The Life of Matt Summers, Part 1

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 12

"Hey, where are we going?" Ben asks curiously, after realising they were going the wrong way.

"I'm taking you shopping." Mitch replies with a sly smile, Which causes his little brother to wonder what he was up to and why he wanted to go shopping.

"Shopping? Did dad forget to get any food or something?" Ben then ask, still wondering why he had to go shopping and why his brother was giving him a weird smile.

"Oh, it's not that kind of shopping, let's just say I have a friend who owes me a massive favour and you're going to be adding to the list of favours you owe me little guy, now keep it zipped and just enjoy the ride." Mitch replies, with the same sly smile on his face, as Ben just slouches back in his seat a little and decides to stare out of the window.

When Mitch finally pulls in down a dodgy looking ally and parks outside an equally dodgy looking back door to a building, Ben gives his brother a quizzical look, before looking around wondering where they are and although he knows he is safe with his brother, he can't help feeling a little scared and worried about what is going on.

"Where are we Mitch?" Ben asks nervously, as he gets out of the car and looks around and not seeing anything obvious to answer his own question.

"Follow me and just be cool and try not to say anything stupid." Mitch informs his little brother, as he puts an arm over his shoulder and guides him to a door and knocks.

They wait a few moments and Mitch knocks again and this time someone opens the door, when the man comes into view Ben doesn't recognise him and turns to his brother to ask who he is, but stays quiet when his brother shakes his head when he looks down to him, before turning back to the man.

"Hey Jim, hows it going?" Mitch asks casually and by the smile on the man's face, Ben assumes they are friends.

"Pretty good Mitch, good to see you mate and well this must be the horny little shit you call a brother." Jim says chuckling, as he ruffles Ben's hair.

"He sure is, so is now a good time because we don't have long before our dad will wonder where we are." Mitch asks, but misses the look his little brother gives him, when he doesn't correct the man's description of him.

"Yeah it's pretty quiet today and I will just put the closed sign up, I don't want anyone walking in when I got a little kid picking out toys and shit, not good for business you know." Jim responds, grinning as he winks at Mitch, who laughs and fits bumps the man, much to Ben's confusion and apprehension.

"I don't play with toys though, I'm not a baby Mitch." Ben then says protesting, as he thinks his brother is playing some sort of trick on him.

"Oh don't worry kid, these toys aren't for kids and I think you should be a bit nicer to your big brother for going above and beyond with this, most brothers give each other wedgies and bruises, but yours is well you will see, you lucky little shit." Jim answers instead of Mitch, who just smiles as he guides his little brother into the shop.

Ben eyes take a few moments to adjust to the dim red light of the room, but as soon as they do his jaw almost hits the floor as his eyes wander from the images on the walls, to the objects and everywhere as his mind tries to process what he is seeing and when he turns to his brother, he sees him smirking and wonders what is going on.

"Where are we?" Ben then asks his brother nervously, as he turns back to look at the various objects, most of which he has no idea what they are, he does recognise the whips and bats, although he doesn't quite understand why they would be in a shop together and with the other stuff it just confuses him more.

"We are in an adult shop Ben." Mitch answers, he could tell his little brother was confused and he couldn't help but think he looked adorable.

"Huh?" Ben replies, as he walks over to some shelves to get a closer look at some objects and blushes as some look like a penis, although they appear to be made of plastic and then he sees some weird rubber cone shaped things, that he has no idea about or what they could possibly be used for.

"It's a sex shop Ben, it's where adults go to buy fun stuff for when they want to have extra fun with their boyfriends and girlfriends." Mitch answers again, but this time realising he needs to explain things more so his little brother can understand.

"Straight to the dicks I see, guess I don't have to ask which side your little bro bats for hey Mitch." Jim suddenly says with a wink, causing Ben to quickly turn to him with a shocked look on his face and he blushes even more.

"Hey, be cool Jim, I'm sure you remember what it was like when people found out you were gay." Mitch says sternly to his friend, not even hesitating to look out for his little brother, he didn't mind a little bit of fun and banter, but he knew his little brother wouldn't like being about like that and wasn't going to let anyone do it.

"I'm not gay." Ben states firmly, causing Mitch to turn to him with a questioning look.

"Ben it's okay, you don't have to pretend you aren't gay and Jim here is the biggest gay I know, so don't be embarrassed." Mitch says, trying to reassure his little brother, although he was surprised by his reaction, he never got the sense that either of the young boys were embarrassed about being together.

"Yeah sorry, I was just kidding around Ben, I know what it is like to be a boy who is gay and scared of what people will think and do to me if they found out." Jim adds, feeling sympathy for the kid he doesn't even know and he knew he should be more respectful.

"But I'm not gay, I don't like boys, I just like Matt." Ben says sincerely, as his brother just looks at him blankly.

"Matt is a boy and if you like him that makes you gay Ben, don't be embarrassed about it and don't worry about what people think." Mitch then says, thinking that his little brother is just being shy around someone he doesn't know and he couldn't really blame him for being on edge.

"I'm not gay, I know what it means and I know I'm not gay, now shut up and take me home." Ben responds angrily and just as Mitch is about to say something, Jim walks over to the young boy and kneels down in front of him so they are at eye level.

"Hey it's okay, I understand and I think it's cool, they have so many different names for people who don't conform to what people see as normal, me I'm gay and I love men and other people like both men and woman and they call them bisexual, but you well you are really special I think." Jim says and is about to carry on, when Ben tilts his head slightly as he mind tries to process the information.

"Why am I special?" Ben then asks curiously, just as Mitch moves closer as his own curiosity takes over and he wants to hear what Jim is telling his little brother.

"Well you are only what ten or eleven right, so I could be wrong about this, but if I had to bet I would say you were pansexual Ben." Jim starts to explain, but can't help but smile when Mitch and Ben both interrupt him.

"Pansexual?" Mitch and Ben ask in unison, both sounding equally confused.

"I think so yes, it means when you are attracted to a person regardless of their gender or race or anything really, you love a person and don't define it as anything else. It's clear your little brother doesn't see himself as gay Mitch and it is clear he is attracted to this Matt boy right?" Jim explains, before turning to Ben as he asks about Matt.

"I love him and he loves me." Ben answers without hesitating and Jim smiles at him.

"You would love him even if he were a girl?" Jim then asks.

"Yes!" Ben states again with out hesitation and Jim smile broadens as he ruffles the young boys hair before standing up.

"Then there you go, when you are ready for people to know you can tell them what you are, now let's go have a look around and while Mitch and I already agreed on your spending limit, I'm going to double it, because you are such a great kid." Jim announces causing Mitch to smile, but when he looks down to the young boy he sees a look of confusion on his face. "What's wrong little guy?" He asks in a concerned tone, he also had a little brother around the same age and just like Mitch, he had a big brother mode although he was a little ashamed at how distant he was from his little brother.

"I don't know what anything is, or what they are for." Ben says meekly, as he lowers his head shyly, he was happy with what the man told him, but felt embarrassed about not knowing what he was looking at.

"Oh well of course you don't, that is why you have me to help you, although I think we should ask your brother to help too and just to help you out, why don't I make a few suggestions and you can tell me what you think." Jim reassures him with a big friendly smile, but Ben isn't sure about this and it all seems very wrong to him.

"Mitch I don't like it here." Ben says softly, as he looks around and realises just how many whips and bats he can see and he definitely knows that they are to hurt people, Mitch follows his little brothers gaze and notices what he is looking at.

"Ben, those are the kind of thing you won't be buying, you are way to young for those and even then I doubt you would buy them, I certainly wouldn't." Mitch says, trying his best to reassure his little brother, but can see he needs to keep going. "Look this shops sells everything okay and Jim will tell you that different people like different things." Mitch explains, then looks over to Jim for some help.

"Why don't I just show you the items I think you and your boyfriend would enjoy Ben and you can decide if you want to have them or not, you don't have to buy anything you don't want too and no hard feelings if you don't buy anything okay?" Jim says in a friendly tone, as he kneels in front of the boy, he is aware of how kids hate being looked down to and he knows if you ever want to get a kid to do something it's a good place to start.

"Okay... but isn't the whole point of these things to get hard feelings?" Ben replies with the biggest naughty grin his brother has ever seen, as Jim starts laughing and ruffling the boys hair.

"Well, well aren't you a witty little fucker, Mitch where the hell have you been hiding this little firecracker?" Jim then states, before he stands up and is still smiling at the young boys wit and couldn't help but be reminded of his own little brother and how he would probably say the exact same thing, but again he feels ashamed of how distant they are to each other and knows it is his fault, he was a great kid but he was neglected and he knew he should do more to change that.

"You should see him and his boyfriend together, seriously if you think my brother is great you will love Matt, the boy is just well I don't know but he has something about him, but anyway come on let's show him a few things time is getting on." Mitch states proudly, he really is proud of his little brother and he can see why Wesley had raved about his popularity at school when they last spoke.

"Okay, well let's start with some handcuffs and ankle cuffs Ben, now I know your brother already gave you some handcuffs, but they aren't exactly ideal." Jim starts to say, but Ben quickly jumps in as he turns to his brother.

"Why does he know so much about me and Matt, did you tell him stuff?" Ben says in a very pissed off tone and Jim decides to stay well out of this little exchange, despite it being partly his fault.

"I haven't told him anything apart from some basic stuff that could apply to anyone, he didn't know you were gay, or that you were seeing Matt did he? And he only knows about the handcuffs because I told him you played some silly kids tie up games with your mates." Mitch explains to his little brother and puts his worries to rest, he was a little annoyed at his little brother but also knew in his position he would have reacted the same way.

"Oh but er... okay, but this is still weird." Ben says, now feeling a little more relaxed.

"Okay, so these cuffs are a lot more suitable for what you are going to be using them for Ben, if you feel them you can feel how soft they are and it protects your wrists and ankles from getting hurt, what do you think." Jim suddenly says, as he hands over the cuffs and watches as the little boys eyes light up, with a smile to go with it. "Now this is going to sound weird, but we are going to have to get you to try some on Ben, you are very small and well it's going to be trial and error to find the right size." He then adds, as he goes over to the shelf and brings back three more sets for the boy to try on.

"Mitch, I don't want to try them on." Ben states nervously, as he can't help but be wary of Jim and isn't comfortable being tied up, even with his brother here.

"It's okay, I'm right here and you know I won't let anything happen to you." Mitch says reassuringly and smiles as Ben nods his head and holds his hands out in front of him.

Jim gets straight to work and tries all four sets of handcuffs and smiles when two pairs fit perfectly, next Jim gets the young boy to sit on a chair as Mitch removes his little brothers shoes and socks so Jim can try the ankle cuffs, although this time only one pair fits right, he had thought about the boys boyfriend Matt, but boys their age generally were the same size and both sets of cuffs should fit him as well.

"Okay well that was easy, I will put the ones that fitted over next to the cash register, okay Ben." Jim tells the boy who nods, Ben is still nervous about this whole situation and just hopes his brother isn't playing some mean joke.

