The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 3

June 2015

"It was great to see you again Wesley, maybe at the weekend after I surprise Matt both of you can come round and we can talk some more, because I would really like that." Tobias then says and Mitch can't help but look at him in surprise, he had heard him say a few things normally, but they were only a few words and he was impressed.

"That would be awesome mate, Mitch told me your house even has a pool, so can we bring our swimwear with us?" Wesley asks, but just as Mitch is about to answer he realising that Wesley is actually asking Tobias directly and couldn't be more proud of him for doing that.

"As long as they are speedos, our pool is going to be a speedo only zone." Tobias answers with a cheeky grin, although he is dead serious and Wesley can't help but smile.

"Well I tend to wear shorts when not swimming for the school team, but just because you asked me Tobias I will see what I can do." Wesley answers, he had no issues wearing speedos and always loved the surprised looks people gave him and especially enjoyed how some of the older boys looked a bit pissed off, that always put a smile on his face.

"Speedos er... I don't have any, I will just watch and keep Matt company while you all swim." Carter responds in a nervous tone, he may have got over his size issues with his boyfriend, but swimming with speedos with Ben, Mitch and Wesley was something he wasn't confident enough to do and hoped his boyfriend would sense it and back him up.

"You small willy like me too?" Tobias then asks, as he looks his new friend directly in the eye and Wesley instantly feels his boyfriend tense up and is just about to say something when Mitch speaks.

"Tobias we don't ask people questions like that, especially in public like this." Mitch quickly says, just beating Wesley, who was just about to defend his boyfriend.

"Me bad, me sorry, sorry, sorry Mitch please I do good please me not bad..." Tobias begins to say as he starts to shake and cry and Wesley sees instantly what Mitch had warned him about earlier and quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear, he knows he is asking a lot, a hell of a lot and knew his boyfriend would be embarrassed, but he hoped he would do this for Tobias before he totally freaked out.

"Tobias, it's okay you're not in trouble I promise, please don't..." Mitch begins to say as he tries to stop the boy breaking down, but trails off when the boy suddenly gasps a little and just stares past him and is confused even more when a small shy smile spreads across his face.

"See willy just like mine." Tobias then says and just as Mitch turns round to see what he is talking about he misses him dropping his jeans and underwear to his ankles.

"Carter what the hell are you doing?" Mitch asks in complete shock at seeing him with his shorts and underwear around his ankles and the front of his shirt lifted up, but Tobias's next words has him turning back to him in shock.

"See Carter our willies are the same, look at mine." Tobias says in an almost gleeful tone and Mitch just can't believe what was happening.

"Thank you so much Carter and anything you want and I mean anything you want from me tonight, you will get it and more." Wesley whispers into his boyfriends ear, as he squats down to pull his boyfriends shorts and underwear back up, he knows how much courage that must have taken his boyfriend and he wasn't going to stop letting him know how proud he is of him.

"Please tell me no one saw me, please Wesley just tell me no one else saw." Carter then asks his boyfriend in a hushed tone, his heart was racing and he couldn't believe what he just did and he was having a mini heart attack.

"I promise and just look how happy Tobias is Carter, that is all because of you and I'm so fucking proud of you and you're just the most amazing person I have ever met." Wesley responds with a proud smile and pulls his boyfriend backwards into his arms.

"I know, I know but shit please we have to go, I'm freaking out a little Wesley, please." Carter pleads in a panicked tone, he knew he did the right thing and he was happy for Tobias but he was overwhelmed and needed to just get away.

"Holy shit Tobias pull them back up." Mitch instructs the now giggling boy and he just can't believe either boy had just exposed themselves in the middle of the street, well maybe Tobias because he was well he was adjusting, but he was shocked by Carter and a little bit angry with him and knew he was going to have to say something.

"Sorry, but Carter wear speedos with us and swim now." Tobias states as he gets himself dressed again, although he was partly happy to see another boy with a willy like his, the ones he has seen have been bigger and he was starting to wonder if his was broken or something.

"Carter what the hell were you doing?" Mitch then says, deciding to get the boy to explain himself but the moment he turn to face him again, he can tell he wasn't doing very well and is just even more confused.

"Mitch he did it because I asked him to do it." Wesley answers for his boyfriend, he knows he needs to get this over with quickly and get his boyfriend somewhere alone.

"Why?" Mitch asks, although his attention is mostly on Carter who is now visibly shaking a little, he reaches out to Tobias just to make sure he is still there and doesn't wander off.

"Because Tobias was freaking out and I remember what you told me about that and I also knew that Carter was shy about his size with the speedos, so I just asked him to do it to help Tobias and I know it was stupid Mitch and I really fucked up Mitch because Carter is really not doing well, please can we go I need to get him somewhere, please Mitch." Wesley explains, but switches to pleading when he realises just how much his boyfriend is freaking out when he hears him sniffle.

"We will come with you." Mitch tells the boy and starts to pick Tobias up.

"You can't, we have to go to your house, it's part of the deal we made with our teacher and Matt will see Tobias if you come with us, Mitch we will be fine but I have to take him now." Wesley says, before pulling his boyfriend in front of him so they are face to face and then picks him up.

"What are you..." Carter begins to say, but Wesley is quick to stop him.

"Sshh, just hold on to me, this is my fault and well just let me carry you." Wesley tells him and gives him a quick kiss before feeling his boyfriend wrap his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck. "Bye Mitch and we will see you at the weekend Tobias and your speedo better be cool because me and Carter are buying new ones." He then says as he turns to Mitch and then to Tobias, he knew it was important to make the boy feel like everything is fine.

"Mitch taking me shops later, me am going to buy best speedos and they better then yours." Tobias replies happily and sticks his tongue out at his new friends, but he wasn't stupid and knew Carter was upset but he didn't know why and thought it would be rude to ask.

"Bye guys and text me later Wesley, I want to know how he is." Mitch then says and gives the boy a sympathetic look.

"I will." Wesley says as he turns and starts walking to their friends house, he can already feel his boyfriend crying and just wishes he thought of something else to deal with Tobias, instead of making his boyfriend do that.

"Mum, Mum look what Ben got me look." Matt calls out excitedly after hearing his mum coming in the front door.

"Where are you sweetheart?" Sarah calls back with a smile, she had missed her son so much and was delighted to hear him sounding so happy and couldn't wait to see what Ben had brought him.

"Wait there, I will show you just wait there Mum." Matt calls back, he then turns to his boyfriend who is looking at him proudly. "I love you." He then tells him with a loving smile.

"I love you too, now go show her." Ben responds proudly and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss followed by a light swat on the bum and giggles when he yelps.

"Creep!" Matt retorts and sticks his tongue out before turning to the door, using his cane as he walks out of the room and towards his mum.

"Oh my god!" Sarah says out loud as she watches her proud looking son walk towards her using a cane and despite the distance she can tell that it wasn't just a standard one and guesses that it was Ben's gift to her son.

"Isn't it beautiful Mum?" Matt then asks as he stops in front of his mum and holds the cane up for her to see, although he would have fallen over if it wasn't for his boyfriend being right there somehow.

"Dumb ass, I keep telling you to make sure you're balanced when you take your weight off the cane." Ben says with a grin, he knew his boyfriend kept forgetting and knew he would be over excited showing of the cane to his mum so he had kept close behind his boyfriend without him knowing just to make sure he didn't fall over.

"Sorry, I just wanted to show Mum how beautiful the cane is." Matt responds, he should have known his boyfriend was near him and while someone else might think his boyfriend was crowding him too much, he himself didn't want it any other way and loved his boyfriend caring for him and would do the same if the roles were reversed.

"It's very beautiful, is this real gold on the inscription?" Sarah asks as she looks the cane over, she had to admit she had planned to get him one as well, but was just going to buy a cheap wooden one and was glad she hadn't because this one was really good, although it was obviously expensive she guessed, but if it extended then it would be cheaper in the long run she thought to herself.

"Yeah er... it er... it's not that much..." Matt begins to answer nervously, he didn't want someone else telling his boyfriend that he spent too much money again.

"Calm down Matt, I can tell that it is expensive and I can see how much you love it and I think if it extends then it is probably a good investment." Sarah quickly says, she could tell straight away that her son was trying to protect his boyfriend and guessed that Mike had not reacted too well to the actual cost.

"It does extend, Ben was going to surprise me when we got bigger and I love it so much Mum, isn't it just so beautiful." Matt then says, repeating his words from earlier and Sarah couldn't help but think how sweet her son was being and when she looks at Ben she can see just how happy he is.

"It cost three hundred and fifty dollars Sarah." Ben then says, while ignoring the gasp from his boyfriend, who gave him a surprised look.

"That is a lot of money, but it is really beautiful boys and I really like how the design is the same colour as both of your eyes, did Mitch help you buy it Ben?" Sarah asks, but as soon as the question is out of her mouth and she sees the look on the young boys face, she knows she has upset him a little.

"No I got it myself and I paid for it all on my own!" Ben replies with a little anger in his voice, he didn't want to be rude but he was fed up with people thinking he wasn't capable of doing things by himself.

"I'm so sorry Ben I didn't mean to offend you, I know you're more than capable of doing remarkable things like this, but it is a lot of money and I would imagine quite a long way to go to get something like this made." Sarah quickly apologises and explains why she asked what she did.

"Sorry Sarah, I was rude and you don't need to say sorry, it's just I put my heart and soul into this gift and I wanted it to be one hundred percent from me and it's just annoying that people keep assuming Mitch paid for it or Mitch got it for me to give to him, I can do things with out Mitch you know, I'm not useless or stupid." Ben then says, starting of trying to apologise but actually surprises himself with the resentment he has for his brother, he loved his brother and in his eyes he was practically a god, but he actually resented him a little and he couldn't believe he never knew he felt that way before.

"Oh, well can I be completely honest with you Ben?" Sarah then asks, she had an older sister who she worshipped, well she still does and she thinks she understands what just happened.

"Okay I guess." Ben responds nervously and wonders if he is about to be told off or to grow up.

"I know exactly how you feel Ben, I love my sister with all my heart but when we were growing up she was just like Mitch and she looked out for me and I loved her so much for it, but as I got older and wanted more independence I found myself resenting her a little and wanting people to know that I could do things by myself, I think you're starting to feel the same way about your brother." Sarah explains, as she looks the young boy in the eye and smiles.

"I love Mitch looking after me, I don't want him to stop Sarah but er... I don't know, I mean isn't resenting someone bad?" Ben asks in response, he wouldn't change his brother for anything and only Matt is more important to him and even that is an extremely close second.

"Only if you try to hide it and pretend that you don't, you need to talk with your brother and tell him how you feel and you will both be closer because of it." Sarah answers the boy honestly, she had told her sister when they were younger and it just made their bond stronger because Amy had understood that she needed to give her space, while at the same time look out for her and while it was a bit hit and miss at the start they eventually made it work.

"Wait, so he has to tell Mitch to let him live his own life and make his own mistakes, but at the same time to not change how he has always looked out for him?" Matt suddenly asks, he had been waiting patiently while his mum and boyfriend talked, although he was slightly annoyed that they had seemingly forgotten about his cane already.

"Well it isn't as simple as that Matt and they will need a little time to figure out how it will work out, but they both love each other and all Mitch has ever wanted was for Ben to be happy and able to look after himself." Sarah explains to her son as best she can, she may have been through something similar with her sister but that didn't make her an expert.

"Mitch looks after Ben, Ben looks after me why does it need to change though?" Matt then asks, he doesn't see why his boyfriend suddenly doesn't like the way his brother looks out for him and was confused.

"We look after each other Matt, I'm your boyfriend not babysitter and I need you as much as you need me." Ben quickly answers and smiles when he sees his boyfriend blush a little.

"I know and I didn't mean it like it sounded." Matt then says apologetically.

"I know you didn't, but I don't know Matt, it's just Mitch er... well I don't understand why I feel like this, I never even knew I felt like what ever this is until a few minutes ago and it's confusing, I never want Mitch and me to grow apart and I love the way he looks out for me and after me, but I don't know maybe I just want well I don't know, I really don't get it at all." Ben then says and can't help but shake his head a little as he somehow just confused himself even more.

"Oh well that made sense." Matt then says in a half sarcastic tone.

"Ben what is the longest that you and Mitch have ever gone with no contact with each other?" Sarah decides to ask, she was starting to wonder if she was completely wrong about Ben needing Mitch to back off like she had with her sister and actually the two brothers just needed some time apart sometimes.

"I don't know, me and Matt went away for that camping trip and er... I was in a coma once for like two weeks when I was a little boy, why do you want to know that for though?" Ben responds honestly, well as far as he knows or can remember he is being honest.

