The Move

by Doug Smith

Chapter 40

"Josh, can you wait with Dan while I get the car? You can follow us in the jeep."

"Sure, Mr. J."

"Dad! I'm going to ride with Josh."

"Won't you be more comfortable in the car? It's only a short drive. He'll be right behind us."

"We want to get some breakfast."

"We do????" asked Josh.

I smiled. "You don't? I do. I want to feel like I'm doing something normal after being in that hospital bed all week. I didn't have breakfast and I'm starved."

"You need to rest Dan."

"Dad... That's all I've been doing. I've been lying in bed for a week. The doctor said I had to take it easy. He didn't say I couldn't do stuff. I don't want to go home just to go to bed. You and Mom aren't going to baby me are you?"

"Dan, you almost died less than a week ago."

"I'm fine. I don't even hurt. I'll take it easy. I promise. I just want to spend some alone time with Josh doing something normal."

"There will be time to do things when you're better."

"Dad, I'm fine. Other than moving a little slow I don't hurt at all. I know what happened. I know I should be in pain but I'm not. I can't explain it. I feel good."

"But you almost died. You should rest."

"I will. I promise. I just want to stop for breakfast."

"You're going to keep this up aren't you? ...Alright, I can understand how you feel. You're sure you're okay?"

"Yes Dad. I don't know why but I really do feel fine."

"Dan, that might just be a sense of euphoria being out of the hospital or the pain killers," said Justin. "Your father is right. If you re-injure those wounds you'll end up back here."

"I'm not going to do anything strenuous. I just want to go to breakfast. Besides, I have Josh to protect me. He can kick ass," I smiled seeing him frown.

"Alright, go to breakfast but you have to deal with your mother ...and your brother. He's waiting for you to get home."

Thinking about Scott's reaction when Dad walked in alone did bother me. My mother was one thing. She would just be the overprotective mom but Scott is different. I love the little guy. He's probably sitting on the couch waiting for us to get home. He'll be upset if Dad walks in alone. I did feel bad but still wanted to go to breakfast.

"Dad, playing the Scott card isn't fair. I don't want to hurt him. I just want to go to breakfast with my boyfriend," I said with Josh beside me. It didn't help that I was sitting in a wheelchair and couldn't help but look right at his legs ...and his ass out of the corner of my eye. Mmmmm, I'd actually like to skip breakfast and just go home and bury my face in it but that isn't likely. I tried not to look but the more I tried looking away the more I thought about him standing there and my eyes were drawn in his direction. I'm sure everyone saw ...including Josh. He looked good.

"Just come home right afterward. Why don't you take the Escalade. You'll be more comfortable. I'll drive the jeep."

"You're going to let Josh drive it? You've only let me drive it twice and both times you were there. ...Josh? Have you ever driven something like that before?"

"He'll be fine. It's just an SUV."

I laughed. "Yeah but it's huge. It's got so much stuff I'm surprised it doesn't drive itself. Are you sure you want us taking it? I'll be fine in the jeep."

"You'll be more comfortable."

"Josh? Are you okay driving it? Let's hope you don't have to parallel park."

"I can handle it. Besides, I've actually never had to parallel park since I took my driving test. The few times I have I make sure there are at least two spots and I just drive in. Either that or I find another spot. You might just have to walk further."

"Let me get it and you guys decide," said Dad. "And Josh... you scratch it and you can forget all that stuff I said," he laughed walking away.

"What did he mean by that?"

"I told you how the night you got hurt he got all mushy and couldn't stop thanking me for what I did. He probably would have adopted me if I wanted. He said he wanted me to think of your home as mine. He loves you."

"I know. We've argued a lot the last year but things are really good now. And I want you to think of my home as yours too, especially one particular room," I said with a smirk.

"Probably the bathroom ...gee, thanks."

"Asshole... You know what room I mean but come to think of it a nice hot shower with you sounds good. You can nurse my wounds ...among other things."

"Dan... Justin is standing right here. Sorry Justin."

"It's okay. I'm happy for you. It's not like I didn't know or suspect you are gay and I'm a guy, I like having my 'other things' nursed too. I just like someone with tits nursing them."

"Josh has tits," I smiled.

"Thanks," said Josh shaking his head.

"He doesn't have the right kind of tits for me," laughed Justin. "I like a little more to the tits I play with."

"Uggh, that's disgusting" said Josh and I in unison causing us to laugh.

"Don't knock it until you've tried it," laughed Justin.

"I could say the same thing to you but in this case, I have tried it," I smiled. "Never again. I'm definitely gay."

"Me too," said Josh. "I've tried watching straight porn ...Josh Junior only reacts when I look at the dudes."

