The Move

Chapter 37

By Doug Smith

I woke up feeling much better Saturday morning. I was still sore but overall I felt pretty good despite being covered with bandages. It seemed each day was a little better. That made me feel optimistic. Hopefully things would continue to improve and I could really go home Monday as planned. That would be good because lying in a hospital bed is really boring, especially when you're by yourself. Oops, that doesn't sound right. I just mean when nobody else is around but come to think of it lying in bed alone is pretty boring too. I wish I was home. I might still be lying in bed but it would be my bed and I wouldn't be alone.

I had another problem too. I was horny. No, that isn't right, I was very horny. Very, very horny in fact. I missed Josh. Sure, he's visited, but that isn't the same. There are usually other people around when he's here. He pretty much just stands beside my bed. Sure, he holds my hand but that isn't the same as lying in bed together. I miss that closeness and can't wait until we can do it again.

Of course he's also been spending a lot of time with the Michaels. That's understandable and I'm happy for him but I wish I was there for him. He's going through a lot. We really haven't had a chance to talk about things but at least they seem to be getting along now.

I really want to feel him next to me though. It's not just the physical closeness I want. It's the emotional closeness. It's amazing how close we've become given how we were when we first met. Back then there was no connection at all other than perhaps disdain. Now it's like there is a direct connection. It's like we know each others thoughts without saying anything.

The feelings I have when we're in bed alone are amazing. There is contentment, ...and peacefulness, ...and love, well as the feeling of being loved. I'll never get tired of those alone times we share.

Of course we can't stay in bed all the time. There is school and family and friends and all kinds of other things that take time. Maybe you need those distractions to appreciate the time you have to yourself. The thing is even when we're with other people we're still connected. All it takes is a quick glance and for our eyes to meet and we both feel it. I see that smile on his face or the shine in his eyes that nobody else gets. It's meant just for me. Even if it's just for a split second we both feel it and it puts whatever is going on around us in perspective.

We both know when it happens. We've talked about it. At first I didn't know it affected him the same way but it does. We were lying in bed one night and he said he had seen me look at him during class. He said he knew what I was thinking and it reminded him how he felt. We laughed about how the looks I give him now are so much different from how they used to be. Before he didn't understand why I looked at him and it made him feel creepy. Now they make him feel good all over.

I really like the mornings we don't have to get out of bed right away. I think they're the best time of the day. They're so peaceful. Sometimes we simply hold each other and get lost in thought. We turn off the real-world and focus on each other. We don't even have to say all that much. We know. We both know. Sometimes we'd just hold each other close, put our heads together and enjoy being together.

Last weekend was one of those times. It was the last time we had been able to be like that. Sunday morning we woke up early. Nobody else was awake and the house was quiet. Every once in a while we'd hear a creak or a crack as the temperature changed but that was pretty much it. We just stayed in bed enjoying time together before we started our day.

Actually it was me who woke up early. Josh was still asleep. We were both on our sides and he was pushed back against me with my arm over his chest. We had shared a few special moments the night before but had put our boxer briefs back on for sleeping. Sometimes we do that, sometimes we don't. I think we did it last night since we both had to go across the hall to use the bathroom.

That was all we were wearing though. Other than that it was his smooth skin against mine. His back was resting against my stomach and I could feel his chest going up and down as he breathed. It was slow steady breathing, the type you have when you're asleep. It was almost hypnotic. I just held him close while he slept.

Of course I couldn't be content with that. After a while I had to kiss him. I couldn't resist. I tried being gentle and only lightly kiss the back of his neck and shoulders but even though I didn't want to wake him up, I did. I just barely touched his skin with my lips too. He must have been ready to wake up anyway. You know what happened? He could have groaned and said he wanted to sleep but he didn't. He turned over, our eyes met and he had the brightest smile on his face. That made me smile as we both moved our lips together.

"Good morning," I smiled.

"Good morning."

"It's early. I'm sorry I woke you."

"I'm not. I like waking up in your arms."

"I like you waking up in my arms too. That is unless I'm waking up in yours. That's nice too."

He laughed. "That's pretty gay. You know that, right? Do you think Chris and Ryan say stuff like that when they're alone?"

"I don't know. Probably. Maybe not quite the same but I'm sure they're different with each other in private than they are even with us. Everyone is. We are aren't we?"

"I really do love you. I can't remember ever being this happy."

"I can't believe how lucky I am."

"You can't? How about me? I was resigned to waiting until I graduated before finding someone. Even then I was pretty sure I'd find someone I'd love but I wasn't so sure I'd find someone who loved me the same way in return. That feels really good. I hope things are always like this."

"You know the best part about waking up like this?"

"What's that?"