"I could be wrong but given how extremely close you two are and the almost father son bond you actually have, I would say maybe you two just need to spend some time apart without speaking or seeing each other at all every once in a while Ben, but you really should just talk with Mitch and as long as you're completely honest and don't lie to him about anything then you will both be fine." Sarah then says and can see that her words were causing the boy to think about things.

"Mum can I have my cane please, my foot is starting to hurt a little." Matt asks, he wasn't in much pain but there was a awkward silence growing as his boyfriend was thinking over his mums words and he knew this would break it.

"Oh Sweetheart I wish I could make the pain go away." Sarah says in a sad tone, which takes Matt by surprise as he was just trying to break the silence and now instead he was looking at his mum who in turn was looking at him sadly.

"Mum it doesn't hurt that much and I'm going to get better." Matt answers as reassuringly as he can, although his mums words had actually upset him a little bit and he felt himself shaking.

"I know you're and I didn't mean to upset you Sweetheart, but I'm your mum and I'm allowed to make stupid statements about how I want to take your pain away, it's a mothers right Matt." Sarah then says, before kneeling in front of her son and pulling him into her arms. "I will never ever stop loving you Matt or wanting the best for you and I won't ever be sorry for caring about you." She then adds and gives him a loving kiss on both his cheeks and a final kiss on the forehead.

"I love you." Matt tells his mum as tears roll down his face, but to both his mums and boyfriends horror he suddenly starts shaking violently and before Sarah can catch him he falls on to his back screaming and crying.

"Matt, Matt what happened, what's wrong Matt?" Ben quickly asks his boyfriend as he quickly kneels at his side and tries to hold him still.

"NO DAD NO... PLEASE... DAD... NO PLEASE... IT HURTS... OWW... OWW DAD STOP... OWW... OWW... NOO AARRGGHH DAD!" Matt screams out repeatedly and Ben can only give Sarah a terrified look as he held his boyfriend.

"I er... Ben help me get him on the sofa." Sarah somehow manages to say, she couldn't believe what was happening or what was coming out of her sons mouth, it had been a few days since she had seen him freak out, but it had been a long time since he had screamed and cried out anything to do with what David had done to him and it shock her to the core.

"So you just flick the elastic band a few times and it helps you talk easier?" Mitch asks in a curious tone, he had seen the boy playing with the elastic band four times before he just had to ask what he was doing, especially after each time he followed it up with a sentence or two of almost flawlessly.

"Yeah, Carter said him cousin has stutter and work good on him." Tobias answers with a smile as he looks across the table at his big brother and the steaks that were already half eaten.

"Well Carter is a very clever boy, but why don't you do it all the time so that you can speak properly all of the time?" Mitch then asks, he was hoping he would take the question without taking offence and almost lets out a sigh of relief when he saw the boy smile.

"It not always work Mitch, so me use it for important talking and not waste when silly questions from smelly heads." Tobias answer with a big grin and sticks his tongue out just before going back to work on his steak.

"Speaking of smelly heads, you need a haircut Tobias and well do you know how you normally have your hair cut?" Mitch then asks, he couldn't help smiling at the boys teasing and really enjoyed the little banter they had already built up, but he couldn't pass up the chance to get his hair sorted out, sure it had an adorable wild look to it but he really did need to get it cut and washed by someone who knew what they were doing.

"With scissors and a razor normally." Tobias answers after using his elastic band and couldn't help but smile at the confused look on his big brothers face.

"Huh, I don't get it." Mitch responds, he was half distracted by his delight that Tobias spoke properly again and the boys words also caught him off guard.

"You're so dumb, it was a joke you moron, think about it while I eat the rest of this." Tobias then says in response with another grin, before turning his attention back to his plate and attacks the rest of his chips and salad.

"Ha ha funny boy, but seriously do you have a style you like or would like?" Mitch then asks while blushing, he couldn't believe he missed the obvious joke and found himself embarrassed at being mocked by the boy, although he also knew that it was a good sign that he was progressing well and seemed happy.

"Matt and Ben still have er... same as each other hair?" Tobias then asks, he remembered what Matt's hair looked like and had also remembered the few times he saw Ben or the many times Matt sent him pictures, that their hair was almost identical apart from the fact Ben's hair was blonde and Matt's was brown.

"Actually they kind of do have similar hairstyles I guess, but you need a real hairstyle Tobias and not just the freaky permanently adorable hair they seem to have." Mitch responds honestly, he was actually jealous of both boys hair, it didn't seem to matter if it was raining, windy or even boiling hot and if they had wrestled around or ran around, it always somehow looked adorable or cute and he could only wish his hair was like that.

"Oh me used hate how Matt hair was always good and me hair looked horrible." Tobias then says and smiles at his big brother, although he was lying a little bit because he used to love his hairstyle and worked hard to keep it looking how he wanted it to look.

"Me too, I have to work hard to get my hair looking half decent, Matt and Ben just need to wake up in the morning it seems and their hair is perfect." Mitch then states and gives the young boy a warm and friendly smile.

"Me used to have blue streaks in hair and sort of like er... just long enough er... cover eyes and ears." Tobias answers with a shy smile, he hadn't thought about his hair for a long time and he really used to love how he had it styled and he knew that Matt loved it too.

"Oh wow, I bet that looks pretty awesome Tobias and I can't wait to see it, but anyway are you ready for your ice cream?" Mitch then asks the boy, who smiles broadly at him and Mitch just can't help but love his smile, it was just so cute and genuine that it could light up any room.

"Me get two because you said naughty word remember." Tobias then states and starts to bounce up and down on his seat, he was just feeling so good right now and couldn't believe this was happening to him.

"Yes you get two, but do you want them both to be banana or do you want two flavours?" Mitch then asks in response and despite still being worried about Carter's apparent breakdown he couldn't stop smiling at the increasingly happy young boy sitting in front of him.

"Banana, I want banana Mitch, I love banana ice cream." Tobias answers and could barely contain his happiness.

"Okay if you're sure." Mitch says and raises his hand to get the attention of the waiter, who smiles and walks towards their table.

"How are you feeling now Sweetheart?" Sarah asks nervously, it had been thirty minutes of hell for her as she could only watch her son scream in terror and begging his dad to stop hurting him and she could tell that Ben had struggled with it even more than she had and had his hand held firmly in her own for support.

"I er... Matt er... I..." Ben then begins to speak to his boyfriend after he hadn't made any attempt to answer his mums question, but instead just breaks down and begins to cry his heart out, this was too much for him and he couldn't take how much it hurt to see his boyfriend so afraid and to hear him begging his dad to stop hurting him, it was just too horrible and slumped back from the others.

"Oh Ben sweetheart, please I need you to be strong, please Ben I need you to be strong." Sarah tells the boy and is barely holding back her own tears and just when she thought she might fall to pieces herself, she feels a now familiar pair of arms wrap themselves around her from behind and leans back into the embrace.

"I think it would be best if we take them both to their room Sarah." Mike says, he had come running after hearing Matt scream out and couldn't believe what he was seeing, he had seen many of his freak outs, but this was one of the worst and when Sarah explained what happened it made no sense, the boys big freak outs had always been triggered by something someone had said to him and this just appeared to have come out of nowhere which just made it even more disturbing.

"What happened?" Matt then asks in a hoarse tone and looks around in confusion as he sees his boyfriend crying his eyes out and his mum and Mike looking both scared and sad.

"You don't remember?" Mike asks, it was clear that his youngest son was in no state to speak and didn't even appear to hear his boyfriend speaking and Sarah just looked too stunned to say anything.

"I was speaking to Mum and then er... well er... what happened and what's wrong with Ben?" Matt asks and quickly moves over to his crying boyfriend and embraces him into a loving cuddle.

"You were screaming Matt, you were begging your dad to not hurt you and well er... you really don't remember anything from the last thirty minutes?" Mike starts explaining before he gives into his curiosity and asks the boy again if he remembered anything, it just didn't seem possible that he couldn't know what he had done.

"I haven't had a nightmare about Dad for ages though, I don't understand and why can't I remember, I always remember when I freak out." Matt asks in response, he was now feeling terrified and it was only his concern for his boyfriend that was distracting him enough to not break down himself.

"Sweetheart we need to get Ben to your room, he needs you to be there for him now and we can try and figure out what happened later." Sarah then says after composing herself enough to finally speak, she was so happy to see her son seemingly okay, but was concerned that he can't remember what just happened.

"Mum you two should just go, I will look after him here and it will be okay I promise, he just needs to get it out of his system and moving him won't help." Matt responds, he didn't know what had happened or why his boyfriend was crying, but he assumed he just needed to get it out of his system like the times before and was more than happy to just hold him.

"Okay, just call us if you need anything Sweetheart." Sarah responds and lets Mike pull her to her feet and manages to give him a weak but sincere smile.

"We will be in the kitchen Matt." Mike then says, but just as he and Sarah are about to walk away they stop and turn to the front door as someone knocks on it.

"Ignore it Mike, they will go away and Ben wouldn't want anyone to see him like this." Sarah then says as she looks down at her son cradling his crying boyfriend.

"Let me in, please let me in." A voice then calls from outside and Matt instantly recognises his friends voice.

"Wesley just come in, the door isn't locked." Matt calls out in response as he gently rocks his boyfriend, who seems to be calming down a little bit.

"I can't I'm carrying Carter, please let me in Matt please." Wesley then calls out through the door and Matt can tell that something is wrong and turns to Mike.

"Mike open the door quick." Matt quickly tells his boyfriends dad, who after looking in shock quickly turns to the door and opens it.

"Wesley honey, what happened to him is he hurt?" Sarah then quickly asks, she could see that Carter was crying and from the look of sadness on Wesley's face she couldn't help thinking the tiny boy had some kind of accident.

"Sort of Sarah, but it's all my fault and he well er... can I take him in the living room please?" Wesley asks after trying to explain, but he was actually feeling tired and while his boyfriend was light as a feather, he had carried him half way across the town and he needed to put him down for a few minutes.

"Of course you can Honey, come with me and I will give you a hand getting him on the sofa." Sarah responds and leads the two boys into the living room.

"Matt I really think we should carry him up to your room, you need a bath and I think it might help him if you took one together." Mike then suggests, he couldn't help but notice that Wesley seemed to want to say something, but when he looked down to Ben and Matt he seemed to change his mind and had a feeling that he didn't want his friends to hear it.

"Okay, but what about Carter and Wesley?" Matt responds, while he is concerned about his boyfriend he had noticed Carter's distress and the worried look on Wesley's face.

"Sarah will take care of them and so will I in a few minutes once I get you two in the bath." Mike answers, he knew that Matt would calm Ben down and that while they were alone they would probably work out what happened to Matt between themselves as well.

"Carter looks really upset." Matt then states, although it was more of a thought than him wanting to discuss it any further right now, he needed to get his boyfriend calmed down first.

"Come on let's get him upstairs." Mike then says, he understood that the young boy wasn't trying to start a conversation and knew he had to just get them upstairs.

"What happened to him Wesley?" Sarah asks the young boy after helping him lay his boyfriend on the sofa.

"I don't really know, but it was my fault and Sarah it's all my fault." Wesley answers and for the first time since she had met the boy, she sees tears flowing from his eyes and quickly pulls him in for a loving cuddle, she just couldn't believe what was happening, everything seemed to be going so right and now she had three upset and crying boys in the house and her son was even more of a concern for her.

"Hey, come on now Wesley, you love Carter and I know you would never hurt him or upset him so just tell me what happened." Sarah then says and rubs the boys back soothingly, deciding to focus on him fully and hopefully they can then concentrate on Carter.

"Where is Matt?" Wesley then asks, which catches Sarah by surprise and leaves her wondering why he is asking about her son.

"I think he is going upstairs with Ben, do you want me to get him so that you can talk to him?" Sarah asks in response, she could see why the boy would probably want to talk to his friend and not an adult if he was upset or had done something wrong.

"No, just make sure he can't hear us and I will tell you what happened, but make sure Sarah because he can't hear this conversation." Wesley answers as he breaks from the embrace and sits down on the seat after moving his boyfriend so that he could hold him on his lap, he still had a few tears rolling down his face, but he wasn't going to let it stop him from looking after his boyfriend.

"I will go and check Honey." Sarah responds with a warm smile, she was now intrigued by what the young boy was going to say if he didn't want her son to hear.

"He will be okay Mike, he has stopped crying now and will be talking in a few minutes." Matt tells his boyfriends sad looking dad, he had only been living with him for a short time, but he had really come to love the man and he really liked how he was looking after his mum and they seemed to really like each other and he thought that was nice that they were friends.

