Knots, Book 2

by Elias Scott

Chapter 4


I said a bunch of things to Matt that hurt him. At first I saw it on his face, but when he jumped on the bed and slapped me a couple times, I knew I'd pissed him off. It all started because I kept on about a foursome with Randy and Thomas. I couldn't help it for some reason. The idea of it gave me a perpetual hard-on. You'd think Matt would have been hot for the idea given that he'd been horny 24/7 since Monday. It's hard to believe it was only Wednesday and we'd been having one long sex marathon.

Matt jumped off the bed and glared at me. I wasn't sure what to do to improve the situation, so knowing how horny he was, figured I'd give him a smile and suggest we have sex. He looked surprised when I smiled at him. A small smile broke on his face and I knew I had him. I said, "Let's fuck."

He locked the door, our clothes were off in seconds, and it was the hottest sex we'd had. The guy was a quick learner.


We laid together for awhile with Andy spooning behind me before we both rolled onto our backs.

"That was awesome, Andy."

Andy leaned over and kissed my right nipple. "You're becoming a fucking animal."

I turned toward him, smiled, and kissed him. "Can you promise to quit looking at Thomas and Randy like you want to suck and lick every part of their body? They're hurting just like us and are probably handling it their own way, and if they're having sex with each other, it's none of our business."


"No buts. If they bring it up, it's okay. But otherwise, they're off limits. Agreed?"

Andy groaned and let out a disappointed, "I guess so."

We had sex two more times before the sun rose on Thursday and we had to shower and get dressed for our morning meeting at school, the one we both dreaded.

I wanted to have shower sex that morning, but Andy and I agreed we couldn't shower together when his parents were home. Those morning showers were lonely ones. We planned to do it though as soon as we got back from the meeting and his parents headed to work.

I couldn't help but wonder if my 24/7 horniness would ever stop. I wasn't sure I could go on like that through the next three years of high school and beyond. My biggest fear was my goals would get all screwed up, and it would be like the quote from the movie, Bully, that I loved quoting to Andy. "When you're young, not much matters when you find something you care about and that's all you got. That's just it, fucking is what I love. Take that away from me, and I really got nothing." The thought of it scared the hell out of me. It had seemed that way for Andy, and for now, we were both tied together in one huge knot of sexual desire and pleasure.

I hoped that once we got back to school, football, and my job as sophomore class president, everything would become balanced again, and sex would be just one part of my life rather than the all-consuming part.


Matt and I had avoided talking about the meeting at the school by filling the night with sex. We fucked, slept, woke up, and fucked again just before dawn . I was pretty tired when I woke up that morning and was beginning to think we'd both lost our minds. But what a way to lose your mind. Around 6:00, I tapped Matt on the shoulder. "Matt, you awake?"

He groaned. "Go back to sleep."

I tapped him again. "We need to talk."

He turned toward me and yawned. "What about?"


"Let the day take care of itself. There's not much we can do."

I pushed him out of bed and onto the floor. He snapped, "Damn it, Andy."

"I needed something to get your attention besides sucking your cock." He groaned again and I continued. "Usually you're the one that keeps the cool head. But I guess the head on your penis has been doing all the thinking for you."

"Fuck you, Andy."

I got on the floor with him. "I know you'd like to, but we need to talk."

"Looks like I don't have much choice." He yawned again. "Seems like you're not going to leave me alone anyway. Can we at least get back into bed?"

I nodded and rolled up and onto the bed like I was mounting a huge elephant. He followed and we laid on our backs. "I'm terrified. All the kids'll be staring at us when we get to school. You know how they all sit around waiting for the first bell to ring."

Matt rolled toward me. "Frightens me too."

I teased Matt's nipples with my finger. "We should have been talking about this before. Hell, Thomas and Randy were way ahead of us on this."

Matt pushed the hair back off my forehead. "You're right. You know what, we should just act like things are normal, say good morning to anyone who looks at us, and keep walking until we're at the main office."

"Great idea. We'll make sure we don't stop and make conversation with anyone. That could be a killer."

I gave Matt a short kiss with a little tongue and then said, trying to sound like Randy, "You have great ideas. I guess it must be why you're the starting quarterback and sophomore class president."

