The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 7

July 2015

"So what did you pick?" Carter decides to ask as his friend sits back in between him and his boyfriend again.

"I don't know, I just put one in." Tobias answers honestly, he didn't recognise any of the films in his brothers room as they weren't in proper cases, so he just pick out a few and then picked one at random.

"Oh er... okay." Carter responds with a smile, although the feeling of his boyfriends fingers returning to him bum distracted him from asking anything else.

"Oh, it's a good one." Matt then says as he recognises the introduction and gives his brother a pleased smile, it wasn't his favourite, but he did like watching it.

"What is it?" Tobias then asks as he looks over to his brother.

"It's X-Men Days of Future Past." Matt responds with a small grin, he knew his brother liked super hero films and they had watched the other X-Men films together back in England.

"Oh cool, I love X-Men." Tobias responds enthusiastically and Wesley can't help but notice his boyfriends face light up a little and knows that they have that in common.

"Me too and you will love the graphic novels I brought round for you to read." Carter then says as he gently rubs his friends thigh.

"Me can't wait to read them." Tobias then responds as he absent mindedly plays with himself.

"Fucking hell, look at him go again." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear as he sees their brother playing with himself.

"Yeah it's so funny, but look at Carter and Wesley's hands on his thighs, I bet they don't even know they are doing it." Matt whispers in response as he looks at his friends and brother with a small grin.

"What are you two whispering about?" Wesley then asks in a suspicious tone after seeing his two friends whispering and smirking.

"Nothing, but let's just watch the film." Ben responds with a snigger, before pulling his boyfriend in a little tighter and turning back to the TV.

"Right." Wesley responds in an unconvinced tone, but turns to the TV anyway, while running his fingers up and down between his boyfriend bum cheeks with one hand and rubbing his friends thigh with the other.

"I love you." Mitch whispers into his girlfriends ear, he was panting a little bit but he was ready to continue.

"You're amazing." Erica responds as she turns in his arms, so that she could face him. "I love you so much Mitch." She then says before kissing him, she had never had someone make her feel like that during sex and after noticing the time, she couldn't believe how long they had been going and again couldn't believe how lucky she was to have found the perfect boyfriend.

"Just wait until we are done." Mitch then says after breaking the kiss, before rolling on top of his girlfriend and begins to kiss her neck.

"Already?" Erica asks in a surprised tone as she feels her boyfriend against her again and just can't believe he is ready after what they had just done.

"Sshh." Mitch responds before kissing her on the lips again, he knew he had a lot to be thankful for and he was going to give his girlfriend the best night of her life, well he hoped he would and from the little moaning noises she was making, he knew he was doing a good job.

"Holy crap, look at them." Ben whispers after glancing over at their friends on the floor and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Wow, now even if Tobias doesn't know what he is doing, there is no way they don't." Matt whisper back, he could tell his brother was totally focused on the movie, but his friends were definitely enjoying something else and he wondered if he should say something.

"He is enjoying himself Matt, I mean he has had at least three orgasms today and he is still hard, so just let them have some fun." Ben then says after realising what his boyfriend was really saying and he didn't want to ruin whatever his brother and friends had going on right now.

"I guess so, it's just so weird knowing Tobias is straight and yet he is masturbating two other boys, while they are playing with his boner and it's just strange and well weird." Matt responds while giving them another glance, before turning his attention back to the film.

"I think it's nice." Ben then states honestly, he just saw it as their two friends making their brother feel good and as long as all three knew that it was just that and nothing else, then he didn't see any issue with it.

"Nice?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, while only just remembering the fact they were whispering as he spoke and couldn't help but glance over to the others and sigh in relief as they hadn't heard him.

"Tobias has been through a lot and he has missed out on so much and that includes love Matt, so while Carter and Wesley are happy to give him that kind of feeling, then I think it's nice and you heard him, he has really enjoyed himself and you know how nervous and reluctant he was before we started and now look at him." Ben explains and gives the others another look, before turning back to his boyfriend with a loving smile.

"Mmmm, so cool." Tobias moans out and both Matt and Ben can't help but look over in amusement, before seeing that both their friends now had their heads resting on their brothers shoulders.

"You guys alright?" Matt then decides to ask, it was pointless pretending they hadn't seen what they were doing, as it was obvious they heard their brother.

"Yeah, he is comfy." Carter responds, although if his friends hand wasn't on his boner and his boyfriends hand wasn't playing with him bum, he might have said something a little less stupid and embarrassing.

"We can stop if you want." Wesley then states, he was fully aware of what they were doing and was enjoying himself, but he didn't want to make his friends feel uncomfortable or think that he and his boyfriend were taking advantage of their brother.

"As long as you are enjoying yourselves we don't mind, but try to be quiet, we're trying to watch the film." Ben responds with a grin and can't help but giggle a little when he sees his friends faces, although he noticed his brother seemed to be in a world of his own.

"I can't promise anything from your brother, but we will be quiet." Wesley responds with a small grin, he thought about making his boyfriend jump and yelp, but he didn't want to disturb their friend, who just seemed so happy and content how he was.

"You two are so weird." Ben then says before sticking his tongue out.

"Stop talking, me watching film." Tobias then says with a small smirk, he had been listening and found the conversation funny, but he wanted to hear the film and not them.

"Ha, well you heard him, so shut up and watch the movie guys." Matt then states and smiles after realising his brother had heard them talking and thought the look on the others faces was funny.

"I'm not going downstairs naked." Peter states in a firm tone, he was hungry and wanted another drink, but he wasn't impressed with his friends suggestion of going down naked to get something.

"Jeez Peter, no one else is in the house and they won't be home until tomorrow, so no one is going to see you." Alex responds with a shake of the head, after all they had done he couldn't believe his friend was getting embarrassed about walking around his house naked.

"Well er... are you sure no one will come home?" Peter then asks, although he was actually trying to hide the fact he had forgotten that they were home alone, he had been so focused on everything else and whether he was straight or gay, that he had just forgot about it.

"You're so cute." Alex says instead of answering his friends question, before getting up off his bed and walking over to open his bedroom door.

"I wish I had muscles though, I don't like being all skinny." Peter then says as he walks past his friend, he liked how his friend had muscles and how they weren't ugly or over the top, he had seen some big muscled men on the TV and thought they looks awful and weird, but his friends look nice.

"I like how you look." Alex responds honestly, sure his friend could do with putting some muscle on, but there was nothing wrong with how he looked.

"You're biased though, but seriously I want to get some muscles." Peter then says with a small smile and again wishes that he could love his friend, because it felt so nice when he gave him compliments and knew that he would treat him like the most important person in the world, but he just didn't feel that way and didn't think he ever would.

"Well you're welcome here anytime and we can use my garage, oh and you could come around when Ben does, it will be better with more of us and I can coach you both." Alex responds as he thinks about his other friend and thought it would be a good way of hanging around as a group and how it might help him be more comfortable trying to approach them all at school.

"I don't want to be like the hulk or nothing though, I just want some muscles." Peter then says after they go down the stairs and walk into his friends kitchen.

"Ha, I seriously wish you were gay." Alex states before stopping and looking at his friend nervously, he wasn't meant to say that out aloud and after their earlier conversation, he wasn't sure how his friend would react.

"Me too." Peter says in a sincere tone and Alex can't help but look at his friend in surprise.

"You do?" Alex then asks in a mixture of surprise and curiosity, he knew this wasn't somehow going to be a turning point and his friend would fall in love with him, he was just interested in what his friend meant.

"The way you look at me and the things you say make me feel special and just look at me Alex, I'm actually naked and I hate being naked in front of others and even try to hide in the showers at school, but with you it's okay and well I just wish I was gay, because I know you will look after me and well I'm sorry." Peter responds honestly as he turns to his friend, who quickly looks away and pretends to look in the fridge.

"You're special and well I'm just happy to have you as a friend." Alex then says with his back to his friend, he didn't want him to know that he was crying and how much his words had meant to him.

"You will find someone." Peter then says in a reassuring tone, before deciding to walk over to his friend and cuddle him from behind, he knew he was crying and wanted to comfort him.

"Please stop." Alex then says as he pulls his friends arms off him and turns to him looking sad.

"What's wrong?" Peter asks in a surprised tone, he was just trying to be a good friend and wasn't sure how he had upset his friend even more.

"You're being too perfect and well it's hard being around you when you're so nice and then you cuddle me and I can feel your penis on my bum and it's confusing." Alex answers honestly, he knew it was stupid, but his friend comforting him like that just reminded him that he couldn't have him the way he wanted to have him.

"Is it because my penis is bigger than yours?" Peter then states, he knew what his friend was saying and felt guilty, but he wanted to try and change the subject and get his friend laughing a little.

"Idiot." Alex responds before letting out a chuckle, he was starting to get upset and was just so grateful his friend could make him laugh and was already feeling better. "So what do you want to eat anyway?" He then decides to asks as he turns back to the fridge after it had started beeping.

"Well it's getting late, but I want to watch another film and well some sandwiches or something like that if it's alright." Peter responds as he walks over to the kitchen table and sits down, he was happy to make his friend laugh, but he wanted to give him some space as well after realising that it was hard for his friend and knew they needed to figure out how to be around each other as just friends.

"Fine by me, I have some chicken and some salad stuff, oh and we can watch a horror film this time if you don't mind." Alex responds as he pulls out the plate of cooked chicken his mum had cooked earlier and some salad stuff.

"Horrors are fun, but it has to be a good one, not one of those crappy Hollywood remakes." Peter responds and although horror isn't his favourite genre, he doesn't mind the really good ones and was curious about what his friend had in mind.

"Have you ever seen Black Christmas?" Alex asks, he had both the original and the remake and thought they were both as good as each other.

"No, is it old?" Peter asks in response as he watches his friend making them some sandwiches, he wanted to help, but after what happened a few minutes ago, he didn't think being close to his friend was a good idea.

"The original is like really old, like the seventies I think, but the remake is like eight or nine years old and they are both as good as each other in my opinion." Alex answers honestly, as he finishes making his friends sandwiches and begins to make some for himself.

"Seventies is really old, are you sure they are both good?" Peter then asks, he had said earlier he didn't like remakes, but he didn't want to watch a really old film that was probably black and white.

"We will watch the remake, I think you will like it more." Alex responds and looks over his shoulder to smile at his friend, he got the feeling he wasn't keen on watching a black and white film and couldn't see any other reason he would ask what he did, especially after saying how much he disliked remakes.

"Okay I trust you." Peter responds and can't help but smile back at his friend.

"Can you pour us some coke, there is a bottle in the fridge and some ice cubes in the freezer." Alex then asks as he finishes his sandwiches and looks to see if they have some crisps and peanuts left.

"Sure." Peter responds as he gets up and walks over to his friends fridge and then the freezer and can't help but yelp a little when he gets a bit too close.

"Well you definitely don't have a bigger penis then me now." Alex teases as he looks over to see his friend jump back a little and knows from his own experience that he had got a little too close to the inside of the freezer.

"Very funny, I've just never opened a freezer naked before." Peter responds as he reaches in again to get the ice cubes.

"I know, I've done it a few times after forgetting I was naked." Alex responds as he pours some peanuts into a bowl, before opening a couple of packets of crisps and pouring them in another one.

"You walk around naked all the time?" Peter can't help but ask in a surprised tone, he thought his friend seemed comfortable naked, but he didn't think he did it all the time.

"No, not all the time, but when I know no one else will be home and only if it's warm enough, I sometimes train naked as well, but I've only done that a few times." Alex answers as he gets a tray and puts the bowls and plates on it. "You okay with taking the drinks up?" He then asks with a smile.

"Yeah sure and well I might start going naked when my parents are out." Peter responds as he follows his friend back to his bedroom.

"Just make sure you know when they will be back and keep an eye on the time, I usually set an alarm for like half an hour before they are meant to be back, but you should probably do it for an hour the first few times, just in case they come back earlier than you expect." Alex then suggests, he had been spanked the first time he got caught naked, although his dad had later told him to just be more careful and not to let his mum catch him again or he would be getting a lot more spanks than he had done before.

"Thank you." Peter responds in an appreciative tone, before putting both glasses on his friends bedside cabinet and then sitting down on his bed with his back against the headboard.

"Is it okay if I you know er... play with you while we watch the film?" Alex then asks with a shy smile, he had come to terms with just being friends, but knew that after tonight, they wouldn't be playing like this again and wanted to make the most of it.