"Okay guys, have it your way. Honestly Josh, I am happy for you. You seem happy. I wish I'd done a better job letting you know I cared. I feel bad about that. Your fa.., ah, Mr. Sullivan is a real prick. He and mom don't get along and I thought I'd just make things worse if I stuck my nose in. I was probably selfish too. I just didn't make it a priority with everything else going on. I'm sorry."

"It's okay Justin. I am happy. Things are good. He's going to be out of my life soon. I've met my real parents. Dan's parents are great. Dan's brother is great. Dan's father even said he'd pay for my college although that was before we knew about my real parents. All I have to do for all that is put up with this asshole. I can handle it," laughed Josh.

"Fuck you," I laughed. "When have you ever complained about handling 'it'.

"I know sweetheart. I love playing with it, he smiled. Then he leaned down and whispered "you fucking me with it sounds pretty good too patient."

There was a twinkle in his eyes. I smiled when our eyes met and I saw him smiling. I knew what he was thinking and he knew what I was thinking. At least I hoped he was serious. An image of us being alone flashed through my head and I got one of those full body tingles only Josh can give me. I love him. There are obviously different types of love and I love a lot of people but I LOVE Josh. Nobody makes me feel like he does and thinking of us 'fucking' definitely made me feel good even though I don't want to call it that.

Dan Junior liked it too. He definitely jumped. DJ and JJ love lying next to each other, caressing, when Josh and I lay in bed holding each other. Those times are special because it's just him and me. He's the most important person in the world to me. Unfortunately sometimes other things become more urgent. Other people I care about need something. I'd like that feeling of peace I get when I'm alone with Josh all the time but life isn't like that. Maybe that's why it is so fantastic when it is just him and me. It's like we're the only two people in the world. Nobody else exists. Nothing else matters. We become one. We call it being in our circle. We're on the inside and everyone else is on the outside. It's like being in the eye of the storm.

We obviously have sex at those times. After all, we are horny teenagers ...horny gay teenagers. It's not just sex though. We don't just want to get our rocks off. We want to make each other happy and feel good. We both probably derive more pleasure by pleasing each other rather than ourselves. Does that make sense? I guess it's just a matter of perspective. I could either be thinking of myself and my pleasure or of Josh and his pleasure. It gives me more pleasure to focus on the latter.

It's weird. Sometimes I feel selfish. I feel so good when I'm trying to please him ...kissing him, licking him ...anything I can think of to make him feel good that it's all I want to do. I know he likes it. He certainly doesn't complain but I forget he feels the same. He gets the most satisfaction by making me feel good. Sometimes I wonder if I'm more concerned with his pleasure or my own. If I was truly concerned with his pleasure wouldn't I let him please me? What a dilemma.

Up until now our sexual activities have been limited, not in quantity but in scope. We mainly rely on oral stimulation, a LOT of oral stimulation. It isn't just oral stimulation of DJ and JJ either. We lick and kiss every inch of each others bodies and take a long time doing it. We know which spots get what reaction and no spot is off limits. It's amazing how sensual it can be licking parts of Josh's body I'd never imagine doing with anyone else. I mean who would want to lick someone's armpit?

We've never taken things to that next level though. I've always wanted that to be special, with that special guy, at that special time. I had this image of what it will feel like to have that guy inside me for the first time. I've never had anything inside me. I have used my fingers in the shower but that's all. I've read it hurts at first.

That isn't why I haven't done it though. I've just always believed it's important that special guy know how special he is. I can only give myself to someone for the first time once. Maybe in the scope of things that doesn't matter but to me it does. It's my gift to the person I truly love. I know Josh is that guy.

I know I'd have said Aaron was that guy two years ago but we never felt the time was right. We both felt the same. We were both waiting for the right time. We waited and never got to experience us truly becoming one. Maybe it's because of what happened or maybe it's because I'm older now but I feel the time for Josh and me to take that step is soon. It's not that I think I'll miss out by waiting or that something will happen and I'll go through this all over again. It's that Josh is the one I want.

I wondered what he had planned for tonight. He said I had to wait to find out. Maybe he just wanted us to be alone and have time together. Maybe I'm reading too much into things. I know I have to recover more first. I hope I'm not. I hope he'll say he's ready too.

"Earth to Dan, where'd you go sweetheart? Are you sure you're okay?" asked Josh shaking my shoulder.

"Huh? What?"

He laughed and leaned down, whispering. "You spaced out for a minute sweetheart. What were you thinking about as if I didn't know."

"Nothing," I said smiling.

"Right," he smiled. "That wet spot and bulge says otherwise," he whispered in my ear. "Wait until tonight. Sweetheart. Now stop staring at my ass in front of Justin."