"We have absolutely nothing we have to do. Everyone else is still asleep and we can stay in bed. Just you and me. My parents are still asleep. Scott is still asleep. We don't have anything to do until later. ...I don't even have to get up to take a piss."

"Me neither," he moaned pulling me tight against him. "Did I tell you that I love you?"

We didn't even have sex, at least not right away. We did do stuff after a while. We had to. Being like that eventually made us both horny as hell. It would have been cruel to make Josh get out of bed in that condition. Besides, there was no way I was going to pass on sucking his cock when I felt like I did.

We didn't do that right away though. Initially we just hugged and kissed while we blocked out the world and focused on each other. I can still feel what it was like, his skin against mine. Lying here, I can imagine his chest going up and down and his breath blowing against my neck. We were completely and totally in tune with each other. My leg was between his legs which he had wrapped around mine. Of course other things were pressing together too. That was probably by instinct as much as anything. It just felt good.

Holding him felt great but feeling his cock pressed against mine was even better. We were both hard and even though we had our boxer briefs on the warmth felt really good. I can still remember how it felt. His cock was pulsing each time his heart beat and blood flowed through it. Since mine was doing the same it was like they were in tandem. First his cock would pulse and then mine would follow suit. Each time we'd press tighter together and try to pull ourselves into each other even more. The closer we held each other the better we felt.

We alternated between kissing and grinding versus simply holding each other. We didn't even say much. That is if you don't count the moans when we kissed. We didn't have to. We were both feeling the same thing. We were lost in thought. I didn't want those few minutes to end. I really had thought I'd never feel that way about anyone after Aaron died. Josh has definitely convinced me that wasn't true. In some ways being with him might even be better than being with Aaron. I was shocked the first time I thought that. I felt bad but then realized it was because Josh is in the here and now. Aaron is in the past.

Unfortunately he wasn't here now. I really wished he was. I wanted to hold him so bad. My cock wanted to feel his pressing against it again too, believe me. Lying here I can imagine what it would feel like. I can imagine him whispering he loves me while giving me tender kisses. Unfortunately he's not here. I have to wait until Monday before I can hold him like that.

I really enjoy the early morning sounds at a time like this. They're really different from sounds you hear other times of the day. I guess every time of day has it's own sounds but to me morning sounds are the most peaceful. Maybe it's just the expectations you have at various times. You're in a different frame of mind in the morning than at night. I know I always feel different Sunday night before school than I do on Friday night before the weekend. It's like you're conditioned to feel differently at different times.

To me, morning sounds are more distinct. That's probably because there are fewer of them and your mind only has to process one or two at a time. Each one gets more attention than it would at other times when there are more sounds. Too many in fact. There are more people around and more people means more sounds and more sounds means your attention is continually shifting.

Early mornings are usually more of a quiet time that is occasionally interrupted by a random sound as opposed to other times that are more continuous noise interrupted by an occasional silence. Early morning sounds stand out, a car going by, a bird might sing, or there might be a footstep somewhere else in the house. You tend to hear them all and each captures your attention.

Sometimes a sound will lead to other sounds. That car going by could be someone delivering newspapers. You'd hear the sound of the car driving by, stopping to put the newspaper in the tube and then driving to the next house. Eventually it drives off and it's quiet until the next sound comes along. It stays like that until more people get up and and start their days. Then it's like everything goes into high gear.

Right now it's quiet. I'm just lying in bed, sometimes awake and sometimes asleep, listening to the early morning sounds of the hospital. There is the occasional voice in the hall, the sound of someone pushing a cart, or maybe a sound from another room. It's nothing like it is during the day. Then there are more people and more sounds. It becomes hectic.

Of course the missing piece is that Josh isn't with me. Last weekend when we were together we just held each other and kind of got lost in thought. We obviously knew the other was there but we were in our own worlds drifting in and out of consciousness. Occasionally I'd be distracted by some sound or he would shift position and I'd be jolted back to reality. Each time I smiled and just looked at him. I'd study his face. Of course it wasn't long before I felt the need to give him another kiss.

That would bring him back from wherever he was. What a smile he had when that happened. I have it imprinted in my brain. I hope he always has that smile for me. His whole face lights up and his eyes sparkle when we look at each other. He says my face does the same thing. He says he knows I love him because he never sees my face light up like that for anyone else. Of course that goes both ways. He only has that smile for me.

Sometimes I don't know why I deserve it but I'm not going to complain. Aaron used to have it too. Actually he still does. I saw it when I was in the 'in-between'. I woke up and caught him looking at me. It was the same smile he always had when we looked at each other. Well, almost the same smile. There was also an obvious sadness.

Of course Josh and I don't always just hold each other when we're in bed. We are horny teenagers. We're also horny teenagers who get to sleep together. Some mornings I'd wake up before him and sometimes he'd wake up first. We'd always be close together but there again sometimes his back was against my chest and sometimes mine was against his.