Jim then takes Ben over to another shelf and shows him some blindfolds of various kinds and hands him three different types.

"Okay you can pretty much use anything for a blindfold Ben, but you would be surprised how many people come in and buy them from me and these three seem to be the most popular, myself I think the red one would be perfect and if you're okay with it, we can get Mitch to put one on you at a time so you can pick your favourite, is that okay with you Ben?" Jim explains to the boy, who again just nods as he lets his brother blindfold him.

"Okay Ben, which one did you like the most?" Jim asks and can't help but smile, at the shy smile on the boys face and knows the boy is going to really enjoy these toys, although he suddenly gets a little uncomfortable after realising again that he is selling sex toys to an eleven year old boy, but at least the toys were basic and not the more extreme items, he would never dream of selling those to him, no matter how much he fancied Mitch..

"I liked the second one, it felt nice and I couldn't see or hear anything." Ben answers honestly, he couldn't believe how different each blindfold felt and was surprised when the second one also stopped him from hearing anything.

"Good choice that was the red one, but just so you know you can put it on and not cover the ears, sometime tie up games are better and more fun if you can hear each other, but anyway I think two of those will do the job for now, I will add them to the cuffs." Jim says, as he places the blindfolds with the cuffs and walks over to Mitch, before whispering something in his ear.

"Okay little bro, come with me I want to show you some stuff and Jim is going to wait for us over here." Mitch then informs his little brother and leads him over to the over side of the shop.

"Why isn't Jim coming?" Ben asks out of curiosity, not that he wants the man to come with them, as he still doesn't trust him, but he can't help but wonder why he isn't coming with them.

"Because this is more personal than cuffs and blindfolds and I don't want him around." Mitch says firmly, making it clear he doesn't want him to ask any more questions about it.

"Now what's your favourite fruit?" Mitch then asks his little brother, as they walk up to a shelf filled with various bottles and tubs, he already knows his little brother is going to say strawberries, but he wanted to know what Matt's was as well and thought it would be less weird if he asked his little brother this first.

"Huh, what does that have to do with anything?" Ben responds, as he gives his brother a confused look.

"Just answer the question and also do you know Matt's?" Mitch asks his little brother, who again looks at him in confusion, but decides to just answer the question.

"I like strawberries and Matt likes bananas, but I still don't get the point." Ben answers, still trying to figure out what his brother is talking about, as he watches him search the shelf.

"Okay here we go, one bottle is strawberry flavoured and one banana flavoured, now try some and tell me what you think." Mitch instructs his little brother, holding out two sample dishes, with both flavours on them.

"Okay." Ben says as he gives his brother a strange look, he tastes both flavours and gives his brother a shrug of the shoulders. "They taste good, but I still don't get it." He adds, as he rubs his fingers together and gives his hands a quizzical look as his fingers become slick.

"Read the bottle and try some of the other flavours and then bring back six bottles, but just a heads up stay clear of anything brown coloured... just trust me on that Ben, I'm going to have a word with Jim about something else you might like." Mitch then tells his little brother, before ruffling his hair and walking back to where Jim was standing.


As Mitch and Jim talk about things that were suitable for the boys, they really struggle to think of anything else that the boys could use safely, Mitch is pretty sure they haven't moved past mutual masturbation and didn't really want to encourage any thing more advanced and that is when Jim's eyes light up, although he wasn't quite sure if Mitch would like the idea.

"You know this might be a bit kinky and risky, but how about a chastity device, it's harmless and the boys can have really good fun with it." Jim suggests, trying to sound confident in his idea, but as he says it out loud he starts to have second thoughts himself.

"Way too risky mate, I mean they have sports at school and if our parents somehow saw them wearing them, they would freak out, then knowing Matt's dad, he would probably figure out where it came from, I mean I'm no expert, but I am guessing there aren't many shops around here that sells those." Mitch says reluctantly, he could just imagine the fun the boys would have with something like a chastity device, but it really was too risky and he could sense by the look on Jim's face he agreed.

"How about some Dice?" Jim then suggests, thinking about a customer he had earlier in the day who had purchased some sex dice.

"Dice, what the hell are they going to do with dice?" Mitch says totally missing the obvious, as Jim gives him a funny look.

"Mitch buddy this is a sex shop, what kind of dice do you think I have in here?" Jim says, shaking his head in mock disbelief at his friends ignorance.

"Oh er... right, shit damn how did I not get that, but don't they all involve like full sex and stuff, the boys are only just going to be twelve years old in like two months and like I said I don't think they have done much." Mitch responds, he likes the idea but is worried it's to advanced for the boys, he wanted to help them have fun, not turn them into sex objects for each other.

"Dude come on, I'm not a pervert who gets off on kids screwing each other, I'm only doing this because I owe you big time and I like you a lot, there are different levels of dice I could suggest, myself I would recommend using one that maybe covers blow jobs, they can't be far off doing that, if they are already jerking each other off and at least this way they will have some fun getting to that piece of heaven." Jim explains to Mitch, who gives the idea some serious thought.

"I think that could work, I mean they know about blow jobs anyway, so this could be fun, got any other ideas?" Mitch replies, as he looks at Jim hoping they can at least come up with one more thing.

"Could go for cock rings, I mean I remember being young and holding back wasn't exactly something that even crossed my mind, it was just pump away until it felt good then just let it blow, I think the boys could really enjoy using them." Jim suggests with a sly grin, actually thinking about it he would have loved to have known about the delights of holding back for as long as possible, when he was younger and by the little shy smile on Mitch's face, he could tell he was thinking the same thing.

"Perfect and I couldn't agree more, shit I wish I had a big brother who hooked me up like this." Mitch says reflectively and Jim just pats him on the shoulder in mock sympathy, although he had a younger brother the same age as Ben, he hadn't hooked him up and didn't plan on it, not that he didn't think it was cool what Mitch was doing, but he just didn't have that close of a relationship with his little brother and while he did love the boy, he thought it would just end awkwardly.

As they just finish with coming up with their ideas for Ben, he suddenly reappears holding four bottles and two tubs of flavoured edible lube and much to the amusement of both his brother and Jim, his mouth and chin are coated in various flavours of lube and the big grin on his face, almost makes them both lose it and cry out in laughter, but they manage to hold back.

"Hey guys, what's so funny?" Ben asks, as he notices the grins on their faces.

"You sure you picked the right ones, you did try some others right?" Mitch responds, barely able to keep a straight face, although Jim has to turn away and he walks over to his desk chuckling.

"Yeah they were tasty, but what does lube mean?" Ben asks, his voice full of innocence.

"Just read the instructions on the way home okay, now me and Jim came up with a few more items for you to buy, well for me to buy, want to take a look?" Mitch responds, now gaining control over himself, as he tries to avoid looking at the state of his little brothers face, especially after he notices his little brothers tongue occasionally licking his lips.

When the boys walk over to Jim, he turns with a handful of tissues and gives them to Ben and takes the lube off him, Ben looks at Mitch who rubs his own lips and mouth to signal what he should do with the tissues and as he wipes his lips and looks at the tissue he goes bright red realising how he must of looked, when he found out what the lube was actually for later on, he would definitely not be able to look Jim or Mitch in the face for a while.

"What are those?" Ben asks, after cleaning himself up, he curiously picks up the dice and then the packet with some sort of rings inside and looks up to his brother quizzically.

"Well little brother, the dice are like a game but instead of numbers each dice has a word on it, now I don't know exactly what is on the dice, but I know one dice has an action like maybe kiss or lick and the other dice has a location on it, like lips or neck for example and trust me when I say this, you and Matt will love playing with them." Mitch explains, after deciding to explain each item separately so his brother can take in the information better.

"Oh that sounds cool and what about these?" Ben states seemingly happy with the dice, as he holds up the packet of cock rings.

"Well this is a bit more embarrassing to explain, basically you know that feeling you get before you orgasm." Mitch begins to explain and waits to see if his little brother understands and when he nods he knows he can carry on. "Well if you put one of these on, which are called cock rings before you get started it will hold back the orgasm and you will get to enjoy that great feeling for longer and when you finally do manage to orgasm while wearing it, trust me when I tell you that you will love it." He then explains and as the realization of what his brothers words mean, Ben's eyes light up and a huge grin spreads across his face, although his face soon turns red as Jim adds in some advice for the boy.

"Just makes sure you have something in or over your mouth to keep the noise down, you might wake the neighbourhood." Jim suggests with a grin and Mitch shoots him a look that makes him chuckle.

"So what do you think Ben, happy to buy this stuff?" Mitch asks, as he watches his little brother look over the items on the desk, he had thought about adding a ball gag for the boys, but after their previous incident, he felt that it was better if neither boy was unable to talk at all, just in case they wanted to stop and he couldn't risk one of them getting hurt, just because they couldn't say anything.

"Won't they cost too much though?" Ben asks, as his mind wanders to what he and his boyfriend could get up to with these things and he almost doesn't hear his brothers reply.

"Call it an early birthday present from me, for both you and Matt." Mitch replies, but notices his little brother is more interested in the items on the table and smiles as he knows they will be buying them all. "Okay we will take them all Jim." He decides to say and to his amusement he notices a little drool drip out of the corner of his little brothers mouth and just smiles at him.

"Yeah, but why don't you pay tomorrow Mitch, I need to see you about something anyway and to be honest I can't be bothered to do the paperwork today anyway, I got a hot date and I need to get ready for him." Jim then says as he winks at Mitch, who gives him a curious look that Ben notices.

"Are you two gay for each other?" Ben asks innocently, much to Jim's amusement and Mitch's horror.

"Wow Mitch, way to deflate a guys ego, I'm not that ugly am I?" Jim says feigning hurt, as he teases his friend, he knows he is straight, although that hasn't stopped him making the occasional pass at him in the past and he enjoys Mitch's reactions and has plans to maybe try and see if he can get Mitch to turn to his way of thinking and the fact they had already done something together, makes him want to try even harder to test the young studs sexuality.

"Oh shut up Jim and Ben no I'm not gay, although he is definitely gay for me, but he ain't tapping this ass." Mitch tells his little brother, but mockingly slaps his ass at Jim as he finishes, causing the man to laugh.

"Oh sorry." Ben then says, he is a little embarrassed at thinking his brother was gay.

Jim then shows Mitch and his brother out the back door and shakes Mitch's hand before ruffling Ben's hair, Ben couldn't help but like the man now and always secretly liked it when people messed with his hair, although he didn't know that Mitch had told Jim earlier to do it as much as possible with out being obvious, if he wanted Ben to warm up to him quickly.


Jim then shuts the door and disappears back into the shop, leaving the two brothers to walk towards Mitch's car and get in, once they get under way and heading back home, Mitch decides he needs to give his brother a few rules.

"Ben I think you should read the instructions for the lube while we are heading home, I think you may be a little shocked and I would rather you did that in the car than at home where dad might hear you, but before you do that, I have a few rules about your new toys." Mitch states in a friendly tone, but making sure he keeps his eyes on the road.