This was something new. We never called each other endearing names. It felt good. I smiled and kissed the hand he was resting on my shoulder. "I love you," I smiled.

"You guys really are gay," laughed Justin. "Jessica and I aren't this bad. You better not rip out any of those stitches with whatever activities you have planned for tonight," said Justin. "I'm sure most of it would be included in the list of strenuous activities the doctor wants you to avoid. I'm also sure I don't need or want that image of you and my cousin. You guys do know about safe sex, right? If you're too embarrassed then I'll buy whatever you need."

Josh and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Yes Justin," said Josh. "We know about safe sex. Why does everyone ask that? Both Dan's mother and father offered to buy us condoms too. If we needed them then we'd buy them but we don't. We're fine. I haven't been with anyone and I trust Dan. If anything he's only been with my brother, does that seem strange to say. I don't want anything separating us when the time comes ...or maybe I should say when Dan cums. I want to feel Dan's life producing nectar inside me."

DJ went to full attention when Josh said that. I was wearing loose fitting athletic pants but it was obvious and I couldn't hide it if I'd wanted. Josh was in the same state. He must be really horny. I'd never heard him talk like this. Especially in front of people ...sweetheart? producing nectar?.

"Holy shit Josh. What's gotten into you? I like it," I smiled kissing his hand again. "Just don't forget I want it too," I smiled.

"Guys ...please? Stop. I'm standing right here," laughed Justin. "What you guys do in private is fine but that's TMI. Besides, I'm jealous. Jessica won't let me near her ass."

"I wouldn't let you near mine either," laughed Josh. "Dan on the other hand ...I've got plans for what he's going to do to my ass. I only hope he's up for it soon."

Wow!!!! If we could go home and go straight to my room then I'd definitely skip breakfast. That would be pretty awkward though. Somehow I don't think my parents would like us going to my room and closing the door as soon as we get home.

"As long as you're up for it too," I smiled.

"Guys, it looks like you're both up for it. Just be careful and wait a few days. You do need to be careful of those stitches. How about changing the subject? Your father will be here any minute and you guys are kind of advertising how horny you are to the world."

Josh smiled. "Okay Justin. We'll be good... you don't have to wait with us. We'll be okay."

"I'll wait until Dan's father gets back. I can't leave a patient sitting in a wheelchair on the sidewalk by himself. Besides, you're family despite who your real parents are."

"Here he comes Josh. Get ready to help him dock."

"It's not that big."

"Wait until you drive it. The first time I drove it I was afraid to back up. I thought I'd back into something."

"Okay, you guys be careful," said my father. "You're coming right home after you eat, right?"

"Yeah Dad, no problem. Let's go Josh. I want some greasy pan fries and real coffee. Thanks Dad. Catch you later Justin."

Dad and Josh exchanged keys while Justin helped me into the passenger seat. It wasn't really necessary and he really just stood there ready to catch me if I fell but it wasn't a problem. I did re-arrange myself before standing up however. Dad didn't need to see how horny I was. It felt good to be leaving the hospital.

"Take care of yourself Dan ...and you," said Justin giving Josh a hug, "keep in touch."

"I will. I promise," said Josh. "I'll give you a call. You need to meet the Michaels. You'll like them."

"I'm sure I will," he said sadly.

Hehe, I feeell fuunnny," giggled Nicky to himself. "I shouldn't bee dooing thiss, hehehe. Myy father iss goinng to bee sooo pissssed iff hee finds out. Hehehe, when he finds out. Who cares. This stuff makkes mee feeel goood, maybe not goood, just feeeling like I don't care. Let him be pissssed ...hehehe, he's not here. Phhhhhhhhhhh.

What's one more thing? Leaving without telling anyone ...Ignoring his calls ...There he goes again ...Wonder what his messages say ... Probably Nicky, get your ass home now ...Hehehe, nope. I'll be in trouble anyway. I might as well really be in trouble ...Hehehehehehe ...This stuff is goood. Maybe Nathan will sell me some.

Yup, my father will be pisssed. Seriously, what's one more thing. ...Doing drugs ...Hanging out with older boys. ...There's something else too. Something else he's pisssed about. What is it? Hehehehe. Oh yeah, how could I forget ... Hehehehe, I'm a fagggg. My father has a fag for a son. At least that's the word used. He hates me because I'm gay. ...He doesn't care about me ...about how I feel ...about how I love Danny. Nope, he just sees a fag. ...What does he care? It doesn't affect him. It's my life. It's not my fault. Maybe it's his ...hehehe. After all I was born this way. Hehehehe, maybe he has a recessive gay gene that came out in me. ...Hehehehe, 'recessive', that's a big word ... Re ... ces ... sive. I should tell him that. Hehehe ... Hey Dad, you made me, you must have a gay gene you passed along. Hehehe, you created a defective kid .... Hehehe ...Then I'd duck. Hehehe, he never hits me but that might do it. ... Hehehe ...Either that or he'd stroke out. ....Hehehe, I'd just rather stroke.