I remember this one time his back was against me, my arm was over his chest and I could feel his breathing. His chest was slowly going up and down while he was curled up against me. I couldn't resist. He didn't have anything on so I slid my hand down his stomach, wrapped it around his cock, and slowly started to jerk him off.

I tried being gentle so as not to wake him but it didn't take long for him to wake up. I was having fun. His cock made a fun toy. It just grew in my hand. He didn't wake up right away. It was cute. When we was asleep he'd let out this little moan and pushed back harder. I smiled, kissed his shoulder and wondered what type of dream he was having.

I knew when he was awake though. He didn't say anything but his breathing changed. He just let me jerk him off.

"I know you're awake," I whispered.

"Mmmmm, I was just enjoying this. Besides, you seem to be enjoying yourself. How come you can't do this every morning?"

"What were you dreaming about?"

"Phil," he laughed. "You know he and I are secretly lovers. We were under the bleachers after a football game and he was showing me the softer, kinder Phil."

"Yeah right, asshole. That's horseshit. Phil doesn't have a softer and kinder side. What were you really dreaming about?"

He rolled over and smiled. "You really have to ask?"

"No, but I like to hear it."

"How about I show you," he smiled wrapping his arms around me and giving me a kiss. Our cocks were saying good morning to each other too. They were rubbing together as we held each other. That was all it took. It was another morning we didn't have to get out of bed.

Josh pushed me on my back and started kissing my chest. He moved from one side to the other running his tongue over my skin.

"Now this is the way to wake up," I moaned.

"You woke me up and I'm going to punish you for it."

"If this is punishment then I'll take more. Bring it on."

"I'm not done," he smiled sliding down between my legs kissing my stomach along the way. "I bet you think I'm going to put this in my mouth."

"That thought did cross my mind. You still need practice you know. I'm perfectly willing to give you as much as you need."

"You give me plenty of practice," he smiled. "I think I've got the basics down."

"Why don't you show me what you've learned."

That's exactly what he did. He started by licking around my head by running his tongue across the opening. I was already leaking precum and he got some on his tongue, looked up and smiled. Next he ran his tongue up and down the length of my cock. I wanted him to suck it but he had other ideas. Maybe that was the punishment he was talking about. He just licked my cock getting it nice and moist. Then he moved on to my balls.

I love having my balls licked and nibbled. Josh knew it too. He ran his tongue all around my sac and gently kissed each side.

"You have been studying," I moaned. "I hope you've just been doing some online research and not any actual real-life investigation."

"Maybe I've been watching your videos."

"And you call me a perve but if this is what you learned then knock yourself out."

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know you like this," he said opening his mouth and swallowing my cock and I mean swallowing. One shot and it was gone inside his mouth. He didn't even gag. It was like he'd been doing it all his life.

"Oh God Josh. You have been studying. That feels really good. Don't stop."

His only response was to put his hands on my ass and bob his head up and down. He was really getting into it. He had given me blowjobs before but he was usually tentative, unsure of himself. Not this time. This time he was going all out. He sucked his cheeks against my shaft and then lifted his head so that his lips were just on the tip of my cock. Then he opened his mouth and lowered his head back down until his lips were pushed against me. After that he bobbed his head up and down each time stopping at different places. Sometimes he'd almost come completely off but not quite while others he only came partway up. He was really getting into it. He was doing anything he could to make me feel good.

I spread my legs when I felt him probing between my ass cheeks. We still hadn't had that type of sex but that was something I planned to remedy as soon as possible. If my experience first with Aaron and now with Phil taught me anything it is that life is fragile. It can be taken away in an instant. While that doesn't mean to go crazy I realized waiting for the right time isn't necessarily the answer either. Besides, feeling Josh probe my ass while he sucked my cock felt fantastic.

What I did next was another first for us. I put my hands on his head and started thrusting my hips. I'd never done that with him before. I never wanted to push him. Other times when he'd given me blowjobs part of me would always be conscious of the fact that he didn't have any experience and I wanted him to go at his own pace. Well, I definitely liked the pace he had now.

He didn't resist at all when I held his head and started fucking his mouth. He just held my ass and kept sucking.

"Oh Josh," I moaned. "That feels so good. Don't stop. Suck me man, suck my cock."

It didn't take long. I could feel it. That tingling feeling right before you're going to cum. Usually I warn him but not that time. That time I grabbed his head harder and pushed in, deep. He had me so fucking horny. My legs were practically convulsing they were shaking so hard.

"Oh God Josh. I'm going to cum. Take it man. Here it is. Oh God, yeah take it. Fuck this feels good."