"I know and thank you so much for just being you Matt." Mike responds and ruffles the boys hair affectionately.

"Huh?" Matt then asks, he didn't quite understand the apparent compliment and just looked him with a confused expression.

"I just meant for loving my son Matt, I know I was a little weird at first about you two being boyfriends, but you have made him so happy and I couldn't ask for a better person for my son to fall in love with than you and I just wanted you to know that." Mike explains, he didn't know why he choose to tell the boy that now, but it was the truth and he couldn't be more proud of either boy and knew that as long as they had each other they would get through whatever life threw at them.

"Oh, well I er... I think you're awesome too Mike and I really like living with you and the others, I wasn't sure when Ben first told me but he was right and I'm really happy with you looking after me." Matt then says in a sincere tone and if he wasn't holding his boyfriend in the bath, he would have gotten up and hugged the man.

"Boys is it alright if I come in?" Sarah calls out from outside the bathroom door, she could have just went back and told Wesley that Matt and Ben were in the bathroom and wouldn't be down for a while, but she really did want to see her son and to see if they were taking a bath or a shower together so she knew how long they would be.

"It's fine Mum, just don't come too close to the bath and you won't see our things." Matt replies with a shy smile, he wasn't too bothered about nudity now, but he still didn't want his mum to see his bits or his boyfriends.

"Oh I didn't think you would be in here Mike." Sarah states in a surprised tone after walking in the bathroom, not that she was concerned in anyway and was happy that Mike was looking after the boys, she just thought he was in another room and couldn't help giving him a small smile, she had started to notice how handsome he was over the past week and it made her blush a little.

"I just wanted to make sure they were okay, how are the other two?" Mike responds as he looks at her with his own small smile, he had never really spent this much time with a woman since his wife had died and it was a strange but nice feeling and he had noticed that she often gave him shy smiles and looks that were similar to how his wife used to look at him.

"Carter is still upset and Wesley is blaming himself, we need to go talk with them in a few minutes Mike, I just wanted to make sure these two were okay first." Sarah answers as she looks to her son and almost walks over before remembering his words from a few moments ago and decides to respect his privacy.

"Mum just reassure Wesley as much as possible, he may seem strong and confident, but he really needs you to let him know that whatever happened wasn't his fault, even if it was a little bit Mum, just reassure him please." Matt then says and Sarah can't help but look at him in surprise, to her Wesley was nothing short of amazing and mature for his age and seemed to have an almost freakish amount of self confidence for his age, so to hear her son talking about him like was a bit of a shock.

"Okay Sweetheart I promise, now how about you, are you feeling better?" Sarah then asks and has to resist the urge to walk over to her son again.

"Not really sure Mum, I mean I feel okay and stuff but I don't remember what happened and I'm a little scared, because whatever happened made Ben react like this and I don't like it Mum." Matt answers honestly, normally he might have brushed it off and pretended he was fine but he was genuinely scared of not remembering what happened and the one person he wanted to talk to about it with was in his arms shaking and clearly still upset.

"Later we will all sit down and talk about it and maybe we can call Dr Fisher to get you an appointment, how does that sound Sweetheart?" Sarah then asks and smiles lovingly at her son when he gives her a small smile.

"I'm going to talk with Ben while we are in here, but I definitely want to speak with you two as well, but I don't want to see Wesley's dad Mum." Matt responds, it wasn't that he was afraid of seeing the doctor or wasn't scared something else was wrong with him, he just wanted to try and deal with this with his family and hopefully it will work.

"Well we will talk about Dr Fisher later Matt, but Mike and me should be heading down to your friends now, just shout down if you need us and we will come straight up." Sarah then tells him, she was a little surprised by her sons reluctance to see Dr Fisher, but she wanted to try and let him decide these things for himself as much as possible and she knew Ben would probably persuade him to see him anyway.

"Okay and we love you both and tell Wesley and Carter that we love them too." Matt responds and gives both his mum and Mike a loving smile.

"We will Matt and tell Ben that we both love him for us please." Mike then says with a warm smile.

"Carter I'm so sorry for asking you to do that, please forgive me please." Wesley tells his boyfriend, he just couldn't believe what had happened and how it had affected his boyfriend and just wanted to go back and stop himself from being such an idiot.

"What did you ask him to do and why does he have a black eye and a bloody nose?" Sarah asks the slightly startled boy as she and Mike walk into the room.

"He got attacked by a group of boys at school, they were kicking him and hitting him, they almost had him naked before I turned up and stopped them." Wesley answers honestly, he had come here for help and knew that he had to be completely honest, although he would prefer to be talking to Ben or Matt and not their parents, but he could see that something had happened with his friends and had to settle for Sarah and Mike.

"Is that why you aren't in school, did they send you home for fighting Wesley?" Mike then asks the young boy in a caring tone, he had decided to take Matt's warning about reassuring him and wasn't going to lecture the boy or cause him to get upset.

"No they don't know about the fight, I dealt with the bullies and they won't be bothering Carter again and we are here because one of our teachers agreed that it would be better for Carter to leave early." Wesley answers, he wasn't quite expecting that question and was even more shocked by the tone in his friends dads voice, it was soft and caring and made him feel a little bit more relaxed.

"Is this why he is upset, did they try to make him do anything er... you know bad?" Sarah then asks nervously, she wasn't sure how to approach the subject of them sexually assaulting him and was nervous how Wesley would react.

"No, they just wanted to hurt and humiliate him, they wouldn't have done something sexual with him, they may be pricks and cowards but they wouldn't do something like that to anyone." Wesley answers honestly, if he thought for one second either Jarred or one of the others would touch his boyfriend like that, then they would be in hospital right now or worse.

"I don't understand though, if Carter was fine then why is he like this now?" Mike asks, it was clear that Wesley had sorted out the other boys and Carter was fine then, otherwise the teacher would have never sent them home without at least one of their parents.

"Are you sure Matt won't come down?" Wesley then asks in a concerned tone, causing both Sarah and Mike to look at each other in confusion.

"No he and Ben are in the bath and will be in there for a while and then they will go to their room so we have at least thirty minutes." Sarah answers, she was still confused by the young boys insistence that her son wasn't going to interrupt them, after all he had brought his boyfriend here and would have known Matt would be here.

"Why don't you want Matt here Wesley?" Mike then asks, deciding to just get straight to the point and get it out in the open.

"Because me and Carter saw Mitch on our way home and he had Tobias with him." Wesley answers and can see the shocked look on both of their faces and knows that was probably the last thing they expected him to say.

For a few minutes they all sat in silence as neither Sarah nor Mike quite know what to say next and Wesley was half caught between comforting his boyfriend and just giving the them time to take in what he had told them.

"That's why you don't want Matt here." Sarah then says, finally understanding why the boy didn't want him around and actually found herself respecting him even more for wanting to keep the fact Tobias was back a secret from his friend.

"I know you're planning to surprise Matt this weekend with the new house you're moving in to and then with Tobias and I didn't want to spoil it for Matt, he has been through too much to not have something nice and amazing to happen to him for a change." Wesley then says, before he moves his boyfriend so that he is now sitting across his lap and holding him up against his chest, it was one of many advantages of his boyfriend being so small, he was easy to move and hold and he never seemed to mind when he moved him around almost like a baby.

"Thank you so much Wesley and we really are grateful for you keeping the secret, it can't be easy for you to have to lie to Matt and Ben, but I can see that you understand why we are doing it this way." Mike then states and was genuinely impressed by the young boys maturity and was so glad that he had become friends with his son and Matt.

"Actually Ben knows about Tobias and the house." Wesley then says, he was surprised that neither Sarah or Mike knew about it, but decided that it wasn't going to affect anything if he let them know that Ben knew.

"Oh well er... I see." Mike answers nervously, he wasn't sure how he felt about his youngest son knowing, they all knew that the two boys never lied to each other and chances were he had already told Matt, he thought to himself.

"Don't worry, he won't tell Matt what he knows, we all know they don't lie to each other but they can keep a secret from each other, so unless Matt asks him about Tobias then there is no reason for Ben to tell him and therefore isn't lying to him, I know it is a little confusing but they know what they are doing and they respect that they can't tell each other everything." Wesley then explains and while he knows he could have done a better job of explaining it, he was still mainly focused on his boyfriend, who to his relief had now stopped shaking.

"I don't understand how this has anything to do with Carter though, did Tobias do something to upset him?" Sarah then asks, she knew Tobias was unpredictable and was capable of almost anything, but still Carter was a strong willed boy and wasn't naïve so she couldn't see what could have possibly happened to reduce him to this kind of state.

"Well er... Tobias kind of started to freak out, we were just joking around about going swimming at the weekend at your new place and how we had to wear speedos and Carter got a little shy, he has nothing to be shy about by the way, but he is still a little self conscious and well Tobias just blurted out something and it played on Carter's self conscious stuff and he got a little embarrassed, so Mitch told Tobias off a little for saying things like that." Wesley begins to explain but decides to stop and let them process what he had said and he also felt his boyfriend shift and heard him sniffle.

"So Carter got upset because Tobias freaked out?" Mike then asks in a confused tone, out of all the boys Carter seemed to take Matt freaking out the best and with his obvious interest in a medical career he would be the last person Mike would expect to react like this to Tobias freaking out.

"No you see, okay Tobias asked Carter if he was being shy because he had a small penis like he did, that is why Carter got embarrassed and why Mitch told Tobias off, but I kind of wanted to help Tobias calm down because it was horrible seeing him so scared and upset, he was talking about not wanting to go back to the scary place and well I had a stupid idea and asked Carter to get pull his shorts and underwear down." Wesley then explains but pauses again when he hears his boyfriend starting to cry again and knows he heard what he was saying. "You see I thought if Tobias saw Carter like that then he would know he wasn't in trouble and well it actually worked and Tobias stopped freaking out, but he then pulled his trousers and underwear down, I don't think Mitch knew what to do with two boys with their penis's out in the middle of town." He then says, but where he would normally grin and smile at the image, his boyfriend shaking in his arms kept his mood as far away from happy as it could be.

"Carter exposed himself in the middle of town?" Sarah asks in disbelief, maybe she could see Wesley doing it and maybe even her son or Ben if they dared each other, but not Carter, she had always known Carter, while not shy, was self conscious about being so small compared to his friends and although she had no idea how he was developing in the boy department, she could guess that he would be self conscious about that kind of thing as well.

"Yeah and I thought it was all fine at first, well okay not fine because I should never have asked Carter to do that and the fact Tobias copied him was even worse and I'm really sorry because I know it was my fault, but then Carter just started to freak out, I should have known he wouldn't be able to handle it and I was just so stupid because I knew he had issues about his body and it's just all my fucking fault and I hate myself so fucking much and I should know better." Wesley then starts explaining but starts to lose his composure as the anger he has for himself takes over and he just wants to hurt himself.

"Hey come on buddy, just calm down and take a few deep breaths." Mike quickly says, he could tell the boy was getting angry and starting to freak out a little himself, so knew he had to act fast and get the boy to calm down.

"No I'm a fucking arsehole who hurt his boyfriend and humiliated him because I'm a fucking prick who doesn't deserve to have someone love him, I'm pathetic and no one should love me, I'm not worth it and..." Wesley begins to say as he starts to cry, but when he feels arms around him he stops talking and just cries in a mixture or self hate and self pity.

"Sshh it's okay Honey, it's going to be alright I promise that we all love you and Carter still loves you too, you're a wonderful young man and I don't know anyone who deserves to be loved as much as you do Wesley." Sarah tells the boy in a sincere and warm tone, she had doubted her sons earlier warning about him needing reassurance, but she had now seen it for herself and couldn't believe that he was so vulnerable.

"Wesley you're an amazing young man and Mitch is always talking about you and how he thinks you're one of the most remarkable and toughest person he has ever met and trust me that is a huge compliment Wesley, because apart from Ben, Mitch rarely talks about anyone else except Matt who he absolutely adores and loves, so it just shows you how he feels about you and you're loved by all of us." Mike then says, he knew he made a little bit of a mess of his little pep talk, but he felt he got the message across and could see that he boy had a small smile.

"I love you more than anything Wesley and nothing will ever stop me loving you." Carter then says, surprising everyone as Sarah lets go of Wesley and stares at the tiny boy in his boyfriends arms.

"I'm so sorry for making you do that Carter, please forgive me and please don't hate me." Wesley quickly says in a pleading tone, he was still convinced he had hurt his boyfriend and that he would hate him forever.