I wish he'd stop calling. Even me, his defective son, can figure out I'm not going to answer. Hehehe, maybe I should. I can act stoned and let him hear me inhale some of this stuff. Phhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't think I'd be acting. Nah, I'll have to talk with him sometime but not now ... IGNORE.

Hehehe, I wonder what that automated voice on the phone says when I hit ignore. .... Hehehehe ... I'm sorry, the person you have called doesn't want to talk with you. If this happens once then try later. If this continuously happens then take the hint .... Hehehehehe ... That would be funnny." Phhhhhhhhhhhhhh. "Oh yeah ... wow ... I wish I had the balls.

Hehehehe, Tyler probably has the balls. His are definitely big enough. They look like golf balls in a sack hanging between his legs. Heheheheheh. Back and forth, back and forth, slamming against Jimmy when he pushes his cock in. I wonder if my balls will hang like that when I'm his age." Phhhhhhhhhhhhhh "Hehehehe, maybe this stuff will help. My balls look like baby marbles compared to his. Danny and I always thought our cocks are decent size but Tyler, Jimmy and Nathan look huge.

Hehehe, back and forth, back and forth. This is like a real-life porn movie. Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hehehehe, I've never seen guys this age other than in videos online. Danny and I liked to watch stuff online. It gave us ideas. Hehehehehe, it's nothing like this though. Tyler definitely has a nice ass too. I don't have any hair on my ass. I don't have much hair anywhere other than a little around my cock and under my arms. Phhhhhhhh. Not like these guys. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder if Dan's balls hang like Tyler's?

Hehehehe, maybe I should call him. I wonder what he'd think? Dan????? Do your balls hang down like golf balls in a sack? Do they swing back and forth and bounce against Josh when you fuck him? Hehehehe Do you fuck him doggie style? That's how Tyler is fucking Jimmy and it looks like that's how Jimmy wants to fuck Nathan ... Hehehe ...he has to stop eating his ass first though."

Hehehe, Danny and I do that ...or we did. We didn't know people did that until we saw it online. He was spending the night and we were watching videos on my computer late at night." Phhhhhhhhhhhh. "We did that a lot. I have a computer in my room and my parents never questioned me. Hehehehe, I bet they will now. ...I remember this one video. This hot guy with a tattoo of a star on his ass was sitting on this other dude's face. Hehehehe, Danny and I just stared watching it. The guy kept his ass just high enough so you could see the guy's tongue slide back and forth over the dude's asshole. Hehehehe, Danny and I were watching with our tongues hanging out.

We were both hard too. We were in our underwear. Danny's cock is about the same size as mine and we were both tenting our briefs. We laughed when the guy with the tattoo moaned and yelled eat me. We thought he wanted the dude to eat his shit. Hehehehe. The dude just pushed his tongue against him harder. Hehehehe. He tried to push it inside the guy's hole. Hehehehe, I remember Danny going WOWWWWWWWWW as he shot his load in his briefs without even touching his cock.

I remember laughing even though I wasn't far behind.

"Eat me," he said which caused us both to laugh.

Hehehehe, I was so close to cumming. I laughed. "You want to sit on my face?" I was half joking and didn't really know if I wanted to do it or not. It looked hot but it seemed kind of gross too. I expected him to laugh. Regular guys don't do that, do they? Do just gay guys do that? All we had done before was suck and kiss. Hehehehe. The thought of putting my tongue on Danny's asshole had never occurred to me. Why would it? I knew guys fucked each other like that. We had seen that too but this was the first time we'd seen someone get his ass licked. It was exciting though. The dude with the tattoo definitely looked like he enjoyed it.

Hehehehe, he surprised me though. He said sure. He said he'd eat me too emphasizing the word eat. He found that funny. "I'll do it if you will," he said.

I really didn't know what to expect. I imagined it tasting really bad. We decided to imitate the guys in the video. Danny got on his hands and knees straddling my chest. Then he started to push back.

"Don't fart," I said.

"Haha, my farts don't smell," he laughed. "Let's hope your parents don't walk in on us. ...You ready?"

That was that. Hehehehe, at first I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out. The lights were out but the computer monitor was on. Plus there was enough moonlight shining through the window so we could see. I opened my eyes and watched as my tongue got closer to his ass. I wasn't pushing forward so much as he was pushing back. It was like my tongue and his ass were being drawn together in slow motion.