"Okay, but just your hands, I don't want another blow job, I missed most of the last film because of that." Peter responds with a grin, he really loved blow jobs, but he was a little annoyed once he realised he missed a big chunk of the other movie because it was so good.

"Will you play with mine as well?" Alex then asks and can't help but feel nervous, just in case he was pushing his luck.

"I might, but I really want to watch the film and then go to sleep." Peter responds honestly, although he was probably going to do it anyway.

"Okay, fair enough." Alex responds with a smile as he puts the bowls and plates next to his friend, before walking over to his shelf and finding the film.

"Can you turn the light off as well, it's scarier with the lights off." Peter then asks and although he knew that the light from the TV would be bright enough to see, he always preferred it to be as dark as possible when watching scary films.

"Sure." Alex responds as he puts in the DVD, before turning off his bedroom light and then joining his friend on his bed.

"Here's your drink." Peter then says as he remembers that he put both glasses on his side of the bed.

"Cheers." Alex responds with a smile as he takes the glass, only just resisting the urge to kiss his friend. "This is going to be great." He then says as he tries to focus of something other than his friends lips.

"Yeah." Peter responds as he stares at the TV, while oblivious to his friends inner struggle.

"Eww." Tobias says as he lifts his hands up, he was loving the film and loving his friends hands touching and rubbing him, but he had forgotten about his friends being able to cum and now had both his hands covered in it.

"Way to keep quiet guys." Ben then teases as he tries to stop himself from laughing, which isn't helped by the fact his boyfriend was giggling is arse off.

"It's all warms and sticky and stuff." Tobias then says, he had seen his brothers and friends cum, as well as tasting a little from his earlier kissing dare, but this was completely different and he didn't know what to do.

"Come on Tobias, we will help you wash it off." Carter then states as he begins to get up, but is stopped in his tracks by his friends words.

"Just lick it off Tobias, you have done pretty much everything else and it's not like you will ever get the chance again." Ben manages to state in a serious tone, although he was struggling to keep a straight face and wondered what would happen next.

"Er..." Tobias mumbles in response, he really wasn't sure about tasting it let alone licking it all off, while his two friends couldn't believe what their other friend suggested his brother do or that their friend hadn't said no and seemed curious.

"You're so mean." Matt then manages to whisper in his boyfriends ear, he was still giggling and as much as he wanted to tell his brother to just wash it off and that Ben was just joking, he was curious to see if he would do it.

"You don't have to eat it Tobias." Wesley then decides to say, he remembered his first experience with someone else's cum and it wasn't pleasant, so he ignored the surprised look he was getting from his boyfriend and two friends and knew that they didn't expect him to say anything like that.

"You not tell people promise?" Tobias then asks nervously, he had no idea why he was going to do it, but being reminded that he might not get another chance had him wanting to see what it tasted like.

"None one will know about anything we have done tonight Tobias." Ben responds in a reassuring tone, although he wasn't sure if his brother wouldn't somehow find out about some of the stuff they got up to, but they definitely wouldn't be telling anyone else about tonight.

"Holy crap." Matt then says in a shocked tone, he couldn't believe his brother was actually licking his friends cum of his hand, he was about to tell him that it was just a joke, but could only watch now as his brother had already started.

"I know right, but I bet you anything that they will both kiss him." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear, he didn't know why he thought it, but he was sure that his two friends would kiss him.

"No way." Matt responds as he watches his brother finishing one hand, he was actually a little annoyed that they might have tricked their brother into doing it and knew that they had crossed a few lines with their brothers sexuality already tonight.

"What does it..." Ben then begins to ask, but to his surprise and delight, he watches as Wesley pulls their brothers face to his and kisses him.

"Wait, wasn't that Carter's cum?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, although he made sure it was barely above a whisper, the last thing he wanted to do was interrupt them and make them feel too embarrassed to continue, especially his brother who despite seemingly okay with everything so far, was still unpredictable and he wasn't going to forget that.

"Yeah and Carter looks like he wants to join in." Ben responds as he watches his friend practically drooling.

"Seriously I know they seem okay with it, but if you ever kiss another boy like that, especially if he has cum on his lips, then I will kill you." Matt then whispers in a semi serious tone, he knew his boyfriend would never do that to him and although he actually thought it might be a little exciting and sexy, he just wasn't as comfortable as his two friends appeared to be to share his boyfriend.

"Same to you Matt, but I would never do that to you and I know you would never do it to me, so let's just watch the film okay." Ben responds in a thoughtful tone, he could easily be annoyed at his boyfriends words, but he knew why he said it and he knew his boyfriend trusted him and that was enough for him to know his boyfriend wasn't trying to accuse him of anything.

"I know you wouldn't." Matt then decides to say, after realising how his words sounded and although he knew his boyfriend didn't take it the wrong way, he still felt guilty about saying it in the first place.

"Love you." Ben then says as he turns to face his boyfriend and gives him a quick peck on the lips, he didn't need his boyfriend to say anything, but the fact he did anyway just proved to him how special he was.

"Love you too." Matt responds before giving his boyfriend a loving kiss in return.

"Okay." Tobias then says and Matt and Ben can't help but turn back to their brother to see what was happening and couldn't help but give them all a bemused look when they see Carter lifting their brothers hand to his mouth and then seeing their brother licking the cum off it.

"Wow." Ben then says in a quiet tone and couldn't help being surprised, even though he had predicted this would happen earlier.

"Take a picture guys, it will last longer." Wesley then calls out with a grin, he had just noticed they were watching them and couldn't resist teasing them.

"Huh? What?" Tobias then asks just as he finishes licking his hand clean, but before he can even work out what was going on, he feels his head being turned and then feels his friends lips against his own and quickly forgets about everything else.

"You guys are crazy." Matt then states with a shake of the head, he just didn't see this coming at all, he thought a lot of things might happen tonight, but his friends basically getting off with his brother never even crossed his mind, let alone his brother being so willing and he wasn't quite sure what to make of it and what will happen tomorrow when they all wake up.

"It's a one off and you have to admit that your brother is amazing." Wesley then states with a smile, he had had time to think about what had happened and for him and he hoped his boyfriend too, this just cemented his feelings for his boyfriend, sure their friend was adorable and sexy and boy could he kiss, but as good as it felt and as fun as it was, it just wasn't anything compared to what he and his boyfriend shared with each other and he couldn't be happier if he tried.

"Tomorrow though we all have to make sure he is okay, he is horny and having the time of his life right now, but tomorrow well, I just worry about him." Matt then says in a slightly sad tone, he hoped and prayed that his brother would be okay, but after everything that has happened, he just found it too hard to believe something would go right for a change.

"You know he can hear you right." Wesley then points out, he knew his friend was getting close to working himself up and wanted to try and lighten the mood or at the very least distract him.

"Well until he finishes kissing your boyfriend with your cum in his mouth, he can just listen all he likes, I love him and I worry about him, just like all of you worry about me." Matt responds in a serious tone, although he quickly forces a smile to show that he was okay after realising he came off a little more serious than he intended.

"Okay fair point, but go back to the film, because we aren't finished with him just yet." Wesley then states and before giving either of his friends a chance to responds, he leans over and starts to kiss and suck their brothers nipples, while reaching down and starts to stroke his boner.

"Want to make out?" Ben then asks after they both turned back to the TV, it was just a little too weird watching their brother being practically molested by their friends.

"Nope, I want to watch the rest of the film, so shut up and hold me Creep." Matt responds with a grin, before sighing in content when he feels his boyfriend shifting a little and then pulling him into his chest.

"Fine, but I'm going to play with you whether you want me to or not." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear, before reaching down and rubbing his boyfriends penis.

"Creep!" Matt responds without making any attempt to stop his boyfriend and just shifts a little bit to get comfy so he can watch the rest of the film.

The Next Day

"Look at him go." Ben states proudly as he watches his boyfriend swimming in the pool.

"Yeah he is amazing." Erica responds as she watches her boyfriend with a big grin.

"Eww, I meant Matt, not him Erica." Ben then states as he gives his brothers girlfriend an unimpressed look.

"I know, but he is just so sexy and..." Erica then begins to say as she tries her best to keep a straight face.

"Not listening." Ben then responds, before sticking his fingers in his ears and whistling, he was really starting to like his brothers girlfriend and he loved her sense of humour.

"Okay, okay I will stop and Matt is doing really well, how many lengths has he done so far?" Erica then asks after deciding that she had teased the boy enough.

"He is now starting his tenth and it's only been ten minutes." Ben answers proudly, he knew his boyfriend was getting better physically and it made him so happy to see it happening in front of him.

"How many did he do that time before?" Erica then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, she knew what had happened that day and how it was the catalyst for his mini breakdown, which also made her remember her own guilt for not following up on her instinct earlier that he was close to breaking.

"He did like eight or nine lengths in er... I don't know for sure, but I think it took him like twenty minutes and he was exhausted, but he looks alright now and he is still going." Ben answers after a few moments, he had tried his best to forget about that day, but it made what his boyfriend was doing now even better and couldn't stop smiling.

"How is he actually doing though Ben." Erica then asks as she carries on watching her boyfriend move through the water effortlessly.

"He isn't getting as many nightmares as before and he hasn't tried to kill Tobias for a while." Ben answers with a little grin, he knew he shouldn't be making jokes, but for once everything seemed to be going fine and he wanted to make the most of it.

"Ben be serious, I know you're happy and proud of him and you should be, but I want to know how he really is." Erica states as she turns to look at the boy, she knew he didn't have to tell her anything and she had no right to ask him about his boyfriend, but she hoped that he could see that she only wanted to help.

"He is doing really well though Erica, but he is worried about seeing his dad and I think he might be regretting asking to see him." Ben responds in a more serious tone, he knew she had no right to ask him questions like this, but he really liked her and knew she cared about them all and just wanted to help.

"Does he want to cancel the visit?" Erica decides to ask, she wanted to try and get the boy to open up a bit more and knew that he might be protecting his boyfriend or worse he was pretending his boyfriend was doing better than he actually was.

"No, no way Erica, he wants to go, but he is just scared that he will just end up crying or David will try to hurt him." Ben decides to answer honestly this time, he had reassured his boyfriend and knew even without his brother sitting with him David couldn't hurt either of them, but he knew his boyfriend was still worried about the visit.

"Well David won't be able to hurt either of you and I think Matt is a lot stronger than he thinks he is and it's your job to make him realise that Ben." Erica responds, although she instantly regrets her choice of words and can tell that she had made a mistake.

"I try." Ben responds before looking down at his feet and can't help but take her words as if she was saying he was failing his boyfriend.

"Oh shit." Erica then says and quickly sits up and pulls the boy into her arms. "Sorry Ben, I just forget that you're just a kid sometimes, I know you love him and you're doing so well helping him recover and I didn't mean for it to sound like I was doubting you." She then adds, while at the same time rubbing his back soothingly.

"I guess I'm not doing very well either." Ben then says in a sad tone, he felt selfish for admitting he was struggling, but at the same time he knew he had to be more honest about how he was feeling, otherwise he would end up going through the same thing he had been through the past couple of weeks and he didn't want that to ever happen again.

"Any time you need to talk to someone Ben, just give me a call or come and see me and I will try my best to help you or just listen if you need to just talk." Erica states in a sincere tone and again remembers that she had failed him before and didn't want it to happen again.

"Me and Matt talked a lot yesterday and it was really nice, I like when we talk to each other." Ben then says, he appreciated her offer and would call her if he needed to, but at the same time he already had a long list of people who had already offered him the same thing.

"You two are so adorable together." Erica responds and smiles when he twists around in her arms and sits on her lap.

"Will you and Mitch get married one day?" Ben then asks, he had never let his boyfriends girlfriend hold him like this before and wouldn't have let any of the previous ones do it, but he was surprised by how safe and loved she made him feel.

"Well er... honestly if I was dating anyone else Ben, I would laugh that question off or try and change the subject." Erica starts to responds before pausing for a few moments, it was definitely too early to be sure or even think about that sort of thing, but she was surprised to find herself knowing the answer to the question. "But your brother is special Ben and while it will be years and years away, I would say yes if he asked me." She then says as she puts her chin on the boys shoulder and looks over to her boyfriend and couldn't help but picture them together for the rest of their lives.

"I'm going to ask Matt to marry me one day, we talked about it before and said we would do it together, but I'm going to surprise him and it's going to be magical." Ben then decides to say as he watches his boyfriend starting another length of the pool.

"Have you thought about how you're going to ask him?" Erica decides to ask, she could have given him the speech about him being too young, but after everything that had happened, she knew that they would be together for as long as they both lived and didn't want to patronize him.

