Knots, Book 1

by Elias Scott

Chapter 5


I nudged Matt on the way to our bikes. "That Emily's really hot, don't you think?"

"Yeah, but I like Gina. There's something about her. Of course I'd rather look at your hot body," Matt said.

I don't know why Matt said that. I wondered if he was serious. I've caught him looking me up and down a lot lately. Seems he likes my skinny body. It kinda builds my confidence. I don't blame him for looking. I'd be upset if he didn't look once in a while. Same with the girls. I think I like guys. But sometimes the girls look pretty good to. We live in a conservative community and if anyone thought I was gay, even Matt, it might not be good for my health.

I laughed his comment off and said, "I don't blame you. But let's be serious. Those girls are hot. I think Emily likes me and Gina likes you. We should try to get together again with them before football and school starts."

Matt gave a half hearted answer. "Yeah. Let's."

"You don't sound very enthusiastic."

Matt got a serious look on his face. "I'm not ready for girls. It's cool just being unattached 14 year olds. Let's go out to the pond tomorrow, just you and me. I want to swim naked again. It was awesome."

Matt made me wonder. Not interested in girls, wanting to hang with me and swim naked in the pond, but it's probably nothing. But you know, I often look Matt up and down too. I don't think he's noticed. I'd like to have my muscles and his weight. Sometimes I wonder if any of us ever get the right combination of anything.

I was determined to start a weight program and see if I could put some weight on. Unfortunately, football was almost here and I didn't have much time. I began searching the Internet for ideas on how to build lean muscle and put on weight.

Matt and I did a couple lawns the next morning before we headed to the swimming hole.

"I was afraid that after you brought everyone here the other day. they'd all be here," Matt said, "But I guess not."

I stripped first and he gave my cock a quick look. I think my bigger dick makes him feel a little inferior, but it sure makes me feel like a stud. You might say I'm really hung. But like I said earlier, none of us are blessed with the perfect combination of anything.

Matt's skin was beautifully tanned in an even brown. It was his Italian heritage. I was white at the beginning of the summer and it took half the summer to get any tan while Matt had his in a few weeks.

Matt turned away to take off his clothes just like he did before. Guess he didn't want me to notice his small penis. Like I said, he has a nice looking ass. It was hard keeping my thoughts about his fine ass in check. I wondered how mine compared. Probably bony and skinny. I'll have to look tonight in the mirror.

I stood there in the buff and wasn't going to let him get away with hiding himself this time. "Matt, turn around. I want to see that little thing you call a dick."

"Fuck off Andy."

"Come on, I'm told you can make babies even with a small one. Come on, turn around."

Matt covered his cock and balls with his hands and turned around. "I think you're a pervert. You want to touch it too?"

"Can I?" I got to tell you I really wanted to. Wanted to get it in my mouth.

"No. And quit insulting my instrument of pleasure and get in the water."

"Not until you expose that instrument of pleasure."

"You're an ass," Matt said as he removed his hands. "Okay, are you satisfied?"

"Yeah, I was afraid maybe yours had gotten bigger than mine." Of course I didn't tell him I'd like to suck on his instrument of pleasure.

We both laughed and ran into the water. Matt came toward me like he was going to dunk me and I felt a slight rise in my dick. I wanted to stay and wait, but as much as I wanted to touch Matt, I moved away. He just splashed me, grabbed the small rope, pulled the big rope to the edge, and was climbing on when we both heard laughter.

"Oh shit," we said in unison.

I didn't know if I should get out and grab my clothes or what. Matt held onto the swing debating for a second before jumping off the rope, grabbing his swim suit, and running into the bushes to put it on.

He came out, took my suit, and hung it on a tree like a flag. The same group of kids from the other day appeared out of the woods and immediately saw me in the water with my suit hanging on a tree and Matt leaning against a tree smiling.

Billy Martin ran over and grabbed my trunks and waved them. "Hey Andy, these yours?"

One of the girls, Andrea Donaldson, said, "Make him come out and get them."

I jumped up and down in the water just enough for my chest to break the surface, "That's cold, Billy, give them to me."

"What are you going to give me?"

"I'm going to give you a punch in the face if you don't throw them out here."

Billy sat on the ground, balling and unballing my trunks, and then moving the material through his fingers. "Nice trunks. I see Matt has enough sense to keep his clothes on now that this is a public pond."

"He and I were in here together without our suits," I said, and don't know why I said that.

"Ah, I see. A little gay stuff going on, huh?"

"It wasn't like that. Guys skinny dip all the time. It feels good. Maybe you should try it some time. Oh, I almost forgot, someone might mistake you for a girl."

Billy's smile left his face. "I think your attitude tells me you don't want these trunks?"

Billy sometimes talked like he was an English teacher.

"Come on Billy. I take it all back."