Matt smiled. "That's right, and don't you forget it."

He squeezed my junk, jumped out of bed, grabbed a towel, and headed to the shower. I wanted to follow, but couldn't because of my parents.

School Meeting

Matt left Andy's and ran to his house so he could drive to school with his parents. All the parents agreed to meet a couple blocks from the school so they would show a united front when they arrived at school.

No one said much on the way over. The four cars pulled up in front of the school and parked in the visitor parking which was close to the front office. Students were milling around and sitting on benches that formed circles around the trees that lined the front of the school. Benches were also set up at the entrance along the walls of a covered entry way. Groups of guys and girls or couples sat at these places and when they saw the eight people approach they went silent with some pointing and whispering.

Gina and Emily were sitting with Alan and Ernie. They got up to talk to Andy and Matt and all they got from Matt was, "Can't talk now. We have a meeting. Talk to you on Friday when you bring our homework."

Andy nodded, but didn't say anything.

Alan and Ernie raised their voices, "We'll be by after practice."

No one answered. Thomas and Randy waved at a few people, but didn't say anything.

They saw a few JV football players gathered in front of the school, but they looked away or down when they saw them.

The office was packed with students getting absent and tardy slips. Andy and Matt stared straight ahead. Thomas and Randy looked at the floor. The secretary pointed toward the principal's conference room when she saw the eight people. The principal, Jack Evans, the vice-principal, the school counselor, and the JV football coach sat at one end of the table. Principal Evans looked like a former lineman. He was dressed in a dark blue suit. He pointed at the chairs. "Please be seated."

He asked the parents to introduce themselves and then he introduced the staff. They were just about to begin when the varsity football coach/athletic director, rushed in. "Sorry I'm late. Something came up." He pulled a chair out and poured his big fame into it while trying to catch his breath.

Principal Evans cleared his throat and pointed at Matt's dad. "Mr. Spence, Matt's dad, called for this meeting because he and the other parents are concerned about our reaction and the reaction of the students to the rumors that have been flying around the school and the community about what happened with Dillon Burke. This is a small conservative area and many of the same values are reflected here at Edison High. He looked at Randy and Thomas. "I apologize for having to ask this, but I must. Did you have a consensual sexual relationship with Dillon Burke?"

The boys looked down. Thomas' dad slapped his hand on the table. "That's not the point Mr. Evans. Thomas and Randy were only thirteen when Dillon began his slow steady recruitment of our boys to satisfy his own sexual needs. It's our understanding from talking to the boys that he too was lured into a sexual relationship with an older man when he was thirteen. Yes, he's a victim, but it doesn't give him any right to do the same to our boys. We resent the innuendo in your question." He glanced at the varsity coach. "Dillon is a senior, and is or was, the starting varsity quarterback. He has a certain amount of respect at this school and on the team. Our boys are just freshman and already we hear rumors that it's our boys' fault. That they seduced Dillon when all he was doing was coaching them."

Silence hung in the air for a moment before Mr. Evans apologized, "I'm sorry. I was just trying to determine if the boys had been raped like Matt and Andy. I should have phrased it differently. I believe you've answered my question."

A small smirk crossed the face of the varsity coach. Mr. Gibson stiffened and looked at the coach. "This isn't funny coach."

The smile slid from his face. "I'm sorry. It was just something that happened in the locker room.

"Please share it with us," Mr. Evans insisted.

"I better not. You wouldn't understand."

"We're here to resolve problems," Andy's dad said. Tell us what you think is so funny."

"If you insist. I chalked it up to the fact that boys will be boys. You know how that is. My players have been making jokes about this sex stuff in the locker room and showers. They imitate what they perceive went on between Dillon and your boys. I told them it wouldn't be tolerated, but they continued. Some of it was pretty funny, and the thought of it brought a smile to my face. Again, I'm sorry."

"This is exactly why we're having this meeting," Mr. Gibson added. "The fact that this behavior brought a smile to your face is unacceptable and insulting. We won't tolerate this kind of behavior from you or your players when our boys are at practice, in the locker room, or in the showers. It's your responsibility to put a stop to it before our boys return to school on Monday."

