Knots, Book 5

by Elias Scott

Chapter 24


Colt's parents headed back into the house and started picking up our clothes and trying to sort them. Colt's dad leaned down and stopped for a second as he moved the recliner back into place. Shit! I figured we were had. He looked down on the floor in front of the sofa, then stared out at us. Colt's mom turned on the TV, and thank God there was nothing on except the cable channel that was on previously.

Colt's dad came back out. "Why'd you move all the furniture around? Since when do you have the seat of the recliner facing the arm of the sofa? Was something else going on here?"

We all shook our heads and Colt asked, "What makes you think something was going on?"

"Things just don't seem right."

"Dad, we already explained what was going on. Nothing was going on."

Maybe he'd been looking for sperm when he peered down on the recliner and the floor, but I guess we managed to keep the cum on us or in our asses.

"We know you guys are gay, but we don't want any fooling around. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, Dad, but nothing was going on."

"Something seems fishy, but I have no proof, and while we trust you guys, we prefer that you not all be here when we're gone." He looked at the rest of us. "By the way, where'd you park the car? We didn't see a car outside."

I gave as stupid an answer as Andy did. "We didn't want to park in your driveway in case you came home."

He gave us a suspicious smile. "But we weren't expected back until tomorrow."

"Colt said he didn't think you'd be back, but just in case, we should park down the street."

"Why didn't you just park in front of the house?"

Shit, I was getting in deeper and deeper.

"To be honest," Andy said, "we didn't want the neighbors to think Colt was having a wild party and figured it would be better if we didn't park in front of the house."

He gave us another shit-eating grin. "Well, if you weren't going to have a wild party, what difference did it make?"

I wanted to tell him to fuck off, but then we only had ourselves to blame for being there and fucking around.

Colt began to stand and then remembered he was naked, so he sat back down. Colt was going to explain further, but his dad held his hand up to stop him. "Let's just leave it at that."

We all gave Colt a look that said, keep your mouth shut.

His dad started to head into the house, but then turned back. "I think you better all get out of the tub, put your clothes on, and head home. We'll be in the living room to give you some privacy." He headed back into the house.

"Shit, that was a close call," Andy said.

"Damn straight," Thomas added. "Let's get our asses out of here."

"I think I might be in for a little shit after you guys leave," Colt said.

I patted him on the back. "Just be cool. I think they're only suspicious. Your dad pretty much told us he doesn't want us here when they're not home, and hopefully that will be the end of it."

Colt smiled. "I sure hope so," he said as he gave my cock a squeeze before climbing out of the tub. We all hesitated a bit, looking around to make sure his parents weren't around. Our clothes were all neatly folded and stacked on the sofa. We sorted through them and got dressed. It was a close call, and I couldn't wait to get out of there. I didn't have any idea what they would have done if they'd have caught us all naked and fucking in their den and on their sofa or even if they found sperm. Of course, since Colt's parents knew we were all gay, I'm sure that's why they were suspicious. I couldn't blame them.

Colt walked us to the door, gave us all hugs, and then we walked to the car.

As we were walking to the car, Thomas surprised us by saying, "They HAD to come home now. I was all ready to go again."

Andy patted him on the ass. "I thought you were just going to watch."

"I was, but you got me so turned on, Andy, that I couldn't help myself. We'll have to do this again."

I wasn't sure what to say at first, but then said, "I need to focus more on school and football for now. So it may be a little while before I can do this again."

Andy followed with, "I hate to say it, but that goes for me too."

"What? You guys are swearing off sex?"

"Hell, no!" Andy replied. We're just going to try focusing a little more on other things. Trust us, we'll do this again."

"Good, because I'll be ready. Since Colt and I are no longer going together, it's been a long dry spell, and tonight reminded me of how thirsty I was. I can't wait to do it again."

I wanted to say, how 'bout getting together for sex after the game Friday night, but instead I just said, "Yeah, me neither."

It was around 11:00 by time we dropped Thomas off and got to my place. Andy followed me into the house and to my room. My parents were already in bed.

"So what's the plan?" he asked.

"No need to ask. We wrote it down yesterday after our meeting with Dr. Walker. Remember?"

