remained worried until he came down and took in events. It was not only orderly, but a lady mayor was cheerfully dancing with Tim.

Once again, Rick found it difficult to take in everything that was happening. He remembered the odd conversation, saw two of his classmates keeping an eye on Shane, and watched as a guest stumbled, spilling her drink over her dress. Two of his classmates immediately stopped dancing and hurried over to help. Later the guest, her husband and his two friends were standing in a group happily chatting.

The first conversation was with Charles' mother.

"Don't be fooled by the silly old fool," she said, "He really is a kind person and a wonderful husband. He's also an excellent administrator at work. He would face down the CEO if he thought an employee was being unfairly treated and if anything went wrong, his department would be the last to be investigated. He is also laughed at because he's so pompous and anything out of the ordinary confuses him. He knows that Charles is gay and still loves him. He just keeps a list of suitable girls for when Charles grows out of it, and Paul is just not in his class."

Rick nodded and smiled as she continued, "He's going to bore his golf club cronies for ages telling them about tonight. Now what are Charles' prospects on the island. What can I feed the silly old fool to keep him happy?"

"It's all a bit confused but the harbour is essential and the paperwork is not that difficult but it has to be done. Before Charles arrived, it was run by an old guy who barely hold a pen helped by an assistant who is dyslexic. Jimmy memorised everything that needed doing but orders and reports were not getting done. He's brilliant on the pontoon, always cheerful and greeting visitors in between freeing a boat that's stuck on the mud and rescuing a buoy that's broken loose.

Charles' mother nodded so Rick continued, "Charles is getting a handle on things and has found a maintenance schedule for the buoys. Originally Charles' was going to be Jimmy's secretary and assistant dock hand, but Charles can already deal with phone calls and letters better than Jimmy can and if Jimmy becomes harbourmaster, it's him callers will ask for while it'll be Charles who has to handle it."

"They get on, are talking about sharing the harbourmaster's house and Charles becoming harbourmaster. There are courses for him to take which means he could move on to bigger and more important harbours."

Charles' mother suddenly smiled, "Exams and promotion prospects. That's what I want to keep the silly old fool happy."

Another conversation was with the Lord Lieutenant.

"You have some interesting friends" he said. "Your friend Justin showed me his tag. He didn't seem worried I'm also a magistrate."

"I expect you'll find more of your customers if you look around." Rick replied.

"I'm not local, so I doubt it. I do hear things though. You run a male prostitution ring but no-one can prove it. The odd thing is, my fellow magistrates don't believe it either even when they want to."

Rick looked suitably puzzled as the Lord Lieutenant continued, "Magistrates tend to be very strait-laced. Promiscuity and homosexuality are not right and you can be sure, there's more than one desperately looking for the dirt. Did you know the Royal family prefers gay staff. Straight staff have this nasty habit of getting married and wanting a place to raise a family. One word of warning, there were plenty of gay Roman emperors and no-one cared. The ones that got bumped off were the ones who behaved so outrageously they became an embarrassment."

Rick nodded, "Are you talking about me and Will dancing together?"

"Oh no. That's a bit of juicy gossip. Allowing your friends to take part will be more, but it's still orderly. I'm talking about when you dress up in drag and flirt with the lady mayor's husband."

"Funny you should say that. You see that gay couple over there? Terry would really prefer to be wearing sequins."

Rick also tried speaking to Shane.

"I'm just trying to avoid your servant friends and the poofters," he sneered, "Can't you at least pretend to be normal?"

"No. You can always go back to your room — or the dungeon."

"Don't worry, I'll behave. It won't be me making my family a laughingstock."

Later when talking to Shane's mother, she said, "I loved Robin but marrying him was the worst mistake of my life except for Ryan and Vanessa. Ryan is stronger than I am. I should stop his relationship with Steve, but he's so happy. Has Vanessa given up on you yet?"

"No, but she was asking me who would be worth knowing tonight. I did see her dancing with Tom's grandson, so she's happy."

"Happy. That's a novel idea for all my children. Be patient with them please."

In between talking to people, Rick managed to spend time with Will.

"Everyone are enjoying themselves." Will said, "Has Sebastian calmed down yet?"