At first I just felt the tip of my tongue against his ass cheeks as he pushed back. I saw his asshole in the moonlight. It was like it was winking at me, inviting me. What made it exciting was this was Danny's most private spot, his most intimate spot. Nobody else gets to see his ass like this. His asshole was only a couple inches from my face. I was looking right at it, seeing how his sphincter kept things tight so there was really just a dot for a hole. The thing that made it so hot was that it was Danny's hole.

I could smell him too. I had expected his ass to smell. I mean shit really stinks, right? Saying my shit doesn't stink is really just a saying. Hehehehe, everyones shit stinks. Danny's ass didn't stink though. We had taken showers after supper since we'd been playing basketball and running around all day. Hehehe, my parents were home so we had to take them separately. Maybe we could have taken them together but we never did. We laughed about jerking off in the shower. Hehehe, one time I asked him if he had remembered to brush his teeth. I said I didn't want to kiss him with bad breath.

"I brushed my teeth," he laughed. "I couldn't help myself," he said making a jerking off motion with his hand. Hehehehe, ever since then we laugh when our parents remind us to brush our teeth.

Danny's ass didn't smell or taste like I expected. I don't really know what I expected. It certainly wasn't gross smelling or tasting. It didn't smell like roses but it was clean. I could smell the faint scent of my body wash he used when he took a shower. Hehehehe. Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I remember the second the tip of my tongue came in contact with his hole. At first I didn't do anything. I just left it there not fully believing my tongue was touching a guy's asshole, even Danny's.

It was hot though. We were doing something so intimate. It didn't take long before I heard him moan when I lightly moved the tip of my tongue back and forth across his hole. He was enjoying it. That got me excited. The more excited he got the harder I licked him. I put my hands on his cheeks and started to run my tongue back and forth over him. I forgot what I was actually doing. I felt sooooooooo good.

"Oh yeah Nicky. That feels so good," he moaned pushing his ass back harder against my face. "Eat me."

The more he moaned the more excited I got. For a second I thought my parents would wake up and hear us. They had gone to bed early. It was amazing. Danny's ass was pressed against my face and I was super turned on. I did just like the guy in the video and curled my tongue trying to push into him. That made him moan again and he leaned down and took my cock between his lips. He was turned on too and lowered his head and took me all in one motion. He sucked so hard I thought he might suck it off. He bobbed his head up and down sucking his cheeks against me. I had to lift my head to keep my face against him since his ass pulled forward when he had leaned down. His mouth felt so good. We were both more than horny. I wanted to push my entire tongue deep into his ass. I couldn't get it deep enough. I loved what he was doing to me as well. I was thrusting my hips fucking his mouth while I ate his ass. He took me all pushing his lips against me. In and out, licking his ass, I wasn't able to hold back. I reached around and stroked his cock as my entire body began to tremble. I needed to cum and knew it would be soon.

"Oh Danny," I moaned. He was horny too. I was stroking him and he was going up and down on my cock. Then all of a sudden he sat up literally sitting on my face. His hand replaced his mouth as his weight pressed against me. It was the most incredible experience I'd ever had. He had me at heights I never imagined existed. He ass was pressed against my face. My eyes were closed and I could feel them tingle. The weight of his ass affected the blood flow and all I could see were stars and shooting lights. I couldn't control my body. It was shaking uncontrollably. I'm sure I would have been screaming but his ass was muffling my moans. I needed to push my tongue in deeper. I wanted it in as deep as I could go.

It hit me like a train and there was no stopping it. I was at that point where I couldn't have not cum if I tried. Up until that point I could have stopped if I wanted although I didn't. At that point I crossed the threshold, the point of no return where I felt total bliss in my body. Usually that feeling peaks for only a few seconds but this time it seemed to go on and on and on. My fourteen year-old gay balls might not be fully grown but that night they produced more cum than I'd ever released or so it seemed. My first shot hit Danny in the face. My next shot got him on the chest. At the same time I felt his first shot land on my thigh. Then his second shot landed in my pubic hairs and hit my cock. The intensity of the orgasm I experienced was beyond any I'd felt before. I could feel the love fill the room. I kept eating Danny's ass as aftershocks went through my body, mini-orgasms each causing my body to tremble.

My mind had been somewhere else. I had been on auto-pilot and had totally forgotten we were in my room, on my bed, with my parents in the house. Slowly reality returned. Danny lifted himself off my face and laid down next to me.

"Wow," he said. "That was fantastic. I love you."

"You've got cum in your hair," I smiled. "I've never shot like that. I love you so much."