It was fantastic. On a scale of one to ten the orgasm I had that morning was at least an eight. I only give it that because I'm hoping there can still be better ones even though I don't know how. It was definitely one of those toe curling, fireworks flashing orgasms you read about online. Online they always seem like that and while all orgasms feel good they aren't all toe curing, right?

Well, that one was. When it was over Josh stayed where he was with my cock in his mouth. It didn't really soften but it wasn't as hard as it had been thirty seconds earlier. When I had recovered I reached down and pulled him up.

"That was fantastic," I smiled. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, I wanted you to do that. You've let me do it and I know how it feels. I wanted to do it for you."

"I love you."

"I love you too. Besides, now you can't give me a hard time about being noisy. I'm sure all the neighbors know I just gave you a blowjob. Let's hope your parents are downstairs with the TV on."

"And that Scott is s a heavy sleeper," I smiled giving him a kiss. "Give me a second and I'll return the favor."

Each morning was different. Some mornings we just stayed in bed holding each other and get lost in our own worlds. Some mornings we'd make out without doing anything else. Other mornings, like that morning, things got more intense. The thing I noticed was that Josh was becoming more aggressive. Not aggressive in a bad way and perhaps aggressive isn't the right word. Maybe more confident is a better word.

That was good. It showed not only between us but in how he was with other people as well. He wasn't cocky or anything but he definitely was more assertive. Chris and Ryan had commented on it once when Josh wasn't around. They said he'd always been self-conscious and kind of timid. They knew he was a good kid and they liked him but they always felt bad for him because of his home life and how it affected him. Now they don't think of that as much when talking with him. Now he's just one of the guys.

I had noticed it between us but thought that was just because we had gotten to know each other. I hadn't really thought about it with regard to other people. I was happy about it in general but really liked it when it came to us. There was no way he'd have given me a blowjob like that when we first got together. He was much more reserved back then.

Where his aggressiveness showed was in bed. Sometimes when he was horny he'd take charge. He wouldn't just passively let me please him like I wanted. He'd make sure I knew what he wanted. Not always but sometimes.

I actually enjoyed it. I really do love him and to me that means his needs and desires come first. While we could practically read each others minds there were times he would or wouldn't do something simply because it's what he thought I wanted. That wasn't the case so much any more.

That morning he took charge and gave me a great blowjob. Other mornings he'd want one and when he did he didn't wait for me to decide. If he was horny enough he had no problem sitting on my chest and feeding me his cock. Maybe that's why he didn't mind me grabbing his head like I had done. He's certainly done the reverse.

I don't know which type of morning I like better. The mornings Josh goes kind of wild or the mornings we just lay in bed holding each other. Of course regardless of which type of morning it is something happens that causes the day to start for real. Last Sunday I was holding him against me and he farted. I guess he really had become comfortable. He thought it was hilarious. We were spooning and his back was against me and he just farted. It wasn't a smelly fart or anything, just a loud one followed by a laugh.

"You're an asshole," I laughed.

"Sorry," he said feigning sorrow. "I guess it's time to get up."

"Was that your way of telling me?" I asked smiling.

"Haha, I told you I was sorry." he laughed starting to get out of bed.

I laughed and pulled him back. "You in a hurry?" I gave him a kiss. Then I rolled on my side pointing my ass at him and let one rip. He not only heard it, he felt it. I laughed when he pushed me away getting out of bed and putting some shorts on before going to the bathroom. His ass was still cute despite the noises that sometimes come out of it.

I laid there thinking Monday couldn't come soon enough. Thinking about Josh farting made me laugh. I'd give anything to hear one of his early morning farts right now. I wondered what he'd say if when he asks if I missed him I said I missed that.

I thought about what it would be like being home again. Ninety-nine point nine percent of me would want us to run upstairs and close my bedroom door the second I walked into the house. Of course we couldn't do that. My mother will want to play mother. The two of us racing up to my bedroom and closing the door would be kind of awkward, not to mention obvious.

Did I mention I was horny? I thought that was a good sign. I considered it another indication I was doing better. Today was really the first day I had woken up that way. That's surprising since I hadn't cum since Monday. What's that, five days? Josh and I sometimes cum five times a day.

It's probably because it's a Saturday and nobody else is around. Other mornings I either slept late or someone was here when I woke up. I couldn't very well do anything with my father in the room even if I wanted. Even with Jason it would have been awkward and he wouldn't have even cared. He would just have given me shit if he saw my hand on my cock under the blanket. The truth is I hadn't felt like it.

This morning was different. I woke up early and just laid there listening to all the early morning sounds thinking how horny I was. My cock was so hard it could have been the supporting beam for a high rise. If not that then definitely for a circus tent. It was certainly causing quite a tent in the bed sheet.