"Oh yeah. I was still thinking about what a hot night this was and I'd completely forgotten about it. But I'm beginning to wonder if that's what we want to do."

I grabbed the paper out of my desk drawer. "Let's at least give it a try. I printed out a copy for you. Let's go over it:

I paused. "That is going to be tough. But I think two weeks will give us a better chance of displacing sex as our prime directive."

"You mean like in Star Trek where the prime directive was not to interfere with life on other planets?"

"Kinda, but in this case the prime directive is not to make sex the main focus of our lives and not let sex interfere with moving our lives forward." As we were driving home, I had been thinking of how awesome the night was and that no matter how often we did it, I'd want to do it again and again and again. But then I realized that no matter how often we did it, our lives wouldn't be any better except in that moment. The memory of it will always be there, but the more often we did it, the more the memories would all blend into one. It wouldn't be special anymore. And of course, there was always the chance of getting caught. "Let's just keep the sex between us for now. Our parents already expect that. But anything else would really piss them off, and we don't need that."

"Aren't we the mature one all of a sudden?" Andy said.

"I'm trying. Doing this together will help. We'll have our own sex fiends anonymous. It won't be anonymous, but we'll have each other and be accountable to each other. Which brings me to the last part of the plan.


Can we agree to this?"

Andy smiled. "I have my doubts, but let's each sign and date it."

"Good idea," I said as I got a pen out of my desk drawer and signed and dated it. I handed the pen to Andy, and he did the same.

"I think Doc Walker will be proud of us," Andy said.

"I think so too, and it makes me feel good about myself."

"Me too."


I put a notice about a GSA meeting in the school bulletin, planned out an agenda, and did my best to pay attention to everything that was going on in class on Monday. I hadn't always been the best student, so this was going to take some time.

Visions of our foursome kept popping in my head every now and then, along with Colt's parents almost catching us in the act. One almost cancelled out the other. Matt and I went over and talked to a couple of JV players before practice and told them if they wanted any help to let us know. They seemed happy that we took the time to talk to them. Seniors rarely gave the younger guys much attention except in the case of Dillon Burke. We'll see what happens.

Matt and I headed out to the practice field early. I ran pass patterns and gave him some throwing practice. It really felt good to finally be doing more than just living from day to day. We weren't sure how long it would last, but we were giving our plan a try and agreed that we'd stick with it until we met with Dr. Walker again on Saturday. I think we'd have both felt better about showing Doc Walker our plan if we hadn't messed around on Sunday. But I gotta tell you, it was awesome. I probably already told you that quite a bit, but one of the big reasons it was awesome was because it was something we rarely did, and while Matt and I wanted to do it as often as we could, we had to do our best to stick to our plan.


Thoughts of our foursome kept running on a loop through my mind during the day, and the harder I forced myself to think of something else, the harder it became to get the images out of my head. I had to keep reminding myself to replace those thought with other thoughts. My solution was to do my best to pay better attention in class, to ask questions, and to stay focused on our in-class assignments.

I had always been a pretty good student until recently, so settling back into a routine was a little easier for me than for Andy, who had always struggled a bit. It wasn't that he was slow, but things came harder to him than they did to me. But none of that meant much in the early stages of our displacement. All I could do was keep in mind that I just needed to continue putting marbles in the jar and to remember that the jar wouldn't be filled all at once.

The look on the faces of the JV players we talked to was worth a thousand dollars. I talked to the quarterbacks and ends, and Andy talked to the halfbacks.

Tommy Taylor, the starting JV quarterback asked, "Do you mean it?"

"Yeah. Stay after practice, and we'll talk. I'll also make a point of watching you during your game this Friday."

Tim Washington, the other quarterback, wanted to know if he could join us.

"Of course," I said.

They both gave me respectful smiles as if some rock star had just stopped to talk to them. Most varsity players never talked to the JV players except to harass them. Andy got the same reaction from the halfbacks. They also agreed to join us.

Greg Johnson was already on the field throwing passes to a couple of guys when Andy and I came out of the locker room. It was obvious he was going to be hard to beat. But what the hell, I had nothing to lose, so I walked up to him. "Greg, you've been doing great. Makes me a little jealous. I've somewhat fallen off my game."

"You have, Matt, not that I've minded. What's going on?"