"Rules, do you have too?" Ben replies, sounding less than impressed at the idea of more rules.

"Yes more rules, I'm only doing this to protect you Ben and the first rule is simple, the stuff stays in my room locked in a box, only you will have the key to it and that key never leaves the house and when you don't have it with, you make sure you hide it well, the second rule is never use this unless you are sure dad is not going to be home, I would prefer you to check with me first, but to be honest I don't want to know about every time you play with your boyfriend, but if you aren't sure about dad, just let me know and I will figure something out and lastly under no circumstances are you to use these anywhere other than your room or the bathroom with doors locked, that means no lending them to Matt or taking them round his, do you understand?" Mitch says, as he sets out his ground rules.

"I guess so, I just wish we didn't have to hide all the time." Ben responds honestly, as he opens the bag and looks inside.

"Me too Ben, but if I'm being honest, I think you are too young for all of this stuff." Mitch then states, quickly looking at his little brother to see his reaction before quickly focusing on the road again.

"You do?" Ben answers back, he is surprised at his brothers statement and wondered why he just brought him some sexy stuff, if he didn't think they were old enough.

"Yes I do and if you were dating a girl I wouldn't be helping you out like this and would be doing my best to make sure you didn't mess around with each other, although to be honest from my own experience, you wouldn't be doing the things you are doing if you were with a girl." Mitch explains, deciding to be honest with his little brother.

"Why would it be different with a girl?" Ben asks, trying not to get upset as his brother obviously has some sort of point that he is trying to make and he wants to know what it is.

"Because girls aren't like boys, sure they like sex stuff, some more than others, but where as boys like to experiment and are generally more horny, girls your age tend to not really grow up the same way, they like boys for sure, but they are more interested in make up and their social lives to mess around, plus you know if you had sex with a girl she could get pregnant and then you are in a whole world of shit at your age." Mitch replies, deciding to just be totally honest.

"Oh... but why are you helping me and Matt, I don't get it if you think we are too young, why do all this?" Ben says, as he holds the bag up and Mitch realises his little brother has a point.

"Honestly I'm not sure, I guess if you wanted reasons, it is because you two love each other and you mean it when you say it, the fact is that short of forcing you two apart, you're both entering puberty and are basically horny bastards and even if I didn't help you you would still find a way, so at least this way I know you're safe and can give you advice and you're my little brother and you know I love you more than anything and have always looked out for you, I couldn't imagine how I would live with myself if you got hurt because I didn't look out for you." Mitch answers back honestly, but this time Ben notices tears roll down his brothers face and he leans over to wipe them away and gives him a quick hug, although because they are driving it is a bit awkward, but Mitch still appreciates the gesture.

"You're the best big brother ever and I love you." Ben then says, wiping his own tears away.

"Okay enough of this emotional crap, read the instructions on the lube, so I can have a good laugh at your reaction." Mitch tells his little brother, as he changes the subject to something less emotional.

Ben does as he is told and starts to read the instructions on one of the bottles of flavoured lube he had picked and Mitch can't help but take quick glances with a smile on his face, while he waits for it to sink in and as Ben reads the instructions, he suddenly starts turning red when he reads the part about what areas to apply the lube too and his mouth opens wide as he thinks back to the store and his mouth being covered in it, then his brother and Jim laughing and turns to his brother who is grinning.

"Holy shit Mitch, I had it all over my face and Jim saw." Ben says, not quite sure whether to laugh or be angry with his brother for not warning him.

"Hey, I told you to read the bottle when your were tasting them." Mitch informs his little brother, still grinning and couldn't help reaching over and ruffling his hair.

"Does it really make it feel better though?" Ben then asks, as his hormones take over and his curiosity wins out over his embarrassment.

"Trust me Ben, there is nothing in that bag that doesn't make things better, but remember what I have told you both before, don't rush into anything, just do what feels natural when the time is right you will know and there is no need to force yourselves to do anything." Mitch says, in a serious tone and Ben knows his brother is right.

"We know and we are in no hurry, but anyway when do you think we can use some of these?" Ben then asks his brother, after accepting his advice without question.

"I will see if I can convince dad to go on work trip he has been talking about, it's this weekend, but he will need convincing, so if you want this to happen you have to be on your best behaviour all week Ben without over doing it at home, otherwise he will know you are up to something, just let me see what I can do and try not to get your hopes up." Mitch says, although he knows his little brother will already be planning every minute of the weekend.

"You think you can get Matt's parents to let him stay over the whole weekend, it will be like a big sleepover and they really like when they get the house to themselves for a few nights." Ben asks excitedly and it confirms Mitch's assumption his little brother had already decided it was going to happen.

"We will see Ben, but I'm not sure they will want him staying over the whole weekend." Mitch responds, deciding to try and lower his little brothers expectations a little, although he doesn't see Mr and Mrs Summers saying no to a few nights alone.

The brothers then arrive home five minutes later and walk into the house to find their dad in the kitchen busy cooking dinner, they quickly say hello before disappearing upstairs to Mitch's room, where Mitch hides the bag and then sits to talk with his little brother for a while, until Mitch tells him to go and get changed as dinner will be ready soon.

Four Days Later

"Hey Carter, hows it going?" Matt asks his friend, as they walk outside to meet up with Jordan and Ben, at their usual spot on the edge of the school field.

"Pretty great, how about you?" Carter replies, with a smile on his face, that Matt notices straight away.

"Couldn't be better, I'm staying over at Ben's all weekend and his dad is not going to be there." Matt answers excitedly, he was so excited by the sleepover and then when he found out Mitch would be looking after them, he was just so happy he couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

"That's so cool me and Jordan are spending the weekend together as well, but only during the day, my mum wants me home in the evenings, because we have family visiting." Carter replies, somehow managing to sound both happy and sad at the same time.

"I'm really happy you two are still together, I enjoyed hanging out Wednesday with just the four of us." Matt states, as he puts an arm over his friends shoulder.

"Yeah I thought it was fun, I still can't believe Mitch just drove us out there and then left us alone for a few hours, he is so cool." Carter says genuinely, as both he and Jordan have come to see Mitch as a big brother themselves, although not in the same way Matt has become a surrogate little brother to the older boy, because despite being around the older boy a few times, he has barely managed to build up the courage to say more than a few words to him, he wasn't usually that shy around people but for some reason he just seemed to struggle to break the ice with the older boy.

"Carter, does anyone else know about you and Jordan?" Matt then asks out of the blue, wondering if they are having as much trouble keeping it a secret as he and Ben were.

"Not really, I mean we think some of the other kids know about us, because they gives us weird looks sometimes, but no one has said anything, why does anyone know about you and Ben?" Carter responds, after being a little surprised by the question and starts to slow down, sensing his friend wanted to talk and doesn't want to walk too fast.

"Yeah and it's getting stupid now, Mitch, my aunty, Mr Morgan and Wesley know and even some friend of Mitch's called Jim and those are just the ones we know about." Matt replies, then stops so he can talk with Carter for a little longer, when he sees their other friends talking and sitting by the fence.

"Oh shit Wesley, you mean Wesley Fisher? He knows and oh fuck, and Mr Morgan the music teacher?" Carter responds, a little too loudly, but luckily no one else is close enough to pay any attention. "Oh shit sorry." He quickly apologises in a hushed voice.

"Yeah that Wesley, but he is totally cool, his older brother is gay and he has been pretty great to talk with, as for Mr Morgan well I'm not sure to be honest, he seemed cool about it but I wish we didn't have to keep it a secret, we just want to be with each other without worrying you know?" Matt admits, as he slowly starts moving towards their friends again and Carter follows.

"Yeah I get it, Me and Jordan talked about the same thing a little, it sucks to have to pretend we are just friends, but he is worth it though and maybe one day we can stop hiding." Carter then muses.

"Yeah Ben is worth it too, I love him so much and it feels so good when he tells me he loves me." Matt says, feeling relieved that he can be this open with Carter, he had always liked Carter because he was just the nicest and smartest person he had ever met.

"You two love each other, like really love each other?" Carter asks in a surprised tone and Matt gives him a funny look.

"Yeah we do, don't you love Jordan?" Matt replies, still looking at his friend curiously, he had assumed they did love each other.

"Well I think... well no I do love him, I just never really thought about it before.... yeah I love him, I think I might, but I don't know if he loves me...." Carter responds in surprise, as he really hadn't thought about loving Jordan before, he liked him and thought he was cute and sexy, but yes he did love the boy, or at least he thought he might and now he found himself needing to know if his boyfriend loved him.

"I think he does, he is probably like you though and not really thought about it." Matt starts to say, but is interrupted by a voice behind them and as both boys turn around in surprise.

"Of course he loves you, man you two spend almost every minute of the day glued to each other, I'm surprised you haven't just ripped off each others clothes and got down to it in front of everyone by now Carter, oh and hey Matt hows it going?" Wesley says, as he pushes himself between the two boys and with an arm around each of their shoulders, turning them in the process to walk to another part of the play ground.

"Oh er... hey Wesley what's going on, where are we going?" Matt asks a little nervously, as they continue to walk to a secluded part of the school grounds.

"Oh shit... please don't hurt us." Carter says, as he tries to pull away in panic.

"Whoa calm down Carter, I just want to talk to you guys and Matt we are just going somewhere we can talk in private." Wesley says reassuring the boys, although Carter is still trying to get away. "Look Carter I know we have never really talked that much lately, but you're not in danger so just calm down okay." He then says and smiles as Carter seems to calm down.

"Why not just ask us, instead of scaring the shit out of us then Wesley?" Matt asks, but instead of replying Wesley stops and looks around, then before Matt knows what is happening he feels the boys lips on his own as Wesley kisses him, Matt quickly pushes him away, but before he can shout at him, he can see Wesley is already kissing Carter, who is equally quick to push the boy away, although he can see a small smile appear on his friends face.

"What the fuck?" Both Carter and Matt say in unison, although Matt can still see a little smile on his friends face.

"Well that answers that." Wesley then says with a grin on his face, although Matt notices him giving Carter a funny look.

"Huh... what the hell Wesley?" Matt this times says alone, as Carter just looks confused.

"Oh calm down, I was just seeing what all the fuss was about and just so you know Ben and Jordan reacted the same way earlier, although Jordan almost kicked the shit out of me." Wesley says, before chuckling at how Jordan had reacted, although there was never any danger of Wesley losing that fight.

"You kissed our boyfriends?" Carter asks, speaking up after hearing Wesley had kissed Jordan, although surprisingly he wasn't as angry as he thought he would be, but he was still not happy about it.

"Yeah and you two as well remember, but come on can't a guy be curious?" Wesley says still grinning.

"So you're gay?" Matt asks, looking at Wesley in disbelief, he thought the boy was a hundred percent straight.

