Knots, Book 2

by Elias Scott

Chapter 25


Football practice got my mind off everything. I excelled at quarterback and was filled with confidence in my ability to run the team. Like I said before, I was better after my injury. You'd think it would have put me behind, but adversity seemed to make me better. I was able to deal with the problems I faced on the field. Problems off the field didn't seem to fit into the same category.

As much as I loved sex, it didn't make me feel better about myself. It satisfied my physical hunger for sex, love, and passion, but not the need to be somebody. I'm sure everyone wants to be somebody; wants to be noticed; wants to be known for making his or her mark in the world. But how many are given the opportunity? At the time I thought you could only be noticed through sports. That was a mistake because there are so many people who have made their mark in the fields of science, technology, and according to Matt, even in literature.

He told me about this guy, Oscar Wilde, whose book, The Picture of Dorian Gray they're going to read in his English class. I guess he was bisexual and wrote this strange book about a guy whose picture grew old while he remained young. Matt told me he wouldn't like it. But I thought I would. Hell, I could be young and have a hard dick and fuck forever. What more could gay guy ask for?

Of course, I didn't know what the rest of the book was about so had to save my opinion until Matt was done with the book. But as soon as he told me, that's exactly what I thought. He said he wouldn't want to still be fifteen when we were all forty-five. As I thought about it, I figured it would be great if I could be 25 all my life while everyone else grew old. Just think of it. Great sex and eternal youth.

We received our subpoenas and been interviewed by the DA on Wednesday and Thursday, and before we knew it, it was Friday night football.

We played Mt. Vernon Prep and I and felt on top of my game. The coach calls the plays and sends them on the field with a wide receiver, but I thought I could do better because I was on the field. So I made the mistake of calling my own play. It didn't go anywhere and Coach Gilbert pulled me off the field and sent in Greg Johnson, the second string quarterback to run a few plays. "Don't do that again or you're going to sit on the bench. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"Good. Now sit out a few plays.

I wanted to tell him he was taking a chance of losing the game if he didn't put me back in, but I kept my mouth shut. Greg Johnson is a tall African American, who's ripped and doesn't have any fat. He didn't have the experience I had, but if I didn't watch it there was a good chance he'd get my job. It got me a little horny looking at his skinny ass in those tight pants. I'd given him a few looks in the locker room. He had a nice dick. They always say black guys have big dicks but his was average and cut. I wondered what it would be like to suck a black cock, as if it would be any different than a white one. A cock is a cock. They all get hard, pee, and shoot cum.

Anyway, the longer he was in, the more pissed I got and soon I forgot about his ass and cock and wanted back in the game. Greg threw an interception and we were on defense for a short time. I walked up to Greg and said, "Nice job." It's better to stay on the good side of the competition. That's where that dumb ass Kutcher made his mistake with Matt, he always pissed him off.

I finally got back in the game and did exactly as Coach Gilbert told me. We moved the ball and eventually won the game. Coach put Greg back in after we were ahead by a couple touchdowns. He threw one touchdown pass. He's good and makes my mouth water. Too bad he's not gay. The one thing I knew is I'd better keep working hard, otherwise this guy might get my job. Confidence is good, but over confidence can be a killer.

As usual, we slapped hands with the varsity as they headed out to the field. I fake slapped Frank Kutcher's hand. The varsity got ahead by a couple touchdowns early in the game. Coach Mills put Frank in, and he immediately threw an interception. I thought he'd be pulled, but Coach Mills left him in until he fumbled the ball. The JV team started yelling, "Matt Spence. Matt Spence." Soon the whole freshman and sophomore class were yelling.

Coach Mills didn't seem too excited about putting Matt in. I'm not sure why since Kutcher was doing such a bad job and Matt needed to play his ten minutes. Finally, he relented and sent Matt in. The freshman and sophomore's gave a loud cheer. Matt looked up at the stands and waved. I thought he was a bit arrogant. But the arrogance was soon gone when he fumbled the ball on the first play.

I feel bad because I was as anxious to seem him fail as to succeed. Jealousy came to me so easily. He handed the ball off on the next play and the ball carrier ran for a first down. Matt threw a pass to Kealan Williams for fifteen yards. Frank Kutcher is walking up and down the field punching his fist into the palm of his hands. He walks up to Coach Mills, says something to him, and Mills shook his head. Kutcher walked off hanging his head.

Mel Jacobs came up to Frank and patted him on the back. I guess he said it would be okay. But it wasn't. Matt moved the team down the field until they scored. We were now ahead by three touchdowns, 21 to 0, at halftime.