"Don't be a moron Wesley, I love you and besides despite your massive head, I do have a mind of my own and can make my own decisions you dumb ass." Carter then says, he was still a little freaked out over what he had done, but he heard his boyfriend breaking down and had quickly pulled himself together.

"You're a moron." Wesley retorts with a weak smile, he got his boyfriends message loud and clear and it made his heart skip a beat, although he did glance at Sarah and Mike, who just looked confused by the exchange.

"Maybe, but I'm your moron." Carter responds with a loving smile and pulls his boyfriends head down so that he can kiss him for a few seconds before letting go.

"So you don't hate me?" Wesley then asks, although he is smiling broadly now and almost wishes he could get his boyfriend alone and make it up to him.

"No, but I shouldn't have pulled my shorts and underwear down in the middle of the street, that was insane and well it freaked me out because anyone could have seen me and then I freaked out because they would have laughed at how small it is." Carter replies honestly, he was comfortable around his boyfriend naked, but he was still self conscious about being so small and despite knowing he was actually a little above average, he just couldn't help it and still felt a little ashamed of his body.

"No you shouldn't have done it Carter and I'm actually a little disappointed in you, I know you have been through a lot and learned your lesson but you can't do that in public and well you should be ashamed of yourself." Mike then lectures the boy and gets a surprised look from both Sarah and Carter, although when he glances at Wesley he can see the boy is angry.

"Don't talk to him like that, we know it was stupid and don't need you upsetting him again." Wesley responds in a serious and firm tone, he really didn't appreciate him lecturing his boyfriend and telling him that he should be ashamed of himself.

"It's okay, he is right Wesley I should know better." Carter then states and sniffles as the man's words sink in and he feels like some kind of freak.

"Nonsense Carter, yes you did a stupid thing but you're only eleven and you were trying to stop Tobias freaking out and Mike should know how hard that is to deal with and if there is anyone who should be ashamed right now it is Mike for talking to you like that." Sarah then says in a firm tone and gives Mike a hard look, that he recoils a little from, he wasn't expecting her to talk to him like that and it made him realise that he was out of order.

"Oh fucking hell, shit Carter look I'm very sorry and I shouldn't have talked to you like that, please don't get upset because you're an amazing boy and one day you're going to be saving peoples lives or curing diseases and if anyone can discover a cure for my stupidity then it is you and god knows we need a cure for that as quickly as possible." Mike then says with a smile and he could tell his words hit home as the tiny boy starts smiling and even Sarah gives him a grin.

"He needs to cure my stupidity before yours, so get in line Mike because I'm first and I have to kiss him so that should put me way ahead of everyone else in the queue." Wesley then says, he was still a little angry at him, but he was so happy he apologised and he had to give him credit for the way he did it and the fact his boyfriend was now giggling just made it easier to get over his anger.

"Well I suppose I could cut you off from the kissing, I mean I don't want everyone else thinking I'm being biased." Carter then teases, he really appreciated Sarah defending him and then Mike's apology was just amazing and it made him smile, so he couldn't resist having a little fun at his boyfriends expense.

"Hey no fair!" Wesley says in mock horror and starts laughing when he hears his boyfriend giggling and can't resist leaning down and kiss him.

"My hair look good?" Tobias asks nervously, he loved it himself and thought he looked great, but he really wanted to get his big brothers opinion.

"I think you look very good Tobias and I think the hairdresser really liked you, she was blushing a little when she was talking to you." Mitch tells the boy with a big smile and couldn't help thinking it was cute how he was blushing now and the blue streaks looked pretty amazing and definitely suited him.

"Mitch?" Tobias then asks and looks at him a little nervously.

"Yeah?" Mitch responds, he could tell the boy was nervous and couldn't help but be a little worried.

"Do I have to be gay for them to like me?" Tobias then asks, after using the elastic band as he wanted to be clear about what he was asking.

"Be gay for who to like you?" Mitch asks in response, he wasn't expecting that question and was a little confused about who he was talking about.

"Matt, Ben, Wesley and Carter, they are all gay and does that mean I have to pretend to be gay for them to like me?" Tobias then asks, after again using the elastic band, he had never really thought about sex stuff for the past few years, but he didn't want to be gay, he liked girls and his willy was always getting hard when he looked at the girls at the scary place.

"Do you want to be gay?" Mitch decides to ask instead of answering the boys question directly, he had to admit that it was a good question but he wanted to see if he thought of himself as gay or straight.

"No, me like girls and my willy gets hard when I see nice pretty girls, me not mind if they are gay though, me just don't want to have to be gay to be friends them." Tobias answers, deciding against using the elastic band this time and knew his big brother would understand him.

"Tobias you have to try and not speak about your willy when we are in public, people think it is rude and while I think you should be allowed to talk about whatever you like, we have to be more respectful of other people when outside okay." Mitch tells the young boy with a warm smile, he thought the boys innocence was cute and he was just glad that he still has it after all he had been through.

"Me understand, me try not to be rude but me forget sometimes." Tobias responds with a smile, he might have freaked out at being told off earlier, but he could tell that Mitch was just looking after him and he appreciated it.

"Right now back to the boys and being gay, Tobias you don't have to be gay to hang around with them, they are still just boys like anyone else and they will all love having you as a friend and brother, but you have to remember that they are in love with each other and they will kiss and touch each other around you, are you going to be okay with that?" Mitch then asks, he got the impression that Tobias didn't mind the gay thing and wouldn't find them kissing uncomfortable, but he just wanted to make sure he knew what to expect.

"Me not mind, people should be happy and they happy each other so I think it good." Tobias responds honestly, although he blushes slightly at the fact he messed his words up, he really hoped that it was a temporary thing and he could talk normally soon, hopefully before he surprised Matt, because he really didn't want to sound stupid in front of his best friend and new brother.

"I agree and I'm glad that you feel that way Tobias, now how about we head home now and maybe do a little swimming?" Mitch tells the boy and can see his face light up at the mention of swimming, he hadn't actually had a chance to use their new swimming pool yet and it was a nice day, so he just couldn't resist.

"Yeah me like to try swim and you wear speedos?" Tobias asks in response, he wasn't gay but he liked boys wearing speedos and loved wearing them himself.

"It's the rules right, our swimming pool is a speedo only zone." Mitch responds with a smile and pulls the boy in for a cuddle when he starts to giggle.

"We go buy speedos, me not have any Mitch and I want beat Wesley and Carter." Tobias then says, after remembering he doesn't have any yet and could tell by Mitch's expression that he had forgotten about buying some.

"Oh shit, well I totally forgot but I know just the place to go and we are both going to beat Wesley and Carter and buy the best speedos." Mitch tells the boy as they start to walk again, he felt a bit bad for forgetting that he needed to buy Tobias some speedos, but it wasn't a big deal and the young boy still seemed in high spirits.

"Ben I'm sorry for making you feel like this." Matt tells his boyfriend as he holds him in his arms, although he felt a little weird being the one to hold his boyfriend in the bath, he had always been the one being held and he just felt more comfortable in that position.

"It's not your fault, it just scared me and well you know that I have to cry sometimes, it's better than bottling it all up and I'm fine now I promise." Ben responds as he rubs his boyfriends arms that were gently stroking his stomach, he too felt a little strange being held and it didn't quite feel as good as when he held his boyfriend, it just seemed more natural and comfortable the other way, although he wasn't complaining about being held by his boyfriend, it was nice and he had to admit he liked that he could feel his boyfriends boner against his back.

"I can't remember freaking out though Ben, was it really bad because it must have been bad if I can't remember." Matt then says, it still worried him that he had blocked it out and he didn't like the fact his mind could do that.

"It was pretty bad, but this is the first one about your dad for a long time and you were terrified, it was scary to see because I know that is what you really went through and I just wish I could have saved you." Ben responds and although Matt can't see his boyfriends face he knows that he is sad and upset.

"Don't be sad Ben, I love you and you're what makes me want to get better and just enjoy life." Matt then says in a sincere tone, before kissing the top of his boyfriends head.

"I love you too and you and me are forever Matt and nothing is going to change that." Ben responds and shifts a little so that he can look up to his boyfriend, it was a little uncomfortable but the smile on his boyfriends face was worth it.

"I wish we could get married." Matt then says, although he quickly blushes because he wasn't meant to say that out aloud and wasn't sure what his boyfriend would say.

"Me too, but I promised Mitch that we would wait until we were old enough to drink first." Ben responds with a wry smile, he knew his boyfriend wasn't meant to say that, but he didn't care and he wanted the same thing.

"Why do we have to wait until we can drink?" Matt then asks in a curious tone, he wasn't sure if he had talked about this with his boyfriend before and just couldn't quite remember either way.

"Because Mitch wants to take us on a stag night and we need to be able to drink for that, I think I told you before but I can't remember if I told you about the stag night or not." Ben answers honestly, he was sure he had told his boyfriend before, he knows they have definitely talked about getting married but he just couldn't remember about Mitch or the stag night.

"Our rings aren't going to fit us for much longer." Matt then says, as he looks down to his and his boyfriends hands, he loved the rings but they were going to start growing soon and the rings would be too small to wear and it annoyed him a little because he never wanted to take it off.

"Dad said that we could get them altered and made bigger or we could wear them on a chain around our necks." Ben responds and smiles as he looks up to his boyfriend, he had actually asked his dad weeks ago about the rings and what they could do because he loved them and never wanted to take his off.

"I don't want to not wear it, but I don't want to risk damaging it either, maybe we should just wear them on a necklace when we get bigger or if they promise not to ruin them then we can get them made bigger, just as long as we both have them I'm happy." Matt then says, he would prefer to get them made bigger, but surely that would ruin them and he couldn't see how they could make them bigger anyway, they were rings and it seemed impossible to him.

"Dad said that it is easy for them to make the rings bigger, but just so you know when we can get married, I just want it to be just friends and family, I don't want a big giant fancy wedding, is that alright?" Ben then asks, he had been to a few weddings and seen some on TV programs and he thought it was a waste of money when they went over the top with all the big fancy stuff, although he knew if his boyfriend wanted the big fancy stuff he would let him have it.

"I want a church, but I don't want it to be like super fancy and expensive, so yeah just our friends and family and I don't know, what else do weddings have?" Matt then states and looks at his boyfriend lovingly, he hadn't been to many weddings and the ones he did he was too young to really take it all in.

"A church would be great and well I guess there is the party thing after and er... lots of photos and things like that, we can asks your mum because girls know everything about weddings." Ben responds as he relaxes a little more in his boyfriends arms and then notices that the water is actually getting a little cold and knows that they need to get out in a few moments.

"Does this mean we don't have to propose to each other now?" Matt then asks, he wasn't quite sure how they were meant to do that now because they both want to get married and well it was a little confusing.

"Maybe not, but I think it would be more special if we did propose to each other nearer the time and I think we should do it to each other at the same time." Ben answers, sure the fact they were already talking about their wedding would make a proposal a little pointless, but he thought it would be romantic and special when the time came.

"Okay well I guess we can wait until then and decide, but we should get out of the bath now though, it's getting cold and I want to see if Carter is alright." Matt then states, the water had been a little cold for a few minutes but he was enjoying just being with his boyfriend to get out too quickly.

"Oh right I thought I heard him and Wesley, but I was too upset to talk to anyone and well I guess er... well was Carter hurt or something?" Ben then asks, he felt a little embarrassed that his friends had seen him crying, but he was more concerned about Carter and whether he was hurt or not.

"I don't know but he looked like he got beat up, but come on let's get dried and dressed then we can go find out." Matt answers, he didn't get much of a look at either of his friends, but he did see that Carter had a black eye and some blood on his nose.

"Okay, but I'm going to carry you, I think you have done enough today and I don't want you to hurt your foot." Ben then tells his boyfriend, he often pushed his boyfriend to his limits with the physio stuff, but he also knew that he couldn't push him too far too often otherwise he could hurt him.

"I love you." Matt tells his boyfriend and reaches down to give his penis a few squeezes.

"I love you too, now stop trying to make me get a boner or I'm going to carry you downstairs naked." Ben then says and smiles when his boyfriend lets him go, he then stands up in the bath and gives his boyfriend a quick twirl before getting out of the bath and turning to his boyfriend. "Can you stand?" He then asks, he was hoping his boyfriend would be honest and ask for help instead of trying to pretend that he can do it himself.

"I think I can, but I don't want to risk slipping, can you help me please." Matt replies honestly, he knew he could probably get out but it was risky and the bath was slippery so it wasn't worth hurting himself.

"Yeah, just hold your arms out." Ben tells his boyfriend with a proud smile, he then leans into the bath and lifts his boyfriend out of the bath, which was a little awkward but unlike the last time they tried this he gets his boyfriend out without catching his foot and sighs in relief.