I probably should have been embarrassed. People are in and out of the room all the time. I'm sure the nurse had been in to check on me earlier. It didn't bother me though. In fact, I thought it was funny. I wasn't wearing underwear and somehow I had pulled my hospital gown up around my waist. I guess I wanted easy access in my sleep. My cock was pointing straight up and since I was on my back it was obvious to say the least. My cock was definitely lifting the bed sheet. I may not be as big as Ryan but it was pretty easy to make out it's outline under the sheet. I laughed thinking the nurse might have seen it and I tried to imagine she wrote in my chart.

I wondered if my hand was holding it like it is now. For some reason thinking it was made me smile even more. The nurse usually on duty in the morning is a grandmotherly type. The thought of her seeing me holding my cock while sound asleep amused me. Who knows, if I was in one of those half awake states then I could have been stroking myself too. I wouldn't be surprised. I can picture myself dreaming with a smile on my face and my hand around my cock. I could have been talking in my sleep too. Who knows?

The funny thing was that I really didn't care. Normally I'd be embarrassed if something like that happened. Maybe it's the hospital. You become kind of desensitized to not having privacy. I'm also sure the entire nursing staff knows I'm gay. It's not like Josh and I really hid it. I'm also a teenager. We're expected to be horny. I'm just living up to expectations, right? I probably would think different if someone actually cared. None of the nurses seemed to think anything of it. In fact a couple even went out of their way to make me feel at ease.

I just hoped whatever the nurse saw, she didn't put too much detail in my chart. I know they let my mother read it, probably out of professional courtesy or something. The nurses are always taking readings. She might have felt obligated to measure it and write it down. I know, I was being silly but I imagined her writing I had a seven inch hardon and was jerking off in my sleep. Alright, six and a half but she could have rounded up. Either way I didn't really want my mother reading about it.

She hasn't seen my cock in years. I think the last time was when I was eleven and I got hit in the balls with a baseball. She went into full mother mode and wanted to make sure I was okay. She wanted to hold a cold washcloth on it. That was embarrassing. Fortunately she let me do it.

I should have known something was up with Aaron back then. He didn't say he wanted to hold the washcloth but he did look on with a lot of interest. I had forgotten all about that until just now. It's funny what random thoughts can pop into my head. I clearly remember Aaron sitting next to me on the couch while I sat there crying. What can I say, getting hit in the balls hurts. Of course he laughed and gave me a hard time once he knew I was okay. A few years later I would have told him to kiss them to make them better.

I really was bored. Why else would I lay there contemplating when I had put my hand on my cock. It was like I was solving one of life's great mysteries. Was it before I woke up or after? Since I don't remember putting it there it had to have been when I was sleeping. Was it when I was half asleep or had it been there all night? I didn't really sleep well. I think I was half asleep all night. Hopefully I didn't talk in my sleep too much.

For some reason it just struck me as funny. Realizing I was hard and my hand was wrapped around my cock slowly moving up and down was the first conscious thought I could remember. Before that I had to be dreaming. It was like I realized where my hand is and that I was awake at the same instant. One second I was asleep dreaming about who knows what and the next I was wide awake thinking about my hand around my cock. What really struck me as funny was that I actually spent time thinking about it. I really was bored.

It was raining and nobody was around. I could have turned on the TV but I just listened to the rain hitting against the glass ...thinking. It was a gentle rain and that seemed to make me more relaxed. I didn't really think of anything important. I mean I didn't solve any of the world's problems or anything. I just watched the raindrops roll down the window and let my mind wander.

It really wandered too. All these random thoughts kept popping into my head and I'd forget where I was. I probably kept drifting off to sleep. One minute I'd be watching the rain then I'd be thinking some bizarre thought. Then I'd remember where I was and where my hand was. One thing that struck me was that each time it happened I'd move my hand only to have it find it's way back to my cock within a few minutes. I never actually remembered putting it there.

I know it sounds strange that I didn't just jerk off. Isn't that what most guys would do?. I imagined Chris or Ryan or Mike or Jason lying in bed taking care of their morning wood. It wasn't hard to imagine each of them jerking off. Even though I'd never seen Mike hard I had seen his bedroom. I also saw his cock the night Phil left him in the park. It was soft at the time but I have a good imagination. Of course I'd seen both Chris and Ryan hard. That was only a week ago when we were all in my family room after the party. I had seen Jason hard once too. Well, I hadn't actually seen him since he had his jeans on but I knew he was hard. He knew I knew too because he told me to stop looking at his crotch. He was just joking. He really didn't care. He had come over after a date with Andrea. All he could do was talk about how horny he was.

Maybe I shouldn't have been thinking about my friends jerking off but I couldn't help it. And to be honest I wasn't thinking of them all jerking off. I imagined Ryan sitting in bed giving himself a blowjob. That was amazing when he showed us he could do that. I know if I could do it then I certainly would.