"I haven't been very focused. Too many things on my mind."

"Boyfriend or girlfriend problems?" he asked.

Evidently he knew my reputation.

"Something like that."

He held the football up and moved it back and forth to let the receiver know he was ready to pass. "Run a post route."

The guy took off the line, and Greg threw a perfect pass.

"Nice," I said, then paused, a little unsure what I should say next. "Uh, Greg. I respect you a lot. You're doing a great job. But I'm going to fight to get my job back. It's nothing personal."

"Go for it. I welcome the challenge."

His positive attitude pissed me off a little.

"You won't be angry?"

"Hell no. Competition makes you better."

I'd tried to get Andy to fight me for the quarterback job the season after he broke his leg, but he wouldn't do it. Suddenly, I found myself in the same situation.

"I agree. Competition does make you better. I just want you to know I respect you, but I'd like to get the starting QB job back."

"You're welcome to try, but I'm not going to make it easy for you."

"I'd be disappointed if you did."

Then without thinking or because of my sudden change of attitude, I said, "Andy and I are going to work with a couple of the JV players after practice. Do you want to join us?"

"Sure, glad to help."

I was reminded of the saying, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer." That wasn't my intention, but as it ended up, I was able to watch Greg at those practices and see some of his weaknesses as well as some of mine. I also saw many of his strengths. Like they say, "When you row your brother across the lake, you get there too."

I went in to see Coach Gilbert after working with the JVs. We didn't throw the ball around or anything. I just talked to them, gave them a few pointers, and told them to watch some high school football games on cable whenever they had a chance. It's not that watching college football wouldn't help, but I told them that it was probably better to watch players their own age and learn from them. I even told them to watch Greg on Friday. It was only our fourth game of the season, and I knew there wasn't any way I was going to get my job back the first week I decided to change my attitude.

Coach Gilbert motioned me in when he saw me walking toward his office. He smiled and pointed at the sofa. "It was good to see you, Andy, and Greg working with some of the JVs. That's definitely a step in the right direction."

"Thanks, Coach. I'm going to do my best to change my attitude and see if I can get my job back. Greg and I talked. The problem is, I have a lot of respect for him; he's a hell of a nice guy and a damn good quarterback. It almost doesn't seem right for me to try to take his job."

"You might not be able to. So don't count on it. The best you can do is give it your best shot. If you were a year younger, it wouldn't be a problem. You'd have next year. But you let this slip through your fingers and made decisions that might affect your future."

"I realize that, Coach. I'd kick myself if I could. But Andy and I are determined to turn our lives around."

"Andy? What's he have to do with this?"

Crap, I shouldn't have mentioned Andy. "He and I made a pact to both be more focused. We're going to support each other."

"That's good. It helps when you have someone to support you."

"That's the idea."

"Matt, one of the reasons I coach is because I think sports has a lot to teach young men and women about life. We often think it's about winning games. But it's really about learning to live with losing also. Losing is as much a part of life as winning. In fact, as much as I hate to say it, some of my greatest lessons have come from losing. Don't get me wrong, I prefer winning and always do my best to win in life and to prepare you guys to win on the football field as well as life. But this is going to be one of those times in your life where you might lose. Just remember that losing doesn't make you a loser. You learn from the loss and do your best not to make the same mistakes again. I respect you for your attitude toward Greg. Instead of being jealous and angry, you respect him and his abilities. That takes character. And good character is more valuable than anything in life."

We were fortunate to have a coach like Coach Gilbert. He cared about us. The talk he gave everyone in the gym during Dillon's trial was just one of the things that showed what a great man he was. He actually led by example, and if anyone was an example of a person of good character, he was.

"You know, Coach, I am angry. But I'm angry at myself and not Greg or you. I deserve what happened, and all I can do is do my best and accept whatever comes next."

Coach Gilbert smiled. "Now that's the Matt I remember. Good to see you've come back."

"I'm trying, Coach. But I think I have a long way to go, so please patient with me."

"I will, Matt. I wish I could let both of you start, but that isn't fair. If you keep up the good work, the best I can offer is that you'll see some playing time. The other option is to change positions and be prepared to be the backup quarterback in case something happens to Greg. Hopefully, that will never happen, but you never know. We're weak in the wide receiver position. Give it some thought."