"Carter are you sure you're okay though, I mean you have had a hell of a day and the fact you had a panic attack is a little worrying." Mike asks, he liked Carter a lot and had never really seen him like this before and he couldn't help feeling like he had a responsibility to make sure the boy was alright.

"I will be okay, I'm definitely never doing anything like that again though and I still feel stupid for even doing it in the first place." Carter answers honestly, he really did regret doing it and really wouldn't be doing anything like it again.

"You did it because you're an amazing person Carter, Tobias was freaking out and you did something to help and I'm proud of you." Wesley quickly states, despite realising how stupid he was for asking his boyfriend to expose himself, he was still proud of him for having the balls to do it and loved him even more because of it.

"Tobias is really adorably though isn't he, I mean I felt so sorry for him because he can't talk properly yet, but he doesn't let it affect him and he seemed so happy." Carter then says, he was really taken aback by the boy and definitely wanted to get to know him more and hoped he liked comics like he did.

"You were amazing though Carter and that elastic band thing was genius and really worked." Wesley states and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss.

"Elastic band thing?" Sarah asks curiously, the boys were obviously talking about Tobias but she didn't get what an elastic band had to do with anything.

"I have a cousin who stutters and while it doesn't cure it, he uses a elastic band around his wrist and pulls it and lets it go, although you shouldn't do it so it hurts it's just a distraction sort of thing that calms him down, because he stutters more when he is like really nervous or emotional, so I thought it might help Tobias talk because it was obvious he isn't stupid or that his speech is damaged, so I guessed it was just a mental thing that he will get over in a week or two." Carter explains and smiles when his boyfriend gives him another quick kiss on the lips.

"That is amazing Carter, so he just has to flick the elastic band and he can talk normally?" Sarah then asks, it seemed like such a simple thing and yet if it worked then it was nothing short of amazing and she couldn't help but be proud of Carter for helping Tobias.

"Well it doesn't work all the time Sarah and he shouldn't use it all the time either because he needs to get better without it, but he can use it when he wants to say something important and well I just wanted to do something to help him." Carter explains and can't help but smile with pride, when everyone looks at him with a smile.

"That is very clever Carter and a very sweet thing to do for someone you don't even know." Mike then tells the tiny boy sincerely.

"He is Matt's best friend from England and that is all I need to know for me to know that he is a good person." Carter then states and can't help but smile when he feels his boyfriends hands rubbing his stomach.

"Yeah and the fact he called you pretty has nothing to do with you liking him so much." Wesley then states with an evil grin, he couldn't resist teasing his boyfriend despite knowing that Tobias didn't actually mean what he had said.

"Well I am pretty or don't you think I'm pretty Wesley?" Carter asks his boyfriend, he knew Wesley was trying to bait him and he was determined to turn the tables and embarrass his boyfriend instead.

"Nice try, but I'm not going to get embarrassed by admitting that you're sexy and pretty and I love you more than anything in the whole universe Carter." Wesley then says, before tilting his boyfriends head up and kissing him for a few moments. "You're also the best kisser ever" He then adds with a smile.

"You're the best everything to me Wesley." Carter then says, although he suddenly remembers that they aren't alone and blushes as he looks at Sarah and Mike staring at him.

"You don't need to be embarrassed Carter, that was very sweet and romantic and I think you should never be afraid to tell each other how you feel." Sarah decides to tell the tiny boy, she just couldn't help but enjoy the two boys love for each other and it was the same when she watched her son and Ben together, they were just so happy in each others company and she found herself looking at Mike like she had been the last few weeks and couldn't help thinking how much she enjoyed his company and how handsome he was.

"I really love you Carter, like really love you and well I just want you to know that." Wesley then says and smiles when his boyfriend shifts his position and straddles his thighs facing him.

"I never thought I would be so happy and well I just want you to know that you never have to worry about losing me, because there is nothing that will ever stop me loving you and being with you, no matter how stupid you're sometimes." Carter then says and grins before kissing his boyfriend.

"Eww as if you two are making out in front of our parents." Ben states as he carries his boyfriend into their living room and can't believe what he is seeing.

"Yeah guys come on, at least if you're going to kiss don't straddle each other like that." Matt then says after his boyfriend puts him down gently so that he is standing on his own and smiles when his boyfriend passes him his cane which was laying on one of the side tables.

"Sorry." Carter says as he gets off his boyfriend and blushes as he sits down and puts his arms across his lap.

"Hey, don't listen to them Carter, how many times have we had to put up with them touch..." Wesley begins to say, before realising that his friends parents were right there and he couldn't say the rest of what he was going to say without embarrassing everyone. "Anyway are you two alright now?" He then asks, deciding to change the subject and like always he was genuinely concerned about his friends.

"We are alright now." Ben answers, he didn't really want to get into it all right now and just wanted to spend a bit of time with his friends and family.

"Hey when did you get that Matt?" Carter then asks as he looks at the cane his friend is using.

"Oh yeah that looks so cool where did you get it?" Wesley then asks, he hadn't even noticed the cane but he could tell from the way his friends eyes lit up that he was proud of it and wanted to show it off.

"Ben brought it for me and isn't it beautiful." Matt responds in an excited tone as he limps over to his friends and shows them the cane. "I love it so much and look the inscription is real gold and the colour is the same as both of our eyes." He then says and both Carter and Wesley can tell how much the cane meant to their friend and it made them both smile.

"It's so beautiful Matt and I think it's an amazing gift." Carter then says, he really was in awe of how nice the cane was, he had always just thought canes were sticks made of wood that looked pretty cheap, but this was just beautiful and made of something he couldn't quite identify.

"Oh wow the inscription is the same as your rings, that is so cool and just wow Ben you're so awesome and apparently secretly rich, because this must have cost like three or four hundred dollars." Wesley then says and can't help feeling a little self conscious when everyone looks at him.

"How the hell did you know that?" Ben can't help but ask, he could just tell from his friends tone and expression that he didn't just take a guess at the cost and just couldn't help but want to know how he knew.

"Because it's made of this special stuff, I can't remember the name of it but it's not cheap and it's like almost unbreakable and the green colour stuff is not some cheap coloured plastic it is like real strong stuff, not to mention the gemstone and then the inscription would have cost a lot anyway, but real gold is not cheap, oh and it's extendible too right?" Wesley answers with a shy smile, he had an eye for certain things and was a little embarrassed about the looks he was now getting.

"I have to say Wesley that you have a very good eye and I'm very impressed." Mike says after deciding to join in the conversation, he and Sarah had just been sitting and watching the boys interacting and found it to be an interesting experience.

"Yeah it's totally extendible and it means that as I get bigger I won't have to buy a new cane and I can keep this forever and..." Matt begins to say excitedly, but trails off at the end and sighs a little as he realises once again that he will always need a cane to walk and even though he had come to accept it, it still hurt a little that his own dad had hurt him so much.

"Aww come here." Ben says as he pulls his boyfriend into his body and cuddles him lovingly. "Don't get sad, we talked about this and we will get through it together." He then says, he didn't really know how to help his boyfriend deal with his limp, but he thought that reassuring him and showing him affection was a good place to start.

"I know and I don't want to be sad, it's just going to be a reminder and I will never be able to forget." Matt then says before sniffling, he might have been able to find a way to forget or at least not think about what his dad did to him, but the limp and even the cane would be a constant reminder of what happened and he was struggling with that realization and along with his scars it was not something he thought he would ever be able to fully get over.

"Oh Sweetheart why didn't you tell me how you were feeling?" Sarah asks in a sad tone, she knew that her son would struggle with what happened for the rest of his life, but she had no idea that his limp would be a constant reminder and felt guilty for not thinking about it before.

"Because I don't want people to look at me like you're all doing now, I don't want pity and people telling me that everything will be okay because it won't Mum, he tortured me and raped me and thanks to him I am now a cripple, so no I won't be okay and I hate myself and him and it's hard to keep..." Matt begins to say after deciding to just tell the truth, but he trails off when he sees the look in his boyfriends eyes and knows that he had hurt his feelings. "I have Ben though and because of him I can be strong and no matter how sad I get, I have him to guide me and I'm never going to give up, because he would never give up on me and I love him." He then says from the heart and looks his boyfriend straight in the eyes. "I love you Benjamin Walker and I'm never going to leave you alone in this world." He then says before kissing him.

"I love you too Matthew Summers and I will never leave you alone in the world either, you and me are forever and well I just love you so much." Ben then says, staring into his boyfriends eyes and actually almost proposed to his boyfriend, but they really were too young for that and he managed to stop himself.

"I love you so much." Matt then says and kisses his boyfriend, he almost wanted to rip his boyfriends clothes off and have some fun, but with his mum and friends right there that would just be gross.

"Wesley do you two need a lift home?" Mike then asks the young boy, he could see that his youngest son and Matt were having a moment and took the opportunity to see how the other two were getting home.

"Yes please, but neither of our parents will be home before five and we promised our teacher that we wouldn't go home unless they were there, that is why we came here because we knew that you or Sarah would be here." Wesley answers with an appreciative smile, it was nice of the man to offer them a lift home and despite his earlier anger at how he talked to his boyfriend, he really did like Mike and thought he was a good man.

"Well if you ring your parents in a couple of hours, I will give you a lift home boys." Mike then says and smiles at them both.

"Thank you Mike, but er... can we maybe get something to eat please, Carter hasn't eaten all day and he needs something to eat after what happened." Wesley then asks, he was hoping his boyfriend wouldn't get upset with him for talking for him, but he just really wanted to look after him and knew he needed to eat something.

"Anyone else and I would get annoyed Wesley, but I am hungry and well I love you too much to get angry." Carter then says, as he looks his boyfriend in the eyes, he wanted to be a little angry and didn't normally like people talking for him, but he knew his boyfriend was just looking after him and if he was honest he loved when he looked out for him like this and it just made him feel special.

"Sure I was cooking some chicken and chips for the two love birds over there and I have enough for all of us, just give me twenty minutes and I will have something for you all." Mike says and smiles when both boys nod happily at him and he decides to get straight to work on the food and leaves the room.

"Boys why don't you go get washed up and Carter if you take your top off I will give it a quick clean to get the blood off." Sarah then says as she turns to her sons friends with a warm smile.

"Yeah Ben can go with you, I want to talk with my Mum about something." Matt then suggests and gives his boyfriend a shy smile, he knew he would want to know why he wanted to talk to her in private, but he didn't want him to ask and get in the way.

"Yeah come on Carter get your top off and we can go to my room and catch up." Ben then says, he was curious about his boyfriend wanting him out of the way, but he could tell by the look on his face that it was important and they didn't have to tell each other everything.

"Okay, but have you got a spare top I can wear please?" Carter asks, he didn't mind being topless normally but he knew he had bruises and a few cuts and he didn't want his friends parents seeing them and fussing over him, plus they might see the ones on his lower back and want to check his bum and thighs which are also a little bruised and he didn't want that to happen.

"Yeah sure we have loads of clothes you can try if you want to get out of your shorts as well." Ben responds with a smile, he didn't know why his friend wanted to cover up so much, despite being small and not very toned, he thought Carter had a really nice body and he looked kind of sexy in a cute way.

"I don't want to take my shorts off." Carter replies and blushes a little.

"Come on we should go and Ben we will tell you in a minute." Wesley then says, he can tell his friend was getting curious and just thought it would be best to tell him what happened and maybe get his boyfriend to show all his bruises.

"I love you." Matt then says as he reluctantly pulls his boyfriend in for a kiss, but he wanted him out of the way and didn't want to risk him getting suspicious.

"I love you too." Ben responds after breaking the kiss, he then grabs each of his friends by the hand and pulls them towards the hallway and then up the stairs.

"You giant willy Mitch." Tobias says as he stands in front of his naked big brother and can't help but stare at him.

"Come on get your speedos on Tobias and we can go for a swim." Mitch tells the young boy as he pulls his own speedos up which actually didn't do much in the way of hiding anything.

"Okay, me wish I had big willy but me is small." Tobias then says as he pulls his new speedos up and smiles as he looks down and sees that he has a little bulge and felt a little better about himself.

"Your penis is fine Tobias and it isn't small, it is perfectly normal, now come on I want to see if you can swim." Mitch then tells the boy as he tries to reassure him, but he can tell instantly that he has said something wrong when he sees the boy glare at him a little.

"I can swim Mitch, me not baby or stupid." Tobias says in an angry tone, he could swim just fine and even though he might be a little rusty he could still swim and didn't like his big brother thinking he couldn't do it.