Mr. Evans rubbed his fingers across his forehead and looked at the coach. "Coach Mills, I expect that you won't tolerate any of this behavior from your boys. If any of them act this way, you are to send them to me or the vice-principal. Is that understood?"

Coach Mills nodded.

Mr. Evans turned to the JV coach. "That goes for you too, Coach Gilbert. Do you understand?"

The JV coach looked at the four boys with a blank look that gave them no idea how he felt. "Yes, Mr. Evans."

Dorothy Crawford, the counselor lifted an eyebrow in question. "What do you expect us to do?" She looked to the parents. "Would you like us to provide some personal counseling?"

Andy gave Matt a sharp look as Andy shook his head.

Randy's dad waved it off. "I can't speak for the others, but we'll get personal counseling for Randy."

The other parents nodded in agreement.

"I shouldn't say this," Mrs. Crawford said as she turned to Randy and Thomas' parents, "but your boys should have known better. They should have just told Dillon, no." She looked at Matt and Andy, "You boys can't be held responsible because you were raped. Rape can leave terrible scars. That is unless you were leading Dillon on in some way."

Thomas's dad rapped on the table again. "This is the kind of attitude we want to avoid. My son and Randy are victims also. They didn't go after Dillon. He came after them. They were only thirteen for shit sake."

Thomas and Randy frowned, hung their heads, and would have crawled into a hole and never come out if they could.

Matt's dad scowled. "Mr. Evans, you're the principal. You need to do something. These people are making our boys look like they're wrong rather than the other way around." He turned toward the JV coach. "I'd like to hear what the coaches think."

"The coaches got together and sent the boys a card to show to indicate the wouldn't have to worry about our attitude when they returned to school. But I think the card may have sent a subconscious message. It had a football player wearing a football helmet with horns and there's a bubble over his head that says, 'I don't know why no one wants to play with me.' It seemed funny at the time, but now that you're here, I think maybe it says something about our attitude. I'd like to think that these boys are still the same boys they were last week." His eyes focused on the four boys. "But it's going to be difficult for all of us, and especially the other boys on the team. I promise though, that I won't accept any bullying or hazing. I can't guarantee it won't happen, but I'll stop it when I see it."

Andy's dad sighed. "We saw the card and thought it tasteless. I'll accept that you made a mistake. Andy and Matt are tough. They're both starters and maybe that will help the situation, but we're going to take your word that you won't allow any hazing or bullying. It's going to be harder for Thomas and Randy because they're not starters, are just freshman, and kind of powerless."

The JV coach nodded.

The principal glanced at Coach Mills. "How about you?"

Coach Mills brushed his hand through his hair. "I can't give you any guarantees. The varsity doesn't practice with the JV's so they'll only cross paths before and after practice. My assistant coaches and I will patrol the locker room and showers. But like I said, boys will be boys."

Matt's dad narrowed his eyes. "There's something about your attitude that makes me think you're not going to do anything. I hope I'm wrong." He turned to Principal Evans. Our four boys said they won't put up with any harassment from anybody. They want to stand tall rather than act like they're guilty of some terrible crime. They'll fight back. So it's in your best interest to make sure nothing happens."

The vice-principal, a tall thin man with a bow tie added. "Fighting is a suspendable offense. And if it happens often enough, the boys could be expelled."

Matt's dad continued. "We aren't encouraging our boys to fight, but they have a right to defend themselves against verbal and physical attack." He looked at Mr. Evans. "Don't you agree?"

Evans' face colored. "I do, but we can't have your boys constantly fighting."

"Then make sure no one harasses them."

"We can't be there every minute. Football and the classroom are one thing. But there's not much we can do between classes."

Andy's dad broke in. "Our boys have agreed to be together as much as possible to protect each other, but you need to call a faculty meeting, explain the situation to the teachers, and have them keep a lookout in the halls and in their classes because we refuse to have our boys disrespected. They're still children after all."

The four boys eyes rolled in their head. Andy scowled. "You act like we're not here. We are. Terrible things happened to us and you guys act like it was nothing or that we're at fault. You say you will do something, but I don't see it happening. That 'boys will be boys' remark kind of sums it all up. We do not expect to be suspended or expelled for fighting. We give you our word right here." He pointed at the others who nodded for him to go on. "We will not fight unless someone attacks us physically or verbally."