"Oh fuck no, I have just been a little curious and well you four are kind of cute I guess and always kissing each other, so I thought hey just to be sure why not try out you guys and well sorry, but girls only for me, although I have to admit Ben has some nice tasting lips, they are sort of like strawberries." Wesley says, as Matt blushes he had also noticed his boyfriends lips over the last few days and just hasn't got around to asking him about it yet, his blush though makes Wesley give him a strange look.

"His lips taste like strawberries, What do mine taste like?" Carter asks, totally lost in the moment and not realising what he is saying.

"Yeah not sure why but they do, yours just taste like well lips I guess Carter." Wesley says, but Matt can't help but notice the same funny look on his face, when Wesley is talking with Carter. "Sorry mate even Jordan's and Matt's taste the same, although there is a bit of strawberry Matt's, then again if he is smooching with Benny boy than his are bound too." He then explains to Carter, who seems a little disappointed his didn't taste of anything, Wesley though can't help but notice how uncomfortable Matt is looking. "What's up with you Matt." He then asks, as he turns to him.

"Nothing sorry, it's just you can't go round kissing people Wesley, it's not cool and neither is kissing our boyfriends, now me and Carter need to go meet up with the others before lunch is over, so unless you got any more surprises see you later." Matt says quickly, as he pulls Carter's arm and walk away from Wesley, who just shrugs his shoulders and walks in the other direction to see who he bumps into.

"Holy shit, what was that all about Matt?" Carter asks, just as they are approaching their friends, not believing the hottest boy in school just kissed him and although he knows he shouldn't be thinking like that, he can't help himself.

"I don't know, but I guess if he was just curious, it's no big deal though, just wish he had asked us." Matt responds, although if Wesley had asked the answer would have been no, he wants to be mad at him, but if anything all it did was prove that he wasn't gay and that he only loved Ben, because he felt no attraction to Wesley at all, despite his obvious good looks, but as he ponders this he is shocked back to reality and embarrassment by Carter.

"So why does Ben and your lips taste like strawberries?" Carter suddenly asks out of the blue and instantly causes his friend to blush.

"Er... he just really likes strawberries and eats a lot of them er... yeah he just eats a lot of them, that's all." Matt responds, in the least convincing attempt at lying as seemingly possible, although Carter decides to let the subject go, as his friend is clearly embarrassed and unlike a lot of kids, he didn't like to push people when they were embarrassed about something, well except Jordan but that was different they were going out with each other.

"Okay cool, well come on then, I think they saw us so we should hurry up before they wonder what we are talking about." Carter then states, as he starts to walk over to his boyfriend.


As the two boys arrive, they quickly sit next to their respective boyfriends and start making small talk, until they notice Barry and Patrick whispering something to each other and then give them all a funny look.

"What are you two whispering about?" Ben asks them and grows suspicious as they give each other a look and a nod before turning back to the others.

"Er... well are you four er... are you guys all gay?" Barry nervously asks, as he looks at his friends awkwardly.

Ben, Carter, Jordan and Matt all look at their two friends open mouthed and in shock at the question and aren't quite sure how to react.

"It's okay if you are, well it's a bit weird and stuff, but we are all friends right?" Patrick then says, realising they were too surprised to answer.

"I'm not gay." Ben and Matt say in unison and they both look at each other with a shy smile, Ben had already talked to his boyfriend about what he had learned from Jim, although he didn't tell him about the sex shop his brother had taken him too, but had told him about being pansexual and both came to the conclusion they both just loved each other.

"Wait what?" Carter suddenly asks, turning to Matt and Ben with a confused expression.

"We aren't gay, we are pansexual." Ben replies, deciding to do the explaining.

"What the hell is pansexual?" Jordan then asks wondering what was going on, as far as he knew you were either gay or straight, so he was definitely caught between being confused and curious.

"Pansexual is when someone falls in love with a person, it doesn't matter if they are male, female or what race they are, they just love the person, which is kind of neat if you ask me." Patrick suddenly explains, causing both Ben and Matt to give him a quick look, but if anyone was going to know it would have been Patrick he was basically a genius, they both thought to themselves although Carter was still the most intelligent of the group.

"Yeah I love Ben, I don't fancy boys or look at others and get a boner over them." Matt then says, causing the others to giggle a little bit, all except Barry who starts to look uncomfortable.

"Yeah and I love Matt and only him." Ben then adds, as he slides his hand into his boyfriends under the table.

"Oh well I guess that's cool, but I'm definitely gay, I have always liked boys, but I love Jordan now so don't look at other boys now, I got the best one already." Carter says full of pride, as he looks at his boyfriend and he felt really good about saying he loved his boyfriend out loud, even though he wasn't quite sure if he was, he really needed to think about it more.

"I'm not sure what I am." Jordan starts to say, as he looks at Patrick and Barry and doesn't see the look of hurt on his boyfriends face. "But I think I love Carter and if that makes me gay, then I don't care, because he is sexy as hell and so damn cute to be with." Jordan finishes and feels his boyfriend give him a quick cuddle and kiss on the cheek, before realising where they are and pulls away and blushes.

"Oh fuck, sorry Jordan, I didn't think." Carter apologises, as he nervously looks around to see if anyone else saw him.

"Don't worry, I don't care if they saw, it's stupid we have to be afraid of being happy." Jordan responds, as he slides his hand into his boyfriends hand under the table, not realising he is imitating Ben's own actions from a few minutes ago.

"So you like er... all love each other, for real?" Barry decides to ask, after hearing the four boys answer his earlier question.

"Yeah it looks like it, you don't care though right, we are still going to be friends?" Ben responds to his friends question, a little worried by the look on Barry's face.

"I don't know, it's kind of weird, my dad said it's wrong and that men and woman are meant to love each other because it's normal." Barry says honestly and this time it is Patrick who gives his friend a questioning look.

"What are you talking about, when we talked earlier you said you didn't mind and you would still be their friend." Patrick says, sounding annoyed and couldn't believe how his best friend was acting.

"I know, but it's weird and what if my dad found out I was hanging around with fags, he would beat my ass and worse." Barry responds, causing every one to look at him in shock, hearing him referring to them as fags was devastating.

"Hey, don't call us that Barry." Carter says first, as he quickly cuts Jordan off because he looked like he was just about to launch himself at their friend.

"Oh shit sorry, I didn't mean it like that, you got to understand my dad hates you guys, well not you, but you know what I mean, I have grown up with him telling me how wrong it is and it's just confusing and I don't know what to do guys, he is my dad and I have to live with him and if he found out about you guys, I'm sorry but I don't think I should hang out with you any more, come on Patrick we should go." Barry says apologetically, before standing up and looks at his best friend almost pleadingly.

"Come on Barry don't be a prick, I don't want to not be friends with them and you shouldn't either, just sit down and we can talk about this." Patrick says, he is hating this situation and doesn't want to lose his friends, but he knows however as much as he likes the others he has been best friends with Barry since they were born and were next door neighbours, he was hoping Barry would sit down, but sighs in defeat as his best friend starts walking away.

"Sorry guys, I will talk to him, he is just scared of his dad and it has nothing to do with you guys being together, so please don't hate him." Patrick says apologetically, as he stands up and starts to walk away.

"Patrick, it's cool just make sure he doesn't tell any one else okay?" Ben says, as Patrick stops and turns to them before nodding and walking after his best friend.


The four remaining boys all sit in silence for a few minutes, out of all the people they would tell about their relationships, they had assumed Barry would be the one who couldn't care less, he was the most laid back and easy going out of all of them and for him to reject them and not want to be friends has them all thinking how everyone else will react, Ben and Matt had been starting to think that it was no big deal to be together, because so far everyone who had found out so far has been supporting and accepting, but this is definitely a reality check and eventually it is Matt who breaks the silence.

"I can't believe he reacted like that, I thought he was our friend and he called us fags." Matt states angrily.

"Well fuck him, we don't need to be friends with people like him anyway." Jordan then states, so casually the other three boys knew he is dead serious.

"I don't get why he would react like that, I mean who cares if his dad is a prick, Barry has never let that stop him doing things his dad would get pissed of at him for before." Ben adds, although there is more confusion than anger in his voice.

"Guys give him a break." Carter then says, causing the other three boys to give in a questioning look.

"Give him a break? Didn't you hear him Carter, he basically disowned us." Jordan responds, this time his casual tone is replaced by annoyance.

"Come on his dad's an arsehole, I never liked the guy and he always gave me these dirty looks, if he were my dad I would be scared of him." Carter explains, as he looks his boyfriend straight in the eyes. "I heard my mum talk to her friend Claire and they were talking about how Barry's dad hits his wife and they said he even hits Barry sometimes." He then adds, with a sad look in his eyes.

"Huh? No way if he hit Barry we would know about it.... right?" Ben asks, thinking how ridiculous it is, that a father would beat his wife and child.

"Yeah I know the guy is a prick but come on, Barry would tell us if something like that happened." Jordan than states, although he wasn't quite sure if that was true and remembers a few times he saw Barry with some bruises and started to wonder if it was true.

"Like you told everyone about what Mr Jones was doing to you?" Carter responds quickly and holds his mouth over his hands as soon as the words slip out, but it's too late and the look of hurt on his boyfriends face, tells him he just crossed a line.

"Fuck you Carter." Jordan says almost hissing, as he stands up and begins to turn around to walk away, when he feels someone grabbing his arm, assuming it is Carter he is about to smack the hand away, but as he turns back he sees Matt leaning over the table holding his arm. "Let go Matt." He then says, although only half heartedly.

"No, look Carter shouldn't of said that but he is right, let's just give Barry a chance to figure things out, even without his dad being a prick, this is big news and we are only kids, not everyone is going to be all happy and helpful instantly, Patrick will talk some sense into him and in the meantime just give him a break, like Carter said earlier." Matt states trying to keep everyone from fighting with each other, although he is kind of pissed at Carter himself, for being so insensitive about what he and Jordan had been through with their teacher, but he knew it was an accident.

"Sorry I didn't mean..." Carter begins to say meekly, as a few tear drops fall down his cheeks, he was only trying to explain what might be happening to Barry and didn't mean to hurt his boyfriend, but a hand slipping into his own and another wiping the tears from his cheek stops him mid sentence.

"Shut up Carter, I'm sorry for over reacting, let's just leave it at that." Jordan says, as he gently massages his boyfriends hand with his own.

There is another few minutes of silence, while the group thinks about what just happened, when Matt suddenly breaks the silence again.

"Wesley kissed me and Carter earlier, just before we came over." Matt blurts out, he isn't quite sure why he said it, but wanted to change the subject to something lighter and this was the first thing that popped into his head.

"He kissed you both as well?" Ben responds, as he thinks back to earlier when Wesley had done the same to him and Jordan.

"Yeah, he said he was just curious and wanted to know what all the fuss was, because we kiss each other all the time apparently." Matt answers.

"It wasn't really a kiss though, we pushed him away as soon as we could." Carter adds, feeling the need to let Jordan know he didn't want or enjoy the kiss, which wasn't quite the whole truth because Wesley was hot and Carter couldn't deny he had a crush on him, but he was with Jordan now and that was all he cared about.