"Sorry I didn't mean it like that Tobias I promise, I just know that it has been a few years and I was curious to see what you could do, I love swimming and would love to teach you some things like diving and some different strokes if you didn't know them all, Ben likes to swim but he isn't interested in learning any of that stuff." Mitch quickly apologises and tries to explain what he actually meant.

"Me would like that, but just fun today please." Tobias responds with a smile, he would love to learn how to dive but he did just want to mess around and just have some fun for now.

"Anything you want Tobias, now come on let's get out there and have some fun." Mitch responds with a big grin, before scooping the now giggling boy up in his arms and carrying him out of their room and then down the stairs to the pool.

"No, no don't, don't you no..." Tobias suddenly says as they approach the pool and knows exactly what is about to happen and starts giggling even more when he feels himself being tickled.

"Tough luck little guy." Mitch says, before launching the giggling boy through the air and into the water with a giant splash, he then dives into the pool and circles around the spluttering boy who is trying to get his bearings.

"Where you... I get you back..." Tobias tries to say as he looks around to see where his big brother was.

"Behind you." Mitch responds and grins as he waits for him to turn around.

"I get you..." Tobias begins to say before being hit in the face with a wave of water and starts to giggle as he feels himself being splashed over and over again, until the water finally stops, but when he looks around he is confused to not see him anywhere and begins to worry a little bit as he treads the water.

"Behind you." Mitch then says as he comes up behind the boy, but this time instead of waiting for him to turn around he grabs him by the waist and throws him in the air and laughs as the boy lets out an adorable little scream of delight.

Mitch carries on playing with him and throwing him around for almost thirty minutes before deciding to have a break, although he can't resist giving him a final dunking before he picks him up and places him on the side of the pool before pulling himself up next to him.

"I missed fun." Tobias then says in a slightly sad and tired tone, it really did seem like a lifetime ago that someone played with him and it was amazing, but at the same time it got him down a little bit.

"I don't want to upset you Tobias, but do you want to talk about anything, you know anything that makes you sad?" Mitch decides to ask the boy, Wesley's advice was still fresh in his mind and he wanted to try and get the boy to open up before the weekend so if he did get upset, he would have a few days to get himself together before seeing Matt.

"I don't like wetting myself or talking like a baby Mitch." Tobias answers after using his elastic band, although there was something that made him much more sad and angry, but he wasn't sure he wanted to talk about it and make his new family think he was broken.

"I know, but I was thinking about something that makes you really sad and maybe even angry, you can talk to me about anything Tobias because that is why you and me and spending these few days together, I want to help you adjust and I want to make sure that you aren't sad or frightened." Mitch then says, he had practically raised his little brother most of his life and knew the signs that let him know when he wanted to talk about something, but was too shy or nervous to actually say.

"I cried for them and I didn't want to believe they were gone Mitch, me not want them be gone and me want them back, I not even seen them and..." Tobias responds but despite using the elastic band he can't hold it together and just starts crying, he still didn't believe his family was gone and he was struggling to remember what they even looked like or what he had said to them the last time he saw them and it made him both angry and scared that he was a bad person for forgetting.

"I wish they weren't dead Tobias, if I could change it I would do anything to make it not true, but you have us now and we will love you forever and I know Matt will be so happy to see you." Mitch then says in a reassuring tone after pulling the young boy into his side, where he then gently rubs the small of his back soothingly.

"I want me family, I not even have pictures or nothing Mitch I forget and please want them back please." Tobias then pleads, he didn't want to talk about this now and wished his big brother would just stop.

"Sarah has pictures and I'm so sorry for making you talk about this, but I'm worried about you Tobias and that is what big brothers do, they look after their little brothers." Mitch then says and uses his free hand to wipe the tears for the boys face.

"You not real brother though, me had real family but they gone, but me don't see them go and it not fair why I not see them?" Tobias then asks, he just needed to see them and couldn't understand why he was never allowed to.

"You want to see their..." Mitch begins to ask but pauses, he was sure Tobias had accepted they were dead but he wasn't sure if he should say graves or not. "Tobias I'm not sure when we could go, but would you like us to take you to see where they are buried?" He decides to ask, he had started this conversation and knew he had to follow it through and he just hoped the young boy really had accepted they were dead.

"They real dead, me have no family?" Tobias then asks, ignoring what his big brother had asked him.

"They are really dead Tobias and I'm so sorry that they are, but you have a family, you have me and Ben, you have Sarah and Mike and most importantly you have Matt, you also have some great friends in Carter and Wesley, they both already like you and I know they will be your friends forever." Mitch quickly answers, he knew he had to reassure him and make him understand that he wasn't alone and that he had people who loved him.

"Me want to see what you said Mitch, me need to say goodbye please." Tobias then says, before burying his face in his big brothers chest and crying his eyes out.

"It might take a while, but I promise you that you will get to say goodbye." Mitch responds and pulls the young boy in a little tighter and goes back to rubbing the small of his back.

"So why didn't you beat them all up?" Ben asks curiously, if it were Matt he would have beat the crap out of them all and he was just surprised Wesley hadn't done the same.

"He knocked Jarred out twice and Alex once Ben." Carter states proudly, he was proud of the way his boyfriend saved him without going too far and although he was surprised that his boyfriend hadn't hurt them all, he was relieved to see that his boyfriend wasn't a thug and was just perfect in every way.

"I know but still, I just don't know how you could leave it at that." Ben then says, but he instantly saw the look on his friends face and knew he had taken what he said the wrong way. "Oh shit, Wesley I didn't mean it like that, shit look really you know I think you're totally awesome, it just came out wrong and I'm sorry." He then quickly says, he could just tell his friend was going to get angry with him and he didn't want that.

"Ben I hate fighting and just because I'm good at it, it doesn't mean I have to put everyone in hospital when they try to hurt me or someone I love." Wesley then states in a serious tone, he was a little angry and was going to let his friend know he pissed him off, but his friends quick apology was enough for him to know his friend didn't mean to say what he did the way it came out.

"Wesley would have just got in trouble and maybe suspended Ben, then I would be on my own and they would have come after me, but now they know that if they try to hurt me they will have to deal with my boyfriend." Carter then says proudly, he was still so happy that his boyfriend told them that they were together and even more delighted that his boyfriend kissed him in the middle of the playground.

"You're right and well I'm sorry again for what I said Wesley, you know I love you and know you would never let someone get away with hurting him." Ben then states, first looking at Carter and then to Wesley.

"Ben we saw Mitch in town on our way here." Wesley then says, he wanted to change the subject and he also wanted to talk about Tobias with someone and knew that his friend knew about him.

"Oh right er... I haven't er... was he alright?" Ben responds nervously, he knew Tobias had to have been with his brother, but at the same time he couldn't risk telling his friends just in case his brother was actually alone and he definitely didn't want to let it slip.

"It's alright we know about Tobias and we spoke with him." Wesley then says, he quickly picked up on the fact his friend wasn't sure if he could talk about Tobias with them and just decided to let him know that they knew.

"Oh shit, please don't tell Matt it will ruin the surprise." Ben then quickly says, in a slightly panicked tone and despite knowing his friends would never do that he just didn't want anything to ruin Saturday.

"We know and you don't have to worry, Matt deserves to have something nice happen for a change and well Tobias is just so adorable." Wesley then says with a small smile, Tobias wasn't quite as small as his boyfriend but knowing that his penis was the same size made him happy, not because he liked it or found him sexy, but he knew it would help his boyfriend relax a little more about his own body and despite the fact he was no longer embarrassed being naked with him, it was clear that he was still self conscious and hoped that being around Tobias would help him.

"Have you met him?" Carter then decides to ask, he knew the answer already from Tobias but he still wanted to double check and make sure.

"No, I just know that they found him and he has some problems that my brother is trying to help him deal with." Ben answers, deciding that he didn't need to question his friends ability to keep the secret any more.

"He wants us to come round Saturday or Sunday and go swimming with him." Carter then says and Ben can see the nervous look on his friends face straight away.

"You really need to get over your shyness Carter, you have a nice body and have nothing to be embarrassed about." Ben responds honestly, he felt sorry for his friend being so insecure, but knows that if they keep reassuring him then he will get over it eventually.

"But he wants us to wear speedos and next to you guys I'm going to look like a baby." Carter then says, deciding to just be honest about what is really bothering him.

"Come on Carter, you know none of us care and it isn't like Mike and Sarah are going to be checking us out like that and besides you saw that you're perfectly normal when Tobias showed you his penis and it was the same as yours." Wesley says with a loving smile, although when he looks at his friend he realises what he just said and blushed a little.

"You saw Tobias naked?" Ben asks in a half concerned and half confused tone, they had said they saw them in the middle of town and couldn't possibly think of how they could have seen him naked.

"Yeah well it is kind of my fault and why Carter was so upset." Wesley answers, although he is a little too nervous to actually tell the whole story.

"Carter got upset because he saw Tobias naked?" Ben asks and is now totally confused and wonders what the hell happened.

"I got embarrassed about going swimming in speedos and Tobias made a comment about whether I had a small penis like him, Mitch then told him off and he freaked out, so Wesley asked me to show Tobias my penis and well I did and it worked because Tobias calmed down, but then he dropped his trousers and underwear and well yeah we are about the same size and well I then had a panic attack and can we never talk about this again please." Carter quickly explains in one breath, he really didn't want to be constantly reminded about what happened and tried to get it over with as quickly as possible.

"Holy shit you stripped in the middle of town?" Ben then asks, forgetting the fact that his friend just asked them to move on.

"Yes." Carter answers before looking to the floor, he really had enough of this now and was getting a little upset.

"Cut it out Ben, he said he didn't want to talk about it any more." Wesley then says and pulls his boyfriend into his chest.

"Sorry Carter, but anyway did you guys really like the cane I got Matt?" Ben decides to asks, after getting the message loud and clear about not talking about his friend exposing himself like that.

"It is an amazing gift and I can tell Matt loves it." Carter answers quickly, he was glad of the change in topic and delighted with his boyfriend for defending him.

"It was perfect Ben and you really are amazing to even think about something like that and like this little sexy bastard said, Matt loves it and that is the most important thing." Wesley then says, before kissing the side of his boyfriends head.

"I hate when you swear you dick head." Carter then says, as he leans away from his boyfriend with a big grin and giggles when he sees his boyfriend give him a mock pout.

"If you want I can go downstairs and you two can have some time alone." Ben then offers, although he felt a bit weird giving his friends permission to fool around in his and his boyfriends bedroom, but he could see that they could do with some alone time.

"Nah, I'm still a bit sore from getting beat up and this dumb ass can wait until I'm feeling better." Carter responds and smiles at the disappointed look on his boyfriends face, but he was still hurting and didn't feel like fooling around yet.

"So er... can I see your bruises then?" Ben decides to ask, he was curious and concerned about his friend and also he thought it would be a good way to help his friend relax about his body a bit more.

"Yeah but can you lock your door please?" Carter asks in response, although he could tell his request surprised his friend.

"Come on Carter it's just your top and you really can't be so shy about people seeing your chest." Ben says, trying his best to reassure his friend with some tough love.

"I'm getting naked you dumb ass, I want to show you all the bruises and cuts and well they are everywhere." Carter then says, he had heard enough about being more confident about his body, so he was going to start with Ben, who had seen him naked anyway and he was going to try and build from there.

"I'm so proud of you." Wesley then says as he leans across and kisses his boyfriends cheek, while Ben walks over to his bedroom door and locks it.

"You don't have to prove anything Carter, we just want you to not get..." Ben begins to say but stops talking when he turns around to see his friend already down to his underwear.

"What did you want to talk about then Sweetheart?" Sarah asks as she stands in front of her son, although she couldn't help but feel a little uneasy at the way he was looking at her.

"You let him hurt me." Matt then says and Sarah almost takes a step back, before thinking how stupid she is for getting scared of her son.

"I'm so sorry, if I had known what he was going to do I..." Sarah begins to say before being shocked into silence when she feels herself being slapped.

"You're a bitch and you let that faggot touch me and do things to me and now you want me to live with him." Matt then says as he slaps his mum again.

"Matt stop it right now." Sarah says and this time she does take a step back, there was clearly something wrong with her son and after his earlier outburst, she knew he needed to go see someone to get him some help.

"Because of you some faggot touched me and made me do things and it made Dad hate me, Dad hates me because you're a dirty bitch." Matt says and this time pushes him mum and smiles as she crashes through the little wooden table. "You wanted a dirty faggot for a son and got that disgusting freak to try and make me in turn to one." He then sneers as he raises his cane and just as he is about to swing it down he feels himself being tackled to the ground.