You might notice I left Josh off that list. There's a reason for that. It's the same reason I'm not jerking off now. It's not that I don't want to. Believe me I do. I really do. It's just that Josh said he wasn't going to cum until we're together on Monday and he made me promise I wouldn't either. I didn't see the point but for some reason it was important to him. I had to promise once he gave me that 'please, I really want this' look.

Of course I wished it was Monday and I was with him. It would have been perfect being in this mood with him lying beside me. A rainy morning, nowhere to go, lying naked in bed snuggling, just the two of us holding each other close, our cocks rubbing together... Well, you get the idea, right? What could be better?

I smiled because the thought of me lying in bed with both Josh and Aaron popped into my head. Whether that would be better it certainly would be interesting. Hey, I was horny and it was an intriguing thought. My cock definitely liked the idea. It jumped as soon as it occurred to me. Of course it couldn't happen but think about it ...lying in bed snuggling with Josh on one side and Aaron on the other, two perfect bodies, at least in my opinion, pressing against me with the only difference being one is circumcised and the other isn't. I love them both with everything I have. It wouldn't be like I was splitting my feelings between them either. It would be like having twice the feelings I have for each of them individually. Oh God, I thought. Keep thinking like that and it won't matter if I move my hand or not.

I guess I really was in a weird mood. Normally I wouldn't even consider a threesome. I don't think I could stand watching Josh with someone else. Some people can do it and not think anything of it. They say it adds excitement to their relationship. That's not for me. I'd feel like shit inside if I saw him moaning with pleasure that someone else was giving him. Fortunately he feels the same way.

The thought of a threesome with Josh and Aaron struck me as different. Maybe I was being selfish because with them being brothers they probably wouldn't do anything with each other and I'd be getting most of the attention. Also, it wouldn't have the same risk of screwing up Josh's and my relationship. I had heard of that happening. It starts out an innocent threesome just for fun and it ends up destroying the original relationship. I doubt that would happen in our case, I mean even if it could.

The more I thought about it the more intrigued I became. I knew it could never happen but it did make me think. Me? I was thinking about the sex. What can I say, I was horny. I could certainly get into it. They're twins and they're both hot. How cool would that be? It's kind of like double the fun.

From their standpoint I looked at it more as a bonding experience rather than a sexual one. I really wasn't thinking of them having sex. Having sex with your brother is just weird. It would just allow them to share a closeness they never had. The deserved that.

Okay, I know. I shouldn't think like that. They could share a closeness without having sex with me at the same time. What can I say? Didn't I say I was horny, very horny? I wonder if I should tell Josh I fantasized about a threesome with him and Aaron. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't see it the same as me. At first he'd probably be upset. Then he'd probably call me a perve but who knows, maybe he'd surprise me.

I smiled knowing it wasn't going to happen. Besides, Josh was plenty by himself. I'd be plenty happy if he was lying beside me in bed on a rainy morning like this. Of course it would be better in our bed and not a hospital bed. 'Our bed,' I thought. That sounds good. It wasn't long ago that it was my bed and Josh was just some kid who stole something from Aaron. I can't believe how stupid I was for thinking that. 'Two more days,' I thought. Two long days and I would feel him against me again. I wondered how many times I'd have to move my hand away from my cock in those two days.

I could write a story about all the crazy stuff that went through my head as I laid there and did what, play with myself? That's what I was doing wasn't it? I wondered if all guys did the same thing when they woke up or if it was just me. Do Chris and Ryan lay in bed stroking their cocks before getting up? How about Mike or Jason? Do only gay guys do it or do straight guys do it too? I'm sure all guys do it. Straight guys like playing with their cocks too, don't they? After all, it feels good. It's probably something imprinted in our DNA. At some point our hands discover our cocks and it becomes automatic.

I'm sure every guy in the world instinctively puts his hand around his cock to give it a few strokes while contemplating his day each morning. I'm pretty sure I do. I don't remember when it started. I was probably a little older than Scott. I wonder if he has figured it out yet. He's probably a little young but maybe I think that because I want to keep thinking of him as that innocent little boy. He may not be as innocent as I'd like to think.

I remember the image of him standing naked in my doorway the day he was suspended from school. I know I shouldn't think it, especially since he was naked, but he is a cute kid. He's going to make some girl or guy really happy someday. I kind of hope it is a girl for my parents sake. They deserve grandchildren. Thinking about him like that did make me wonder if he has discovered that little pleasure yet. It definitely won't be long if he hasn't. One of these days his hand and cock will meet.

I had to force myself to think about something else since I felt kind of dirty thinking about my eight year old brother's cock while I had my hand wrapped around mine. Of course I'd never do anything to or with Scott and I'd kill anyone who tried anything with him. It bothered me that the image of him standing naked in my doorway kept coming back. Good thing it's never happened before. I'll blame it on being horny.