"He wasn't really angry, just worried." Rick replied, "Let's dance again. I can cope with ¾ time."

Men in dinner suits, women in gowns, an ancient hall of oak panelling and ancient portraits. Despite Rick's reservation they managed a polka but were content to take a break to recover.

"Well done, you two." Sebastian said as he joined them, "I was wrong, Richard. Tonight is livelier and more cheerful than most I've attended. I've had the odd query about hosting conferences. We'll discuss it some other time though. Go and have fun."

Rick was nervous as the dancing stopped for food, wondering if any of his friends would become resentful at suddenly becoming waiters. Instead, they seemed to be vying with each other to be the best.

"Never predict teenage hormones." Sebastian chuckled, "They're anxious to show how grown up and responsible they are. Young Malcolm seems to be overwhelmed by it all. He spent ages plucking up the courage to ask if he could interview me."

"His boyfriend's having a great time." Rick chuckled, "He says he wants to be a designer but I think he wants to be an actor. Anyway, that lady mayor who got annoyed when I called her 'Your Worship' was talking to him and Terry said something about doing drag. She replied that he shouldn't conform to the class riddled so-called society and dress as he liked."

"Oops! I didn't think you were particularly class riddled." Sebastian chuckled.

"Neither does Terry. He replied that at least he knew not to wear jeans, and he had tied his own bow-tie and not relied on a ready-made one."

"Look around at the men." Sebastian said, "Of all of them, who is carrying off wearing a dinner suit the best?"

Rick nodded, "Terry. He could be modelling it for a society magazine."

"And he knows it. Maybe he'd rather be wearing an evening dress full of sequins, but he chose not to upstage us, and that's class. That particular lady is so determined to show her working class credentials, she refuses to dress for any occasion and let's face it, she stands out more than Terry would have done in a dress."

Rick nodded again, "Am I hiding the gay side? The 9pm beach, that sort of thing."

"I don't know, but I doubt it. Here's another question; you've made it clear gay families are welcome, so do they want some demonstration near their children? Don't get serious tonight though. Enjoy your success."

While everyone was content to dance and enjoy themselves in the fantastic setting of a castle, Rick had one last conversation with Justin's probation officer, Joseph Green. Rick flinched when he heard the name and Joseph looked at him quizzically.

"Sorry, but I had visits from a Mr. Black and a Mr. Brown." Rick explained, "It's turns out they were both wanted for murder."

"Yes I heard about your adventures. It's all outside my usual remit so it's fascinating. I usually point out I'm no relation to the composer."

Rick looked suitably puzzled so Joseph explained, "Giuseppe Verdi translates to Joe Green."

"Verdi. Sebastian likes to play his music." Rick replied.

"House calls usually means wading through the rubbish in some squat." Joe said, "My report is going to seem like a fairy tale."

"You're making a report." Rick asked.

"When he went to court, no-one knew about Justin's problems. He was given probation and terms were set to get him to change his patterns of behaviour. It's very rare they succeed so quickly and so dramatically. There's no point in applying for a reduction in the sentence, but he could apply to have his tag removed. It's debatable whether curfew is a punishment or a training aid, but in his case, restrictions on travel are going to hinder his rehabilitation."

"Let me guess." Rick smiled, "He'd be a success story showing the system works."

"True, but there's one problem. The court is likely to want to speak to His Lordship, and they'd expect an adult but you are the earl."

"Either way, we'll help." Rick said.

For Rick and his friends from off the island, the night was one they would never forget. It was also the night that a great weight seemed to lift from Sebastian's shoulders. Both Will and Steve had mentioned Rick's ability to talk himself out of trouble. His slickness had evolved into an easy charm where he could talk to anyone in a relaxed friendly manner; a stark comparison to Shane who remained surly, hardly deigning to speak anyone. Vanessa's hopes of becoming the next countess were waning, the son of a wealthy banker spent his time trying to take her somewhere quiet, so she happily teased him until they found a common interest in fishing. As the conversation became more serious, and she had hopes of seeing him again, so Rick seemed to become less attractive. Hayley, their mother, stayed close to Sebastian, still in shock at her change in circumstances, and on edge, as she doggedly refused any alcohol, Sebastian appreciated what an ordeal the night was.