"Sarah are you okay?" Mike asks as he struggles to hold the young boy, who is putting up a surprisingly strong struggle. "Sarah?" he asks in a more concerned tone after getting no answer.

"The bitch better be dead, she tried to make me turn into a dirty faggot like your faggot son, I hate him and the way he touches me, you're disgusting Mike and your son is a piece of fucking shit." Matt then sneers, before biting down on the his arm and rolling free. "Ben is going to die for touching me you bastard." He then hisses at the man and swings his cane and laughs as he catches him right on the side of the head.

"What was that?" Ben asks in a concerned tone, he was just checking his friend over and feeling sorry for him because his penis was actually bruised a little and he had a small cut on his balls, but there was a crashing noise from downstairs and he was worried.

"You two stay here and I will check it out." Wesley states as he walks over to the door.

"Hey it's my house, I'm going." Ben protests, he was going downstairs and he wasn't going to let Wesley go instead of him.

"Look Carter is naked and hurt and let's face it if something is happening then I'm going to be a lot more effective than you Ben to stop it, so please just look after my boyfriend and I will be right back I promise." Wesley then says and knew by the look on his friends face that he had convinced him.

"Fine but we are coming down in five minutes if you aren't back." Ben says reluctantly, he really wanted to go but his friend was right and if something was happening, Wesley was a lot better in a fight than he was.

"Be careful." Carter then says and gives his boyfriend a concerned look.

"I will and get dressed sexy." Wesley replies, before unlocking the door and disappearing out of it.

"Matt don't hurt her." Mike tells the young boy in a firm tone, he was a little dizzy from being hit over the head, but he was seriously worried about Sarah as he watches Matt stand over her with the cane still in his hand and while he knew he could easily overpower the boy, he was far enough away that he wasn't sure he could get to him before he got at least one hit on Sarah.

"Dirty faggots should all be killed, they are disgusting and don't deserve to live, my dad would love me if your faggot son didn't touch me and I hate you all you dirty fag lovers." Matt says with an evil grin and raises the cane and Mike knows he won't be able to stop him.

"Matt please snap out of it, this isn't you and something is wrong, let me help you, just let me help you please." Mike pleads with the boy, he had no idea what had happened but he knew this wasn't the real Matt and with his earlier freak out, he was seriously worried that they had missed that something was seriously wrong with him.

"You let that dirty faggot touch me." Matt sneers and is about to smash his mum over the head with his cane when he is surprised by someone walking in the room.

"Holy fuck, what the hell are you doing Matt?" Wesley asks, he had suspected that someone had broken in, but to see Mike on the floor holding his head and Sarah not moving on the collapsed table with Matt looking almost insane holding his cane, took him by complete surprise and wasn't sure what to do.

"Wesley Fisher?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, he couldn't think of any reason the coolest kid in school was in his house.

"Mike what's going on?" Wesley asks in a concerned tone, it was obvious to him that Matt was not himself and didn't even seem to recognise him as a friend.

"They are dirty faggots Wesley and they tried to make me one so my dad would hate me, they have to die Wesley and then my dad will love me and see that I'm not a dirty faggot." Matt states, as he looks at the boy curiously and again wonders what he is doing here and how he even got into his house.

"Wesley I can't get to him quick enough if he tries to hit her." Mike then says and Wesley instantly knows what to do and charges at his friend, he could tell from how Mike was sitting he couldn't get up and over to him in time, but from where he was and with the element of surprise he knew he could tackle his friend before he could do whatever it was that he was going to do.

"No you're one of them, no, no, no get off me you dirty faggot get off, get off I hate you all." Matt cries out as he is tackled to the ground by his friend, he was trying his best to get free but it was clear he was too weak and tired to break free. "I hate you all, just let me die, please kill me Dad, it hurts please don't hurt me, kill me please, it hurts Dad, please stop, please just let me die." He then says in a sad and defeated tone.

"Matt?" Ben says, he had just walked in the room after only a minute after Wesley had left him and Carter and couldn't believe what he was seeing, but hearing his boyfriend speaking like that stunned him even more and he didn't understand what was happening.

"I'm a dirty faggot, please kill me... please I'm a dirty faggot please kill me." Matt pleads over and over again as Wesley struggles to keep hold of him, not just because his friend was squirming, but because of his words as well, it was clear that he was now reliving something his dad had done to him and he wasn't sure if he should carry on restraining him or if he was making it worse.

"Dad do something." Ben then says as he looks to his dad, he just couldn't process anything right now.

"Oh shit Sarah." Mike says and ignores his youngest son to check on her and is instantly relieved to see her open her eyes.

"Please don't, I love you Dad, Dad why are you... Dad no please, no please Dad... I love you please ouch, aarrgghh Dad it hurts no..." Matt then cries out before passing out in his friends arm.

Ben just can't believe what is happening and is about to fall to his knees when he feels someone wrapping their arms around his waist and holding him up and looks down to see Carter, who he notices is only wearing his underwear holding him.

"Mike we need to get him to a hospital as soon as possible." Carter then says, he had only just caught the end of what happened, but from what he could see and from what happened earlier with his friend, it was clear he was having some sort of mental breakdown and needed to be somewhere he couldn't hurt himself or someone else.

"What?" Ben asks in a shocked tone, he couldn't believe his friend just said his boyfriend needed to go back to the hospital.

"Ben he is ill and he is going to hurt someone or himself, just look at his mum and your dad." Carter points out, he was still in a little shock himself but he could tell that right now he had to take control.

"What happened?" Sarah asks, as she lets Mike pull her to her feet, she felt a little stiff but she wasn't badly hurt and would probably just have a few bruises.

"Guys he feels cold." Wesley suddenly says, he hadn't loosened his grip on his friend and he felt him shivering and he was surprised that he was actually cold.

"I will get the car ready and we can take him straight to the hospital." Mike then says, he just couldn't believe this was happening and wondered what this meant for the poor boy and whether he would ever be able to lead a normal life.

"I don't understand, he was fine and doing so well." Sarah then says as she watches Mike leave the room.

"He was, he was joking and having fun." Ben then says, before looking at his boyfriend, who was still being held by his friend. "Why was he begging to die and calling himself a dirty faggot?" He then asks as he looks Wesley in the eyes, he knew Sarah probably didn't hear that and his dad was now getting the car ready, so his friend was the only one he could talk to.

"Oh no." Carter then says, before letting go off his friend and holding his hands over his mouth, not because he didn't want to say what he did, but because he realised what his friend was saying and why.

"What?" Ben asks in a worried tone, he was already scared for his boyfriend but his friends reaction just made him even more terrified.

"David made him beg to die, he hurt him so much that he begged for David to kill him." Carter answers honestly, although if he wasn't in shock he would never have put it so bluntly.

"But he didn't break him, he has been fine and well okay not fine but he didn't break him." Ben then says, although there was no conviction in his voice as he started to think about how many times his boyfriend had told him he wanted to die and the realization hit him hard and he just sunk to his knees.

"He did break him." Carter then says and instantly realises that he just fucked up and should never have said it when he hears his friend crying and watches in shock as Sarah quickly moves over and embrace his friend.

"Carter go get dressed." Wesley tells his boyfriend, although when he sees the hurt look on his boyfriends face he realises that he sounded a little angry and could only watch as his boyfriend walked out of the room with his head down, but with his friend unconscious in his arms he couldn't do anything about it at the moment.

"Erica your girlfriend?" Tobias asks, he was still wrapped in his towel as he listened to his big brother talking about how he wanted to invite a girl over and he wasn't sure how he felt about another new person in his life.

"Yes she is Tobias and I wanted her to meet you because you're very important to me." Mitch answers with a warm smile, he had already gotten dressed himself after showering first and was wondering if the boy was ever going to put any clothes on.

"Does she have boobies?" Tobias then asks and Mitch has to take a few moments to compose himself as he blushes, he wasn't expecting that at all and wasn't quite sure how to answer.

"She is my girlfriend Tobias, so no looking at her boobies okay." Mitch decides to tell the boy, although he was still blushing a little and was hoping they could move on to something else.

"Me like boobies, they make me willy go hard look." Tobias then says and drops his towel and Mitch isn't quite sure where to look as he is confronted by the young boys boner which was bobbing up and down.

"Oh jeez Tobias, get dressed and promise me that you won't show Erica your willy." Mitch says in a slightly annoyed tone, but just as he starts to worry he had upset the boy he sighs in relief when he just giggles and walks over to his draw and pulls out some white briefs, while they had been in town and buying their speedos Mitch had brought the boy a few clothes, although he planned on going clothes shopping with him tomorrow to get him some decent clothes to wear.

"Me promise, I'm not a pervert Mitch, I just forget that things are real sometimes." Tobias responds with a smile, he didn't have to use the elastic band that time and while it wasn't perfect, it was pretty close to being right.

"You still think this is just a dream sometimes don't you?" Mitch then asks as he watches his pull on some jeans and then a tank top.

"Sometimes I do, I dreamed lots that I was out of the scary place but when me wake I cry it wasn't real, I no want this to be dream me wouldn't be able to deal with that." Tobias answers honestly, if he was to wake up in the scary place again and this was all a dream he wouldn't be able to cope and carry on living, it would just be too cruel for him to recover from.

"I promise this is real Tobias and you're never ever going anywhere near the scary place again." Mitch then tells him, he was desperate to convince him that his life was going to be better now and that he had a new family who loved him.

"I know, but it's hard sometimes Mitch and I try really hard to not do stupid things, but it's really hard sometimes and I'm sorry if I embarrass you." Tobias responds after using the elastic band, he kind of understood it better now and it was basically a placebo and it was all in his head, but as long as it helped he didn't mind and just hoped he wouldn't need it for much longer.

"Just remember that I love you and even if I sound a little mad sometimes, it doesn't mean you're going to be sent away, we all do silly things and we all get told off, it's part of life Tobias and you have to try to remember that there is nothing you can do that will make us not love you or send you back to that horrible place okay." Mitch then tells him in a sincere tone and smiles at him when he sees the happy look on his face.

"When is girlfriend coming?" Tobias decides to ask, he wondered what she would be like and if she would like him.

"Tomorrow and maybe she will come with us to buy you more clothes, would you like that?" Mitch responds and looks at the boy with a loving smile.

"She not watch me buy underwear will she?" Tobias quickly asks with a shy smile, he was starting to realise that he couldn't keep letting people see him naked or in his underwear and now that he knew it was real, he was already starting to get a little modesty back again.

"No, I promise that she won't see them." Mitch answers with a smile, he took the question as a good sign that he was regaining a little bit of his modesty, although he was wary about making the boy feel like he had to be ashamed of his body and hoped that his little brother and the other boys would help him avoid feeling like that.

"I have nice body though and girls like my willy?" Tobias then asks and just when Mitch thought the boy couldn't make him blush any more, he goes and asks another awkward question that has him squirming a little.

"Tobias just be yourself and girls will like you, but you're a bit young to be worrying about your body and willy." Mitch answers the boy, but he can tell straight away that he isn't satisfied by that response.

"But Matt and Ben do things don't they and so do Carter and Wesley, me same age shouldn't I do things too?" Tobias then asks and Mitch finds himself in a conversation he wanted no part in and yet he knew he had to give him some sort of answer.

"Have you ever had a birds and the bees talk Tobias?" Mitch decides to ask him, he thought he might as well get it over with and at least this time it would be a little less awkward than the one he gave his own little brother and then the talk he had with his little brother and Matt.

"No but I know some things, but just like why my willy gets hard and when you put your willy in girl hole, she gets baby in her tummy and er... she gets like fat for a while and then poops the baby out." Tobias answers with a nervous smile, he had only overheard that stuff at the scary place from other boys and didn't really know if it was true or not.

"Oh jeez well er... just listen and if you have any questions just wait until I finish talking okay." Mitch states in an awkward tone, what he just heard just made him shake his head but at least the boy wasn't totally wrong with what he said, just not quite close enough and knew he would have to go over everything.

"Me promise and me love you for er... telling me stuff Mitch." Tobias responds with a smile, he knew he probably should feel embarrassed but he was just so happy that he was being treated like he really was part of his new family that he didn't care.

Two Days Later

"I'm sorry Mum." Matt says, he had apologised more times than he could remember over the last two days, even though he still couldn't remember any of his outbursts.

"Stop apologising Matt, you aren't well and it's not your fault." Sarah responds with a loving smile, although she was glad Mike was driving because she just needed to hold her son tightly.

"But I hurt you and Mike, Ben said I tried to hurt him yesterday in the hospital as well." Matt then says, he just couldn't believe what happened and he was so angry with himself.