I did know that I'd be a good big brother. I'd explain things if and when he has questions. I know Aaron and I had questions but we didn't have anyone to ask. I couldn't very well ask my father if his hand went straight to his cock when he woke up in the morning.

Of course I didn't always put my hand on my cock. Ever since Josh and I had been sleeping together it was more likely my arm would be around him and I'd be playing with his cock. I told you I liked to do it when he was sleeping. He'd snuggle closer and I'd treat his cock like my own personal toy.

I'm sure he knew what I was doing even when he was sleeping. He'd always snuggle closer. He probably had some good dreams. He smooth skin would be against me. His ass would be against my crotch and I'd gently kiss his neck and shoulders. My cock was generally hard so it would either push between his legs or between his ass cheeks. That felt good. One morning he woke up when he realized it was there and I think he really thought I was trying to fuck him for a second. He laughed once he was fully awake however.

"Just watch where you're sticking that thing," he smiled.

He jumped when I pushed it harder against him. I was just teasing and he knew it but it was funny.

"Soon," he said. "I want you soon but not when we have to get ready for school. I know nobody would know but I'd be worried everyone could tell I got it from the way I walked."

"Maybe it would be because my cum leaked from your ass and made a wet spot on your jeans," I smiled.

"No way," he laughed. "You're wearing a condom. I know what a slut you are."

"You're not serious are you? I will if you want but there's no need. If you want I'll get tested first. I know Aaron..."

"Dan... I'm joking. You and I will never have to worry about that. It's you and me, right?"

I smiled. "Well, there is Ryan. Talk about walking funny."

"God, can you imagine? I guess I could take something that big with practice but it's hard to imagine.

"I know. Chris says he's not sure he can do it."

I smiled when I remembered I was in the hospital and my hand was, well my hand was back around my cock. I must have fallen asleep. I had just been lying in bed talking to Josh. That had to have been a dream. I remembered the conversation but it hadn't just happened. Thinking about it definitely felt good but I really did have to stop. I could feel pre-cum leaking from my cock. It wouldn't take much to send me over the edge right now.

I also realized I had spent the last hour contemplating whether all guys are like this in the morning. I thought about doing a survey and publishing the results. I could post questions to various forums and get a consensus. I know, I was being silly but like I said, I was bored and horny.

It was all Josh's fault too. Okay... that isn't entirely true but it didn't help when he got me all worked up and then wouldn't do anything about it. He did that when he and Jason were here. He was such a tease. He knew what was on my mind but all he'd do is smile. He said he was horny too but didn't want to do anything in a hospital room. He wanted to wait until I got home. He laughed and said if he can wait then so can I. What's up with that?

I asked him for a preview but he wouldn't. He said he was too worried someone would come in. Jason even volunteered to guard the door. That just made Josh find other excuses. The bed is too small. He might hurt me. It wouldn't be romantic. I told him I didn't need romance, I needed to get off. He laughed and said I was being a jerk. He said he was just as horny but wanted it to be romantic in our bed. He had this image in his head and it didn't involve a hospital bed. I told him it didn't have to involve the bed. He could just stand there and I'd suck him. I was so horny I'd cum without him touching me. He just laughed and told me to suffer.

I could see his point but it kind of pissed me off. I guess he was right but I was horny. I knew he'd be self-conscious with Jason guarding the door. I can also understand him wanting romance after everything that's happened. Me being hurt, finding out about Aaron and the Michaels, it had to be draining. I know he wants to be held and feel loved. I can understand that. I guess I can wait the two days. I have to anyway since he made me promise not to even jerk off until I was with him on Monday.

He said he wasn't going to and he wanted me to wait too. I couldn't refuse. He knew it and I knew it. All he had to do was give me that look and I'd cut off my balls if he asked. Fortunately he'd never ask for that.

The problem is now I can't jerk off so every time I feel my hand on my cock I have to move it away and try to think about something else. I thought about doing it anyway. I mean, he'd never know. I'd definitely be recharged by Monday. The only way he'd know is if he walked in and caught me, right? That's what you'd think. That wasn't true though. He'd know because I'd know and he'd be able to tell. 'Shit,' I thought.

I wish I hadn't woken up so early. Nobody was around. My parents had some things to do and Josh and Jason wouldn't be back until later. Josh was probably still asleep. I thought about him sleeping with Scott. That made me laugh. Josh has been going out of his way to make sure people knew he could be trusted with Scott. The funny thing is that nobody even questioned it so all he got was shit when he mentioned it. Even my parents gave him a hard time.

Thinking about it made me wonder how he liked sharing a bed with Scott. Sleeping with Scott was... interesting. I knew since he had slept with me a few times after Aaron died. He said it was because he was sad and missed Aaron but I know it was because he knew I was upset. He was trying to make me feel better. I remember being like Josh and making sure everyone knew nothing would happen. My parents never said a word.