"Yeah, but I have to ask Mitch and Dad first and then I'm not sure if Matt would want to go there, but I'm not telling you any more than that." Ben responds as he holds her hands that were resting around his stomach and again just felt so safe.

"I'm sure it will all work out and you both deserve to be happy together." Erica then says as she gives his hands a little squeeze and struggled to hold back a few tears, she had been an only child and although she had friends and she has had boyfriends in the past, she had never felt the closeness she has felt since dating Mitch and the way all the boys had accepted her meant so much to her as well and just sitting here with him in her arms just made it more real.

"You make Mitch happy." Ben then says before resting the back of his head on her chest.

"He makes me happy." Erica responds before just watching their two boyfriends in the pool.

"What time will your parents be home?" Peter asks as he watches his friend work out.

"Probably some time in the afternoon." Alex responds before carrying on with his routine.

"Oh, well er... do you do this every morning?" Peter then asks in a curious tone, he was beginning to see why his friend had the perfect body and he was just skin and bones, if he did this all the time.

"I usually take Sunday off training, but I missed yesterday and I'm a little frustrated and this helps." Alex responds with a little smirk, he knew his friend would ask what he meant and thought it was cute how he went a little cross eyed when he was thinking.

"Frustrated?" Peter then asks after giving his friends response some thought and wondered if meant what he thought he did.

"I usually masturbate when I wake up Peter and after sleeping naked with you, well I'm a lot frustrated." Alex replies with a bigger grin and even though he was just finishing with the skipping rope, he could see his friend was blushing.

"You could have done it, I don't mind." Peter responds and Alex can't help but stop in his tracks and look at his friend in surprise.

"Honestly, if you were gay and we were boyfriends, we would be doing it right now Peter, but you're straight, well as good as straight and I would prefer if we acted like friends around each other from now on, it's just easier for me that way." Alex then states as he puts the skipping rope away and moves over to his speedball.

"So no more seeing each other naked?" Peter then asks with a small grin, although as the words came out he realised that he kind of liked being naked around his friend and thought it was fun.

"I have no problem being naked with you Peter, so that's up to you, but as much as I want to do the other stuff, you know like we did last night, it's not fair on me if we do and well you understand right?" Alex asks in response as he decides to be honest, he wasn't sure if he could stop loving his friend, but he was going to try and be happy with them just being friends.

"This is going to be tough." Peter states as he watches his friend turn away from him and punch the small bag thing and couldn't help but be impressed with how fast his hands moved, although he didn't quite understand the point of hitting such a tiny ball like that.

"I don't need to stop though Mitch." Matt states in a slightly annoyed tone, sure he felt tired and he ached a lot, but he wanted to keep going.

"Matt are you in a race?" Mitch decides to ask, he wasn't sure if he should use this tactic, but he thought it would work and just hoped he was right after seeing his girlfriend and brother looking over to them.

"No, but I..." Matt begins to says in a confused tone before being cut off.

"Are you getting paid?" Mitch then asks with a serious expression to match his tone and he could tell that he was getting somewhere already.

"Well er... huh?" Matt asks in a now completely confused tone and wondered if the older boy had banged his head or something, he just didn't get the point in his questions at all.

"Do you need to be anywhere?" Mitch then asks and can see that he had succeeded in making him forget about actually swimming and was already thinking about using this approach when dealing with the boys about future issues that may pop up.

"You're being weird." Matt then says as he gives the older boy a curious look and wonders what he is on about.

"Matt I'm stopping you because you need a rest, this isn't a race and you don't have to swim until you can't swim any more, you've done enough for a little while okay." Mitch then states, he could tell that while his plan worked, it worked a little too well and he had probably worried him and scratched his earlier thought of using this strategy again with the boys.

"You could have just said that you idiot." Matt responds in a less than impressed tone as he stares at the older boy with a look to go with it.

"Yeah, not my finest moment, but you understand why I stopped you now. right?" Mitch then asks with a smile, he had pretty much nailed every talk he had given each of the boys, but he definitely struck out that time and just hoped he managed to get his point across.

"I guess so and I am aching a little bit." Matt responds as he gets the older boys point, although he was still confused about the way he tried to make it.

"Do you want to know how you did so far?" Mitch then decides to ask, he wasn't sure if he knew how many lengths he had actually done and how long it took him, but he had kept track and couldn't wait to see his reaction.

"Okay." Matt responds in a slightly hesitant tone, he could tell that he did well, but he didn't want to get too excited just in case he was wrong.

"Well you did fourteen lengths in just under sixteen minutes." Mitch states in a proud tone with a smile to match it, okay with the size of their pool just under a minute per lap was hardly quick or impressive, but for Matt it was both of those things and considering the last time he tested the boy, Mitch was even happier with his progress.

"Really?" Matt asks in an excited tone, he had only done like eight lengths before and that took well over twenty minutes and he was exhausted afterwards, so he couldn't believe what he had just done and he knowing he could do more just made it even better.

"Yes really, but you have to take it slowly Matt, there is no point in rushing and trying to do too much okay." Mitch responds with a smile, he didn't want to put a downer on what the boy had achieved, but he knew that he needed to make him understand that he was still recovering.

"I'm getting stronger as well Mitch, I almost beat Ben when we did some push ups yesterday, but I think he was just going easy, but I still did okay and I did a dare last night and I did fifty sit ups Mitch." Matt then states proudly, he knew he had a long way to go still, but he was still proud of himself and he had gotten so used to using his cane that he barely even realised he was using it now.

"Well I won't even asks what the rest of the dare was Matt, but fifty is very impressive, even if you weren't hurt." Mitch responds before looking over to his girlfriend and giving her a smile.

"Ben never sits on other peoples laps like that." Matt then says as he looks over to his boyfriend, of course he sat on his and he had seen him sit on his brothers, but this was the first time he saw him sit on someone else's and despite being so far away, he could tell that he was comfortable in her arms.

"They both look happy." Mitch then says as he turns back to the boy with a smile. "Are you up for seeing how long you can hold your breath under water?" He then decides to ask, he knew the boy could swim some more, but he didn't see any benefit in that right now and thought this would be a good challenge for him.

"I'm not very good at it though." Matt responds in a nervous tone and wasn't too keen on doing it.

"Matt it doesn't matter if you can't do it for long, you're recovering and just remember that it isn't a competition and you just do what you can." Mitch states as he gives the boy a reassuring look and hopes that he could somehow help him get his self confidence back.

"No, I mean I know yeah, but I meant that I was never very good at it Mitch, I can hold my breath for a while, but when it's under water it's just so hard and I'm not very good at it." Matt then quickly tries to explain, he wasn't scared and he could hold his breath under water, but he just wanted to let the older boy know that he wasn't very good at it.

"Oh okay, well just give it your best shot and we will do it a couple of times to see how you do." Mitch responds with a sympathetic look and could see the apprehensive look on the boys face.

"Okay." Matt responds nervously, he really didn't want to do it, but he trusted the older boy with his life and if he wanted him to do it, then he was going to try and make him proud.

"Oh." Ben says as he sees what his boyfriend is doing and can't help but grin a little.

"What's wrong?" Erica quickly asks in a surprised tone, she could see what their boyfriends were doing and didn't think anything of it herself and was a little confused.

"Oh nothing, he just hates doing that, even before everything he used to tell me that he didn't like how it felt." Ben explains with the same grin on his face, he had almost forgotten he was in her arms and sighed in content.

"Being underwater or holding his breath underwater?" Erica decides to asks, although she was worried before, she now couldn't stop smiling after hearing him sigh and knew that he was comfortable in her arms.

"Breathing underwater, he can do it and for a little while, but he doesn't like it." Ben answers and can't help but giggle as his boyfriend comes to the surface and splashes around, normally he would be worried and jumping in to help him, but his brother was right next to his boyfriend and already had him in his arms.

"Where are the others by the way? I thought they would be out here by now." Erica then asks in a curious tone, she hadn't really noticed that they weren't around at first and had just assumed they would be out soon, but it had been over half an hour now and she was curious.

"Ah well er... they are er... talking." Ben responds in a nervous tone and can't help but blush, he knew what they were talking about and he definitely didn't want to tell his brothers girlfriend.

"Just talking would have done Ben, but I'm guessing I don't want to know what they are talking about right?" Erica then asks with a smirk, she knew what they were playing last night and while she didn't want to think about the details, it didn't take a genius to work out what the three boys might be talking about alone.

"Nope and I wouldn't tell you anyway." Ben responds with a little grin, he just loved how she was so cool and understanding about everything.

"Is there anything you want to talk about Ben?" Erica then decides to ask and despite him already opening up to her, she felt like she had to give him the chance to say anything else that might be bothering him.

"Well there is something, but I don't know if Mitch would want me to tell you about it or not." Ben responds, before shifting so that he could look at her face to face.

"Ben you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Erica then states after seeing the look on the young boys face and knows that it was something personal and painful for him to think about, which left only one thing that it could be and she knew how hard it was for both him and his brother to talk about.

"I don't want to Erica, but Mitch always shuts down a little bit around the time and I just wanted you to know that if he does that with you, it's because of our mum and that well..." Ben begins to explain, but trails off a little bit as he thinks about her again.

"Sshh Ben, I understand and you don't have to say any more okay." Erica quickly says in a soothing tone as she pulls him a little tighter against herself, she could tell he was getting upset and wanted to do her best to comfort him.

"I just wanted you to know." Ben then says in a quiet tone, before looking over to his boyfriend, who had just come back above the surface again, but this time he could only manage a small smile.

"Thank you." Erica then says as she kisses the side of his head, before looking over to her boyfriend and found herself wondering how similar the brothers were and smiled at the thought.

"So you're really okay with what happened?" Carter asks as he sits across from his friend, they had been talking for a while about a lot of stuff and had talked about what they did last night, but he really wanted to make sure he was really okay with it.

"It was so cool." Tobias responds with a grin, he just loved every second of it and while it was kind of gross eating his friends cum, it wasn't that bad and he enjoyed being kissed while doing it.

"Well you said that already, but er... Wesley?" Carter starts to say before turning to his boyfriend, hoping his natural bluntness would be better for this conversation, as it was clear his approach wasn't working.

"Tobias we know you enjoyed it, but we're worried that you might think what we did was wrong or that you think we took advantage of you, do you understand?" Wesley asks after giving himself a few moments to think over what he wanted to say, he could see his friend enjoyed himself, but he like his boyfriend was worried that once he had time to think about it, he would regret it or get upset.

"Oh no, it was good and really good and it really help me." Tobias then quickly responds with a smile, at the time he was worried he would regret it or that it was wrong, but after waking up he just felt amazing and not just because of the feelings they gave him the previous night, he just felt completely satisfied and for the first time in a very long time, he found himself happy and content with his life.

"It helped you?" Wesley can't help but ask as he gives his friend a curious look, after glancing at his boyfriend to see if he was confused as well.

"Yeah, I just feel so happy and I think I'm going to be okay now." Tobias answers with another smile, he had been happy and laughed so many times since they took him from the orphanage, but this was the first time he felt like this and it felt amazing.

"What's going to be okay?" Carter then asks in a curious tone, he thought he knew what his friend might be talking about, but he wasn't sure enough to say it out aloud.

"Me, I don't feel sad or lost any more and it makes me happy." Tobias explains with a big grin, he just didn't really know how else to explain how he felt and could tell that his friends didn't get it.

"Huh?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, he knew his friend was still adjusting to being out of the orphanage, but he never knew that he felt lost and he didn't really understand what that meant.

"I er... I don't know how to explain it." Tobias responds with a shrug of the shoulders, he wanted to make his friends understand, but he really couldn't find the right words.

"I think I get it." Carter then states and ignores the doubtful look his boyfriend is giving him and just studies his friends face. "This is about your family and the orphanage isn't it?" He then asks and straight away he can see that he was right and even though he saw a little sadness on his friends face, it was quickly replaced by a happy grin.

"Yes!" Tobias calls out excitedly.

"How did anything we did last night help with that?" Wesley can't help but ask, he just didn't get it and wanted to know what he was missing.

"I don't really know, but er... me been confused and er... not really myself and I didn't really know who I was anymore, but I do now." Tobias responds as he again tries his best to explain himself clearly, but he could still tell his friend was confused.

"So finding out that you were definitely straight helped?" Carter then asks, he was starting to understand fully now and couldn't stop himself smiling, he was now realising that what he and his boyfriend thought of as a bit of fun and something to give their friend a good feeling, had actually done a lot more than they could have even imagined.