"Kinda hard to do once you thrown a rock or two. You know what the Bible says "by your words you shall be condemned."

Billy's family was religious and they would make Billy recite a new quote from the Bible for every meal. Guess that's where he got this one.

"Okay. I understand and I'm sorry. Now throw me my suit."

Billy held it up and threw it to Andrea. She pulled the strings of the suit tight so the waist shrunk to nothing and then tied a knot in it before throwing it to me.

"Thanks Andrea." I held the suit out of the water as I fumbled with the knot for 10 minutes while everyone sat on the edge of the pond laughing.

"Maybe it would be easier if you just got out and did it," Andrea said.

"You might be right." I walked toward the edge like I was going to walk out. She put her hand over her mouth and Gina and Emily squealed, especially Emily. You'd be impressed with what you saw," I snickered.

"I doubt that," said Billy. "But we wouldn't mind a show."

I stood waist deep in the water and finished untying the knots before putting my trunks on. Everyone cheered and clapped as I climbed out of the water. I gave Matt a dirty look. "Tell them Matt, we were in there together."

"Naw, it was just him. I'm not going swimming naked with some guy."

I gave Matt a dirty look. "Guess you can never count on your friends when you need them."

We all swam and joked the rest of the afternoon before heading our separate ways. Matt and I trailed behind.

I punched Matt in the shoulder. "What kind of friend are you?"

"I couldn't help it. It was funny, and you were embarrassed. I don't get to see that too often."

We grabbed our bikes and just as I said, "Ready..." Matt tore off on his bike and beat me for the first time ever.


I beat Andy for the first time in our bike race. This time I started as soon as he said, "ready." I cheated, but felt a lot of pride for beating him at his own game.

He rolled up beside me, breathing hard. "That's not fair."

I laughed. "You have a lot of nerve saying what's fair. Of course after the day you've had, maybe I should have let you beat me as usual."

"It was quite a day wasn't it. I should have climbed out of the water and impressed them."

"And showed everyone that water logged shriveled up weenie of yours?"

"You got a point."

Something happened to me that day. I was bolder. Couldn't believe I hung Andy's shorts on a tree for everyone to see and then stood there watching and enjoying every minute of his torment. I wanted to get back at him for telling everyone about our swimming hole and cheating on the bike race. Hanging his suit and leaving him naked wasn't much by comparison. At least I got one up on him.

But then, Andy was my friend. He was the guy I envied and admired and had feelings for, but none of it made any difference. It's a little weird.

Gina was always walking by my house. She came with Emily when Andy and I were working together. I thought maybe I should ask her to the show or something, but didn't. It's funny because Andy and I ask each other to the show all the time. He'll say, "Wanna go to see a movie this Saturday?"

"Yeah, sure. What time?

That's all there was to it. Yet, with Gina, it was hard. Why couldn't I just say, "Gina, want to go to a movie this Saturday?" I just realized why it's so hard. Andy and I always expect a yes and if there's a conflict, we work it out. Our feelings are never hurt. But with a girl, it's like you never know.

She stopped by on a Thursday when I was working in our front yard with my shirt off. I put it on when I saw her coming. "Hi Gina. You've sure been happening by a lot lately."

"Just headed to the Mall. Got a part time job at the toy store."

"You mean you didn't just come by to see me?"

She blushed. "That's why I come this way. There are other ways I could go, you know."

I sat on the front steps. She sat beside me. "I guess so. I'm glad you came." She seemed nervous, which made me nervous. She looked me in the eye. "School's going to start in a little over a month. Think of it, we're going to be in high school. Hope we have some of the same classes together."

I looked down at the ground and mumbled, "So do I."

She grabbed my chin and pulled my face up. "You're so shy." She smiled and then kissed me lightly on the lips. "Would you like to go to see the new Tom Cruise movie this Saturday?"

"I'd like that."

"I figured you weren't ever going to ask me."

I blushed. "I thought about it a couple times. Not sure why I didn't."

"Were you afraid I'd turn you down? You should know better by now."

I should have known better, but I wasn't sure how I felt about Gina or any girl for that matter. I only knew how I felt about Andy. Girls were new territory. After all I'd hung around with other boys most of my life. We all did. Sure we had girls who were friends. A few guys in our class were going steady, but most of us did things together as friends and mostly with other guys. I really never spent any time alone with a girl except for the few times Gina and I talked.

She stood up and brushed off her jeans. "Okay, it's a date. I'll come by on Saturday around 2:00. The show starts at 2:30.

I got up and touched her hand. "Good. I'll be sitting right here."

"Great. See you then." She walked off, her pony tail bouncing and me wondering what I was going to do on our date. Should I hold her hand or kiss her or make out. I had no idea. Figured I'd just have to play it by ear.

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