Matt cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "We'll take a little verbal abuse, but if it continues after we ask them to stop at least two times, then we'll fight. We might get our asses kicked, but we're not going to take any crap from anyone. We're telling you this now so you'll know we didn't start it and don't expect to be suspended or expelled." He glanced at his parents and then the other parents. "And I'm sure my parents are willing to take legal action if necessary."

Matt paused and looked around the room. "We're not saying that we shouldn't be called into the office. But you need to bring everyone involved to the office. The purpose should to be to get the facts and to stop the bullying and harassing. That's your job. If you do your job, then there shouldn't be any fights."

Matt's mom and dad nodded and smiled with pride on their faces.

Mr. Evans stood. "I think we understand what needs to be done. The first bells is about to ring, so let me summarize. The coaches will monitor the locker room and showers before and after practice. They will not tolerate any bullying or verbal abuse on the practice field, the locker room, or the showers. I will call a faculty meeting to inform the teachers about what was discussed here and ask them to keep an eye out in the halls and in their classrooms. I'm against using violence to solve problems, but know that we can't always be there to see what happens. I agree with Matt and Andy. We will call the boys in and get the facts. The problem we face is that if the boys doing the harassing get suspended and your boys don't, parents will be jumping down our backs. I propose that we give all the boys involved morning or lunch detention. We'll have one of the counselors or the vice-principal sit with the boys and do a little group therapy." He looked around the room. Would that be acceptable?

Everyone nodded.

Evans went on. "It's impossible for faculty and students not to look at your boys differently. They'll get images in their heads and there's nothing we can do about that. But it's important that they see the boys are still the same boys except for any scars they may carry inside." He looked at Matt, Andy, Thomas, and Randy. "It's important that you be like you've always been. Dress like you always have, keep your hair the same, and don't do anything that will draw attention to yourselves. You'll be getting enough attention as it is. Sometimes students do things like that when they're hurting inside. I promise we'll do our best."

The bell rang.

Everyone stood. The JV coach shook the parents' hands as did Mr. Evans as they prepared to leave. The vice-principal, the varsity football coach, and the counselor, nodded and left the room.


The meeting went better than I thought. Principal Evans wasn't an asshole like I expected. He took our ideas and turned them into something positive. I doubt that the varsity coach is going to do anything. Our JV coach seems to understand, but we figured we wouldn't know anything until Monday. I figured Mr. Evans would take a rash of shit from the VP, counselor, and the varsity coach. Guys like Principal Evans can be an inspiration to young people. I'd like to be like him some day. Maybe by then they'll accept a gay principal.

I wasn't sure about the counseling. The idea of someone looking inside my head scared me. But I thought my parents would go for it. The last thing I needed was some shrink looking into my mixed up life and seeing all the knots I'd already tied by age fifteen. Hell, if I lived my whole life over again, I'd only be thirty.

But I have to tell you, we weren't going to put up with any shit from anyone at school. Principal Evans came up with a good solution which was to give us all detention if there were any fights. I think that's what pissed off the counselor and VP. Which reminds me, she had a lot of fucking balls to imply that Thomas and Randy were somehow guilty because she thinks they had consented to have sex with Dillon and all they had to say was no. Where the fuck is she from? I hope to hell, she isn't doing the group counseling.

Of course it pissed me off all the more because unlike Thomas and Randy, I wanted it from the beginning. During the meeting, I found myself thinking how I'd been lying about the rape and covering up just how badly I wanted sex with Dillon or Matt or any guy since I was fourteen. But hell, I was at least a year older than Thomas and Randy. I felt sorry for them, but would still have liked to have had a foursome with those two hot guys. I kept looking at them and thinking about it off and on during the meeting. Matt would be pissed.