"Okay, I'm completely lost now." Wesley then states in a baffled tone as he look between his boyfriend and friend.

"My family is dead Wesley and I'm in a new country with a new family and I didn't know who I was anymore and er... being around Matt again and you all being gay was confusing as well and well I didn't really know er... you know if I was gay, I know I said I wasn't, but I wasn't really sure and didn't really understand, so well er... yeah I just was lost." Tobias tries to explain again and was sure he did a better job of it that time and could see Carter nodding in understanding and he was pleased to see that Wesley seemed to get it a little bit now as well.

"So after everything we did to you and how good we made you feel, you knew you weren't gay and it helped you realise who you were and that you really do belong here with us all?" Carter then asks in a curious tone, he was sure he was right and was hoping he hadn't just made a complete fool of himself.

"I guess so, well er... yeah pretty much, well yeah." Tobias answers with a big smile and was so happy that his friend understood him.

"So who are you?" Wesley then asks with a smirk, he had just realised what his friend was saying and after his boyfriends words, he thought he understood what had happened and wanted to have a little fun.

"I'm Tobias Summers, I'm twelve years old and I'm straight." Tobias responds with a grin, before seeing the look on his friends face. "Oh and I'm sexy and adorable." He then adds with a little giggle, he knew his friend was going to say something silly and wanted to beat him to it.

"Yes you are." Wesley responds without thinking and can't help but blush a little and give his boyfriend a guilty look.

"So anyway, what does this actually mean Tobias, I mean what happens now?" Carter then asks, he didn't want to make his friend feel like his realization wasn't important, but he was curious to see how it would change him and if he would be different now.

"I stop wetting the bed and having nightmares." Tobias responds quickly, although he was serious about those things, he was just having a little fun, while at the same time trying to think of what it actually did mean for him.

"Just like that?" Wesley then asks sceptically, although a quick nudge in the ribs from his boyfriend makes him realise how insensitive that came out.

"Well no, but it's a start and if I believe it won't happen then it might not." Tobias responds while giving his friend a hard look, although he could get upset about the way he sounded, he could tell that he didn't mean it to sound like it did and decided that it wasn't worth getting upset about.

"So how about being naked and messing around with us all, how do you feel about doing that again?" Carter decides to ask, while trying not to smile at the blush on his friends face.

"Well naked er... skinny dipping is fun and er... being naked is okay, but none of that other stuff will happen again, well if we play dares I won't mind, but not like we did last night." Tobias responds in a thoughtful tone, he hadn't really thought about that and just went with his gut feeling and could tell that his friends were both happy with his answer.

"I feel the same way, last night was great, well what we did together was great and I don't regret doing it, but I don't want to do anything like that again and I don't want to share Wesley again." Carter then states in a serious but friendly tone and was happy that his friend shared the same view as he did about what happened.

"This is going to get me another elbow in the ribs, but what about your family Tobias, I mean your real one, you seemed really upset about it and well er... crap er..." Wesley begins to ask, but even though he knew it was probably a stupid question in the first place, he just felt like a complete moron for actually asking it and was thankful that his friend interrupted them.

"I have to speak with Mum and Matt about it, but I don't think I need to say goodbye anymore, I mean I still want to, but I don't need to, if that makes sense." Tobias states honestly, he could tell that his friend wasn't trying to upset him and he didn't mind explaining how he was feeling, especially to his two friends, who he now shared something special with in his mind.

"Seriously?" Wesley then asks and while to his surprise he avoided an elbow by his boyfriend after his last question, he winced as he got one that time.

"Moron!" Carter then states with a scolding look, he didn't mind the last question and their friend seemed in the mood to talk to them about anything, but he wasn't impressed with that response from his boyfriend.

"For fuck sake Carter, that actually hurt." Wesley then states as he rubs his side and couldn't help but show his annoyance.

"You guys are funny." Tobias then says before giggling, as his two friends look at him in confusion. "You're though and well I guess with my family I want to wait until a special occasion, but let's talk about something else." He then states after getting his giggling under control, he just loved the way his friends fought and got mad at each other.

"Nah, let's get our speedos on and go join the others, we have been in here for way too long and you just know what Matt and Ben will be thinking." Wesley then states, he would love to keep talking, but at the same time he wanted to get out and do something and just knew that the pool would feel so nice.

"So cool and I'm going naked." Tobias states with a big grin and before either of his friends can stop him, he gets up and quickly runs to the door and runs out of the pool house.

"Holy shit." Wesley states as he watches the door swing shut and can't help but wonder if he really was crazy.

"I wonder how long it takes him to remember that Erica is out there." Carter then states as he gets up and walks over to their bag, there was no way he was going naked with Erica there, even if she had seen him naked with a boner the previous night.

"Something tells me he won't care, well not in the mood he is in right now." Wesley responds as he gives the door another look and is half tempted to go out there naked as well, but quickly comes to his senses and turns back to his boyfriend.

"It really was great with him wasn't it." Carter then decides to say as he throws his boyfriend his pair of speedos.

"Honestly, I loved it and it was so much fun, but it wasn't the same as when it's just you and me Carter." Wesley responds with a shy smile, it was definitely fun, but it wasn't anything compared to just being with his boyfriend and he just loved everything about him.

"I know, but no regrets right?" Carter then asks in a loving tone, he already knew his boyfriends answer and just wanted to hear him say it with just the two of them in the room.

"No regrets." Wesley responds and after quickly pulling his speedos up, he walks over to his boyfriend and kisses him.

"BOOOMB!!!" Tobias shouts out as he runs to the side of the pool and jumps into the pool.

"Was he naked?" Erica asks in a bemused tone after seeing him disappear under the water with an impressive splash.

"I think he might have forgotten you were out here." Ben responds with a little chuckle, he knew despite the previous night, that his brother would be mortified when he realised Erica was out here and just found the thought amusing.

"Should I go inside for a while?" Erica then asks, she didn't want to, but at the same time she didn't want to embarrass the boy, who was obviously in a very good mood.

"Ha, no way Erica, he isn't a baby and it will be so funny to see his face when he realises." Ben responds and although it was mean, he knew that his brother wouldn't get upset and plus he was really enjoying being in her arms and was in no hurry to get up.

"Well no one can say I didn't offer." Erica then says as she gives his hands a little squeeze, she found it so strange to be holding him like this, but it was a nice strange and she knew that he was comfortable as he hadn't made any effort to move away.

"This is nice." Ben then says as he watches his brother resurface and to his slight disappointment heads straight over to his boyfriend and brother.

"You look happy." Mitch says as soon as he sees his brother paddle beside him and couldn't help but be curious.

"What's he doing?" Tobias asks as he looks at his brother, who was underwater for some reason.

"Riding a dragon to kill some zombies." Mitch answers with a big grin, he just couldn't resist teasing the boy for asking such a stupid question and couldn't help but laugh at the look on his face as he tries to work out what he just said.

"You're so stupid Smelly Head." Tobias responds after a few moments, although he couldn't stop himself blushing after realising just how stupid his question actually was. "So why is he doing it?" He then asks after waiting for his big brother to stop chuckling at him.

"We are just doing a few different things to see how he is progressing Tobias, he has already done some laps and practised a couple of different strokes and this is the last one before I make him take a break." Mitch explains as he checks his watch and couldn't help being impressed, he still had twenty seconds to equal his worst time so far, but it was still impressive for him to be doing this well.

"Make him stop?" Tobias then asks after accepting the rest of the explanation, he was just surprised at his big brothers choice of words and would have thought his other brother would be exhausted and want to get out.

"Honestly, he is doing a lot better than I thought he would Tobias and..." Mitch begins to responds before being interrupted by Matt resurfacing and gives him a quick look before turning back to his brother. "He has a lot more stamina than I thought he would, but even though he feels good, he shouldn't push himself and needs to take a break." He then finishes saying before turning back to the young boy to make sure he was okay.

"How long?" Matt asks straight away as he looks at the older boy excitedly, he knew it was probably his worst time, but as long as it wasn't terrible, then he was okay with it.

"Forty six seconds Matt." Mitch answers with a proud smile, sure it was his worst time, but he had expected it to be much worse and was genuinely impressed.

"Aww that's my worst time." Matt then says in a slightly disappointed tone, but still smiles to let the older boy know that he was okay and not upset.

"It's still great." Mitch points out with a smile before reaching over and ruffling the boys hair.

"I could have done a bit more if someone's little penis wasn't near my face." Matt then decides to state with a grin, although he wasn't using it as an excuse, he was just curious about his brother being naked and couldn't resist teasing him.

"Huh?" Mitch asks in a confused tone, until he sees his brother blushing a little and realises what the boy had meant. "Fucking hell Tobias, where's your speedo?" He then asks as he gives his brother an unimpressed look, he wouldn't mind normally, but his girlfriend was here and well actually the more he thought about it, the funnier he realised the situation was and couldn't help but wonder if his brother even knew his girlfriend was sitting by the side of the pool.

"Ha, you forgot she was here didn't you." Matt then states with an amused look as he looks at his brother quickly looking around.

"I don't care." Tobias then says as he starts to smile, he was still embarrassed, but she had seen the others naked and he was too happy right now to get upset about her seeing him.

"Really?" Mitch then asks as he looks at him curiously and can't help but be surprised that he seemed to genuinely not care if he was seen naked by his girlfriend.

"I'm not lost anymore and I know who I am now, so I don't care if she sees me naked, I have a nice body and er... yeah I don't care." Tobias responds with a big grin and after talking with his two friends about this a few minutes earlier, he know knew how to answer any questions they had.

"Who er... what?" Mitch asks in a now confused tone and wondered if he should be worried or not about the boys explanation.

"Tell him Tobias." Matt then states as he gives his brother a proud smile, he didn't know for sure, but he thought he knew what this was about and if he was right, then he was so proud of his brother and happy for him.

"Tell me what?" Mitch then asks, before realising that he needed to just be quiet for a few moments after getting a shake of the head from Matt.

"I am Tobias Summers, I'm twelve years old. straight, sexy and adorable and very, very happy." Tobias states in a serious but happy tone, with a massive smile to go with it.

"I love you." Matt then quickly says after noticing that Mitch was a little surprised and he didn't want his brother to get upset by noticing his reaction.

"Isn't it great Mitch." Tobias then states in an excited tone as he looks at his big brother proudly.

"I don't get it." Mitch responds in a confused tone and could tell straight away that he had said the wrong thing. "I mean it's great and I'm happy that you're happy Tobias, but I think I'm being really stupid and I don't quite get it and I know I'm going to feel like even more of an idiot once you explain it to me." He then quickly says as he thinks of something on the spot and thankfully sees the boy smile and knows that he just dodged a bullet, although he can tell that Matt was not impressed with him at all.

"Well we did lots of stuff last night and well some really er... well good stuff, but when I woke up I just realised what I have now and who I really am now and I'm not Tobias Robinson anymore and I'm not scared or alone anymore Mitch, I've been lost for so long and now I'm not lost anymore." Tobias states with a bit of a frown as he wasn't quite sure if that sounded as dumb as it sounded in his head and wondered how he had managed to do a worse job of explaining it, than he had done with his two friends a few minutes earlier.

"Okay well..." Mitch begins to respond and despite understanding his brothers words, he still couldn't work out what he was talking about and was glad to be interrupted by Matt.

"Mitch he means that since we got him out of the orphanage and he has lived with us, he hasn't known who he was or where he fitted in, his family are dead and I'm now his brother instead of just his best friend and Sarah is his mum and then with Carter, Ben, Wesley and me being gay, he wasn't even sure if he was straight or gay, but he understands now and he is happy." Matt explains, he could tell straight away that the older boy had no idea what their brother was on about and knew he had to help him understand as his brother seemed to be struggling to express himself.

"And after what you did last night, you, well okay I think I get it, but do I want to know what you did last night to figure all that out Tobias?" Mitch then decides to ask his brother, he knew they were doing dares and without him there, he was sure it went a lot further than when he had played with the others before and wasn't sure he wanted to know any of the details.

"I er... Matt?" Tobias asks after turning to his brother, he wasn't sure if he was allowed to tell him or even if he was allowed, whether his big brother wanted to know or not and he was confused.

"Mitch, he had a really good time and well Wesley and Carter made him feel really good and they er... well they looked after him and you don't want to know any more than that." Matt then states with a small grin, he knew the older boy wouldn't want details, but he knew that he needed to know that their brother was okay and had enjoyed himself.