Coach Mills had nothing but nice things to say to us in the locker room. I'm not sure why, but he told asshole Frank Kutcher that he'd start the second half. I looked around the locker room and the guys had bewildered looks on their faces. Coach Mills said, "Everyone deserves a second chance. Frank, show us what you can do."

I walked up behind Frank on the way back out on the field and whispered, "Yeah, Frank, show us what you can do." My thinking was it wouldn't hurt to put a little pressure on him.

He turned around and scowled. "Fuck you, Spence."

I continued in a low voice. "You keep saying that. I'm ready when you are?"

"Pervert," he replied

I might have meant it if it was anyone other than Frank Kutcher, well, at least given the right circumstances. Sex was off my radar for the next month or as long as our parents were keeping an eye on everything we were doing. So I began to focus on beating out Kutcher and spending more time with Gina, Emily, Alan, and Ernie at school. We also needed to schedule a sophomore class meeting to plan for homecoming. I never thought I'd say it, but once sex was eliminated from my possible choices, I was able to focus. Of course, masturbation was one of those freebies. It didn't require a lot of thought or anyone else.

Kutcher went out the second half and must have kept having my words ringing in his ear because while you'd think the encouragement would have helped him, he couldn't handle the pressure and fell flat on his face. He fumbled and recovered the ball himself. He threw two incomplete passes, and forced us to punt. The next time we had the ball, he managed to get the team to rack up one first down before throwing an interception. The guy couldn't even do well when we were ahead. I expected Coach Mills to put me in, but he put sent Gordon Thompson, our first string quarterback in. Kutcher came off, walked over to me, and said, "Looks like you're getting fucked after all."

I moved away from Kutcher and stood next to Coach Mills and followed him up and down the field even when we didn't have the ball. He turned to me and snapped, "Quit following me. You're like a puppy dog."

"Okay Coach, whatever you say."

Then I'd be right back at his side a few minutes later. Finally, he slapped me on the back and said, "get in there." I put my helmet on and ran onto the field and with cheers from my classmates. The only thing that bothered me was I couldn't see Frank Kutcher's face. Unfortunately, I didn't have much success either. We didn't make a first down and had to punt. But you couldn't be successful all the time. At least I didn't throw any interceptions or fumble the ball. Mt. Vernon scored on their next possession, but by then the score was 28 to 7. Coach Mills put me back in and we scored again. I ran off the field with a huge smile on my face, ran over to Frank and whispered, "Looks like you got fucked after all."

He shoved me. "Keep your hands off me pervert. I'm not a queer like you." I moved away and he continued. "Next time you grab my dick I'm going to kick your ass."

Coach Mills gave both of us a dirty look. "Knock that shit off."

That surprised me. But I couldn't help myself. "Sorry Frank. It wasn't me. Must have been someone else who likes your cock. Although I can't imagine who that would be."

He shoved me and knocked me to the ground. I was going to get up and hit him, but just laid there until Coach Mill looked over. Instead of benching Kutcher he said, "You're both benched for the rest of the game. And I mean benched. Go sit on the bench, one on each end. And don't talk to each other."

We did as we were told, but it didn't keep us from staring the other down. Kealan Williams came by and patted me on the back. "Ignore the asshole. He's going nowhere."

I looked up and smiled. "Thanks."


We'd have gone out for pizza as usual after the game, but we were all grounded and had to head home. At least I didn't have to listen to everyone tell Matt how wonderful he was. And I'll have to admit, he played well. I did give him a "nice game" afterward. He did the same to me. I wanted to pinch his ass, but thought better of it.

"This being grounded is a pain in the ass," I told him.

"Yeah," he said, "But I can finally concentrate on other things. Never did I think that being grounded might be a good thing."

I gave him a sad look. "I'm hurt. I figured you'd be hungry for my cock and balls."

He smiled. "I'm not sure if hunger is the right word, but we won't be grounded forever."

"Randy hasn't missed a beat. He headed off with some senior after the game. Looks like a Dillon Burke thing all over again. In this case, I think it's Randy who likes older guys."

Matt gave me a serious look. "Maybe, but what he does is going to affect us. If he's fooling around and others find out, they'll think we've fooling around. That asshole Kutcher keeps making snide comments. I hate to think what might happen if word got out. Dillon's trial will start as soon as they pick a jury and then who knows what will happen."

"You worry too much, Matt. Relax. Everything'll be fine."

"You always say that. You managed to get us past the foursome, but we still had a price to pay. Like my dad loves to say. 'You never get anything for nothing."'

Chapter Quotes

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'. - Erma Bombeck

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. - Marcus Aurelius When you are discontent, you always want more, more, more. Your desire can never be satisfied. But when you practice contentment, you can say to yourself, 'Oh yes - I already have everything that I really need.' - Dalai Lama

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