It was definitely an experience sleeping with him. I'm pretty much a passive sleeper. Scott on the other hand tends to be all over the place when he sleeps. We would wake up in all kinds of positions. One time his feet were in my face. Another time I got up to use the bathroom and when I go back I found him lying on his back across the bed with his head hanging over the edge. I don't know how he slept like that. It had to be uncomfortable. He was sound asleep though. I wondered if Josh experienced anything like that.

Usually I was glad the hospital hadn't put anyone in the bed next to mine. Some of the things Josh and I do or say, even with family around, might not go over too well with some people. Knowing my luck I'd get someone from that church Phil's family goes to. I still found it hard to believe people can really think like that. Maybe saying not think would be a better way of putting it.

I remember Josh joking when we drove by one Friday night and saw a bunch of cars. There was a sign saying they were having movie night. We joked about what type of movies they show. He said it couldn't be "The 10 Commandments" because they don't believe in them all or at least not the same 10 as everyone else. In their case the 1st Commandment seemed to be Thou Shall Hate Gays.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to have someone to talk to. I looked at the empty bed and more strange thoughts went through my mind. I guess I was bored. I had never been in the hospital before. Do you talk with roommates? I mean, you're both there because you're sick or something, right? Nobody wants to be there so what kind of conversation would you have?

I didn't really want to hear about some stranger's problems. It would probably just be a conversation about how you don't want to be there. It's not like I'd know the person or would ever see them again. Maybe I just don't see a hospital as a place to be friendly. I don't know, maybe I'm just antisocial but it seemed strange to me. I know it's a stupid thing to think about but like I said I was bored.

'Yeah,' I thought. 'It's probably a good thing I don't have a roommate.' The room gets pretty crowded when everyone shows up. Plus with people talking I'm sure we'd disturb whoever was unlucky enough to have to put up with it. I'm also sure that if they had given me a roommate then some of the conversation would be different. I probably wouldn't tell Josh things like how I couldn't wait to be able to fully open my mouth so I could suck his cock.

Thinking about that distracted me from my boredom but it only served to make me realize my hand was either back or still on my cock. I had to stop that because it wouldn't take much for me to cum. I had promised after all. All I can say is he had better keep his end of the promise or else I'm going to be really pissed. He also better not do what he did last night when he comes in today. Last night he just stood beside my bed with his crotch at eye level.

He was trying to have a serious conversation but all I could do was look at the way his jeans fit. You know how some guys look really good in certain jeans? You're walking behind them at the mall or they're sitting at their desk and the way their jeans mold to their legs makes you smile? You feel that little surge of adrenaline. You know the one I mean. Admit it. I definitely felt that when Josh was standing beside me last night.

Maybe it's because I knew what was underneath but the jeans he was wearing definitely looked good. I couldn't take my eyes off him. It made me horny as hell. I wanted him to pull it out right then so I could suck him. Romance bullshit, I just wanted to open my mouth and taste him. Even with my jaw I wanted his cock in my mouth and for him to shoot the load he'd been saving down my throat. I didn't care that I probably couldn't open my mouth wide enough.

He wouldn't do it though. I tried telling him it would be better medicine than the IV they were giving me but he wouldn't buy it. That's when he told me he hadn't cum since I got hurt and made me promise as well. He just laughed when I told him to stop teasing then. I don't know if he was intentionally doing it or not. Part of me thinks he was. I already told you how the jeans he was wearing didn't leave much to the imagination. It was definitely hard to have a normal conversation.

"You're a perve," he said. "I know what you're thinking. All you've been doing while I've been talking is staring at my crotch. I'm horny too you know."

"I'm not the one who is wearing those jeans."

"They're the only clean pair I found. Besides, they're yours."

"Tell me you're not wearing anything underneath."

"Would you stop, Jason will be back any minute. You might be able to hide a hardon under that blanket but it would be pretty obvious if I was hard."

"Come on, tell me. I'm thinking no. Come on, let me see."

"Stop it. If you must know I'm not. You satisfied? I need to do wash and didn't have anything clean. I took these from your drawer but didn't think you wanted me borrowing underwear."

"I don't care. You can borrow whatever you want."

He just shook his head and changed the subject which was good since Jason came back from the cafeteria while we were talking. I smiled since it was obvious what we had been talking about. The outline of Josh's cock was clearly visible in 'my' jeans. Of course my cock was hard too but I had a blanket over me. Jason noticed and couldn't help giving Josh a hard time.

The three of us talked for over an hour until my parents and the Michaels came in. We did clean up our act somewhat when everyone else was there. I mean I'd joke with Jason that I thought Josh's cock is beautiful but saying that to my mother is not something she'd appreciate.

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