"Matt we love you and it's not your fault, we wouldn't be taking you home if we thought you weren't well enough." Sarah then says and gives her son a kiss on the top of his head.

"Is that why Ben went home last night though, because I tried to hurt him?" Matt then asks, he hated being away from his boyfriend and it had been a long time since they didn't spend the night together and it worried him.

"No I told him to go, you two needed some space from each other and Mitch really missed him, you know you can't always be with each other and that sometimes we want to spend some time with you on your own as well as when you two are together." Sarah answers, although she is half lying about why Ben went home, it was actually her call and thankfully Mike had backed her up and made Ben go to spend the night with his brother and Tobias because it was clear the young boy was shaken by her sons behaviour and even though he would never admit it, she knew Ben needed some time away from him.

"I guess so and he really has missed Mitch, I have missed him too though and..." Matt begins to say, but trails off when he thinks about the last few days and how he had been told he has freaked out six times and he can't remember a single one, which just scared him and he desperately wanted to know why this was happening.

"I know but you will be okay Sweetheart, you're seeing Wesley's dad first thing Monday and he will be able to help you figure out what is happening, but until then just enjoy the weekend and have as much fun as you can." Sarah then says after giving him a few seconds to carry on talking, but it was obvious he wasn't going to finish his sentence.

"Where are we going?" Matt then asks, this wasn't the way to their house and he didn't want to go anywhere else right now.

"Sshh, just relax and try to get a little sleep." Sarah responds, they were actually on their way to their new house but she and Mike had agreed to take the longer route after talking with Mitch on the phone, he had asked for as much time as possible and they were happy to oblige.

"David did what to him?" Tobias asks, he just couldn't believe what he was being told.

"I'm sorry but it is all true Tobias and that is why we wanted to wait until today before you got to see him again." Mitch responds, he didn't want to tell the boy until Matt was ready to tell him himself, but after what his little brother had told him the night before, they had agreed to tell Tobias today before Matt turned up.

"But..." Tobias begins to say but stops, he just doesn't know what to say and wishes they never told him.

"I'm sorry but we had to tell you Tobias, you see Matt isn't well and the other day he had a freak out..." Mitch begins to try and explain what had happened, but he is interrupted by the young boy.

"Like me have when I get scared?" Tobias asks, wondering if he and Matt were the same.

"Sort of Tobias, but his are much worse and they are about what his dad did to him and he is starting to get violent." Mitch answers honestly, he was alarmed by what has been happening the last few days and a part of him blames himself for not being there, but he knows he had to look after Tobias.

"He get better though?" Tobias then asks, he was a little bit scared to hear that his best friend was violent, but after what he had just been told he wasn't sure if he would be any different.

"Yes, but he needs us all to help him and that is where you come into it Tobias." Mitch answers honestly again, but he can tell his words have confused the boy.

"Me?" Tobias asks, he couldn't see what he could do to help.

"Yes you Tobias, you were... I mean you're his best friend and he loves you so much, I have done everything I can but it isn't enough and I just know that if he sees you again and can be friends with you, he will get better." Ben suddenly says, he had stayed quiet through most of the conversation about what happened to his boyfriend and was going to keep quiet, but he could tell that his brother was just confusing Tobias now and wanted to help him understand.

"But I no speak good and he not well, we be bad for each other and me scared I hurt him." Tobias says as he looks at Ben sadly.

"No one cares if you can't speak properly yet Tobias, you will soon and we all still want you to be part of our family and I want you to be my brother, but Matt needs you and I need you to help him." Ben responds from the heart, he had his apprehensions about Tobias being found, but after spending time with him and the way he had comforted him while he cried the night before and in the morning had him instantly loving his new brother and he just knew that he could help his boyfriend.

"Tobias we wouldn't have told you about what David did to Matt if we didn't know you could help him, the plan was for Matt to tell you when he was ready, but after the last few days, we need everything we have to get him better and as much as he loves Ben and he loves him more than anything, he needs his oldest and best friend and that is you Tobias." Mitch then says, he didn't know where that speech came from but it was all true and he just hoped that Tobias could handle everything he had been told.

"Me want to shower and then do hair and then wear something nice for him." Tobias then says with a smile, he was already dressed but he wanted to look his best for his best friend and he needed the distraction while he tried his best to process everything.

"Can I shower with you?" Ben asks with a shy smile, but he sees the surprised look on his brothers face but ignores it and looks at Tobias.

"Okay we clean each others backs but not willies, you're not allowed to touch my willy Ben." Tobias responds in a firm tone, although he also grins and is delighted when his new brother walks up to him and cuddles him.

"I promise I won't, I only like Matt's willy and you aren't allowed to touch my willy either Tobias." Ben responds with a grin after letting go of his new brother, he was grateful for the distraction from everything else, even if it would only last a little while.

"Okay brother let's go quick." Tobias then says with a big smile, before grabbing his new brothers hand and pulling him towards the stairs.

"Don't be long, I want Tobias in the pool house before they get here." Mitch calls out, although he isn't sure if they heard him or not and decides to just make himself a drink and then call Erica.

"This isn't the way home, where are you taking me and where is Ben?" Matt asks in a worried tone, he didn't know where they were going and he couldn't help but think that maybe they were taking him to some kind of place for crazy people, like Wesley's dad had once suggested a while ago.

"Matt just relax and just trust us." Mike answers, although if he wasn't concentrating so much on driving he would know his words were anything but reassuring.

"No, no let me go, I don't want to go to a crazy home, I want to go home, where is Ben, I want to see Ben please, let me see him we are forever and please don't take me away from him." Matt then says and starts to panic and he is sure they are taking him somewhere to leave him. "Please I promise not to hurt anyone or er... please I don't want to be locked up and alone, please don't do this to me Mum..." He then starts to plead before he feels his mums hand over his mouth and now he was terrified that he was being locked away somewhere.

"Matt I would never ever do that to you or let anyone take you away, but you have to trust us because it's a surprise." Sarah tells her son in a loving and caring tone, but she can tell that he is still terrified. "It's a good surprise and I promise that you will really like it, but if we tell you then it will ruin it and just trust me Sweetheart I would never let anyone take you away from me or Ben." She then adds and leans forward to kiss him on his forehead after removing her hand from his mouth.

"I'm scared Mum." Matt then says, he heard what his mum said but it did little to ease his fears that he was being taken away and locked up somewhere.

"This is all my fault, I should have let Ben stay and you would know that you were safe and that we weren't taking you somewhere bad." Sarah then says in a sad tone as tears roll down her face and Matt can see that he is upsetting his mum and he realises that he should trust her more than anyone.

"You promise that I will like the surprise?" Matt then asks, he is still scared but he has already lost his dad and he couldn't lose his mum as well.

"You will love it, I promise Matt and I would never betray you like that monster did." Sarah answers honestly, managing to look her son in the eyes to show him that she means it.

"How long until we get to wherever we are going?" Matt then asks, he desperately wants to believe that he is not going somewhere horrible, but he has been betrayed too many times from people who he trusted that he can only pretend to believe his mum, so that at the very least she doesn't get upset.

"Sarah are you okay?" Mike asks, he can see her crying in the rear view mirror and knows something is wrong.

"He doesn't believe me Mike, he thinks we are taking him somewhere to lock him up and he doesn't trust me." Sarah answers honestly, she knew her son like the back of her hand and saw right through his attempts to lie to her and it broke her heart that his trust in people had been destroyed.

"Mum?" Matt asks in a sad tone, he couldn't believe she knew and he didn't know what was going to happen.

"It's okay, you will see that I wasn't lying in a little while." Sarah tells him, but instead of trying to comfort him or even look at her son, she turns to the window and stares out of it with tears rolling down her face.

"I should have died, you would all be happier if I died." Matt then says, but instead of crying he just looks down at his feet knowing that because of him everyone he loved was miserable.

"Sarah tell him, just tell him the truth and we will just have to deal with it." Mike tells her, he knew they had it all planned out but it was clear that Matt was self destructing and at this rate he would be lost before they even got him to the new house.

"So you're taking me somewhere to lock me away?" Matt asks in an almost dead tone, taking his boyfriends dads words to mean he was right all along.

"No Matt, we are taking you to our new house, we have sold our old one and Martha and Edwards house and we had enough money to buy a new one, that is where we are heading now but we are taking a longer route because Mitch needed more time to get the other surprise ready for you." Sarah tells her son, but still can't bring herself to turn away from the car window, she just can't bare to see that look on her sons face again.

"Sarah just tell him everything." Mike then says, he was trying his best to concentrate on the road, but he saw the look on Matt's face and he knew the boy didn't believe his mum.

"No." Matt suddenly says, he didn't know why but his boyfriends dads words and the fact his mum won't even look at him made him not want to know any more and good or bad he was just going to wait and see.

"Matt just let your Mum..." Mike begins to say before being cut off.

"No, I don't want to know what it is, if it is bad than I will never forgive you two, but if it is good then I don't want to ruin it so just shut up and leave me alone." Matt states, before turning to look out of the window.

"So you can come round later today?" Mitch asks, he had been talking to Erica on the phone for almost ten minutes and he was now desperate to see her.

"Yes and if you're wearing a speedo then I have a nice surprise for you." Erica responds in a seductive tone, she had the perfect new bikini she has been waiting to wear and the thought of Mitch in speedos had her head swimming.

"Oh er... shit wow er... wow." Mitch responds nervously, he had never been this awkward or shy around anyone in his life and he was blushing despite being on the phone.

"You're just too cute Mitch Walker, I will see you around three or four but I have to get back to work now, just remember though I want you all to myself at some point to get a really good look at those speedos." Erica says before hanging up, she knew it would drive him crazy and she couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she put her phone away and walked out of the staff room.

"Why are you so red?" Tobias asks as he walks into the kitchen with Ben just behind him.

"Ha, he has been talking with his girlfriend." Ben teases as he looks his brother over and can't help but notice something that makes him giggle.

"You willy is giant." Tobias then says, he had seen it soft but he was the biggest he had ever seen now that it was hard and tenting his shorts.

"What?" Mitch asks, he was now completely confused by his little brother giggling and the comment Tobias just made, until he looks down and starts to blush.

"Ha, go get rid of it or something and I will take Tobias to the pool house." Ben says as he takes a hold of his new brothers hand and starts to lead him towards the patio door before turning back to his brother. "Mitch be quick though, they are going to be here any minute." He then says with a big grin, before turning back to the door and leaving the house with Tobias beside him.

"Oh fucking hell." Mitch mutters to himself as he looks down and decides he needs to change into some jeans and walks towards the stairs.

"We are near Wesley's and Carter's houses." Matt says after recognising the area and as far as he knew there were no hospitals or places like that anywhere near this part of town and was starting to get his hopes up a little.

"Matt we are telling you the truth, we are taking you to our new house and not some stupid hospital or mental institute, you know Ben would never ever let us do that to you and neither would Mitch." Mike decides to state, hoping that now that the boy knew the area they were in that he would know there was no such place nearby.

"Matt don't you ever and I mean ever think that any of us wishes that you were dead, if you were dead then I would die as well because I love you more than anything in this world and without you I don't want to be a part of it and I never want to hear you speak like that again do you hear me?" Sarah then says, after pulling her sons head to face her and she could see that he was stunned by her words and tone of voice.

"I understand, but I can't promise I will never say it again, I'm broken Mummy and I try not to think like I want to die but sometimes I can't stop myself and I hate it Mummy, I hate that he broke me and I can't even walk properly and I hate it." Matt responds honestly, he had said something similar to his boyfriend not so long ago and he had thought it was a breakthrough to admit how he felt, but here he was again repeating those words and he really did hate what his dad had made him become.

"You just need to stay strong and let us help you Sweetheart, I don't think you will ever be the same as you were before and I know that isn't what you want to hear Matt, but it is the truth and you just need to keep trying to get better and no matter what happens we will all be with you and we will all still love you." Sarah says in a firm yet loving tone, she was still holding her sons face and could see that he was taking her words in.

"We are almost there." Mike says, he didn't want to interrupt what was being said, but they were only a minute or two away and knew he had to say something.

"Ben said the same thing and I try Mummy, I really try to not er... Mummy I just want you to hold me please." Matt then says, he was going to say more but he needed a hug now that he knew he wasn't being tricked and he wanted to try and get in the right frame of mind for whatever surprise was coming next.

"Okay Sweetheart." Sarah responds and moves across the back seat before pulling her son into a loving embrace. "Mike stop the car please." She then asks and Mike can't help but give her a confused look in the rear view mirror.

"Sarah?" Mike responds in a concerned tone and he can tell Matt is equally confused.

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