"Can we wait before I eat your ass? I want to but I want to send you where you just sent me. Right now I just want to lay against you and feel you close."

"Sure, I'll lick my cum off your face and you did just send me there."

"Did you like eating my ass as much as it seemed?"

"Oh yeah," I said. "I was so turned on. I wouldn't have cared if you farted."

"Haha," he laughed. "You better not do that when I eat you."

"I won't," I smiled giving him a kiss.

"Oh Danny," Nicky moaned coming out of his trance hearing Jimmy yell. "Is it only going to be memories? Am I ever going to see you again?" What are we going to do? I need to know. ...I also need to change my pants," he laughed looking at the wet spot between his legs. "Wow, I didn't even know I'd cum" Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

"Josh, can I use your phone? Mine is dead."

"Sure, who do you need to call?"

"Scott!! I can see the little shit sitting on the couch waiting for us to walk in. He'll be disappointed when Dad walks in alone."

"I know he will. He can't wait for you to get home. He's been really clingy lately. He loves you. Are you sure you want to go to breakfast?"

"I know. I love him too. He's a pain in the ass at times but I wouldn't want him any other way. Let me talk to him. If he's really upset then we can go home but I really want to go to breakfast."

"That sounds good but maybe we should just go home. Everyone is waiting for you."

"I don't want to go from the hospital straight home. I know once I'm there my parents will be after me to rest. I'd just be getting out of one place where everyone watches me and going home where people will want to baby me. I can see my mother now. She means well but I'm fine. Going to breakfast may be the only time we have where we can be together without people around for a while."

"I see your point but let's hope not. I have plans for some alone time with you."

I laughed. "That was obvious at the hospital. What was up with all that? My life producing nectar? I know I'm good my love and if I could produce life within you then I would ...someday, but I don't think my nectar will ever produce life."

"Never say never, gay couples have kids." said Josh. "There are ways. We could have kids someday but right now I'm only concerned with having you inject a huge load of your nectar deep in my love canal."

"Holy shit Josh. What's got into you? Kids? Love Canal?"

"I guess I'm feeling more relaxed. I love you and after what happened I love you more. I almost lost you. I need you. I need you in my life. I can't get enough of you being close to me. Are you mad?"

I smiled and took his hand. "Of course not. I'm just surprised you talked like that in front of Justin. I'm usually the one who says stuff like that."

"He's family. It's always been different with him even though we haven't seen each other much."

"I need to think of a nickname for you since you've already taken sweetheart. I will but I want it to be special. I also want it to be something I can call you around our parents ...yours and mine. I don't think they'd appreciate MonkeyBalls," I laughed.


"Hahahaha, I have no idea why that popped into my head. I don't even know what MonkeyBalls look like. It just sounded funny ...MonkeyBalls, hahahaha."

"How about letting it pop out of your head just as quick. I don't need a nickname like MonkeyBalls. ...You sure you're not mad?"

"Of course I'm not mad at you. Want me to lean over and give you some road head to prove it? This thing is big enough. I could do it despite my bandages."

"Yeah, right. That's just what I need to get in an accident because you're sucking me off and I'm driving your father's SUV. He'd love that. Even if we didn't crash we'd still probably get cum all over the leather seats," he laughed.

"Okay... Okay. No road head and no MonkeyBalls. I'll think of something. I refuse to call you babe."

"Yeah, that's pretty gay," he said as we both laughed. "Call your brother. Tell him you aren't coming home."

"Haha, I have an idea. ...Hey Mrs. Michaels, it's Dan. Is Scott right there? ...Yes, I just got released. I'm with ...your son," I smiled. "We're going to stop for breakfast. I wanted to tell Scott so he won't be upset when Dad gets home before us. ...I know but Josh said he really wants to go to breakfast."

"I DID NOT," yelled Josh flipping me off.

I smiled. "Not really Mrs. M. It's was my idea. You know my sense of humor. ...I know ...warped. I'm glad your boys like it though. ...Yeah, I know, put up with it is probably more accurate. Is Scott right there? ...Okay, thanks."

"...Hey Scott I need to talk to you. ...What do you mean who is this? It's Dan. ...Stop laughing, you're not that funny. I may be hurt but I can still tickle you when I get home and if I can't Josh will. ...What do you mean he won't? ...Oh, he's your friend and he won't do that?," I laughed looking at him.

"I know that but don't tell him that. He's already got a big head.," I said looking at Josh's crotch while he shook his head rolling his eyes.