"Well I won't lie, I'm still confused about it all, but..." Mitch begins to say before turning to his brother and holding his shoulders. "But I'm very proud of you Tobias Summers and I'm so happy that you're okay now and that you finally feel like you belong here." He then says in a sincere tone, before leaning forward and giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"You're the best big brother ever." Tobias then says before paddling forward and wrapping his arms around his big brothers chest and cuddling him.

"What's going on?" Wesley asks as he sits down next to his friend and Erica beside the pool, before smiling as his boyfriend decides to sit on his lap instead of getting his own seat.

"I'm not sure, but I think Tobias was trying to explain something and well now they are cuddling, so it must have gone well." Ben responds as he looks across to his friend and gives him a friendly smile.

"Oh okay." Wesley then says as he looks to his friends in the pool, while wrapping his arms around his boyfriends waist.

"Does he know that you're sitting out here yet Erica?" Carter then decides to ask as he looks over to her.

"I don't know, if he has, then he doesn't seem to care." Erica responds with a friendly smile and couldn't help but think how cute the boy was and felt that same protective draw to him that she had felt before.

"Are you okay?" Carter then asks in a bemused tone, he could see that she was looking at him in a strange way and wondered what was going on.

"Nothing, it's silly and well don't worry about it." Erica responds with a smile, before turning back to look at her boyfriend in the pool, as she tried to hide her embarrassment at being caught staring at him, but she just couldn't help feeling, which she could only describe as a sibling connection with him.

"You don't have any brothers or sisters do you Erica?" Wesley decides to asks, he had noticed the look on her face and where as his boyfriend had obviously not understood it, he had seen the same look on his brothers face recently when he was looking at him and he had seen Mitch look the same way at Ben and thought he knew what was going on.

"No Wesley, I'm an only child." Erica responds and can't help but turn to the boy and give him a curious look, it was an odd question to ask out of no where and she was intrigued.

"Carter doesn't have any brothers or sisters either." Wesley then states as he gives her a knowing look and feels his boyfriend shifting and looks at him with a smile.

"What are you doing?" Carter then asks in a suspicious tone, he could tell his boyfriend was up to something, but he had no idea what it was.

"Well you said you always wanted an older sister and it's obvious that Erica sees you as a little brother, so well I just wanted to put it out there." Wesley answers with a small grin and can tell that he was right about Erica after looking over to her.

"You're such a moron Wesley." Carter states before looking at his feet and couldn't feel more embarrassed than he did right now and even though his boyfriend was right about the sister thing, he had no right to tell Erica and just knew she would laugh at him.

"Ben, Wesley, why don't you two go and join the others while me and Carter have a little talk." Erica then states in a firm enough tone that both Ben and Wesley know that she wasn't just asking them.

"Okay." Ben responds as he reluctantly gets off her lap and back to his feet. "Come on Wesley." He then says before walking to the side of the pool and diving in.

"Sorry, but it's going to be okay and you can thank me later." Wesley whispers in his boyfriends ear, before getting to his feet with him still in his arms and turning around, before sitting his boyfriend down.

"Moron." Carter responds with an unimpressed look, before watching his boyfriend run and dive into the pool.

"So you have always wanted an older sister?" Erica decides to ask after sitting up and facing the tiny boy with a warm smile.

"He had no right to tell anyone else that." Carter states in an irritated tone, it wasn't exactly a big secret, well it wasn't even a secret really, but he had told his boyfriend in confidence and he knew other people would think it was weird that he wanted an older sister instead of an older brother.

"Maybe not, but he was right about the way I think about you Carter and you shouldn't be mad at him." Erica then says as she reaches over and takes on of his hands into both of hers.

"Why me though?" Carter then decides to ask, it just made more sense for her to pick one of the others if she wanted a little brother and would be seeing more of his three friends than him.

"Because you're you Carter, we have a lot in common and I enjoy our little talks." Erica responds honestly, she just found him fascinating and so cute and not to mention he was very intelligent, which impressed her.

"Can I be mad at him just a little bit?" Carter then asks with a small grin, he was so irritated and annoyed with his boyfriend a few moments ago, but he was happy to hear Erica's words and knew that his boyfriend was doing what he always did and looking after him and he loved him for it.

"I love your sense of humour as well Carter, the others are funny and Tobias is well, he is just Tobias, but you, well you're just amazing and I can't help but want to hug and protect you when I see you and I know that sounds a little weird, well it is a little weird, but I guess it's how older brothers and sisters feel about their younger brothers and sisters." Erica responds with a grin, although she had managed to confuse herself a little with her words and could tell by the boys grin, that he was a little confused as well.

"Does this mean we have to buy each other stuff on our birthdays now?" Carter then decides to ask, he was a little confused by her little speech, but he got the point and he was happy about having her as a sort of surrogate older sister and guessed it would be similar to how he views Mitch now, but he couldn't resist trying his luck with the presents.

"Nice try, but in all seriousness Carter, nothing is really going to change, but it's nice to get it in the open and if you ever need anything, then you have my number okay." Erica responds with a smile and again just felt drawn to him, a normal boy might have asked to be given presents, but he had said 'buy each other' and that just made him even more endearing to her.

"You won't laugh at me if I go skinny dipping will you Erica?" Carter then asks and can tell straight away that he had surprised her, he had only decided a few moments before speaking and just wanted to surprise his boyfriend and if his friend wasn't embarrassed than neither was he.

"Well I have seen you naked before Carter and after last night, I have seen you, well let's just say you going skinny dipping isn't exactly something you need to be embarrassed about in front of me anymore." Erica responds after getting over the surprise over his question and despite not really being completely comfortable seeing the boys naked like she has done recently, she wasn't going to harm his self confidence and knew that this was a good thing for him to do for himself.

"It's not like these hide anything anyway." Carter then says as he stands up and begins to lower his speedos, they were the same violet ones his boyfriend had brought for him when they had visiting their friends the first weekend that they had moved in and he had worn them every time he had been swimming since and enjoyed the attention he got, even if it was embarrassing at the public pool sometimes.

"Hurry along and tell that boyfriend of mine that he better get his backside over here and get me a drink." Erica then states with a small grin, as she tries not to look at the boys nakedness, she didn't mind that much, but at the same time he was standing a little too close and she didn't really want to have it waving in her face.

"Okay and er... Erica er... thank you." Carter then says in a shy tone and quickly gives her a hug, before hurrying to the pool and diving in, leaving Erica shaking her head with a smile as she watches him swim over to the others boys and her boyfriend.

The Next Day

"It's not the point Mitch and I don't care if you think he has learned his lesson." Mike states in a serious tone, he didn't want to have a go at his eldest son, but he wasn't happy with him at all.

"Dad I'm sorry, but he has been so good and was even doing chores over the weekend, so I thought he..." Mitch begins to responds but is cut off by his dad and despite thinking that he made the right choice, he knew that his dad wasn't happy and knew that he should have talked with him first.

"He is grounded Mitch and you should have talked to me first before letting him go round his friends house." Mike states and despite having to concede that his youngest son doing his chores over the weekend was impressive, he still wasn't happy about him being over at his friends house instead of being home and doing his chores right now.

"Mike er... can I say something please?" Matt asks, he had been sitting quietly as they were talking and was a little uncomfortable as it was clear that they had forgotten he was eating a sandwich and reading a book in the room.

"Oh er... well we are talking about something important Matt, can it wait a few minutes?" Mike asks as he gives the boy a warm smile, he had forgotten he was even in the room and couldn't help but feel guilty as they had obviously disturbed him from his reading.

"It's about what you're talking about though." Matt responds as he gives his boyfriends dad a shy smile, he really respected the man, but he didn't like it when people were angry and he was a little nervous to speak up.

"Matt I don't think..." Mike begins to say, before seeing the look on the boys face and instantly realises that he was his youngest sons boyfriend and that it was his business as well. "Go ahead Matt." He then says in a softer tone and despite not thinking he had anything worthwhile to say, he was going to at least hear him out.

"Ben has been really good just like Mitch said and he knows he is grounded and that he did wrong Mike, but he is still hurting and confused and until we get our own stuff, then he needs to use Alex's and he isn't going round there to have fun or play, he is going there to get better and you shouldn't be mad at him or punish him for trying to get better." Matt says in a quiet tone, he was still a little nervous after hearing them arguing, but he wanted to let his boyfriends dad know why he had gone to their friends house.

"Well okay, I get your point Matt and thank you for letting me know, but he should have asked me and at the very least Mitch should have talked to me before letting him go." Mike states as he turns to his eldest son, he had to concede that he couldn't be upset with his youngest son, but his eldest son was another matter.

"Can I er... say something else?" Matt then asks, he knew he was pushing his luck a little and shouldn't get involved when adults argue, but he felt like he had something important to say.

"Okay, but after this I want you to go back to your book okay Matt." Mike responds and despite wanting to get back to talking with his eldest son, he was curious about what the young boy had to say this time.

"I think Mitch should be like er... like really sorry and he could have phoned you and stuff about Ben." Matt begins to say before pausing for a few moments and giving the older boy a guilty look, before turning back to his boyfriends dad. "But you put him in charge of Ben and all of us for the weekend and you er... you know you er... you do that a lot Mike and well Ben listens to him and well er... I think it's not fair that you put Mitch in charge and then tell him off for making decisions and he er... well he knew why Ben wanted to go to Alex's because he talked to him about it and made Ben tell him why and well I just don't er... think it's fair that you tell him off for doing the right thing." He then says as he struggles to keep eye contact with his boyfriends dad, he just felt so small as he looked up at him and wasn't sure if he was being rude or not.

"Well Mitch, I think you owe this little guy a treat, but the fact you didn't call me first is not acceptable, although I'm sorry about everything else and I know that you just want the best for your little brother, but I expect you to talk to me about this sort of thing in the future first." Mike then says before turning back to the young boy. "Matt thank you and I'm sorry for interrupting your reading." He then says in a sincere tone and is happy to see him smiling back at him.

"I'm sorry Dad and well I'm really sorry." Mitch responds in a somewhat subdued tone, he knew he did the right thing by his little brother, but he now realised that he should have talked with their dad before letting him go and was genuinely sorry.

"Can someone massage my foot please." Matt then decides to ask, it was aching a little and while it wasn't that uncomfortable, it was annoying him and he knew his boyfriend would be ages and he didn't want to wait that long.

"Well get to work Mitch, I'm going to go and check to see how Sarah and Tobias's talk is going." Mike quickly states with a smirk as he gives his eldest son a pat on the shoulder. "Matt, I will see you later and thank you again." He then says before turning and leaving the room.

"Do you really need me to massage your foot or are you just making the most out of what my dad said?" Mitch asks with a small grin as he kneels in front of the boy.

"Usually Ben does it, but he isn't here and well you do owe me big time after stopping your dad being angry at you." Matt answers honestly, although he can't help but grimace when he feels his foot being twisted.

"Oh shit sorry." Mitch quickly apologises, he only meant to twist it a little bit and knew that he had hurt him. "Shit, do you want some ice?" He then asks after hearing him sniffle a few times and knew he must have hurt him a lot.

"Cuddle." Matt just about manages to say, it hurt really bad and while he knew it would go away, he just needed a few minutes and knew being cuddled would help him.

"Okay, but I'm so sorry Matt." Mitch responds with a guilty look as he pulls him to the edge of the chair and cuddles him.

"Is it okay to come in?" Mike asks as he stands at the kitchen door, he thought he heard something from the living room, but just figured the boys were messing around and ignored it.

"Actually I was just going to call you in here Mike, Tobias has something to say." Sarah responds with a warm smile and despite it sounding ominous, Mike knew that she wouldn't be smiling if it was something bad.

"Is everything alright Tobias?" Mike then asks as he takes a seat opposite him at the table and next to Sarah, he could see the boy was unsure of when to speak and decided to help him out.

"I don't want to go see my families graves." Tobias quickly responds, he had gone through it all with his mum and didn't really feel like doing it again and would rather just enjoy his new feeling of happiness instead.

"You what?" Mike asks in a shocked tone, it was obvious the boy wanted to say goodbye and had really struggled to cope with not having any closure, so he was stunned by what he had just said.

"Well I do want to say goodbye, but er... well I don't need to say good bye." Tobias responds as he tries to explain, but even though he had explained it a few times now, he was annoyed that it wasn't getting any easier and could tell his uncle didn't understand.

"Mike, he wants to wait until his birthday next year to go back to England and see their graves, I think he had some sort of epiphany at the weekend and he doesn't need to say goodbye anymore." Sarah states after deciding to intervene and could tell that her son was relieved and that Mike was now beginning to understand.