"Ha, Jordan almost knocked him out, when Wesley tried to kiss him." Ben states, chuckling slightly at the look of surprise on his friends face, as he was kissed out of no where.

"Well I don't take kindly to people kissing me, well apart from Carter, but he is cute enough to get away with it and besides let's be honest, I would have maybe got one hit on him before he kicked the fuck out of me." Jordan says with a smile on his face, he was a tough kid and could look out for himself, but he knew he was not invincible and Wesley Fisher was not a boy to mess with, he wasn't violent or nasty, but everyone had seen what he could do when someone was stupid enough to try to start a fight with him, or if they were really unlucky and tried to bully a little kid when he was nearby.

"Yeah he is like a machine, remember when that older kid was trying to bully that little boy last year?" Ben then says, chuckling at the memory.

"Yeah he didn't know what hit him and was crying like a baby and begging for his mummy, when Wesley finally let him go he had wet himself as well." Carter states openly laughing, as he had been bullied by the boy before and when he watched Wesley destroy him, he felt justice was served, it was also one of the reasons he had a crush on Wesley.

"Yeah, I think he transferred to another school after that." Jordan adds smiling.

"Wesley said Ben and Matt's lips tasted like strawberries." Carter then suddenly says, causing Ben to blush and Jordan to look at him in surprise.

"He did?" Ben asks nervously, knowing exactly why his lips tasted like strawberries and even why his boyfriends do as well, but can't help but see if his boyfriends lips did actually taste like his and quickly kisses him.

"Hey what are you doing?" Matt asks in surprise, he enjoyed the kiss a lot, but they were at school and any one could have seen them.

"Oh shit, but yeah they do taste like strawberries." Ben says half apologising.

"He just made up some crappy story of how you both eat loads of strawberries Ben." Carter says answering Ben's question, after blushing a little by their kiss.

"You know most people eat strawberries they don't rub them all over their lips until the taste sticks." Ben says teasing his boyfriend, although he knows it is his fault for the taste, but Carter and Jordan don't have to know that. "But anyway as much as I like my boyfriends lips, they are mine so stop talking about them and let's head to class." He states standing up, however he notices as Carter and Jordan join him, his boyfriend is still sitting down. "Hey come on, we don't want to be late." He then says, still standing as he looks down at his boyfriend.

"Er... can we talk alone for a few minutes Ben?" Matt asks his boyfriend and is still blushing slightly, before he turns to Carter and Jordan. "You don't mind do you, but it's private." He asks the boys.

"Nah it's okay, see you later guys." Jordan says, as he and Carter walk away, playfully bumping into each other as they walk.

"So what's wrong?" Ben asks, as he sits down next to his boyfriend.

"It's your fault Creep." A still blushing Matt says and Ben can't help but look at him in surprise and is worried he has upset his boyfriend.

"Huh, what did I do?" Ben asks cautiously, wondering if he is going to get told off for making it look like it was his boyfriends fault their lips tasted like strawberries.

"This!" Matt then says with a grin, as he leans back so his boyfriend can look down to his trousers and Ben can't help but smile when he sees his boyfriends boner tenting his trousers.

"Oh that's so cute, oh fucking hell." Ben says and in the process causes Matt to sit up and look around thinking someone had walked over.

"What, what is it?" Matt asks still looking around nervously.

"You made me get one too." Ben says, as he leans back to let his boyfriend see his tenting trousers.

"What do we do, we can't walk to class like this and we don't even have our bags to cover up." Matt then says, as he looks at his watch.

"Fucking hell, the bell is going to ring in a minute er... fuck let's just wait until it rings and everyone else is inside. we should still be able to make it to class in time." Ben suggests, although he can't help but look down at his boyfriends boner and a little drool falls down his chin, when he sees it twitch a few times.

"Hey quit looking at it, it's never going to go down if you keep doing that and that is so gross." Matt says, as he wipes away the drool from his boyfriends chin.

"It's not my fault it's so sexy." Ben replies smiling and it takes everything he has not to lean over and grab his boyfriends boner, although his boyfriend wiping away the drool from his chin, distracts him enough that he focuses on getting to class.

As they sit there trying not to look at each other they hear the bell, but to their dismay the other kids are not heading inside as fast as they had hoped and there was no way they could wait until everyone was inside if they wanted to avoid being late, but just as they give each other a look and sigh in defeat and stand up, they hear a voice call to them and look up to see Wesley walking over with what looks like their school bags.

"Hey guys." Wesley states cheerfully at the boys, who quickly sit down to hide their boners.

"Oh er... hey Wesley, what are you doing over here and are they our bags?" Ben asks, as he eyes the boy and bags suspiciously.

"Yeah, they are." Is all Wesley says, as he looks towards the school.

"What are you doing with our bags?" Matt then asks curiously, wondering why he has them and also how he knew what their bags looked like or even where they were.

"Oh I thought you might need them to cover up, you know when you walked to class." Wesley responds casually, as he looks at the boys and then down at their tented trousers and winks.

"But... huh... but how did you..." Ben this time says, as he stutters nervously.

"I was walking across the grass and saw you two sitting here after your friends walked away, I was just going to keep walking, then Matt leaned back and I saw where you were looking, then you did the same Ben, it wasn't hard." Wesley starts to explain, but pauses as he giggles at his unintended pun but carries on. "To figure out what happened and well I felt kinda bad for just kissing you all and thought I would make it up to you and go get your bags, so you can at least get to class," He finishes explaining, as he hands each boy their bags.

"Thank you so much Wesley, man we owe you big time." Matt says sincerely, he really liked Wesley, well apart from the kissing thing, but this more than made up for that.

"Hey no problem and to be honest, if I were you I wouldn't be shy about others seeing those, man they're big." Wesley says and he can't help but check the boys out as they stand up, both boys give him a funny look as they blush and quickly hold their bags over their trousers.

"Hey, are you sure you aren't gay?" Matt asks teasingly, hoping to turn the tables and cause Wesley to be embarrassed, but is disappointed when Wesley just brushes it off.

"Nope straight as an arrow, but that doesn't mean I can't admire a good thing when I see it and you two definitely don't have anything to be shy about, almost as big as mine." Wesley says, before he turns around with a smirk and walks towards the school, leaving Matt and Ben to give each other a curious look, as they take in Wesley's words and they can't help but wonder how big he was.

"How does he do it?" Matt asks his boyfriend, while they walk into the school and head towards the English classroom.

"I don't know, but I'm glad he is not one of those pricks who make other peoples lives a misery at school." Ben replies and brushes his hand against his boyfriends still hard boner, as they turn round a corner and grins as his boyfriend lets out a little quiet yelp in surprise.

"Hey, cut it out Creep, I want it to disappear not get harder." Matt says with a little anger in his voice, although Ben knows he enjoyed it by the little shy smile on his boyfriends face.

"Sorry, but I just want to touch it." Ben says, half teasing half serious and gets rewarded with a sexy pout from his boyfriend.

"Well there will plenty of touching this weekend, I still can't believe we got your house all to ourselves and all weekend." Matt says, almost drooling as he thinks about what they will get up to, although he still has no idea his boyfriend has a few surprises in store for him.

"Don't forget that Mitch will be around some of the time and remember what we agreed?" Ben reminds his boyfriend, as they stand outside the classroom door.

"Yeah I know, we have to spend time with Mitch and we can't just ignore him all the time." Matt says with a little bit of annoyance in his voice, but it is unintentional as he knows how good Mitch is to them and loves spending time with the older boy.

"Ha, you sounded like a sulking baby saying that, but I know you love him as much as I do and he has done so much for us, now lets go in before Mrs Peters gets angry." Ben states with a smile on his face, as he opens the door and both boys manage to get to their seats in time for the bell to ring.


The rest of the day goes without any other incidents and neither Ben or Matt can wait for the final bell to ring so they can run and get in Mitch's car, the only thing that has dampened there mood though is Barry, who had blanked them all day, although Patrick did tell them that Barry felt awful about what he had said and just needs some time to figure things out and Ben and Matt were more than happy to let Patrick know they understood and they didn't blame Barry for acting the way he is.

Eventually the bell rings and somehow the boys manage to resist the temptation to sprint out of the room, they knew that it would be like a stampede and they didn't want to have to push their way outside, so just hung back for a few minutes until they were happy most of the other kids had already made it outside, their teacher gives them a knowing smile and walks with them out into the hall way, before they head in opposite directions.

As soon as they step outside and walk towards the school gates, they see Mitch sitting in his car and they quickly start running over to the older boy, who is smiling at their enthusiasm, the boys jump in the back seat and say a quick hello, before Ben pushes his boyfriend down on the seat and lays on top of him kissing him deeply. Mitch just laughs at them before turning back to the front of the car and driving home, although he decides to take the longer more scenic route, just to give the boys a little longer to enjoy each other, he was a little uncomfortable the first few times the boys had basically pounced on each other after getting in his car, but after a quick chat with his little brother, Mitch was able to understood how frustrated the boys were, being with each other all day at school and not being allowed to show each other any affection.

"Hey guys, hands on top not under." Mitch instructs the boys, as they quickly remove their hands from each others trousers and underwear, without breaking their kiss or even looking at Mitch, who just chuckles to himself and shakes his head, he had set the boys some ground rules if they wanted him to let them carry on and one of them was that hands had to be kept on top of their clothing, although they occasionally seemed to forget that rule when they got carried away.

"Okay, break it up boys, we are almost home, so get your trousers zipped and buttoned back up before we get there." Mitch instructs the boys, not even having to look back to know that they have half undressed each other, because despite his best efforts they always seemed to end up with at least their zippers down.

"Okay, thanks Mitch." Matt says after his boyfriend reluctantly gets off him, he is just about to say something else, when his boyfriends hand gives his now softening boner a squeeze distracts him and he forgets what he was going to say and just smiles at his boyfriend.

"Yeah cheers Mitch, what time are you going out tonight?" Ben then asks so casually, that any one who didn't know why he was asking, would have thought it was innocent, but Mitch knows exactly why his little brother wants to know and just shakes his head and smiles.

"Well you two are going to do any homework you have and then take a bath together, while I cook us something for dinner and then while you two wash up, I'm going to take a shower and then head out, so I think around six is looking good to me." Mitch replies, while he parks the car in the drive way and turns to the boys. "And before you ask, I will be home around one or two in the morning and if you two are still awake or messing around when I get home, Matt can go home for the rest of the weekend and I won't offer to babysit for you again okay." He then lectures them in a serious tone, letting the boys know he is not joking around.

"We know and we promised we wouldn't break your rules." Ben responds with a smile despite the lecture, he and Matt know that what Mitch is doing is going above and beyond in giving them time alone, so both boys didn't mind a few ground rules, if it got them what they wanted.

"What if we can't sleep though?" Matt then asks and Mitch can't help but give him a friendly smile.