Fortunately classes were in session when we left and we didn't have to see anyone we knew. The social environment was a bit cold when we got to school. Most of the football players looked away and seemed afraid to make eye contact. I wasn't sure what that meant. My hope was it was just embarrassing for them and it was easier to look away. Emily, Gina, Alan, and Ernie were as friendly as always. They say you find out who your real friends are in times like this. Gina and Emily were coming by again on Friday. Alan and Ernie said they'd come by after practice that day. I sure hoped they wouldn't show if Thomas and Randy decided to come by and shoot hoops, sink a few baskets, or have a dick sunk in their ass. Sorry about that. That's the way I thought in those days. I'm not sure I'm any better today. I can only hope.


Andy pretty much summarized most of my thoughts for that day.

He might have figured I didn't catch him eying Thomas and Randy during the meeting, but I did. There's something about those two that makes you feel good all over. I guess Dillon saw it and felt the same thing. God, I hoped Andy and I weren't like Dillon.

That reminds me, we got a call saying that Dillon was going to trial. He'd been arraigned and denied bail. I was afraid the truth about Andy was going to come out at the trial. I figured this was going to be worse than if he'd have just been honest in the first place. It could mean Dillon's going to get off with a slap on the wrists.

But I wasn't going to let it go so easily. He did rape me, and it's a vision I'll never be able to forget. No, he didn't penetrate me, but it still leaves me with feelings of guilt and anger. Guilt, because I keep thinking I wanted it just like Andy. And anger, because Dillon had no right to violate me and put me in that situation. Fortunately, at least for the time being, it didn't affect my sex with Andy. But who knows what the future held. Andy didn't want to go to counseling, but I thought I really needed it. I wouldn't have minded if all four of us guys had a few sessions together. We sure didn't want to meet in the same room with our parents.

As soon as we got to Andy's, he and I headed to his shower like we'd planned. I adore shower sex because I love the feeling of our slick wet bodies rubbing together as our cocks search for each other and our tongues eat each other. Shower sex is clean. You can soap your fingers and clean out the other's hole or your own for that matter. And while having a cock in your ass is awesome, there's something indescribable about having a finger or fingers wiggling around in your ass too.

Andy's parents' shower is huge, which means we can suck and fuck in all kinds of positions as long as we can stand the hard floor.

We kissed and hugged for longer than usual. At that moment, I felt a strong sense of love. I think Andy did too. Maybe it was just the release we felt after the meeting, but there was a tenderness in each of us that hadn't existed since that first night when I took his clothes off and licked his dick. I turned him around, pressed my cock against his crack, and rubbed my hands up and down his chest. He reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks, kneading them like dough. I rubbed my hands down to his dick, squeezed it, and then fondled his balls in my hand. He moaned and said, "You're getting pretty good at this."

"Had a good teacher."

He pulled himself away from me, turned me around, spread my cheeks and tongued my hole. He pulled back and whispered in his eerie voice, "I heard your asshole calling. It kept saying, 'lick me and fuck me with your tongue.'"

That always made me laugh no matter how many times he said it. He licked and tongue-fucked me before grabbing one of the condoms he brought into the shower. "I think we should get tested so we can go bareback. What do you think?"

"That'll be embarrassing. People will know we're having sex with each other."

"No, we'll play it off like we don't want to give any of our dates an STD."

"But I'm not having sex with any girls."

He laughed. "I know, but you might. At least that's what we'll let them think."

I leaned against him. "Let's talk about that later. Right now, I want your cock in my ass."

I laid on the shower floor with my legs up. Andy says, "I hear it again, Matt. Your asshole's screaming. It almost makes me want to cry because it can't wait. It keeps saying, 'Andy put your beautiful big cock inside me. Fill me, fuck me, and shoot in me. I want to feel that warm cum.'"

Andy grabbed his cock, worked the condom on, aimed it at my hole, and slid in. It was so much easier. I love the feeling of being filled with Andy's cock. I'm not sure how it would feel if it was anyone else's, but with Andy, it was special because I love him and he was the only one I'd ever do it with. At least those were my thoughts at the time.

He rammed into me hard and fast as if the quiet passion and love from earlier had turned to anger. But I loved the hard fucking and yelled, "Fuck me Andy. Fuck me harder!" And he did.

And as usual, we flip-fucked and then lay on the floor of the shower letting the water wash over us as we hugged and kissed until all passion subsided, and only love remained.

Chapter Quote: "That is just the way with some people. They get down on a thing when they don't know nothing about it." ― Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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