"Hey buddy, why I called is to tell you Josh and I are stopping for breakfast. I'm starved because I didn't eat any of that crappy hospital food this morning. I need you to do something for me. ...I know you're waiting for me. I miss you too but I need your help. ...I need you to help me explain to Mom why I'm not coming right home. ...No, Scott, wait!!! Not now. Wait until I get home. Just be there to tell her I was hungry ...and smile. ...Yeah, like that. All you have to do is smile and tell her I was hungry. Will you do it? ...I know you want me to. I've missed you too. I'll make it up to you. I promise. We'll play video games all week. I'll even let you win. ...Alright, alright. I know I don't have to let you win. ...Yes, Josh can play too. ...What do you mean instead? Are you two going to gang up on me now? ...Haha, Thanks Scott. I love you too. ...I will. I promise. I want to give you a big hug. I'll see you soon."

"You are so bad," smiled Josh after I hung up.

"What? I just enlisted my brother's help."

"You just want him to be cute in front of your mother so she won't be pissed."

"True, but Scott thinks he's helping so he's happy. Now tell me about the surprise you have planned."

"No way, you'll have to wait. Besides, I may chicken out."


"Nathan!!!! Where are you going??? We're not done. At least I'm not," yelled Jimmy. "I want to fuck you."

"Sorry Jimmy. I changed my mind. I'm going to talk with Nick. He looks sick," said Nathan squatting naked in front of Nicky.

"You okay?" he asked. "You're not sick are you? Let me see your eyes."

"I'm fiiine," said Nicky. "I'm not sick. You don't have to sit with me."

"Actually, I want to. Let me see your eyes."

"Why?" asked Nicky. "I thought youu werrre horrny. Your cock is pointing right at me. Hehehehehe."

"Haha, you're really fucked up. Looks like you were enjoying the show too. You'd better let that dry and wait a while before you go home."

"I was thinking of Danny. I miss him."

"Want to talk about it?" asked Nathan.

"Won't Jimmy get mad if..."

"I don't let him fuck me??? Don't worry about it. He and Tyler will find something to do. I don't want you thinking I'm a slut," laughed Nathan.

"Why would I think that?"

"Because everyone does. At least eventually. Wait until you get to know me. Let's just say I get around."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's just say I've never had a reason to say no. I wish I did. I'm not really like that ...or at least I don't want to be. I just like cock."

"Wow," said Nicky. "I've only done anything with Danny."

"You must love him. What happened? I'll tell you my story if you tell me yours. I'll even put my pants back on. Unless you like looking at my cock."

"It's bigger than mine."

"You'll get there. I'm hoping mine hasn't stopped growing but I'm happy with it. Nobody complains. I like that I'm not circumcised too. It feels good. You like that?"

"Danny and I both are. I've only seen his."

"Hahaha, you're so cute. I bet you've seen it up close too."

"Uh huh," said Nicky still staring at Nathan.

"So tell me about him," said Nathan sitting down beside him. "What happened? You guys have a fight?"

"Worse, said Nicky.

"Stop that Dan. Someone will see you."

"Relax Josh, nobody is looking."

"That guy over there is watching. Don't you recognize them? That's the woman from the store last week. If she sees you then who knows what will happen. Eat your breakfast. You're the one who wanted to come."

"I was hoping the sausage would be a little bigger. Guess I'll have to wait until I get home."

"Grab my crotch again and there won't be any for you at home."

"This coming from the guy who wants my love nectar? Relax. Nobody is looking."

"That was only in front of Justin. We're in a restaurant."

"I'm horny."

"I am too. Do you know how hard it's been having to share a room with Scott? He really moves around when he sleeps."

"Yeah, he's all over the bed. I've had to share a bed with him before. I needed a cup."

"Maybe usually but the last couple of nights he kept rolling against me. I didn't want to move too much because I was afraid he'd wake up but each time I'd move he'd move. I'd push him away and within a few minutes he was back."

"Isn't that cute. He wanted to cuddle with you. So what? He loves you. It was probably an instinct. He's only nine. Either that or all the Johnson boys are crazy about you."

"Yeah, well he kept putting his leg on my crotch ...and you're the only Johnson I want."

"What??? Scott did that???"

"Relax, he was asleep. He didn't know what he was doing. I finally got up and slept on the floor. ...He asked me why I was on the floor when he woke up. I lied and told him he kept kicking. I didn't tell him I was horny."

"You got turned on by Scott?"

"No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That's disgusting. I just haven't cum since you got hurt. It wouldn't take much."

"Tell me about it. Did you cum?"

"No, but I might have if I hadn't gotten out of the bed. Not only did he put his leg on me, he kept moving it around."

"Haha, that's hilarious."

"No it's not."

"Okay, it's not ...yes it is, hahahahaha."