Colt's parents may have seemed somewhat laid back when the boys were there, but his dad told him to meet him at the kitchen table right after Colt closed the front door.

"Colt, your mother thinks it best if just you and I talk because you might be more open with me. We know something was going on here. Guys don't park down the street, and clothes weren't strewn around the den because you just wanted to have them warm when you came back into the house. What was really going on?"

"Nothing. It was just like we said."

"I don't believe it. We trusted you, and you betrayed our trust."

"I didn't. I didn't throw a party. We just had a quiet get-together. We watched a little TV and then hit the hot tub. What's wrong with that?"

"What did you watch on TV?"

Colt couldn't think of one damn thing they could have been watching, so he did the next best thing. "We watched a movie."

"What movie?"

"Mission Impossible 3. The others hadn't seen it."

"Did you rent it?"

"No." He knew his dad would ask to see the box. "We streamed it off Netflix."

"Then it should show up in the queue, right?"

"Yeah, but you don't need to look. I'm telling the truth."

His dad got up, grabbed a beer from the refrigerator, and turned to Colt. "You want something?"

"No." Colt said as his dad sat back down. "I'm hurt that you don't believe me."

"Well, your mom and I are hurt that you had these boys over and may have had group sex."

Colt's heart skipped a couple of beats. "Group sex? What makes you say that?"

"We know you're gay, and we accept that, but we don't want you having orgies. It was fine when you were going with Thomas, but four guys is over the top."

"Dad, nothing happened. I keep telling you that."

His dad rose, grabbed his beer off the table, and motioned for Colt to follow him into the den. He turned the TV on and went to the Netflix queue. "Hmmm. I don't see Mission Impossible 3 here. Are you sure that was the movie you watched?"

"Must be a computer error. We watched it."

His dad pointed at the sofa. "Sit." His dad sat on the recliner where Andy was getting his ass rimmed.

Visions of dicks, hot bodies, and assholes flashed in Colt's head as he sat. He began to wonder if it was all worth it.

"Colt, we love you. We accept that you're gay, but you're only a sophomore, and we will not accept you lying to us and having orgies in our home. I know you're lying, you know you're lying, and if you insist on lying, then I will have to call the other boys' parents and tell them they are no longer welcome at our house because of what you boys did here. Is that what you want?"

"You can't do that. You don't have any evidence that we had sex. Yes, I lied about the movie. We didn't watch Mission Impossible 3. We watched some gay porn."

"Where'd you get it?"

"Andy brought it over."

"So if I check with him, he'll verify that?"

"Yes." Colt could only hope that either he'd get to Andy before his father did or Andy would be quick enough to say yes.

"How about I call him right now?"

"It's too late," Colt quickly answered.

"They just left a little while ago. What's his number?"

Colt felt like he was in quicksand. The harder he struggled, the deeper and quicker he sank. "Okay, it was me. I downloaded it off the Internet."

His father slapped the arm of the sofa. "It's about time I got some truth out of you. So did you have sex here or not?"

"No. We just watched the movie."

"So you're telling me that four gay teenage boys watched gay porn and didn't have sex. Do you really expect me to believe that?"

"It's true."

His father stood. "Colt, you leave me no choice. I'll have to call Andy, Thomas, and Matt's parents tomorrow and tell them what I think went on here. Do you think they'll believe me or you?"

Colt knew the answer. "Before I say anything more I want to make sure that we are on the same page. You're saying that if I tell you the truth, you won't call their parents. Is that right?"


"How do I know I can trust you?"

Colt's dad looked offended. "When have I ever lied to you?"


His dad sat next to him, and Colt saw visions of himself sitting there kissing Matt and riding Andy's dick. "Colt, this is the deal. I will not call their parents, but I will put a porn filter on your computer. You will be grounded for two weeks for lying, and you'll have to promise never to do this again. So tell me what happened?"

Colt got an embarrassed look on his face. "You want the details?"

"No, I don't want the details. Just give me a yes or no. Did you have sex here tonight?"

Colt turned his face away from his dad and said in a low voice, "Yes."

Chapter Quotes

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. - Charles Spurgeon

For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth. - Bo Bennett

Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan – Author Unknown

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