"What's an epiphany?" Tobias quickly asks, he had never heard that word before and had no idea what it meant.

"It's like a moment of clarity Honey." Sarah explains with a loving smile, but she can see that he obviously had no idea what she was talking about. "Honey, it means that for whatever reason, you discovered something or thought about something that helped you move on from your grief, so instead of needing to say goodbye to your family, you now just want to say goodbye and that is a good thing Tobias." She then adds as she does her best to help him understand and while with a lot more thinking time she could have come up with something better to say, she could tell that she had at least helped him understand her point.

"Oh okay, well er... I think I get it and yeah I had an epipingly." Tobias says as he turns to his uncle with a big grin.

"It's epiphany Tobias and well I'm very happy for you and I think it is a wonderful idea to wait until your birthday and Matt will definitely be able to go with us all by then." Mike states with a warm smile as he looks at the happy looking boy opposite him.

"I'm Tobias Summers, I'm twelve years old and I'm straight Mike." Tobias then states proudly and Mike has to work hard to not laugh at the boys statement, he wasn't expecting it at all and it was just too adorably cute.

"Yes you're Tobias and I'm so proud of you, but why don't you go in the other room and see how your brother is doing." Mike then says in a warm tone, although he was still struggling to hide his amusement over the boys words and knew he had to get him out of the room.

"Is he okay?" Tobias quickly asks and Mike can't help but smile at the boys genuine concern for his brother.

"His foot was hurting a little, but Mitch is giving it a massage." Mike answers honestly, he saw no point in making something else up and he could tell that the boy wasn't in any real pain, so he was happy to reassure him about his brother.

"Oh okay, bye Mike and bye Mum." Tobias then says in a happy tone as he gets up and makes his way out of the room.

"Is he really okay Sarah?" Mike then asks, he was struggling to stop himself laughing earlier, but the boys concern for his brother had helped him compose himself and he was now curious to see what she really thought about his so called epiphany.

"Honestly, I was shocked and worried about him Mike, but he explained how he has felt ever since we found him and how after something that happened at the sleepover, he didn't feel that way anymore." Sarah responds as she gives him a warm smile, she was so happy that he was concerned for her son and it showed how good of a man he really was.

"Something they did?" Mike then asks in a curious tone, knowing what boys usually do on sleepovers, having been in a number himself as a kid, he had a fair idea and actually started regretting asking the question now that he thought about it.

"He wouldn't tell me and I didn't push it too much Mike, especially when all he would say is Wesley and Carter made him feel really good and there is no way I want to think about what that means." Sarah answers honestly and can't help but shake her head and blush a little, she had no real idea what boys did at sleepovers and she didn't want to know.

"I think it's best that way Sarah." Mike says with a little smirk, although when he really thinks about it, he realises that he really didn't want to think about it at either and decided to change the subject. "Has Matt talked about visiting David with you any more?" He then asks as he thinks about whether he should have allowed his youngest son to go with him.

"He is nervous about it Mike and he doesn't know what he is going to say, but he is so happy that you're letting Ben go with him and I think it will help him stay strong." Sarah answers with a slight frown, she was happy that Ben and Mitch would be there, but she still wasn't happy about the visit at all and especially since she wouldn't be in the room with them.

"I don't want him to go in there Sarah, hell I don't even think Matt should be going, but they are stronger together and if Matt needs to do this, then he will need Ben." Mike then says as he takes her hand into his own.

"I just hope it doesn't destroy him Mike, David is a monster and he will have time to think about how he can hurt him even more than he already has." Sarah then says in a sad tone, she could only hope that David had some conscious left and didn't try anything else.

"Mitch won't let it go far enough for that to happen Sarah, I already talked to him about getting the boys out of the room as soon as David tries something like that." Mike responds as he gives her hand a reassuring squeeze.

"You're a good man and a good friend Mike." Sarah says before leaning forward and kissing him.

"Hey Jim." Wesley says as he walks into their living room and sits on the sofa.

"No Carter tonight?" Jim asks as he gives his younger brother a smile.

"Not for a couple of nights, his parents want him to concentrate on some studies." Wesley responds as he gives his brother a small smile, he had wanted to ask about his boyfriends birthday present, but knew that it would be rude to come out and say it.

"Studies?" Jim then asks in a curious tone, but quickly remembers the boys interest in medicine. "Oh they are starting him on that stuff already?" He then asks in a slightly surprised tone, he was impressed that he wanted to get into medicine, but he thought he was still a bit young for his parents to be pushing him into studying for it already and was a little surprised because he knew that they weren't the pushy type from his own experiences with them.

"It's actually his idea Jim, they are just making sure he isn't distracted." Wesley answers with a grin, he was a little disappointed about being asked to stay away for a few nights, but his boyfriends parents asked him nicely and explained why and he could tell that while his boyfriend would prefer they were together, that he agreed with his parents and he was happy to oblige.

"Have you thought about what you want to do when you're older?" Jim then decides to ask as he tries to get to know his younger brother a little better, he was still regretting how he had behaved towards his brother in the past and was quickly realising what an amazing person he really was and he was so proud of him.

"I think I might be a police constable or something like that Jim." Wesley answers as he gives his brother a big smile, it was still a little hit and miss between them, but he could tell that his brother was making a real effort to get to know him and spend some time with him and he appreciated it a lot.

"Oh wow, well I thought for sure you would go into sport or do something with the violin." Jim responds honestly and despite what he assumed his brother would do, he couldn't be prouder of him for wanting to be a police constable and thought it suited him perfectly.

"I like those things Jim, well I really like them, but I want to help and protect people." Wesley states proudly, he knew there was a lot more than that to being a constable, but he knew he would be good at it.

"You should talk to Mitch about it Wesley, he is thinking about joining the police as well." Jim then says after remembering talking with him a few weeks ago and him mentioning what he was planning to do.

"I know, we talked about it when we were in hospital after David tried to kill us." Wesley responds with a smile, which quickly fades when he thinks about how close he came to dying and could remember the look in his boyfriends eyes after he had saved him.

"Hey come with me, I have something to cheer you up." Jim says as he gets up and gives his brother a quick cuddle, he could tell that the memory had upset his brother and had just the thing to get him smiling again.

"Okay and well, I'm okay Jim and thank you." Wesley responds as his brother lets him go and follows him to where he suspects is his bedroom.

"Can I get a foot rub?" Tobias asks in a cheeky tone as he sits himself next to his brother and watches in amusement as his big brother rubs his brothers foot.

"Not a chance you cheeky little shit." Mitch responds as he looks up and grins at the boy.

"No swearing." Tobias quickly states and gives his big brother a half glare, he really didn't like swearing and wasn't afraid to tell someone off for doing it.

"You can stop now Mitch." Matt then says, he was tempted to just listen to them teasing each other, but his foot was feeling better now and he knew that if he let the older boy carry on, then it might actually start to hurt again.

"Are you sure?" Mitch asks as he gently places the boys foot down, he still felt guilty for hurting him earlier and wanted to make it up to him.

"Yeah it feels good now, but if you do it for too long it just starts to hurt again." Matt responds with a grin, before turning to his brother. "How did the talk go?" He then asks in a curious tone, he could tell his brother was in a good mood and knew that it was a good sign, but he was still interested in hearing what he had to say.

"Really good and we are going to England for my birthday next year." Tobias answers in an excited tone, he still wanted to say goodbye to his family, but where as he needed too just a few days ago, he now just wanted to see them and really wanted his brother to be there with him.

"Can we invite Wesley and Carter?" Matt then asks, he and his brother had talked about it together earlier and were hoping they could come as well.

"Yeah and I asked about Peter and Alex, but they aren't really our friends yet and Mum said that we can talk about them another time, but it might be better with just Carter and Wesley." Tobias responds and if he was being honest, he didn't want them to come, he wanted it to be special and even if he did become friends with Peter and Alex, he didn't want them to go.

"Right I need to go and pick Ben up, so be good and..." Mitch begins to says as he gets to his feet, but the bemused looks on the two boys faces makes him realise what he is saying. "Okay I get it, just be good okay." He then says and can't help but shake his head.

"Bye Mitch." Matt and Tobias both say in unison and start to giggle as they watch him leaving the room.

"Have you been crying?" Tobias then asks as he looks at his brothers face and can see that they were a little red and couldn't help but be a little worried.

"Yeah, Mitch accidentally twisted my foot, but it only hurt for a little while." Matt answers as he looks at his brother and smiles, he just loved how he could tell that he had been crying and cared enough to ask about it.

"I wish I could go with you Saturday." Tobias then says as he looks away from his brother and instead looks out the window.

"Me too, but Mum doesn't want you in a prison." Matt then says as he watches his brother carefully and could tell that he was thinking about something. "I'm going to tell him that you're okay and that you live with us now." He then says, he didn't know what his brother was thinking about, but took a guess and hoped he could reassure him.

"Me want to er... me want to show him that I'm okay and he er... you know." Tobias then says as he turns back to his brother with a shy smile, he was talking so much better now, but he knew he kept slipping back when he was emotional or thinking really hard and he still found it embarrassing.

"Can we talk about something else?" Matt then asks, he could tell his brother was getting a little worked up and he didn't want to talk about it anymore either.

"Can I sleep with you two tonight?" Tobias decides to ask, he knew he spent the sleepover with them, but he just wanted to be with his brothers tonight and hope he said yes.

"Yeah, but it's the last time this week okay." Matt responds with a grin, they didn't mind their brother sleeping with them, but he wanted to make sure he remembered that they wanted to be alone sometimes.

"Okay." Tobias responds with a big grin and can't stop himself from thinking about why his brother just said that and it was just so funny to him.

"It's not just to do that stuff Tobias." Matt then says in a slightly embarrassed tone, he knew exactly why his brother was grinning and knew there was no point denying it fully.

"It feels good though er... well you know that er... stuff, I liked it." Tobias then says and instantly starts to blush, although as embarrassing as it was to admit, he knew he could tell his brother anything.

"Are you ever going to tell me what they did to you?" Matt then decides to ask, although he pretty much knew what had happened and seen most of it, he was still curious about when they were in the pool together, he and his boyfriend had only watched them for a few minutes and couldn't see much and although their friends told them quite a bit, he wondered if there was more.

"Nope, but it was just so nice and well it was just nice and I liked it." Tobias responds, sure what they actually did wasn't that different to what his brothers saw in the pool house, but when they were in the pool his friends had made him feel something he never thought he could feel again and it was too special to him to tell someone else, even his brother and he hoped he would respect that.

"Okay." Matt then says and looks at his brother for a few moments, before holding his hand up with his little finger extended, he knew his brother didn't want to tell him and he knew that meant it was something personal to him and decided to never ask again, they didn't have many secrets, but they had a few and this was there way of letting the other know that they understood.

"You remembered." Tobias then says in a happy tone as he reaches over and locks his little finger with his brothers.

"You and me against the world." Matt then says with a grin and can see his brothers face light up.

"To the end of the universe and back." Tobias responds and struggles to hold back from giggling.

"No one or no thing can keep us apart." Matt then says, but his smile quickly fades as he thinks about his dad.

"Soul mates until the end of time." Tobias says before pulling his brother in for a loving cuddle. "Matt we are together, even your dad couldn't keep us apart." He then whispers in his ear, he knew why his brother had reacted like that to the words, but he wanted to let him know that they were still together.

"It's been so long since we did that." Matt then says after a few minutes of just letting his brother hold him, he just couldn't stop feeling that way, but his brother pointing out that even after being ripped apart and after everything his dad had done to him, here they were together again and he couldn't help but smile.

"We were so lame back then." Tobias then says and can't stop himself chuckling, they really were lame when he thought about it, but at the same time he wouldn't be any different if he could do it all over again, they were just soul mates and he couldn't be happier.

"But we were lame together." Matt responds with a grin and this time pulls his brother into his chest and cuddles him.

"Oh my god you got them." Wesley says as he opens the box his brother had given him.

"Just don't touch them." Jim says as he sits next to his brother on his bed, but he could see the confused look on his face. "Those are limited edition and have never been opened Wesley and the guy was very adamant that Carter should be the first to open them, or at the very least decide if he wants to open them." He then explains and was relieved that his brother seemed to understand, as he didn't really get what all the fuss was himself, he had never been into collecting things and was of the opinion that you buy stuff to use.

"Wait, limited edition?" Wesley then asks, he had just asked for the graphic novels and hoped that the limited editions didn't cost more than he could afford.