"Well okay, I won't get angry if you are still awake, but this weekend isn't a free ride, where you can do what ever you want, our dad and your parents Matt are trusting me to look after you both and I'm trusting you two to help me out to make sure everything goes well and nothing bad happens." Mitch responds, realising it was maybe a little harsh to say they had to be asleep and he didn't want to give them too many rules to remember.

"Ah cool, was just asking in case I needed the toilet or something." Matt then says, as he checks himself over and starts to get out of the car.

"What are you going to cook us then?" Ben then asks, as he gets out of the car and instantly reaching out to hold his boyfriends hand, which earns him a questioning look from his brother, who had just walked round to the same side.

"Come on get inside love birds, unless you want the neighbours to see you and as for dinner I was thinking t-bone steak and chips with some salad, how does that sound?" Mitch replies, as he heads to the front door and opens it.

"Oh wow T-bone, isn't that expensive?" Matt asks, as he is pulled past Mitch and into the house by his boyfriend, before they both turn to face the older boy with smiles on their face.

"Yes it is, but I wanted to spoil you both, now go get your homework done and get a bath because you both stink." Mitch says as he ruffles the boys hair, before making his way to the kitchen.

"You're the best." Both boys shout out, as they race up the stairs to Ben's room.


Once inside the room both boys strip down to their underwear and sit on Ben's bed to make out for a while, they spend almost five minutes kissing before Ben gets up and walks over to their school bags.

"What you doing?" Matt asks, feeling slightly annoyed at the kiss being broken, while he watches his boyfriend pull out some books from the bag.

"What does it look like, we have to do our homework and get a bath before Mitch moans at us." Ben responds seriously, although he can't help but tease his boyfriend by seductively licking his lips, as he walks back to the bed with his homework.

"Oh right, well I only got some Maths to do and it will take like ten minutes." Matt replies as he walks over to his bag, when he turns back around he can't help noticing his boyfriend checking his bum out and smiles to himself.

"I got some Geography to do and Maths, shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes, it is pretty easy and then we can take a bath, I got some new bath salts just for you." Ben says smiling, as he watches his boyfriend walk back to the bed before laying on his stomach, spread across his bed and decides to join him by laying beside him.

Both boys get straight down to getting their homework done as quickly as possible, to most kids it would take longer, but Matt and Ben are both gifted when it comes to school work and they see it as pretty basic and when Matt finishes within ten minutes like he had predicted, he decides to have a little fun of his own and begins to lightly trace circles over his boyfriends bare back with his fingers, the movements cause Ben to moan and sigh in pleasure and can't help but struggle to get the rest of his homework done, even more so when his boyfriend begins to slowly work his way down his back.

"Hey, cut it out, I'm never going get it done if you keep doing that." Ben tries to say in a serious tone, but the moans that escape his mouth, lets his boyfriend know he likes it and carries on.

"Take your time, but I'm not stopping." Matt simply replies. Slowly working his fingers over his boyfriends underwear covered bum.

Ben tries his best to ignore his boyfriends fingers to get his homework done, but he can't help but gasp and moan as he feels the fingers slide under the elastic of his briefs, although he somehow manages to concentrate enough on his homework to finish it eventually, but decides not to tell his boyfriend because he is enjoying his massaging too much, however just as he really starts enjoying it he feels his boyfriends hand quickly pull out of his briefs and feels his weight lift of the bed as he stands up.

"Where are you going?" Ben asks, as he rolls on to his side to see where his boyfriend is going.

"Look at the time, we need to get a bath." Matt answers, although Ben can see the grin on his face and knows he got him worked up just to tease him.

"You did that on purpose didn't you?" Ben asks accusingly, although the tent in his briefs and the smile on his face, makes it clear he enjoyed every second of his boyfriends fingers working their magic.

"Totally." Matt responds casually, with a giant grin on his face.

The boys continue to tease each other as they walk into the bathroom, Matt decides to sit on the toilet seat and just watch as his boyfriend gets to work on running the bath and adding various liquids and tablets into the water, while he waits for the water to fill, Ben walks over to his boyfriend and kisses him, they then slowly pull off each others underwear, but before they start to getting too carried away, they are brought back to reality by someone knocking at the door.

"Hey guys, be dressed and downstairs in thirty minutes okay and wear something nice." Mitch says through the door, for a moment the boys thought he was going to walk in on them, but sigh with relief when he just talks through the door.

"Okay... hey wait, what do you mean wear something nice?" Ben asks curiously, before walking over to the bath to turn the water off.

"Look just humour me okay, just put something really nice on and be down in thirty minutes." Mitch responds, before walking towards his bedroom.

"That was weird." Ben then says, turning to his boyfriend who seems more focused on the bath than what Mitch had said.

"Yeah I guess so, but I don't care." Matt says dismissively, Ben normally hates when people talk to him like that, but he knows what is distracting his boyfriend and he can't help but love him even more.

"Okay you're right, now let me get in and you can sit against me like normal." Ben says, before he steps into the bath and sits down.

Ben then watches as his boyfriend steps into the bath facing him and gives him a confused look as he was expecting him to sit with his back to him.

"What are you doing?" Ben asks curiously, as his boyfriend kneels down in the water between his legs.

"This." Is all Matt says in reply, before leaning forward and kissing him right on the lips, while slowly stroking his boner, which causes his boyfriend to moan into his mouth.

As Ben tries to return the favour by reaching out to his boyfriends boner, he feels his hand being swatted away, he then tries again but the same thing happens, but before he can try again his boyfriend breaks the kiss and looks at him.

"No Ben, don't worry about me, just relax and enjoy please." Matt tells him in a firm tone, before he resumes the kiss and rubbing, which causes Ben to just moan as he relaxes and enjoys the attention his boyfriend is giving him.

After five minutes of his boyfriends lips and hands pleasuring him, Ben can feel his orgasm building, but before he even has a chance to react, it takes over and his whole body tenses, causing him to moan into his boyfriends mouth, muffling the sound in the process.

Matt continues to kiss his boyfriend, while slowly removing his hand from his now softening boner and can feel his boyfriends body tremble in pleasure and after a few minutes he breaks the kiss and sits back up on his heels, looking content as he watches his boyfriend recover, he can't help but watch his boyfriends chest rise and fall as he tries to get his breath back and smiles when his boyfriends eyes finally open and he can see the look of love in them.

"That was... fucking... AWESOME..." Ben says in between breaths, as he slowly lifts himself up by his arms into a sitting position, after he had slipped down into the water.

"You're welcome." Matt says grinning, as he turns around and slides backwards so he is sitting in between his boyfriends legs, with his back up against his body and relaxes letting the bath salts and smells envelop his body.

"I love you." Ben says from the heart, as he wraps his arms around his boyfriends chest and stomach and just holds him lovingly.

"I love you too." Matt responds, as he lets out a contented sigh, enjoying the feeling of his boyfriends arms around his body, he felt so safe and loved in his boyfriends arms.

The boys spend the next ten minutes in the same position, just enjoying the feeling of being together in silence, when their peace is disturbed by the sound of Mitch's voice.

"Boys I want you downstairs in less that fifteen minutes." Is all Mitch says, as they hear him walk past the bathroom door and then down the stairs.

"Oh man, I could just stay like this forever." Matt says and sighs in happiness before tilting his head upwards, to gaze into his boyfriends eyes.

"Me too, but five minutes will have to do." Ben replies, looking down into his boyfriends eyes and then kissing him.

Five minutes later they are both wrapped in their towels and making their way to Ben's room and once inside they decide to dry each other slowly, but were aware they have less than ten minutes to get dried and to find something nice to wear, although they still weren't sure why Mitch insisted on them dressing up nicely, when they are just going to sit in the kitchen, but they wanted to make the older boy happy and it might even be fun to dress up.

Once they finish drying each other off, Matt sits down on his boyfriends bed and watches him search through his closet to find something nice for them to wear, luckily even though Matt hadn't brought many clothes with him for the weekend, let alone nice clothes, he and Ben were pretty much the same size and he couldn't wait to see what his boyfriend picks out for him and when he watches his boyfriend turn around with a pair of black trousers and a white striped black long sleeved shirt, he smiles excitedly at the choice, he had seen his boyfriend wear them at Christmas and thought he looked sexy and cute and couldn't wait to see if his boyfriend would think he looked just as good wearing them and smiled as his boyfriend also handed him some tighty whiteys and socks to wear.

While he then starts to get changed into the clothes, Matt isn't paying attention to what his boyfriend has chosen for himself and when he stands up fully dressed, his jaw almost hits the floor as he turns to his now fully dressed boyfriend, who was wearing the same clothes as he was and looks just as sexy as he did the first time he saw him wearing them and wastes no time in walking over and kissing him deeply.

"Whoa there, we have to get downstairs or Mitch is going to start shouting for us to hurry up." Ben says reluctantly, as he breaks the kiss, he wishes they could just rip each others clothes off right there and then but knows they can't, but he does quickly kiss his boyfriend again, just to let him know he loves him before he turns to the door and opens it.

When the boys slowly make their way down the stairs, they can't help but notice there is music playing and how dark the living room looks, although no where near pitch black, it is definitely a lot darker than it should be at this time of the day and when they walk into the room hand in hand, they see that all the furniture has been moved out of the way and replaced by a table with candles and roses on it, they also notice the music is quite soft and romantic and give each other a curious look, before they turn around to see Mitch standing behind them smiling with a camera and quickly takes a picture of them.

"Wow you guys look great, now get your cute little bums sat down and I will bring your food and drink in." Mitch instructs the boys, before her turns away and walks towards the kitchen without waiting for a reply.

The boys give each other another look of confusion, barely even registering the fact Mitch took a picture of them and then then notice that there are only two seats, one at each end of the table and then see the two wine glasses and nervously take a seat each, still wondering what is going on.

"What's going on?" Matt decides to ask his boyfriend, who just looks at him with a smile.

"I don't know, but it's nice." Ben replies smiling, he had just started to realise what is going on and he can't help but feel even more love for his brother, than he thought possible and he just stares at his boyfriend, thinking how beautiful he is.

Before Matt can asks any more questions though, Mitch comes back into the room with two plates in his hand and places one in front of each boy, before disappearing quickly back into the kitchen, the boys look down and smile because just like Mitch had said earlier, they are staring at the biggest t-bone steak they have ever seen with chips and salad and just as they are taking in the sight and smell, Mitch returns with a bottle of white wine and two small jugs of OJ, he then pours the boys a glass of wine each, before stepping to the side of the table so both boys can see him.

"Guys, if you don't like the wine don't worry about drinking it, you have OJ as well and even if you do like it, please don't drink too much and don't worry about clearing up, just blow the candles out when you're done and I will sort the rest out tomorrow, now enjoy your meal and have a good night." Mitch informs the boys and is just about to walk out of the room, when his little brother calls out to him.