That night, Rick sat with some of his friends winding down after the long night. Later, Justin and Zeke would be sharing a sleeping bag, as would Danny and Ben.

"Did your probation officer really come to do a report on you?" Will asked, "Or was it your mother."

"Yeah, I know." Justin said, "They're staying in a guest house tonight, and they say they've got separate rooms. I don't mind, and it'll be harder for Dad to come back if she's got someone else."

"How's school?" Steve asked.

"I've not come out, and I don't talk about Bovaline." Justin replied, "I'm not ashamed or anything … I don't know … I'd just rather be ordinary and get on with things for a time. I avoid the guys I got into trouble with, but I'm just being a bit boring with them, and they're getting fed up with me."

"If it works, great." Rick said.

Despite everything that had happened, his mother still worried Rick the most. She was improving, he still managed a weekly visit on a Sunday, leaving as soon as he could change after church. It may have been a good night, and he was with friends but more than anything he wanted to draw the curtains around the bed, and be held by Will. The tower had become a regular sleeping place for his friends, and they all seemed to need the toilet during the night so the curtains were useful. Some nights Will and Rick joined them and the sex was good, but other nights, they just wanted each other.

It was as talk turned to his mother and the island carnival was planned for the following weekend Rick was asked to go to Justin's hearing.

He went into the witness box, took the oath and identified himself before Justin's solicitor asked, "I understand you prefer not to be called 'Your Lordship'."

"This is a formal situation, so I should be but I don't want to outrank Their Worships. Rick will do."

It raised a slight chuckle, but courts do not appreciate humour. However, it had shown Rick to be relaxed and confident.

"My client's application centres around him being able to travel to Bovaline more easily, but if I may say so, you hardly qualify as a responsible adult. Could you explain why you're here?"

"Being a responsible adult is something I'll grow into, but for now, I have my own. Cousin Sebastian is supposed to be in charge, but he has health problems. His secretary stands in as much as she can. Jeff, the senior castle guide also stands in. Technically I'm the Captain of the Wardens of the Watch, but I wouldn't like to get into trouble with the sergeant. What I'm trying to say is, I get plenty of adult guidance and since he stays at the castle, so does Justin."

"It might be argued the order need only be varied to allow travel on weekends."

"Yes, but that means he has to stay near a landline. I lived in a flat and I could hear the phone ring anywhere. There is an intercom system, but Justin's room is in the tower above mine. He could be there, in the library reading or in the café having something to eat. Kitchen, living room and bedroom are places he could reasonably be, but it's a bit different in a castle."

"But the rest of the restrictions could stand."

"Justin has made friends with the son of the village shopkeeper, yet he's not supposed to hang out with his friends in a mall. I don't understand all the legal stuff, but could he be hauled off to jail because he's having tea with them?"

"Thank you." the solicitor said as he sat down. Another stood up.

"According to reports we have received, Justin indulges in underage sex, contravenes child labour regulations and has mixed with known criminals. What do say to that?"

"Well he did dance with a lady mayoress who is also a magistrate at the Autumn Ball but yes, we've had problems this summer and Justin was involved. So was I and so were a lot of my friends. I've got copies of the reports from the Cannes police but you should already have the British ones."

"You're saying Justin meets a broad spectrum of people on the island, but he did not take part in illegal activities?" The magistrate asked.


"Mr. McDougal, you can continue this line of questioning but keep to Justin's part in the proceedings."

"What do you say to the allegation Justin breached Health & Safety regulations and safety regulations working on a railway."

"We didn't think it would be held against him. He worked on a light railway using computer controlled cars with a top speed of 15mph. They're computer controlled and can be driverless. Farms are scattered. In a block of flat it's taking in a neighbours parcel. On Bovaline, it's taking it to a farm."

"Did you corrupt Justin and convince him he was gay?"

Rick hesitated as Justin's solicitor leapt up, but the magistrate interrupted, "Justin's sexuality has already been covered. I will not allow that question to be answered. This is not a trial, and we are trying to establish whether another court's orders should be adjusted."

"If there are no more questions, you may step down, Your Lordship."

Thank you, Your Worship." Rick replied.

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