"Only the best for my little brother Wesley, besides I told you that I knew a guy and he owed me a favour and he said that these would make Carter's day, maybe his life if he was a huge fan of the series." Jim explains with a grin, after years of basically neglecting his younger brother and mostly just signing a card for his birthdays while their parents brought him a present, he wanted to make up for it and he knew this would go a very, very long way to achieving that.

"They are perfect." Wesley states before looking at his brother and slowly puts the lid back on the box and sets it to one side. "I wish you were like this before." He then says in a slightly sad tone, ever since his boyfriend had confronted his brother about how he was a crap older brother, he has just been amazing and even when he messed up a few times, he could tell that he was trying and he just wished they hadn't lost so much time.

"Wesley you might never know how much I regret treating you the way I did, but it's done and we can't change that, but I really would like to be a real big brother to you from now on and I'm so proud to have you as my little brother." Jim responds from the heart, he genuinely wished things had been different and could only hope he hasn't left it too late.

"Carter's going to love the graphic novels." Wesley then says with a smile, before surprising his brother by wrapping his arms around him and cuddling him.

"I'm sorry Dad." Ben apologises as he walks into the kitchen and sees his dad sitting at the table, his brother had told him what had happened and that their dad was not happy with him going to his friends and knew he needed to apologise straight away.

"Did it help?" Mike asks, ignoring his youngest sons question as he tries to make sure that he is alright.

"I er... what?" Ben asks in response and doesn't know if his dad is having a go at him or trying to make some kind of joke that he doesn't get.

"He means did your training help you feel better Ben." Mitch quickly explains after seeing his little brother didn't understand what was happening and he could tell that his dad had no idea he had confused him.

"Oh right, well yeah, it just feels good to hit something, well I wasn't just hitting things, Alex tried to teach me how to do the skipping rope thing." Ben states and gives his brother an appreciative look.

"The skipping rope thing?" Mike then asks after realising that he had handled his sons apology badly and was grateful his eldest son was quick to clear things up.

"You know when they skip really fast, like mega fast Dad, but I was rubbish at it and after a little while he made me do some sit ups and some press ups instead." Ben explains with a shy grin, he really was bad at the skipping and the press ups and sit ups were just as tough.

"So this Alex boy is taking it seriously and actually putting you through a routine?" Mike then asks in a curious tone, he didn't know much about the other boy and had to admit he had his doubts about him and also had doubts about his youngest son going round there to 'train' but he had to admit it did sound like they were doing that and taking it seriously.

"He is very good at it Dad and I think he should teach people when he gets older." Ben says in response, he was still unsure of what he wanted to do and knew his boyfriend was the same way, but knowing that his brother and Wesley were considering being constables and that Carter wanted to go into medicine, he couldn't help thinking that Alex would be good at training people to keep fit and stuff.

"Maybe you should suggest that the next time you see him Ben, but for now you need to go and get a shower and then come in here for your tea and then you can hoover downstairs." Mike then states in a firm but fair tone and gives his youngest son a smile when he looks at him in surprise. "You're still grounded Ben, now get a move on and Matt and Tobias are in the living room, so you can say hello, but I want you in that shower in the next five minutes." He then says, but is surprised when he sees him walk over and cuddle him.

"I love you Dad and sorry I didn't ask you if I could go to Alex's." Ben says in a sincere tone, before letting go of his dad and quickly makes his way to the living room to see his boyfriend and brother.

"Nice recovery Dad." Mitch then says, before looking over to Sarah, who had kept quiet as she was preparing their tea and seeing that she was trying not to laugh.

"Thank you for jumping in Mitch." Mike then says with an appreciative smile. "I had no idea they were doing all that other stuff though, I thought he was just punching a punching bag to get whatever anger and frustration he had out of his system." He then states in a surprised tone, he was realising that he hadn't really taken what his son was doing seriously and felt guilty.

"I'm actually going to try and meet Alex and talk to him about what he is doing Dad." Mitch begins to say before pausing when he sees his dad and even Sarah give him a strange look. "Jeez give me some credit guys, I just want to know what routines he does and get some advice, I know I can see a professional and I know a few guys, but I think it might give him a bit of a boost and maybe help him gives some serious thought into becoming a personal trainer, he sounds like he knows what he is doing." He then states with a shake of the head and could only imagine that they had thought he was going to have a go at the boy or something equally as stupid.

"Sorry, but that does sound like a good idea and you could see if Ben is okay with you going with him next time to watch or even join in." Mike then suggests, he wasn't sure what his eldest son meant at first, but he was proud of his idea and thought it was a good idea.

"You already have five kids Mitch, are you sure you want a sixth and maybe a seventh if this Peter is anything like Ben says he is." Sarah then says with a grin, before turning back to worktop after seeing the young man's face go beet red and knew she shouldn't tease him.

"Very funny, but I'm going to head up and give Erica a call, see you both in a little while." Mitch responds with a shake of the head, although he had to admit that in a way she was right and he really did have to be more careful about forming attachments to his little brothers friends.

"Bye Mitch." Mike responds with a chuckle.

"I will give you a call when it is almost ready Mitch." Sarah then says and smiles when he nods and walks out of the door.

"Did it go well?" Matt asks as he watches his boyfriend walk into the room and towards him.

"Yeah and I feel really good, but I really need a shower." Ben answers with a grin as he leans over and gives his boyfriend a hug and a kiss.

"Yeah you stink." Tobias says as he shifts away from his brothers on the sofa.

"Then you definitely don't want me to hug you right?" Ben then asks before giving his boyfriend a wink.

"No way, I already had my bath." Tobias responds, but before he knows what is happening he feels himself being hugged. "Eww, get off Stink Head." He then calls out as he tries to get his brother off.

"Ha, that is so mean." Matt says as he watches his brother trying to get free. "Ben knock it off though." He then says after feeling sorry for his brother and knew his boyfriend really did smell.

"Okay, but my work here is done." Ben says in a teasing tone as he stands up and grins at their brother.

"Stupid." Tobias then states in a less than impressed tone and sits with his arms folded.

"Ben." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a disapproving look, he knew it was a bit of fun, but he could see their brother wasn't amused.

"Come on and have a shower with me Tobias." Ben then says as he holds his hand out for his brother to take.

"You got your smell on my clothes." Tobias then says as he gives his brothers hand a long look before taking it and letting himself be pulled to his feet.

"I have to do the washing tomorrow after school, so I will make sure they are clean okay." Ben says as he gives his brother an apologetic look.

"Okay." Tobias responds with a small smile, he knew he overreacted and felt a bit stupid now.

"Guys hurry up, I want to read the rest of this." Matt then says as he holds up his book, he was almost done with it and couldn't wait to read the second one.

"See you in a little while." Ben says before walking over and giving his boyfriend a kiss on the lips.

"Bye." Tobias says, but decides to just head up to the bathroom and can hear his brother following him.

Five Days Later

"Last chance Sweetheart." Sarah says as she watches her son putting his trainers on.

"Mum please don't." Matt says as he gives his mum a pleading look, he was feeling too many things right now and knew if she kept pestering him about not going, he might just use it as an excuse to not actual go.

"I just want you to be safe Sweetheart." Sarah says as she walks over and kneels in front of him.

"I will protect him Sarah." Ben says as he walks down the stairs, he had only just heard what she had just said and could guess what was happening.

"I know you will Ben." Sarah says as she turns to look at the boy and couldn't help but smile at how he was dressed. "You look very smart Ben." She then says, she had half suspected both boys would dress as they normally did, but they had both made an effort and she knew that they had consciously decided to look that way.

"Jeez, if you two had the same colour hair, I would swear you were twins." Mitch then says as he stands in the doorway, he had just come back from dropping his girlfriend off at work and Tobias off at Wesley's and not for the first time he couldn't believe how alike they looked.

"Is Tobias okay?" Sarah then asks in a concerned tone and even though she found the young man's comment amusing, she couldn't help but think she had made a mistake in not letting her other son go to the prison.

"He isn't happy about not being allowed to go with us, but he understands why." Mitch responds with a sympathetic look, he knew she was in a no win situation, but he was able to make Tobias understand why and he seemed to accept it.

"I just can't let him go in there Mitch, not after the orphanage." Sarah then says in a sad tone, but can't help but smile when she feels herself being sandwiched between her son and his boyfriend.

"I know and he understands Sarah, besides Wesley and Carter will look after him and he seemed excited to be with them." Mitch then says and can't help but give his little brother and Matt an odd look when he hears them both giggle.

"Okay Ben, get your trainers on and Matt you go and make sure the back door is locked please." Sarah then states after getting to her feet and gives both boys a smile as they do as they are told.

"Is Dad ready?" Mitch then asks as he looks through the living room door and can't help but wonder where he was.

"He will meet us there Mitch, he had to pick something up at work." Sarah answers with a curious look, she couldn't see how he hadn't noticed his dad's car wasn't there and wondered if he was okay.

"Oh right, oh wow I even saw his car was gone as well." Mitch then says before chuckling, he felt like a bit of an idiot and could tell that Sarah was amused by the little smile she had.

"Mitch if you ever need a break, you should take one, you have to look after yourself." Sarah decides to suggest, it was easy to forget how much he had taken on and although not realising his dad wasn't home, even after noticing his car was gone was a big deal and after Ben she didn't want to overlook something and regret not saying something.

"I'm fine Sarah, but I could do with a break and I will see when Erica has a whole weekend off work next." Mitch responds with an appreciative smile, he would normal brush that sort of comment off, but he knew everyone was being a little over protective since they all missed the signs of his little brothers breakdown.

"How did the interview go by the way?" Sarah then asks, she doubted it could have gone anything other than well, but he hadn't mentioned anything about it yet and she was curious.

"Interview?" Ben asks, he had been waiting for his boyfriend to come back, but he was curious about his brother having an interview and wanted to know what it was for.

"The interview is Monday, I had the physical and assessment yesterday Sarah." Mitch answers with a small grin, he had pretty much nailed everything so far, but he was nervous about the interview.

"So it went well?" Sarah then asks, she could tell by his smile that it had, but wanted to hear him say it.

"Yeah it was great and easier than I thought it would be." Mitch responds before wincing and holding his shin. "What the hell?" He then asks as he looks at his grinning little brother.

"Interview for what?" Ben then asks as he watches his brother rub his shin and knows that he might regret kicking him if his brother felt like getting even.

"Well I wanted to wait until I passed the interview, but I applied to join the police Ben and I just have the interview to go until I find out whether I succeed or not." Mitch answers, he would have preferred to wait, just in case he messed the interview up, but there was no point lying about it now and he didn't want his little brother in the wrong frame of mind for what they were now going to do.

"Oh my god, you're really going to be a policeman?" Matt then asks after walking back in the hallways with a can of coke for his boyfriend and himself.

"I'm blaming you for this Sarah." Mitch then states with a wry smile as he looks at the two boys, who were now side by side.

"Sorry Mitch." Sarah says and realises why he had not said anything yet. "Boys he will tell us all when he knows for sure, but for now I want you to go and get in the taxi and wait for us and that wasn't me asking you." She then says as she turns to the two boys, who give her a curious look for a few seconds before giggling and making their way outside.

"There's a taxi?" Mitch asks and from the look Sarah gives him, he is now seriously thinking about taking a break.

"Mitch you need that break." Sarah states with a slightly worried tone.

"I know and well okay, I know Sarah." Mitch responds with a slightly weary look and was starting to realise that he really did need to look after himself more than he has done recently.

"So you're confident about the job?" Sarah then decides to ask, she needed the young man in the right frame of mind and despite being worried about him, she knew it wasn't anything too serious and nothing a few days to himself or with Erica, without the boys around would fix.

"Sarah I think I have it in the bag, but I really did want to wait until after today to tell everyone." Mitch then says, he knew the boys needed to be focused and didn't want them asking question he couldn't actually answer until they either offered him the job or rejected him after the interview.

"I'm proud of you Mitch and I know your dad will be too." Sarah then says before walking over to the living room to double check that the TV was off.

"If he tries anything, I will get them both out of their before he gets a chance to do anything Sarah." Mitch then says, he knew that she was worried and even though he didn't have to, he wanted to reassure her.

"I know you will Mitch and you're the only reason I'm willing to let Matt see that thing." Sarah states in a serious tone, she wouldn't even trust Mike with this, but she knew Mitch would protect her son.

"Has he talked to you about what he is going to say?" Mitch then asks as they walk out of the house, he had tried to find out from both him and his little brother, but neither would tell him and he wondered if she had been able to find out.