"Fuck you!!!! Just stop grabbing me or I'll shoot a weeks worth of cum right here rather than down your throat where it belongs."

"What makes you think I want it down my throat. You had me excited thinking of putting it somewhere else."

"You know we need to wait."

"We have waited. There is no doubt in my mind I want my first time to be with you. I love you Josh. Everyone tells me I almost died. I don't want to die without feeling you inside me."

"I want you too. I thought that was obvious. I meant wait until you've recovered more," he laughed. "And you're not going to die."

"All right. Let's set a date then. Thanksgiving is coming. Let's do it this weekend."

"And just where do you want to do it? It's going to be pretty crowded this weekend. My parents will be there. Your cousin and his family are coming. I think your aunt and uncle are getting Scott's room and he and your cousin are going to have to sleep in the family room."

"That asshole. Don't remind me."

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's an asshole. In front of everyone he's a choir boy but when nobody is around it's a different story. His true self comes out. One day I walked in and heard him call Aaron a faggot. It was the last time he did that. I was grounded for two weeks but it felt good kicking his ass. He better not say anything to you. I'll..."

"Relax Dan, I can take it. You're not in any condition to kick his ass."

"Maybe not but I'm sure looking forward to kissing yours. So what do you say? This weekend?"

"Let's talk about it later."

"Don't you want to? From the way you were talking I assumed you do."

"Of course I do but you've been hurt. We should wait until you're ...ah, more recovered. Besides maybe we should practice with a dildo first. I've heard it hurts the first time."

"Ah, ...excuse me boys, will there be anything else?"

"Hahahahahaha ...maybe some more coffee about you Josh? Hahahahahahaha."

"Shut up Dan. No thank you ma,am. Just bring the check and pour the coffee down his throat."

"Ma'am??? How old do you think I am?"

"Sorry, I..."

"Don't be embarrassed sweetie. You're cute ...and so is he. You guys make a cute couple."

"Shit, are we that obvious?"

She laughed. "Given what I just heard then I'd say yes. I have an eye for that type of thing. I've been watching you. It's the way you look at each other. Don't worry. I noticed but not everyone would. You remind me of myself a few years ago although my girlfriend and I couldn't do what you're talking about."

"You're a..."

"Lesbian? ...What? You can but I can't?"

"No, I mean yes, of course but, well, I've never..."

"Haha, you're so cute when you blush."


"Josh... you should stop talking while you're ahead."

"You're right about that. He is cute though. If I wasn't so much into Tammy I'd steal him from you. It's fun to see him blush. I bet if I said it looks like he has more than enough to keep you happy then he'd turn purple," she said with a smile.

"Dan, it's time to go. That is if you're done with your fun."

"Yes Dan, tell your boyfriend you're sorry. ...I'll get your coffee and bring your check. "

"At least you're an equal opportunity tease."

"Ohhh, I'm definitely into equal opportunity."

"I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be. She was just being friendly. She doesn't care."

"Can we just leave?"

"I haven't finished my breakfast. I also want to talk about Nicky and Danny."

"What about them?"

"What are we going to do about them?"

"What do you mean 'what are we going to do?' What can we do? If we go near either one of them their parents will raise hell. Especially Danny's. ...They probably think they can do it too."

"I want to go by and see him."

"What??? Be real. His parents don't want you anywhere near him. I know you feel bad for him but there's nothing you can do."

"Maybe not but we can still drive by. Maybe he'll be outside and we can talk to him. At least let him know that we're thinking about him."

"And what if he is? If his parents see him talking to us then he'll probably be in even more trouble. I lived across from them, remember? They use to have prayer meetings or something. I can't imagine what they're doing to him."

"That's why I want to see him. He needs to know his friends haven't forgotten him."

"Dan... I know you want to help, to fix things, but sometimes there is nothing you can do."

"Maybe not but we can try. I just want to drive by. If he's not outside then we'll go home. I don't want to cause trouble. If you won't drive then give me the keys. I'll drive."

"You can't drive and you know it."

"Then do this for me. Please??? I'll make it worth your while."

"Stop it. ...Alright, we'll drive by. Just stop grabbing my crotch in front of people ...and stop sucking on your sausage like that. We're in a restaurant."

"If I could suck on my sausage I wouldn't need you."

"You have a one track mind. Are you sure you don't just want to go home?"

"I'm fine. I'm horny but I do want to try seeing Danny. We'll go by and then go home."

"Alright Dan. Just stop rubbing my leg. Shit... Now look what you've done. That guy is coming over."

"What guy?"

"The guy who was watching us. The one whose wife got on our case last week."

"Relax, we're not doing anything."

"Other than you feeling me up in a public restaurant in front of some known homophobes."

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