"Mitch what's going on?" Ben asks, he actually knows for certain now, but just wants to make sure and he wasn't sure if his boyfriend had quite worked it out yet.

"I think you both know, now remember what I said and I will see you both tomorrow, oh and don't make too much noise okay and just enjoy yourselves." Mitch responds with a warm smile and this time leaves the room and heads straight out the front door and locks it behind himself.

The boys then hear the sound of Mitch's car starting up and then driving away and turn to each other smiling, they had both now worked out what Mitch had done and they couldn't help but stare into each others eyes, which both seemed to sparkle even more in the candlelight, they then started to eat their meal and talk to each other, the music was just right and wasn't too loud and set the mood perfectly and even as they ate they couldn't help but glance at each other lovingly.

They actually both enjoyed the wine, although they didn't finish their glasses, they didn't want to drink too much and knew Mitch didn't want them to over do it either, they may only be eleven but they know what alcohol does and they don't want to ruin their night, especially Ben who couldn't wait to show his boyfriend his new toys, but right now he was enjoying the meal and conversation with his boyfriend.

Surprisingly the boys found themselves talking long after they had finished eating, before they had come downstairs they had both wanted to get dinner and Mitch out of the way as quickly as possible, so they could have some fun together, but they were both just enjoying the music and conversation too much to want it to end, eventually much to Ben's initial disappointment his boyfriend stands up, but instead of walking out of the room like Ben expected he was going to do, he walks over to him and holds his hand out.

"Let's dance." Matt says with a shy smile, as Ben takes his hand and stands up.

"Okay." Ben responds sounding a little nervous, but in a good way as they move over to the cleared space, Ben thinks to himself that his brother had obviously considered that they might dance, because the furniture has been moved far enough to the side of the room, for there to be enough room for them.

The boys just hold each other and slowly sway and move to the music, they switch between nuzzling each others necks and kissing seamlessly, as if by instinct while they just continue to slow dance for almost thirty minutes, before Ben notices the clock on the wall, he is torn between ending this magical moment or letting it carry on and just as he decides to stay in the moment, he moans in pleasure as his boyfriend nibbles at his ear.

"Let's go to your room, I want you naked." Matt whispers seductively into his boyfriends ear and Ben quickly responds by breaking their embrace and practically dragging his boyfriend up the stairs and into his room.

As soon as they're in the room, Matt finds himself being thrown on his boyfriends bed by surprise, he had been planning to do the same to his boyfriend, but a few seconds go by and Matt can't help but wonder why his boyfriend is just standing there looking at him and as he slowly gets up off the bed he begins to wonder if something is wrong.

"Hey, what's wrong Ben?" Matt asks nervously, after getting up off the bed and walking over to him.

"Huh... what... oh sorry, I was just trying to remember where I hid it." Ben replies cryptically, as Matt looks at him in confusion.

"Hid what?" Matt asks and tries to follow his boyfriends gaze around the room.

"It's a surprise er... shit can you go downstairs and blow the candles out, Mitch will get mad if we don't do it and I need to get something quickly." Ben then asks, confusing his boyfriend even more.

"Er.. I guess so, okay." Matt responds, he then slowly leaves the room and heads downstairs, feeling slightly annoyed as his plan to rip his boyfriends clothes off failed miserably, although he was excited by what his boyfriend had meant when he said he had to get something and the smile on his face returned at the thought of what it could be.

As his boyfriend disappears downstairs, Ben quickly moves over to where he hid the key and then heads to his brothers room to retrieve the box, before returning to his room and just as he places the box down on his cabinet, he hears his boyfriend behind him and turns around to see him looking at the box.

"What's in the box?" Matt then asks, he knows it wasn't there a few moments ago and he is curious about it's contents, because it is clearly the 'something' his boyfriend had been looking for.

"It's a surprise, now strip." Ben orders and begins to unbutton his shirt, when he is stopped by his boyfriends hands.

"I like it better when we strip each other." Matt then says, as he starts to unbutton his boyfriends shirt, with his shirt almost undone, Ben comes out of his trance and gets to work on his boyfriends clothes, as he is slowly being stripped himself.

Once they are both naked, Matt finds himself being pushed on to the bed again and this time his boyfriend is straight on top of him as they kiss passionately, Matt's hands find his boyfriends firm bum and starts to massage his firm cheeks and while enjoying his boyfriends hands, Ben reaches down and begins to stroke his boyfriends already hard boner and enjoys the sounds of his boyfriends moans, they continue this for a few minutes before Ben breaks the kiss and looks down to stare into his boyfriends beautiful green eyes.

"Want to try my new cuffs?" Ben then asks, before nibbling one of his boyfriends ears.

"New cuffs?" Matt replies curiously, although he is struggling to maintain his focus as his boyfriends hand is still working it's magic on his boner and the nibbling on his ear is driving him crazy.

"Yeah, I got some new ones and you're going to love them, just wait here and close your eyes." Ben says, as he slowly rolls off the bed, before walking over to the box and unlocks it.

As he is opening the box, he checks over to make sure his boyfriend isn't looking and can't help but smile as he watches him lay there on his back spread across his bed with his boner pointing straight up and twitching, he then licks his lips before pulling both the ankle cuffs and handcuffs from the box before closing it again, he then walks slowly back over to the bed and climbs on top of his naked boyfriend and doesn't waste any time in securing each hand to the top corners of his bed and smiles when his boyfriend lets out a cute moan at the feeling.

"They feel really soft." Matt states in a surprised tone, he then opens his eyes and pulls on the restraints to test them out and smiles when they hold firm, for a moment he thought maybe they would just break, because of how soft and comfortable they felt and is happy that he is at his boyfriends mercy again, both boys enjoyed being tied up by the other and they were always careful to not hurt each other.

"Yeah, they're padded so they don't hurt or leave marks and the ankle cuffs are the same." Ben responds and smiles at the curious look on his boyfriends face.

"Ankle cuffs?" Matt then asks, but instead of answering Ben just slowly turns around and moves down his boyfriends body, until he is sitting on his thighs and quickly secures both ankles to the bottom corners of his bed, before turning back around to admire his now helpless naked boyfriend and gives his boner a few strokes to get his boyfriend to moan a little before stopping.

"Yeah, they're really cool and they have little rings on them so I can secure them in other positions, but that can wait until later, I got something else for you first, just wait here and don't move." Ben says teasingly, giving his boyfriends boner a few more strokes, before getting up and leaving the room.

Matt can only lay there and wonder where his boyfriend has gone, after a few moments of waiting he decides to test the restraints again and finds that he has no chance of escaping and sighs in content, he knows whatever his boyfriend has planned he has no choice but to just lay back and enjoy it and just as he relaxes, he sees that his boyfriend is back with a bowl of what he can only assume is water and is about to ask what is going on, when he sees him place the bowl in between his legs and then move away from the bed again and walk over to the box, before bringing back something in his hand, he tries his best to see what it is, but with his hands and ankles cuffed to the bed he can't move enough to get a better look.

"Now Matt, this might be a bit of a shock, but I need you to be soft so I can put the ring on, so just try not to worry okay?" Ben then states, trying to reassure his boyfriend, as he lifts his boyfriends bum up and pushes two towels underneath him before letting him drop to the bed again.

"Huh, put what ring on and why do I need to be soft?" Matt asks and is about to continue the questions when he suddenly gasps in shock, when he feels ice cold water cover his boner and within seconds he is fully soft and before he can react and ask what the hell is going on, he feels his boyfriends hands hold his balls and penis and pull and push them through something, he tries to look to see what is happening, but can't lift his head high enough and just lays back while he feels his boyfriend finish the uncomfortable process of attaching what he assumes to be the ring around his penis and balls, he then feels the wet towels under him being pulled out and watches as his boyfriend throws them on the floor.

"Sorry about that Matt, but trust me it will be worth it and now we can move on to the next part, well after a bit of fun first anyway." Ben says, as he plays with his boyfriends balls and penis until it slowly starts to get hard, once he is satisfied he has done the job, he gives it a few hard squeezes forcing his boyfriend to moan and then sigh when he lets go, Ben then slowly lays over his boyfriend and kisses him deeply, using his tongue to explore his mouth and all Matt can do is enjoy the feelings as his boyfriends boner rubs against his own, for almost five minutes and starts to feel the signs of his first orgasm, but just as he thinks he is getting near, he sighs disappointingly as his boyfriend rolls off him and heads back over to the box and watches him curiously, when he comes back holding a red blindfold.

"What's the blindfold for?" Matt asks and instantly thinking to himself what a stupid question to ask and the look of bemusement on his boyfriends face, just makes him feel even more of an idiot for asking.

"Really need me to answer that?" Ben asks smiling at his now blushing boyfriend, he then sits down next to him and plays with his boner for a few moments and smiles as his boyfriend starts to pant a little bit.

"Yeah... ah... stupid... ah... question." Matt responds, as the rubbing starts to take affect and he feels his body tense up, but as soon as he starts feeling really good, he whimpers slightly as his boyfriend removes his hand and straddles his stomach facing him before leaning down and kisses him lightly.

"Now be a good boy and close your eyes." Ben says teasingly, before wrapping the blindfold around his boyfriends head and secures it in place before resuming the kiss, although this time it is with a lot more passion.

Ben then shifts his position so he can play with his boyfriends boner again, while still maintaining the kiss which causes his boyfriend to moan into his mouth, Ben then uses he free hand to trace circles around each of his boyfriends nipples one at a time, before gently squeezing them, he can feel his boyfriends chest rise and fall faster as he builds up towards his first orgasm and just when he thinks he is close, Ben stops and rolls off the bed, smiling when he hears his boyfriend whimper, he then walks back over to the box and takes out one of the bottles of strawberry flavoured lube and walks back to the bed and almost laughs out loud when he sees his boyfriend thrusting his hips in the air, obviously wanting to orgasm, so Ben decides to let him calm down for a few moments and just sits down on the bed beside him and gently strokes his hair.

Matt at this point thinks his boyfriend has come back to finish the job and thrusts his hips some more and is about to beg, until he feels his lips being pressed and relaxes back into the bed enjoying the kiss and can't help but taste the strawberry on his boyfriends lips, it had been there for the last few days, but had faded since they came home and he wondered how his boyfriend had managed to make his lips taste that way, but before he can even begin to figure it out or even ask, he feels something cool and wet being poured on his nipples and belly button, Ben manages to maintain the kiss as he slowly squirts the lube on his boyfriends naked body, until he is satisfied there is the right amount, he then breaks the kiss and nibbles his boyfriends ear and enjoys the soft moans and whimpers he makes, he had made sure that he had not put the blindfold over his boyfriends ears, he wanted to nibble and lick them and he also wanted his boyfriend to be able to hear him.

