A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 6

Frank sent me this damn long email. It took me forever to read it. In fact I had to read it over a couple times to get everything he said. I'd begun to get a little scared, but he did something awesome. He laid out everything step by step after telling me about him being bullied in school. He wrote a story about it. Anyway, his long letter follows.

I imagine a lot of you are thinking Frank is full of it because he's asking me to deny who I am. But if life is about survival and living, then this is the answer. I've been close to killing myself a number of times because I'm so isolated and have no friends. Frank offered a solution. Like you hear a lot of gay guys say, "It will get better." Yes, it may get better, but for me, right now, with a whole year of high school left, and what should be the happiest year of my life, I needed to do something other than take shit from the homophobes and be ignored by my friends.

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