"He wouldn't tell me either Mitch and I don't think he really knows either, so just keep an eye on him, but try to let him do what he wants to do, the boys aren't stupid and they will have talked to each other, just make sure David doesn't hurt him Mitch." Sarah responds before holding his forearm and stopping him halfway to the taxi "Mitch just..." She then begins to say before being cut off.

"Sarah I will kill him if I have to to protect the boys, he won't get anywhere near either of them." Mitch states in a serious tone, before looking over to the taxi to make sure the boys weren't looking. "If he tries something mentally to hurt Matt, then I will drag both boys kicking and screaming out of that room, even if it makes them both hate me." He then adds while looking her in the eyes.

"You're an amazing young man Mitch." Sarah then says before giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek, before letting go of his arm and starting towards the taxi again.

"How the hell did you find those?" Wesley asks as he and his boyfriend walk back into his bedroom, just to find their friend sitting with a massive grin on his face.

"You two are perverts." Tobias says before pulling out two rubber dildos and waving them about.

"Holy shit Wesley, I thought you gave them back to your brother." Carter then says as his jaw almost hits the floor, while their friends giggles as he uses the dildos as swords and hits them against each other.

"I er... shit, Tobias put them down please." Wesley says as he watches his friend playing with the dildos. "Carter, I honestly forgot about them." He then says as he turns to his boyfriend and can't stop himself blushing.

"Why do you have these?" Tobias then asks as he holds up a paddle and whip.

"Oh fucking hell." Carter then states as he shakes his head and couldn't believe his boyfriend forgot about those and that their friend somehow found them.

"Tobias those are private and we don't use any of that stuff, it was just my brother playing a prank on us, now put them back in the bag and give it to me." Wesley then says in a serious tone, he might have found it amusing if they did use them, but nothing in that bag interested either of them and it was just embarrassing.

"Do you two tie each other up like Matt and Ben?" Tobias then asks as he puts the things back in the bag and can't help but smirk at the look on his two friends faces and already knows the answer.

"If you don't stop going through our things and asking personal questions, we will tie you up to my bed naked and put all seven bullets on you." Wesley responds with a grin, but he can't help but be surprised by their friends expression and could tell that he wasn't afraid of their threat.

"Maybe later, but I want to do something fun instead." Tobias responds with a grin, he was half tempted by the idea and trusted his friends, but at the same time he didn't want to fool around with them like that again and knew they understood that.

"Like what?" Wesley asks as he quickly takes the bag off his friend and just as quickly walks over to his closet and puts the bag back where he hid it before.

"Matt said that you had a film I would like Carter." Tobias responds before hesitating, he had just remembered that they were at Wesley's house and not Carter's and knew it was pointless asking.

"Guardians of the Galaxy?" Carter asks with a smirk, he loved that film and his boyfriend had brought it for him.

"Yeah but your parents told us not to leave the house." Tobias responds in a disappointed tone, before trying to think of something else to do.

"I have it here Tobias and I love watching it." Carter then states with a big grin, he could tell his friend was disappointed and was glad that he had left the DVD here instead of taking it home when he sees his friends face light up.

"Cool, can we have some coke and some crisps as well?" Tobias then asks excitedly and gives his friends a big smile.

"Sure, but you have to watch naked with your hands tied behind your back." Carter then says with a big grin and could tell that he had even surprised his boyfriend.

"Why?" Tobias asks in a curious tone and Carter can't help but notice that his friend wasn't saying no and smiled.

"Because you went through Wesley's stuff and made fun of us." Carter answers as he walks over to his boyfriends door and opens it.

"How can I eat or drink though?" Tobias then asks and despite being a little nervous, he thought that it would be fun and he needed the distraction.

"Then you have to ask us and we will feed you and help you drink." Carter answers with a grin.

"Oh and if you need the toilet you have to ask us and we will help you go." Wesley then states with a grin of his own, after deciding to join in with his boyfriends idea.

"Okay, but not if I want a poo, I don't want you seeing me poo and then wiping my bum." Tobias responds and slowly gets to his feet and begins to take his clothes off.

"What are you doing?" Carter can't help but ask as he watches his friend stripping down to his little briefs.

"Getting naked." Tobias responds with a grin as he pulls his briefs down and steps out of them.

"Well you don't waste your time." Wesley then states as he goes back to the closet to get the cuffs.

"Well you aren't going downstairs like that, his parents may be out all day, but his brother could come back at any time." Carter then says as he shakes his head at his now naked friend.

"Okay." Tobias says with a grin as he looks at his friend and couldn't believe how comfortable he felt with them both.

"Right Tobias, hands behind your back." Wesley then says and smiles as his friend does as he is told and carefully puts the cuffs on him and locks them together.

"They feel nice." Tobias then says as he feels the softness against his wrists and couldn't help being a little surprised as he thought handcuffs were made of metal and would hurt.

"Yeah they are special ones and they won't cut your skin." Carter says as he smiles at his friend, who he noticed looked comfortable and happy.

"Do you want to put on the ankle ones?" Wesley then asks his friend and moves around in front of him with a grin, he could tell that his friend was okay with what they were doing and it helped him relax a little.

"Why do I need ankle ones?" Tobias asks in a curious tone, he understood the handcuffs because they stopped you using your hands or arms, but he didn't see the point in ankle ones, because you would still be able to walk around.

"They just make walking harder and you won't be able to run or get up and down stairs without it taking ages." Carter answers from the doorway and wonders how far he and his boyfriend should go with their friend, what they did at the weekend was out of the question as far as he was concerned, but they could tease him a little and maybe put a couple of bullets on him during the film.

"Okay, but you er... take them all off if I ask?" Tobias then asks in response, he thought it would be fun and it wasn't like they were going outside or planning to run around.

"We promise, just say when you want us to take them off and you can get dressed and we can just hang around." Carter answers with a friendly smile and was half tempted to get naked as well and thought it would be funny, but he knew that his boyfriend would then get naked and knew that would be risky if anyone came home.

"Should I sit down on the floor Wesley?" Tobias then asks as he turns to his friend, he was getting a little excited and couldn't wait to watch the movie.

"Nah, just sit on the edge of the bed and I will put them on." Wesley responds and smiles as his friend does as he is told and quickly kneels down to put the ankle cuffs on and connect them to each other.

"Right come on Wesley, we need to make some food and get some drinks." Carter then says as he takes a moment to look at their friend basically helpless and naked on his boyfriends bed.

"Don't be long please." Tobias then says in a slightly worried tone, he hadn't been left on his own much and this was the first time he had been at someone else house and it was a little scary, especially now that he was tied up and naked.

"We won't and just shout if you need us and we will come right back." Carter responds in a reassuring tone and considered waiting with their friend, he was obviously a little scared, but as he starts to make his way back into the room, he feels his boyfriend grabbing his hand and pulling him out of it and just follows him downstairs.

"Oh man, I can't believe he just got naked like that." Wesley says as they walk into the kitchen, he thought it was a little strange, but he had to admit that it was hardly a horrible sight.

"We just have to keep an eye on him Wesley, I know he had that big revelation and seems really happy and confident, but we promised to keep him safe, so don't get carried away okay." Carter states in a serious tone as he looks through the cupboard to find some crisps for them to eat.

"Well I was going to suggest we get him hard and maybe put a couple of bullets on him, but yeah we have to be careful and Matt would kill us if something happened to him." Wesley responds with a warm smile, he knew that he might get a little carried away, but he knew his boyfriend would keep him in check.

"I was thinking the same thing, but come on let's make some sandwiches and get some coke and OJ ready." Carter then says as he finds the bread and begins to pull some slices out.

"Sure, I think we have some cheese and..." Wesley begins to say before opening the fridge again. "He likes tuna doesn't he?" He then asks, he was sure their friend loved the stuff and while they only had canned tuna, he was sure it was the same thing.

"Yeah, well I think he likes fresh tuna salad, but if he likes that then he should like canned tuna." Carter responds as he puts the bread away and looks for some plates.

"Well that's him sorted, are you alright with cheese?" Wesley then asks with a grin, he knew his boyfriend loved cheese sandwiches, but he was a bit awkward because he liked to have it with either cucumber or tomato and whenever he picked one without asking what his boyfriend wanted, he was sure his boyfriend was annoying him on purpose by saying he wanted the other.

"Yeah that's fine." Carter responds before thinking about it. "If you have some tomatoes can you put some slices in please?" He then asks, he thought about playing their normal game of his boyfriend choosing what else to put in and then saying he wanted something else, but he didn't want to leave their friend alone for too long.

"Sure, but you better find a tray to put the bottle of coke and the OJ on, oh and some glasses so get a big tray and one for our food as well." Wesley responds as he thinks about how they are going to take it all up and would rather make it one trip.

"Sure and I will get some ice for the drinks and maybe Tobias." Carter then says as he gives his boyfriend a big grin, before looking out of the window.

"That is just plain mean Carter, I like it." Wesley responds as he makes their sandwiches.

"Whose car is that Wesley?" Carter then asks, he thought it looked familiar and was wondering why there was a car parked at the side of the house, he was sure it wasn't there earlier and he was curious.

"Car?" Wesley asks as he moves over next to his boyfriend and looks out the window. "Oh that's Jim's, he sometimes parks round the side of the house for some reason." He then says with a small grin before walking back over to finish the sandwiches.

"Oh fuck." Carter then says as he realises what it means.

"What?" Wesley quickly asks in a concerned tone and turns to his boyfriend wondering what had happened.

"Jim's home." Carter states as he looks at his boyfriend, they had walked past the living room and it was empty and he was obviously not in the kitchen with them or the dining room.

"Oh fuck." Wesley says as he realises that not only was his brother home, but he must be upstairs.

"It's so big." Matt says as they make their way through the corridors, while making sure that he has a firm grip on his boyfriends hand, he was started to feel scared and he could tell his boyfriend was feeling the same way.

"And noisy." Ben says in a slightly overwhelmed tone, it was definitely one of the most intimidating places he had ever been in and knowing what kind of people were all around them now was scary and he was just thankful to be holding his boyfriends hand and could feel how nervous he was as well.

"Are you both sure about this?" Mitch asks in a warm tone, he could tell that they were a little overwhelmed and scared, but he knew that he wasn't going to change their minds, but felt like he needed to give them one more chance to leave.

"Mitch, when we are in there will you er... will er... I need you to trust me and well I know what I'm doing and Ben does as well, but you need to trust me." Matt then says as he comes to a stop and gives the older boy a serious but pleading look, he knew he might try to intervene or stop him doing something, but he had a few things he wanted to do and needed to make him understand.

"I trust you Matt, but I don't trust him." Mitch responds, he could guess what the boy wanted to do, but he wasn't sure he could risk not intervening, especially since he knew David would only need a few seconds to hurt the boy or worse.

"Mitch, I know what he wants to do and I will let you know if something isn't going right." Ben then says, he and his boyfriend had talked about it all night and he would know if something was happening that they hadn't thought of.

"I will try, but your safety comes first and even it it means you hate me for a while Matt, I will drag you out of there if I think you're in danger." Mitch then says as he gives both boys a hard stare to make them understand that he was serious.

"I will never hate you." Matt then says before looking to the floor. "Mitch just give me a chance, I won't let you down." He then says as he slowly looks up to the older boy with a confident look, he was as ready as he could ever be and as long as his boyfriend was with him, he was going to be strong.

"Let's go in now Mitch." Ben then says, he could tell that his boyfriend had steeled himself and knew that it was time.

"Okay follow me." Mitch then says as he gives the boys another long look, before turning and nodding to their escort before following him through the corridors and into the visiting room, which was bigger than even he had imagined as they walked towards their table. "Matt sit in the middle." He then states, before they all sit down, he was starting to feel nervous himself now and was trying to block out the other conversations going on between the other people in the room.

"I don't like this." Matt then says quietly to his boyfriend as he looks around, there were so many people and some of the men looked really scary.

"You better not get a tattoo one day, they are horrible and ugly." Ben then says as he looks at some of the prisoners and although he really didn't like them, he was just trying to distract his boyfriend and hopefully help him relax before his dad came through the door.

"No way am I going to pay for someone to stick a needle in me Ben, I hate needles." Matt responds with a weak smile, he knew what his boyfriend was doing and appreciated it, but he was still nervous and quickly went stiff when he heard a door open and saw his dad walking through it.

"Just remember what we talked about." Ben quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear, he felt his hand being crushed a little and didn't have to look over to know that David was walking towards them.

"Hello Son." David says in a calm tone as he sits down and looks at the boy sitting opposite him.

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