"Sshh, don't say a word just enjoy." Ben whispers, before he nibbles the ear again, then slowly starts to move down, he then starts to slowly stroke him again, but this time surprises his already moaning boyfriend by licking and sucking his nipples for almost a minute, before slowly licking and kissing his way to his bellybutton and doing the same, all the while he keeps slowly stroking his boyfriends boner, he then works his way back up to his nipples and then back down to his bellybutton, he repeats this several times and can feel and hear his boyfriend panting and moaning, this time as he moves back to the nipples he gently nibbles them and alternates between sucking, licking and nibbling for almost five minutes before he feels his boyfriend begin to orgasm, but to Matt's confusion and disappointment, instead of exploding with all the normal intense feelings of pleasure, he just whimpers as for some reason he can't work out, he can't quite reach orgasm.

This carries on for another five minutes, as his boyfriend continues his assault without slowing down and Matt keeps feeling like he is just about to reach his first orgasm, just to have it is somehow cruelly out of his reach and his whimpers start to grow louder in between the moaning and when he feels a cool liquid start to cover his boner he gasps and bucks his hips, but Ben's grip never falters and he carries on stroking his boyfriend and with the lube his speed increases and his boyfriends moans start to get louder and louder, but this just encourages Ben to speed up even more and he resumes his sucking and nibbling of his nipples, until finally after almost thirty minutes of continuous pleasure his boyfriend screams out.

"AARRGGHH... FUCK... FUCK... AARRGGHH.... FUCK OHHH... FUCKING..." Matt screams, as his body tenses up and lifts off the bed for almost thirty seconds, before he collapses back on to the bed, panting quickly as he tries to get his breath back.

Ben looks down on his boyfriend smiling, he had been worried briefly when his boyfriend screamed so loudly and then tensed up, but as soon as he saw the humongous grin spread across his boyfriends face, he knew he had not hurt him, but instead gave him the best feelings he has ever had, Ben then noticed that because of the cock ring, his boyfriends boner was still rock hard and twitching all over the place and he couldn't explain how or why the thought had popped into his head, but he just couldn't resist and leaned down and stuck his tongue out, he licked the head of his boyfriends boner and could feel him shudder, Matt wanted to say something, but his mind was still recovering from the most intense feelings of pleasure he has ever experienced, well what he thought was because no sooner had he registered something licking the tip of his boner, he felt it being covered in something hot and wet and it was moving up and down on his boner, causing him new intense feelings of pleasure that were surging through his entire body, he just about managed to draw enough strength to lift his head for a few seconds before it fell back to the bed, although even in his current state he realises that it was pointless as he was blindfolded, but those thoughts are quickly forgotten as the waves of pleasure take over.

Ben couldn't believe what he was doing or even what made him do it, but he was sucking on his boyfriends boner and he was loving every second and he could tell his boyfriend was as well by the moaning and whimpering sounds he was making, he didn't know if it was instinct or not, but he reached up with one hand and started to play with his boyfriends nipples, while his other hand started to play with his balls, both actions were now causing even more intense moans of pleasure from his boyfriend, he could feel the hard boner pulsing and throbbing inside his mouth and started to go faster and deeper, which made him cough and gag a little, but he soon got used to it and was able to really enjoy himself, he started using his tongue to lick all over and that is when he not only heard, but also felt his boyfriend hit his second orgasm and this time it sounded even more intense.

"AARRGGHH... FUCK... YES... FUCK... YES... AARRGGHH.... FUCK YES OHHH... FUCKING... AWESOME... YES!" Matt screams and again his body lifts of the bed and again collapses back down, now completely exhausted and panting a lot harder than before, he almost blacks out as he sees stars.

Ben after standing up from his bed, looks down at his smiling boyfriend whose eyes are closed tightly, he watches him for a few moments before realising that he had actually fallen asleep and smiles to himself as he looks over his body, he watches his chest rise and fall gently and he notices the red lube coating his upper body and considers licking it off, but as his eyes wonder further down he notices that his boyfriends boner had gone soft and decides to remove the cock ring as gently as he can, he manages to his relief to free his boyfriends penis and balls without waking him up, although he moaned and tried to roll on to his side a few times, but was held in place by the cuffs, seeing this Ben then set about unlocking the cuffs from his boyfriend and putting them away back in the box along with the ring and the lube.

He then makes his way back to the bed and decides that he would just lay with his sleeping little angel and snuggles up beside him, although he realises his mistake too late when his boyfriend responds to the feel of him, by turning to face him and pulling his body into his own, Ben instantly felt the wetness of the lube coating his own upper body and boner as he is pulled into the tight and loving embrace of his boyfriend and although it was a strange feeling at first, he didn't really mind and just enjoyed the closeness he was sharing with the person he loved more than anyone else in the world and looked lovingly at his boyfriends face, he looked so adorable with his eyes closed and couldn't resist gently kissing his sleeping boyfriend, but he didn't want to wake him so he pulled back and just enjoyed watching him sleep.

It wasn't until he unintentionally gazed over to the clock on his wall, that Ben realised that it was already ten at night and he decided reluctantly to wake his boyfriend up, he didn't quite know how to do it because his options were limited with the position they were in and then as he glanced at his boyfriends lips he smiled and kissed them, he started lightly at first, then slowly started to work his tongue inside and explored every nook and cranny, until he felt his boyfriend respond, he kept his eyes firmly locked on his boyfriends closed eyes, as they slowly started to flutter before finally opening, it takes a few blinks for his boyfriend to fully wake up and when he does, Ben feels a shudder work it's way through his body as he looks deeply into those beautiful sparkling green eyes.

"I can't believe you did that." Matt then says tiredly, struggling to hold himself in the position and ends up rolling on his back looking exhausted.

"I know, but it just felt right." Ben replies, as he snuggles up against his boyfriends side and lightly traces circles around his chest and nipples with his fingers.

"What did it taste like?" Matt asks curiously, although he can feel his eyes closing as he struggles to stay awake.

"Like strawberries." Ben answers and looks across to see his boyfriend looking at him in surprise.

"My penis tastes like strawberries?" Matt asks in surprise, wondering how that is possible and gives his boyfriend a funny look when he starts to giggle.

"Not stupid, I was using some strawberry flavoured lube, didn't you wonder what I was pouring on your?" Ben explains, before leaning over and kissing his boyfriend.

"Lube wait is that why your lips taste like strawberries now?" Matt asks curiously, after breaking the kiss, although he struggled as everything seemed a hundred times harder to do and could feel himself almost falling asleep again.

"Yeah it's edible and you use it to make things more sensitive and slippery, I picked strawberry flavour, because I love strawberries." Ben says and goes back to kissing and running his fingers over his boyfriends nipples, he can see just how tired he is and knows it won't be long until he is asleep again.

"Oh cool, but I don't get what lube is for, isn't that like grease?" Matt asks curiously, he had been to the garage many times back in England when his dad got their car checked over and they used grease to make it easier to slide nuts and stuff on to other stuff, so didn't quite understand how it could be used to make sex stuff better.

"In the morning you can read the instructions, so did you enjoy the cock ring?" Ben suggests, before letting his own curiosity take over.

"Oh, is that what that thing was called, oh well er... yeah it was a bit weird and uncomfortable when you put it on, kind of hurt a little bit as well and it kept stopping me er... you know... and when I finally did it was super awesome and the best feeling ever, well until you gave me a blow job, then that was the best ever and I can't wait to do it to you so you can feel it too." Matt answers excitedly, although his eyelids start to become heavier and he is finding it hard to keep his eyes open.

"Hey, come on let's jump in the shower and then you can sleep okay." Ben states in a warm and loving tone, while he brushes the sweaty hair from his boyfriends eyes and can tell by looking at them that he is close to falling asleep.

"Oh okay, but I think I need help walking Ben, my legs and arms feel all funny." Matt responds, after he tries and fails to push himself off the bed.

"Hey, just take it easy and let me open the doors and then I will come get you." Ben explains to his tired looking boyfriend, before he walks over to the door and opens, before disappearing on to the landing where he opens the bathroom door, however once he goes back into his room, he shakes his head when he sees his boyfriend has slumped back on the bed and is fast asleep, Ben considers just letting him sleep, but when he looks over his boyfriends body and the red lube, which was now mixed with sweat, he decides it was too disgusting and he wasn't quite sure what it would be like when it dried, so reluctantly he moves over to the side of the bed and lifts his boyfriend up, then gets under his shoulder and half drags him across the room.

"Huh... what... what's happening." A groggy Matt says, as he wakes up and feels himself being half carried.

"Come on sleepy head, we need to get cleaned up and then you can sleep, just help me out here okay." Ben half pleads, as he struggles to support his boyfriends dead weight, he really hadn't expected it to be this hard and blushed a little in embarrassment, at struggling to even half carry his boyfriend.

"Sorry, I'm just so tired Ben." Matt replies, he tries his best to wake up a little more and support more of his own weight, much to the relief of his boyfriend who lets out a sigh.

Ben manages to get his half conscious boyfriend into the bathroom and under the shower head, he then stands behind him and turns the water on and shivers when the initial cold water hits him, although Matt barely even moves as he enjoys the cold blast and actually feels a little more awake as a result, but he is still struggling to stand on his own because his legs just feel like jelly, Ben seeing his boyfriend is a little more alert, reaches over to the shower gel and sets about washing the lube off both their bodies and after a few minutes, he stops and looks his boyfriend over as best as he can, until he is happy that they are both clean, he then helps his boyfriend out of the shower and grabs the closest towel to dry him, before drying himself and within ten minutes of getting in the shower, both boys are washed and dried and back in Ben's room.

"We can try and watch a movie if you want?" Matt suggests tiredly, as he glances at the clock and realises it isn't even eleven o'clock yet and feels guilty that the night is ending early because of him.

"Yeah and watch you fall asleep within a few minutes, besides I'm kinda tired myself and we have a long day of you pampering me tomorrow, so it is probably best you get to sleep." Ben says teasingly and smiles when Matt pouts at him.

"Pampering you?" Matt asks, in mock annoyance.

"Yeah now get to sleep." Ben orders mockingly.

"What about you?" Matt asks, while letting his boyfriend push him down on the bed, but as soon as his head hits the pillow, he can feel himself slowly drifting off to sleep, before his boyfriend can even reply.

Ben just looks down lovingly at his sleeping boyfriend and walks over to the door to close it, before turning the light off, he can just about see enough to make his way to the bed himself where he lays down and snuggles up to his boyfriend, who instinctively turns to face him and pull him tightly into his chest, Ben sighs in happiness and just watches his boyfriend sleep, before he feels himself start to fall into a deep sleep himself.

A few hours later, Ben's bedroom door opens and Mitch walks in, he lets the light from the landing light up the room and smiles when he sees his little brother and boyfriend holding each other with their faces only inches apart, he can't help but see the smile on both boys faces when he leans over them and lightly gives them both a kiss on the top of their heads, before gently pulling a sheet over them, being careful not to wake them up, when he then turns around he sees the box on the cabinet and shakes his head, after realising that his little brother had forgotten to put it back in his room, so he walks over to it and picks it up, before making his way out of the room, quietly shutting the door behind him and walking to his room to sleep.

End of Part One.

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